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									                                           Fall 2010
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      Meet Mamie Ceesay
       from The Gambia

  Traditional Print
Tube Dress Page 24
 Hand-Woven Fans
     Page 71                 The Most Exciting

                      New African
                      Price Specials
                           this issue only
2                                                    Dear Friends,

                                                     Whenever you order anything at all from this catalog,
                                                     there are children in Africa who have meals they would
                                                     not get without your purchase. Our company donates at
                                                     least 2% of our sales to orphanages in Africa.

                                                     2% of all sales may not sound like a lot; but it’s enough
                                                     to feed over 200 orphan children every day - 3 meals a
                                                     day. 2% of sales is more than my pay. 2% of our
                                                     current sales is more than all of the profit we made in
                                                     our first 8 years in business combined.

                                                     I’m not telling you this so that you will think we are extra
                                                     nice; or because you will buy more from us. I want you
                                                     to know that there is a bigger purpose to what you do
                                                     than just making money. When you purchase something
                                                     made in Africa, someone in Africa can buy basic things
                                                     that they need. When you buy anything at all (even if it’s
                                                     not made in Africa), a part of what they buy goes to help
                                                     these children.

        Making a Difference                          On your next sale, I hope that you will remember that a
    Our company helps people in Africa. Every time   child in Africa has a meal. Your purchase benefits more
    you purchase something from Africa, someone      than just you!
    in Africa has a paid job making your items.

    We also pays for food and other needs for
                                                     Thank you.
    orphanages in Congo from our profits.

                                                                                Lots of NEW
                                                                                items throughout
                                                                                this catalog. Look
                                                                                for this icon.

    why you love it
     “I have concluded that you guys are the very
     best at what you do. From placing my order           Got a question? Have an idea?
     on line to unwrapping each received item,            Is there a product you want that we don’t have? Tell
     100% satisfied. Believe me when I say that           us! Some of our most successful products have been
     everyone does not take pride in packing and          ideas that customers have suggested to us. We
     shipping. After shopping around for low cost         have always been a group effort with our
                                                          customers. Together we could see things happen
     oils I have come to the conclusion that you          that neither of us can do on our own.
     really get what you pay for. Thanks again for
     your professional service.”

                             Mary from Jackson, MS
  why you love it                                                                                      3
“Your merchandise is wonderful and your prices
are great also. Thank you again for your
excellent customer support and follow-up.
I am looking forward to a very successful
relationship with your company.”

            Renee from
            Hollywood , FL

Featured Items in Globe:
• Massai Bracelets Page 57
• Black Seed Honey Booster Page 112
• Ruffled Sleeve Skirt Set Page 8

  Women’s Clothing.... PGS     4-25         Bracelets.... PGS      48-51        incense.... PG    76
      Men’s Clothing....   PGS 26-29               Fabric...   PGS 52-57      Oil Burners.... PGS 77-79

       Kids Clothing....   PG 30                  Music....    PGS 58-61   Fragrance Oils.... PGS 80-90

                                                                                    Soap.... PGS 91-102
        Accessories....    PGS 32-39      Order Form....       PGS 62-63
                                                                           Personal Care.... PGS 103-121
             Jewelry....   PGS 40-47             Artwork....   PGS 64-70

                                            Closeouts....      PGS 71-75



                                                                                                                  Brown     Pink
                                                                                                       Zebra Print Shimmering Dress
                                                    White/Black Gold/Black        Beige/Brown          100% polyester; best if hand
                                                                                                       washed. Available in sizes 1X-3X.
                                                       Shimmer in this Metallic Tunic Top              Made in China. Shimmering Dress
                                                       Slip into pure elegance with this 100%          C-WF562 $47.90
                                                       polyester tunic top. Hand wash for best
                                                       results. Fits up to a 50” bust and 40”
                                                       length. Made in India. Shimmering
                                                       Metallic Long Top C-WS134 $39.90

      varies                                                                                  Red

                                       Red                                                    Black
                 Vibrant Batik Halter Dress
     Blue        with this shimmering design
                 halter dress. Patterns vary                          Brown
                 slightly on each dress. 100%
                                                   Leaf Print Skirt                             Black and White Elephant Wrap Skirt
                 polyester; best if hand washed.
                                                   For a lush, feminine look slip into this     Turn heads when you wear this safari-ready
                 Fits up to a 44” bust and 48”
                                                   100% cotton skirt. Hand wash. Fits up        summer skirt! 100% cotton; best if hand
                 length. Made in India. Halter
                                                   to a 42” elastic waist and 29” length.       washed. Fits up to a 52” wrap skirt and 40”
    Black        Top Shimmering Batik Halter
                                                   Made in India. Leaf Print Short Skirt        length. Exact design varies slightly. Made in
                 Dress C-WS182 $27.90
                                                   C-WF104 $19.90                               India. Elephant Wrap Skirt C-WS176 $23.90
                                               Heritage-Inspired                                                                           5




Bold African Print Kaftan
Slip into pure vibrance with this 100%
polyester dress. Hand wash. Fits up to
a 56” bust and 53” long. Made in China.
Shimmering Animal Print Kaftan
C-WF181 $39.90



Brown                                                                                                                    Orange
                                                                                      Printed Shimmering Kaftan
                                                                                      Punch up your look with this shimmering kaftan
                                                                                      embroidered with silver sequins around the neckline.
 Blue                                                                                 Made of silky 100% polyester; best if hand washed. Fits
                                                             Yellow                   up to a 54” bust and 57” length. Made in India. Liquid
                                                                                      Love Shimmering Kaftan C-WS144 $39.90

                                                                      why you love it
 Yellow                                                      “My friends and I just adore the clothing. I wore one of the outfits
                      Pink                                   I ordered to church on last Sunday and six people wanted to know
           Zebra Print Tie-Dye Kaftan                        where I got the outfit from and while coming home another person
           Take the spotlight in this dazzling zebra print   wanted to know how they could get the clothing.”
Purple     kaftan. 100% polyester; best if hand washed.
           Fits up to a 68” bust and 56” length. Includes
           a head wrap. Made in China. Shimmering                     Trudy Lane from Houston, TX
           Zebra Tie-Dye Kaftan C-WF563 $39.90                                                                               Clothing
6                Most Popular                                             Superior Quality
         Traditional Black Heritage Dashikis                                       Thailand Dashikis

                                                                    White/Red                                Orange

                   Yellow                      Fuschia

                                                                                Blue     Purple    Green       Yellow       Red

         Orange Mustard Turquoise           White

                                                         Blue               White/       White/     Black/     White/      White/
                                                                            Orange        Blue      Green      Green        Pink
           Red      Lime         Ivory      Purple                              Superior Quality Dashiki
    The Best-Selling Dashiki                                                    For the best fit and highest quality design
    Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy                 choose these dashikis. Still at an affordable
    feel. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 55” bust and 29” length. Hats               price for anyone! 100% cotton. Hand wash.
    not always included. Made in India. Traditional Print                       Fits up to a 54” chest. Made in Thailand.
    Dashiki C-U912 $6.90 each                                                   Traditional Thailand Dashiki C-U922 $19.90

         PLUS SIZE
         Traditional Black
         Heritage Dashikis

                                         Green        Blue                                          Orange        Green

                             Black       Red         Orange                                          Purple       Yellow

                            The Dashiki that Flatters Your Size                               Everyone’s Favorite Kaftan
                            Create a stunning silhouette, no                                  This traditional print kaftan is a
                            matter what your size! Made of 100%                               most-loved customer favorite. It has the
                            cotton. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.                               popular dashiki design for a great cultural
                            Made in India. King-Sized                                         look. 100% rayon. Fits up to a 80” bust,
                            Traditional Dashiki C-U932 $19.90                                 waist, and hips. Made in India. Traditional
Purple                                                                          Turquoise     Print Kaftan C-WF304 $23. each
                                             Embrace Culture                                                                                  7
                                             in This Favorite



                                         Traditional Print Halter Dress
                                         This favorite design has been
                                         captured in a breezy, alluring
                                         dress perfect for your summer
                                         celebrations. 100% rayon; best if
                                         dry cleaned. Fits up to a 36” bust
                                         and 53” length. Made in India.
                                         Traditional Print Scarf Dress
                             Olive       C-WS178 $27.90

   Navy            Black

    White        Turquoise

    Lime          Yellow

   Purple         Orange

 Dark Brown          Red                                                      Beige        Blue         Fuschia      Turquoise       Yellow

Dashiki Print Halter Dress                                                       The Essential Dashiki Pant Set
What do you get when you mix traditional                                         When you want the signature African look of all time, try this
African style with contemporary trends?                                          dashiki pant set. Comes complete with a traditional dashiki,
This dashiki halter dress! 100% rayon;                                           pants, and head wrap. 100% rayon; machine washable.
best if hand washed. Fits up to a 44” bust                                       Fits up to an 80” chest, and 54” elastic waist. Made in India.
and 41” length. Made in India. Traditional                Beige                  Traditional Print Poncho Pant Set C-U942 $39.90
Print Summer Dress C-WS169 $23.90                                                       Still not enough - See page 14 and 24
8 Africa’s          Most Popular Authentic Gown
            Choose Your Favorite Color! Only $79. each

                                                                                                 Maroon C-W516

                                                                  Teal Blue C-W515

                                                                                               Mustard C-W517


                                                                      Green C-W518
                                                                                                 Brown C-W524

                                                                     Olive C-W529
                                                                                                  Red C-W528
                                                        Ruffled Sleeve Brocade Skirt Set
                                                        Own the look of African queens with this traditional ruffled
                                                        sleeved skirt set. 100% cotton brocade. Fits up to a 52” bust,
Light Blue C-W514   Purple C-W523   Dark Brown C-W525   60” waist, and 37” long skirt. Made in Senegal. $79.
  Wear The Beauty of                                                                                                                           9
   African Royalty
  with Hand-Tailored Brocade
     Gowns Made in Africa
             Each skirt set is completely hand-tailored.
             Brocade is a thick polished cotton fabric with
             interwoven designs that is worn for nearly all
             formal occasions in Africa. These are impossible
to find elsewhere and will set you apart from anyone else.

$79. each



                                                                Elephant Sleeve Brocade Dress            Embroidered Brocade Skirt Set
                                                                For a sleek, luxurious look that         Take your fashion sense to the
                                                                still rings in the traditional African   heart of Africa with this exclusive
                                                                style, try this 100% brocade black       elephant sleeved brocade set.
                                                                embroidered gown. Fits up to a           100% cotton brocade, best if hand
                                                                54” bust and 50” length. Made in         washed. Fits up to 47” bust and 66”
                                                                Ghana. Black Elephant Sleeve             waist. Wrap skirt fits any size hip
                                                                Brocade Dress C-W486 $75.90              measurement - 50” max. length
                                                                                                         skirt. Made in Ghana. Elephant
                                                                                                         Sleeve Skirt Set C-W462 $79.90

           Black C-W519

                                                                Tiered Brocade Skirt Set
                                                                Women across the continent of Africa wear these
                                                                brocade skirt sets in weddings or formal events.
                                                                100% brocade. Hand wash. Available in free and
                                       Pink C-W522              plus sizes. Made in The Gambia. Layered
 Lilac C-W526                                                   Brocade Skirt Set C-W470 $79.90


         detailed collar.

Star-Neckline Brocade Skirt Set                       Feminine White Skirt Set with Embroidery           White Skirt Set with Gold Embroidery
This pure white three-piece skirt set feels sublime   Take home a new twist on formal with this          This skirt set comes complete with a top,
on your body and looks ravishing in person. Made      embroidered skirt set. Comes complete with         skirt, duster, and head wrap. 55%
of 100% brocade, with extra embroidery around         a skirt, top, duster, and head wrap. 55%           polyester, 45% rayon. Hand wash. Fits
the neckline. Comes complete with wrap skirt, top,    polyester, 45% rayon. Hand wash. Fits up           up to 54” bust, 60” drawstring waist, and
and head wrap. Fits up to 54” bust, 66” waist and     to a 54” bust, 60” hips and waist. Drawstring      duster is 30” long. Made in India.
hips. Dry clean. Made in Ghana. Women’s Skirt         skirt is 36” long. Made in India. White Four-      White Four-Piece Skirt Set with Gold
Set with White Embroidery C-W469 $89.                 Piece Skirt Set with White Embroidery              Embroidery C-WS533 $49.90
                                                      C-WF221 $49.90
   A.                                 B.
                                                                                 why you love it
                                                                                 “I am satisfied with the my order.
                                                                                 The white skirt and blouse set was
                                                                                             Ellen from Tacoma, WA

                                                                  A. Star-Neckline Brocade Gown                B. Graceful Lace Skirt Set
                                                                  Slip into the pure elegance of this          Evoke your inner African queen
                                                                  white African brocade gown. A                with this lace embroidered
                                                                  star-shaped neckline enhances your           white skirt set. 100%
                                                                  figure, while the A-line dress shape         cotton; best if hand washed.
                                                                  and bell sleeves are slimming and            Fits up to a 50” bust, 49” shirt
                                                                  flattering. 100% brocade; best if            length, 54” wrap skirt, and 50”
                                                                  hand washed. Fits up to a 52” bust           skirt length. Made in India.
                                                                  and length. Made in Ghana. White             White Lace Lapa Skirt set
                                                                  Brocade Dress C-W485 $59.90                  C-WS173 $55.90
                                                                                        Africa’s Favorites
                                                                                       The Most Elegant
                                                                                    Hand-Crafted Formalwear


     White/White          Blue/White
Embroidered Flower Brocade Gown
When you crave the unique tailoring
and embroidery of Africa, wear this
embroidered flower design dress. 100%
cotton; best if hand washed. Fits up to a
52” bust and 49” long. Made in Ghana.
Embroidered Flower Brocade Dress
Set C-W467 $79.90


                                                                                         White Embroidered Brocade Pant Sets
                                                                                         Men and women everywhere love this white
                                                                                         African brocade set with embroidery. Comes with
                                                                                         hat. 100% cotton. Dry clean. Each set includes
                                                                                         52” long top which fits up to a 60” bust or chest.
                                                      Blue                               Comfortable and roomy pants fit a maximum 58”
                                                                                         waist. Made in Senegal. Unisex Brocade Pant
                                                                                         Set C-U110 $79.90 each
                                            Embroidered Dress, Duster and
                                            Show off the regal style Africa is famous
                                            for with this gold embroidered dress
                                            and jacket. 100% polyester; best if hand
                                            washed. Available in free and plus size
                                            Made in India. Fashion Queen Dress
                          Beige             Set C-WF621 $79.90
12       Everyday Culture - At an Easy Price for Dashiki Comfort
                                                      B.                                                    Mustard


Four Authentic Looks - One Affordable Price                                                         Mudprint Styled Dashiki
Get four hand-crafted dashikis made in Guinea from wax print fabrics. Each one is                   This dashiki is a new favorite, with its mudprint
hand-made by different tailors; so the pattern of the fabric may vary and the embroidery            design and unique front pocket. 100% cotton;
may vary, but each is a genuine African look. 100% cotton; best if hand washed.                     best if hand washed. Available in free or plus
                                                                                                    size. Made in India. Mudprint
A. Set Of 4 African Print Dashikis Fits up to a 56” chest. 33” in length. C-WF579 $119.90           Long-Sleeve Dashiki C-WF169 $39.90

B. Set Of 6 Tie-Dye Dashikis Fits up to a 54“ chest and 34“ length. C-U117S $179.90

   C.                                                           D.

                                                Natural                                     White
                    White                                               Natural

                                                                     why you love it
Supremely Soft Hand-Made Dashiki                                                                                  Exotic Persian Dashiki
Slip into the comforting woven texture of this                                                                    Feel free in this roomy,
hand-embroidered Ethiopian dashiki. Has a cozy, laid-back                                                         sequined dashiki with a
look with a striking cultural design on the front. Comes in   “The outfits and T-Shirts were the best             stunning Persian design. 100%
natural or white. Large size fits up to a 50” chest and 35”                                                       polyester; best if hand washed.
length. X-Large fits up to a 54” chest. Made in Ethiopia.     outfits in the Church Sanctuary. My order           Fits up to a 76” bust and 36”
C. Ethiopian Star Dashiki C-U140 $47.90                       came right on time. Many of our church              length. Made in India. Blue
D. Ethiopian Lion Dashiki C-U141 $47.90
                                                              members want to place another order.”               Persian Sequined
                                                                                                                  Dashiki C-WF101 $19.90
                                                                      Elnora from Heartford, CT



                                                Exotic Persian Belted Top
  Ethereal Red Persian Dashiki                  For a slimming, free-flowing style that looks
  with red and ivory Persian designs.           elegant anywhere try this Persian print sun top.
  100% polyester; best if hand washed.          100% polyester; best if hand washed. 100%
  Fits up to a 76” bust and 36” length.         polyester. Machine wash. Fits up to a 48” bust
  Made in India. Red Persian Sequined           and 34” length. Made in China. Persian Print
  Dashiki C-WF103 $19.90                        Sun Top C-WS171 $27.90                                    Black

                        Black & White T-Shirt Designs
                               Now Available in Sizes Large, XL, 2X, and 4X

                                    B.                              C.                             D.

                                “A Family is like a Forest...when           C-A971                 “Good dancing restores the
“ When the drumbeat changes,
                                   you are outside it is dense,                                     community to wholeness.”
     the dance changes”
                                  when you are inside you see                                             C-A970
                                  that each tree has it’s place.”
             Get Comfy with African Culture
             Comfy 100% cotton with a design that will capture anyone’s attention! T-Shirts are
             made with three-color design. Made in the USA.

             A. The Drumbeat C-A972 Large and XL $7.18; 2X and 4X $11.98
             B. Family is a Forest C-A973 Large and XL $7.18; 2X and 4X $11.98
             C. True Roots C-A971 Large and XL $7.18; 2X and 4X $11.98
             D. Tree Dancing C-A970 Large and XL $7.18; 2X and 4X $11.98                                                Clothing



                                                                                             Ivory       Peach              Purple        Blue
  Navy         Black       Red               Traditional Print Kaftan         Vibrant Woman Kaftan                 Lush African Life Kaftan
                                             with Zipper                      100% rayon; best if hand washed.     100% rayon; best if hand washed.
Delicate Elephant Print Kaftan
                                             100% cotton; hand wash for       Fits up to a 68” bust and 46”        Fits up to a 68” bust and 46”
100% rayon; best if dry cleaned. Fits up to
                                             best results. Fits up to a 74”   length. Made in India. Afrocentric   length. Made in India. Gathering
a 80” bust and waist. 52” in length. Made in
                                             bust and 53” length. Made        Woman Kaftan C-WF113 $23.90          Water Kaftan C-WF107 $23.90
India. Elephant Kaftan C-WF529 $23.90
                                             in India. C-WF115 $23.90

                                                                          Style 1
                                           Satin Safari                                                                              Style 2
                                           Patchwork Kaftan
                                           100% polyester; machine                  Feminine Kente Print Kaftan
                                                                                    Everyone’s favorite! This kaftan gives a strong cultural
                                           washable. Fits up to a 80”
                                                                                    message. Perfect for Kwanzaa, Black History Month, or
                                           bust and waist. Made in
                                           China. C-WS126 $23.90                    any time of year! 100% cotton. Fits up to a 70” bust and 50”
                                                                                    length. Made in India. Kente Kaftan C-U914 $23. each
            Enjoy Vibrant Elegance                                                                                                     15
                         For Any Size or Budget



                Blue     Cappuccino
  African Sisters Kaftan
  Celebrate the beauty of friendship, sisterhood,          Mustard   Orange       Red
  and African artistry with this kaftan. 100%                                                Gold Embroidered Kaftan
  rayon; best if hand washed. Fits up to a 68”        The Little Black Dress of Africa       Slip into graceful, pure comfort in this kaftan
  bust and 46” length. Made in India. African         100% polyester; best if hand washed.   with gold or white embroidery. 100% polyester.
  Sisters Kaftan C-WF114 $23.90                       Fits up to a 66” bust and 50” long.    Hand wash. Fits up to a 64” bust and 50” long.
                                                      Made in India. Gold Embroidered        Made in India. White with Gold Embroidery
                                                      Kaftan C-WF189 $27.90                  Kaftan C-WF697 $29.90

 Brown                             Turquoise                                                                     Pink

                                                                                                            Purple Elephant
                                                                                                            Design Kaftan
                                                                                                            100% cotton; hand
 Olive    Fuschia      Beige      Black        Navy                                                         wash. Fits up to an
Elephant Printed Kaftan        Oval Retro Kaftan                                                            80” bust and 50”
100% rayon; best if hand       65% polyester, 35% cotton;                                                   length. Made in India.
washed. Fits up to a 70”       machine washable. Fits up to a                                               C-WS175 $23.90
bust and 51” length. Made      74” bust and 51” length. Made
in India. Elephant Kaftan      in India. Oval Retro Patterned                                  Purple
C-WS108 $23.90                 Kaftan C-WS101 $15.98                                                                         Clothing
16                                                                              Mali Mudcloth
                                                                       Hand-Painted, Hand-Woven Fabric

                                               Light Fabric Dashikis

                       Three-Color             Orange C-M047 $47.90

Luxurious Hand-Painted Mudcloth Dashiki                     Color Options:
For Men Or Women                                            Beige
Relax and kick back in these soft, breathable mudcloth      Black/Brown/Natural
dashikis. Made of hand-painted genuine mudcloth. 100%       Brown
cotton. Hand wash. Fits up to a 50” chest and 32” length.   Mustard
Styles vary. Made in Mali, West Africa. Mudcloth Unisex     Mustard/Black/Rust
Dashiki C-M040 $59.90 each
                                                            Orange              Animal                                            Pattern
                                                            Three-Color         Design
                                                                             Distinguished Hand-Made Mudcloth Bubu          Color Options:
                                     Color Options:                          Capture attention with this original African   Animal Design
                                     Beige                                   “Grand Bubu.” Made with authentic hand         Cowry Shell
                                     Black/Brown/Natural                     woven African mudcloth, this impressive
                                                                             outfit shows genius African craftsmanship.
                                     Mustard                                                                                Rust
                                                                             100% cotton. Hand wash. Made in Mali.
                                     Mustard/Black/Rust                      Men’s Mudcloth Bubu C-M200 $119.90             Pattern

                                                                                                                   Color Options:
                                     Elegant Hand-Painted                                                          Cowry Shell
                                     Mudcloth Dress
                                     Be African chic with these
                                      one-of-a-kind mudcloth                                                       Black/White
                                     dresses. Each is hand painted                                                 Mustard
                                     and completely unique. 100%                                                   Pattern
                                     cotton. Hand wash. Fits up to a                                               Rust
                                     50” bust and 53” length. Made
                                     in Mali, West Africa. Mudcloth
                                     Dress BB-1099 $59.90 each
                                                                                                   Cowry Shell
                                                                                                 Get African Chic With A Mudcloth
                                                                                                 Wrap Poncho
                                                                                                 Make a bold African statement with this
                                                                                                 hand-crafted mudcloth poncho. Wear
                                                                                                 alone, or over a shirt for a warm authentic
                                                                                                 look. 100% cotton; best if hand washed.
                                                                                                 One size fits all. Each design varies.
                                 Black/Brown/Natural                            Mustard          Made in Mali. Mudcloth Open-Poncho
                                                                                                 C-U941 $119.90
                                                 Color Options:                                                                               17
                                                 White        Bundle Up In This
                                                              Mudcloth Coat
                                                               Each coat is fully lined
                                                               with mudcloth and has
                                                               hand-painted designs
                                                               that are all done by
                                                               different artists, making
                                                               each coat completely
                                                               unique. Fits up to a 57”
                                                               bust and 30” length.
                                                               Made in Mali. Woman’s
                                                               Mid-Length Mud Cloth
                                                               Coat C-W245 $159.

                                                                                                                                      Color Options:
                                                                          Color Options:                                              Multi-Strip
                                                                          Black/White                                                 Four-Color
                                                                          Cowry Shell                                                 Rust
                                                                          Green                                                       Mustard
                                                                          Indigo Blue                                                 Unusual
                    Unusual                                               Four-Color                                                  Cowry Shell
                                                                          Lime                                                        Blue Tie Dye

                                                                          Each design is
                                                                          unique. Colors
                                                                          and designs
                                                                          always vary.

                                                                                           Attention-Getting Full-Length
                                                                                           Mudcloth Coat
                                                                                           Live in the lap of luxury with this
                                                                                           contemporary mudcloth coat.
                                                                                           Completely one-of-a-kind, each coat
                                                                                           is fully lined with mudcloth and has a
                                                                                           soft swing style. Hand-painted
                                                                                           designs are all done by different
                                                                                           artists, making each coat completely
                                                                                           unique. Coat is 53” in length. One
                                                                                           size fits most, 100% mudcloth. Fully
                                                                                           lined. Best if hand washed. Made in
                                                                                           Africa. Woman’s Full Length Mud
                                                                                           Cloth Coat C-W240 $259.90
                                                                       Four-Color                                                     Cowry Shell

                                                      Hand-Crafted Wrap
                                                                                              why you love it
                                                      Mudcloth Skirt                           “I received the order the very next day
                                                      Sell what women love: these              after I ordered it. The service exceeded my
                                                      figure-flattering hand-made
Boldly Printed Mudcloth Dress                         mudcloth skirts. Created using           expectation and the outfit was lovely.”
Embrace symmetry with this geometrically              natural dyes and muds. Each
designed full length dress. Comfortable and           dress is unique. No two are
feminine, this long A-line dress will keep you        alike. 100% cotton. One size
                                                                                                    Maximo from Willemstad, Curacao
noticed anywhere. Fits up to a 58” bust.              fits all. Hand wash. Made in
Made in Mali. Mudstick Full Length Dress              Mali. Mudcloth Wrap Skirt
C-W201 $99.90                                         C-W150 $59.90 each                                                              Clothing
18              Superbly Chic Suede Jackets and Hats
                                           $99.90 each

                                Elephant                                                    Africa
                                C-WF345                  Multi-Design                      C-WF345

                             Black               Red                                       Korhogo
                           C-WF546             C-WF545                                     C-WF347
                                            Slip into the Soft Warmth of Suede
                                            Each coat has a distinctive, trendsetting style and is fully lined.
                                            Perfect for even the coldest winter days! 100% suede; best if
                                            dry cleaned. Made in India. Suede Jacket, Hat, & Purse
                                            C-WF345 Fits up to a 58” bust and 37” length. $99.90
                                            C-WF347 Fits up to a 52” bust and 37” length. $99.90
                                            C-WF545 Fits up to a 50” bust and 36” length. $99.90
                                            C-WF546 Fits up to a 52” bust and 35” length. $99.90
                                            C-WF348 Fits up to a 52” bust and 37” length. $99.90

                                            Glamorous Giraffe Print Jacket
                                            Enjoy the warmth and exotic appeal of this giraffe print
                                            jacket. 100% cotton; best if hand washed. Available in
                                            medium, large, and XL. Made in India.
                                            Giraffe Print Jacket C-WF179 $47.90
                           C-WF176          Contrasting Black and White Zebra Jacket
                                            Add the thrilling drama of zebra print to your look with this
                                            100% cotton cozy jacket. Hand wash for best results.
                 Giraffe                    Available in medium, large, and XL. Made in India.
                                            Zebra Print Jacket C-WF176 $47.90

                                        Green                         Orange

                                  African Flower Print Dress & Jacket Set
                                  For a look that’s traditional yet still exotic, try this
                                  African print dress set. Comes complete with a
                                  sleeveless dress, matching button-down jacket
                                  and head wrap. 100% cotton brocade; dry clean
                                  for best results. Available in sizes M/L, L/XL, 2X,
Purple                            and 3X. Made in Nigeria. C-WS162 $59.90

                                       Ma gic D

                                                                                                                                     Style 2

                                                 African Symbols Magic Dress                                         Style 1
                                                 From elegant to sexy, this African
                                                 symbols magic dress gives you a new
                                                 look each day of the week! African
                                                                                             Kente Dress, Jacket and Head Wrap Ensemble!
                                                 symbols also make it a great
  Blue                                                                                       Vibrance is yours this summer when you wear this
                               Green             conversation-starter wherever you
                                                                                             kente sleeveless dress with a matching jacket and
                                                 go. 100% rayon; hand wash for best
                                                                                             head wrap. 100% cotton. Hand wash. Available in
Ruffled Dress, Jacket and Head Wrap              results. Fits up to a 48” bust and 48” in
                                                                                             M/L, L/XL, 2X and 3X. Made in India. Kente Dress
Steal the scene in this bold 100% cotton         length. Made in India. African Symbol
                                                                                             with Jacket C-WS177 $59.90
brocade; dry clean for best results.             Magic Dress C-WS167 $55.90
Available in sizes M/L, L/XL, 2X, and 3X.
Made in Nigeria. C-WS163 $59.90
                                                             Shimmer and Shine
                                                       In Gold-Embroidered Gowns and More

                                                            Color Options - Availability Changes
                                                           Ask for any of you favorite colors. Marked colors available at time of printing.
                                                                           (Available colors may change without notice)

                                                         Color Options: C-W950      C-W951        C-W952       C-W953     C-W956       C-WF649
                                                         Beige             X                                     X          X
                                                         Black             X           X            X            X          X
                                                         Blue              X                        X            X
                                                         Burgundy                                                                           X
                                                         Brown                         X            X           X
                                                         Dark Green        X                        X
                                                         Gold              X           X            X            X             X
                                                         Light Blue        X                        X                          X
                                                         Lilac                                                   X
                                                         Lime              X           X
                                                         Maroon                                     X            X
                                                         Mustard           X           X            X            X             X
                                                         Orange            X           X            X            X             X
                                                         Purple            X           X            X                          X
                                                         Red               X           X            X            X             X
                                                         White/Gold        X           X            X            X             X             X
                                                         White/Silver      X           X            X            X             X
                                                         White/White                                X

                                                                       George Fabric Color Chart
                                                                   Any garment that you purchase will basically be the same as
                                                                    those shown; except gold embroidery, which varies on all
                                                                            George garments. No two are identical.

                                                               Beige        Black          Blue         Brown        Burgundy Dark Green

                                                              Gold         Green       Light Blue       Lime         Maroon        Mustard


 The Best-Selling George Skirt Set
 You’ll love this elegant george skirt set. Includes         Orange        Purple          Red       White/           White/       White/
 button-down blouse, head wrap, and skirt.
                                                                                                     Gold             Silver       White
 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47” bust and 46”
 drawstring waist. Plus size also available. Made
 in India. George Skirt Set C-W950 $49.

                        Red            Black

Shimmering George Kaftan             African Queen George Dress Set
Have the look that turns heads       Women in Africa are known for wearing
with this george kaftan. This        designs like these to weddings and special
best-seller flatters any woman       events. Comes with a sundress, duster,
and shows off her heritage. 100%     and crown. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 47”
viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust and   bust and 48” waist. Plus size also
is 53” long. Made in India. George   available. Made in India. George Dress
Kaftan C-W952 $39.90                 Set C-W953 $79.90

                                                                                        Graceful George Skirt and Jacket Set
                                                                                        Discover a look that works for church, the office, and
                                                                                        at home. This george skirt set is a symbol of wealth
                                                                                        in Africa due to its hand-embroidered details and
                                                                                        golden accents. Comes with matching jacket and
                                                                                        crown. 100% viscose. Fits up to a 54” bust, waist,
                                                                                        and hips. Plus size also available. Made in India.
                                                                                        George Skirt and Jacket Set C-W956 $79.90
           White                Burgundy                                    Black
Glimmering George Full-Length Coat                   Sophisticated George Pant Suit
For a shimmering Black History Month look try this   For the woman headed for success, this George
gold full-length coat with matching crown. Made of   pant set is an essential. Cultural and sophisticated,
55% cotton, 45% rayon; hand wash for best results.   made with high-style george fabric. 100% viscose.
Available in sizes regular, free and plus. Made in   Fits up to a 46” bust and 42” waist. Made in India.
India. Gold George Long Coat C-WF649 $67.90          George Pant Suit C-W951 $49.                                             Clothing
22                                           Get the African
                                                  with Bold,
                                            Royalty-Inspired Gowns

                                                           Green/Orange        Blue/Red
                                                         Bright African Print Dress Set
                                                         Feel and look like an African queen
                                                         in this 100% cotton African print
                                                         dress with gold embroidery. 100%
                                                         cotton brocade; dry clean for best
                                                         results. Green/yellow and blue/red
                                                         are available in sizes L/XL, 2X, and
                                                         3X; green/orange is available in
                                                         L/XL and 2X. Made in Nigeria.
                                                         C-WS164 $31.90



   White         Green         Purple
                                                     Red                                               Purple
Shimmering Dress Set                                                                                                                     Blue
This george dress set has shimmering gold                                                              Lace Embroidered Brocade Skirt Set
                                                  Lustrous Gold Metallic Skirt Set
 embroidery on the dress, jacket, and crown.                                                           This brocade skirt set is accented with
                                                  The perfect holiday party or church formal look;
100% viscose; dry clean only. Available in free   this gold skirt set gives you quality, luxury, and   real lace around the wrists, sleeves, and
and plus size (green is only available in plus    affordability. 100% viscose; dry clean only.         hem. 100% brocade; hand wash. Fits up
size). Made in India. Gold Dress & Jacket         Available in free or plus size. Made in India.       to 54” bust, while wrap skirt fits any size
Set C-WF532 $79.90                                Gold Metallic Skirt Set C-WF163 $55.90               waist and hips. Made in Ghana. Brocade
                                                                                                       and Lace Skirt Set C-W466 $75.90
            Best Value
            True African                                                                                                                                    23
           Brocade Dresses
       Only $39.90 each
         (in a set of 3 dresses)

                                                  Each set of 3
                                                brocade dresses
                                                  is unique and
                                                 different. No to
                                                 sets are alike.

Three African Dresses - One Low Price                                                                                                                 Baby Blue
These 100% brocade dresses are each hand-crafted in Guinea.
Since the dresses are each crafted by different tailors, all styles
and colors will vary. 100% brocade; best if hand washed. Fits up
to a 46” bust and 50” length. Made in Guinea. Set Of 3 African                                                                                        Light Blue
Brocade Dresses C-WF581 $119.70 ($39.90 each)


                                                                                         Plum varies in                                                 Lime
                                                 Yellow                                   accent colors.

