Honoring Opportunities for Personal Empowerment

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					                            Honoring Opportunities                                                                 H.O.P.E.
                          for Personal Empowerment                                                                   Volume I, Issue 2
                                                                                                                      February, 2005

                              You will be secure, for there is hope. Job 11:1

The four candles burn slowly. The                       those who are nearest to them.”
ambiance was so soft you could
hear them talking. The first one                        And, waiting no longer, it goes out.
said:                                                    Suddenly, a child enters the room
                                                                                                                 Yesterday is
“I am Peace! However, nobody can                        and sees three candles not burning.                        already a
keep me lit. I believe I will go out.”                  “Why are you not burning? You                             dream, and
                                                                            are supposed to
Its flame rapidly di-                                                       stay lit until                       Tomorrow is
minishes and goes
out quickly.
                                                                            the end.”                            only a vision;
The second one says:
                                                                                     Saying this, the              but Today,
                                                                                     child begins to
“I am Faith! Most of                                                                 cry…                          well lived,
all, I am no longer                                                                   Then the                   makes every
indispensable so it
doesn’t make any
                                                                                     fourth candle                Yesterday a
sense that I stay lit                                                                                              Dream of
any longer.”                                                                 “Don’t be
                                                                            afraid. While I                        Happiness
When it finished
talking, a breeze softly blew on it
                                                        am still burning, we can re-light the                      and every
                                                        other candles. I am Hope!”
putting it out.                                                                                                   tomorrow a
                                                         With shining eyes, the child took
 Sadly, the third one spoke in its                      the candle of Hope and re-lit the
                                                                                                                    vision of
turn and says:                                          other candles.                                               Hope.
“I am Love! I haven’t got the                           The flame of Hope should never go
strength to stay lit. People put me                     out from your life and may each of
aside and don’t understand my im-                       us maintain Peace, Faith, Love and
portance. They even forget to love                      Hope in our lives.
                                                                                                                H.O.P.E. continues
                                                                                                                 to grow by your
                                                                                                                  referral. Many
                   H.O.P.E. is                                                                                   thanks for your
We are excited to share the excitement of               Our Advisory Board is finalizing the final draft on           trust &
growth! We have expanded into Story County              our 1st Satisfaction Survey that we will be sending
where we have begun providing CDAC services.            to our participants in March/April.
Our Independent Living Opportunities Department
                                                        Finally, our Medicaid Review will be held later this
is receiving referrals in each area of SCL (Supported
                                                        month. We have been blessed with a dedicated and
Community Living), CDAC (Consumer Directed                                                                      Please check your re-
                                                        flexible direct care provider team. Case managers
Attendant Care), and Respite. It has been an honor                                                              cords to ensure you have
                                                        and Vocational Rehabilitation counselors have
to be of service to our participants.
                                                        worked efficiently to ensure we are receiving each      our correct mailing ad-
Our Employment Opportunities Department is              participant’s information. There are moments of
currently under renovation and we in the process of     frustration, but the overall feeling is one of humble   dress: H.O.P.E.,
developing an innovative plan that we will be unveil-   satisfaction. Thank you for your willingness to ex-     P.O. Box 13374,
ing soon.                                               perience H.O.P.E.                                       Des Moines, IA 50310
   Page 2                             Honoring Opportunities for Personal Empowerment

