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									        Ross McHardy:    The international publication for PSN                                               Issue 11 2009
A customer perspective
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                                                    Breathing new life
                                                                               International exchange.
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                                                                 Competency based training in Vietnam.
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                                                                             A mammoth performance.
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                                     The North Sea is thriving and full
                                     of potential.
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Editors’ intro
A   s the year draws to a close,
    we bring you another
glimpse into the PSN story
through the eyes of the people
in our growing network.
The dawn of a new era in the
North Sea presents exciting
fresh ways of working with
our customers, and significant
new contracts with BP and
Lundin mark a new chapter for
PSN in this key market. Ross
McHardy, Lundin’s engineering
and projects manager, explains
why our new partnership
makes sense and joins in the
debate on the North Sea’s
We get an insight into the
dynamic life of a chief engineer
at PSN and hear what the
team gets involved with behind

                                     The Chiefs
the scenes. Flick to page 10 to
read the buzz surrounding our
Riding the Rapids conclusion
and learn why our snap-shot
of top-level industry opinion hit    ... we introduce the PSN chief engineers                                                                             page 8
a nerve.
In 2009 we smashed our
records for shutdowns,
mobilising 1800 personnel
to work on our customers’
platforms and earning
commendations in the process.
Here, PSN’s Stuart Creaney
and Jim Devine give us the
We get the story on our Gabon
project so far; explain why our
joint venture PSN KazStroy is
showing we have the expertise
to match the job – whatever
                                                      10                                  15                                  20                                         21
the scale, and bring you the
scoop on how we are building
competence in Vietnam.
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                                    23 Living values
                                        We look at some of the ways PSN has been helping out in the
                                        communities in which we work.
     n September this year, we were
     delighted to announce the
     award of a significant multi-
million dollar five year contract with
Lundin Britain Limited, a subsidiary
of Lundin Petroleum, the Swedish
independent oil and gas exploration
and production company. Under
the scope of this new contract,
we will provide engineering and
construction support for its Heather
and Thistle assets in the UK sector
of the northern North Sea.

A customer perspective:

Ross McHardy                                   Lundin Britain Limited
Lundin is an exciting new company to add to our portfolio, with world-class assets in Europe, Africa, Russia and the Far
East, boasting proven and probable reserves of a staggering 265 million barrels of oil equivalent.
Here, Ross McHardy, Lundin Britain’s engineering and projects manager talks to Network about the current issues in the
North Sea and explains how he sees the role of contractors changing in the near future.

What are the main issues affecting the industry at present in this region?               therefore require to be tied back to the types of assets mentioned above. In
                                                                                         doing so, they help prolong the assets’ lifespan, but the extended life needs to
The North Sea infrastructure is now a mature market with many assets, such as
                                                                                         be demonstrated as part of the process which becomes a circular argument. To
our own Heather and Thistle platforms now well beyond their original design lives.
                                                                                         prolong the region’s lifespan, I believe the industry needs to collaborate more to
This presents a challenge for us all to best manage investments in order to prioritise
                                                                                         ensure we can develop these reserves cost effectively.
production enhancement related activities, against those required to maintain asset
integrity and ensure we continue to operate safely. In addition, the significant         How can PSN assist Lundin in providing solutions to these issues?
fluctuations in the oil price and the parallel high cost base makes this balance and
                                                                                         Although we talk of mature fields, this is a thriving industry in need of innovation
the development of medium to long-term strategies significantly more difficult.
                                                                                         and cost effective solutions. If we can maximise value, our assets will be
As a result of the North Sea maturity, most of the recent discoveries and                around longer and provide the local community with a long-term stable working
developments are smaller and do not work as standalone developments. They                environment. More specifically, I’m looking for PSN as our engineering contractor