                                   A Vibrant Traditional Dress
                                   For the look that is famous in Africa try this                                                                       Bronze
                                   traditional African print dress. Vibrant colors and
                                   a flattering shape make it a favorite for anyone.                       Patchwork Brocade Skirt Set
                                   Orange is available in sizes large, 1X, and 2X;                         Wear the beauty and luxury that comes from
                                   green is available in 1X, 2X and 3X; yellow is                          hand-crafted African gowns. These unique skirt
                                   available in 2X only. Made in Nigeria.                                  sets are 100% cotton brocade; best if hand
                                   African Print Dress C-WF166 $47.90                                      washed. Fits up to a 48” bust, 30” shirt length, 66”
                                                                                                           wrap skirt, and 50” skirt length. Made in Benin.
                                                                                                           Noble Brocade Dress C-W493 $79.90

Step Out in Bold Prints
          That Bring You To Life

                                            As Seen
                                             on the



                                                      White                  Orange                                        Mustard
                                                      African Currency Print                Sparkling Gold Embroidered Skirt Set
                                                      Skirt Set                             Choose gold for supreme elegance with this
                                                      For a look that’s right on the        skirt set. 100% cotton; best if hand washed.
                                                      money, try this African currency      Red is available in sizes S/M, L/XL, and
                                                      pattern skirt set. Fits up to a 58”   plus; black is available in sizes S/M, L, L/XL,
                                                      bust and 56” waist. 100% rayon;       XL and plus; mustard is available in S/M,
                                                      hand wash for best results.           L/XL and plus; blue is available in L/XL and
                                                      Made in India. Money Print            XL; purple is available in S/M, L/XL, and
                                                      Skirt Set C-WF537 $35.90              plus. Made in India.
                                                                                            Embroidered Skirt Set C-WF575 $39.90

                                             Green                             1X to 5X SizeS





 Alluring Traditional Print Halter Dress              Lush Floral Print Dress                       Regal Blue Floral Dress
 100% rayon; hand wash for best results.              Make an entrance in the lush hues of this     Lush blue and bold flower designs make
                                                      tropical flowers dress. 100% rayon;           this dress a must-have. 100% rayon;
 Fits up to a 56” elastic bust and 46”
                                                      machine washable. Available in sizes          machine washable. Available in sizes
 length. Made in India. Traditional Print
                                             Orange   1X-5X. Made in India. Bright Orange           1X-5X. Made in India. Bright Blue
 Tube Dress C-WF117 $29.90                            Floral Summer Dress C-WS122 $23.90            Floral Dress C-WS123 $23.90



   Dark Brown



Luxe Gold Embroidered Pant Suit
The gold in this pant suit shimmers and shines for a look
that will stand out anywhere. 100% viscose; dry clean
only. Plum, maroon and green are available in free and
plus size; dark brown is only comes in free; burgundy,
navy and blue only come in plus. Made in India. Gold
Embroidered Pant Set C-WS142 $39.90




                                                                                    Purely Elegant Sheer V-Neck Dress
                                                      Free-Spirited Tie Dye Pant    Express pure femininity and grace with this sheer, layered
      Black                                           Set                           v-neck dress. Tie dye adds an exotic touch to this breezy
                                                      Varying shades of blue and    dress. 100% rayon; hand wash for best results. Fits up to
 Comfy Button-Down Pant Suit                White     green give you an             a 55” bust and 56” length. Made in India.
 Fits up to a 64” bust, 36” shirt length,             easy-going style. 100%        Sheer V-Neck Dress C-WF116 $29.90
 64” elastic waist, and 42” in length.                rayon; best if hand washed.
 Made in China. Button-Down Cotton                    Available in sizes 1X-3X.
 Pant Set C-WF180 $35.90                              Made in India. Tie Dye pant
                                                      Set C-WS174 $39.90                                                       Clothing
26                                                                                                        What do the kente colors mean?
                                                                                                          Yellow - Royalty, wealth, fertility.
                                                                                                          Red - Political and spiritual needs.
                                                                                                          Green - Spiritual renewal, harvest.
                                                                                             Black - Intensified spiritual energy.
                                                                                             White - Purification.

                                                Style 1

                                                 Style 2

                                               Kente Style Skirt Set
                                               Nothing says Africa like Kente cloth,
                                               and this stunning cotton skirt set
                                                                                                                Style 1
                                               gives you the culture and comfort
                                               you crave. 100% cotton. Hand
                                               wash. Fits up to a 58” bust, 56”                                                     Style 2
                                               waist, and 60” hips. Made in India.
                                               Women’s Three-Piece Kente Style         Get a Modern African Style With this Kente
                                               1 Skirt Set C-WF456 $39.90              Umbrella Dress
                                               Women’s Three-Piece Kente Style         Dress up in African elegance with this Kente umbrella
                                               2 Skirt Set C-WF457 $39.90              dress. Embroidery around the neckline and a flowing fit
                                                                                       make this flattering on any body type. 100% cotton. Hand
                                                                                       wash. Style 1 is available in sizes M/L, L/XL, 2X, 3X and
                                                                                       plus; style 2 is available in sizes M/L, L/XL, 2X and 3X.
                                                                                       Made in India. Kente Umbrella Dress C-WF609 $27.90
                           Style 1
                                                                                                 Making a Difference

  Style 2
                                                                          Style 2
Unisex Kente Pant Set                                      Style 1                          These are two little ones at Moukondo orphanage
For a look that brings African style to   Unisex Kente Dashiki                              in Congo. The one in pink is Paulin and the one
any man or woman; this Kente pant         This comfy and cultural kente dashiki is an       with blue is Moses.
set is essential. Soft, roomy feel made   easy way to show your African pride. Fits up to
with 100% rayon. Fits up to a 54”         a 56” chest measurement. 100% cotton, hand
chest and 56” waist. Made in India.       wash for best results. Made in India. Kente
Kente Pant Set C-U916 $39.90 each         Dashiki C-U920 $19. each
                   Share the Heritage With Generations
                                       with Clothing From the Motherland

                                                 A.                        B.                         Brown      Orange      Redwood

  Dark       Orange      Avocado      Green
                                                                                          Green      Lilac       Turquoise    Olive

  Gold                                                                                    Black     Avocado       Green       Forest
                Purple     Lime       Redwood

Light Blue      Brown      Forest       Dark                                               Dark      Dark         White       Gold
                                       Brown                                              Brown      Green
                                                                         Adorably African Brocade Sets
                                                                         These high-quality brocade sets let our future
                                                                         generation show the pride of their African roots. 100%
  White         Olive     Mustard                                        cotton brocade, with hand-embroidered details. Comes
                                                                         in sizes 2/4 thru 18+. Color shades and embroidery may
                                                                         vary slightly. Made in The Gambia.
                                        C-C071                           A. Boys Three-piece Pant Set C-C071 $39.90 each
                                         Olive                           B. Girls Three-piece Skirt Set C-C072 $39.90 each
   Black         Blue    Royal Blue




                                                                          Style 1        Style 2       Style 2               Style 1
       Yellow                   Fuschia
Traditional Print Sets                                         Kente Sets
100% rayon; hand wash for best results. Available in sizes     Let your children enjoy the beauty and fun of a real African kente skirt
3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, and 17/18. Lime is   or pant set. 100% cotton; hand wash for best results. Available in sizes
only available in the skirt set. Made in India.                3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, and 17/18. Made in India.
Childs Dashiki Print Pant Set C-C918 $15.90                    Boy’s Kente Pant Set C-C950 $29.90
Girl’s Dashiki Skirt Set C-C919 $15.90                         Girl’s Kente Skirt Set C-C960 $29.90                       Clothing
28                                                                  Masculine Made Easy
                                                   Light Blue
                                                                    With True African Men’s Looks




                                                                      Yellow                      Green                     Blue
                                                   Dark Brown       Spotlight-Ready African Printed Dashiki
                                                                    This star design dashiki gives you a traditional African look with
                                                                    stunning light gold embroidery. 100% cotton brocade; best if hand
                                                                    washed. Fits up to a 60” chest and 38” length. 22” kufi. Made in
                                                                    Nigeria. Men’s Printed African Dashiki C-M045 $27.90

The #1 Men’s Grande BouBou
Have the look that gets noticed
everywhere with this authentic                                                                            Embroidery varies
grand Boubou. Made by only the                                                                                 slightly
most skilled tailors, this four-piece                                                                     between garments.
garment takes weeks to create.
Includes top, pants, boubou outer                                                                  African Chic Gold Embroidered
garment and kufi hat. Each boubou                                                                  Dashiki
has stunning hand-embroidered                                                                      This black dashiki with shimmering
details. 100% brocade. Fits up to                                                                  gold embroidery is the perfect way
a 56” chest, 39” shirt length, 54”                                                                 to complete any look. Embroidery
drawstring waist, 31” inseam.                                                                      varies on each dashiki. 100% rayon;
Hand-made in Ghana or The                                                                          best if hand washed. Fits up to a 50”
Gambia. Brocade Grand Boubou                                                                       chest and 30” length. Kufi hat fits 24”
C-M211 $129.90                                                                                     circumference. Made in Pakistan.
                                                                                                   Men’s Gold Embroidered Dashiki
                                               Brown                                               C-M046 $31.90

                      C-A921            Kente Formal                                                       C-A920
                                                                                                           Style 1

                                          Accents                                                          $9.90

                               For Formal Occasions
                               Transform a plain suit into an
                               attractive reflection of African         C-A923                C-A919
                               culture. Adjustable belt strap.          Style 2               Style 4
                               Cumberbund fits up to a 52” waist.       $9.90                 $9.90
                               Made in India.                       Kente Tie Sets
                               Kente Bow Tie C-A921 $7.90           Choose your favorite or get
                               Kente Cumberbund C-A922 $15.90       them all. Made in India.
                                                                             why you love it
                                                                        “Everything was GREAT! My wife is a
                                                                        World Geography teacher and uses outfits
                                                                        from the country she is teaching about.
                                                                        She was very excited when she saw the
                                                                        outfit I got from your company.”

                                                                                Carl from Blaine, TN

                                          Royal Blue

                                                                   Lilac          Brown       Dark Brown Mustard

                                                                    Blue          White        Light Blue      Purple

                                        Hand-Crafted Brocade Dashikis
                                        No man will want to leave your store without one of these African cotton
                                        dashikis. Stylish and at a customer-friendly price, these dashikis are perfect
                                        in summer or winter! 100% cotton. Hand-made and embroidered. Free size
                                        fits up to a 48” chest and plus size fits up to a 60” chest (mustard, lilac, brown
                                        and light blue come in free size only). Choose from a variety of colors. Made
                                        in The Gambia. Dashikis C-M024 $39.90 each


Printed Design varies
 between garments.

Hand-Tailored African                                              White        Brown
Men’s Suiting                                            Hand-Tailored Brocade
Suit up in the quality                                   Robe Suit
embroidered look of                                      This 100% brocade suit is
this pant set. 100%                                      hand-crafted and has detailed       Black and Gold Men’s Suit
cotton brocade. Hand                                     gold embroidery along the           Look your best in this brocade suit
wash. Black is                                           neckline, around the cuffs of       featuring stylistic gold embroidered
available in plus size                                   the pants, and around the kufi      details. Embroidery varies slightly
only. Dark green is                                                                          on each garment. 100% cotton.
                                                         hat. 100% brocade. Hand wash.
available in free and                                                                        Free and plus sizes available.
                                                         Fits up to a 60” chest, 58” shirt
plus size. Made in                                                                           Made in The Gambia. Black and
                                                         length, 54” drawstring waist, and
Guinea. African                                                                              Gold Brocade Pant Set C-M023
Fabric Pant Set                                          27” inseam. Made in Senegal.
                                                         Full Length Brocade Dashiki         $69.90
C-M021 $71.90              Dark Green
                                        Black            Pant Set C-M923 $75.90                                Clothing
30                                                                   Making a Difference


                                                              This is Mikhal on your left and Brice on the right.
                                                              They love singing with the guitar.



                                                                                                Sky Blue


                                                                                   Pocket-Front Brocade Suit
                                                Orange                             Formal yet comfy enough to
                                                                                   wear around the house. Comes
                                                                                   complete with pants, top and
                                                                                   kufi hat. 100% brocade, best if
                                                 Gold                              hand washed. Made in Ghana.
                                                                                   Brocade Pant
                                                                                   Set C-M463 $67.90

                                                                                                    Light Blue

            Green                                Lime                                              Dark Green

 Patchwork Brocade Men’s Suit
 This three-piece outfit is made                                                                      Brown
 from genuine African
 brocade fabric. 100% cotton.                                                                Men’s African Brocade
 Hand wash. Fits up to a 64”                                                                 Pant Set
 chest, 58” waist. Pants are 41” in             Redwood                                      100% cotton brocade;
 length. Plus sizes also available                                                           hand wash. Fits up to
 with most colors. Made in The                                                               a 64” chest, 40” shirt
 Gambia. Three-Piece Brocade                                                                 length, 54” drawstring
 Pant Set C-M495 $75.90                                                                      waist, and 28” inseam.
                                                                                             Made in Gambia.
                                      Mustard             Burgundy                           C-M043 $75.90
                   Afrocentric                                           Brocade fabric has
                                                                         interwoven designs and
                    Black Tie                                            elaborate hand-embroidery for
                                                                         a completely exclusive look.

    Embroidered Garments for an
     Exotic Take on Formalwear                       Light Blue


       Blue            Mustard


      Black             Purple

Embroidered Suit and Hat Set
Stand out in sleek style with
shimmering embroidery. 100%
cotton; best if hand washed. Mustard                   Gold
and purple are available in sizes S/M,
L/XL, and plus size; black is available
in S/M; olive and blue are available in
S/M and plus size. Made in India.
Men’s Three-Piece Pant Set
C-M051 $39.90                                       White/White





                                                      Forest                    Hand-Made Brocade Suit
                                                                                This bold, brocade pant set
                                                                                surrounds the modern man
                                                                                with a sense of his African
                                                                                roots. Made with luxurious
                                                    Dark Brown                  cotton brocade that has
               White                                                            detailed embroidery
  Lace Up Black Pant Suit                                                       throughout. Embroidery varies
  For an easy-going elegant look with                                           slightly. 100% brocade. Fits up
  subtle reminders of Africa try this                                           to a 56” chest, 50” drawstring
  lace-up pant suit. Comes complete                                             waist, and 25” inseam. Made in
  with kufi cap included. 100% cotton;                Maroon
                                                                                Africa. Brocade Embroidered
  best if hand washed. Fits up to a 52”                                         Pant Suit C-M450 $69.90
  chest, 34” shirt length, 54” drawstring
  waist, and 28” inseam. Made in
  China. String-Tied Cotton Pant Set
  C-WF175 $39.90                            Black      Gray       Blue

    Scarves have
    fringes accented                                                                                 Hand-Painted Mudcloth Kufi Hat
    with West African                                                                                Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in
    trade beads.                                                                                     Mali. Mudcloth Kufi Hat C-A045 $13.90

                                                                                             Hand-Crafted Mudcloth Baseball Cap
                                                                                             Made with authentic bogalon mudcloth. Specific
Hand-Woven, Hand-Painted Mudcloth Scarves
These hand-made mudcloth scarves are one of the best-selling items in this catalog.          color selections not possible. Approx. 22” in
You can own more than one and have a new look every day. Hand-braided ends                   circumference. Made in Mali. Mudcloth Baseball
are decorated with West African trade beads. 6” wide and 50”-60” long. Scarves are           Caps C-H140 $19.90 each
hand-painted in Mali, West Africa with designs that symbolize prosperity, royalty, and
more. Mudcloth Scarves C-A200 $11.90 each

                                                                       Notice the beaded
                                                                      fringe on the bottom         Mud Cloth Brimmed Hat
                                                                           of each bag.            A hand-made mudcloth hat is a perfect
                                                                                                   accent of Africa for anytime anywhere!
                                                                                                   Great adjustable sizes for those with
         Mudcloth Tote Bag                                                                         natural hair and dreadlocks. Made in
         15” X 15”. Has an inside pocket and cowry shell button closure.                           Mali. C-A038 $29.90
         20” long shoulder strap. Made in Burkina Faso. C-A057 $27.90
    Accents of the                                                                                                                          33

  Accessories that express                                                                                                   WIDE
   the heritage of Africa

 4 Reasons You’ll Love Your Scarf
 You can wear mudcloth scarves                                                              Hand braided fringe accents the
 around your waist, as a head wrap,                                                        bottom of each scarf with authentic
 around your neck, or as a table                                                                  African trade beads.
 runner. You get four options in one!

       Making a Difference

                                                                Mudcloth originated
                                                                in Mali, West Africa,
  These children are brothers and sister from                    and is now popular
  Rwanda. They now live in Brazza, Congo and                        world wide.
  are supported in part by your purchases. Their
                                                                                            The Best-Selling Mudcloth Scarves from Mali
  father died of tuberculosis, and their mother left.
                                                                                            These table runners or scarves can be used on the
                                                                                            table, or as a scarf or belt. Approx 50”-60” long and
                                                                                            9” wide. Available only as an assortment. Made in
                                                                                            Mali, West Africa. Wide Mudcloth Scarves
                                                                                            C-A202 $19.90 each

                                                        C-A091 Mudcloth & Leatherette Tote Bag                                  C-A092
Mudcloth and Leatherette Handbags                               For an ethnic look with a hip, contemporary twist try these roomy tote
Get Africa’s fashion element with this handbag                  bag. Vibrant, circular designs are woven onto the leatherette while
combining the raw artistry of African mudcloth with             there is an authentic mudcloth trim. 17” X 17”. Made in the USA with
the sleek look and feel of leatherette. 17” X 17”.              fabric from Mali, West Africa.
Made in Mali. Mudcloth & Black Leatherette                      Black C-A091 $59.90
Bag C-A052 $57.90                                               Brown C-A092 $59.90                                      Accessories
34                                                                                             Handbags are your fastest,
                                                                                               easiest way to add a touch of
                                                                                               Africa or a splash of color to
                                                                                               any look!



                                           Suede/Leather                                                         Handbag - Gye
                                           Handbag - Africa Map                                                  Nyame
     Pink                                  Includes a wallet.                                                    Includes a wallet. 15”
                                           15” X 12”. Made in India.                                             X 12”. Made in India.
                                           C-A080 $35.90                                              Lilac      C-A081 $35.90

                                                                                                                      Purple Ruffles &
                                                                                                                      Studs Fashion
                                                                                                                      12” X 12”. Made
                                                                                                                      in China. C-A089
Red Patent Leather Crocodile Handbag                                                                                  $39.90
20” X 12”. Made in China. C-A094 $47.90
                                                     Black Patent Leather
                                                     Scratch Handbag
                                                     16” X 13”. Made in China.
                                                     C-A095 $47.90

                                                                                                                      Metallic Glamour
                                  Black Patent Leather                                                                Handbag
                                  Snake Handbag                                                                       15” X 10”. Made
                                  14” X 18”. Made in China.                                                           in China. C-A088
                                  C-A093 $47.90                                                                       $35.90

                         Brown with
                         Gold Studded
                         17” X 14”.
                         Made in China.
                         C-A084 $47.90

                         Gold & Red
                         Handbag          Mustard Pyramid              Golden Bronze Sequin              Black Flower Crocodile
                         16” X 11”.       Studded Handbag              Handbag                           Handbag
                         Made in China.   18” X 14”. Made in           13” X 12”. Made in China.         16” X 13”. Made in China.
                         C-A085 $19.90    China. C-A083 $27.90         C-A086 $19.90                     C-A087 $47.90
                                                                     Leather Bags                                    35
                                                               Keep Everything You Need...
                                                                  Including Your Image

                                                                  why you love it
                                                                 “These look even better in person.
                                                                 Amazing and striking!”
                                                                      Candace from Snellville, GA

 Best-Selling Leather Tote Bag
 This 24” leather tote bag is made
 out of real leather. Black and
 brown are readily available, while
 other colors are available as an
 assortment only. Colors vary.
 Made from Niger. Large Leather
 Tote Bag C-A022 $47.90 each

                                                                                Patchwork Leather Tote Bags
                                                                                Smaller-sized leather tote bags. 18” of
Go Ahead - Be Bold. Turn Heads with a New Handbag.                              real leather. Black and brown are readily
                                                                                available, while other colors are available
                                                                                as an assortment only. Colors vary. Made
                                                                                in Niger. Small Leather Tote Bag C-A023
                                                                                $43.90 each

               Black Leather Mask Purse
               A daring look that will turn heads anywhere.
               10”-14” tall. No two are exactly alike. Made
               of genuine leather. Individually hand-crafted
               in The Gambia. C-A102 $39.90
                     Leather Patch                                                                 8.5” X 12”
                     Made of genuine                            Hand-Woven Sisal Bags
                     leather. 5” X 9.”                          This hand-woven “Kiondo” or sisal bag is created
                     Designs and                                by the Kikamba women of Kenya. Commonly
                     colors vary.                               used for shopping and gathering food. The body
                     Made in Niger.                             is deep and roomy. Colors and styles vary. Made
                     C-A107 $15.90                              in Kenya. Small Sisal Bag C-A612 $15.90

   Wrap Up In                                                                                        Poncho!

        with Elegant,
        Exotic Scarves

                                                White                Brown

                                                                                                              Luxurious Ethnic Print
                                                                                                              Amp up the elegance
                                                                                                              of any look with this
                                                                                                              cashmere shawl. Warm,
                                                                                                              earthy tones and detailed
Black                                                                                                         designs make this a look
                                                                                                              that’s sure to get
                                      Purple               Rust                Lime                           compliments. 100%
                                   Get Instant Elegance with Pashmina Scarves                                 cashmere acrylic. One
                                   Pashmina scarves are a great way to add a little color or                  size fits all; 54” X 59”.
                                   sophistication to your look. 29” X 69”. 100% viscose. Made in              Made in China. C-A968
                                   India. Pashmina Scarf C-A962 $9.90 each                                    $27.90

    $7.98 individually                                            $4.78 individually

                                                                                                                   Choose From:
                                                                                                                   Black Elephant
                                                                                                                   Brown Snake Skin
                                                                                                                   Gold Giraffe
                                                                                                                   Gold Leopard
                                                                                                                   Gold Zebra
                                                                                                                   Gold Zebra Stripes
                                                                                                                   Purple Jaguar/Zebra
                                                                                                                   Purple Zebra Stripes
Order by the Dozen
                                                                                                                   Red Elephant
12 Satin Scarves                                              Order by the Dozen                                   Red Giraffe
Assorted package of scarves in a                              For the best value get a variety of twelve           Red Leopard Spots
pack of twelve. 42” X 42.” Made in Korea.                     scarves as an assortment and save! 13” X 60.”        Red Jaguar/Zebra
Satin Scarves with African Inspired                           100% satin for soft sophistication.                  Red Zebra Stripes
Print C-A951 $7.98 each                                        Made in Korea. Individual Satin Scarves             White Elephant
                                                              C-A952 $4.78 each                                    White Leopard
                                                                                                                   White Zebra Stripes

 Choose From:                  Red Patch leopard
                                                                     why you love it
 Black/Gold Tiger              Red Zebra Border                      “I received my order today and I was exceptionally
 Brown/Beige Leopard           Red Zebra Stripes
 Brown/Black Leopard                                                 pleased with these scarves. I am so excited that I
                               White Zebra Border
 Gold Patch Leopard                                                  something new in my closet!”
                                                                                      Deborah from Moss Point, MS
  Kente Scarves                                                                                                                      37
All scarves are $9.90 each

                                            Kente Scarf Style 1
                                                                                                   Kente Scarf Style 3   Kente Scarf Style 4
                                                                   Kente Scarf Style 2
                                                                                                   C-A927                C-A928

                 Kente is considered a royal and
                 sacred cloth in Ghana, and is
                 often called ‘the cloth of Kings’.

  Belly Dance Costumes                                    Hand-Woven Kente from Ghana


                                                           Kente Blue    Blue/White      Black/White
                                                           with Gold     with White       with White


                                                                  Kente Black        Kente Multi
                                                                   with Gold          with Gold
               Lilac          Orange
                                                              True African Woven Kente Sash
   Belly Dancing Hip Scarf
                                                              Make a bold statement in this hand-woven
   Become a star as you shimmy to the
                                                              kente scarf. 60” X 4.5”. Made in Ghana for
   music. Three layered hip scarf with an
                                                              the authentic look of Africa. Black & White
   abundance of coins. One size fits all.
                                                              Woven Kente Sash C-A125 $19.90
   Belly Dance Hip Scarf C-A880 $27.90                                                                             with Gold
38                                                 Cover Your Head In Culture
                                                             with Hand-Crafted African Hats


                                      Black                                           Rasta Ready Knit Kufi Cap
Choose Your Favorite Kufi Hat                                                         This rasta kufi hat gives you a quick and easy way to
Choose black, white, or an assorted mixture of                                        show your African or Caribbean roots. Approx. 20”-22” in
colors. Approx. 20-22” in circumference. Made in              White                   circumference. Made in Central America. Rasta Color
Africa. Men’s Knit Kufi Hats C-A043 $6.90 each                                        Knitted Kufi Cap C-A044 $6.90

                                                      Pink            Orange            White         Natural         Brown            Lilac

                                                     Red              Silver       Antique Gold      Baby Blue         Gold         Ivory/Gold

                                        Yellow     Black/Gold      Royal Blue           Ivory          Fuschia      Black/Silver        Black
Purple                                     Sequined and Braided Crowns
                                           Decorate any evening, day, formal, or casual outfit with these hand-crafted crowns. Each crown is
                                           accented with rhinestones for that extra sparkle. 100% nylon. Hand wash. One size fits all. Made in
                                           the USA. Braided Crowns A-04 $29.90

    Black Sandal with                         White Thong Sandal with                      Gold Beaded Sandals
    Multi-Colored Beads                       Multi-Colored Beads                          Available in sizes 5-9. Made in China.
    Available in sizes 6-10. Made             Available in sizes 6-9. Made                 C-A890 $19.90
    in China. S-W807 $23.90                   in China. S-W806 $23.90
                                                C-A046                                                                                 39
                                                                                  why you love it
                                                                                      “This hat is great. It keeps the sun
                                                                                      off my head and it looks amazing.”

                                                                                       Collin from Avondale, AZ

      Makes a great
     wall hanging too!
                                   Fulani Hats
                                     (Hats are compressed for shipping.
                                    Uncompressed hats can cost to ship.
                                    Please ask for this option if desired.)

                               The Trademark Hat of the Fulani People               $25.90
                               Made in Mali.
                               14” Original Fulani Hat C-A047 $25.90
                               18” Large Fulani Straw Hat C-A046 $39.90

                                    Fulani hats were originally used for
                                    cattle herding or drumming in Africa.

A.                       B.                                           C.                                         D.

                                                                              Style 2 C-A900                          Style 1 C-A899
     Embroidered Kufi Hat                                                           Kente Kufi Hat
     Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in India.                                   Approx. 22” in circumference. Made in India.
     A. Black Kufi Hat C-H452 $9.90                                                 Kente Kufi Hat $6.90 each
     B. White Kufi Hat C-H455 $9.90                                                 C. Style 2 C-A900
                                                                                    D. Style 1 C-A899
40                         More Beauty - More Money For You
                        Jewelry Sets That Give You Bigger Quantities For Less Spending
                         Earrings vary         Bone Earrings             Metal Earrings
                           in each set.

                                                  Earrings in this set change continually so you
                                                  will always have something new and different.
                                                  Sets shown here are representative only.
                                                                                                        Set of 12 Assorted Earrings
                                                   For Twelve New Looks                                 An affordable price for each
                                                   Each set of twelve earrings is different. Current    pair of these beautiful metal
                                                   combinations will be similar to styles shown,        earrings. Made in India.
                                                   but never exactly the same. Made in India. Set of    Set of 12 Metal Earrings
                                                   Twelve Earrings J-SET9 $27.90                        J-SET32 $35.90

                                                                                                               why you
                                                                                                                love it
                                                                                                          “These earrings are
                                                                                                          beautiful. I love each
                                                                                                          and every one of them.
                                                                                                          I highly recommend
                                                                                                                   Tami from
                                                                                                                   Addison, IL

   Set of Twelve Peacock Earrings                  Set of 12 Round Large Brass Earrings
   Set of 12 threaded earrings. 2” large.          2.5” large. Made in India. J-SET28 $39.90
   Made in the Philippines. J-Set14 $39.98

                                                                                                           Set Of 6 Cowrie Shell
                                                                                                           2” large. Made in the
                                                                                                           USA with African cowry
                                                                                                           shells. J-SET45 $19.90

                                                                                                       Set of Twelve Small Brass
                                                                                                       Glimmer and glow with twelve
                                                                                                       new brass earrings. Each one
                                                                                                       has a different style and
                                                                                                       engraving, while some have
Set of Twelve Brass, Copper, and Silver Earrings                                                       beautiful vibrant colors. You’ll
This set includes twelve high-quality earrings. Exact shapes and                                       find something eye-catching for
designs may vary slightly, as each is unique. 1.5” large. Made in                                      any look or event. Made in India
India. Set of Twelve Pairs of Earrings J-SET18 $49.90                                                  J-SET40 $27.90
                                                               All Time Favorites                                               41

        J-E300           J-E301
Authentic Fulani Earrings
Be recognized with these
hand-made Fulani earrings with
unique African hooks. Available in              Large Silver 1.5” J-E301 $31.90                 XX-Large Gold 2” J-E325 $60.00
different sizes and two colors. Use             Medium Silver 1” J-E331 $25.90                   X-Large Gold 1 3/4” J-E320 $23.90
caution when handling. Made in                  Small Silver .75” J-E311 $19.90                 Large Gold 1.5” J-E300 $15.90
Mali, West Africa.                                                                              Small Gold .75” J-E310 $9.90

                                                                                                                 2” Large

Circles Earrings      Golden Spiral Earrings
 Made in Niger.           Made in Niger.
J-TE075 $11.90           J-TE056 $13.90

    Gofed Design              Tri-Tone
      Earrings                Crescent                Pendant Earrings
    Made in Niger.            Earrings                  Made in Niger.                 Set of 6 Small Rasta Peacock Earrings
   J-TE120 $11.90           Made in Niger.             J-TE020 $11.90                  2” large. Made in the Philippines.
                           J-TE084 $11.90                                              J-SET38 $23.90

                                                   Individual Brass Earrings

3” Oval Metal Earrings 2.5” Diamond Tri-Colored           2.5” Gold/Copper/Silver Tone
Made in Pakistan. J-E928 Metal Earrings Made in Pakistan. Earrings - Circle Made in
$11.90                   J-E927 $11.90                    Pakistan. J-E926 $11.90

                                                                                                 Large Oval Tri-Colored Metal Earrings
                                                                                                 Made in India. J-E912 $11.90

Large 2.5” Square                 Large 2.5” Circle        Large 3” Diamond Tri-Colored
Tri-Colored                       Tri-Colored              Metal Earrings Made in India. 2.5” Triple Round      2.5” Hammered Gold
Metal Earrings Made in            Metal Earrings Made in   J-E914 $9.90                  Gold Earrings Made in Earrings Made in
India. J-E913 $9.90               India. J-E915 $9.90                                    Pakistan. J-E917 $9.90 Pakistan. J-E918 $9.90



                                                                                                                   Dazzling Elephant
                                                                                                                   Pendant Jewelry Set
Turquoise Stone        Turquoise Stone Pendant                                                                     Made in India.
                                                    Turquoise Three Stone
Silver Necklace Set    Silver Necklace                                                                             J-S201 $15.98 each
                                                    Silver Necklace
Made in China.         Made in China. J-N921 $19.90 Made in China. J-N114 $19.90       Blue
J-S225 $15.90

   Three-Tone Circle          Black Beaded Jewelry Set     Elephant Pendant            Round Tri-Colored          Bone Jewelry Set
   Jewelry Set                with Agate Made in India.    Jewelry Set                 Jewelry Set                Made in India. J-S850
   Made in India.             J-S210 $15.90                Made in India.              Made in India.             $11.90
   J-S835 $15.90                                           J-S222 $9.90                J-S839 $15.90

                Best-Selling Jewelry Set

              Orange                           Red                          Black
                                                                   Also Available in
                                                                     Dark Brown
                                                                      Royal Blue                                  Fashion
                                                                 Cowry Shell                                      Pendant
                                                                 Necklace & Earring           Semi-Precious       Jewelry Set
                                                                 Set Made in India.           Stone Jewelry Set   Made in China.
                                                                 J-S832 $9.90                 Made in China.      Set of Six
          Dark Green                Yellow                Blue                                J-S223 $11.90       J-S216S $35.90
                                It’s Your Time To Shine!                                                                     43
                 With Glimmering African Inspired Jewelry Sets $3.98-$7.99
why you love it
“I was wearing this
necklace and a lady told
me she had been looking
all over for one just like
it. I took it off and gave it
to her as a gift. Now I am
back to buy another for
myself again.”

      Marylane from
                                Circular Tri-Metal             Diamond Sun Engraved                 Tear Drops plated
      Bellevue, WA              Jewelry Set                    Jewelry Set                          Jewelry Set
                                Made in India. J-S212 $15.90   Made in India. J-S215 $15.90         Made in India. J-S213 $15.90


      Tear Drops Tri-Metal                Elephant Three
      Jewelry Set                         Toned Jewelry Set                      Blue
      Made in India.                      Made in India.                                      Beaded 7 Layer Jewelry Set
      J-S211 $15.90                       J-S837 $15.90                                       Made in India. J-S816 $13.90

A.                               B.                               C.                                 A. Metal & Bone Tribal
                                                                                                     Print Jewelry Set
                                                                                                     Made in India. J-S205

                                                                                                      B. Metal & Bone Tear
                                                                                                      Drop Jewelry Set
                                                                                                      Made in India. J-S202 $15.90

                                                                                                      C. Elliptical Tri-Metal
                                                                                                      Jewelry Set
                                                                                                      Made in India. J-S214


                                                                  Set Of 12 African Necklaces
                                                                  These twelve beaded leather necklaces with cowry shells are
                                                                  a perfect addition to brighten up and give culture to an outfit.
                                                                  Made in Senegal. J-SET50 $35.90

                                                                                                  Set of 6 Wooden Earrings
                                                        Six Lustrous Agate Earrings               Make a bold impression with
                                                        You can’t get more authentic              these big, bold wooden earrings.
                                                        than wearing agate earrings               Each has an ethereal, elegant
                                                        made out of volcanic rock                 look that goes with anything.
                                                        from Africa. Made in Mali.                Approx. 1”-3.5” each. Made in
                                                        Set of Six Agate Earrings                 India. J-SET37 $15.90
                                                        J-SET4 $31.90

         Reflect African Beauty
                       With Glimmering Jewelry Sets

                                                                                         Silver Choker and Bracelet Set
                                                                                         Made in India. J-S950 $15.90

        Brass and Copper                 Brass and Copper
        Jewelry Set                      Elephant Jewelry Set
        Made in India. J-S962 $15.90     Made in India. J-S963 $15.90
                                                                                      Stone Bead Choker and Bracelet Set
                                                                                      Made in India. J-S941 $15.90

                                                                                 Brass and Copper Choker and Bracelet Set
                                                                                 Made in India. J-S940 $15.90

     Brass and Copper Jewelry            Royal Brass Jewelry Set
     Set Made in India. J-S964 $15.90    Made in India. J-S965 $15.90
        2” Pendant                                                                                                                           45
                                           Jewelry From $2.78 & Up

  Large Wooden Symbol             Wooden              Wooden Ankh         Hematite           Hematite
  Necklaces                       Cross               Necklace            Ankh               Cross                  J-N670
  Made in the Philippines.
                                  Necklace            18”. Made in the    Necklace           Necklace
  Black Wood Ankh                                                         18” Made in                                Exotic Necklace
                                  Made in India.      Philippines.                           Made in
  Necklace J-N977 $5.90                                                   the Philippines.                           24” long. Made in Kenya.
                                  J-N915 $3.80        J-N956 $3.80                           the Philippines.
  Black Wood Peace                                                        J-N965 $3.                                 Animal Wood Necklace
                                  each                each                                   J-N967
  Necklace J-N976 $3.98                                                   each                                       Brown J-N670 $3.90
                                                                                             $2.98 each
                                                                                                                     Dark Brown J-N671 $3.90

                                                                                                  Magnetic Beads
                                                                                                 1 jewelry piece - limitless options

D’Jembe Drum       Massai Beaded      Beaded Silver Twist       Black & White
Necklace 1.5”      Long Necklace      Necklace                  Beaded Necklace
Large. Made in     30” circumfer-     Made in the Kenya.        Made in the Kenya.
Senegal. J-N001    ence. Made in      J-N662 $3.58 or           J-N661 $3.58 or
$3.90 each         Kenya. J-N663      $17.90/dozen              $17.90/dozen

                                                                                                          Comes in assorted colors.