                                         Teamwork makes the Dream work...
                                The acronym T.E.A.M. stands for:            just to get out of bed in the morning? Or
                                             Together,                      what if you couldn’t get to a doctor’s ap-
                                                                            pointment or the grocery store without
                                             Everyone                       making transportation reservations 24 hours
                                             Achieves                       in advance? Sure leaves little room for
                                                                            spontaneity! However, many of the sup-
    Linda Matkovich,                              More.                     ports an individual with disabilities needs to
  Co-Founder & CEO         At H.O.P.E., we feel that every participant      become or remain as independent as possi-
                           has unique individuals that compose their        ble can sometimes seem irrelevant or unim-
                           team to advocate in various ways to become       portant. Taking out the trash on a regular
“Can you imagine what
                           to reach daily successes.                        basis, taking a little extra time with fixing
  your world would be                                                       their hair or shaving to look a little extra
     like if you totally   In many ways, the Direct Care Team Pro-          spiffy for a special night out, eating nutri-
depended on someone        vider who works with our participants on a       tiously to not only offset future health con-
 else just to get out of   regular basis are one of the most valuable       sequences, but to ensure medications are
  bed in the morning?      individuals in their lives. Just by showing up   digested correctly. It’s these little details
                           on time speaks volumes. It says to the par-      that deserve the time and attention so our
Or what if you couldn’t
                           ticipant, “You Care ~ I Count”, “You are         participants achieve overall success as well
     get to a doctor’s     important to me”, “I know you count on
   appointment or the                                                       as individual successes in goals met.
                           me”, and the list can go on.                     I believe we have a unique Direct Care
 grocery store without
                           Can you imagine what your world would be         Team who have taken to heart our C.A.R.E.
 making transportation
                           like if you totally depended on someone else     and AAA models.
 reservations 24 hours
    in advance? Sure
  leaves little room for                                       Amy’s Anecdotes
                             An excerpt from "Meditations For               fall."
                             Strength and Inspiration" by Sue Pat- Expectations...what do we expect
                             ton Thoele:                           from ourselves? What do we expect
                             "Society encourages us to be what it from others? Should our expecta-
                             considered realistic, and there are   tions be the same or different de-
                             even semiderisive descriptions for    pending on socioeconomic status,
                             those people with positive attitudes: age, race, IQ or physical abilities?
                             cockeyed optimist, Pollyana, and      How do we feel when someone tells
                             Ivory-Tower Idealist to name a few. us that our hopes and dreams are
      Amy Wallman,           But why is it cockeyed to be optimis- just not feasible, that our expecta-
    Co-Founder & COO         tic? Why isn't a tendency to expect tions are just too high? I think that
                             the best possible outcome wise,       expectations are changing and I am
                             rather than naive or stupid?          thrilled! When people are aware
   “Why isn't a              A dedicated realist might answer that that they have low expectations, they
   tendency to               we are only setting ourselves up for often live up to that expectation
                             disappointment when we habitually     sadly. I wonder what would happen
  expect the best
                             expect the best; I would respond by if we held higher expectations for
 possible outcome            saying that a negative or pessimistic everyone, knowing that everyone has
      wise?”                 attitude, masquerading as realism,    potential to make an impact on this
                             ensures us discouragement as we       world. That is my
                             apprehensively wait for the ax to     have high expectations.
                                      Volume I, Issue 2                                                           Page 3

                                                                                                        The Heartbeat of
Questions & Answers from Miss Wanda Waiver                                                                 H.O.P.E.—
                                                                                                      our Direct Care Team
Q. “I am providing services for a participant      Occasionally, they will get frustrated and
   and need to take them to the doctor. Is         'kick out' their staff. The staff will leave to
   the time they are with the doctor bill-         honor the participant's request, but will
   able?” signed, Conscious                        help
A. Good question, Conscious! Duplicate             from a distance so to speak by calling the
Medicaid services are not billable. The phy-       participant's therapist, parents or other
sician is providing medical services and the       individuals who may help to de-escalate the
provider is providing either SCL or CDAC           situation. They are working for the partici-
service, so you are fine to bill for the service   pant to help learn better coping skills and
you are providing.                                 ultimately to end the choice of kicking out
Q. “I am providing SCL services for a par-         staff and learning ways to communicate
   ticipant and need to pick them up from          thru issues...however, this is a process.
   the train station after a holiday visit. Is     Sometimes, the staff may be gone just less
   that billed as SCL?” Signed, Integrity          than an hour. How is this time billed?
A. Wow, Integrity, so impressed with you!
   If part of the SCL plan includes needing
                                                   A. As far as the individual with behavioral
                                                      issues, if you are working with them
                                                                                                     Miss Wanda
   this component, then it is billed as SCL.          during SCL time, and you are helping             Waiver
Q. 1) is a meeting sign in sheet required?            them cope with their behavior, you can
   After all, if documentation notes are              bill that as SCL time.
   acceptable and I document who is pre-           Q. thanks, Miss Wanda! You are wonder-            To our Direct Care
   sent at a small attended meeting, isn't it      ful - how's that wonderful Wanda                  Provider Team:
   ok that I just write down who is pre-
                                                   Waiver!! getting a little deep in here...         1099’s will be
                                                   anyway - another ? - can staff refer to them-     mailed only if you
A. If you are training staff in an area that is
required by waiver, you just need to have
                                                   selves as myself, me or I vs. staff in docu-      received $600 or
                                                   mentation?                                        more in 2004. If you
some mechanism to show that they at-
tended the training. We don't care how             A. It's preferred if they refer to themselves     haven’t received
you do it.                                         as "staff" versus I, me, myself, etc. For ex-     yours yet, please
                                                   ample, "staff assisted Joe with..."               contact Linda. If
Q. I work with an individual who has some
emotional and behavior disorders.                                                                    you made under
                                                                                                     $600, you will not
                                                                                                     receive a 1099.
                                                                                                     1099’s are sent to
                                                                                                     the IRS.
Dental Care for Persons with Disabilities
Low-income children and young adults with          •    Have a physical, emotional of develop-
disabilities may be eligible for free dental            mental disability                            Travel the path of
care through a program coordinated by the
University of Iowa.
                                                   •    Family income less than 200% of federal      integrity without
                                                        poverty guideline
The statewide program, Dental Care for                                                               looking back, for
                                                   Those with any form of dental insurance
Persons with Disabilities is administered by
the Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry at the UI
                                                   such as Medicaid (Title XIX), Hawk-I, etc.         there is never a
                                                   are not eligible. Due to limited funding,
College of Dentistry, the Center for Dis-
abilities and Development and the Iowa
                                                   there are some restrictions on types of           wrong time to do
                                                   treatments covered. For more information,          the right thing.
Dept of Public Health.
                                                   contact: Gayle Gilbaugh, Project Coordina-
Qualifications are:                                tor at 319-356-1513 or email to
•   Iowa resident younger than 21
                                                                                                     Life is a journey.
              Page 4                                                    Honoring Opportunities for Personal Empowerment