    Lundin Britain Limited expects its suppliers to provide cost effective, value rich,
services. We are thrilled to have impressed Lundin with our people, culture, flexibility,
systems and drive for continuous improvement. This contract adds to our growing
appeal to the emerging independent market in the North Sea and we look forward to
starting work this winter.
                  Peter Brown, managing director - UK

to find and utilise new technologies for topsides         number of specialist personnel. For this reason, we         the oil price dropped by 75% making any investment
applications that we have perhaps used in the past.       strive to achieve outstanding relations with all our        a gamble.
                                                          contractors, and believe this is achieved through
PSN has many customers and therefore more exposure                                                                    Nevertheless, if you have company stability, cash
                                                          mutual respect, integrity, aligned goals and a collective
to different ideas and solutions. We are looking                                                                      and guts, then periods of low are a fantastic time to
                                                          drive to succeed.
forward to working together to draw on its extensive                                                                  invest as you can obtain lower cost projects that come
experience.                                               Do you see the role of contractors changing in              to fruition as the oil price rises. Timing is therefore
                                                          the future?                                                 everything, and everyone is trying to get it right.
What qualities do you look for in a contractor
company?                                                  Undoubtedly, but how far that will go will depend           What is your near to mid-term business focus
                                                          on each players’ desire to take on risk in terms of         for Lundin in the North Sea?
Lundin looks for contractors with a solid foundation in
                                                          investment. The industry is very different now to
terms of culture and people. It’s important that our                                                                  In recent years, Lundin has invested heavily in asset
                                                          when I first joined, and I’m sure it will evolve further.
contractors have a clear understanding of the role                                                                    integrity, principally to secure the future of our assets.
they have been selected to perform and how their          What do you see as the biggest challenge to                 Early January brings new wells and the first drilling
knowledge and experience can benefit us all. From         sustaining zero safety incidents in this region?            activity on Thistle in more than 20 years – a great
a longevity perspective, we also look for how their                                                                   result and a culmination of four years hard work from
                                                          Complacency. There is no doubt that the industry has
organisation fits with our own goals and objectives.                                                                  many people and supporting companies. Lundin also
                                                          come a long way and has a continued commitment
                                                                                                                      plans to drill at Broom in 2010 and on completion of
In terms of project management and engineering            to safety, but we all need to ensure there’s continual
                                                                                                                      improvement work to the Heather rig, we plan to drill
I believe methodology is well established and             revitalisation and subtle change to keep it progressive.
                                                                                                                      there in 2011. N
relatively straightforward if applied properly. The
                                                          We need to be constantly nurturing leadership and
key to improvement is to harness new technology
                                                          personal responsibility for safety at all levels and must
and maximise the quality thinking time that brings
                                                          maintain a balanced focus between behavioural and
                                                          process safety.
How important are strong partnerships between
                                                          Given the current economic situation is this a
operators and contractors for the continued
                                                          time to invest or pull in the horns?
prosperity of the oil and gas industry in this
region?                                                   Literally the million dollar question! The pattern over
                                                          the last 12 months has been to hold on to cash to
Strong partnerships are fundamental in all walks of
                                                          ensure survival, both in the wider economic world and
life, but integral to an organisation such as Lundin,
                                                          our own industry. This is understandable given that
whose philosophy is to employ a relatively small

                                                                      Ross McHardy
                                                                      Engineering and projects manager, Lundin Britain
                                                                      In his current role, Ross is responsible for all engineering modifications and projects from concept to
                                                                      delivery. He has worked for Lundin since 2004 when they entered the North Sea.
                                                                      Ross initially graduated in civil engineering and went on to gain a masters in offshore engineering
                                                                      before joining Total in 1994 working within the integrity, modifications and project groups as a
                                                                      structural engineer. He achieved chartered status with IStructE in 2000.
                                                                      Ross spent some time in Australia before joining DNO in 1999 as part of the team whose remit was to
                                                                      extend the field life of the Heather and subsequently the Thistle platform. He has held a number of
                                                                      technical roles including technical authority positions for structures and pipelines and represented the
                                                                      company in the fields of decommissioning and subsea engineering before moving into management.
                                                                      He has been in his current role since 2005.