                             Gemstone Snake Ring
                             Set of 12 rings from sizes 6-9. Made in China.
                             J-R501 $9.90

                                                                                                  Convertible Magnetic Bracelet
 Ethiopian                                                                                        This glistening magnetic jewelry can be used
 Coptic Cross                                                                                     as a bracelet, a necklace, a hairpiece, anklet,
 Necklace                                                                                         or even a belt! It’s simple, just wrap it around
 Rasta color 32”                                                                                  your wrist or ankle and the pieces will ‘cling’
 cloth bands.                                      Turquoise Stone Ring                           together magnetically. 30” long. Made in China.
  Style-A                                          Set of 12 rings from sizes 6-9.                Magnetic Bracelet with Multi Colored Beads
 J-N055 $13.90                                     Made in China. J-R502 $9.90                    J-B997 $5.98 each
46                                                                                                      Colors Vary in Each Set

                                                                                                                   Set Of 3 Dozen (36)
                                                                                                                   3 dozen chip
                                                                                                                   necklaces. Each
                                                                                                                   set varies in colors.
                                                                                                                   Made in China.
                                                                                                                   J-SET47 $59.90

    Necklaces in this set change                       Necklaces vary in each set
   continually so you will always         Twelve Necklaces – Twelve Ways to Inspire
     have something new and               Set of twelve hand-made necklaces that are each unique.
                                          Each set will be one-of-a-kind. Made in India.
   different. Sets shown here are         Set of Twelve Necklaces J-SET8 $27.90
         representative only.

              Set Of 12 Assorted Evil Eye Bracelets
              Made in China. J-SET51 $19.90                                                          Set Of 12 Semi-Precious
                                                                                                     Stone Bracelets
                                    Rasta Sets                                                       Made in China. J-SET49

                                                                     Rasta Beaded Earrings
                                                                     1”-1.5” large. Made in the
                   Set of 12 Rasta Cord Bracelets                    Philippines. Set of Six Rasta
                   Made in China. J-SET06 $19.90                     Earrings J-SET10 $15.90

                                                               Rasta Beaded Bracelets
                                                                                                     Assorted Set of 12 Cowrie Shell
Rasta Beaded Necklaces                                         Made with elastic to fit any wrist.
12 rasta necklaces give you a new look each day. Made in the   Designs may vary slightly. Made in    Made in India. J-SET35 $15.90
Philippines. Set of Twelve Rasta Necklaces J-SET15 $27.90      the Philippines. Set of Twelve
                                                               Rasta Bracelets J-SET11 $25.90
                                       Colors of beads vary slightly.

                   Red                     Rasta                         Blue                         Lilac    Gold

       Massai Beaded Choker Necklace
       Whatever color you choose will be the most prominent on your necklace; but
       the other colors of beads may vary. Made in Kenya. J-N660 $3.90 each


                                                   Hematite Necklace Set
                                                   Hematite is highly valued in Africa as it                                   Massai
                                                   symbolizes Mars, the ancient god of war.
                                                   Made in the Philippines. Hematite Twelve-                                  Necklace
                                                   Piece Necklace Set J-SET12 $39.90

       Set of 6 Kenyan Necklaces
       Made in Kenya. J-SET01 $27.90
                                                                 99¢ each
                                                                                                  Traditional Massai Wedding Necklace
                                                   Set of 6 Kenyan Ivory Pendant Necklaces
                                                   Get six hand-crafted bone pendant
                                                                                                  This tribal wedding necklace is a signature
                                                   necklaces in this unique set. Each bone        Kenyan look that takes hours to bead by hand.
     African Cowrie Shells                         pendant is ivory-colored or with stained       23” long and 5” in diameter. Made in Kenya.
                                                   black designs. In Africa, bone jewelry is a    Massai Wedding Necklace J-N610 $35.90
                                                   sign of wealth and prosperity. Necklaces are
                                                   9” long. Made in Kenya. J-SET36 $11.90

- 100 Cut & Polished Kenyan Cowrie Shells
  M-B402 $15.
- 100 Uncut Kenyan Cowrie Shells M-B403 $15.
                                                                                                   Set Of 3 Beaded Kenyan Pendant Necklaces
- 1 Kilo (approx. 750-1,000) Cut Kenyan Cowrie
                                                   Set of 12 Assorted Cowry Shell Necklaces        16” circumference with a 2.5” pendant. Shapes
  Shells M-B405 $79.90
- 1 Kilo Uncut (approx. 750-1,000) Kenyan Cowrie   Make a graceful statement of beauty             and colors of pendants vary slightly. Made in
  Shells M-B406 $79.90                             with these twelve, hand-beaded cowrie shell     Kenya. J-SET07 $19.90
- 1 LB (approx. 100) Tiger Shells Brown Cowrie     necklaces. Each set is completely
  Shells M-B407 $39.90                             one-of-a-kind. Made in India. J-SET03
                                                   $19.90                                                                       Jewelry

  Silver Cuff                   Gold Cuff                        Elephant Engraved Silver Cuff     Elephant Engraved Gold Cuff
  Made in India. J-B011 $7.90   Made in India. J-B012 $7.90      Made in India. J-B013 $7.90       Made in India. J-B014 $7.90

Embellished Silver Cuff          Embellished Brass Cuff           Brass and Copper Elephant         Wide Band Silver Cowrie
Made in India. J-B015 $7.90      Made in India. J-B016 $7.90      Bracelet Made in India. J-B957    Shell Bracelet Made in India.
                                                                  $7.90 each                        J-B960 $7.90

                                                                                                      Overlapping Wood
 Silver Hammered Cuff              Gold Hammered Cuff                     Silver/Brass/Copper         Elastic Bracelet
 Made in India. J-B974 $7.90       Made in India. J-B975 $7.90            3-Tone Cuff Made in         Made in the Philippines.
                                                                          India. J-B028 $9.90         J-B981 $5.90

                                                                    Brass Circular Cuff              Silver Circular Cuff
Copper and Brass Wide           Amber Plastic Bracelet
                                                                    Made in China. J-B009 $9.90      Made in China. J-B010 $9.90
Elephant Bracelet               Made in China. J-B008 $9.90
Made in India. J-B985 $7.90

                                                                              Plastic Stone Bracelets
                                                                              Made in China. J-B007
                                 Earth Brown     Water Blue      Mountain Gray
                                                            Luminous                                                          49
                                                                      of Gold,

Turquoise Stone Metal                                                         J-B023
Fashion Bracelet J-B020 $11.90
Red Jasper Stone Metal                                               J-B022
Fashion Bracelet J-B021 $11.90
Ebony Stone Evening
Bracelet J-B022 $15.90                                                            J-B024
White Opal Stone Precious                                                                     J-B029
Bracelet J-B023 $9.90                                       J-B021
Turquoise Stone Precious
Bracelet J-B024 $9.90
Turquoise 3-Stone Silver
Bracelet J-B029 $15.90
Made in China.

                                                                                   Brass and Copper         Silver Wrist Cuff
                                                                                   Wrist Cuff               Made in India.
                                                                                   Made in India.           J-B923 $11.90
                                                                                   J-B922 $11.90

    Elephant Engraved            Embellished          Embellished Long
    Long Gold Cuff               Long Silver Cuff     Gold Cuff
    Made in India.               Made in India.       Made in India.
    J-B017 $11.90                J-B018 $11.90        J-B019 $11.90

                                                                                              Bronze Elephant Fiber Bracelet
                                                                                              Made in China. J-B614 $15.90

                                                                                              Copper Elephant Fiber Bracelet
                                                                                              Made in China. J-B615 $15.90

     Silver Studded Long            2-Tone Studded Long               Gold Studded Long
     Cuff Made in India.            Cuff Made in India.               Cuff Made in India.      Bronze & Copper Elephant
     J-B025 $15.90                  J-B026 $15.90                     J-B027 $15.90            Fiber Bracelet
                                                                                               Made in China. J-B616 $15.90

50                                              Conversation-Starting Jewelry
                                                                All bracelets on these two pages are made in Africa.

                                                                        Made with hand-carved animal bone.
                                                                          Genuine Bone Adjustable Bracelets
                                                                          Bracelet stretches to fit any wrist. Exact
          Elephant Hair Bracelets             Elephant Hair Plant         designs all vary slightly. Made in Kenya.
     Originated Over 1200 Years Ago.          Fiber Bracelet              Black J-B600 $4.90
                                              Made in Kenya. J-B610       White J-B601 $4.90

                                                                                           Cow horn jewelry is a sign of wealth
                                                                                                and prosperity in Africa.
                                               Horn Bracelets                        Kenyan Cow Horn Bracelet
                                               Made from cow horns in Senegal.       Each bracelet is different; and colors will be assorted,
  Wide Horn Bracelets Made in Senegal.         Sizes, colors and designs all vary.   no one color can be chosen. Approx. 2.5” - 3.5” wide.
  J-B334 $6.90 each                            J-B331 $3.90                          Made in Kenya. J-B602 $7.98 each

 Solid Brass Jewelry from Ghana

                                                      Golden Black Etched Bracelet              Silver Etched             Fulani Gold Twist
                                                      Made in Niger. J-TB085 $9.90              Plate Bracelet            Bracelet Made in
 Gye Nyame                                                                                      Made in Niger.            Niger. J-B090 $11.90
 Bracelet J-B410 $13.90                                                                         J-TB014 $9.90

                          Elephant Bracelet                                                                            Tuareg Silver Solid
                                                      Black Etched Plate Bracelet Triangle Design Tuareg
                          J-B412 $13.90
                                                      Made in Niger. J-TB008 $9.90 Silver Bracelet                     Etched Bracelet Made
                                                                                   Made in Niger.                      in Niger. J-TB024 $9.90
                                                                                   J-TB084 $9.90

 Sankofa Bird
 Bracelet J-B414 $13.90

                                                           Flat Tuareg Silver        Round Black Etched            Diamond Shaped
                                                           Bracelet                  Silver Bracelet               Tuareg Silver
                             Map of Africa                 Made in Niger.            Made in Niger.                Bracelet Made in
                             Bracelet J-B418 $13.90        J-B082 $9.90              J-TB075 $9.90                 Niger. J-TB029 $9.90
            Hand-Crafted in The Heart of Africa                                                                                     51
                      Express The True You With Authentic Jewelry

                                             Massai Beaded Bracelet
                                             - Children’s Size Made
Massai Beaded Bracelets - Flat Clip-On       in Kenya. BB-657 $2.98
Made in Kenya. J-B636 $3.90 each             each

                                                                                                                (All bracelets come
Large Embroidered                        Round Rasta Massai                                                         with different
Tuareg Bracelet                          Beaded Bracelet                                                        colors and designs
Made in Mali. J-B270 $2.78               Made in Kenya.                                                          of beaded work)
each                                     J-B634 $4.90

                                                                                                          Massai beadwork tells a
                                                                      Massai Beaded Bracelets             story about the wearer.
                                                                      Assorted                               Colors represent
                                                                      Made in Kenya. J-B635                 marriage, children,
                                                                      $4.90 each                                 and more!
 Beaded Bracelets Assorted
 Each bracelet comes with different colors of beading. No two
 are alike. Made in Kenya. J-B637 $3.98 each

                                                                                                            Leather Bracelets
                                                                                                            Made in Burkina Faso.
    Amber                 Wood                                                                              $2.78 each
                                                                                                            Black J-B290
         Spiral Beaded Bracelet                                                                             Cream-Colored J-B212
         Made in Kenya. J-B613                                                                              Red J-B289
         $4.90 each

                                                                                                     African Fabric Cowrie Shell
  Faux Amber Bracelet             Black Cowrie Shell Bracelet
                                                                                                     Bracelet Made in Tanzania.
  Made in Kenya. J-B220           Made in Kenya. J-B298 $3.58
  $3.18                                                         Single Cowrie Shell Leather Bracelet J-B802 $5.90 each
                                                                3” wrist opening. Made in Nigeria.
                                                                J-B315 $2.78 each                                      Jewelry

                                                                                                                    Basic colors only
                                                                   Four-Color                                        are shown here
Regular-Size                                                                                                        for item M-F050.
       approx.                                                                                                        Each piece of
 4 X 6 feet                                                                                                        mudcloth is unique
                                       Authentic Mudcloth                                              Black/White and one-of-a-kind.

Rust             Pattern       Multi-Strip   Mustard     Plain   Burnt Orange Plain Plain Mustard Beige/      White/     Cowry        Design
                                                         Rust                 White               Brown       Black      Shell       (is an actual
                                                                                                                                    picture image
                                                                                                                                   as shown below
                                                                                                                                   but each picture
Full-Sized Authentic Mudcloth                                                      An area rug, a garment, a blanket, table          is different.)
Full size pieces 45” x 70.” Each piece is made from nine individual                          cloth, scarf or more!
hand-woven strips. Made in Mali, West Africa. Mudcloth Fabric
M-F050 $39.90 each


                                                                                                                 Indigo fabric is one of the
                                                                                                                 most popular fabrics from
                                             Colors Available:                                                   Africa. Symbolic of wealth
                                             Plain Pink                                                          and prosperity, this fabric is
       Authentic Mudcloth                    Plain Black                                                         admired by almost every
       Dyed to Striking Colors               Yellow Tie Dye                                                      ethnic group on the continent.
       Use in your home or to                Blue Tie Dye                                                        6’ X 45”. Made in Mali.
       make a piece of clothing.                                                                                 M-F160 $39.90
                                             Pink Tie Dye
       Full size pieces approx.
                                             Black Tie Dye
       45” x 72”’. Made in Mali,
       West Africa. Tie Dye
                                             Purple Tie Dye
       Authentic Mudcloth                    Green Tie Dye
       M-F052 $43.90                         Orange Tie Dye
                                                         inting                                                                    53
                                                 Each pa rent
                                                 has a di

                 Genuine mudcloth from            No two are
                 Mali, West Africa has
                 hand-painted designs
                 made using traditional            Authentic
                 methods. The cloth is first       art that is
     woven, then a design is painted on
     with natural ingredients. This cloth is     truly all your
     then dipped into specially prepared              own.
     dyes made with mud, left to dry, and
     then dipped again. You will get a flyer
     with care instructions and the history
     of mudcloth.                                         Giant Size Mud Cloth Painting
                                                          These X-Large paintings are a dramatic accent to your wall.
                                                          They make the perfect stunning centerpiece that will be noticed
                                                          by everyone who sees them. 45”x72” This is the thing to surprise
                                                          and delight your guests! Choose from dozens of hand-painted
                                                          cloth paintings from Mali West Africa. AC-M520 $49.90

                                                                          Giant-Size Mudcloth

        Korhogo Cloth

                                                                                          Giant-Size Authentic Mudcloth
                                                                                          Approx. 5’ x 7.’ Made in Mali, West Africa.
                                                                                          Extra Large Mudcloth M-F130 $138.

                                                                                       Each piece is different - Mudcloth
                                                                                       pictures are representative only.
AC-M400                   AC-M330

                                                          why you love it
 Super-Sized Korhogo Paintings                                    “Wow! I just received my Bambara mudcloth
 This beautifully created, hand woven
 painting shows the nature of sub-Sahara
                                                                  and it is so beautiful, very well painted and thick
 Africa with great style and quality. You can                     material. Thank you, it’s very impressive.”
 use the paintings on your walls or in crafts.
 All styles vary. Made in Ivory Coast.
 Extra Large Korhogo Painting                                                          Katrina from Valhalla, NY
 70” x 45” AC-M330 $79.90
 Korhogo Mud Cloth Strip Painting
 12” x 50” AC-M400 $19.                                                                                                      Fabric
54          More Choices Than Anywhere Else!
                         Authentic African Print Fabric

     T-2001 Blue    T-2001 Red      T-2003           T-2017               T-2024             T-2027

      T-2042          T-2056         T-2058           T-2070             T-2079              T-2080

       T-2081         T-2082          T-2083          T-2084              T-2089              T-2090

        T-2091       T-2092        T-2093 Yellow     T-2093 Red           T-2094              T-2095

       T-2096         T-2097       T-2098 Blue     T-2098 Orange          T-2099              T-2101

      T-2102 Red    T-2102 Blue    T-2103 Green    T-2103 Orange         T-2103 Red          T-2104 Blue

     T-2104 Green    T-2105         T-2106 Red       T-2106 Blue        T-2106 Maroon          T-2107

      T-2108 Red     T-2108 Lime       T-2109        T-2110 Blue         T-2110 Green          T-2111

                                                          why you love it
                                                               “I am sewing up dresses for
                                                               my shop with the fabric.”
        T-2112                                                             Dawn from Green Bay, WI
    New Printed Fabric
    $67.90                     per 12 yard bolt                                                                       T-2108 Red
Genuine African Printed Fabrics
African print wax fabrics popular in Africa for use in
clothing and crafts. Each piece is 45” wide. Sold only
in 12 yard pieces. Made in West Africa (unless marked otherwise).
Printed Fabric $67.90 per 12-yard piece
T-2017 Wine-Stain Patterned Print Fabric
T-2042 Orange Circular Pattern Wax Print Fabric
T-2058 Brown/Beige Pinwheel Pattern Wax Fabric

All fabric listed below is from India.
T-2001......Traditional Print African Fabric (Red or Blue)
T-2003......Brown D’Jembe Drum African Print Fabric                                                                         T-2105
T-2024......Aqua African Pattern Print Fabric
T-2027......White African Tribal Print Fabric                                                                      T-2106 Red
T-2056......White African Drum Patterned Fabric                T-2107
T-2070......Black Egyptian Pharaohs Pattern Fabric
T-2079......Black & Gray African Tribal Print Fabric

                                                                              Gold Prints $67.90
T-2080......Mustard African Pictograph Print Fabric
T-2081......White African Continent Print Fabric
T-2082......Fuschia African Gye Nyame Print Fabric
T-2083......Black African Continent Print Fabric
T-2084......Orange African Abstract Print Fabric
NEW T-2089......Redwood Swirling Breeze Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2090......Neon Lights Multi-Color Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2091......Blue Kente God Is Good Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2092......Maroon Cowrie Shell Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2093......African Kente Wax Print Fabric (Red or Yellow)      T-2073             T-2075          T-2078         T-2086
NEW T-2094......Letters & Riddles Lime Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2095......Flowers Dark Brown Wax Print Fabric

                                                                                 Same Price - 33%
NEW T-2096......Blue Kente Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2097......Palm Tree Lime-Green Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2098......Peacock Flower Wax Print Fabric (Blue or Orange)
NEW T-2099......Tan Animal Pictograph Print Fabric
NEW T-2101......Black Sine Wave Wax Print Fabric                                   More Fabric
NEW T-2102......African Tribal Mask Print Fabric (Red or Blue)
NEW T-2103......Arrow Design Wax Print Fabric (Green, Orange, or Red)            60” wide polished brocade
NEW T-2104......Spiral Web Wax Print Fabric (Green/Red or Blue/Yellow)
NEW T-2105......Crowns Light Blue Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2106......Elephants & Stools Wax Fabric (Blue, Maroon, or Red)
NEW T-2107......Black Kente African Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2108......Ashanti Stool & Swords Wax Fabric (Lime or Red)
NEW T-2109......Lavender Retro Print Wax Fabric
NEW T-2110......Funnel Wax Print Fabric (Blue/White or Green/Blue)
NEW T-2111......Portrait Of Grace Wax Print Fabric
NEW T-2112......Chocolate-Brown Key Print Wax Fabric                 T-2020                         T-2031         T-2113
Gold Printed Fabric
All fabric listed below is from India.
T-2073......Navy-Blue Africa Pattern Fabric
T-2075......White African Relics Pattern Fabric
T-2078......Blue Tri Pattern African Fabric
T-2086......Black African Mask Gold Print Fabric
                                                                              T-2114            T-2115 Blue     T-2115 Purple
Brocade Fabric 12 Yards $67.90 (60” wide)
Made in Mali, West Africa.
T-2020......Blue Embroidered Brocade Fabric
T-2031 Green & Black Striped Brocade Fabric
NEW T-2113......Green Patterned Brocade Fabric
NEW T-2114......Blue Checkerboard Brocade Fabric
NEW T-2115......Striped Brocade Fabric (Blue or Purple)
NEW T-2116......Brown Patterned Brocade Fabric                                T-2116             T-2117           T-2118
NEW T-2117......Green Multi-Striped Brocade Fabric
NEW T-2118......Green Ribbon-Striped Brocade Fabric
56                                                  Kente Print Fabric
                            T-1509              Nothing says Africa More Clearly


                                                                          T-1309                 T-1409

                                                                           T-1609                T-1709
                                                                 Kente Cloth Fabric Print
                                                                 Get the most stand-out patterns of kente in a bright,
                                                                 outstanding color. Available in 12-yard bolts. Made in
                                                                 India. $67.90 per bolt

                                                                                                  Woven Kente
  True African Lace 15 Yards $198.     African Lace 15 Yards $198. (36“ wide.)
                                       Fabric produced in Guinea.
                                       T-3001......Pink Lace Embroidered Fabric
                                       T-3002......Green Lace Embroidered Fabric
                                       T-3008......Light Blue Lace Embroidered Fabric
                                       T-3009......White Lace Embroidered Fabric
                                       NEW T-3010...... Pink Lace Fabric
  T-3001       T-3002        T-3008    NEW T-3011...... Turquoise Lace Fabric
                                       NEW T-3012...... Ivory Lace Floral Fabric
                                       NEW T-3013...... Light Blue Lace Floral Fabric
                                       NEW T-3014...... Ivory Lace Embroidered Fabric      Kente Cloth in a Soft,
                                                                                           Luxurious Weave
                                       African Lace 5 Yards $98. (41” wide)                The same exotic kente
                                       Fabric produced in Guinea.                          style you love in a rich, lush
  T-3009       T-3010       T-3011     NEW T-3101......White Lace Fabric                   weave. Available in 6-yard
                                       NEW T-3102......Turquoise Lace Ornate Fabric        bolts. Each panel is 45” wide.
                                       NEW T-3103......Beige Lace Ornate Fabric            Made in India. T-1010 $79.90
                                       NEW T-3104......Gray Lace Ornate Fabric             per bolt
                                       NEW T-3105......Pink Lace Ornate Fabric
                                       NEW T-3106......Lime-Green Lace Ornate Fabric
                                       NEW T-3107......Burgundy Lace Ornate Fabric
  T-3012       T-3013        T-3014    NEW T-3108......Light Blue Lace Ornate Fabric
Smaller & Easier Size - African Lace 5 Yards $98.                                                         Available:
                                                                                                          Dark Green
                                                                                                          Light Blue
  T-3101        T-3102       T-3103            T-3104                                                     White
                                                                                          Each piece is embossed
                                                                                          with its own unique designs
                                                                                          on polished cotton fabric.
                                                            African Brocade Fabric
                                                            No two pieces are alike. Each piece is 45” wide. Sold only
                                                            in 30 yard pieces. Country of origin may vary, but most
  T-3105       T-3106        T-3107            T-3108       brocade is produced in Guinea. Brocade Fabric M-F105
                                                            $259. per 30-yard piece
     George Fabric

       Check online for more colors.

            Colors Available:
            Beige       Mustard
            Black       Purple
            Gold        Red
            Green       Royal Blue
            Ivory       White/Silver

 Authentic George Fabric
 This stunning gold-embroidered fabric originates in India, but is popular                    Why Do You Want African Fabrics?
 throughout Africa. Each panel is 36” wide. Only sold in 8 yards. Made in India.
 George Fabric M-F400 $79.90 per 8 yard piece                                                 You can use them in so many ways:
                                                                                              • To make pillows, placemats, and curtains.

                                                                                    • Create hundreds of home accessories.
                                                                                    • Make clothing and accessories.
          Kuba Cloth                                                                • Make craft projects for anytime of the year.
                                                                                    • Just a patch of African fabric can change something
                                                                                      everyday into an African treasure.
                                                                                    • Use African Fabrics for table coverings and displays
                                                                                      for other African products.

                                                       Each piece takes
                                                       weeks to weave!
                                                                                        Hand Woven Nigerian
                                                                                        Asoke Fabric
                                                                                        Each piece is different,
             Hand-woven from                                                            no two are alike. Full
                                                                                        size pieces 53” x 80”.
               raffia leaves.
                                                                                        Made in Nigeria.
Kuba Cloth
                                                                                        M-F090 $59.90 each
Ask for individual prices. Made
in Congo. M-F150 Prices range           Premium Kuba Cloth
from $200. - $338./sheet                Ask for individual prices. Made in Congo.
                                        M-F171 $55.90 each
58                Get the Joy of
                  African Music
              with Easy-to-Learn
          Hand-Crafted D’Jembe Drums

                          Quality Assurance
                       Drums are made in remote bush
                       areas of Africa. Each drum is a unique
                       creation with unique qualities. No
                       drum is totally perfect, but your drum
                       is checked for:
                        • Head ring tightness
                        • String tightness
                        • Level and even head
                        • Sound quality
                        • No holes in heads
                        • No imperfections in wood
                          base and bowl
                        • Fist-size sound openings
                          between base and bowl

                       Our Biggest D’Jembe
                       (Pronounced Jem’Bay) drums in all
                       sizes. Easy for anyone to learn.
                       Hand-carved and hand-strung for
                       quality and the real African
                       experience. Approx. 23” tall. Check
                       online to see what countries our
                       D’Jembe drums are available in.
                       Full-Sized D’Jembe
                       Drum M-M010 $198.
                       (Oversized shipping costs are approx.
                       $25.00 per full-sized drum.)

     Full-Sized Drum
                African D'Jembe Drums                                                            59
                     The Biggest Selection Anywhere

                Medium-Sized Drum

                                                             why you love it
                                                         “Great prices and great sound! I can’t
                                                         believe the work that goes into these
                                                         drums for the price!”

                                                              Tami from Gold Beach, OR

                                                            D’Jembe Drum Medium
                                                            Still large enough for an adult to play.
                                                            Approx. 16”-18” tall, 10” diameter.
                                                            Made in Mali. D’Jembe Drum M-M014

   Small-Sized Drum

                                           X-Small Sized Drum

                                           The Most Affordable D’Jembe
                                           These are exceptional home decorations and great
                                           for kids as well! 8” tall. Miniature D’Jembe drums from
                                           Burkina Faso and Senegal. X-Small D’Jembe
Small D’Jembe Drum
                                           M-M018 $23.90 each
Approx. 10-12” tall. Made all over
West Africa. Small D’Jembe Drum
M-M016 $49.                                                                    Instruments
60                             African Music Made Easy
                Quick-Learning Instruments That Double As Artwork

 African Thumb Piano
 This Kalimba gourd thumb piano is made from a calabash with burned designs
 on front and back. For kids or adults. 3” x 7.” Made in Burkina Faso.
 Kalimba Gourd Thumb Piano M-M142 $15.90

         Balafons                   Medium: 19”-24”
                                    long M-M210 $69.
 Hand made from Lenke wood and
    calabashes in West Africa.

                                                                                Everyones’ Favorite!
                                                                                Children and adults alike love these hand-made
                                                             Small: 13”-18”     tic toc drums. A fun and easy way to enjoy Afri-
                                                             long M-M215        can music. 13” High and 3-4” diameter. Made in
                                                             $39.90             Kenya. Tic Toc Drum M-M120 $5.90 each

                                                                              Only $1.98 - Fun for Everyone

     Double Cow Bells
     Made in Benin.
     Large GanKeKe Bell
     (Approx. 11” long.) M-M161 $31.90
     Medium GanKeKe Bell
     (Approx. 9” long.) M-M162 $19.90                  Mali Rattles
                                                       Each is unique. 5” tall.                   Bamboo Whistle
                                                       Made in Mali. Wicker Rattle M-W090         12” long. Made in India. M-M130
                                                       $1.98 each                                 $1.98 each
                                                                                  Each drum
                                                                                   is carved
                                                                                 from a solid
                                                                                  Dembu log

A Complete Senegalese Drum Set
BougaraBou drums produce a deep,
resonant bass and crisp highs. Large
drum is approx. 12” in diameter. Medium                                         Genuine Hand-Made Djun Djun Drums
drum is approx 10.5” in diameter. Small                                         Three drum set gives you the full range of tones for a great range
drum is approx 9” in diameter. Made in      Talking Drum                        of music. Large size drum is 25.5” in height and 15.5” in diameter.
Senegal. Set of Three BougaraBou            11” tall 5” diameter. Traditionally Medium size is 22” in height and 12” in diameter. Small drum is
Drums M-M060 $580.                          most popular with African hunting 18” high and 11” diameter. Made in Senegal. Complete Set of
(Oversized shipping for set of 3 drums.)    to chase animals from the bush. Three Djun Djun Drums M-M030 $790. (Oversized shipping
                                            Made in Mali. M-M024 $39.90         costs for a set of three Djun Djuns.)

        Making a Difference                                                                Durable Fabric Bags
                                                                                              from Africa

                                                                                                                           Get a bag
                                                                                                                           all your own.
                                                                                                                           All bag
                                                                                                                           designs vary.
                                                                                                                           cannot be
  This 5-year-old boy is playing a D’Jembe! He’s
  unbelievably good!

                                                             Attractive D’Jembe Drum Carrying Bags
                                                             Carry your drums in style and safety with these
                                                             hand-sewn D’Jembe bags. All styles vary. 26” tall
                                                             and between. 10”-19” wide. Made in Senegal.
                                                             D’Jembe Drum Carrying Bags Large Drum Size
                              Heavy Duty                     M-M005 $39.90

                               Vinyl Bag
                              Djembe Drum
                              Bag - Large Black
                              Made in China.
                              M-M007 $59.90

                                                                                                       D’Jembe Tsink Tsink Shakers
                                                                                                       Slip the rod of the shaker between the
                          Goatskin Drum Heads                                                          strings and the head of a D’Jembe
                          True goatskin drum heads                                                     drum to add a musical element to your
                          with fur to make or repair your                                              playing. 13.5” long and up to 6” wide.
                          own drums! 27” X 27.” Made                                                   Made in Senegal. D’Jembe
                          in Senegal. Goatskin Drum                                                    Tsink-Tsink Shakers M-M003 $7.90
                          Head M-M001 $35.90                                                           each

62            Easy (Fax in or Mail in)
              Order Form
 Save time, save money and prevent errors by using this easy order form.
                                                                               BILL TO: (fill out only if different than ship to. For credit card orders, please list the address that
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Fax No. (________)________________________________________

         Item Number          Qty.              Item Name or Description                                                        Alt. Color
                                                                                                Size            Color                                 Unit Price       Total Price











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                                                                          stock item(s)                                   from Africa.


Africa's Quick Fix!
Easy Benefits for Anyone

PROBLEM: Dry, Dull Winter Skin
Reveal the glow inside with African shea butter. Shea butter instantly softens skin, reduces signs of
aging, and gives you that luminous complexion once so hard to find in the wintertime! See pages
122-123 to get the benefits now!

PROBLEM: Holiday parties and nothing to wear!
Choose from affordable African attire that will spice up any party or any church gathering. You will stand
out from the rest, and get compliments guaranteed! See pages 4-30 for styles for men, women, and

PROBLEM: My house is dull and drab!
Transform dull and drab to exotic and cultural with Africa’s most beautiful artwork and textiles. Use
mudcloth as a throw or rug for instant color and African attitude, display an ebony sculpture for a focal
point nobody will forget! See pages 64-70 for artwork and pages 52-57 for textiles.
                        African Movies       Get any movie shown below for $7.90 each

                        V-203        V-209          V-220          V-257            V-264           V-267

                  NEW V-276 NEW V-277 NEW V-279 NEW V-280 NEW V-285 NEW V-287

                  NEW V-292 NEW V-293 NEW V-294 NEW V-295 NEW V-296 NEW V-297
                  Get a Glimpse of African Storytelling with DVDs You Won't Find at Your Video Store.

                                                African Games

                          Hand-Carved Mother of
                          Pearl Chess Set                                                          Massai Warriors Chess Set
                          Add museum-quality artwork                                               Using Massai warriors adds a whole new
                                                            Awale Game                             dimension to playing chess. The set
                          and fun to your store with this
                                                            Comes with a set of beads and          includes a 14” X 14” solid wood board
                          chess set. Made with real
                                                            a rule sheet to explain how it is      with poly-resin pieces. Made in China.
                          mother of pearl, known for
                                                            played; although there are too         Chess Set with Massai Pieces M-151
                          its rarity and luminescence.
                                                            many variations of this game to        $118.
          Includes        Comes with its own velvet
                                                            list. 1 foot long and 2” wide when
                          carrying case. 14” x 14” board.
       velvet-covered                                       closed. Made in Mali, Senegal,
                          Made in Egypt. Mother of
       carrying case!     Pearl Chess Set M-154 $158.
                                                            and Gambia. M-150 $23.80

     3 X 5 Foot Flags                             African American Flag
                                                      FL-A035 $19.90

                                                                                            Get Any African Country Flag!
                                        Each flag is 3’ X 5’ and priced at just $19.90 each. Choose from 54 counties
                                        Visit our website or ask for any country you want. Item # FLAG $19.90 each
                                             Flag of the African Nation - Or Choose From 54 African Country Flags
                                             Combines the most popular colors from all of the flags of Africa. You can use
                                             this as a wall hanging, or for a porch display. It is durable, but it is not intended
                                             for long term use in wind or on a flag pole. All other flags: item# FLAG
     One-of-a-Kind African Gifts                                                                                                                  65
                  That Speak To All Generations

Baby Doll Sets
Mother is approx. 11” mother & child is approx. 6”.
Made in the USA. M-D601 $27.90

                                               Plush Giraffe Doll                             Hand-Crafted Senegalese Dolls
      Plush Zebra Doll                         2” X 7”. Made in                               Each come dressed in authentic African clothing made
      5” X 5”. Made in Kenya. M-D602           Kenya. M-D601 $5.90                            from African fabrics. Stands 10” tall. Made in Senegal.
      $5.90                                                                                   Cloth Doll M-D010 $9.90
A.                             B.                                               C.                                              D.