                                                                   Upcoming Trainings / Conferences

                        February 2005                                                            March 2005                                                       April 2005
     S         M        T       W          T        F          S        S           M       T        W          T        F         S        S        M        T       W            T        F        S
                   1        2         3        4          5                                                                                                                            1        2
                                                                                        1        2 HOPE 3           4         5

6 PEC     7        8 Exec   9 HOPE 10          11         12       6           7        8 Exec   9         10       11        12       3        4        5          6         7        8        9
                   Board    101                                                                                                                                     Voucher
                                                                                        & Adv    Voucher
Feb 6-8                     Voucher
                                                                                        Board    due                                                                due

13        14       15       16        17       18         19       13          14       15       16        17       18        19       10       11       12 Exec 13           14       15       16
                                               Checks                                                               Checks                               Board                         Checks
                                               mailed                                                               mailed                                                             mailed
20        21       22       23        24       25         26       20          21       22       23        24       25 Good   26       17       18       19         20        21       22       23
                                                                                                                    Friday                      HOPE     HOPE
                                                                                                                                                201—OR   201

27        28                                                       27 Easter   28       29       30        31                          24       25       26         27        28       29       30

 Feb. 9, Mar 1 and 4/18 or 19- 5:30-8:30, Urbandale                            Document/Time Sheets & Vouchers due for                          rangements with Linda by the Sunday prior
 Library study room Please RSVP. HOPE 101 = Orienta-                           previous month—Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 6, May, 4
 tion for Ind. Contractors, part I with Linda & Amy—if
                                                                                                                                                Advisory Board meeting
                                                                               (send time sheets on a weekly basis; vouchers
 you haven’t rec’d the training session that reviews the 3
 ring binder contents, then you need to be there. HOPE
                                                                               monthly)       Executive Board meeting
 201=Orientation with Waiver Specialist, Kim Wilson.                           Reimbursement checks mailed (Pay Day!)
                                                                               If you need to pick up your check, make ar-

