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									                                     Ellison Equipment
                                        Request Form


School District:



By filling out and submitting this form you are responsible for:

               Overseeing the use of this equipment
               Returning the equipment to the Center promptly after the assigned dates

Return this form to the Adirondack Teacher Center, 90 Elm Street, Malone, NY 12953 (via
Courier, US Mail, fax to 481-6296, or info@adirondackteachercenter.org).

                                        Preferred Dates

(Please select 2 dates. Every effort will be made to give you your first choice.

         October 18-October 21                              June 6-June 9

         November 15-November 18

         December 13-December 16

         January 18-January 21

         February 7-February 10

         March 7-March 10

         April 4-April 7

         May 16-May 19
                                   ATC Ellison Die List
The following Ellison dies are available on loan from the Adirondack Teacher Center.

       You may select up to 150 dies from the following list. Select dies by placing an
       ―X‖ in the box beside the appropriate name (ie. Square). If more than 150 dies are
       selected, the first 150 dies will be sent.
       Do you need to borrow a Die Cutter?        Yes            No
       If yes, choose      Regular Cutter          X-Large Cutter

   Alphabets                                Fraction Fringe #1               Circle 1/2

      Block Upper Case 5"            (1, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16)                    Circle 1/3

        Block Lower Case 5"               Fraction Fringe #2                 Circle 1/4

       Block Numbers 5"              (1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12)
                                                                             Circle 1/5

       Block Punctuation                  Square 1"
                                                                             Circle 1/6

       Vagabond Upper Case 5"               Rhombi
                                                                             Circle 1/8

       Vagabond Lower Case                Triangle 1"
                                                                             Circle 1/10

       Vagabond Punctuation (in           Parallelogram 1#
                                                                             Circle 1/12
                                            Hexagon 1#

   Shapes                                 Trapezoid 1"                  Other Symbols
       3-D Cylinder                         Triangle/Square                  Acrylic Oval

       3-D Cone                             Oval/Rectangle                   Acrylic Award

      3-D Pyramid                           Rectangle 4 Up                   Acrylic Heart

       3-D Cube                             Rhombus/Trapezoid                Acrylic Maple Leaf

                                            Circles 2"/3"                    Alligator

                                            Circle 4"                        Ambulance
Ant                 Beaker                Bookmark - Heart

Ape                 Bear                  Bookmark - Pencil

Apple & Worm        Beaver                Bookmark - Star

Apple               Bee                   Bookmark - Teddy Bear

Arrow              Beetle                 Border - Bat

Arrows - Wavy       Bell                  Border - Butterfly

Astronaut           Birds & Bugs          Border - Flowers

Atom               Birdhouse              Border - Heart

                    Bird Nest             Border - Holly

Award               Birthday Cake         Border - Shamrock

Backpack            Book - Open           Border - Stars

Backpack (XL)       Book – Open (XL)      Border - Leaves

Banana - Peeled     Book - Pages          Border - Trees

Banner             Book – Pages (XL)      Border Corner - Scallop

Banner (XL)        Bookmark - Acrylic     Border Corner - Holly

Barn (XL)          Bookmark - Award       Border Corner - Butterfly

Basket             Bookmark - Bookworm    Boxcar

Bat (Flying)       Bookmark - Butterfly   Boy

Bat, Ball, Glove   Bookmark - Dinosaur    Bread Slice

Bathtub            Bookmark - Elephant    Broccoli
Brontosaurus            Cheerleader                   Desk (XL)

Butterfly #1             Cheese                       Dinosaur Diorama Set

Butterfly #3             Chick                   (3 dies total)

Butterfly #4             Christmas Caroler            Diorama, Middle/Tree

Caboose                  Christmas Tree              Dog/Mutt

Camera                  Church                       Dog/Puppy

Canada - (XL)            Church (XL)                 Dragon

Candles - 6 up           City Hall                   Dragonfly

Canoe/Paddle            City Hall (XL)               Duck

Car #1                  Clock Face                   Duck/Toy

Car #2                   w/Hands (XL)                Eagle

Car #3                  Clouds                       Egg/Cracked

Card, Window (XL)        Cocoon                      Elephant

Carrot                  Computer                      Envelope, Business Card (XL)

Cat #1                   Continental US Puzzle        Envelope, Notecard (XL)

                    (XL, total of 5 dies)             Envelope, Letter (XL)
Cat #2
                        Corn, Ear                    Face
Cat #3
                        Cornucopia                   Farm Set Diorama (3 dies total)
Cat, Halloween
                        Cow                          Farmer
                        Crayon                       Feather
                        Dairy Group
    Filmstrip (XL)      Footprint                    Greeting Card – Accordion Fold

    Fire Hydrant        Footprint (XL)           (XL)

    Fire Station        Frog                         Greeting Card—Gift Card

                                                 & Insert (XL)
    Fire Station (XL)   Fruit &Vegetable Group
                                                        Greeting Card—Peek-A-Boo (XL)
    Fire Truck          Game Board (XL)
                                                     Greeting Card—Pop-Up (XL)
    Firecracker         Generic Boy (XL)
                                                        Greeting Card—Book (XL)
    Fireman             Generic Girl (XL)
                                                    Greeting Card—Card w/Fence
    Fish#2 (Plain)      Ghost #1

