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									Generator Flue Specification

Generally a separate generator flue shall be provided for each generator to adequately discharge the
products of combustion gases to atmosphere.

The installed flues shall follow the specified routes and be installed in relation to the project drawings

Each Generator flue connection shall rise from the Generator outlet connection to the main vertical
stack. A low point shall be formed at the base of the vertical stack and have incorporated a condense
drain to discharge to floor gully. Where flues rise vertically from the boiler connections a drain will be
accounted for in each system.

Access doors shall be provided at necessary intervals throughout the system to facilitate inspection and
cleaning. Access doors will also close onto a gas tight seal.

Where each system passes through an external wall or roof opening all necessary cowls and flashings
shall be provided to ensure a weather tight joint is maintained.

The specified contractor shall submit drawings and calculations for the installation for comment by
(Your Name) prior to manufacture.


The flue system shall be a prefabricated twin wall system, type PS. It shall be manufactured to BS EN
ISO 9001:2000 and comply with BS4543: Part 2 constructed from 1mm thick 304 grade corrosion
resistant stainless steel to BS 1449 Part 2 for diameters up to 1000mm 1.2mm thick above 1000mm
diameter. It shall be of a fully welded construction incorporating fully welded bends and fittings.
The system will also have an outer casing of 0.71 mm thick ands be constructed of (stainless steel /
embossed aluminium / Aludip aluminised steel) and shall include for 50mm of Rockwell thermal
insulating material. The flue system will be jointed using high temperature silicone sealant. It will be
sealed using special PS V Bands and Cover Bands. Expansion joints and guides are to be installed at
the manufacturers recommended intervals, and in any event shall be installed so that thermal expansion
is accounted for and no undue stress is taken on fittings and components.

Fire Rating

The system will be PS V Band and hold a fire rating certification of four hours in accordance with the
stability and integrity of BS 476.

Manufacture and installation:

The Generator flues are to be manufactured and installed by:

Midtherm Engineering Ltd
Midtherm Business Park
New Road
West Midlands

Tel: 01384 455 811
Fax:01384 241 252

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