 Iowa Parent—Educator
 Conference Feb 6-8, 2005
                                                        Additional Resource Information:
 Scheman Center, ISU, Ames                              Iowa Resources:                                         related                                           for grandparents)
                                                                                                                to federal legislation and decisions
 Contact your local AEA for                             SHARE Iowa: a program that                                                                      
                                                                                                                of the Supreme Court. Justice-
                                                        you volunteer a few hours a month                                                                         (assistive tech co.)
 registration information                                                                                       For-All FREE Subscriptions To
                                                        in exchange for discounted grocer-                      subscribe or unsubscribe, send          
                                                        ies. 800.344.1107 or                                    mail
                                                                                     to majordomo@JFANOW.ORG                           Helpful Hints for Inde-
                                                        Telephone Equipment Distri-                             with one or the other in the body                 pendent Contractors
                                                        bution Program for the dis-                             of your message:
                                                                                                                                                                  tax help:
     Something to ponder…                               abled—offers adaptive devices                           subscribe justice unsubscribe jus-
                                                        Low Income Telephone Assis-                             Websites & Books
     May those who love us,                             tance Program: ask your phone
                                                                                                                                                                  health ins. : Mega Life & Health Ins.
                                                                                                            or call 1-
     love us…                                           co for the LITAP app
                                                                                                                ervices/hcbs_waivers.asp (Medicaid                800-346-2104
     And those who don’t                                Low Income Home Energy                                  Waiver program information pack-
                                                        Assistance Program: Apply in                            ets)
     love us,                                           October for heat/energy assistance                                                               or call 1-800-933-
     May God turn their                                 thru your local outreach/comm.
                                                                                                                sites for kids)
                                                        Action office.
                                                        Free kit on diabetes                                                                            
     And if He doesn’t turn                             800.599.3108
                                                                                                                                                         -Farm Bureau
     their hearts,                                      Nat’l Info Center for children &
     May He Turn their                                  youth w/disab. 800.695.0285
                                                                                                       (social, recrea-
                                                                                                                tion skills)                                      Nat’l Center for the business of
     So, we’ll know them by                             Adult Advocacy 800.432.9229
                                                                                                                                                                  family child care:
     their limping.                                     JUSTICE FOR ALL -- A Service of                         for kids & teens)
                                                        the American Association of Peo-                                                                          State wide trainings:
     Celtic Irish Blessing                              ple with
                                                        Disabilities at                                                                          r.html
                                                        JFA/JFAabout.html                                       Http://
                                                        Justice For All or JFA releases                         /bjornskov (Braille material)
                                                                                                                                                                  ourses.htm (Free HIPAA training)
                                                        action alerts as well as information
                                        Volume I, Issue 2                                                                         Page 5

Mental Health/Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities/Brain Injury Commission
                                                                                                              Information for Families
If you have indicated an inter-     Resource Center, Staff Devel-        sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
                                    opment Unit Large Room,
                                                                                                              from the Association for
est in Iowa's System Design for                                          * September 15, 2005 - Iowa
Children with Disabilities, here    1251 334th St., Woodward,                                                 Children’s Mental Health.
                                                                         Lutheran Hospital, Conference
is the scheduled meetings           Iowa                                                                      Check out this easy to read
                                                                         Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-
dates, times and locations for                                           sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa        booklet that is a great re-
calendar year 2005 for the          * May 19, 2005 - Iowa Lu-                                                 source at: http://www.acmh-
Mental Health/Mental Retarda-                                            * October 20, 2005 - Wood- 
                                    theran Hospital, Conference
tion/Developmental Disabili-                                             ward Resource Center, Staff          about Evidence Based Prac-
                                    Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-
ties/Brain Injury Commission:                                            Development Unit Large
                                    sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
                                                                         Room, 1251 334th St., Wood-
                                                                                                              tice Beliefs, Definitions,
                                    * June 16, 2005 - Iowa Lu-           ward, Iowa                           Suggestions for Families.
* February 17, 2005 – Iowa          theran Hospital, Conference                                               This document explains
Lutheran Hospital, Conference                                            * November 17, 2005 - Iowa
                                    Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-
                                                                         Lutheran Hospital, Conference        Evidence Based Practice
Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-       sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa                                            Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-        and is very inclusive.
                                    * July 21, 2005 - Iowa Lutheran      sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
* March 17, 2005 – Wood-            Hospital, Conference Rooms A
ward Resource Center, Staff                                              * December 15, 2005 - Iowa
                                    and B, 700 E. University Ave-
Development Unit Large                                                   Lutheran Hospital, Conference
                                    nue, Des Moines, Iowa
Room, 1251 334th St., Wood-                                              Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-             Rights, Health &
ward, Iowa                          * August 18, 2005 - Iowa Lu-         sity Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa
                                    theran Hospital, Conference
* April 21, 2005 - Woodward                                                                                           (Safety for the Disabled)
                                    Rooms A and B, 700 E. Univer-
                                                                                                                      “Home Security”
                                                                                                                 1.     Put good locks on
                                                                                                                        your doors. Deadbolt
                                                                                                                        locks are best, but
Respite Funding for Children with SED                                                                                   make sure you can
                                                                                                                        easily reach and use
                                                                                                                        the locks you install.
IRCCC is asking you to help          the award is to the family, the       tant that we reach families in        2.     Install peepholes on
spread the word about avail-         family decides who they will          need of respite early so they                the front and back
able funding for respite ser-        use for respite provider and          will have sufficient time to use             doors at your eye
vices for children with a Seri-      the check is sent to the family       the funds wisely.                            level. This is
ous Emotional Disturbance            to reimburse the expense.             For more information, please                 important if you use a
(SED). We will need medical          IRCCC has entered into a              contact IRCCC at 515-309-                    wheelchair.
documentation of a diagnosis         contract with DHS to provide          0858 or 877-255-3140 or go            3.     The most secure entry
under DSM IV.                        respite funding for children and      to our website at                            doors have no glass in
This Direct Family Access            adolescents with SED. The    .                              them. A 2nd best
Respite program is for families      limit is $1,000 per family with                                                    choice would be doors
that do not qualify for other        one qualifying child and $2,000                                                    with glass only at the
sources of respite funding. In       per family with two or more                                                        top & with small
it, the family makes application,    qualifying children. It is impor-                                                  panes.
                                                                                                                 4.     Know your neighbors.
                                                                                                                        Watchful neighbors
                                                                                                                        who look out for you
Promoting Social Emotional Competence—                                                                                  & themselves are a
                                                                                                                        frontline defense
Internet Chats with Leading Experts                                                                                     against crime.
                                                                                                                 5.     If you have difficulty
For more information on              velopment and Address-                their efforts to help early                  speaking, have a friend
these chats, please see              ing Challenging Behavior              care providers support                       record a message              Guest: Barbara Smith,                 children’s social emo-                       (giving your name,
                                                                                                                        address & disability) to
chat.html                            PhD, Univ. of Colorado/               tional development and                       use in emergencies.
March 30, 2005,                      Denver.                               address challenging be-                      Keep the tape in a
                                     Summary: In this chat,                havior.                                      recorder close to the
1-2 PM CT                                                                                                               phone.
                                     discussion will include               The chats are help in
Leadership Strategies for            strategies, tools, and re-            partnership with several              Thanks to the Howard
Supporting Children’s                sources available for ad-             organizations.                        Center for sharing this!
Social & Emotional De-               ministrators to use in
 P.O. Box 13374, Des Moines IA 50310
       Phone: 515.277.HOPE (4673)
           Linda—cell 515.554.8989
           Amy—cell 515.554.7040
               Fax: 563.381.3333
           Toll-free: 888.386.2795

