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					?Money may be the most valuable commodity in America. It is arguable more
valuable than jewelry or diamonds because without money, how would you pay for
anything? There is definitely truth to the saying, "Money makes the world go round."
If you have a passion for money and are good at math, you might consider a career in
the world of finance. There are a lot of options for jobs depending on your desires and
your experience.

If you are just starting out in the world of finance you could work an entry-level job
working with accounts receivables and accounts payables. If you are amateur at
finance, and are unsure what that means, it is the technical definition for how a
company gets paid and pays people. People who do billing use accounts receivables
on a daily basis.

Another finance related job involves working with payroll. It is a little bit more
complex than you would probably think. Payroll involves dealing with everyone's
schedules and allocating that with their salary or rate. Additionally, you have to factor
in taxes and other miscellaneous information. Also, during tax season, you will most
likely have to get the tax information ready.

If you want to invest time in school, you could also pursue an accounting related job.
Many accountants work at big firms and become Certified Public Accountants. They
work auditing companies financial records and others focus on taxes. Accountants are
great at advising businesses on how to be more successful financially because they
understand the financial aspects of the business so well.

Another job you can do with more experience and schooling is become a financial
analyst. A financial analyst works to invest money and forecast trends in the market.
Financial analysts tend to work long hours and have demanding jobs. However, many
say the pay off is worth it.

The top of the finance jobs is ultimately the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO advises
a company financially, so that they will perform better. It involves an understanding
of finance, accounting, and strategy. A good CFO can really help a company perform

Depending on your interests and skills, there is most likely a finance career for you.
Pick something that interests you. The more experience you gain in the industry, the
more you will be able to do. Talk to someone today about your options or research
jobs you might be interested in.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Martin Ward Anderson who
offer finance recruitment services for banking jobs and accountancy jobs

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