                                                                      Up close & personal
                                                                      What is your favourite book?
                                                                      I never read a book twice so I’m not sure I have a favourite but I like Scottish fiction - escapism with
                                                                      a bit of grit and reality.
                                                                      If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
                                                                      Salo, Lake Garda, Italy
                                                                      What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?
                                                                      Life’s easy if you consider things from another point of view …..DB Boulevard 2001
                                                                      If you hadn’t become involved in the oil and gas industry, what would you have done?
                                                                      Signed for Dundee United...obviously

                                                                      Robert Burnett-

Robert Burnett-Wood joined us in November last year as regional business
director for the ERC region, bringing with him over twenty years’ industry
experience and an enthusiasm for the role that was hard to match. A year
into the job, we caught up with him to find out what it was like managing
this vast region.

    thrive on the challenges of working    A regular 9-5 life isn’t an option for      Localisation
    in the ERC (Europe, Russia,            Robert who spends much of his time
                                                                                       As major projects come back on the
    Caspian) region”, explains Robert.     travelling between countries. “At the
                                                                                       table, Robert tells us that the chronic
“As regional business director I’m         moment I don’t have a permanent
                                                                                       shortage of skilled people in the
responsible for its operational success    location so my base is my suitcase”,
                                                                                       industry may once again be at the
and ensuring we embed a strong HSE         says Robert. “My family live in the UK
                                                                                       forefront. “Moving forward there will
culture in the projects we deliver. I’m    and I travel extensively, so more often
                                                                                       inevitably be pressure on companies
tasked with ensuring the business          than not I’m in a hotel room.”
                                                                                       like PSN to recruit qualified staff and
grows successfully in the future and
                                           Changing dynamics                           this is a critical component to our
to achieve this I work closely with the
                                                                                       success. It’s key that governments and
sales director for the region, Marcus      Talking about the key issues affecting
                                                                                       industry representatives join forces now
Hartland-Mahon and his team.               the region, he explains there are several
                                                                                       to encourage new blood into an ageing       seen a sharp increase in our proposal
                                           focus areas: “The changing dynamics                                                     activities within both countries. The
Managing such a colossal region,                                                       workforce.
                                           of maintaining supply, climate change,                                                  Aberdeen support for this has been
brings clear challenges, says Robert:
                                           coupled with affordability and security     “We’re preparing for this shortfall by      invaluable and a true example of our
“The sheer geographical size presents
                                           of supplies from Russia and the Caspian     creating a culture within the region        network in action.”
various obstacles with travel and
                                           region are all high on Europe’s agenda.     that attracts younger people, with a
communication. Each country has
                                           The dramatic global economic downturn       focus on developing local and regional      A look ahead
nuances that make them uniquely
                                           throughout 2009 and commodity price         talent. This coupled with investment
different in our approach to business                                                                                              It’s clear that since he picked up the
                                           volatility, has led to uncertain energy     in language training in the region has
and people.”                                                                                                                       baton for the ERC region, he has hit the
                                           policies and oil price instability.         enabled us to achieve the levels of
                                                                                                                                   ground running and truly risen to the
Industry expert                                                                        localisation that other companies aspire
                                           “We can address this by applying                                                        challenge.
Robert has a proven track record in        prudent management techniques across
                                                                                                                                   An industry expert, with the enthusiasm
managing and delivering multi-million      the region including evaluating our         “We’re committed to the continued
                                                                                                                                   and passion required for this high
pound projects, and his in-depth           supply chain process and constantly re-     investment in people and encourage
                                                                                                                                   profile job - we’re confident that the
knowledge of how to achieve and            evaluating our capital plan against our     local talent to rise up through the ranks
                                                                                                                                   future for both Robert and PSN in this
sustain performance from his work          return expectations”, says Robert.          in the business. Getting involved in
                                                                                                                                   region is looking good.
with blue-chip and internationally                                                     this, is one of the most satisfying and
                                           “We’re actively involved in the region
known organisations, means the                                                         rewarding elements of the job.”             For more information on the ERC
                                           attending educational seminars with
challenges of the region are well within                                                                                           region, contact: N
                                           local political figures to understand       Using the network
his capabilities. He also has a string
                                           how each country’s policy and agenda                                                    Robert Burnett-Wood
of institutional memberships under                                                     Talking about plans for growth Robert
                                           evolves. The long-term goal is to                                                       Regional business director - ERC Region
his belt, including the Association of                                                 tells us focus areas for PSN are Russia
                                           ensure we understand and anticipate                                                     T: +44 (0) 1224 777128
Project Managers, Institute of Operation                                               and Romania. “Thanks to excellent
                                           the national energy policies within the                                                 E:
Managers, Chartered Management                                                         work from our sales director for Russia,
                                           region and foresee any future changes
Institute, and the Institute of                                                        Natalia, and John Spittal, country
                                           that may impact our growth potential
Engineering and Technology.                                                            manager in Romania, we have already
                                           and existing operations.”