     E.          F.          G.           H.       I.         J.     K.              L.

                                                             Key Chains
   A. Ebony Key Chain - Assorted Styles
   1.5”-2” tall. Made in Senegal. A-E110
                                                  F. Black Massai Mask Key Chain
   $3.98 each                                                                                        J. Zebra Head Key Chain
                                                  3” long. Made in Kenya. M-632 $2.98
                                                                                                     3” big. Made in Kenya. M-636 $3.58 each
   B. Massai Beaded Key Chain
   3” long. Made in Mali. M-633 $2.98
                                                  G. Fertility Doll Key Chain
   each                                                                                              K. African Key Chain with Cowry Shell
                                                  2.5-3” long. Made in Kenya. M-141 $3.98
                                                                                                     2” big. Made in Senegal. M-L013 $2.98 each
   C. Bone Animal Design Key Chain
    4” long. Made in Kenya. M-630 $3.98
                                                  H. Afro Comb Key Chain
   each                                                                                              L. Giraffe head Key Chain
                                                  3” big. Made in Kenya. M-631 $3.58 each
                                                                                                     3” big. Made in Kenya. M-638 $3.58 each
   D. Leather Africa Safari Key Chain
   3” long. Made in Kenya. M-637 $1.39
                                                  I. Zebra Drum Key Chain
                                                  1.5” big. Made in Kenya. M-635 $3.58 each
   E. Red Massai Mask Key Chain
   3” long. Made in Kenya. M-634 $3.98
For                                                                                   For
Her                                                                                   Him
Gift Basket - For Her
This gift basket
contains everything
the special lady in
your life needs to                                                                        This set includes: Lime Traditional Print Dashiki , Senegal
pamper herself.                                                                           Miniature Mask 7-8”, Shea Butter Lip Balm, Dudu Osum
M-394 $79.96                                                                              Herbal Shampoo - 8oz., Africa Key Chain with Cowry - Black
                          This set includes: Top 12 Selling Women’s Oils (1               & Red, Barack Obama Lighter, Set of 12 African Proverb
                          Dram Bottles), Dudu Osun Black Soap, Set of 18                  Postcards, Dudu-Osun African Black Soap - 5oz., Fulani
                          Scented Tealight Candles, Porcelain Oil Burner with             Basket, and Top 12 Mens Fragrances - Dram (1/8oz.).
                          Fragrance, African Print Cloth Flower, Cultural T-Shirt,        Gift Basket - For Him. This gift basket
                          and Hand Woven Nigerian Basket.                                 contains authentic products for every man. M-395 $59.90

                                                        Cards with Africa In Mind
                                                      Send friends and family the unique artistry
                                                      of African and African American Greeting
                                                                You get:
                                                                60 cards and envelopes

                                                                                                                  Set of 12 Bookmarks
                                                                                                                  Glossy bookmarks with the stories
                                                                                                                  and meanings behind mudcloth,
                                                                                                                  kente cloth, cowrie shells, and
                                                                                                                  chiwaras. 2” X 7”. Made in the USA.
                                                                                                                  M-960 $11.90

                                                                                     per c 17 C
                                            Set of Sixty Cards
    Anytime you send one of these colorful cards you give a piece of African inspired beauty. 6” X 4.25”.
                              Set of Sixty Greeting Cards M-965A $19.90
                                                                                                                   Set of 12 African Proverb
                                                         Santa Banana                                              Postcards
                                                                                                                   Share the meaning of traditional
                                                                                                                   African symbols and proverbs
                                                         5” tall. Made
                                                         in Kenya.
                                                                                                                   with these postcards. 6” X 4.25”.
                                                         M-D910            Set of 12 Kwanzaa Greeting              Made in the USA. M-963 $5.90
                                                         $3.90             Send your friends, family and
                                                                           associates Kwanzaa greeting cards.
                                                                           Made in the USA. M-966 $11.90
                                                       Candle Set
                                                       Includes three
                                                       green, three
                                                       red, and one
Kwanzaa Set Includes 7 candles, hand                   black candle.
carved wood kinarah, cup, and wicker                   10” long.                                                  Set of 12 Batik Greeting Cards
placemat. Made in Ghana. M-200 $59.90                  Unscented.       Set of 16 Christmas Greeting Cards        Hand-painted batik cards with
                                                       Made in the      Send an African American Greeting to      envelopes. Blank inside. 4” X 6”.
                                                       USA. M-203       family and friends. Made in the USA.      Made in Ivory Coast.
                                                       $19.             M-977 $11.90                              AC-B200 $11.90
                                                                       or use these fans as                           As Seen               67
                                                                       a wall decoration...                            on the

                                 Hand-Woven Fans from Burkina Faso
                                 Use these fans as stunning wall hangings or eye-catching powerful fans.
                                 Styles vary. Each is hand made in Burkina Faso.
                                 16” Hand-Woven Fans M-W082 $7.90 each
African Coloring Book
Fun for education or Sunday school.
Makes a great giveaway for kids
and parents to remember you by. 34
pages. Africa Coloring Book X-060
$3.90 each

                                                                                                           Baptism Open Book Statue
                                                                                                           “Let us purify ourselves from every-
                                                                                                           thing that contaminates body and
                                               Good Shepherd Open Book Statue                              spirit, perfecting holiness out of rev-
                                               “Jesus said, “I am good shepherd; I know my                 erence for God.” 11” X 7.5”. Made in
                                               cheep and my sheep know me-just as the Father               China. A-M919 $15.90
                                               knows me and I know the father-and I lay down
                                               my life for the sheep.” - John 10:14-15. 11” X
   The Invitation Open Book Statue             7.5”. Made in China. A-M935 $15.90
   “ The Invitation - You are invited
   to come dine with Me, From now
   through all eternity. Believe in the
   Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. And
   dine with Jesus as your host. To live                                                                                      Back of book
   in heaven eternally, All you must                                               Daily Bread Open Book Statue                 statue.
   do it...R.S.V.P.” 11” X 7.5”. Made in                                           This statue reads to the left “Give
   China. A-M912 $15.90                                                            us this day our daily bread.” To the
                                                                                   right reads “We give thanks to thee
                                                                                   oh Lord.” 11” X 7.5”. Made in China.
                                                                                   A-M906 $15.90

Bible/Book Organizers                                                                                           Hand-Sewn African Print
Deluxe Organizer Inside                                                                                         These lovely flowers are made
8” X 11”. Made in China.                                                                                        out of gold and wax print
C-A031 $27.90                                                                                                   fabrics. Sewn together into a
                                                                                                                floral bouquet of color and
Standard Case                     C-A030                                                                        elegance that will last a lifetime.
8” X 10.5”. Made in China.                                                                                      African Print Flowers M-901
C-A030 $27.90                                                                                                   $5. each

68     Museum-Quality
              Pure African Ebony

                                                                   African Hunter        Set of 6 Ebony African Skeleton Figures
                                                                   Ebony                 Capture the distinctive, iconic style of African
                                                                   Figurine              artists with this set of six ebony “skeleton”
                                                                   12” tall. Made in     figurines. Each one is completely hand-crafted
                                                                   Tanzania.             and one-of-a-kind. Each set is assorted.
                                                                   A-E017 $11.90         12-15” tall. Made in Tanzania. A-E013 $19.90

                                                                                                           Ebony Head - Log Statue
                                                                                                           The head of an African man
                                                                                                           or woman is impeccably
                                                                                                           carved into a log of real
                                                                                                           ebony. Own a true piece of
                                                                                                           Africa that cannot be copied
                                                                                                           anywhere else. Made in
                                                                                                           Kenya. Approx. 6” tall. Sold
                                                                                                           individually. A-E623 $19.90

                                                                   Ebony Figurine      Village Elder          Black & Gold
                                                                   - Massai Woman      Ebony Figurine         Beaded Massai
                                                                   12” tall. Made in   12” tall. Made in      Ebony Carving
     Romantic Ebony Lovers Carving                                 Tanzania. A-E015    Tanzania.              21” tall. Made in
     Establish your home with this lovers carving. 10”-12” tall.   $11.90              A-E020 $7.90           Tanzania.
     Made in Kenya. Ebony Lovers Carving A-E615 $19.90                                                        A-E401 $11.90
 why you love it                                                                                       12”      4 Feet             69
     “This uniquely crafted piece is indeed a conversation                                                      Tall
     piece made by our African brothers from one piece of
                            Bernice and James from Shreveport, LA

          Dark Brown                   Black                Stunning Hand-Carved Giraffes
                Thinker Statue                              Hand-craved giraffes made in Kenya.
                10”-12” tall. Made in Senegal.              4 Foot A-WC625 $158.
                                                            (Extra for oversize shipping on 4 foot giraffes.)
                Brown A-WC331 $19.90
                                                            12” A-WC621 $11.90 each
                Black A-WC330 $19.90


                                                                                    Each one is completely
                                                                                       unique, no two
                                                                                      are exactly alike.

                               A-WC102              A-WC104

                       Guinea Miniature Marka Mask
                       Hand-carved and each unique with slightly
                       different but similar designs. 5”-9” large.
                       Made in Guinea.
                       A-WC101 $5.98
                       A-WC102 $5.58
                       A-WC103 $13.90
 A-WC101               A-WC104 $11.90

                         Fang Mask with Metal
                         These masks were great                       Life-Size Collector’s Pregnant Body Mask
                         influences to many famous                    This hand-carved Makonde belly is famous in        Ashanti Mask
                         artists; particularly Picasso.               Africa at initiation ceremonies. The body mask     Approx. 12” tall.
                         Each is hand-carved and                      is worn by a male dancer who imitates the          Made in Ghana.
                         makes a stunning addition to                 struggles of childbirth during the ceremony.       A-WC478 $35.90
                         your walls. Approx. 17”-19”                  10” X 24”. From Tanzania. Life-Size Makonde        each
                         tall. Made in Ghana.                         Pregnant Body Mask A-WC051 $79.90
                         A-WC966 $23.90 each
70         Area Rugs
 5 Feet

                        30 inches                                              All rugs may have oversized shipping changes.

Goatskin Patchwork Throw Rug
An astounding quiltwork of goatskin and leather that
creates an aura of Africa in any home environment
that is unmatched by any other mass produced piece.
Each piece varies slightly. Made in Burkina Faso.
5’ in Diameter F-101 $139.
30” in Diameter F-102 $79.90
                             Massai Warrior Shields
                             The Massai warriors are
                             renowned for their bravery,                                        Giant-Sized Elephant Rug
                             ferocity and hunting skills.                                       Make the biggest statement possible with
                             These hand-crafted shields                                         this 3’7”X5’2” area rug. 100% polypropylene.
                             are approximately 26”-28”                                          Stain and fade resistant. Surged all around to
                             long and 18” wide. Made                                            protect the edges. Made in Turkey. African
                             in Kenya. Kenyan Massai                                            Elephant Area Rug F-906 $43.90
                             Shield 30” W-120 $49.90

          Making a Difference

  These are the kids that are in the orphanage in
  Poto Poto that is so sad. It actually doesn’t look
  bad now in picture.

                                                            African Dancers Area Rug
                                                            This rug and it’s earthtoned colorings         Black Panther Area Rug
                                                            serve as a great asset to your floor           Grab attention with this black panther
                                                            or wall while displaying silhouettes           area rug. 100% polypropylene. Stain
                                                            of people enjoying life and dancing            and fade resistant. Surged all around
                                                            to great tunes. 100% polypropylene.            to protect edges. 3’7”X5’2”. Made
                                                            Stain and fade resistant. Surged all           in Turkey. Black Panther Area Rug
                                                            around to protect edges. 3’7”X5’2”.            F-905 $43.90
                                                            Made in Turkey. Africa Dancers Area
                                                            Rug F-901 $43.90
                     Conversation-Starting Artwork
                                                                      “                                                           71

           Choose from:

Genuine Banana Leaf Paintings
These unframed banana leaf paintings
have been a hit since they appeared on
the scene years ago. Available in assorted
designs unframed as shown. Approx. 12” x
10.” Hand-made in Kenya. Unframed Ba-
nana Leaf Paintings A-P200 $5.90 each

                                                                                                                     Family” Batik
                                                                                                                     28” X 9.” Made
                                                                                                                     in Burkina Faso.
                                                                                                                     AC-B210 $11.90
                      Decorated Calabash Bowl
                      Bring a sense of Africa into any                              Other Batiks Available:
                      home with this functional piece of                            “Braiding Hair” Batik AC-B015 $37.90
                      African culture. Used in Africa as a                          “Womans Reflection” Batik AC-B030 $37.90
                      tambourine, a water drum, and to                              “The Bakota Women” Batik AC-B031 $37.90
                      hold food or flowers. The calabash is
                                                                                    “The Four Races” Batik AC-B041 $37.90
                      decorated with African cowrie shells
                                                                                    “The Healers” Batik AC-B110 $37.90
                      and leather, with burnt designs.
                      Approx. 6” tall and 12”-14” across.                           “Expressions” Batik AC-B170 $37.90
                      Made in Burkina Faso. Calabash                                “The People of Africa” Batik AC-B171 $37.90
                      Bowl M-130 $31.90                                             “Return From The Market” Batik AC-B172 $37.90
                                                           “Woman Pounding          “Jungle Expedition” Batik AC-B173 $37.90
                    Banana Leaf Hut on Africa Map          Grain” Batik 9” X 28”.   “Elephant and Rhinos” Batik AC-B094 $37.90
                    8” tall. Made in Kenya. A-BL605        Made in Burkina Faso.
                    $5.90 each                             AC-B211 $11.90

                            Woven Placemat/Basket
                                                                                                                          Best Value
                            Cover - Design
                            Approx. 24-32” diameter.
                            Completely handmade. Made in
                            Nigeria. M-W025 $6.90 each

                                             Safari Letter Opener
                                                                                                Nigerian Baskets
                                             Approx. 10” in length.
                                                                                                Decorative and functional, these African
                                             Made in Kenya.
                                                                                                baskets are a fun, cultural item everyone
                                             A-WC690 $3.90 each                                 can enjoy. 8” diameter. Made in Nigeria.
                                                                                                M-W026 $5.90 each
                               Lots of Closeout Fashions
$35.90                                          $31.90                              $35.90                                               $39.90
                                                           elephant designs
                                                           on this skirt set.



                                                                                                                   Beaded Belly Dance Costume
                                                                                                                   Turn up the heat with this belly
                                                                                                                   dancer outfit adorned with
                                                                                                                   sequins and silver beading.
                                                                                                                   100% rayon. Hand wash. Fits
                                                                                                                   up to a 46” bust and 36” waist.
                                                                                                          Red      Made in India. Belly Dance
                                                                                                                   Costume C-WS612
Gold Embroidered Lace from           White Elephant Skirt Set
Ghana                                This four-piece skirt set features
Surround yourself with elegance in   embroidered elephant designs on
this gold-embroidered lace dress     the jacket, sleeveless top, skirt, and
and head wrap. 100% lace cotton;     head wrap. 100% polyester. Hand                 Lavender      Blue
best if hand washed. Fits up to a    wash. Available in free and plus           Lace Embroidered Dress
54” bust and 54” length. Made in     size. Made in India. White Skirt Set       100% cotton; best if hand washed. Fits
Ghana. White Lace Dress & Head       with Elephant Embroidery                   up to 60” bust and 55” length. Made in
Wrap C-W491                          C-WF568                                    India. Lace Dress C-WF520

                                                                                                  $59.90          $39.90
$55.90         Brocade                        Lace

                         Lace and Brocade Skirt Set                                             White/White
                         Slip into the hand-tailored grace of this
                         African lace-embroidered brocade skirt                                                 African Woman Sunset Dress
                         set. Made of 100% cotton brocade.                              White/Black             This sleeveless dress comes with
                         Hand wash. Dresses slightly vary in         Elegant Lace Dress Set                     a matching duster that features a
                         the color of light blue. Fits up to a       Go with the flow in this regal lace and    pictures of an African woman in her
                         50” bust, 62” wrap skirt, and 51” skirt     layered dress and skirt set. Hand          most beautiful dress. Available in
                         length. Made in Ghana. White Lace &         wash. 100% cotton. Fits up to a 58”        sizes 3X-5X. Made in India.
                         Baby Blue Brocade Skirt Set                 bust and 70” waist. Made in India.         African Woman Dress with
                         C-W490                                      Lace Dress Set C-WF686                     Duster C-WF192
                         Lots of Special Price Closeouts                                                                                      73
                                     Get yours now before they’re gone!

                                    $11.90                                                         $11.90

                                                           $5.38                                      Beige

                                  Bold Printed
                                  Paisley Skirt
                                  Add some vibrant
                                                                                           Pleated Paisley Skirt
                                  color to your summer
                                                                                           Embrace comfort and
                                  look with this pleated
                                                                                           culture in one with this
                                  print skirt set. 100%
                                                                                           paisley skirt. 100%
                                  polyester; best if
                                                                                           polyester; best if hand
                                  hand washed. Fits
                                                                                           washed. Machine
                                  up to a 46” elastic
                                                                                           washable. Fits up to a
                                  waist and 25” length.
                                                                                           46” elastic waist and
                                  Made in China.
                                                              “Proud of My                 25” length. Made in
                                                              Heritage” T-Shirt            China. Shimmering
                                  Pleated Print Skirt                                                                                    White
   Black                                                      C-A996 Size 4X Only          Pleated Paisley Skirt

   per S
                                                $27.90                                    $19.90                      White Leopard Trim Poncho
Su                                                                                                                    100% acrylic; hand wash. One
                                                                                                                      size fits all. Made in China.
   $35.90                                                                                                             C-WF165



                                                                                                                      Slimming Paisley Dashiki
         Black        Blue                                                                                            Top
Super Size African Symbol Skirt Set                Pink                                                               Flatter your figure in the soft
A style that can flatter any size; from 0-5X!   Tie Dye Pant Set                                                      luxury of this 100% polyester
No matter where you are, you’ll look and        Relax and look chic in this 100%                                      tunic. Hand wash. Fits up to a
feel comfortable and beautiful. 100% rayon;     rayon tie dye pant set. Dry clean.                                    50” bust and 40” long. Made
best if hand washed. Available in sizes         Fits up to a 52” bust and 48” elastic                                 in India. Shimmering
1X-5X. Made in Indonesia. Three-Piece           waist. Made in India. Tie-Dye Pants                                   Paisley Dashiki Top
Symbol Skirt Set C-WF196                        with Top C-WS695                                                      C-WF182
74                So You Love Saving $$$$
                            Then you’ll love these pages

                     Avocado Oil
                     An extremely healthy                                                                                   $5.90
                     cooking oil full of omega                         Organic Oregano Oil
                     acids and vitamin E.                              Oregano oil can be applied to skin to treat itches, skin infections,
                     Also great for your skin!                         eczema, psoriasis, and athletes foot. Dilute before with lotion or a
                     4oz. M-352                                        carrier oil like almond oil, shea nut oil, etc,.. before use. Usually
                     1lb. M-353                                        used for health purposes. 1/2 oz. Organic Oregano Oil M-P128

$9.90/Set of Six                                                                                               Soy Butter
                                            $1.98 each                                                     Amp Up the Protein in Your Cooking
                                            Available In:                                                        AND Get Smoother Skin
                                            Eucalyptus                                       $1.98 each
                                            Sandalwood                                       Choose Your
                                            Strawberry                                       Favorite!
                                            Vanilla                                          Blueberry
Easy-to-use Aromatic Wax Melts
Just drop one of these wax cubes into your oil burner
for easy, instant aroma. These long-lasting cubes melt
to release the oil and then solidify so you can use                                                                       $3.90/4oz.
them over again! Set of Six Cases of Mini Melts (24         Aromatherapy Tealight Candles                                 $9.90/1lb.
                                                            For instant relaxation and atmosphere.
per case - 144 melts total). O-106                                                                             4oz. M-375
                                                            Decorative gift bags include 18 tealight
Set of Six Wax Melts O-107                                                                                     1 lb. (16 oz.) M-376
                                                            candles. Made in China. O-103
                                           $47.90                              $11.90

                                                                                      Set of 12 Cowrie Shell Necklaces with Brown Beads
                                                                                      Made in India. J-S842

                                             Djembe Drum Bag
Bob Marley: A Book Of Postcards              Heavy duty vinyl bag with Kente
7” X 5”. 30 cards in each pack.              design. 25”x14”x12”. Made in China.      Set of 12 Cowrie Shell Necklaces with Black Beads
Printed in China. A-P111                     M-M008                                   Made in India. J-S841
                                                                                                  Ethiopian Coptic Cross Necklaces
             $7.90                       $11.98                                                       Rasta color 32” cloth bands.
                                                                                              $7.90             $7.90             $7.90

        Black Etched Smooth                      Set Of 4 Pendant Bracelets
        Silver Bracelet Made in                  Made in Korea. J-B894
        Niger. J-TB018
                                                                                              Style-B           Style-C               Style-D
                                                                                              J-N056            J-N057                J-N058
       African Art at Prices Lower Than in Africa 75
                                                               $3.90 each                                             $7.90

                     7-Head Elephant                              Plain Woven Placemat
                     Unity A-WC451                                /Basket Cover
                                                                  Approx. 34-38” in diameter.
                        $98.00                                    Made in Nigeria. M-W024



Celebrate History with The Obama Watch and Pen Set
Commemorate a new year and new hopes with this           Foot Prints Open Book Statue
collectors gift box that includes a Barack Obama wrist   The beloved ‘Footprints’ poem is
watch, pen, and key chain. Made in China.                                                        Young Boy
                                                         inscribed on this Bible sculpture                           Ebony Medicine Man Hand
Our 44th President Watch & Pen Set J-M912                                                        Ebony Figurine
                                                         that displays Jesus carrying a baby                         Carved Bust
                                                                                                 11” tall. Made in
                                                         across the ocean sand. 12” X 7”.        Tanzania.           Approx 8” tall. Made in
                                                         Made in China. A-M907                   A-E018              Tanzania. A-E502

                                                                                                    $3.189 each

                                          C-A964                  C-A964
                                          Navy                    Red
                                           $3.90 each

                                           Everyday Scarves
                                           70% pashmina and 30% silk.
                                           Made in China. Elephant Silk Scarf C-A964

                                                                   Fuschia Zebra                  Women’s Wool Hat
$11.90                                                             Handbag                        100% Australian wool. One size fits all; 23”
                            Red                                    14” X 14”. Three               in circumference. Each hat comes with a
                                                                   pockets inside. Made           removable pin. Made in China.
                                                                   in China. C-A065               Brown Wool Hat C-H901

                                                                   $19.90                                 $13.90

Blue                                          $9.90
           White                   Cowrie Shell Sandals                                                      Small Mudcloth Handbags
  Ladies Patent Open-Toe           Available in sizes 5-8. Made in                                           Made with a cowry shell and
  Available in sizes 6-9. Made     China, and adorned with         Golden Tear Drop Handbag                  loop closure. 9” X 10”. Made in
  in China. S-W802                 African cowrie shells. C-A891 17.5” X 18”. Made in China. C-A068          Mali. C-A006
76                      Aromatic Hand-Rolled Incense
Only $15.90
for 180
Sticks!                                                                                Scented Incense Bundles
                                                                                           Less than 2 cents per stick!
                                                                                              600 sticks for $19.90!

    Nag Champa Incense Fifteen gram size. Twelve sleeves per
    box, 15 sticks per sleeve. 180 sticks total. Made in India.
    180 Sticks Nag Champa M-932 $15.90 per box

                                                                                 African Musk Incense M-891        Barack Obama M-881
                                                                                 Cherry M-892                      Bob Marley M-882
                                                                                 Egyptian Musk M-893               Frankincense M-883
                                                                                 Egyptian Vanilla M-894            Jamaican Fruit M-884
                                                                                 Kush M-895                        Patchouli M-885
                                                                                 Sex on the Beach M-896            Sandalwood M-886
                                                                                                                   Vanilla Musk M-897
  For a Botanical Experience
  A fragrant blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins, oils, and forest
  products. Free from toxic materials which brings you a safe                   Get 12 packs of incense for only $39.78!
  and natural experience. 168 sticks per box. Made in India.                    This includes one bundle of each fragrance except vanilla
  Goloka Nag Champa Incense M-936 $15.90                                        musk. You’ll get 12 bundles for the price of 10! M-900 $39.78
                                                                               Get a set of 6 incense bundles for only $19.90!
                                                                               You’ll get African Musk, Cherry, Egyptian Musk, Egyptian
                                                                               Vanilla, Kush, and Sex on the Beach. M-890 $19.90
                                                                               Get the 6 Newest Incense Bundles for $19.90!
                                                                               You’ll get Barack Obama, Bob Marley,
Wood Incense Burners                                                           Frankincense, Jamaican Fruit, Patchouli, and
Incense burner with a storage                                                  Sandalwood. M-880 $19.90
compartment and fragrance cups. 12”         Wood Plate Incense Burners                  Or choose your favorite
X 2.5”. Made in India. Vented Wood In-      12” long. Made in India.
cense Burner M-912 $9.90 each               M-911 $12. for the set of 12.
                                                                                    (approx.85-100 sticks per batch)

                                     How To Make Your Own Incense!
Step #1                                         Plus All The Supplies You Need!                                    Step #4
                                            Step #2                     Step #3                                    After incense is dry, package
Get the Unscented Incense Sticks.                                                                                  it in incense bags

Unscented Incense Sticks                                                Mix 2 parts DPG with 1 part fragrance
High-quality plain incense sticks.          Soak unscented incense                                                 Incense Bags. Zip lock.
                                                                        oil before soaking the sticks.
Made in India. M-902
                                            sticks in your favorite                                                3” X 12” 100 bags
                                            fragrance oils              DPG - Di Propylene Glycol Cutting Oil.
Get 100 sticks for $2.                                                                                             P-116 $5.90
                                            (See pages 80-90)           Petroleum based cutting oil for incense
Get 1000 sticks for $10.                                                                                           2” X 12” 1,000 bags
                                                                        and oil making. One Pound (16 oz.)
Get 10,000 sticks for $79.90                                                                                       P-115 $39.90
                                                                        DPG O-DPG $7.90 per lb.
Complete Oil Burner                                                                                                                             77
  Only $3.90 each

                                                                           You get it all!
                                                                       Candle and 1/2 bottle
                                                                       of oil and oil burner
                                                                        (With this set only)

                                                                    The #1 Best-Selling Oil Burner!
                                                No more confusion, this set includes a burner, oil and candle. Colors and
                                               exact designs vary. Size and basic appearance match those shown. 4” tall.
                                                      Made in China. Porcelain Oil Burner Set O-116 $3.90 each

                                                                       Oil burners combine sight and                                Each set comes
                                                                                                                                    individually boxed
                                                                        fragrance to add your own                                   and wrapped
                                                                             unique ambiance

 Aromatic Healing                                                                                                         Aromatic
   Essential Oils                                                                                                        Energizing
                                                             Lavender Essential Oil
                                                             Lavender has an instantly calming
                                                             effect on nerves, relieving tension
                                                             depression, and even headaches!
                                                             For skin care lavender oil can help to                                 Fresh
                                                             tone and improve the complexion. It is
                                                             a great anti-acne treatment as well!
                                                             1 oz. O-L181-E $15.90                                                  Flavor
                                                             4 oz. O-L184-E $29.90

                                                  Try Lavender Essential Oil For
                                                      the Following Benefits:
                                                                                                      Energy for Your Body
                                            • You want to calm your senses and ease anxiety           Just Oxygen provides you with 90% Oxygen
                                            • You want to relieve headaches or migraines              enriched air. A breath of this air from this can
                                            • Add 1 drop to your lotion to tone and improve your      helps to restore alertness, reduce stress,
These oils are 100% steam-distilled         complexion                                                increase energy, flush toxins, improve
fragrances that take days of impeccable     • Add 1 drop to your lotion or cleanser to clear signs    memory, and reduce the effects of a hangover.
work to create. To enjoy just one drop of   of acne.                                                  Why? Normal air only contains 21% oxygen.
lavender essential oil, you would have to   • You want a natural treatment for insomnia               Pollution continues to undermine the amount
steam distill 20 lavender flower heads.     • Use in a vaporizer to clear your sinuses and relieve    of oxygen in the air. Pure oxygen helps to
                                            the effects of cold, laryngitis, and flu.                 revitalize and increase your energy.
                                            • Add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to       8 liters content. Just Oxygen in a Can
                                            rid hair of lice and to leave hair smelling beautiful!    M-502 $23.96
78                Enjoy Instant Elegance and Aroma
With electric oil burners - Easier, safer, with adjustable light for adjustable fragrance!


                                                                                                                Dial on the cord
                                                                                                                makes the light

                                                                                                 Pink                                  Textured Glass Oil Burner
                                                                                                                                       Green 5” tall O-152 $11.90


    The Best
     Selling                                                                                  Orange

     electric oil burners!
                                                                                                                  Dial on the cord
                                                                                                                  makes the light
                                                                            Clear                                    adjustable
        3 New Colors!                          Get the Fragrance Without the Candle!                                              Purple Textured Oil Burner
                                               Create a whole new atmosphere with these electric oil                              Fill the room with the soothing,
                                               burners. Each one brings the mystique of Africa to your                            delicate shade of purple with this
                                               home, with the added convenience of electric light. You                            textured oil burner. 5” tall. Made in
                                               can adjust the lighting on each one for a hint of a glow,                          China. O-159 $11.90
                                               or bright light. 5” tall.
Black          Green            Red            Made in China. Electric Oil Burner O-145 $13.90

                                                                                    Replacement Glass Dish for Oil Burner
                            Electric Oil Burner Light Bulbs                         Perfect size to fit any of the electric oil       Pink Textured Oil Burner
                            Replacing your light bulb is easy with these            burners shown here. O-101 $4. each                This oil burner cascades pink
Large Floral Glass Oil      snap-in bulbs. Wash hands or use gloves when                                                              light across the entire room!
Burner 6” tall O-153 $17.90 handling bulbs so as not to damage them. Set of
                                                                                    Replacement Glass Dish for Night Light            5” tall. Made in China. O-155
                            Three Light Bulbs O-102 $9.98                           Oil Burners O-104 $4. each                        $11.90

                                                                                       High-Style Meets Aromatherapy
                                                                                       For the fashionista and the
                                                                                       wellness lover, this high-heel oil
                                                                                       burner is a must-have! 4.5” tall. Made
                                                                                       in China. Gold High Heel Electric
                                                                                       Oil Burners O-147 $27.90
                                                                                       Teal Oil Burner O-150 $27.90
                                                                                       Red Oil Burner O-151 $27.90

                       Red                  Black                     Orange
 Electric Night Light Oil Burners
 Get ambiance and a soothing glow with this electric night                                                 Teal
 light oil burner. Just plug it in and enjoy the fragrance of your                                         O-150
 choice. 5” tall. Made in China.
 Night Light Oil Burner O-143 $19.90 each                          Yellow               Red O-151
   7” Tall!

                                                                                                                                     Oil burner
                                                                                                                                  on medium setting

  Large Glass and Wood Oil Burner
  Add the stunning ethereal beauty
  of this oil burner to your home.
  Fern designs along the sides of the                                        Close-up
                                              Dial on the cord
  burner fill your home with splashes         makes the light              view of glass        Oil burner unplugged                  Oil burner on
  of dazzling light. 6.75” tall. Made in         adjustable                  elephant            (Notice mirroring)                  brightest setting
  China. O-154 $31.90
                                                                                   Elephant Mirror Electric Oil Burner
                                                                                   This mirrored oil burner sets off a labyrinth of color and stunning art
                                                                                   with a glass elephant in the center. 5” tall. Made in China.
                                                                                   Emerald Green Elephant Oil Burner O-148 $23.90 each

                                                                 Egyptian Glass Artistry
                                                    Hand-blown glass with
                                                            14k gold.

                                                   Illuminate the Season or All-Year-Round
                                                   Hand-blown glass oil burners in a variety of tranquil colors
                                                   for a serene atmosphere. Each one is 5” tall and decorated
                                                   with 14K gold. Made in Egypt in assorted colors. Egyptian
                                                   Glass Oil Burner O-119 $19.90 each

      White                         Black                                                       Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottles
Add Some Ambiance to the Night                                                                  These delicate bottles are individually
Create a soothing glow in your home with an                                                     mouth-blown of Pyrex glass. Each bottle is
electric oil burner night light. Simply pour a                                                  hand-colored and decorated with 24 kt. gold.
few drops of oil into the top of the oil burner,     Tea Light Candles for Burners              All styles vary. 3.5”-4” tall. Made in Egypt.
plug it in and you can enjoy the aroma and           Set of 10 (Shown) O-100 $2. per box        Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle
beauty. 5” tall. Made in China. O-142 $15.90         Or Get 12 boxes for just $20.              O-120 $5.90 each
80                                                             As Seen
                                                                on the
                                                                                     12 new oils
                                                                                Baby Phat Dare Me- O-B57
                                                                                China Rain - O-C54
                                                                                Crystal Blue (W) Type - O-C55
                                                                                Curve Crush (M) Type - O-C56
                                                                                Curve Crush (W) Type - O-C57
                                                                                Ellen Tracy (W) Type O-E30
                                                                                Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W) Type - O-H26
                                                                                Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow (W) Type - O-J22
                                                                                Kim Kardashian (W) Type - O-K20
                                                                                Lick Me All Over - O-L25LB
                                                                                Super Model (W) Victoria’s Secret Type - O-S45
                                                                                Violet - O-V22
                                                                                                                 1/3 oz. - $3.90
                                                                                                                 1 oz. - $7.90
                                                                                                                 4 oz $19.90
                                                                                                                 1 lb. $57.90

                                                                                       Marked                      soon-to-be
        The Power to Transform                                                         Down                            oils
                                                                                     1/3 oz. - $7.16 • 1 oz. - $5.98

                         In a Bottle                                                  4 oz $23.96

                                                                                  O-F143         Forever Krystle 1/3 oz.
 Fragrance oils to create moods, atmospheres,                                     O-O153         OP Juice (W) 1/3 oz.
                                                                                  O-O151         OP Juice (W) 1 oz.
                 and well-being                                                   O-O154         OP Juice (W) 4 oz.
                                                                                  O-P313         Paradise (W) 1/3 oz.
                                                                                  O-S31          Simply Clinique (W) Type
                        More choices than ever before!                            O-S133
                                                                                                 Sun Moon Stars (W) 1/3 oz.
                                                                                                 Two Thousand V/S 1/3 oz.

