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Functional Bedroom Accessories


									?Revolutionary Danish furniture brand Flexa's high quality range of bedroom
furniture and accessories has everything your children could wish for in their dream
bedroom. As the beds and furniture are designed to grow with your children, you'll
never be stuck for ideas when it comes to revamping their room or choosing an
exciting Christmas or birthday present.

Flexa's fun and flexible storage solutions are a fantastic addition to any child's
bedroom. The wardrobes come in a range of different sizes and are the perfect place
to start (after you've chosen a Flexa bed of course!) when furnishing you're child's
bedroom. Each wardrobe is designed to be accessorised and customised to suit each
child's individual needs. Choose from a wide assortment of hanging rails, handles,
shelves, drawers and feet to add a personal touch to the practical designs.

Flexa's wardrobe and cupboard doors can also be customised to match your child's
room. Either choose one of Flexa's funky designs to slot neatly into the panelled door
frame or select something more personal like a colourful picture that your little one
has painted or photographs taken by your teen.

Flexa's huge range of drawers, shelves, cupboards, desks and chests mean you'll be
spoilt for choice and because everything slots neatly together, the combination
possibilities are endless. Each piece in the range can be customised, so as your child
grows and their tastes change throughout childhood, their bedroom can be
transformed into a great personal space that's unique to them!

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