                                                                           The North S

             n the 1970s, I was told that the North Sea oil and gas industry wouldn’t last
             until the end of the century, far less to the end of my career. Today, I’m hiring
             graduates that can build a healthy, secure life-long career in the North Sea.”

These are the words of PSN’s UK managing director, Peter Brown. Network sat down
with Peter and PSN’s business development manager for the UK and Europe, Robert
Stevenson, to find out how these industry experts view the future of the North Sea.

Two markets                                                place to work in the oil and                               “are here because of significant developments in
                                                           gas industry.                                              exploration and evaluation technology. The last 10
“The North Sea is actually two different markets”, says
                                                                                                                      years have seen significant advances in seismic
Robert, “upstream, there are the offshore drilling rigs,   “Our long-standing
                                                                                                                      technology, which have revealed many new reservoirs.
production platforms and onshore reception facilities.     customers are also placing
                                                                                                                      The energy majors have a large cost base and broad
The survival of these depends on investment from           an increasing emphasis
                                                                                                                      business interests so they might not see the new finds
oil and gas production companies. Forty percent            on competency, for both
                                                                                                                      as worthy of investment, but smaller companies with
of the North Sea’s oil and gas is still in the ground,     onshore and offshore
                                                                                                                      lower overheads are capitalising both on the new
so geologically we’re in good shape but the oil            employees. We welcome
                                                                                                                      discoveries and on the assets that the majors are
companies are affected by the availability of credit for   this development as
                                                                                                                      selling off. Investments by Talisman, Lundin and CNR
                           investment and the price        competency and safety go         Peter Brown,              have had quite an impact in recent years.
                           they can get for selling        hand-in-hand.                    UK managing director
                           the oil they produce. The                                                                  “So far I’ve seen three generations of operators and
                                                           “We have the right systems
                           downstream market of                                                                       I expect to see two or three more. For example, the
                                                           – our competency system is accredited by the oil and
                           refineries and processing                                                                  Beatrice field was originally discovered in the mid-70s
                                                           gas academy, OPITO; we work with the best assessors
                           plants is much more closely                                                                and owned by BP, which is celebrating its centenary
                                                           and we also challenge our people to be responsible
                           linked to manufacturing                                                                    this year. In 1997 Talisman bought Beatrice from BP;
                                                           for setting themselves high standards in competency
                           industries, which are their                                                                in the 1990s Talisman Energy was one of the new
                                                           and being responsible for achieving those standards.
                           main customers. The UK                                                                     independents. Now Talisman is one of the established,
                                                           This combination of the right systems, assessors and
                           manufacturing industry has                                                                 senior players and last year they leased Beatrice
                                                           motivated people gives PSN people the necessary
                           been in the doldrums for                                                                   to Ithaca Energy, which is part of the current new
  Robert Stevenson,                                        edge.
                           more than a year now but                                                                   generation of operators. With each new generation
  business development
                           it will pick up again as the    “While the safety and competency bar continues to          we see changes in objectives and working styles,
  manager, UK & Europe
                           recession lifts.”               rise, our customers are also looking to minimise costs     which tests the received wisdom and keeps new ideas
                                                           and for increased transparency. PSN’s robust systems       pumping through the industry.
Traditional customers raising the bar
                                                           for projects and controls are continually being
                                                                                                                      “If I was to set a challenge to my employees it would
“Safety has always been our number one priority”,          improved and the developments are geared towards
                                                                                                                      be to bring me a new idea each week.”
says Peter, “but even more so today, when an incident-     greater integration. Our new technologies provide real
free project is now a basic expectation held by all our    time access to our data resulting in direct control of     Who’s buying
customers. We ensure that every employee makes a           costs. This enhanced visibility was a key differentiator
                                                                                                                      “The number of opportunities we are tendering
signed commitment to our core values, of which safety      for us in securing the recent Lundin contract
                                                                                                                      for in 2009 has increased threefold since 2008”,
is number one – we all sign a book called Joining          (see page 3).
                                                                                                                      says Robert. “We’ve seen a lot of long-term
the Network that makes this explicit. PSN is also
                                                           New companies                                              engineering and construction, and operations and
very much involved with the ‘Step Change in Safety’
                                                                                                                      maintenance invitations to tender. We’re seeing
organisation, which aims to make the UK the safest         “Many of the new companies”, continues Peter,