                                      Pre-packaged sets of 12 oils
 Top 12 Best-selling Oils (Pictured on Page 87)
 Barack Obama (M), Black Woman, Egyptian Musk, Ed Hardy
 (M), Ed Hardy (W), Halle Berry (W), Issey Miyake (M), I Am
 King (M) S.J. Type, Michele Obama (W), Patti Labelle (W)
 Type, Paris Hilton (W) Type, Queen Latifah (W) Type.
 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramtop12 $19.90
 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12 $39.90
 1 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12oz. $79.90

 Top 12 Black Icons Oils
 Barack Obama (M) Type, Bob Marley (M) Type, Halle Berry (W)      Set of 12 Newest Oils                                   O-SE12B
 Type, Jay Z ‘IX’ (M) Type, Mariah Carey Forever (W) Type,        Baby Phat Dare Me (W) Type, China Rain, Crystal
 Michelle Obama (W) Type, Beyonce Heat (W) Type, I am King        Blue (W), Curve Crush (M), Curve Crush (W), Ellen
 (M) Type, Patti Labelle (W) Type, Queen Latifah (W) Type,        Tracy (W), Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W), J. Lo Blue
 Tupac (M) Type, Usher V.I.P. (M) Type.                           Glow (W), Kim Kardashian (W), Lick Me All Over,
 1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramicons $19.90                          Super Model (W) V.S. Type, Violet
 1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12icons $39.90                            1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramSample $19.90
                                                                  1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12B (Pictured) $39.90
                 Customer-Picked Top Fragrances!                                                                                                      81
                               1 Pretty Package - 1 Pretty Price

       Choose From Roll-On Bottles
                                         12 oils for $39.90                                                     1/3 oz. Bottles are labeled
                                            1/3 oz. Roll-On Bottles                                             (labels not shown) and have
                                                                                                                roll-on tops

Or Sample Size Bottles
                   12 oils only $19.90
                         1/8 oz. Dram Bottles

                 The Top 12 Best-Selling Oils
                 1/8 oz. Dram Bottles O-12dramtop12 $19.90

Top 12 African Oils
                                        Pre-packaged sets of 12 oils                                              Top 12 Women’s Oils
African Musk, African Fantasy, Atman: Spirit of Man, Black
Woman, Blue Nile Type, Dark Baby Powder, Egyptian            Top 12 Holiday Oils                                  Angel (W) Type, Baby Phat Goddess (W)
Musk, Egyptian Queen (W), Moroccan Musk, Nubian              Brown Sugar, Butter Cookie, Caramel Pecan,           Type, Baby Powder (W), Be Delicious (W)
Musk, Red Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood Egyptian.                Evergreen Forest, Frankincense, Moroccan Spice,      Type, Black (W) Kenneth Cole Type, Egyptian
1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramAfrican $19.90                    Myrrh, Orange Patchouli, Peppermint, Roasted         Musk, Paris Hilton (W) Type, Patti LaBelle
1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12African $39.90                      Chestnut, Vanilla, Yuletide.                         (W) Type, Pink Sugar, Unforgivable (W) Type,
                                                             1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramholiday $19.90            Usher (W) Type, White Diamonds (W) Type.
Top 12 Designer Oils                                                                                              1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramWomen $19.90
Angel (W), A*Men Angel (M), Burberry Sport (M), Cool                                                              1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12women $39.90
Water (M), Chanel No 5 (W), Dolce & Gabanna (M), Halle
                                                             Top 12 House Oils                                    Top 12 Romance Oils
Berry (W), S.J. I Am King (M), Patti Labelle (W), Queen
                                                             African Musk Green (M), African Gold, Ambar White,   Black Love (W), Dark Baby Powder,
Latifah (W), Unforgivable (M), White Diamond (W).
                                                             Blue Sugar (M), Egyptian Musk, Frankincense, Kush,   Egyptian Musk, Jasmine, M.C. Luscious Pink
1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramDesigner $19.90
                                                             Moroccan Musk, Nag Champa, Nubian Musk, Pink         (W), Opium (W), Patchouli Sweet, Romance
1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12designer $39.90
                                                             Sugar, Sandalwood Egyptian.                          (M), Romance (W), Rose Red, Sandalwood
Top 12 Fruit Oils                                            1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramhouse $19.90              Egyptian, Somali Rose French (W).
Apple Fantasy, Black Coconut, Cherry, Coco-Mango,            1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12house $39.90                1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramromance $19.90
Cucumber Melon, Jamaican Fruit, Kiwi Strawberry,                                                                  1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12romance $39.90
Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Strawberry Butter,
                                                                                                                  Top 12 Power Oils
Strawberry Champagne.
                                                             Top 12 Men’s Oils                                    Ambar White, Butt Naked, China Rain, Dark
1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramfruit $19.90
                                                             African Musk Green (M), Black (M) Kenneth Cole,      Baby Powder, Jasmine, Lavender,
1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12fruit $39.90
                                                             Bob Marley, Cool Water (M), Dolce & Gabanna          Lemongrass, Peppermint, Pinegreen Forest,
Top 12 Closeout Oils                                         (M), Issey Miyake (M), Issey Miyake L’eau Bleue,     Sandalwood Egyptian, Sex on the Beach,
Butt Naked, Cappuccino Almond Honey, Chestnut                Joop (M) Type, JPG LeMale (M) Type, Lavender,        Vanilla.
Roast, Chocolate Kiss, Hazelnut Vanilla, Kiwi Berry          Unforgivable (M) Sean John Type, Usher (M) Type.     1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12drampower $19.90
Splash, Mocha Vanilla Cream, Pecan Caramel,                  1/8 oz. Bottle Set O-12dramMens $19.90               1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12power $39.90
Pinegreen Forest, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Sex On the            1/3 oz. Bottle Set O-SE12men $39.90
Beach, Vanilla Coffee.
Set of 12 1 oz. Closeout Oils O-SE12Closeout $39.90                                                                                         Oils
82 A                                  More Choices than Ever Before                                                            4 oz. - O-B444
                                     1/3 oz. - $3.90; 1 oz. $7.90; 4 oz. $19.90 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.         1 lb. - O-B44LB $57.90
 Acqua di Gio (M) Type                                        Barack Obama (M)                    Black Love
                          Angel (W) Type
 1/3 oz. - O-A183         1/3 oz. - O-A133
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-B473     a top 12       1/3 oz. - O-B133             Boucheron (W) Type
 1 oz. - O-A181                                               1 oz. - O-B471       best-seller    1 oz. - O-B131               1/3 oz. - O-B183
                          1 oz. - O-A131                      4 oz. - O-B474
 4 oz. - O-A184                                                                                   4 oz. - O-B134               1 oz. - O-B181
                          4 oz. - O-A134                      1 lb. - O-B47LB $57.90                                           4 oz. - O-B184
 1 lb. - O-A18LB $57.90   1 lb. - O-A13LB $57.90
                                                                                                  1 lb. - O-B13LB $57.90

                                                              Beautiful (W) Type                  Black Woman                  Bronze Goddess
 Addict Type (W) Type     Apple Fantasy                       1/3 oz. - O-B113                    1/3 oz. - O-B513             1/3 oz. - O-B543
 1/3 oz. - O-A263
 1 oz. - O-A261
                          1/3 oz. - O-A173                    1 oz. - O-B111                      1 oz. - O-B511 a top 12      1 oz. - O-B541
                          1 oz. - O-A171                      4 oz. - O-B114                      4 oz. - O-B514 best-seller   4 oz. - O-B544
 4 oz. - O-A264           4 oz. - O-A174                      1 lb. - O-B11LB $57.90              1 lb. - O-B51LB $57.90       1 lb. - O-B54LB $57.90
 1 lb. - O-A26LB $57.90

                                                                                                           why you love it
                          1 lb. - O-A17LB $57.90
                                                              Be Delicious (W) Type
 African Fantasy Type     Aromatics Elixir (W) Clinique       1/3 oz. - O-B293
 1/3 oz. - O-A223         Type NEW!                           1 oz. - O-B291
 1 oz. - O-A221           1/3 oz. - O-A343                    4 oz. - O-B294                      “Black Woman is the only fragrance I
 4 oz. - O-A224           1 oz. - O-A341                      1 lb. - O-B29LB $57.90              wear. I have searched high and low
 1 lb. - O-A22LB $57.90   4 oz. - O-A344
                          1 lb. - O-A34LB $57.90
                                                              Believe Britney Spears (W) Type     online for the same fragrance. I have
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-B403
 African Gold
                                                              1 oz. - O-B401
                                                                                                  ordered many of the Black Woman
 1/3 oz. - O-A323         Atman: Spirtit of Man (M) Type
 1 oz. - O-A321           1/3 oz. - O-A283
                                                              4 oz. - O-B404                      fragrances but the oils were not the same
                                                              1 lb. - O-B40LB $57.90
 4 oz. - O-A324           1 oz. - O-A281                                                          or as pure. I am glad I ran across your
 1 lb. - O-A32LB $57.90   4 oz. - O-A284
                          1 lb. - O-A28LB $57.90
                                                              Betsey Johnson (W) Type
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-B533
                                                                                                  site and finally found the real thing!”
 African Musk (M)
 1/3 oz. - O-A103                B
                                                              1 oz. - O-B531
                                                              4 oz. - O-B534
                                                                                                         - Tamara from Houston, TX
 1 oz. - O-A101                                               1 lb. - O-B53LB $57.90              Blue Nile                    Brown Sugar
 4 oz. - O-A104           Baby Phat Dare Me (W) Type NEW!                                         1/3 oz. - O-B123
                                                              Beyonce Heat (W) Type NEW!
 1 lb. - O-A10LB $57.90   1/3 oz. - O-B573                    1/3 oz. - O-B553                    1 oz. - O-B121 a top 12      1 lb. - O-B52LB $29.90
                          1 oz. - O-B571                      1 oz. - O-B551                      4 oz. - O-B124 best-seller
 African Sunset NEW!      4 oz. - O-B574                                                                                       Burberry Brit (M) Type
                                                              4 oz. - O-B554                      1 lb. - O-B12LB $57.90
 1 lb. O-A31LB $29.90     1 lb. - O-B57LB $57.90                                                                               NEW!
                                                              1 lb. - O-B55LB $57.90
                                                                                                  Blue Seduction (M) Type      1/3 oz. - O-B563

           why you love it                                    Black (M) Kenneth Cole Type         1/3 oz. - O-B483             1 oz. - O-B561
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-B303                    1 oz. - O-B481               4 oz. - O-B564
                                                              1 oz. - O-B301                      4 oz. - O-B484               1 lb. - O-B56LB $57.90
          “African musk is one of my                          4 oz. - O-B304                      1 lb. - O-B48LB $57.90
          absolute favorite scents.”                          1 lb. - O-B30LB $57.90
                                                                                                  Blue Seduction (W) Type
                                                                                                                               Burberry the Beat (W) Type
                                                                                                                               1/3 oz. O-B423
             - Melissa from Canton, OH                        Black (W) Kenneth Cole Type
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-B283
                                                                                                  1/3 oz. - O-B493
                                                                                                  1 oz. - O-B491
                                                                                                                               1 oz. - O-B421
                                                                                                                               4 oz. - O-B424
                                                              1 oz. - O-B281                      4 oz. - O-B494               1 lb. - O-B42LB $57.90
                          Baby Phat Fabulosity (W) Type       4 oz. - O-B284
Alfred Sung (M) Type      1/3 oz. - O-B433                                                        1 lb. - O-B49LB $57.90
                                                              1 lb. - O-B28LB $57.90                                           Burberry Sport (M) Type
1/3 oz. - O-A113          1 oz. - O-B431
1 oz. - O-A111            4 oz. - O-B434                                                          Blue Sugar (M) Type          1/3 oz. - O-B323
                                                              Black Coconut                       1/3 oz. - O-B393             1 oz. - O-B321
4 oz. - O-A114            1 lb. - O-B43LB $57.90              1/3 oz. - O-B153
1 lb. - O-A11LB $57.90                                                                            1 oz. - O-B391               4 oz. O-B324
                                                              1 oz. - O-B151                      4 oz. - O-B394               1 lb. - O-B32LB $57.90
                          Baby Phat Goddess (W) Type          4 oz. - O-B154
                          1/3 oz. - O-B203                                                        1 lb. - O-B39LB $57.90
Almond                                                        1 lb. O-B15LB $57.90
                          1 oz. - O-B201                                                                                       Burberry Summer (W) Type
1/3 oz. - O-A193                                                                                  Bob Marley
                          4 oz. - O-B204                                                                                       1/3 oz. - O-B453
1 oz. - O-A191                                                Black Code (M) Type                 1/3 oz. - O-B363             1 oz. - O-B451
4 oz. - O-A194            1 lb. - O-B20LB $57.90              1/3 oz. - O-B343                    1 oz. - O-B361               4 oz. - O-B454
1 lb. - O-A19LB $29.90                                        1 oz. - O-B341                      4 oz. O-B364                 1 lb. - O-B45LB $57.90
                                                              4 oz. - O-B344                      1 lb. - O-B36LB $57.90
Ambar                                                         1 lb. - O-B34LB $57.90                                           Butt Naked
1/3 oz. - O-A123                                                                                  Body (W) Type                1/3 oz. - O-B273
1 oz. - O-A121                                       The Essence of Softness -Baby Powder         1/3 oz. - O-B373             1 oz. - O-B271
4 oz. O-A124                                         This sweet and mild baby powder oil is       1 oz. - O-B371               4 oz. O-B274
1 lb. - O-A12LB $57.90                               perfect for every-day wear, whether at the   4 oz. - O-B374               1 lb. - O-B27LB $29.90
                                                                                                  1 lb. - O-B37LB $57.90
                                                     office or at enjoying a high-class evening                                Butter Cookie
Ambar White Type                                     dinner. Enjoy this light, powdery scent                                   1 lb. - O-B26LB $29.90
1/3 oz. - O-A253                                                                                  Bora Bora (M)
                                                     today. One of our top twelve fragrances      1/3 oz. - O-B333
1 oz. - O-A251                                                                                                                 Bvlgari Soir Type
                                                                                                  1 oz. - O-B331
4 oz. - O-A254                                                                                                                 1/3 oz. - O-B383
                                                                                                  4 oz. O-B334
1 lb. - O-A25LB $57.90                                                                            1 lb. - O-B33LB $57.90       1 oz. - O-B381
                          Baby Powder                                                                                          4 oz. - O-B384
                          1/3 oz. - O-B103
Angel Type (M)
                          1 oz. - O-B101
                                                a top 12      Blue Nile Type                      Boss by Hugo Boss (M)        1 lb. - O-B38LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-A303                                best-seller                                       Type
                          4 oz - O-B104                       Refresh yourself with a cool,                                           C
1 oz. - O-A301                                                                                    1/3 oz. - O-B353
                          1 lb - O-B10LB $57.90               watery scent that captures the
4 oz. - O-A304                                                                                    1 oz. - O-B351               Calvin Klein (W) Type
1 lb. - O-A30LB $57.90    Banana                              aura of the nile on a moonlit       4 oz. O-B354                 1/3 oz. - O-C103
                          1/3 oz. - O-B233                    night. One of our top 12 oils,      1 lb. - O-B35LB $57.90       1 oz. - O-C101
                          1 oz. - O-B231                      this scent will indulge your                                     4 oz. - O-C104
                          4 oz. - O-B234                                                          Boss Intense (M) Type        1 lb. - O-C10LB $57.90
                                                              senses like no other.               1/3 oz. - O-B443
                          1 lb. - O-B23LB $29.90              Experience for yourself today.      1 oz. - O-B441
Candies (W) Type
1/3 oz. - O-C113
1 oz. - O-C111
                                      why you love it                                                                                                 83
4 oz. - O-C114                  “Egyptian Musk is my favorite. Lasts all
1 lb. - O-C11LB $57.90          day. Everytime I wear this oil I get alot of
Cappuccino Almond               compliments on it!!!! Love It”
1 lb. - O-C47LB $29.90    Coco-Mango                   - Relusta in Greenfield SC
                          1/3 oz. - O-C163
Carlos Santana (M) Type   1 oz. - O-C161
1/3 oz. - O-C423          4 oz. - O-C164
1 oz. - O-C421            1 lb. - O-C16LB $57.90
4 oz. - O-C424
1 lb. - O-C42LB $57.90    Coconut
                          1 lb. - O-C20LB $29.90
Casmir (W) Type
1/3 oz. - O-C123          Cool Water (M) Type
1 oz. - O-C121            1/3 oz. - O-C143
4 oz. - O-C124            1 oz. - O-C141
1 lb. - O-C12LB $57.90    4 oz. - O-C144
                          1 lb. - O-C14LB $57.90
Chance (W) Chanel Type
1/3 oz. - O-C263          Cool Water (W) Type
1 oz. - O-C261            1/3 oz. - O-C453
4 oz. - O-C264            1 oz. - O-C451                                              Diesel (W) Type                       Dragon’s Breath
1 lb. - O-C26LB $57.90                                  Curve Crush (M) Type NEW!
                          4 oz. - O-C454                                              1/3 oz. - O-D183                      1/3 oz. - O-D143
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-C563
                          1 lb. - O-C45LB $57.90                                      1 oz. - O-D181                        1 oz. - O-D141
Chanel N° 5 (W) Type                                    1 oz. - O-C561
                                                        4 oz. - O-C564                4 oz. - O-D184
1/3 oz. - O-C183          Cool Water Deep (M) Type                                    1 lb. - O-D18LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-C181                                          1 lb. - O-C56LB $57.90                                              Drakkar Noir (M) Type
                          1/3 oz. - O-C513
4 oz. - O-C184            1 oz. - O-C511                                              Diesel Fuel for Life (M) Type         1/3 oz. - O-D123
1 lb. - O-C18LB $57.90                                  Curve Crush (W) Type NEW!     1/3 oz. - O-D213                      1 oz. - O-D121
                          4 oz. - O-C514
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-C573              1 oz. - O-D211                        4 oz. - O-D124
                          1 lb. - O-C51LB $57.90
Cherry                                                  1 oz. - O-C571                4 oz. - O-D214                        1 lb. - O-D12LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-C173                                        4 oz. - O-C574                1 lb. - O-D21LB $57.90
                          Cool Water Frozen (W) Type                                                                               E
1 oz. - O-C171                                          1 lb. - O-C57LB $57.90
                          1/3 oz. - O-C523
4 oz. - O-C174            1 oz. - O-C521                                              Diesel Fuel for Life (W) Type         Ed Hardy (M) Type
1lb. - O-C17LB $57.90                                   Curve Soul (M) Type           1/3 oz. - O-D223                      1/3 oz. - O-E253
                          4 oz. - O-C524
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-C403              1 oz. - O-D221                        1 oz. - O-E251
                          1 lb. - O-C52LB $57.90
Chestnut Roast                                          1 oz. - O-C401                4 oz. - O-D224                        4 oz. - O-E254
1 lb. - O-C48LB $29.90                                  4 oz. - O-C404                1 lb. - O-D22LB $57.90                1 lb. - O-E25LB $57.90
                          Cristalle (W) Chanel Type
                                                        1 lb. - O-C40LB $57.90
                          1/3 oz. - O-C533                                            DKNY Type
China Musk                1 oz. - O-C531                                                                                    Ed Hardy (W) Type
                                                                                      1/3 oz. - O-D233
1/3 oz. - O-C133                                               D                                                            1/3 oz. - O-E263
                          4 oz. - O-C534                                              1 oz. - O-D231
1 oz. - O-C131            1 lb. - O-C53LB $57.90                                                                            1 oz. - O-E261
                                                                                      4 oz. - O-D234
4 oz. - O-C134                                          Dark Baby Powder                                                    4 oz. - O-E264
                                                                                      1 lb. - O-D23LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-C13LB $57.90                                  1/3 oz. - O-D253                                                    1 lb. - O-E26LB $57.90
                          Crystal Blue (W) Type NEW!
                                                        1 oz. - O-D251                Dolce & Gabanna (M) Type
                          1/3 oz. - O-C553
China Rain NEW!                                         4 oz. - O-D254                1/3 oz. - O-D133                      Ed Hardy Love & Luck (W) Type
                          1 oz. - O-C551
1/3 oz. - O-C543                                        1 lb. - O-D25LB $57.90        1 oz. - O-D131                        1/3 oz. - O-E283
                          4 oz. - O-C554
1 oz. - O-C541                                                                        4 oz. - O-D134                        1 oz. - O-E281
                          1 lb. - O-C55LB $57.90        Dazzling Gold (W) Type
4 oz. - O-C544                                                                        1 lb. - O-D13LB $57.90                4 oz. - O-E284
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-D243
1 lb. - O-C54LB $57.90                                                                                                      1 lb. - O-E28LB $57.90
                          Cucumber                      1 oz. - O-D241
                          1 lb. - O-C29LB $29.90        4 oz. - O-D244                Dolce & Gabanna (W) Type NEW!
Chocolate                                                                             1/3 oz. - O-D263                      Egyptian Musk
                                                        1 lb. - O-D24LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-C343          Cucumber Aloe                                               1 oz. - O-D261                        1/3 oz. - O-E103     a top 12
                                                        Delices De Cartier (W) Type   4 oz. - O-D264                        1 oz. - O-E101       best-seller
1 oz. - O-C341            1 lb. - O-C38LB $29.90
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-D153              1 lb. - O-D26LB $57.90                4 oz. - O-E104
4 oz. - O-C344                                          1 oz. - O-D151                                                      1 lb. - O-E10LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-C34LB $29.90    Cucumber Melon
                                                        4 oz. - O-D154                Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue (W) Type
                          1/3 oz. - O-C303
                                                        1 lb. - O-D15LB $57.90        NEW!                                  Egyptian Queen
Chocolate Kiss            1 oz. - O-C301
                                                                                      1/3 oz. - O-D273                      1/3 oz. - O-E163
1 lb. - O-C49LB $29.90    4 oz. - O-C304                Deseo Type (W) J. Lo Type
                                                                                      1 oz. - O-D271                        1 oz. - O-E161
                          1 lb. - O-C30LB $57.90        1/3 oz. - O-D203
                                                                                      4 oz. - O-D274                        4 oz. - O-E164
Chrome (M) Type                                         1 oz. - O-D201
                                                                                      1 lb. - O-D27LB $57.90                1 lb. - O-E16LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-C193          Curious Britney Spears (W)    4 oz. - O-D204
1 oz. - O-C191            Type                          1 lb. - O-D20LB $57.90
                          1/3 oz. - O-C333                                            Double Black (M) Type                 Ellen Tracy (W) Type NEW!
4 oz. - O-C194                                          Desire (M) Type                                                     1/3 oz. - O-E303
                          1 oz. - O-C331                                              1/3 oz. - O-D193
1 lb. - O-C19LB $57.90                                  1/3 oz. - O-D113                                                    1 oz. - O-E301
                          4 oz. - O-C334                                              1 oz. - O-D191
                                                        1 oz. - O-D111                4 oz - O-D194                         4 oz. - O-E304
CK IN2U (W) Type          1 lb. - O-C33LB $57.90
                                                        4 oz. - O-D114                1 lb. - O-D19LB $57.90                1 lb. - O-E30LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-C433                                        1 lb. - O-D11LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-C431            Curve (M) Type
4 oz. - O-C434            1/3 oz. - O-C153
                                                        Diamond Princess (W) Type
1 lb. - O-C43LB $57.90    1 oz. - O-C151
                                                        1/3 oz. - O-D163
                          4 oz. - O-C154
                                                        1 oz. - O-D161                       Egyptian Musk
Coach (W) Type            1 lb. - O-C15LB $57.90
                                                        4 oz. - O-D164                       Take your soul to the far pavilions of
1/3 oz. - O-C443                                        1 lb. - O-D16LB $57.90
                          Curve Kicks: Liz                                                   adventure with Egyptian Musk. Imagine
1 oz. - O-C441
4 oz. - O-C444            Claiborne (W) Type            Diesel (M) Type                      the pyramids towering above the waves
1 lb. - O-C44LB $57.90    1/3 oz. - O-C413              1/3 oz. - O-D173                     of sand as the wind from the nile cools
                          1 oz. - O-C411                1 oz. - O-D171                       your body. All this in one ravishing
                          4 oz. - O-C414                4 oz. - O-D174                       fragrance you can experience yourself!
                          1 lb. - O-C41LB $57.90        1 lb. - O-D17LB $57.90
84                             More Choices than Ever Before
                             1/3 oz. - $3.90; 1 oz. $7.90; 4 oz. $19.90 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.
Emporio Armani
Diamonds (M) Type
1/3 oz. - O-E273
1 oz. - O-E271
                         Euphoria (W) Type
                         1/3 oz. - O-E223
                                                   Frank & Myrrh
                                                   1/3 oz. - O-F113
                                                                            1 lb. - O-G244LB $57.90          why you love it
4 oz. - O-E274           1 oz. - O-E221            1 oz. - O-F111           Gucci II (W) Type
1 lb. - O-E27LB $57.90   4 oz. - O-E224            4 oz. - O-F114           1/3 oz. - O-G253                             on African sunset
                         1 lb. - O-E22LB $57.90    1 lb. - O-F11LB $57.90   1 oz. - O-G251
Envy (M) Type                                                               4 oz. - O-G254                   “African sunset is a nice warm
                                                   Fubu (M) Type
1/3 oz. - O-E213                F
                                                   1/3 oz. - O-F173
                                                                            1 lb. - O-G25LB $57.90           earthy and fruity scent. Haven’t
1 oz. - O-E211
4 oz. - O-E214           Fahrenheit (M) Type       1 oz. - O-F171           Guess Gold (W) Type              stopped burning it yet!”
                         1/3 oz. - O-F103          4 oz. - O-F174           1/3 oz. - O-G263
1 lb. - O-E21LB $57.90
                         1 oz. - O-F101            1 lb. - O-F17LB $57.90   1 oz. - O-G261                       - Melissa in Canton, OH
Escada Ocean Lounge      4 oz. - O-F104                                     4 oz. - O-G264
                         1 lb. - O-F10LB $57.90        G                    1 lb. - O-G26LB $57.90
(W) Type
1/3 oz. - O-E293
                                                   Garden Sage
                                                                                                                          on frankincense
1 oz. - O-E291           Fancy (W) Jessica                                         H
4 oz. - O-E294           Simpson Type              1 lb. - O-G27LB $29.90                                    “I absolutely love frankincense
                         1/3 oz. - O-F203                                   Halle Berry Type (W)
1 lb. - O-E29LB $57.90
                         1 oz. - O-F201            Giorgio 273 (W) Type     1/3 oz. - O-H253                 oil! Everywhere I go people
                         4 oz. - O-F204            1/3 oz. - O-G103         1 oz. - O-H251    a top 12       smell the scent on me and say,
Escape (M) Type
                         1 lb. - O-F20LB $57.90    1 oz. - O-G101           4 oz. - O-H254    best-seller
1/3 oz. - O-E113
                                                   4 oz. - O-G104           1 lb. - O-H25LB $57.90           “is that you miss?, you smell
1 oz. - O-E111
4 oz. - O-E114           Fantasy Type (W)          1 lb. - O-G10LB $57.90                                    so good!!” I have been told that
                         Britney Spears                                     Halle Berry Pure Orchid
1 lb. - O-E11LB $57.90
                         1/3 oz. - O-F163
                                                   Patti Labelle (W) Type   (W) Type NEW!                    I smell like incense. I love the
Escape (W) Type          1 oz. - O-F161            1/3 oz. - O-G203         1/3 oz. - O-H263                 smell because it is
                         4 oz. - O-F164            1 oz. - O-G201           1 oz. - O-H261
1/3 oz. - O-E143
                         1 lb. - O-F16LB $57.90    4 oz. - O-G204           4 oz. - O-H264                   aromatherapy to my senses.”
1 oz. - O-E141
                                                   1 lb. - O-G20LB $57.90   1 lb. - O-H26LB $57.90
4 oz. - O-E144
1 lb. - O-E14LB $57.90
                         Fire & Ice (W) Type
                                                   Glow - J. Lo (W) Type
                                                                                                               - Imani, Long Island, NY
                         1/3 oz. - O-E133                                   Happy (W) Type
                         1 oz. - O-F131            1/3 oz. - O-G183
Estee Lauder (W) Type                              1 oz. - O-G181           1/3 oz. - O-H103

                                                                                                            Making a Difference
                         4 oz. - O-F134                                     1 oz. - O-H101
1/3 oz. - O-E243         1 lb. - O-F13LB $57.90    4 oz. - O-G184
1 oz. - O-E241                                     1 lb - O-G18LB $57.90    4 oz. - O-H104
4 oz. - O-E244                                                              1 lb. - O-H10LB $57.90
                         Flower (W) Kenzo Type
1 lb. - O-E24LB $57.90   NEW!                      Good Life (M) Type
                                                   1/3 oz. - O-G113         Hazelnut Vanilla
                         1/3 oz. - O-F213                                   Cream
Eternity (M) Type        1 oz. - O-F211            1 oz. - O-G111
1/3 oz. - O-E123                                   4 oz. - O-G114           1 lb. - O-H23LB $29.90
                         4 oz. - O-F214
1 oz. - O-E121           1 lb. - O-F21LB $57.90
4 oz. - O-E124                                     Green Tea                Heaven Scent (W) Type
1 lb. - O-E12LB $57.90                             1/3 oz. - O-G223         1/3 oz. - O-H133
                         Forbidden Fruit (W)                                1 oz. - O-H131
                         Type                      1 oz. - O-G221
Eucalyptus                                         4 oz. - O-G224           4 oz. - O-H134
                         1/3 oz. - O-F183                                   1 lb. - O-H13LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-E173         1 oz. - O-F181            1 lb. - O-G22LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-E171           4 oz. - O-F184
4 oz. - O-E174                                     Grey Flannel (M) Type    Heir Paris Hilton (M)
                         1 lb. - O-F18LB $57.90                             Type
1 lb. - O-E17LB $57.90                             1/3 oz. - O-G123
                                                   1 oz. - O-G121           1/3 oz. - O-H203
                         Frankincense                                       1 oz. - O-H201
Euphoria (M) Type                                  4 oz. - O-G124                                     This is Divine. She has been at the orphanage
                         1/3 oz. - O-F123                                   4 oz. - O-H204
1/3 oz. - O-E233                                   1 lb. - O-G12LB $57.90                             since she was 6 months of age.
                         1 oz. - O-F121                                     1 lb. - O-H20LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-E231           4 oz. - O-F124
4 oz. - O-E234           1 lb. - O-F12LB $57.90    Gucci (M) Type
1 lb. - O-E23LB $57.90                             1/3 oz. - O-G243         Heiress (W) Type
                                                   1 oz. - O-G241           1/3 oz. - O-H193
                                                   4 oz. - O-G244           1 oz. - O-H191

  Refreshing Body Mists                                                                                                  4 oz. Body Mists
                                                                                                                         Surround your senses with
                                                                                                                         the light, sweet
                                                                                                                         fragrances of body mists.
                                                                                                                         Set of 12 Body Mists
                                                                                                                         M-270 $39.

                                                                                                                          Your Set Includes:
                                                                                                                        Baby Powder, Blue Nile,
                                                                                                                        Cool Water, Egyptian Musk,
                                                                                                                        Escape, Heaven, Jamaican
                                                                                                                        Fruit, Lavender,
                                                                                                                        Pleasures, Romance, Vanilla,
                                                                                                                        Wet Kisses
    Customer Favorite Fragrance Spotlights!
   Michelle and Barack Obama Fragrance Oils!
   Be inspired by the zest and crispness of Barack Obama type for
   men. Made with rejuvenating notes of citrus, green leaves and
   marine notes. See Barack Obama fragrance oil on page 82.

   Exude the grace and style of Michele Obama when you wear her
   signature fragrance. Made with an intoxicating blend of orange
   zest, Egyptian iris, Italian white jasmine, French riviera daffodils,            Barack                   Michelle
   Vanilla, and Sandalwood. See Michelle Obama on Page 87.                          Obama                    Obama

4 oz. - O-H194                    Island Girl
1 lb. - O-H19LB $57.90            1/3 oz. - O-I143
                                  1 oz. - O-I141                    1 oz. - O-J201
                                  4 oz. - O-I144                    4 oz. - O-J204
Hillfiger (M) Type                                                  1 lb. - O-J20LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-H243
1 oz. - O-H241                    Island Hawaii: Michael Kors (W)
                                  Type                              Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow (W)
4 oz. - O-H244                                                      Type NEW!
1 lb. - O-H24LB $57.90            1/3 oz. - O-I153
                                  1 oz. - O-I151                    1/3 oz. - O-J223
                                  4 oz. - O-I154                    1 oz. - O-J221
Hugo Boss Dark Blue (M) Type                                        4 oz. - O-J224
1/3 oz. - O-H123                  1 lb. - O-I15LB $57.90
                                                                    1 lb. - O-J22LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-H121
4 oz. - O-H124                    Issey Miyake (M) Type
                                                                    Joop (M) Type
Hugo Boss Deep Red (W) Type
                                  1/3 oz. - O-I103
                                  1 oz. - O-I101 a top 12           1/3 oz. - O-J103
                                                                    1 oz. - O-J101
                                  4 oz. - O-I104 best-seller
1/3 oz. - O-H223
1 oz. - O-H221                    1 lb. - O-I10LB $57.90            4 oz. - O-J104
                                                                    1 lb. - O-J10LB $57.90
                                                                                              Spotlight! Halle
4 oz. - O-H224
1 lb. - O-H22LB $57.90            Issey Miyake Bleue (M) Type
                                                                    JPG (W) Type
Hypnotic Poison (W) Type
                                  1/3 oz. - O-I133
                                  1 oz. - O-I131
                                  4 oz. - O-I134
                                                                    1/3 oz. - O-J113
                                                                    1 oz. - O-J111
1/3 oz. - O-H113                                                    4 oz. - O-J114
                                  1 lb. - O-I13LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-H111                                                      1 lb. - O-J11LB $57.90    Halle by Halle Berry Type
4 oz. - O-H114
1 lb. - O-H11LB $57.90            Issey Miyake Summer (W) Type                                Fragrance for Women
                                  1/3 oz. - O-I163                  JPG LeMale (M) Type
                                  1 oz. - O-I161                    1/3 oz. - O-J153
       I                                                            1 oz. - O-J151            Celebrate your exuberant spirit with
                                  4 oz. - O-I164
I Am King (M) Sean John Type      1 lb. - O-I16LB $57.90            4 oz. - O-J154            this feminine, refreshing fragrance.
                                                                    1 lb. - O-J15LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-I193                                                                              This is a woody, oriental scent with
1 oz. - O-I191                          J                           JPG MaDame (W) Type
                                                                    1/3 oz. - O-J183
                                                                                              top notes of Sicilian bergamot, fig
4 oz. - O-I194                    Jade Blossom
1 lb. - O-I19LB $57.90            1 lb. - O-J19LB $29.90
                                                                    1 oz. - O-J181            leaves, and pear blossom layered
                                                                    4 oz. - O-J184            over heart notes of freesia petals,
I Am King of the Night (M) S.J.                                     1 lb. - O-J18LB $57.90
                                  Jamaican Fruit                                              hibiscus flower, and ultra mimosa.
Type NEW!                         1/3 oz. - O-J133
1/3 oz. - O-I203                  1 oz. - O-J131                    Juicy Couture (W) Type
1 oz. - O-I201                    4 oz. - O-J134                    1/3 oz. - O-J163           Kim Kardashian (W) Type NEW!
4 oz. - O-I204                                                                                 1/3 oz. - O-K203
                                  1 lb. - O-J13LB $57.90            1 oz. - O-J161             1 oz. - O-K201
1 lb. - O-I20LB $57.90                                              4 oz. - O-J164             4 oz. - O-K204
                                  Jasmine                           1 lb. - O-J16LB $57.90     1 lb. - O-K20LB $57.90
Intimately Beckham (M) Type       1/3 oz. - O-J143
1/3 oz. - O-I173                                                    Jungle Fever
                                  1 oz. - O-J141                    1 lb. - O-J21LB $29.90     Kiss Her (W) Type
1 oz. - O-I171                    4 oz. - O-J144                                               1/3 oz. - O-K153
4 oz. - O-I174                    1 lb. - O-J14LB $57.90                                       1 oz. - O-K151
1 lb. - O-I17LB $57.90                                                     K                   4 oz. - O-K154
                                  Jay Z 9 IX (M) Type               Kenneth Cole (M) Type      1 lb. - O-K15LB $57.90
Intimately Beckham (W) Type       1/3 oz. - O-J173                  1/3oz. - O-K133
1/3 oz. - O-I183                  1 oz. - O-J171                    1oz. - O-K131
1 oz. - O-I181                    4 oz. - O-J174                    4oz. - O-K134
4 oz. - O-I184                    1 lb. - O-J17LB $57.90            1lb. - O-K13LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-I18LB $57.90
                                  Jay Z X (M) Rocawear Type
                                  1/3 oz. - O-J203
86                Complete List of Oils
                                                                     1 lb. bottles.
                                                                     From $29.90
                                                                     - $57.90 per lb.

