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					                                             STEVEN KLEIN
                                                       AEA / AFTRA / SAG
                                                                 reel, press, etc.:

NATURE                                                     Co-Star                          Jeffrey Pickett, dir
MAX BEER                                                   Star                             Lisa Addario & Joe Syracuse, dir
THE SKYJACKER                                              Featured                         Jeffrey Pickett, dir
THE GRAND DESIGN                                           Co-Star (and Producer of)        Eric Stoltz, dir
WORD FOR WORD                                              Co-Star                          Susanna Fogel, dir
UNTITLED SKYY VODKA SHORT FILM PROJECT                     Star                             Ian Harrington, dir
THE PROPOSAL                                               Co-Star                          Seth Gordon, dir
       • Hypefest 2003 Official Selection; • Group 101 International Spot
INVENTION OF LOVE                                          Star                             Bruce Cohen, dir
BROTHERS’ CAROL                                            Co-Star                          Geraldine Hughes, dir
MISINFORMATION, INC.                                       Star                             Joe LaMontina, dir
JASON’S DAY                                                Star                             Obi Ndefo, dir
DAY FOR KNIGHT                                             Star                             Nicole Barnette, dir
THE VISIONEER’S APPRENTICE                                 Star                             Polaroid

BURN NOTICE                                                Guest Star                       USA
SONS OF ANARCHY                                            Co-Star                          FX
PIZZA TIME                                                 Recurring (& Producer of)        Spec Pilot, Exec Produced by Todd Holland
STAR TREK ENTERPRISE                                       Co-Star                          UPN/Paramount
THE KENNEDYS OF MASSACHUSETTS (MOW)                        Guest Star                       ABC
THE DISCOVERY (MOW)                                        Guest Star                       NBC/Century III
AGAINST THE LAW                                            Guest Star                       FOX

THE FOUR OF US                                          David (Lead) (& Producer of)      Firefly Theater, LA
      • Best Actor, Ticketholder Awards; • Maddy Award for Performance; • Garland Award for Performance, Honorable Mention (2008)
FLAGS                                                   Chaplain (Lead) (& Producer of) Firefly Theater at 59E59, Off-Broadway, NY
AN INFINITE ACHE                                           Charles (Lead)                   The Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
THE GEEK GATSBY                                            Gatsby (Lead)                    FOX Television/Naked Angels (Naked TV)
THREE SISTERS                                              Solyoni                          Rainn Wilson, dir.
AN INFINITE ACHE                                           Charles (Lead) (& Producer of)   Black Dahlia Theatre, LA
       • Best Actor Runner Up, Ticketholder Awards; • Maddy Award for Production of the Year (2004)
BILOXI BLUES                                               Arnold Epstein                   The Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA
KING LEAR                                                  Fool (Lead)                      The MET Theatre, LA (with James Gammon)
       • Best Supporting Actor Runner Up, Ticketholder Awards (2003)
RAGGED TIME                                                Yellow Kid                       Black Dahlia Theatre, LA
ORSON’S SHADOW                                             Sean (& Producer of)             Black Dahlia Theatre/Tiffany Theater, LA
       • Production of the Year Award, LADCC; • Ensemble & Production Garland Awards (2001)
MEASURE FOR MEASURE                                    Gentleman (& Producer of)        Firefly Theater, LA
SHOPPING AND FUCKING                                       Gary (Lead)                      Celebration Theatre, LA
       • Best Supporting Actor, Ticketholder Award; • Ensemble & Production Garland Awards (2000)
THE BEST MISTAKE                                           Will                             Playwright’s Project, San Diego
LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME                                     David (Lead)                     Theatre of New England, Boston
SOX                                                        Boy (Lead)                       Firefly Theater
ARCADIA                                                    Valentine (Lead)                 Yale University
SALTIMBANQUES                                              James (Lead)                     Yale University
LOVERS                                                     Joe/Andy (Lead)                  Yale University
THE TEMPEST                                                Ariel (Lead)                     Yale University
KING LEAR                                                  Fool (Lead)                      Yale University
HISTORY PLAY                                               Roger (Lead)                     Yale University
PERICLES                                                   Gower                            Yale University
MACBETH                                                    Young Seward                     Yale University

Catlin Adams Acting Studio                                                             Los Angeles, CA
BA, with Distinction, in Theatre from Yale University (May, 1998)                      New Haven, CT
Shakespeare & Co. 1996, 1998, 2001                                                     Lenox, MA

Dialects, Magician (Member, the Magic Castle), Speaks French (in)adequately, Boxer (Junior Lightweight)