        If I was to set a
    challenge to my employees                                                                UK fact box:
    it would be to bring me a                                                                  • From 2010 to 2012 there is $1,900m of potential work
                                                                                               • PSN won over $550m worth of work in 2009
    new idea each week.                                                                        • We bid for 36 contracts with a 73% success rate
                                           Peter Brown, UK director

 major standalone projects for large platform enhancements, as well as requests            This is the right place and the right time
 for front end engineering studies and specialist services like our advanced integrity
                                                                                           This is the right place and the right time “Globally,” says Peter, “spending is
 and environmental engineering specialists. We have significant tenders in for
                                                                                           increasing in the offshore industry and the new frontiers are benefiting from the
 decommissioning and we have had major enquiries for plant extensions and
                                                                                           ongoing high level of investment in an area as mature as the North Sea. We have
 developments in areas such as gas storage and CO2 injection.
                                                                                           projects in many parts of the world and what our customers tell us is that they want
 “The companies investing in new developments or adding substantial infrastructure         people with North Sea training and experience.
 to get more from existing developments want our conceptual and front end
                                                                                           When asked about PSN’s place in the future of the North Sea, Peter says: “A lot of
 engineering and design expertise. The companies engaged in late field life
                                                                                           this business is about being in the right place at the right time – PSN works very
 operations are making the most of our operations, maintenance and advanced
                                                                                           hard to make sure that we are right there. We have lots of long-term contracts
 integrity capability.
                                                                                           that have been built on maintaining good relationships over many years and being
 “Our most recent award from BP is the largest single contract we have ever been           flexible enough to change with our customers’ changing circumstances. We work in
 awarded in the UK. This win makes us BP’s federal engineering and construction            all the North Sea’s markets: offshore in the northern, central and southern sectors
 contractor for all their UK offshore assets and marks a high point in our long            and onshore at reception facilities and refineries, as well as in decommissioning and
 relationship with them.”                                                                  the new opportunities for empty reservoirs. We’ve never had an empty vacancies
                                                                                           book – there are always opportunities for the best people at PSN – and we have
 Decommissioning and new green developments
                                                                                           the lowest employee turnover rate among our competitors. I would say we have a
 “Decommissioning is an increasingly important area,” says Peter. “A likely scenario is    strong position in the future of this region, and what a fascinating future it’s going
 that there will be as much money spent on dismantling the North Sea infrastructure        to be!” N
 and developing new uses for it, as there has been spent on building all the oil and
 gas production facilities currently in place. PSN has already been involved in two
 of the three most recent decommissioning projects in the North Sea: North West            Peter Brown
 Hutton and Miller. We’re ahead of the game in designing environmentally sound and         UK managing director
 cost-efficient dismantling processes but there is a lot more to decommissioning than      E.
 dismantling.”                                                                             T. +44 (0)1224 777242
 Flexibility is the key                                                                    Robert Stevenson
                                                                                           Business development manager
 “The future of the North Sea is all about flexibility, innovation and cost efficiency”,
 says Robert “and these are areas in which we are constantly improving.
                                                                                           T. +44 (0)1224 777945
 “We strive for a balance between efficient standardisation and uniquely tailored
 solutions. Achieving this balance depends on our ability to have consistently good
 two-way communication with our customers at all levels of the organisation, which
 in turn builds the strong relationships that we value so highly.”