                                                              4 oz. $19.90 each.
                                 1 oz. $7.90 each

        1/3 oz. w/ roll
        on tops $3.90

Kiwi Berry Splash                  Lick Me All Over NEW!                                4 oz. - O-M144
1 lb. - O-K12LB $29.90             1/3 oz. - O-L253                                     1 lb. - O-M14LB $57.90
                                   1 oz. - O-L251
Kiwi Mango
1 lb. - O-K17LB $29.90             4 oz. - O-L254                                       Mango
                                   1 lb. - O-L25LB $57.90                               1/3 oz. - O-M103
Kiwi Strawberry                                                                         1 oz. - O-M101
                                   Liquid Love                                          4 oz. - O-M104
1/3oz. - O-K143                    1 lb. - O-L24LB $29.90                               1 lb. - O-M10LB $57.90
1oz. - O-K141
4oz. - O-K144                      Live (W) Jennifer Lopez Type
1lb. - O-K14LB $57.90                                                                   Mania - Armani (M) Type
                                   1/3 oz. - O-L233                                     1/3 oz. - O-M193
                                   1 oz. - O-L231                                       1 oz. - O-M191
Knowing (W) Type                   4 oz. - O-L234                                       4 oz. - O-M194
1/3 oz. - O-K103                   1 lb. - O-L23LB $57.90                               1 lb. - O-M19LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-K101
4 oz. - O-K104                     Liz Claiborne (W) Type                               Marc Jacobs - Essence (W) Type
1lb. - O-K10LB $57.90              1/3 oz. - O-L143                                     1/3 oz. -O-M183
                                   1 oz. - O-L141                                       1 oz. - O-M181
                                   4 oz. - O-L144                                       4 oz. - O-M184
Kush                               1 lb. - O-L14LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-K113                                                                        1 lb. - O-M18LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-K111                     Love Shack
4 oz. - O-K114                                                                          Marcianno Guess (W) Type
                                   1 lb. - O-L20LB $29.90                               1/3 oz. - O-M333
1 lb. - O-K11LB $57.90
                                                                                        1 oz. - O-M331
                                   Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker (W) Type                 4 oz. - O-M334
    L                              1/3 oz. - O-L173                                     1 lb. - O-M33LB $57.90
L.A.M.B. (W) Gwen Stefani Type     1 oz. - O-L171
1/3 oz. - O-L223                   4 oz. - O-L174
1 oz. - O-L221                     1 lb. - O-L17LB $57.90                               Mariah Carey (W) Type
4 oz. - O-L224                                                                          1/3 oz. - O-M253
1 lb. - O-L22LB $57.90                   M                                              1 oz. - O-M251
                                   Magic Moon (W) Type                                  4 oz. - O-M254
Lagerfield (M) Type                1/3 oz. - O-M293                                     1 lb. - O-M25LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-L133                   1 oz. - O-M291
1 oz. - O-L131                     4 oz. - O-M294                                       Mariah Carey Forever (W) Type
4 oz. - O-L134                     1 lb. - O-M29LB $57.90                               1/3 oz. - O-M403
1lb. - O-L13LB $57.90                                                                   1 oz. - O-M401
                                                                                        4 oz. - O-M404
Lavender                           Magnifique (W) Type                                  1 lb. - O-M40LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-L103                   1/3 oz. - O-M323
1 oz. - O-L101                     1 oz. - O-M321                                       Mariah Carey Luscious Pink (W) Type
4 oz. - O-L104                     4 oz. - O-M324                                       1/3 oz. - O-M393
1 lb. - O-L10LB $57.90             1 lb. - O-M32LB $57.90                               1 oz. - O-M391
                                                                                        4 oz. - O-M394
Lemongrass                         Mambo (M) Type                                       1 lb. - O-M39LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-L113                   1/3 oz. - O-M133
1 oz. - O-L111                     1 oz. - O-M131                                       Melon
4 oz. - O-L114                     4 oz. - O-M134                                       1 lb. - O-M17LB $29.90
1 lb. - O-L11LB $57.90             1 lb. - O-M13LB $57.90
                                                                                        Melon Cucumber
Lilac                              Mambo (W) Type
                                                                                        1 lb. - O-M20LB $29.90
1 lb. - O-L21LB $29.90             1/3 oz. - O-M143
                                   1 oz. - O-M141
                               Customer Favorite Fragrance Spotlight!                                                   87
                   Queen Latifah Type Womens Fragrance Oil
                   Queen by Queen Latifah type exudes the inner strength and confidence that
                   makes up the modern woman. Described as “warm and sexy” this fragrance
                   includes notes of bergamot, mandarin, golden tequila, baie rose, jasmine
                   noir, cognac, coriander, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, incense
                   and musk. See this on page 88.
                                                              Orange Patchouli
Michael Jordan (M) Type                                       1 lb. - O-O19LB $29.90
1/3 oz. - O-M233
1 oz. - O-M231
                                       N                      Oxygene Type (W)                           Queen
4 oz. - O-M234
1 lb. - O-M23LB $57.90
                                 Nag Champa
                                 1/3 oz. - O-N113
                                                              1/3 oz. - O-O123
                                                              1 oz. - O-O121
                                 1 oz. - O-N111               4 oz. - O-O124               Paul Sebastian (W) Type
Michael Kors Type (W) Type       4 oz. - O-N114               1 lb. - O-O12LB $57.90       1/3 oz. - O-P223
1/3 oz. -O-M223                  1 lb. - O-N11LB $57.90                                    1 oz. - O-P221
1 oz. - O-M221                                                       P                     4 oz. - O-P224
4 oz. - O-M224                   Nautica (M) Type                                          1lb. - O-P22LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-M22LB $57.90           1/3 oz. - O-N103             Papaya
                                 1 oz. - O-N101               1/3 oz. - O-P443             Peach
Michelle Obama (W) Type          4 oz. - O-N104               1 oz. - O-P441               1/3 oz. - O-P143
1/3 oz. - O-M343                 1lb. - O-N10LB $57.90        4 oz. - O-P444               1 oz. - O-P141
1 oz. - O-M341                                                1 lb. - O-P44LB $57.90       4 oz. - O-P144
4 oz. - O-M344                   Nautica My Voyage (W) Type                                1 lb. - O-P14LB
1 lb. - O-M34LB $57.90           1/3 oz. - O-N163             Paris Hilton (M) Type        $29.90
                                 1 oz. - O-N161               1/3 oz. - O-P393
Midnight Fantasy                 4 oz. - O-N164               1 oz. - O-P391               Pearberry
Britney Spears (W) Type          1 lb. - O-N16LB $57.90       4 oz. - O-P394               1 lb. - O-P32LB $29.90
1/3 oz. - O-M243                                              1 lb. - O-P39LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-M241                   Nautica Oceans (M) Type                                   Pecan Caramel
4 oz. - O-M244                   1/3 oz. - O-N173             Paris Hilton (W) Type        1 lb. - O-P47LB $29.90
1 lb. - O-M24LB $57.90           1 oz. - O-N171               1/3 oz. - O-P383
                                 4 oz. - O-N174               1 oz. - O-P381               Peppermint
Mint Julep                       1 lb. - O-N17LB $57.90       4 oz. - O-P384               1/3 oz. - O-P243
1/3 oz. - O-M213                                              1 lb. - O-P38LB $57.90       1 oz. - O-P241
1 oz. - O-M211                   Nite Queen                                                4 oz. - O-P244
4 oz. - O-M214                   1/3 oz. - O-N153             Paris Hilton Can Can (W)     1 lb. - O-P24LB $29.90
                                 1 oz. - O-N151               Type
Mocha Vanilla Cream              4 oz. - O-N154               1/3 oz. - O-P493             Perry Ellis (M) Type
1 lb. - O-M31LB $29.90           1 lb. - O-N15LB $57.90       1 oz. - O-P491               1/3 oz. - O-P483
                                                              4 oz. - O-P494               1 oz. - O-P481
Money (M) Type                   Nubian Musk                  1 lb. - O-P49LB $57.90       4 oz. - O-P484
1/3 oz. - O-M113                 1/3 oz. - O-N123                                          1 lb. - O-P48LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-M111                   1 oz. - O-N121               Paris Hilton Siren (W)
4 oz. - O-M114                   4 oz. - O-N124               Type NEW!                    Perry Ellis 360 (M) Type
1 lb. - O-M11LB $57.90           1 lb. - O-N12LB $57.90       1/3 oz. - O-P543             1/3 oz. - O-P163
                                                              1 oz. - O-P541               1 oz. - O-P161
Moon Sparkle (M) Type                   O                     4 oz. - O-P544               4 oz. - O-P164
1/3 oz. - O-M263                                              1 lb. - O-P54LB $57.90       1 lb. - O-P16LB $57.90
                                 Obsession (M) Type
1 oz. - O-M261
                                 1/3 oz. - O-O103             Patchouli Classic NEW!
4 oz. - O-M264                                                                             Perry Ellis 360 (W) Type
                                 1 oz. - O-O101               1/3 oz. - O-P553
1 lb. - O-M26LB $57.90                                                                     1/3 oz. - O-P153
                                 4 oz. - O-O104               1 oz. - O-P551               1 oz. - O-P151
                                 1 lb. - O-O10LB $57.90       4 oz. - O-P554
Moon Sparkle (W) Type                                                                      4 oz. - O-P154
1/3 oz. - O-M273                 Ocean Dream (W) LTD Type     1 lb. - O-P55LB $57.90       1lb. - O-P15LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-M271                   1/3 oz. - O-O163
4 oz. - O-M274                   1 oz. - O-O161               Patchouli Natural            Phat Farm Premium (W) Type
1 lb. - O-M27LB $57.90           4 oz. - O-O164               1/3 oz. - O-P103 $7.80       1/3oz. - O-P373
                                 1 lb. - O-O16LB $57.90       1 oz. - O-P101 $15.80        1oz. - O-P371
Moroccan Musk                                                 4 oz. - O-P104 $49.90        4oz. - O-P374
1/3 oz. - O-M123                                              1 lb. - O-P10LB $179.        1lb. - O-P37LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-M121                   Only the Brave (M) Diesel
4 oz. - O-M124                   Type NEW!                    Patchouli Sweet              Pina Colada
1 lb. - O-M12LB $57.90           1/3 oz. - O-O203             1/3 oz. - O-P523             1 lb. - O-P28LB $29.90
                                 1 oz. - O-O201               1 oz. - O-P521
Moroccan Spice                   4 oz. - O-O204               4 oz. - O-P524               Pineapple
1 lb. - O-M35LB $29.90           1 lb. - O-O20LB $57.90       1 lb. - O-P52LB $57.90       1 lb. - O-P27LB $29.90

Myrrh                            Opium (W) Type               Patti Labelle (W) Type       Pinegreen Forest
1/3 oz. - O-M283                 1/3 oz. - O-O113             1/3 oz. - O-P173 a top 12    1/3 oz. - O-P193
1 oz. - O-M281                   1 oz. - O-O111               1 oz. - O-P171 best-seller   1 oz. - O-P191
4 oz. - O-M284                   4 oz. - O-O114               4 oz. - O-P174               4 oz. - O-P194
1 lb. - O-M28LB $57.90           1 lb. - O-O11LB $57.90        1 lb. - O-P17LB $57.90      1 lb. - O-P19LB $29.90
88                                       More Choices than Ever Before
                                   1/3 oz. - $3.90; 1 oz. $7.90; 4 oz. $19.90 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.

                     NEW! Fragrance Spotlight                                NEW! Fragrance Spotlight
     Baby                Baby Phat Dare Me                                    Halle Berry Pure Orchid                                     Halle
     Phat                Feel fresh and alluring with this                    Pure Orchid for women gives you a                           Berry
                         tropical scent featuring magnolia,                   flirty, delectable scent anytime! Top
                         green almond macaroon, neroli, and                   notes of amalfi lemon, papaya and
                         coconut milk. Middle notes of                        cactus blend with middle notes of star
                         honeysuckle, nectar, and honey add                   anise, orchid and blackberry. Base
                         sweetness whille white milkwood, musk,               notes of patchouli, tonka bean and
     Dare                tonka bean and sandalwood add                        sequoia warm up this fragrance for
      Me                 warmth. See on page 84.                              something truly delightful and
                                                                              refreshing. See on page 82.                              Orchid
Pink by Victoria’s                Power 50 Cent (M) Type                      Rapture Victoria’s Secret                Romance (W) Type
Secret (W) Type                   1/3 oz. - O-P533                            (W) Type                                 1/3 oz. - O-R253
1/3 oz. - O-P213                  1 oz. - O-P531                              1/3 oz. - O-R303                         1 oz. - O-R251
1 oz. - O-P211                    4 oz. - O-P534                              1 oz. - O-R301                           4 oz. - O-R254
                                  1 lb. - O-P53LB $57.90                      4 oz. - O-R304                           1 lb. - O-R25LB $57.90
4 oz. - O-P214
1 lb. - O-P21LB $57.90                                                        1 lb. - O-R30LB $57.90
                                  Prada (M) Type                                                                       Rose Red
Pink Sugar (W) Type               1/3 oz. - O-P453                            Raspberry                                1/3 oz. - O-R133
1/3 oz. - O-P423                  1 oz. - O-P451                              1 lb. - O-R33LB $29.90                   1 oz. - O-R131
1 oz. - O-P421                    4 oz. - O-P454                                                                       4 oz. - O-R134
4 oz. - O-P424                    1 lb. - O-P45LB $57.90                      Raspberry Fantasy Type                   1lb. - O-R13LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-P42LB $57.90                                                        1/3 oz. - O-R153
                                  Princess: Vera Wang (W) Type                1 oz. - O-R151                           RSVP: Kenneth Cole (M) Type
Platinum (M) Type                 1/3 oz. - O-P463                            4 oz. - O-R154                           1/3 oz. - O-R293
1/3 oz. - O-P203                  1 oz. - O-P461                              1 lb. - O-R15LB $57.90                   1 oz. - O-R291
1 oz. - O-P201                    4 oz. - O-P464                                                                       4 oz. - O-R294
4 oz. - O-P204                    1 lb. - O-P46LB $57.90                      Red African Musk NEW!                    1 lb. - O-R29LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-P20LB $57.90                                                        1/3 oz. - O-R353
                                  Pumpkin Spice                               1 oz. - O-R351                           Ruby Red Grapefruit
Pleasures (W) Type                1 lb. - O-P41LB $29.90                      4 oz. - O-R354                           1 lb. - O-R20LB $29.90
1/3 oz. - O-P113                                                              1 lb. - O-R35LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-P111                            Q                                                                            Rush by Gucci (W) Type
4 oz. - O-P114                                                                Red Door (W) Type                        1/3 oz. - O-R243
1 lb. - O-P11LB $57.90            Queen Latifah (W) Type                      1/3 oz. - O-R123                         1 oz. - O-R241
                                  1/3 oz. - O-Q103                            1 oz. - O-R121                           4 oz. - O-R244
                                  1 oz. - O-Q101    a top  12                 4 oz. - O-R124                           1 lb. - O-R24LB $57.90
                                  4 oz. - O-Q104    best-seller               1 lb. - O-R12LB $57.90
1/3 oz. - O-P363
1 oz. - O-P361                    1 lb. - O-Q10LB $57.90                                                                     S
4 oz. - O-P364                                                                Red Egyptian Musk
                                                                                                                       Sandalwood Egyptian
1 lb. - O-P36LB $29.90                    R                                   1/3 oz. - O-R323
                                                                                                                       1/3 oz. - O-S103
                                                                              1 oz. - O-R321
                                                                                                                       1 oz. - O-S101
Polo Ralph Lauren (M) Type        Rain Type                                   4 oz. - O-R324
                                                                                                                       4 oz. - O-S104
1/3oz. - O-P133                   1/3 oz. - O-R163                            1 lb. - O-R32LB $57.90
                                                                                                                       1 lb. - O-S10LB $57.90
1oz. - O-P131                     1 oz. - O-R161
4oz. - O-P134                     4 oz. - O-R164                              Red Musk
                                                                                                                       Sex on the Beach (W) Type
1lb. - O-P13LB $57.90             1 lb. - O-R16LB $57.90                      1/3 oz. - O-R173
                                                                                                                       1/3 oz. - O-S243
                                                                              1 oz. - O-R171
                                  Ralph - RL (W) Type                                                                  1 oz. - O-S241
Polo Black (M) Type                                                           4 oz. - O-R174
                                  1/3 oz. - O-R213                                                                     4 oz. - O-S244
1/3 oz. - O-P293                  1 oz. - O-R211                                                                       1 lb. - O-S24LB $57.90
1 oz. O-P291                                                                  Rhapsody
                                  4 oz. - O-R214                              1/3 oz. - O-R193
4 oz. O-P294                      1 lb. - O-R21LB $57.90                                                               Sexy Little Thing (W) Type
1 lb. - O-P29LB $57.90                                                        1 oz. - O-R191
                                                                                                                       1/3 oz. - O-S403
                                                                              4 oz. - O-R194
                                  Ralph Lauren Blue (W) Type                                                           1 oz. - O-S401
Polo Blue (M) Type                                                                                                     4 oz. - O-S404
1/3 oz. - O-P303                  NEW!                                        Rock Princess (W) Type
                                                                                                                       1 lb. - O-S40LB $57.90
1 oz. - O-P301                    1/3 oz. - O-R343                            1/3 oz. - O-R313
4 oz. - O-P304                    1 oz. - O-R341                              1 oz. - O-R311
                                                                                                                       Signature (M) David
1 lb. - O-P30LB $57.90            4 oz. - O-R344                              4 oz. - O-R314
                                                                                                                       Beckham Type
                                  1 lb. - O-R34LB $57.90                      1 lb. - O-R31LB $57.90
                                                                                                                       1/3 oz. - O-S373
Polo Sport (M) Type                                                                                                    1 oz. - O-S371
1/3 oz. - O-P123                  Ralph Rocks: Ralph                          Romance (M) Type
                                                                                                                       4 oz. - O-S374
1 oz. - O-P121                    Lauren (W) Type                             1/3 oz. - O-R113
                                                                                                                       1 lb. - O-S37LB $57.90
4 oz. - O-P124                    1/3 oz. - O-R283                            1 oz. - O-R111
1 lb. - O-P12LB $57.90            1 oz. - O-R281                              4 oz. - O-R114
                                  4 oz. - O-R284                              1 lb. - O-R11LB $57.90
                                  1 lb. - O-R28LB $57.90
 why you love it
“I was hoping that your company                 Store up to one hundred 1/3 oz. bottles in
                                                this convenient and beautiful wooden display
would add Luscious Pink! It is                  stand. You save counter space. Set up and
my favorite. I was a little hesitant,           clean up time is easier, And your you can see
                                                more choices faster and easier. So you save
but I now wish I had ordered the                time and make more money with a display that
1lb. instead of the 4 oz!!! Smells              pays for itself many times over. 12” X 12” X
                                                11” tall. (Note: textured bottles do not fit in the
wonderful.”                                     stand.) P-302 $49.90

  - Kheila from Richmond, VA

    Signature V. Beckham (W)      Sunset Heat (W) Type                       Tommy Hillfiger (M) Type      Unforgivable
    Type                          1/3 oz. - O-S333                           1/3 oz. - O-T103              Multi-Platinum (M) Type
    1/3 oz. - O-S383              1 oz. - O-S331                             1 oz. - O-T101                1/3 oz. - O-U143
    1 oz. - O-S381                4 oz. - O-S334                             4 oz. - O-T104                1 oz. - O-U141
    4 oz. - O-S384                1 lb. - O-S33LB $57.90
                                                                             1 lb. - O-T10LB $57.90        4 oz. - O-U144
    1 lb. - O-S38LB $57.90                                                                                 1 lb. - O-U14LB $57.90
                                  Super Model (W) V.W. Type NEW!
                                  1/3 oz. - O-S453
                                                                             Tranquil Tropics
    Somali Rose French Type
                                  1 oz. - O-S451                             1 lb. - O-T15LB $29.90        UR Usher (M) Type
    1/3 oz. - O-S123
    1 oz. - O-S121                4 oz. - O-S454                                                           1/3 oz. - O-U163
    4 oz. - O-S124                1 lb. - O-S45LB $57.90                     Tropical Rain Forest          1 oz. - O-U161
    1 lb. - O-S12LB $57.90                                                   1 lb. - O-T20LB $29.90        4 oz. - O-U164
                                  Sweet Pea                                                                1 lb. - O-U16LB $57.90
    Southern Comfort              1 lb. - O-S27LB $29.90                     Tropical Spice
    1 lb. - O-S43LB $29.90                                                   1 lb. - O-T24LB $29.90        UR Usher (W) Type
                                  Sweet Smell of Success (W)                                               1/3 oz. - O-U173
    Springtime Musk               Type                                       Truly Pink - Vera Wang (W)    1 oz. - O-U171
    1 lb. - O-S44LB $29.90        1/3 oz. O-S163                             Type                          4 oz. - O-U174
                                  1 oz. - O-S161                             1/3 oz. - O-T213              1 lb. - O-U17LB $57.90
    Stella McCartney (W) Type     4 oz. - O-S164                             1 oz. - O-T211
    1/3 oz. - O-S353                                                         4 oz. - O-T214
                                  1 lb. - O-S16LB $57.90                                                   Usher (M) Type
    1 oz. - O-S351                                                           1 lb. - O-T21LB $57.90        1/3 oz. - O-U113
    4 oz. - O-S354
    1 lb. - O-S35LB $57.90        Sweet Temptation (W) V.S. Type                                           1 oz. - O-U111
                                  1/3 oz. - O-S393                           Truth CK (M) Type             4 oz. - O-U114
    Strawberry                    1 oz. - O-S391                             1/3 oz. - O-T183              1 lb. - O-U1LB $57.90
    1/3 oz. - O-S153              4 oz. - O-S394                             1 oz. - O-T181
    1 oz. - O-S151                1 lb. - O-S39LB $57.90                     4 oz. - O-T184                Usher (W) Type
    4 oz. - O-S154                                                           1 lb. - O-T18LB $57.90        1/3 oz. - O-U133
    1 lb. - O-S15LB $57.90                T                                                                1 oz. - O-U131
                                                                             Tupac (M) Type                4 oz. - O-U134
    Strawberry Butter
                                  Tangerine                                  1/3 oz. - O-T263              1 lb. - O-U13LB $57.90
    1/3 oz. - O-S363              1 lb. - O-T14LB $29.90                     1 oz. - O-T261
    1 oz. - O-S361                                                           4 oz. - O-T264                Usher V.I.P. (M) Type
    4 oz. - O-S364                The One (M) Type                           1 lb. - O-T26LB $57.90        1/3 oz. - O-U183
    1 lb. - O-S36LB $57.90        1/3 oz. - O-T253                                    U                    1 oz. - O-U181
                                  1 oz. - O-T251                                                           4 oz. - O-U184
    Strawberry Champagne          4 oz. - O-T254                             Unforgivable (M) Type         1 lb. - O-U18LB $57.90
    1/3 oz. - O-S213              1 lb. - O-T25LB $57.90                     1/3 oz. - O-U103                    V
    1 oz. - O-S211
                                                                             1 oz. - O-U101
    4 oz. - O-S214                The One (W) Type                                                         Valentino Rock ‘n Rose (W) Type
    1 lb. - O-S21LB $57.90
                                                                             4 oz. - O-U104
                                  1/3 oz. - O-T233                                                         1/3 oz. - O-V203
                                                                             1 lb. - O-U10LB $57.90
                                  1 oz. - O-T231                                                           1 oz. - O-V201
    Strawberry Kiwi               4 oz. - O-T234                                                           4 oz. - O-V204
    1 lb. - O-S42LB $29.90                                                   Unforgivable (W) Type
                                  1 lb. - O-T23LB $57.90                                                   1 lb. - O-V20LB $57.90
                                                                             1/3 oz. - O-U123
    Sunkissed Glow (W) Type                                                  1 oz. - O-U121
                                  Tobacco Vanilla                                                          Vanilla Type
    1/3 oz. - O-S413                                                         4 oz. - O-U124
                                  1/3 oz. - O-T223                                                         1/3 oz. - O-V113
    1 oz. - O-S411                                                           1 lb. - O-U12LB $57.90
    4 oz. - O-S414                1 oz. - O-T221                                                           1 oz. - O-V111
    1 lb. - O-S41LB $57.90        4 oz. - O-T224                                                           4 oz. - O-V114
                                                                             Unforgivable Black (M) Type
                                  1 lb. - O-T22LB $57.90                                                   1 lb. - O-V11LB $57.90
                                                                             1/3 oz. - O-U153
    Sunset Heat (M) Type                                                     1 oz. - O-U151
    1/3 oz. - O-S343              Tommy Girl (W) Type                        4 oz. - O-U154                Vanilla Coffee
    1 oz. - O-S341                1/3 oz. - O-T113                           1 lb. - O-U15LB $57.90        1 lb. - O-V21LB $29.90
    4 oz. - O-S344                1 oz. - O-T111
    1 lb. - O-S34LB $57.90        4 oz. - O-T114
                                  1 lb. - O-T11LB $57.90

90                             More Choices than Ever Before
                         1/3 oz. - $3.90; 1 oz. $7.90; 4 oz. $19.90 - 1 lb. oils are listed with each oil.
                           Violet NEW!
Vera Wang (M) Type         1/3 oz. - O-V223               White Linen Type
1/3 oz. - O-V193           1 oz. - O-V221                 1/3 oz. - O-W113
1 oz. - O-V191             4 oz. - O-V224                 1 oz. - O-W111
4 oz. - O-V194             1 lb. - O-V22LB $57.90         4 oz. - O-W114
1 lb. - O-V19LB $57.90
                           Virgin Island Water            White Patchouli (W) Type
Vera Wang (W) Type         1/3 oz. - O-V123               1/3 oz. - O-W203
1/3 oz. - O-V183           1 oz. - O-V121                 1 oz. - O-W201
1 oz. - O-V181             4 oz. - O-V124                 4 oz. - O-W204
4 oz. - O-V184             1 lb. - O-V12LB $57.90         1 lb. - O-W20LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-V18LB $57.90
                                  W                       Wings (W) Type
Versace (M) Type                                          1/3 oz. - O-W133
1/3 oz. - O-V133           Watermelon Swirl               1 oz. - O-W131
1 oz. - O-V131             1/3 oz. - O-W153               4 oz. - O-W134
4 oz. - O-V134             1 oz. - O-W151                 1 lb. - O-W13LB $57.90
1 lb. - O-V13LB $57.90     4 oz. - O-W154                 Yuletide
                           1 lb. - O-W15LB $57.90         1 lb. - O-Y11LB $29.90
Very Sexy (M) Type
1/3 oz. - O-V173
                           Wet Kisses
1 oz. - O-V171
                           1/3 oz. - O-W163
4 oz. - O-V174
                           1 oz. - O-W161
1 lb. - O-V17LB $57.90
                           4 oz. - O-W164

                                                          Fragrance Spotlight
                           1 lb. - O-W16LB $57.90
Very Sexy (W) Type
1/3 oz. - O-V163           White Diamond Type
1 oz. - O-V161             1/3 oz. - O-W103                Ralph Lauren Blue
4 oz. - O-V164             1 oz. - O-W101 a top 12
1 lb. - O-V16LB $57.90     4 oz. - O-W104 best-seller
                                                           Experience total refreshment with the aquatic allure of Blue by Ralph
                           1 lb. - O-W10LB $57.90          Lauren type. This aroma is rejuvenating and crisp with notes of lotus
                                                           flower, peony and musk. See on page 88.

                                                                                            O-J21LB Jungle Fever        O-P27LB Pineapple
                                                        O-A31LB African Sunset              O-K12LB Kiwi Berry Splash   O-P19LB Pinegreen Forest

Closeout oils only
                                                        O-A19LB Almond                      O-K17LB Kiwi Mango          O-P36LB Plumeria
                                                        O-B23LB Banana                      O-L21LB Lilac               O-P41LB Pumpkin Spice
                                                        O-B52LB Brown Sugar

                                                                                            O-L24LB Liquid Love         O-R33LB Raspberry
                                                        O-B27LB Butt Naked                  O-L20LB Love Shack          O-R20LB Ruby Red Grapefruit
                                                        O-B26LB Butter Cookie               O-M17LB Melon               O-S44LB Springtime Musk
                                                        O-C47LB Cappuccino Almond Honey     O-M20LB Melon Cucumber      O-S43LB Southern Comfort
                                                        O-C48LB Chestnut Roast              O-M31LB Mocha Vanilla

           per pound
                                                                                                                        O-S42LB Strawberry Kiwi
                                                        O-C34LB Chocolate                   Cream                       O-S27LB Sweet Pea
                                                        O-C49LB Chocolate Kiss              O-M35LB Moroccan Spice      O-T14LB Tangerine
                                                        O-C20LB Coconut                     O-O19LB Orange Patchouli    O-T15LB Tranquil Tropics
                                                        O-C29LB Cucumber                    O-P43LB Passion Beach       O-T20LB Tropical Rain Forest
                                                        O-C38LB Cucumber Aloe               O-P14LB Peach               O-V21LB Vanilla Coffee
                                                        O-G27LB Garden Sage                 O-P32LB Pearberry
   Oils shown here cannot be re-stocked.                                                                                O-M31LB Vanilla Cream Mocha
                                                        O-H23LB Hazelnut Vanilla Cream      O-P47LB Pecan Caramel       O-V21LB Vanilla Coffee
    High-quality and at the biggest price               O-J19LB Jade Blossom                O-P24LB Peppermint          O-Y11LB Yuletide
              cuts anywhere.                                                                O-P28LB Pina Colada

                                           Fragrance Spotlight
                                        I Am King of the Night Sean John (M) Type
                                        Captivate with this breakthrough signature scent for men. Exotic notes
                                        of Tangerine Zest, Juicy Orange and Succulent Cranberry are
                                        intensified and blended with exclusive imperial French Berry to create
                                        a pure magnetic attraction. See on page 85.

                                                                                                                   Osun, also known as African
                                                                                                                   sandalwood, has been used
                                                                                                                   for centuries by Africans for
                                                                                                                   skin care. Osun naturally
                                                                                                                   cools and calms irritated
                                                                                                                   skin, while improving the
                                                                                                                   complexion by dragging out
                                                                                                                   impurities and drawing cells
                                                                                                                   closer together to improve
                                                                                                                   the appearance of scars.

                                                                                                  All-Natural • Hand-Made

                                                                                                The Famous African Recipe

    Your Votes Are In - The Most Healing Soap
                          Benefits For Your Skin And Your Store
                                                               why you love it
   “I’ve used this soap for about 6 years. It is great for                            “This is the #1 soap on the planet! I am a
   toning. I have eczema. This soap is excellent for                                  Cosmetologist and deal with the skin daily. I
   controlling the itching and breakouts.”                                            started of with 8 bars and it sold right away. It
                           - Wanda in maple Heights OH                                does wonders for any skin problems. I
Dudu-Osun Healing Soap
                                                                                      recommend this for all skin problems and all
When Dudu-Osun was first introduced to the US we were                                 different races .”
overwhelmed by the response! We had hundreds of
customers telling us how this soap had healed their psoriasis,
                                                                                                   - Janet in Colorado Springs, CO
their eczema, or their stretch marks! Since then it’s become
our best-selling soap and the people who use it swear by it!
Made with a unique blend of shea butter, tropical herbs, and        4 Reasons Dudu-Osun Sells the Best
native honey for the best in skin care. It’s the natural solution
                                                                    #1 - All Natural Ingredients           #3 - Hand-Made in Nigeria
to all your skin care needs! 150 grams
                                                                    Made with cocoa pod powder and         Hand-crafted with fresh ingredients
(approx. 6.5 oz.) Made in Nigeria.
                                                                    honey that works to renew your skin.   for the finest quality.
Dudu-Osun Black Soap
M-S501 $3.98 each                                                   #2 - Intense Moisture                   #4 - Anti-Aging Power
                                                                    Dudu-Osun is made with a rare blend     Rare tropical herbs work to tighten,
                                                                    of tropical honey that heals and        moisturize, and firm your skin.
                                                                    moisturizes like no other soap.
92      Hand-Made from The Healing Of Nature
                                                          for authentic quality

The Newest Hand-Made Soap from Ghana
Get the proven results that hand-made, natural African
soap is famous for with this Natural Amonche Black
Soap. Made from tropical honey, shea butter, cocoa
pod, aloe vera, and other all-natural ingredients.
Everything works together to soften skin, heal signs of                                              Natural African Black Soap for Face,
aging or scarring, and purify your skin from the inside        West African Shea Butter Soap         Body and Hair
out. 150 grams. Made in Ghana. Natural Amonche                 This hand-crafted soap combines       This natural black soap is hand-crafted in
Black Soap M-S507 $3.98                                        the benefits of shea butter with      West Africa using centuries-old techniques.
                                                               the natural power of black soap.      Made with extra palm oil, palm kernel oil
                                                               Helps heal acne, dry skin, and        and plantain leaves, this soap is famous for
                                                               keeps your skin clean the natural     relieving the effects of acne and

     why you love it
                                                               way. 8 oz.                            removing blemishes. It is also an effective
                                                               West African Shea Butter Soap         hair shampoo, preventing dry, itching scalp
                                                               M-190 $7.90                           and dandruff. 8 oz. African Black Soap
                                                                                                     Natural M-S492 $7.90
“Amonche soap is very good, lathers well, keeps
away pimples, helps with scars, and feels good.
I would definitely recommend this soap.”
                                                                           8 oz. Natural Black Soap From a Calabash
           - Aldene in Grand Cayman                                        This natural black soap has been stored in a
                                                                           calabash, removed and then wrapped in
                                                                           plastic for the freshest possible black soap.
                                                                           From Ghana. M-S491 $7.90

             8 oz.                                                                                     5-8 lb. Black Soap
              size                                                                                       M-S497 $59.90
                                                                                                      9-11 Lbs. Black Soap
                                                                                                         M-S493 $67.90

     M-S500                                               You Need Black Soap If:
              True African black soap is soft,
                                                          • You want a deep clean without drying your skin
              organically shaped, delicately              • You want smooth skin without bumps or spots
              textured and exudes a natural, earthy       • You want to relieve acne-prone or oily skin
              fragrance. It is ideal for cleaning your
              hands, face, and body. It can even be
                                                          • You want a gentle, yet deep cleansing makeup remover
                                                          • You want youthful skin without fine-lines
                                                                                                                                    4 oz.
  lathered up and used as a shampoo. Hand-made            • You want a shampoo that will cleanse while making your hair              size
  in Ghana, West Africa.                                  soft and shiny
                                                          • You want a soap that works on even the most sensitive skin           $3.98
                                                                 Africa’s Natural Cure                                                         93
                                                                for Dry, Sensitive, or Acne-Prone
  A.                                       B.
                                                                   Skin! For the Whole Family
                                                 A. Africa’s Way to Lustrous Locks
                                                 Get Dudu-Osum shampoo for Africa’s alternative to hair care!
                                                 Enriched with softening honey, shea butter, and botanical
                                                 ingredients. Heals irritated scalp, rids scalp of dandruff, cleanses,
                                                 and gives hair an intense sheen. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria.
                                                 Dudu-Osum Shampoo M-314 $7.90 each

                                                 B. The Best-Seller in Liquid Form
                                                 If you love Dudu Osun bar soap, you’ll love this soft, creamy
                                                 alternative. All the same benefits of Dudu Osun in liquid form!
                                                 Get baby soft, smooth skin today. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria.
                                                 Dudu-Osum Liquid Black Soap M-S506 $7.90 each


                                                                                     F.                                                       H.
                    D.                      E.
C.                                                             F. Dudu-Osum
                                                               Healing Raw Shea
                                                               Butter Lotion
                                                               Soften up with 100%
                                                               natural shea butter,
                                                               aloe vera, ginseng
                                                               and therapeutic
                                                               herbs, botanical
                                                               oils and more! 8 oz.
                                                               Made in Nigeria.
                                                               M-S117 $7.90 each


                                                                               G. Dudu-Osum Oil & Moisturizer
C. Revive and Refresh                                                          Soften and add lustre to your hair and skin with this shea
Give your skin the rich nutrients of shea butter and honey with this           butter, jojoba oil all-natural oil blend. Can be used on skin, hair, and
natural black soap. This soaps works to improve your skin tone,                cuticles or in the bath. 8 oz. Made in Nigeria. M-S119 $7.90 each
moisturize, and heal stretch marks. 8 oz. Made in Ghana. Ghana
Liquid Black Soap M-S112 $7.90 each
                                                                               H. Dudu-Osum Natural Moist Conditioner
D. Honey Enhanced Liquid Black Soap                                            Made with pure honey, shea butter, tea tree oil, neem oil and all
All the benefits of black soap with the added healing and moisturizing         natural-ingredients. After using Dudu-Osum shampoo, condition
power of tropical honey. 8 oz. Made in Ghana. Liquid Dudu Osun                 your hair with this for added moisture, stronger hair, and no tangles!
Shea & Honey Soap M-S114 $7.90 each                                            Made in Nigeria. 8 oz. M-S116 $7.90 each
E. Lather into Luxury
Enjoy a brand new shower experience. This vitamin E enhanced                   I. Dudu-Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream
formula will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and purified. cocoa          An amazing blend of African herbs and exotic oils that promote hair
butter moisturizes while Shea Butter heals worn-out skin keeping you           growth, moisturize, and heal chemically processed hair.
refreshed and ready to face each day. 8 oz. M-S110 $5.90 each                  Made in Nigeria. 5.25 oz. M-S118 $7.90 each
                                                                                    Make Bathtime
                                                                                    Pure Pleasure
                                                                                    For Your Skin

                                                                                  why you love it
                                                                                     “This soap is one of my best
                                                                                     sellers. People LOVE it.”
                                                                                            - Michele from Raleigh, NC

As Buttery As You Can Get
Shea butter beats out the competition with this huge 5.5 oz. bar of          Dozens discount not
buttery, skin-softening soap. You’ll feel instantly soft and smooth in       available on soap cases.
the shower when you use this soap.
• Heals stretch marks
• Heals chapped, dry skin                                            Why to Use Shea Butter In Your Soap:
• Fights away aging and scarring
Shea Butter Soap Bar M-S455 $3.98                                  • Shea butter evens the skin tone &   • Shea butter penetrates deep into
                                                                   returns luster to skin & hair.        the skin to help restore elasticity.

    why you love it                                             • Shea butter moisturizes & protects
                                                                skin & scalp, especially processed &
                                                                                                         • Shea Butter benefits your skin by
                                                                                                         keeping it clear & smooth.
                                                                heat-treated hair.
        “This is my favorite soap. My                                                                    • Shea butter helps soothe scalp &
        husband and I love it and I have                        • Shea butter doesn’t clog pores &       skin irritations
                                                                block hair shaft.
        friends who do too.”                                                                             • Shea Butter is naturally rich in a
                                                                • Shea butter revitalizes, softens &     number of vitamins such as Vitamins
          - Lawanna from Tuscaloosa, AL                         maintains skin moisture.                 A, E, & F.