                     To be updated...soon!

               You will be
           secure...for there
           is hope. Job 11:1

                                                         Ill and Handicapped Waiver: Respite, CDAC

                        Brain Injury Waiver: Supported Community Living, Supported Employment, Respite, CDAC, and Transportation

                     Mental Retardation Waiver: Supported Community Living, Supported Employment, Respite, CDAC, and Transportation

                                                       Elderly Waiver: CDAC, Respite, Transportation

  Our H.O.P.E. List How to Get Involved                                      H.O.P.E. Advisory Board               H.O.P.E. Credentials

The following items or ser-           •      Helping with office work               Nathan DeLange                 Home and Community
vices are needed to help us                                                                                        Based Services (HCBS)
best serve our participants.
                                      •      Printing, collating and mail-          Brooke Lovelace                Waiver Provider accredited
                                             ing our newsletters                                                   to provide (see above):
If you can donate any of the                                                          Michelle Tietz
following, please contact             •      Volunteering to coordinate                                            SCL—Supported Community
                                                                                      Jason Madden                 Living
Linda Matkovich or Amy-                      a community activity for
Wallman at 515.277.4673.                     one or more of our partici-           Larry Christiansen              SE—Supported Employment
                                             pants                                                                 Services
      HOPElist items:                                                              Linda Christiansen
                                      •      Helping with special events,                                          CDAC—Consumer Directed
_Handicapped Accessible Van                                                          Donna Grange
                                             such as our Annual Festival                                           Attendant Care
_Household items for participant
                                             of H.O.P.E. or Summer                 Tammi Matkovich
moving into apartment _Tickets                                                                                     Respite
                                             activity (yet to be
for games, movies, special events
in Des Moines area
                                             named…)                                 Dave Wallman                  Transportation

_2005 Entertainment Books             •      Helping with fund raising             Dr. Marci Krueger               Contracted with DVRS
                                             events, such as a luncheon                                            (Vocational Rehabilitation)
_Fire-proof box                              with a speaker, a golf mara-              Allen Green                 to provide Employment Services
_Ink Jets- hp56 and hp57                     thon, etc…                              Mardi Deluhery                Certified Employment
_Postage Stamps                       •      Copying, collating and as-               Bob Williams                 Services Specialists
                                             sembling orientation manu-
_Funds to purchase a communi-
                                             als and participant hand-                Jared Vincent
cation device for a boy with

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