                                                                                                               ur chief engineers are
                                                                                                               at the heart of so much
                                                                                                               that we do. Working
                                                                                                        closely with HR, managers and
                                                                                                        lead engineers, they are tasked
                                                                                                        with managing the recruitment,
                                                                                                        training and development needs
                                                                                                        of the 1300 people in their global
                                                                                                        function. We caught up with
                                                                                                        some of the team to find out
                                                                                                        what life as a chief engineer at
                                                                                                        PSN was really like.

                          Developing potential                                        still do calculations, which I really enjoy, and in the afternoon my focus shifts to
                                                                                      recruitment and management. I’m a huge advocate for training and development
                          “The best part of my role is supporting and helping
                                                                                      and like to give people a chance.”
                          engineers meet their potential and growing the business
                          through their capabilities”, explains John Hargreaves,      Robert was recently awarded the prestigious Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
                          chief process engineer. Joining PSN in 2003 as a lead       Mentor of the Year Award for 2009 in recognition of his career long dedication to
                          engineer, John is now responsible for managing and          training and development. Since joining PSN in 2002, he has established a 3-year
                          developing the process engineering discipline. He was       ICE accredited training scheme that forms the bedrock of graduate development. In
                          integral in the establishment of a training programme for   addition to this, in 2005 Robert and two senior Sigma 3 colleagues wrote the ‘Sigma
                          graduates that gained accreditation from the Institute of   3 Structural Training Manual’ for brownfield engineering, which has been used to
 John Hargreaves, chief
                          Chemical Engineers in 2007 and is currently the chairman    train over 50 engineers from companies supplying people to Sigma 3. In 2007, the
 process engineer
                          of its Aberdeen branch. In five years his team has grown    University of Aberdeen approached Robert to write material for an innovative Master
                          exponentially and now includes over 150 engineers.          of Science degree programme entitled ‘Structural Engineering for the Oil and Gas
                                                                                      Industry’. Mobilising support from within PSN and from his wide range of contacts,
 “The chief’s position has both immediate and long-term challenges such as
                                                                                      Robert and his co-author Alan Fraser, are writing four modules for the MSc, which
personnel development, discipline standards and developing the network. With
                                                                                      commenced in September 2008.
more people in more places, the time we spend on training and mentoring has
risen as we need to have well co-ordinated training                                   Navigating the network
programmes, discipline standards and competency
                                                                                      Travelling and promoting PSN go hand in hand with the
profiles. These are continuously being improved in order
                                                                                      role, explains Mohammad Nabavian, chief engineer for
to achieve the levels to which we aspire to.”
                                                                                      the Advanced Integrity Group. “It’s important for us to
Mentoring that matters                                                                meet our colleagues and their respective and potential
                                                                                      customers to demonstrate PSN’s capabilities.”
“The PSN structural team consists of over 180 engineers
and designers and I’m heavily involved in international                               Under his remit Mohammad is the technical authority for
recruitment of engineers and balancing resources across                               a number of offshore structures in the North-Sea and
the business”, explains chief structural engineer, Robert                             South China Sea. He joined PSN 11 years ago, but has           Mohammad Nabavian,
Bell. “A typical day for me starts at 6.30am, catching up    Robert Bell, chief       over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry.         chief engineer for
on emails, before I get on with some technical work. I       structural engineer      “New challenges can be technical based, resource-related       advanced integrity