                                                                • Shea butter is naturally rich in
                                                                vitamins A, E & F which are essential
                                                                vitamins needed for good skin balance.
  Shower in Rich Scents                                                                                                                     95
Your Five Favorite Fragrances - Five Supersize Bars of Black Soap

    All soaps have a uniform color and packaging style.

    Choose your favorite fragrances!
    #1 White Diamond    M-S452
    #2 Baby Powder      M-S451       All Original African Black
    #3 Egyptian Musk    M-S461       Soaps are large 5.5 oz. bars.
    #4 Issey Miyake     M-S454
    #5 Sex on the Beach M-S453

       all soaps on these two pages
              only $3.98 each                                                                      Offer the very best to your skin with African
                                                                                                   inspired soaps. These soaps are made
                                                                                                   up largely of natural ingredients, which
                                                                                                   moisturize and heal the skin without harsh
                                                                                                   detergents that can cause breakouts and
                                                                                irritation. Soaps like Dudu-Osun and the African natural black
                                                                                soap are hand-made in Africa with rare tropical herbs and
                                                                                honeys that can cure eczema, dry skin, scars, and stretch
                                                                                marks! You’ll find healing choices here that you can’t find
                                                                                anywhere else. Take that step towards beautiful skin now!

   Get Silky-Smooth with Aloe                                        Gentle Cleansing for Relaxation          The Ultimate Moisturizing Bar
   Lather up in this creamy soap made with concentrated              Cleanse and relax with olive butter      Made with fresh avocado and
   aloe vera and shea butter. 5.5 oz.                                soap. 100% vegetable base. 5.5           shea butter for instant moisture
   Aloe Butter Soap M-S459                                           oz. Olive Butter Soap M-S460             and silky-smooth skin. 5.5 oz.
                                                                                                              Avocado Butter Soap M-S458
96       Natural Essences and Botanicals
                                                with Soaps by Madina
                                                                                The Healing Power of
                                                                                Basic Black
                                                                                Discover the
                                                                                richness of this black
                                                                                soap. 3.5 oz. Black
                                                                                Soap with Cocoa
                                                                                Butter and Vitamin E

 Heal and Moisturize
 The clean of African black
 soap meets the rich moisture
 of shea butter and the healing
                                                               All soaps on these
 power of aloe vera. 3.5 oz.                                    two pages are:
 Shea Butter and Aloe Vera
 Soap M-S202
                                                                   $3.98 each
                              Black seed oil deeply
                          nourishes skin, healing the                                           Neem Advanced Soap
                          effects of psoriasis, eczema                                          The neem tree has been used in India for
                          and reducing inflammation                                             centuries as a remedy to disease. Now this
                                                                                                healing power has been captured in this
                                  and irritation.                                               soap. This soap cleanses and nourishes
                                                                                                your skin while healing dry, damaged or
                                                                                                irritated skin. 4.4 oz. M-S214

Black Seed Soap
This new soap blends the anti-aging properties of
black seed with the healing properties of shea butter
and jojoba oil. 3.5 oz. M-S213

                                                                 Beauty From the Blue                    Butter Up for Beautiful Skin
                                                                 This nourishing soap soothes            Made with shea, mango, and
                                                                 with botanical aromas. 3.5 oz.          cocoa butter. 3.5 oz. Three in
                                                                 Blue Nile Beauty Soap M-S205            One Body Butter Soap M-S206

Black Opium Soap        Aphrodesia Soap
      M-S602                M-S601

                                                                  Soothe and Restore                     Herbal Remedy
                                                                  Cleanse skin, while soothing with      This unique soap blend energizes
                                                                  cooling cucumber. 3.5 oz.              and softens skin. 3.5 oz.
 Sandalwood Soap         Lavender Soap        Patchouli Soap      Cucumber Soap M-S204                   Herbal Soap M-S207
     M-S611                 M-S606                M-S612
 the Clearest Skin                                                           The                                          97
the Most Soothing                                                           Selling
      Aromas                                                               Soap On
              - Sunaroma Soaps                                             This Page
                                                                    Oatmeal and Vitamin E
                                                                    Moisturizes your skin with
    why you love it                                                 natural anti-aging
                                                                    properties. 4.25 oz. M-S414

     “I use this soap on my granddaughter who has
     ezcema, this soap has really helped her skin
     condition along with the shea butter.”

            - Deborah from Spanaway, WA

                      why you love it
                              “Bathe with the shea
                              and aloe soap and
                              your body will smell
                              so fresh!”
                                   - Cayon from Greensboro, NC

Shea Butter and                                                                 African Black Soap with
Aloe Vera Soap                                                                  Cocoa Butter and
4.25 oz. M-S405                                                                 Vitamin E 4.25 oz. M-S406

                   why you love it
                                                                                             Mango Body Butter Soap
                                                                                             Enriched with shea butter,
                                                                                             mango butter, and aloe
                                                                                             vera. 4.25 oz. M-S409
                         “I have used the oatmeal soap and my
                         daughter loves it. She has eczema and it
                         helps her skin.”
                              - Sheila in Centraville, VA
                                                 African clays are famous for healing
                                                discoloration and improving skin tone

                                            Give Your Whole Body an Instant Facial
                                                                                                             Soy Milk Black Soap
                                            Treat your skin to instant healing with this All-Natural
                                                                                                              4.25 oz. M-S402 $3.98
                                            Clay Soap. Made with African clays that are filled with
                                            minerals that firm, tone, and renew skin. Enriched with
                                            olive oil to soothe and soften dry skin and “ash”. 4 oz.
                                            M-S531 $4.98

                                                                                                            Egyptian Musk Black Soap
                                                                                                            4.25 oz. M-S401 $3.98

                                                                                                              Olive Oil and Vitamin C
                                                                                                              Soap 3.5 oz. M-S411 $3.98

 Rectangular Soap Tray
 4.75” X 3.25”. Made from        Honey and Almond Soap                  Grapefruit and Ginger Soap           Rose and Jasmine Soap
 juniper wood. M-404 $4.98       4.25 oz. M-S404 $3.98                  4.25 oz. M-S413 $3.98                4.25 oz. M-S415 $3.98

                                                                             Papaya Soap with Sweet Almond Oil
                 Strawberry Soap with Jojoba Butter
                                                                             Bathe in the tropical scents of papaya with
                 Celebrate summer with the delicious natural
                                                                             this new fragrant soap made with natural
                 extracts in this strawberry soap. Enriched with
                                                                             extracts. Sweet almond oil helps to soften
                 jojoba butter for moisturizing and skin-clearing
                                                                             and gently cleanse skin leaving it fresh and
                 properties. A delightfully fragrant bath experience.
                                                                             renewed. 5 oz. M-S417 $5.98
                 5 oz. M-S416 $5.98
Dramatic Healing - Unforgettable Benefits                                                                                          99
                                            Nubian Heritage Soaps
why you love it                                         with Shea Butter for Extra Softness

 “The frankincense and myrrh soap
 smells great, and cleans and
 conditions the skin so well!”

     - Melissa from
     Canton, OH
Frankincense and Myrrh Shea
Surround yourself with the
seductive aroma of frankincense
and myrrh. This soap conditions
your skin with an all-natural blend of
African shea butter, virgin coconut
oil, vitamin E, and a healing
essential oil bouquet.
M-S307 $4.38

Made with a fragrant blend of
 aromas and healing African

                                           Black soap with the added             why you love it
                                         power of shea butter, oats and      “I gave a bar of the black soap with oats to a
                                                     aloe!                   friend who said it cleared up all her liver spots
                                                                             after using it for only one week. She really loved

                                                                                        - Eglarine from Loxahatchee, FL

                                                                          Black Soap with Shea Butter
                                                                          This all natural African black soap will cleanse and nourish
                                                                          your skin with the healing powers of shea butter and black
                                                                          soap. This soap is famous for healing worn-out skin and
                                                                          making it touchably soft and smooth! Added vitamin E
                                                                          promotes skin elasticity while nutrients from oats help to
                                                                          reverse the aging process. Aloe comforts tired skin, leaving
                                                                          you refreshed and energized. 5 oz. M-S301 $4.38
100      Nourish Yourself With the Nature
                    of Africa
                                               Nubian Heritage                               Soaps shown on this
                                                                                            page are: $4.38 each

                                                          Enriched with apricot oil
                                                               which is high in
                                                           antioxidants that help
                                                          to renew skin cells while
                                                           clearing age spots and
                                                               freshening skin.

                                                         Honey and Black Seed Soap
                                                         Honey and ground black seeds
                                                         were combined with a touch of
                                                         Apricot Oil (great for moisture)
                                                         for one of the most gentle yet
                                                         deep-cleansing soaps on the
                                                         market. Your skin will thank             Olive Butter Soap with Avocado
                                                         you. 5 oz. M-S306                        A great way to heal stretch marks!
                                                                                                  5 oz. M-S304

                                                                                                       Peppermint Soap with
                                                                                                       Baking Soda
                                                                                                       Gently exfoliates while
                                                                                                       moisturizing. 5 oz. M-S305

                                                                                  Cocoa Butter Soap with
                                                                                  Enriched with shea butter,
 Shea Butter Soap with Lavender and                                               milk chocolate and
 Wildflowers Revel in the delicate scent, while giving                            hazelnuts. 5 oz.
 your skin moisture and nutrition. 5 oz. M-S302                                   M-S308
             why you love it                                                                                                             101
           “The coconut soap is by far one of my
           favorite soaps, lather-rich, long-lasting and
           smells wonderful..” - Sauda in Tampa,                FL
           with Coconut
           for Sensitive-
           Skin Healing

   Coconut and Papaya Soap
   This coconut and papaya soap will soothe and renew your skin
   with its high vitamin and mineral content. All-natural. 5 oz.
   M-S310 $4.38

        Great for Oily or
                                                                                   Mango Butter Soap
        Acne Prone Skin!                                                           This mango butter soap smells so good you’ll want
                                                                                   to eat it! 5 oz. M-S303 $4.38

                                                                               why you love it
                                                                     “I have used the lemongrass and tea tree soap, and I love
Lemongrass and Tea Tree Soap                                         it. If you have pain or soreness in your muscles or joints I
Invigorate your senses with the crisp smell of lemongrass and        would recommend you try this one. The relief lasted for at
the healing properties of tea tree oil. 5 oz. M-S309 $4.38
                                                                     the very least 3 hours.”
                                                                                                - Donald in West Point, TX

 Specialty Nubian Heritage Soaps                                                                           Fight skin damage and aging with
                                                                                                            the antioxidant power of chai.
                                                          Enriched with neem oil and the calming                   Ground rose petals
                                                               scent of vetiver essential oil               gently exfoliate for clearer skin.

Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Soap
An exotic scented, skin healing soap 5 oz.
M-S313 $5.98
                                                                                                           Goats Milk and Chai Soap Warmly
                                                                                                           scented and incredibly softening. 5 oz.
                                             Rich in beta-carotene, which removes toxins and               M-S311 $5.98
                                              gives the skin a firmer, healthier appearance.

                                              Carrot and Pomegranate Soap Fruit and
                                              veggie nutrition for clear, soft skin. 5 oz.
                                                                                                         $5.98 each
                                              M-S312 $5.98
102                                                                       M-S002 Get the set of
                                                                         12 soaps for only $39.90
 Top 12 Most                                                                                                  Top 30 Most
   Popular                                                                                                   Popular Soaps

                                                                                                The All-Inclusive Set!
                                                                                                Buying a set of thirty soaps lets you save
       Individual soaps in sets change regularly.                                               money and enjoy more opportunities to find
                                                                                                your favorite soaps. M-S001 $198.
    The UltimateSoap Collection
    Get the top twelve best-selling soaps of all time in this all-inclusive set.
    Includes the following:       Soaps included in this set change regularly
    Twelve best-selling soaps M-S002 $39.90

      All the Variety
        You Crave
               why you love it
        “I am going to be placing a much larger
        order with you in the next week or so. I
        love the black soaps and raw shea butter so
        I must have more!”                                                         Nubian Heritage Complete Set
                                                                                   Get all Thirteen Nubian Heritage Soaps and Save!
                       - Angela from Milwaukee, WI                                 Enjoy thirteen all-natural nubian heritage soaps; each one is made
                                                                                   with all-natural ingredients and essential oil aroma blends. Set of
                                                                                   Thirteen Nubian Heritage Soaps M-S300S $55.90

  Special Priced Scented Soaps!
           $2.98 Each!
                                            Night Queen                            Obsession Beauty
                                            Royal Jelly Soap                       Soap
                                            4.25 oz. M-S403                        Shea butter
                                                                                   enriched soap. 3.5
                                                                                   oz. M-S211

                                                                                                           Vanilla Soap
                                                                                                             3.5 oz.
                                                 Paris Hilton Beauty               Olive Soap with           M-S610              Chanel Beauty Soap
                                                 Soap                              Aloe Vera                                     Perfume your bath with
                                                 Shea butter enriched              Olive butter gently                           the enticing scent of
Cool Water Beauty Soap                           soap. 3.5 oz.                     nourishes and                                 chanel. Enriched with
Enriched with shea butter for a                  M-S212                            softens skin.                                 shea butter. 3.5 oz.
refreshing bath treat. 3.5 oz.                                                     3.5 oz. M-S208                                M-S209
Body Washes                                  Botanical Healing                                                                            103
                                 Matching Fragrances for Longer-Lasting Scent
                                            Raw Shea Butter Lotion & Body Wash (Pictured)
                                            For centuries, Africans have used shea butter to effectively moisturize and
                                            protect their skin from severe dryness, eczema, psoriasis, and aging. This
                                            lotion gives you these benefits and more! 8 oz.
                                            Raw Shea Butter Lotion M-331 $13.90
                                            Raw Shea Butter Body Wash M-531 $15.90
                                           Mango Body Butter Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Formulated with super-hydrating nutrients, this lotion softens and smells
                                           good enough to eat! 8 oz.
                                           Mango Butter Body Lotion M-333 $13.90
                                           Mango Butter Body Wash M-533 $15.90
                                           Lavender and Wild Flowers Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Revel in the delicate scent of lavender and wildflowers. 8 oz.
                                           Lavender and Wild Flowers Lotion M-332 $13.90
                                           Lavender and Wild Flowers Body Wash M-532 $15.90
                                           Coconut and Papaya Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Soften your skin with pure virgin coconut oil and papaya, famous for clearing
                                           pores and renewing skin. 8 oz.
                                           Coconut and Papaya Lotion M-328 $13.90
                                           Coconut and Papaya Body Wash M-528 $15.90
                                           Lemongrass and Tea Tree Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Heal and energize with the refreshing blend of lemongrass and the healing
                                           power of tea tree oil. 8 oz.
                                           Lemongrass and Tea Tree Lotion M-329 $13.90
                                           Lemongrass and Tea Tree Body Wash M-529 $15.90
                                           Olive Butter Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Olive butter softens skin. This lotion is enriched with shea butter, green
                                           tea, and avocado. 8 oz.
                                           Olive Butter Lotion M-334 $13.90
                                           Olive Butter Body Wash M-534 $15.90
                                           Oats and Aloe Lotion
                                           This therapeutic body moisturizer actively treats body breakouts
                                           using black soap extracts. 8 oz.
                                           Oats and Aloe Body Lotion M-337 $13.90
                                           Peppermint and Aloe Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Delve into the rich luxury of soothing peppermint and aloe. Enriched
                                           with shea butter. 8 oz.
                                           Peppermint & Aloe Lotion M-335 $13.90

why you love it                            Peppermint & Aloe Body Wash M-535 $15.90
                                           Honey and Black Seed Lotion & Body Wash
                                           Take control of your skin with the healing power of black seed oil, and the
   “The raw shea lotion smells             skin-softening qualities of honey and apricot oil. 8 oz.
                                                                                                                          African Black Soap Body Wash
   wonderful and also has other            Honey and Black Seed Lotion M-336 $13.90
                                                                                                                          Enriched with shea butter, aloe,
   essential oils that are great for the   Honey and Black Seed Body Wash M-536 $15.90
                                                                                                                          vitamin E and avocado butter. 13 oz.
   skin. Even my 9 and 11 year old         Ivorian Cocoa Butter Lotion & Body Wash                                        M-537 $15.90
   daughters love this lotion.”            Made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and hazelnut oil to soften skin,
                                           even skin tone and keep you looking youthful! 8 oz.
 - Kheila in Richmond, VA                   Ivorian Cocoa Butter Lotion M-338 $13.90
                                           Ivorian cocoa Butter Body Wash M-538 $15.90

  Set of 10 Nubian Heritage                                                                          Set of 10 Nubian Heritage
         Body Lotions                                                                                       Body Washes
        (in set of 10) M-339 $115.90                                                                        (in set of 10) M-530 $129.80
104                                                                                         All Honey Healers
                                                                                            Only $23.90 Each!
                                                                                     A.                                               B.

                                         #1 Best

                                                                                A. Nature's Way to Spice Things Up
                                                                                This potent blend of orange blossom honey and all-natural
                                                                                ingredients encourages excitement and arouses intimacy in a
                                                                                safe, all-natural way. The herbal ingredients used have been
                                                                                recommended by physicians as a safe solution for increasing
                                                                                female sexual function. Not only this, this blend is a natural
                                                                                mood-lifter and very beneficial to women's health. It eases the
                                                                                symptoms of menopause, and the royal jelly used helps to
                                                                                slow the onset of aging and regulate the metabolism. 16 oz.
                                                                                Her Honey M-551 $23.90
                                                                                B. Spark the Excitement with Nature
                                                                                This potent herbal supplement is made from a blend of
                                                                                various honeys and black seed oil to naturally arouse the
                                                                                senses. Formulated to enhance vigor and vitality in a
                                                                                completely safe, natural way. The herbal ingredients used are
                                                                                recommended by physicians and nutritionists throughout the
                                                                                world as a safe solution for increasing sexual function. Not
                                                                                only this, but the ingredients used are natural mood-lifters!
                                                                                Gingko biloba helps ease depression and fatigue, while black
                                                                                seed oil helps to improve the complexion. 16 oz.
African Honey for All-Over Health                                               His Honey M-552 $23.90
Black seed honey booster is made from a powerful blend of African
manuka honey, royal jelly, black seed oil, and other all-natural herbs.
Take this daily to optimize your health and boost your immune system.
The combination of honey, black seed, and royal jelly is known to help with:
                                                                                 Pure from Nature
                                                                                The Proven Safest Way
Depression • Hormonal Imbalances • High Cholesterol
• Immune System Problems • Fatigue • Menopause • Anxiety
• Wrinkles • Weight Control • Black Seed Honey Booster M-550 $23.90

                                                                                 To Heal Your Body
                                                      Protect Your Health and Skin with Black Seed Oil Capsules!
                                                      Black seed oil has been renowned for centuries, and within the last 40 years
                                                      scientific studies have revealed its variety of benefits. Black seed oil has
                                                      many antioxidant properties, which can help to keep your skin youthful and
                                                      clear. Black seed oil can also be helpful for the following conditions:
                                                      • Skin and intestinal fungus
                                                      • Bronchitis
                                                      • Frequent colds
                                                      • Headaches
                                                      • Eczema and dry skin disorders

                                                      It has also been reported to lower blood pressure and to improve the immune
                                                      system because of its beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids. Includes 30
                                                      capsules. Black Seed Oil Capsules M-558 $23.90

                                                      •These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

                                                                        See New Healing Herbs on Page 109
                                                                              African Tea                                                    105
                                  Hawaiian                              for All-Over Health
                                  Noni Juice

                                                                        Soothing to drink
                                                                       Soothing to bathe in

                                                                                                                                       100% Pure
                                                                                                                                       Straight From
                                                                                                                                       South Africa!
                                                                               African Red Bush Rooibos Tea for Your Skin and Senses
                                                                               Whether you drink rooibos tea or use it in your bath, the benefits
                                                                               are so worth it! Not only does it taste warm and sweet, it has a
                                                                               number of health and skin care benefits. Rooibos has natural
                                                                               antioxidants that help delay the aging process, and drinking a cup
                                                                               of rooibos before bed can ensure a restful sleep, and cure
                                                                               headaches. It contains no caffeine. South African Rooibos Tea
                                                                               M-480 $7.90 for pack of 20 bags.
   16 oz.                                                32 oz.                                You Need Rooibos Tea If...
   Bottle                                                Bottle                                • You want healthy, youthful skin
Find All-Over Healing with 100% Pure Noni                                                      • You want a peaceful, restful sleep
Grown in the lush, tropical jungles of Hawaii, Noni juice has                                  • You want to strengthen bones and teeth
been used for centuries for its far-reaching health benefits. 12                               • You want to regulate your metabolism
oz. M-541 $35.90 for a 16 oz. Bottle (Pictured Above.)                                         • You want to control your appetite
M-542 $43.90 for a 32 oz. Bottle (Pictured Right.)                                             • You want to relieve itchy, irritated skin
The Benefits of Noni Juice:                                                                    • You want smoother, clearer skin
• Immune booster: Noni is considered one of
the most nutritious fruits. Many of its nutrients                              New Premium Flavors of Rooibos Tea!
are known to stimulate the immune system.
• Digestive stimulant: Noni juice has been used
to reduce constipation and increase digestive
• Anti-Oxidants: Rich in antioxidants, noni juice
also increases enzyme activity to reduce toxins
in the body.                                                          Moroccan
                                                                                                             Madagascar                Safari Spice
•Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal: Noni juice has                          Pomegranate
                                                                                                             Vanilla M-482             M-481
several active compounds that are effective                           M-483
                                                                                  Premium Rooibos Tea Flavors
against bacteria and fungus.
                                                                                  Now enjoy the benefits of rooibos in delicious, tropical flavors.
• Repairs Cellular Damage and Aging: Noni
                                                                                  All-natural herbs and extracts. Each picturesque box holds 20
juice possesses numerous phytonutrients and
                                                                                  tea bags and details the health benefits of rooibos tea. $8.98
antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, which
cause cellular damage and aging.
                                                                                  Get the Set of Three! M-484 $25.98

                                                             Cleanse Your Body With Healing From Nature
                                                             This tea combines a combination of 12 specially selected herbs to
                                                             assist the body in the detoxification process while helping to restore
                                                             normal bowel function and regularity. A delicious lemon-herbal taste
                                                             makes it a delicious way to improve your health!

                                                             This tea also helps to soothe the senses, making it an ideal
                                                             before-bedtime treat! Made with senna leaf, chamomile flower, black
                                                             seed herb, peppermint leaf, rose hip fruit, cinnamon bark, buckthorn

                                                                                                                    Personal Care
                                                             bark, ginger root, milk thistle seed, passion fruit, uva ursi leaf, and
                                                             natural lemon flavor. Includes 30 tea bags.
                                                             Cleansing Black Seed Herbal Tea M-485 $23.90
106             Mother Nature’s Treatments
                                   For Your Skin, Hair and Smile!

                                                                           Pure Tea Gro Hair and Scalp
                                                                           Heals and soothes the hair and
                                                                           scalp while repairing damage
                                                                           and brittleness. Simply
                                                                           massage into your hair to bring
                                                                           life to dull or lifeless hair. Made
                                                                           with a unique tea complex
                                                                           formula that heals and soothes
                                                                           the hair and scalp. Helps to
                                                                           encourage growth, radiance,
                                                                           and all-over hair health. 5 oz.
                                                                           M-955 $11.90

                                                                                                                       Dr. Natural’s Shampoo and Conditioner
                                                                                                                       in One!
Indian Hemp Hair Grease                                 Jojoba Butter Balm For Thinning Hair                           This natural shampoo and conditioner is
Nourish and control your hair with this intensive       Get fuller hair with this all natural balm composed            enhanced with coconut oil, avocado oil
conditioning and styling balm. Indian hemp butter       of jojoba oil, olive butter, black seed oil, shea              and aloe to nourish the scalp, stimulate
softens and adds lustre to brittle hair, while jojoba   butter and more! Increases hair growth, softens                hair growth, and reduce hair loss. 2.5 oz.
oil and aloe soothe damaged hair and vitamin E          hair, while reducing itchiness and irritation. You             M-P121 $7.90
fends off pollution. All natural. 4 oz.                 can use this on your skin too for softer, clearer
M-P134 $9.90                                            skin! All natural. 4 oz. M-P130 $15.90

          African chew sticks for natural dental health
                                           Choose your          For that White Smile You’ve Always Wanted
                                                                Used as a substitute for the toothbrush in Africa. The chewing action keeps
                                           favorite flavors:    gums healthy, cleans food from the teeth and freshens the breath. Comes in
                                           Cherry               popular flavors: Cherry, Peppermint, Grape, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Plain.
                                           Grape                Approximately 50 sticks per bag.
                                                                African Chew Sticks M-170 $19.90
                                           Vanilla                      When Africans came to the US, they brought the tradition of using chew sticks with them.
                                           Plain                         Many older people are finding themselves in their 80’s with healthy gums and cavity free
                                                                                teeth, and they are using nothing but chew sticks to take care of them!
Get a sample bag with two of each
flavor! 12 sticks total. M-171 $11.98
     why you love it
     “I really like this product. Finally, a
     pomade that is not petroleum based!
     It is light on my hair, softens and         Black Seed Herbal Hair Pomade
     gives it sheen.”                            All-natural hair pomade enriched
                                                 with black seed and jojoba oil to
                                                 soften and strengthen hair while
     - Ardelia from Ocoee, FL                    making it sleek and shiny. 2.5 oz.
                                                 M-264 $7.90

                                                                                                          A. Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo and
                                                                                                          Revitalize your hair with tea tree oil. Tea tree
A.                                  B.                         C.                                         oil deep cleans and has a natural cooling effect
                                                                                                          with a refreshing aroma. Natural vitamins and
                                                                                                          botanicals smooth dry ends, restoring hair to
                                                                                                          it’s natural, healthy state. Makes hair soft and
                                                                                                          lustrous with natural ingredients. 12 oz. each.
                                                                                                          Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo M-957 $15.98
                                                                                                          Tea Tree Naturals Conditioner M-959 $15.98
                                                                                                          B. Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer
                                                                                                          Enriched with herbs, botanicals and vitamins.
                                                                                                          Cures split ends, and gives you soft, shiny hair.
                                                                                                          12 oz. Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer M-951
                                                                                                          C. Prevent Hair Breakage and Loss
                                                                                                          All-natural ingredients work together to nourish
                                                                                                          the scalp and stimulate hair growth while
                                                                                                          reducing hair loss. This tonic also strengthens
                                                                                                          the hair with Pro-Vitamin B5 and natural
                                                                                                          ingredients. 2.64 fl. oz. Herbal Hair Tonic
                                                                                                          M-P106 $9.98
                                                                                                         D. Dr. Natural’s Ultimate Hair Grow
                                                                                                         This shea butter enriched treatment
D.                                                                  E.                F.                 strengthens roots, promotes hair growth, condi-
                                                                                                         tions and restores. Enriched with avocado oil. 4 oz
                                                                                                         M-P122 $7.90
                                                                                                         E. Shea Butter Sheen Spray
                                                                                                         This heals split ends, leaves hair shiny and
                                                                                                         smelling fresh. M-952 $6.90
                                                                                                         F. Heal Your Hair from the Inside Out
                                                                                                         Repairs damaged hair and give it a soft, healthy
                                                                                                         shine. Wheat protein extract, rice milk extract
                                                                                                         and butterfly pea extract are the three power
                                                                                                         ingredients in this serum that heal split ends
                                                                                                         and protect your hair from environmental
                                                                                                         stressorts, chemicals, and heat. 4.66 fl. oz.
                                                                                                         Hair Serum M-P105 $9.98


                                                                    Shea Butter Lip Balm                      Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Neem Advance Toothpaste                                             Made with a soothing blend of shea        A drink of moisture for your lips. 0.25 oz.

                                                                                                                           Personal Care
Take the natural way to clean, healthy teeth with this neem         butter and lanolin. 0.25 oz.              Cocoa Butter Lip Balm M-249 $1.98
leaf toothpaste. Neem leaf, a natural antibacterial has been        $1.98
combined with herbs to give you complete natural oral
hygiene. Has a fresh mint taste. 6.42 oz. Fluoride free.
Neem Advance Toothpaste M-P129 $3.90 each
108 Baobab Oil                                              You Need Baobab Oil If...
                                                            • You want super-soft, moisturized skin
                                                                                                                Neem Oil
                                                            • You want to reduce aging signs               Ditch Droopy Skin,
                                                            • You want to heal acne, and acne           Stretch Marks and Spots!
                                                            • You want healing from eczema
                                                            • You want an intensive hot oil treatment                                            4 oz.

                                                                                                        1 Pound

                                                                              why you love it                                   4 oz. M-316 $9.90
                                                                              “I ordered the Neem Oil and had                   1 lb. M-317 $27.90
      M-357                                                                   to tried it myself. It really does
      4 oz.                                                                   work well as a insect repellent.         You Need Neem Oil If...
      $37.90                                                                                                           • You crave soft, smooth skin
                                                                              I use it on myself and my pets
                                                                                                                       • You want to heal the effects
                                                                              without worry of harmful chemi-
                      M-356 1 oz.                                                                                        of chicken pox, warts, or age spots
                                                                              cals. I’ve also used it on some of
                      $11.90                                                                                           • You want clear, acne-free skin
                                                                              my plants and they remain pest           • You want to heal scarring or stretch
Africa’s Secret Treasure                                                      free.”
Experience the healing of Zambia, where this oil is pressed from the                                                     marks
                                                                                                                       • You want a natural insect repellent
fruit of the baobab tree. The oil is considered so valuable, that people
from across the globe will travel to Zambia to get it. In fact, the baobab
                                                                              - Toni from Farmville, VA
tree is often called ‘The Tree of Life’. Baobab oil is endowed with
essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, and F that work to
dramatically improve your skin.