    Fish#3 Rainbow)     Ghost #2                    Greeting Card—Diorama Arch
    Fish#4 (Tropical)   Gift & Ribbon
                                                     Greeting Card—Self Closing (XL)
    Fish#5 (Tropical)   Gingerbread Man
                                                     Greeting Card—Slider (2 dies total)
    Flag (XL)           Girl
                                                     Greeting Card—Window (XL)
    Flash Card Wheel    Globe
                                                     Halloween Diorama Set
(XL, 2 dies total)      Goose
                                                 (3 dies total)
    Flask               Graduate Cap #1A
                                                     Hamburger (XL)
    Flower #1A          Graduate Cap #1B
    Flower #3           Grain Group
    Flower #4           Grapes
                                                     Hand/Open (XL)
    Flower Parts        Grasshopper
                                                     Hand Sign, Thumbs Up
    Football Helmet     Grass Patch
                                                     Hear, See, Smell
Heart #1            Leaf                Mitten (XL)

Heart #4            Leaf/Birch          Molecule

Heart and Arrow     Leaf/Canada Maple   Moon

Hen                 Leaf/Maple          Moose

Horse               Leaf/Oak            Mouse

Hot Dog             Leaves/Jungle       Music Symbols (7 Dies)

House #1            Leprechaun          Nameplate - Apple

House #2            Light Bulb          Nameplate - Apple (XL)

House #3            Lighthouse          Nameplate - Star

House #4            Lightning Bolt      Nameplate - Star (XL)

House #5            Lion                Native American

Ice Cream Cone #1   Lizard              ―No‖ Sign

Ice Cream Cone #2   Locomotive          Nurse

Iguana              Magic Hat           Octopus

Jack in the Box     Man                 Orange

Jar and Label       Meat Group          Organs #1-#4 (4 dies total)

Kangaroo & Baby     Microscope          Owl

Key                 Microscope (XL)     Pail & Shovel

Kite                Mitten (Reg)        Panda Bear

Ladybug             Mitten (Sm)         Paper Bag Puppet—Cow (XL)
    Paper Bag Puppet—         Paper Pal                Pig #2
Pig (XL)                  Play Clothes (XL
                                                       Pilgrim Hat
    Paper Bag Puppet—         Paper Pal
                                                       Pinwheel (XL)
Duck (XL)                 Clothes #4 (XL
                                                       Planets #1
    Paper Bag Puppet—         Paper Pal
                                                       Planets #2
Rabbit (XL)               Accessories (XL
                                                       Police Station
    Paper Bag Puppet—         Parakeet
                                                       Police Station (XL)
Elephant (XL)                 Parasaurolophus

    Paper Bag Puppet—                                  Policeman
                              Parasaurolophus (XL)
Lion (XL)                                              Protoceratops
                              Paw Print #1
    Paper Bag Puppet—                                  Protoceratops (XL)
                              Paw Print#2
Panda (XL)                                             Pterodactyl
                              Peace Sign
    Paper Bag Puppet—                                  Pumpkin #1A (Face)
Tiger (XL)
                                                       Pumpkin #1B (Plain)
                              Penguin Baby (XL)
    Paper Pal (XL)
                                                       Pumpkin #2 (Plain)
    Paper Pal Hair (XL)
                                                       Puzzle #1 (5 Pc.)
                              Picture Frame -Apple
    Paper Pal
                                                       Puzzle #2 (7Pc.)
                              Picture Frame -Award
Winter #1 (XL)
                                                       Puzzle #3 (XL) (15 Pc.)
    Paper Pal                 Picture Frame -Balloon
Winter #2 (XL)                Picture Frame -Heart
                                                       Rabbit #1
    Paper Pal                 Picture Frame -Star

Summer (XL)                                            Rabbit #2
                              Pig #1
    Rabbit #8             School House (XL)        Star #1A

    Rabbit #3             School House#1           Star #1B

    Railroad Crossing     School House#2           State of New York

    Rain Boots            Scorpion                 Statue of Liberty

    Rain Boots (XL)!!     Shamrock                 Stegosaurus

    Rainbow               Signal/Traffic           Stop Sign

    Rain Drops            Skelton Parts (3 Dies)   Street Sign

    Rainforest Diorama    Sleigh                   Sun

(3 dies total)            Snowflake BB             Tadpole

    Recycle Symbol        Snowflake #1             Tangram (5 Piece)

    Recycle Symbol (XL)   Snowflake #2             Tangram (7 Piece)

    Reindeer              Snowflake#4              Tank Car

    Reindeer (BB)         Snowman #1               Taste, Touch

    Rocket Ship           Snowman #2               Teddy Bear #1

    Rooster               Snowman #3               Teddy Bear #3

    Sailboat              Soccer Ball              Telephone/Handset

    Sailing Ship          Sparky the Fire Dog      Test Tube

    Sailing Ship (XL)     Spider                   Thermometer

    School Bell           Spiral - (XL)            Tiny Acorns

    School Bus            Stand - (XL)             Tiny Apples
Tiny Bees                                     Violin

Tiny Butterflies          Toothbrush and      Watering Can
                       Tooth (XL)
Tiny Buttons                                  Whale #1
Tiny Christmas Trees                          Whale #2
                          Toothpaste (XL)
Tiny Dinosaurs                                Whistle
Tiny Fish                                     Wind
                          Traffic Signal
Tiny Frogs                                    Witch on Broom
Tiny Ghosts                                   Woman
                          Tree/Bare (XL)
Tiny Happy Faces                              X-Ray
                          Tree/Tall Pine
Tiny Hearts                                   Yak
Tiny Leaves                                   Yo-Yo
                          Triceratops (XL)
Tiny Mittens                                  Zebra
Tiny Music Notes                              Zoo Car
Tiny Shamrocks
                          Turkey #3
Tiny Stars
Tiny Teddy Bears
                          Velociraptor (XL)
Tooth (XL)
Toothbrush and Tooth
Return this form to the Adirondack Teacher Center, 90 Elm Street, Malone, NY 12953 (via
Courier, US Mail, fax to 481-6296, or info@adirondackteachercenter.org

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