or contract issues. I get great satisfaction when delivering quality work, within the                                 development of personnel. Rapid expansion over the last
time and budget allocated to our customers either through the contracts that we                                       two years has added new challenges such as adapting to
directly manage in my group or to the network.”                                                                       numerous cultures, personalities, languages, time zones,
                                                                                                                      work methods and standards. Passing on my knowledge
                           International recruitment
                                                                                                                      and experience via the Design Academy gives me a real
                           “My days are always unpredictable”, says Maggie Leitch,                                    boost and my current focus is to deliver our training
                           PSN’s chief safety and environmental engineer, who heads                                   programme overseas to hopefully mirror the success
                           up a team of 70 engineers worldwide. “I split my time                                      we’ve achieved in Aberdeen.”
                           between discussing courses of action and resourcing for
                           both UK and international. Recruiting fantastic people,          Kevin Watson, chief
                           developing them and endeavouring to get the best out             piping designer            It’s a common theme that the role of a chief is fast paced,
                           of them, is the best part of the job. I’m also involved                                     dynamic, with little time for monotony. Evidently, a
                           in setting-up and agreeing training requirements for            key challenge is covering the global time zone of their remits, as chief mechanical
                           our associates and am the assigned mentor for a young           engineer, Mike Stone explains. “A typical day starts early, finding out any issues
 Maggie Leitch,
                           structural engineer. Our team has tripled in recent             in the eastern part of the globe before they go off-line. Then, getting home after
 chief safety and
                           years, so more of my time is spent managing people and          Aberdeen’s rush hour allows me to logon and check what’s been going on in the
 environmental engineer
                           business development than the hands on technical work.”         western side of the planet.
                                                                                           “Keeping all parts of the company involved in technical
                                                                                           improvements can be a challenge. It’s not simply the
                                                                                           time zone issue, but culture, markets and experience
                                                                                           all play a part in defining the mechanical function and
                                                                                           its effectiveness. For me, proof that the network really
                                                                                           works, is seeing an engineer feel confident to pick up the
                                                                                           phone to ask a stranger on the other side of the world for
                                                                                           “It‘s a combination of the development tasks, looking for       Mike Stone, chief
                                                                                           improvement opportunities, mentoring younger engineers          mechanical engineer
                                                                                           and evaluating new technology that really makes this
                                                                                           job interesting. You never really switch off, there’s always questions to be working
 2009 ECITB students                                                                       over in your mind; thinking through opportunities and testing the ‘what if’ question”,
                                                                                           explains Mike.
Bridging the gap                                                                           Richard, Munro, PSN’s most recently appointed chief electrical and instrumentation
                                                                                           engineer tells a similar story. “From 6am to 6pm, I’m busy with meetings,
Many of the chiefs are long standing employees, including
                                                                                           interviews and conference calls to St. John’s, Atyrau, Baku, Melbourne or Sakhalin,
Ron High, chief designer for control and electrical
                                                                                           so managing your time is a key consideration. An aspect of my position I’m
systems, who has worked with the company for 25 years.
                                                                                           passionate about is mentoring young engineers and getting actively involved with
“I’m responsible for the training and development of the
                                                                                           the Scottish Council for Developing Industry (SCDI).
electrical and instrumentation team, working to ensure
we have the resources required for our international                                                                  Richard joined PSN in 2007 and as chief electrical &
projects.” Ron was a key founder of the PSN Design                                                                    instrument engineer, manages our global electrical
Academy which was launched in 2006 to address the                                                                     and instrument discipline teams. He has over 30 years’
chronic shortage of skilled designers. Since then PSN                                                                 experience in both the nuclear and electricity supply
