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									?Here are several situations you might need help:

Modify PDF Files in Word
Have you ever found anything wrong in the PDF files, but you just cannot make a
modification in the PDF files? Is there any possibility that the original text content,
layout, and images are almost retained and you can modify the text with your own

Reuse data from PDF in Excel
"I was assigned to calculate some statistics from Internet, but when I downloaded the
file, I found all that boring figures were in a PDF file, and I have no idea where to
start, type them into excel one by one? Can I make it in a more efficient way?"

Recover PPT from PDF
"I teach my students with PPTs in my class, I have got a lot of nice templates but it is
pity that they are in PDF files. That means I can just watch at them. Could I convert
PDF to PPT so that I can use them to create my own PPT slides and present them to
my class?"

Release PDF online
"I am a web editor, I want those rare books to be shown on the internet, but I don't
want to type them word by word, I would rather to pay to have the work done, I want
it be done in a more efficient way."

Extract text from PDF
"Recently I found a PDF file with funny stories, but it contains so many strange words,
sometimes I even could not get the main idea of some stories. What's more, the PDF
file is encrypted that I could not copy the text to Google translation. Is there any
simple way I can take all the texts to Google translation instead of typing them? What
should I do?"

Here comes an all in one solution:

AnyBizSoft PDF Converter is a handy tool to convert PDF files to office documents.
It allows you to convert the PDF files in your PC to office documents and provides
support to convert encrypted PDF files. You can also convert specific page range.
Furthermore, a batch conversion is also supported by AnyBizSoft PDF Converter.

1. Add and choose PDF files
Click on add files… to put your target PDF files, OR just simply drag up your target
PDF files then drop in the program.

2. Choose your target type on the navigation bar
You can convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint, HTML and Text. If your target
type is html, you might click on Option and change the Paramater when you want to
convert to HTML document.

3. Now, you can customize the Output Setting
You can convert specific page range, for example, all, from…to… or individual page.
And choose the output folder.

4. Click Convert
The conversion will be finished in seconds.

5. Open files
Click on Open or open the files directly by clicking on the links in Status column.

Now if you have met the situations that mentioned here, you should turn to PDF
Converter for help. And if you're looking for a powerful way to convert PDF
documents to office format and do not want to spend a lot of money, then you should
definitely give AnyBizSoft PDF converter a try. Spend less money, save more time.
Let's enjoy the simple and efficient life.

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