Funky Promotional Mugs that Get Attention

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					?Mugs are very popular promotional items—so much so that choosing to distribute

Mugs such as these are ideal not only for giving to clients and customers, but also for
use at trade shows and other such events where you want your promotional products
to be a little more unusual, and a little more eye-catching.

Heat Reactive "WOW Mugs
Heat reactive mugs are a great choice if you want promotional items that have a
unique and attention-grabbing design feature. These mugs are made using a special
print process that causes the printed design of the mug to react to heat. When the mug
is filled with a hot beverage, the specially-created inks used in the printing process
react to the heat, and dynamically change color to reveal a new message or image.

Photo Mugs and Metallic Luster Mugs

The metallic luster mugs take the process one step further. A gold or silver
metallic-look coating is added to the design during printing. The final result is an
eye-catching mug with vibrant colors, and a metallic sheen over the entire surface.

Travel Mugs
Choosing travel mugs really simplifies the whole problem of ensuring that your mugs
get used, by taking the mug out of the office with some handy design features that
make them ideal for use while driving. The conventional coffee mug may be a
common item, but travel mugs are much more unique in the world of promotional

Travel mugs are typically made from stainless steel or thermal plastics that keep hot
beverages hot for longer periods. They also include design features such as larger
handles and tight-fitting lids that make them much more convenient to use while
driving. Some styles even include a 12 volt car adapter that allows you to reheat
drinks, and keep them hot for much longer periods of time.