      Your Subscription to Softer Skin

         Avocado Butter                                                        Say Bye-Bye to Chapped, Itchy,
                                                                                   Irritated Skin and Lips
You Need Avocado Butter If...
• You want to heal dry, chapped skin                                               Cocoa Butter
•You want to plump up sagging,                                                   The moisturizing abilities of cocoa
  droopy skin                                                                    butter are frequently recommended
• You want to condition your hair and                                            for prevention of stretch marks
                                                                                 in pregnant women, treatment of
                                                                                 chapped skin and lips, and as a daily
• You want to heal split ends.                                                   moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin.
• You want to protect your hair from
   blow-drying and chemical
   treatments.                                   Avocado Butter                why you love it                             4 oz. M-245 $11.90 each
                                                                                                                           1 Pound (16 oz.) M-246 $25.90

• You want an all-natural diaper rash            4oz. M-350 $13.90            “I love this product. It moisturizes your body very
   treatment.                                    1lb. M-351 $27.90            well. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth.”
                                                                                           - Wanda from Maple Heights, OH
  Make Your Own Skin Care!
                                                                                   Grape Seed Oil
                                                                               Improve Your Skin and Hair with
                 body             Feed Your Skin with this rich,
                                                                               Grapeseed Oil!
                                                                               Full of natural vitamins and antioxidants, this oil
                 butter           thick, moisturizing body butter
                                  base. Made with natural
                                                                               softens hair and leaves it shiny. It also softens
                                                                               and repairs skin. Can be used as a cutting oil for
                                  ingredients including virgin
                  base            coconut oil, grapeseed oil,
                                  beeswax, shea butter, cocoa
                                                                               fragrance oils or in incense making. Made in
                                                                               South Africa.
                                  butter, and jojoba oil. One                  Grape Seed Oil
                                  Pound Body Butter Base                       1 lb. O-510 $17.90
                                  M-148 $19.90
                                  1 Gallon (8 lbs.) M-149 $119.90
  African Healing                                                                        Aloe Butter
                                                                                         4 oz. M-233 $11.90
                                                                                         Aloe Butter

     Remedies                                                                            1 lb. M-234 $29.90

  why you love it
     “You have the richest and highest
     quality aloe gel that I have ever
     used. Some aloe gel products are
     either watery or gelled, but this is
     so rich and emollient, I cannot say
     enough about it. I use it in my hair
                                          Nature’s Quick Pick-Me-Up
     and I plan to get another bottle for Quickly heal dry skin, irritation and eczema with aloe
     my face. I am so impressed with butter and gel. Has over 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, and
     the quality of this product.”        12 vitamins for a skin treat you’ll never forget.
                                           • Relieves itching, swelling - Heals and softens skin
                                           • Relieves scratches, stings, bites - Improves           Aloe Vera Gel
                                             complexion and tone                                    4 oz. bottle. M-235
         - Shellyann from                  • Helps heal rosacea & eczema - Helps kill fungus and
         Baytown, TX                       • Speeds up the healing process of wounds and burns
                                                                                                    Aloe Vera Gel
                                                                                                    1 lb. M-236 $27.90

   Neem Leaf                                                     As Seen
                                                                  on the            Purifying White
    Powder                                                      Back Cover
                                                                                 Ceremonial Sage Leaf
Healing Neem Leaf Powder
Used for centuries in India, Neem leaf                                                             4 oz.
                                                                                                                Burn the tips of the leaves to
powder is famous for ridding scalp of                                                              Bag
dandruff and itchiness. The powder can 4 oz. Net                                                                purify the air, heal illness and
also remove lice and can help with skin                                                                                  repel insects
allergies, and is a natural deodorant.    Weight
Mix with water or healing oils and use
                                        in Shaker                               White Ceremonial Sage
on the skin to cure bed sores, prickly
                                                                                Use fragrant sage leaves to
heat, rashes, and acne. You can also        Jar                                 purify the air in your home,
steep neem leaf powder in your tea to
                                                                                ward off illness, headaches,
relieve flatulence, improve digestion,
                                                                                fever and toxins. You can put
improve immune health, and to clear
                                                                                the leaves in your bathtub to
                                                                                help heal stress, congestion,
                                                                                rashes, and illness.
                                                                                4 oz. Bag M-P146 $15.90
4 oz. Size M-P131 $9.90
1 lb. Size M-P132 $29.90                 Comes         with Instructions As Seen on the Back Cover                         Comes with instructions

Egyptian Aloe Powder                                                            Healing Fragrant
                                   As Seen
                                    on the                                                                                1/2 oz.
Healing Aloe Powder
Mix aloe powder with a little water Back                            2 oz.
                                                                               Authentic Crushed Patchouli
                                                                                                                        Net Weight
to make a paste that rapidly heals Cover                                       Steep patchouli leaves in your tea to
cuts, burns, bruising and skin                                   Net Weight    combat colds, fever, nausea,              in Shaker
irritation and ailments like eczema                                            headaches, and diarrhea. Use in your
                                                                  in Shaker    bath to heal eczema, acne, and irritated      Jar
or insect bites. Mix one teaspoon
with 8 oz. of water or juice to                                      Jar       skin. Most famous as being a natural
improve digestion, soothe the                                                  aphrodisiac, this mood-lifting herb is
stomach, support the immune                                                    also known to suppress the appetite for
system.                                                                        weight loss, and ward off insects and
2oz. Weight Container                                                          moths.
M-P142 $15.90                                                                  1/2 oz. Weight Container                 Comes with      Instructions
1 lb. Bag M-P143 $47.90                                                        M-P144 $9.90
                                                                               1 lb. Bag M-P145 $51.90
                           1 Pound Container                                                                              1 Pound Bag
110                                       Exotic Oils For Natural Healing
             ew !                                                               Dry Skin, Brittle Hair, Acne,
          N eller
        A -S
           st                                          $13.90                   Aging
        Be                                                                      Solution:
                                                                                Black Seed and Shea Butter
                                                                                Moisture Therapy
                                                                                100% Natural. 100% Healing.
                                                                                This potent moisturizer deeply penetrates to heal
                                                                                dry, brittle hair and dry, damaged skin. You'll get
                                                                                shiny hair, a clearer complexion, and say goodbye
                                                                                to itchiness and irritation on the scalp and skin.
                                                                                Great for diaper rash too! Made with all-natural
                                                                                ingredients. Black Seed and Shea Butter
                                                                                Moisture Therapy 2 oz. M-265 $13.90

                                                                                     Enriched With:
                                                                                     Shea Butter         Virgin Coconut Oil
                                                                                     Black Seed Oil      Vitamin E
                                                                                     Jojoba Oil

 Dilemma:                                          Dilemma:
 Weak, Dull hair, Puffy                            Acne, Insect Bites,
 Eyes, and Dry Skin                                and Eczema
 Solution:                                         Solution:
 Jojoba Oil                                        Black Seed Oil
                                                   100% Pure Black Seed Oil
                                                   Discover the 2000-year-old skin care secret
 South Africa’s Rare Skin Healer
                                                   of black seed oil. This oil softens skin and
 Gently softens and heals skin and
                                                   is very effective in clearing acne-prone skin
 hair without a greasy residue. Heals
                                                   and soothing irritated skin. Black seed oil
 lines, wrinkles, and irritations. This
                                                   contains a high vitamin and mineral content,
 can also clear oily or acne-prone
                                                   which make it an amazing skin treat. Heals
 skin, or relieve dry scalp.
                                                   dry skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.
 Jojoba Oil
                                                   Black Seed Oil
 1 oz. M-232 $5.90
                                                   1 oz. M-266 $9.90
 4 oz. M-230 $13.90
                                                   4 oz. M-267 $23.90
 1 lb. M-231 $31.90
                                                   1 lb. M-268 $69.90

Dilemma:                                                                                      Dilemma:
Acne, Blisters, Cold                                                                          Scars, Stretch Marks,
Sores, Dandruff, Rash                                                                         Wrinkles
Solution:                                                                                     Solution:
Tea Tree Oil                                                                                  Vitamin E Oil

 Nature’s Pathway to Clear Skin                                                              Let the Benefits Begin
 Fight away acne, irritation, and                                                            Get soft, glowing skin with this pure
 enjoy clear skin with Tea tree oil.                                                         vitamin E oil. Full of natural
 Full of organic nutrients that fight                                                        antioxidants that work to restore,
 harmful bacterial and prevent                                                               heal, and moisturize your skin.
 infection in cuts, scrapes, and                                                             Vitamin E Oil
 insect bites. From Australia.                                                               1 oz. M-320 $11.90
 Tea Tree Oil                                                                                4 oz. M-321 $25.90
 1 oz. M-262 $11.90                                                                          1 lb. M-322 $59.90
 4 oz. M-263 $27.90
                                                                                              Black Seed Cream111
   Get Clear, Firm Skin with Black Seed Cream
   This all-natural cream made with essential black
                                                                                                           Black Seed helps skin resist the
   seed oil leaves your skin toned, firm and smooth.                                                    aging process through the presence of a
   Enhanced with shea butter to soften skin, while
   black seed oil controls excess oils and ensures an                                                   remarkable water-retentive protein and
   even skin tone. Fades dark spots and age spots,
   while firming loose, sagging skin. 2.82 oz.
                                                                                                                       Omega 3.
   Black Seed Cream M-269 $5.98

      Shea Butter and Honey Indulgence Cream
      Completely transform your skin with the healing power of shea butter,
      organic honey, black seed oil and vitamin E. This butter deeply moisturizes
      the skin while healing stretch marks, scarring, and leaving you youthful and
      radiant. Completely natural. For face or body. 4 oz.
      Shea Butter and Honey Indulgence Cream M-189 $15.90                       Moroccan Mud Shea Butter Blend
                                                                                Slather on the healing with this shea butter blend enriched with Moroccan
                                                                                mud, black seed oil, bees wax, flax seed oil and frankincense & myrrh.
                                                                                Instantly smooths, softens, and clears the skin. Leaving you soft and
                                                                                beautifully scented with frankincense and myrrh essential oils. 5.26 fl. oz.
                                                                                Moroccan Mud and Black Seed Shea Butter Blend M-188 $15.90

                                                                             B. Cocoa Butter Shower Gel

A. Papaya Shower           A.                     B.           C.            Enjoy delicious aroma and
                                                                             healing with this lather-rich            Africa’s Instant
Gel                                                                          shower gel. Cocoa butter helps           Fix
Soften your skin with                                                        maintain natural moisture and            8.5 oz. Made in
the aromatic benefits                                                        oil balance to the skin. Leaves          the US. Kosher
of papaya extract.                                                           your skin soft and smooth. 12            100%
Contains                                                                     oz. M-P136 $5.90                         Glycerin M-411
multivitamins and                                                                                                     $9.90
beta-carotene to
rejuvenate the skin.
12 oz. M-P138 $5.90
                                                                            C. Jamaica Island Shower Gel
                                                                             Enjoy the sensual pleasures
                                                                            of aroma oil while bathing. Our
                                                                            special formula will                          Cocoa Butter Healing Lotion
                                                                            simultaneously sooth your                     Heal stretch marks, scarring and
                                                                                                                          dry skin with the healing

                                                                                                                          Personal Care
                                                                            muscles and mind. Your bath
                                                                            time experience will be more                  qualities of cocoa butter and
                                                                            relaxing and enjoyable.                       vitamin E. 12 oz. M-162 $9.90
                                                                            Enriched with aloe.12 oz.
                                                                            M-P137 $5.90
                           Scented Dead Sea Salts
                                                                                                                                 Taking Bathing to a Whole New
                                                                                                                                 Sink into a nice hot, therapeutic
                                                                                                                                 bath with these dead sea scented
  Tranquility                                                                                                                    bath salts. Scented with
                                                                                                                                 essential oils that are made to
                                                                                                                                 soothe, revive, and relieve stress.
                                                                                                                                 4 oz. Scented Dead Sea Salts
                                                                                                                                 M-153 $7.90

                                                                                                                                 Get the Set of Four Scented
                                                                                                                                 Dead Sea
                                                                                                                                 Salts and Save!
                                                                                                                                 M-153S $19.90
                                       Egyptian Musk              Lavender
                                                                                           Ocean Mist

                                                                                                  Find Out What Customers Are so Excited About
                                                                                                  People used to travel across the world to bathe in
                You Need Dead Sea Products If...                                                  the healing waters of the Dead Sea. Enriched with
                • You crave silky soft, super smooth skin                                         beneficial minerals and vitamins to give you fresh,
                • You want to clear oily, acne-prone skin                                         radiant skin. Famous for its effectiveness in healing
                • You suffer from eczema or psoriasis                                             acne, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis and muscular pain.
                • You have aching muscles and joints                                              Soak up with the healing minerals of the dead sea
                • You want to age-proof your skin                                                 today! Made in Israel.

           $9.90 per                           Unscented Dead Sea Salts
            pound                      8 Reasons To Take a Bath In Dead Sea Salts:
                                       #1 Regular use of dead sea salts has been clinically proven
                                       to relieve symptoms of psoriasis & eczema.                                                        Ten Pounds Dead Sea Salts
                                       #2 Dead sea salts help to relieve symptoms of arthritis.                                           M-166 $58.
                                       #3 A bath in dead sea salt is the perfect way to relieve stress.                     Fifty-Five Pounds
                                       #4 A dead sea salt bath has been known to cure insomnia.                             Dead Sea Salts
                                       #5 Dead sea salt remove harmful toxins from your body.                               M-167 $219.
                                       #6 Bathing in dead sea salts can reduce the appearance of
                                       fine lines and wrinkles.
                                       #7 Dead sea salts have been known to clear oily/acne prone
M-165                                  #8 Soaking in a bath filled with dead sea salts is a wonderful
                                       way to treat skin allergies and rashes.

                                                                                                      Himalayan Bath Salts
                                                                                            One Pound
                                                                                            Grain                                  Get fine grain for the
                                                                                            M-P107                                 healthiest cooking
                                                                                            $13.90                                 salt!
                                                                                                                                   One Pound Fine Grain
                                                                                                                                   M-P133 $13.90
Cold and Flu Healing Bath Soak                 Experience the Power of Acai
Boost your immune system with these            These acai berry infused bath salts
healing bath salts. Enriched with Vitamin C,   give you all the benefits of dead sea                                                       For Skin care:
Lemon, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree      salts while acai berry purifies the skin,                                                   As you bathe you’ll notice
Oil & more help to clear your sinuses while    and vitamins C, E and A nourish.                                                            your skin becoming
herbal extracts of echinacea and ginsent       Enhanced with an essential oil blend         The Purest Bath Crystals for the Purest        smoother, softer, and
 help to ease symptoms of cold and flu.        of grapefruit, mandarin, tangerine, and      Cleansing                                      cleaner than ever before.
1 lb. (16 oz.). M-P119 $13.90                  lime. 1 lb (16 oz.). M-P120 $15.90           Himalayan Bath Salts have formed in the        Himalayan salts have been
                                                                                            Himalayan mountains over                       used to treat dry skin, acne,
                                                                                            thousands of years, the crystals are           psoriasis; insect bites or
                                                                                            incredibly pure and virtually untouched by     blisters; joint diseases such
                                                                                            pollutants and toxins.                         as arthritis and
                                                   Want to Dye Your Salts?                                                                 rheumatism; water retention
                                                   Color your salts or other skin           Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals that       and PMS symptoms; stress
                                                   care products with these                 balance and detoxify the body. They are        and insomnia.
                                                   easy-to-use gel dyes.                    much healthier than regular salt, as they
  Set of Six Dead Sea Salt Samples                 Set of Six Dyes. M-S809                  are more mineral rich and cleansing. When      One Pound Coarse Grain
  Get samples of dead sea salts!                   $17.90                                   you bathe in the salts these minerals are      Himalayan Rock Salts
  Unscented salts. 1 oz. samples. M-168                                                     absorbed through the skin and can help to      M-P107 $13.90
  $7.90                                                                                     improve immunity, reduce stress, improve       One Pound Fine Grain
                                                                                            heart health, relieve headaches and            Salts M-P133 $13.90
           Fade-Out Cream                                                 Coffee Eye Butter                                               113

       The Best-Seller
       On This Page!
Experience 100% Clear, Toned Skin
This fade-out cream is made with all-natural ingredients to
make dark spots, liver spots, or age spots disappear quickly
and easily. Made with aloe vera, ginseng extract, vitamin E
and mineral water to gently heal discoloration and firm skin.
1.05 fl. oz. Fade Out Cream M-P102 $6.98

      Making a Difference
                                                                 Brighten and De-Puff Your Eyes With Natural Coffee Butter!
                                                                 Brighten the area around your eyes with this caffeine-rich coffee butter, green and
                                                                 white tea, seaweed and vitamin E. This butter is anti-inflammatory and instantly
                                                                 cools, calms and soothes tired eyes. The butter works to eliminate dark circles
                                                                 while seaweed tones and revitalizes. The teas are rich in polyphenols which
                                                                 reduce signs of aging. You can also use this on your face and neck as a night
                                                                 cream. 3 oz. M-P135 $15.90

                                                                                 100% Mineral Oil
                                                                                 Aids in the repair of dry and
                                                                                 damaged skin. Conditions hair and scalp.
                                                                                 100% mineral oil not only moisturizes and
                                                                                 protects your skin, it helps to repair and
 This little girl is named Barbara. She was found                                add luster to damaged hair. Directions:
 in trash pile.                                                                  for best results massage on skin, hair and
                                                                                 scalp. A few drops of your favorite
                                                                                 fragrance will give you a personalized
                                                                                 bath oil. Ingredients: mineral oil.
                                                                                 M-P123 $7.98

De-Cellulite and
 Deep Clean
                                                                Moroccan Body
                                                                                                                    Moroccan mud minerals
                                                                                                                    brighten the skin, giving
                                                      Morocco’s Best Kept Secret                                    it a smoother and more
                                                      Experience dramatic skin improvement with
                                                      Moroccan Mud. This rare mineral clay moisturizes                     toned look.
                                                      skin while drawing out impurities for an instant skin

                                                                                                                       Personal Care
                                                      makeover. It tightens skin, helping to reduce cellulite and
                                                      sagging skin. Its unique mineral content displaces toxic
                                                      build up within the skin, and instantly improves skin tone
                                                      and texture. Shades of mud vary.
                                                      Moroccan Mud 4 oz. M-360 $13.90 • 1 lb. M-361 $31.90
114            Three Healing Oils for Total
                     Skin Renewal
                                                                                                      Sweet Almond Oil

                                                                                                   Sweet Almond Oil
                                                                                                   4 oz. M-P108 $9.90
                                                                                                   1 lb. M-P109 $23.90

                                                                  Set includes:
                                $69.90 Retail Value               • 4 oz. Shea Nut Oil
                               Yours for only $13.90              • 4 oz. Jojoba Oil
                                                                  • 4 oz. Virgin Coconut Oil
Healing Oils Wellness Set
Get the most effective skin care oils in this all-inclusive set. Reduce signs of aging,
soften your skin, and enjoy clear, radiant skin. Save over 12% on each oil when
you purchase this set. Healing Oils Wellness Set X-027 $13.90                                                                    4 OZ.

                                 Hair Stimulating
                                Passion Flower Oil
                                Refreshing Healing From the Tropics
                                Passion Flower oil gently soothes and calms stressed skin
                                and is high in healing essential fatty acids that work to plump
                                up dry, aging or sagging skin. These beneficial ingredients
                                also help to ease the symptoms of eczema. This oil is most
                                famous for increasing hair growth and softening dry,
                                damaged hair.
                                                                                                  Pure Healing for Skin and Hair
                                 You Need Passion Flower Oil If...                                100% sweet almond oil is a rich source of vitamins and
                                 • You want to encourage hair growth                              minerals that work to heal and nourish skin and hair. It’s
                                 • You want healthier, softer hair                                suitable for any skin type, no matter how sensitive and
                                 • You want to ease muscular aches                                can be used alone or mixed with fragrance to get the
1/2 oz. M-P113 $7.90             • You want a natural skin moisturizer                            smell you want! Massage a few drops of almond oil into
1 oz. M-P114 $13.90              • You want to heal symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.             your hair to add lustre and improve hair health.
4 oz. M-P115 $39.90

                             Natural Line Healing                                                    African Macadamia
                                 Moringa Oil                                                               Nut Oil
                                 Egypt’s #1 Skin and Haircare Solution
                                 Bursting with over 46 antioxidants, plus vitamin C
                                                                                                      for Cooking or Skin Care
                                 and vitamin A, moringa oil is a skin and hair care
                                 essential. Famous for relieving chronic dry skin,
                                 moringa oil soothes and softens while eliminating
                                                                                                                       NEW! Macadamia Nut Oil
                                 fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used as a                                     Nourish your skin with rapidly-healing
                                 leave-in conditioner or hot oil treatment and does                                    macadamia nut oil. This oil tones
                                 wonders for itchy, irritated scalp or damaged hair.                                   aged or dry skin, softening and
                                 From Egypt.                                                                           healing wounds, scarring, lines, and
                                 1 oz. Moringa Oil M-P116 $7.90                                                        stretch marks. It is also
                                 4 oz. Moringa Oil M-P117 $19.90                                                       recommended by nutritionists for
                                 1 lb. Moringa Oil M-P118 $59.90
                                                                                                                       cooking, as it is beneficial for heart
 You Need Moringa Oil If...                                                                                            health and diabetes. It has a mild
 • You want to soften severely dry skin                                                                                taste that goes well with anything!
 •You want to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles                                                                        1 oz. M-P110 $5.98
                                                                                                                       4 oz. M-P111 $9.90
 • You want a hot-oil treatment that will soften and heal hair.
                                                                                                                       16 oz. (1 lb.) M-P112 $25.90
 • You want a healthier cooking oil full of vitamins A, C and
   radiance-boosting ingredients.
 • You want to tighten the pores and remove blackheads and pimples.
        Virgin Coconut Oil                                                                                forFlawless                                 115
                                                                                                           Skin and Health
                                                                                                                                           100% Virgin
                                                                                                                                         African Coconut

 Coconut oil
 imported from
 Fiji Islands.

      per 4 oz.
   $25.90 per
     pound                                                                                                                        Set of 12 1/2 oz. Coconut Oil
                                                                                                                                  Jars M-222 $17.90

            100% Virgin
                                                                                                                                 You Need This
        African Coconut Oil
                                                                                                                                 Product If........
                                                                                                                  • You want soft, silky smooth skin
                                                                                                                  • You want to regulate your metabolism •
                                                      100% Virgin Coconut Oil 4 oz.                                 to encourage weight loss
                                                      jar. M-220                                                  • You want clear, luminous skin
                                                      $9.90 each                                                  • You want a healthy alternative to fatty
                                                                                                                    cooking oils
                                                      NOTICE: Virgin coconut oil is different from                • You want to age-proof your skin
                                                      hydrogenated coconut oil. Hydrogenated                      • You want to heal stretch marks and
                                                      coconut oils are deodorized and diluted with                  scarring
                                                      harsh chemicals and bleaches. Only pure
                                                                                                                  • You want a beneficial massage oil
                                                      virgin coconut oil gives you the benefits listed.

   The Anti-Aging Solution for Dry,                                                    The Best Deal On the Most Popular
            Sensitive Skin                                                                          Butters!
     100% Mango Butter
Mango butter is
from South Africa

4 oz. jar M-240 $15.90
1 Lb. (16 oz.) M-241 $35.
                                                                                                Set Includes:                • 4 oz. Mango Butter
       why you love it
                                                                       Natural Butters
                                                                       Sampler Kit              • 4 oz. Shea Butter          • 4 oz. Aloe Butter
                                                                       X-026 $27.90             • 4 oz. Cocoa Butter         • 4 oz. Olive Butter
      “I love the body oil and I purchased the mango
      butter for my mother who is recovering from                       Body Butters Sampler Kit

                                                                                                                                  Personal Care
      surgery and has very dry skin. We wanted to use                   Soften, soothe and enjoy Africa’s greatest skin
      an all-natural product on her and your product is                 treatments with this body butter set. Includes the
      just what she needed. “                                           very best selling body butters we have, plus you
                                                                        save 13% on each butter when you get this set!
             - Kaitlynn in CO
116          Enjoy Completely Renewed Skin

                                   Green Tea Cooling Face Wash
                                   Rejuvenate your skin from the
                                   inside out with this cooling face                                     Brightening Complexion Mud Mask
                                   wash made with menthol extract to                                     Deep clean and purify your skin with the
                                   purify the skin while green tea                                       healing power of kaolin clay, natural
                                   naturally maintains your skins                                        minerals, rosemary leaf extract and aloe.
                                   moisture. Enriched with soothing                                      This mineral-rich black mud helps cleanse
                                   aloe, vitamin E and calming                                           away excess oils, blackheads, and bacteria.
                                   chamomile. 4 oz. M-P140 $5.90                                         It also helps tighten pores and keeps the
                                                                                                         skin young and fresh. 6 oz. M-P126 $7.90

                  Antioxidant Vitamin        Extra Softening -
                  E Gel                      No Grease
                  Enhanced with              Made with virgin
                  beta-carotene,             coconut oil, this
                  chamomile, and other       moisturizing oil
                  natural extracts to        softens your entire
                  soften and restore         body and gently
                  your skin tone. Helps      protects it from wind,
                  to fade imperfections,     heat, and pollution for                         Deep-Cleansing Cucumber Peel-Off Mask
                  scarring, and blotchy      hours. Has a soft                               Deep clean oil and dirt from your pores with the healing
                  skin. Fragrance-free       coconut scent. 9 oz.                            antioxidant power of cucumber. Vitamins help to remove
                  and non-greasy. 8.5        Coconut                                         impurities, firm the skin, and the cucumber extract helps
                  Oz. Vitamin E              Moisturizing Oil                                to relax and soothe worn out skin. Deep-Cleansing
                  Antioxidant Gel            M-223 $11.90                                    Cucumber Peel Off Mask M-P124 $7.90
                  M-323 $11.90

For the Deepest Natural Clean                Deeply Cleanse and Refresh
Rid your face of impurities and dead skin    This cucumber and avocado facial scrub           Deep-Cleansing Orange Peel-Off Mask
with this papaya and apricot facial scrub.   gently washes away impurities while getting      Energize tired, troubled skin with the healing
Enriched with vitamin C and E. 5.26 fl.      rid of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, soft     power of orange extract. This peel-off mask helps
oz. Papaya and Apricot Facial Scrub          skin. Enriched with vitamin C and E. 5.26 fl.    peel away impurities while softening skin with
M-P103 $3.79                                 oz. Cucumber and Avocado Facial Scrub            much-needed antioxidants. Deep-Cleansing
                                             M-P104 $3.79                                     Orange Peel Off Mask M-P125 $7.90
                                Natural Ways to Radiance                                                                                          117
                         with Skin-Soothing Lotions, Masks and More
                    Collagen Care Anti-Aging Gel
                    Erase fine lines and aging signs
                    with this new collagen care gel.
                    It a botanical wrinkle fighter;
                    especially beneficial for
                    removing bags or puffiness
                    under the eye, facial wrinkles,
                    stretch marks, and dry skin.
                    Apply liberally as needed. 7.5
                    oz. Made in the USA.
                    Collage Care Anti-Aging Gel
                    M-346 $9.90

 Want Softer, More Youthful Skin?                                             Shea Anti-Aging Wonder
 This super moisturizing face cream contains properties                       This nutrient-rich, age-fighting formula for your face and
 of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a natural product that our                  eyes helps repair visible lines and wrinkles, and softens
 body produces an abundance of when young, but after 18                       skin. Made with a precise blend of healing ‘Oma’ (super
 years of age gradually diminishes. This ingredient makes                     grade of Shea). A constant customer favorite that keeps
 the face soft and youthful. This velvety cream contains a                    skin looking soft, young, and luminous. 4 oz.
 natural blend of 5 oils and mango and shea butter, to                        Anti-Aging Wonder M-310 $19.90
 increase elasticity and ease dryness.
 Age-Reversing Mango Face Cream M-380 $15.90

                                                                                                              Lavender Fields
                                                                                        Egyptian Musk

                                                                                      Set of Three Nourishing Scented Body Butters
                                                                                      Give dry skin the softness it craves with this super-creamy body
                                                                                      butter. Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and virgin
                                                                                      coconut oil. Softens skin while effectively healing stretch marks and
                                                                                      scarring. 8 oz. Set of Three Body Butters M-144S $39.90

                                                                                       100% Natural Wosa’s Loc Butter
                                                                                       Made with aloe, herbal tea, shea
                                                                                       butter, and essential oils. Leaves
Cucumber Whitening Facial Toner              Soothing Milk Face Wash                   hair softly scented and healthy and
Clear and tone your skin with this           Give your skin radiance with this         shiny. A fast way to repair split ends.
                                             natural milk extract wash. Deep

                                                                                                                         Personal Care
mineral-enriched facial toner. Enriched                                                Wosa’s Loc Butter M-343 $7.90
with aloe, vitamin B6, vitamin E and         cleanses your face and eliminates dirt
chamomile to soothe and renew                and residue. Gentle on sensitive skin
worn-out skin and clear blemishes and        with aloe and chamomile to heal and
dark spots. 6 oz. M-P139 $5.90               restore. 5 oz. M-P141 $5.90
                                                                  Shea Nut Oil
                                                       A #1 Customer Favorite
                                                       Say goodbye to dull, dry skin with shea nut oil.
                                                       Extracted directly from the nuts of the shea tree,
                                                       this oil quickly clears skin of blemishes, reduces
                                                       fine lines, and softens. Even better, it can be used
                                                       as a deep cleaning conditioner, hot oil treatment,
                                                       and as a cooking oil. From Mali.
                                                       Shea Nut Oil
                                                       1oz. M-227 $5.98
                                                       4oz. M-225 $11.90
                                                       1lb. Oil M-226 $31.90

                                                      You Need This Product If...
                                                      • You want silky soft, shiny hair
                                                      • You want clear, luminous skin
                                                                                                why you love it
                                                      from head to toe                        “The Shea nut oil is wonderful, just like
                                                      • You want clear, acne-free skin        your ad says it helps clear up acne-prone
                                                      • You want to heal scarring or          skin. People think I have had clear skin all
                                                      stretch marks                           my life!”
                                                      • You want to minimize lines and
                                                      wrinkles                                - Sara from Richmond, IN
                                                      • You want to rid scalp of pesky

   Making a Difference                     To De-Cellulite Your Skin Choose

                                            Coffee Butter
                                          why you love it
                                          “I can feel the coffee butter tightening                                                  4 oz.
                                          my skin almost instantly. This really
                                          works! And it works fast!”

                                                  - Amy in Los Angeles, CA
    Here is a kiss from an orphanage in
               Congo, Africa.              The caffeine content in this butter works to
                                           minimize cellulite, and reduce puffiness in
                                           the skin. This moisturizing butter smells like a
                                           mocha latte and feels even better on your skin!
                                           Coffee Butter 4 oz. M-365 $17.90
                                           One Pound Size M-366 $51.90

                                                                                                    Replace Stretch Marks
                                                                                                   and Scarring with Clear,
                                                                                                         Supple Skin
 Palm Kernel                                                                                          Olive Butter
Add some palm oil to your lotion for                                                                      4 oz. M-238
softer, more nourished skin. Use this                                                                     $11.90
for cooking as a healthier cooking oil                                                                1 lb. (16 oz.) M-239 $27.90
that is safe for those with nut
allergies. M-P127 1 lb. $9.90
    love the skin                                                                                                              119
      you’re in!                                                        SheAloe Butter

The Best of Both Worlds - Shea Butter and Aloe
This butter is 100% pure shea butter and pure aloe
butter. The perfect combo of Africa’s finest power
healers! SheAloe Butter 4 oz. M-370 $9.90
1 lb. M-371 $27.90
   You Need This Product If...
   • You want smooth, healthy hair
   • You want to improve and clear your
   • You want softer, more supple skin
   • You want to delay the aging process
   • You want to lighten dark circles under the eyes
   • You want to relieve dry, itching skin
   • You want to cure chapped lips                               A. Shea Butter Face and Body Cream
   • You want to prevent hair loss                               Nourish your skin with this creamy shea butter lotion.
                                                                 This cream will moisturize while healing crow’s feet     C.
                                                                 and stretch marks. 4 oz. Shea Butter Face and
                                                                 Body Cream M-342 $4.78 each

                      Skin Need Nourishing?                      B. Shea Butter Hand Cream
                      This sinfully rich shea butter formula     Enjoy a spellbinding blend of fragrances and the skin
                      also includes nourishing jojoba oil        healing qualities of shea butter. 4 oz. Shea Butter
                      and vitamin E to leave your skin           Hand Cream M-161 $4.78 each
                      outrageously silky and toned. 8 oz.        C. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Lotion
                      Shea Butter Lotion M-345 $9.90             A rich, moisturizing body butter lotion enriched with
                                                                 aloe for healing and skin perfection. 12 oz. Shea
                                                                 Butter and Aloe Vera Lotion M-163 $9.90


Shea Butter Quick-Fix Roll-On Sticks                                           A.
Simply roll a little shea butter wherever
needed to soften the skin, fade wrinkles,
stretch marks, and protect from
pollutants. Enhanced with Vitamin E.
1 oz. Shea Butter Moisturizing Stick
M-197 $2.19 each
 Three Healers in One Creamy Lotion
                         Three Healers in One Cream!
                         Get the benefits of Cocoa, Shea,

                                                                                                                     Personal Care
                         and Mango butter. You’ll feel softer,
                         smoother and notice firmer fresher
                         skin. Three in One Butter Cream.
                         M-341 $5.58
                                                                                                              Re-Package Shea
120            Only 100% Pure Shea Butter is
                                                                                                        Butter For Purity and Savings
               On this Page - Find Out Why
                          it’s the

                      #1 Best
      why you love it                                                                                   One Pound Bags of Raw Unmelted Shea Butter
                                                                                                        Save $16. per lb. when you order shea butter in bulk
        “This product is the best, I put it                                                             in these bags. The color of shea butter varies depend-
                                                                                                        ing on how long it is boiled, but both white and yellow
        on my body, in my hair. My whole                                                                are exactly the same in effectiveness. This shea
        body is softer, toned, and has a                                                                butter has never been melted. One Pound Bags of
                                                                                                        Shea Butter M-183 $15.90 per bag
        healthy glow to it!”

          - Claudia from Ogden,
                                                                                                                          The #1
                                                                                                                        Best Selling
Unfiltered, Raw
Shea Butter
4 oz. Jar
M-182 $7.90 each

                                                                                                 Available in
                                                                                                 • unscented
                                                                                                 • fruit
                                                                                                 • floral
                                                                                                 fragrances.       Why is this popular African butter now
                                                                                                                   being used in hundreds of personal care
                                                                                                                   products? Find out for yourself. There is
                                                                                                                   no substitute for pure and natural shea
                                                                                                                   butter. Used for generations in Africa to
You Need Shea Butter If...                      • You want to relieve muscle aches and pains                       keep skin young and healthy, remove
• You want unbelievably soft, smooth skin       • You want to firm aging or loose skin                             stretch marks, and even to help babies
• You want to rid your skin of ash, chapping,                                                                      sleep better.
                                                • You suffer from dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis
  or discoloration                              • You want a natural diaper rash treatment for babies
• You crave silky, shiny, soft hair             • You want strong, healthy nails and cuticles
• You want to maintain youthful, vibrant skin   • You want to prevent thinning or brittleness in the
• You want to clear away stretch marks            hair
• You want to rid yourself of pesky dandruff    • You want to heal scarring or liver spots
    Pre-Packaged For                                                127
                                        Experience Age-Defying Skin 121
    Extra Convenience
                 Choose from White or
                 Yellow Shea Butter!

                                16 OZ.
 8 OZ.                                              32 OZ.

Packed and Labeled Bulk Shea Butter
For the easiest way to sell! Simply unpack the box and put
                                                                   Also available
on the shelves. This shea butter has been melted and
poured into the containers.                                           in white!
8 oz. Shea Butter M-185 $9.90
16 oz. (1 lb.) Shea Butter M-186 $15.90
32 oz. (2 lb.) Shea Butter M-187 $27.90
                                                                                    Experience Luminous Skin That is Clear, Toned and
                                             All calabashes                                       Makeup-Optional!
                                             come cracked.                           Reveal the beautiful skin you've always wanted with
                                                                                    natural shea butter. This butter quickly and effectively
                                                                                      reduces signs of aging, acne, stretch marks, and

                                                                                Pure, Filtered Shea Butter!

Shea Butter in a Calabash
Order shea butter in a calabash to maintain the
freshest shea butter possible. Weights vary from
25 to 70 lbs. per calabash. Call or check online for
available sizes. Calabashes are often cracked during
shipment from Africa to the states. This is normal
and does not effect the freshness of the shea butter.
Shea Butter in a Calabash
M-183C sold by weight at $12. per pound.

         why you love it
  “I LOVE SHEA BUTTER! At night I wash my
  face with black soap and apply shea butter to
  restore moisture. And when I wake up, my skin
  is so soft and beautiful. If you have never tried                                           4 OZ.
  it, you don’t know what you are missing. (and it
  smells so fresh”                                                                  100% Pure Shea Butter - Refined                      1 LB.
                              - Jeri from Raleigh, NC                               This shea butter has all the same healing powers of raw
                                                                                    shea butter, however it has been put through clay filters
                                                                                    to make it smoother, more spreadable, and to remove
                                                                                    any natural impurities that sometimes come with raw
                                                                                    shea butter. It also gives you a slightly milder smell than
                                     Give Samples for More Sales!

                                                                                                                       Personal Care
                                                                                    raw shea butter.
                                     Set of twelve 1/2 oz. jars of shea
                                                                                    4 oz. Refined Shea Butter
                                     12 Sample Jars of Shea Butter                  M-192 $9.90
                                     M-184 $15.90                                   1 Pound Refined Shea Butter
                                                                                    M-193 $19.90
          Ancient Healing Herbs
  Ward off Stress and Sickness
with the Purifying Power of White
       Ceremonial Sage

                                               Renew Your Skin and Senses
  Add neem leaf powder
                                                 with Africa’s Aphrodisiac:
   to your shampoo for
                                                      Healing Patchouli
    softer hair and no
  dandruff! Add to your                           See all the new
 lotion to get rid of acne,                       herbs on page
   bed sores and rash!

Experience African
Health, Fragrance
and Beauty Secrets

  12 new oils inside!
                  Baby Phat Dare Me
                  China Rain
                  Crystal Blue (W) Type
                  Curve Crush (M) Type
                  Curve Crush (W) Type
                  Ellen Tracy (W) Type
                  Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W) Type
                  Jennifer Lopez Blue Glow (W) Type
                  Kim Kardashian (W) Type
                  Lick Me All Over
                  Super Model (W) V.S. Type
                 ...see the rest on pages 80-90

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