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					?Writing personal checks is rarely fun. After all, you are parting with your
hard-earned dollars. One sure way to put a smile on your face is to order checks with
jokes, caricatures or cartoons printed on them. Personalized checks are all the rage,
and people are having fun choosing the design that matches their personalities, or at
least their mood.

If people call you fashionista, don't be mad, is not a bad word. Loving fashion is your
right and it is your personal choice. It means that you are a person with style. You
want things to match, to be colorful, to be beautiful and to express who you are. You
put time and money in your appearance because it makes you feel good about yourself,
it makes you feel confident and ready to face the world. So, go one step further, and,
to match your outfits, and your purse, order personal checks to match too.

There is an amazing choice in personal checks available, from a range of check
printers. If it sounds scary to you that such valuable item is printed by any printer,
don't worry. In order to be able to print checks, printers need to meet the
specifications set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

There are few points to keep in mind when ordering your new batch of personal
checks. Choosing cheap personal checks might not be such a good idea, unless the
printer offering them is reliable and well-known. Identity theft is on the raise, and
personal information you provide to the check printer is very detailed. Good printers
actually advise their clients to limit the amount of personal information printed on
checks in order to limit the danger of identity theft.

To keep your expenses in check and to always know your account balance, it is good
idea to spend a few dollars more and order duplicate checks, what means that you will
always have one copy of the check you have written. Balance your checkbook; don't
put yourself in a situation to have your check bounce, or to pay a large overdraft fee.

Good check printing companies offer an unbelievable range of designs to choose from.
You can choose a design with a photo of your dog, or your car, or your favorite movie
star. If you are into environment, you can choose various landscapes or endangered
animals. Banks often offer such designs as a part of a charity campaign, for those who
would like to donate certain amount of money to their favorite charities. So, when you
are sending a check to pay your electricity bill, a certain amount of money that you
agree on goes to saving turtles or whales.

Once you decide on the favorite design for your personal checks, and it might take
hours, such is a range of choices, you can order address labels with the same design.
You do not want to miss any opportunity to show that you are a person of style and
artistic flair.

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