Fun Activities for Toddlers

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					?Every child undergoes various stages of child development starting from infancy, to
toddler and then to teenage. These stages of childhood are filled with loads of fun,
entertainment, learning and multitude of activities.
Each child is born as an active learner in a world of competition and challenges. The
early formative years or when the child is a toddler is the best stage where he can
learn the maximum. All that your child learns at this stage of life is carried along with
the growing age. Toddlers often learn through their bumps, discoveries, falls,
relationship and numerous other activities.
There are ample of fun activities for toddler that you can enjoy with your child.
Through these activities you can help your child grow physically, emotionally and
socially. So, keep your child involve in various activities that can encourage the zeal
of learning, discovering and social interaction.

Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining

Visit a Museum
Toddlers enjoy learning new things and visiting new places. Take your child to a
museum where he will discover various kinds of art pieces, games, toys and many
other things that can help stimulate the power of brain and your child's learning skills.

Fun with Water
Toddlers enjoy having fun with water. Take a tub full of water and give your child
containers of different size. Let him or her play by pouring water from one container
to another. This is a fun game and will also help your child develop hand and eye

Connecting Dots
Make dots on a large piece of paper in a way that it resembles some cartoon character.
Ask your toddler to join the dots and recognize the character produced.

Shape Hunt
Take a piece of paper and draw different shapes. Pin point one shape on the paper and
ask your child to hunt or search for an object that has identical shape to what you

Toddler Rhymes
Sing melodious tunes of rhymes to your toddler. These melodious tune and lyrics will
help your child to calm down.

Hide & Seek
Hide and seek is one such game that almost all toddlers enjoy. You don't need to
gather a good number of people for this game. Convert your house into a fun
playhouse and enjoy playing hide and seek with your toddler.
Coloring Activities
Toddlers love colors. The best activity every toddler enjoys is scribbling with colors
on a piece of paper. Don't bound their imaginations and allow them to explore their
creativity to make something colorful and beautiful.

Puzzle Games
Puzzle games can be fun as well as educational. There are various kinds of puzzle
games like matching, taking a child to his home, and various other kinds that they
enjoy solving.

Halloween Crafts
Halloween is a day of fun, celebration and entertainment. Toddlers have great fun
making unique and beautiful Halloween crafts . Halloween crafts like bags, faces,
crown, hats, witches hand, spiders and skeleton. The most popular craft among
toddlers is pumpkin carving.