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Full Color Business Card Printing


									?A business card is meant to establish a business relationship with a prospective client.
It therefore has to be attractive to a certain extent. A full color business card if
designed well can actually achieve this if done in the right manner. How expensive
this printing turns out for you depends on the quality of paper you use, the number of
colors you use as well as the number of cards you print.

Here are some pointers you can keep in mind. If you are printing colored cards that
have gradients in the color scheme, it would be best to go in for glossy card paper.
This makes the colors stand out well. If you have backgrounds on your card, then
make sure you use paper that comes with spacing between each card. This allows that
small leeway necessary to ensure that your entire image makes it during printing and
doesn't get cut off at the edge.

If you are using Inkjet printers then use the printer calibration it comes with. This
ensures that there is no offset with each successive set of cards. Inkjet printers work in
such a way that at the end of each series a bit of default space is left.

Another very important aspect is to set print quality tabs to the desired requirement.
This is very important if you want your images to come out accurately. Leave a 3mm
gap between cards to ensure that nothing gets cut off. Before you insert your card
paper, make sure that it is compatible with your printer. Card paper jams can be a very
difficult proposition.

If you are trying to decide between an Inkjet printer and a laser one, you should know
that each machine process data that comes to it differently. To prevent any untoward
incident during your printing, make sure that you disable the "print card as raster
image' in laser printers. While in an inkjet you have to make sure that it is enabled.

Also remember that the resolution on a printer is much higher than what you see on
the screen. Resize your image on the screen but ensure that the resolution is high if
you want full color printing of your cards to come out well.

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