                                                                Ron High, chief
has accepted 43 designers into the Academy. He works                                                                  industries.
                                                                designer control
closely with the Engineering Construction Industry
Training Board (ECITB) and Angus College.                       systems & electrical                                  “Electrical engineering is a vital part of the overall
                                                                                                                      strategy of our company”, says Richard. “I get immense
Structured learning                                                                                                   satisfaction leading a world class team of committed
                                                                                                                      professionals that thrive on pushing the boundaries
                           Describing himself as a one trick piping pony, Steve
                                                                                                                      of innovation to provide cutting edge technology and
                           Bage, chief piping engineer, has worked in his discipline         Richard Munro,
                                                                                                                      solutions for our clients.” N
                           since leaving school 30 years ago. He has been in the             chief electrical and
                           role for seven years now, but interestingly was initially         instrumentation
                           reluctant to accept the offer, preferring the hands on side       engineer
                           of engineering. “It’s still the technical side of the role I
                           enjoy, and being the technical authority of a multinational
                           company certainly presents its challenges. The
                           unpredictability of the challenges we are tasked with are
                           paradoxically, the exciting and frustrating part of the role.
 Steve Bage, chief
 piping engineer          “Making sure the right people, are in the right place,
                                                                                               Leaders in their field
                          takes up a large part of the day and I’m active in                   Each of the chief engineers report into John
development and training. I get great satisfaction passing on some of the                      Kearney, PSN’s technical director, who gives us
experience I’ve gained over the years to engineers in the                                      the final word:
Design Academy.”
                                                                                               “The chief engineers are a key part of how we
Chief designer for structural, Billy Morrice, also gets                                        deliver exceptional results to our customers.
involved with the Design Academy, an aspect of his job                                         By developing close relationships with all our
he enjoys the most. “I also work between the Advanced                                          global teams they ensure we are identifying best
Integrity Group, checking and supporting our various                                           practices and implanting it into our standard
projects and providing PDMS support for the structural                                         ways of working.                                      John Kearney, technical
team. Every day comes with a new challenge - you may                                                                                                 director
                                                                                               “They provide the framework and support
need to provide a designer at short notice or a design
                                                                                               system to the project based engineers and
solution for the Advanced Integrity Group, as well as
                                                                Billy Morrice, chief           designers around the world, to ensure they have a fully developed set of
giving guidance to designers as they need it.”
                                                                structural designer            tools, processes and systems that enable them to carry out their work
Dynamic teams                                                                                  efficiently and effectively.
 “It’s an exciting and challenging role”, says chief piping designer, Kevin Watson.            “It is their energy and enthusiasm that ensures we are able to recruit and
“Maintaining the balance between project and business is a key focus and we work               retain the brightest and best.”
closely with HR to adopt mutually beneficial solutions in recruitment, training and

      What is the
      Riding the Rapids
         A research study into surviving the recession

Four ‘Riding the Rapids’ events in Aberdeen, Calgary, Houston and Abu Dhabi
generated global media coverage worth over $800 000 USD and created over 77million
opportunities to read stories proving PSN’s leaders, in the words of the Houston
Business Journal “see beyond the horizon and are not caught up just getting through
Network investigated the buzz surrounding this snapshot of top-level industry opinion
to discover why our research hit a nerve.

        This raises the fundamental question as to why some companies are more resilient
  and optimistic in the face of similar environmental and economic challenges and whether
  fate, the skill of leaders or cultural attributes of an organisation, or indeed a mix of all
  three, influences a company’s ability to successfully ‘ride the rapids’.
                                                                                      Professor Rita Marcella, Aberdeen Business School

         hat are prosperous companies doing to survive and              “Culture matters too. At PSN, our Core Values define who we are and what we do best. Our
         thrive during the current economic turmoil? PSN, with          management team is experienced enough to know the dangers of taking success for granted - this
         McGrigors LLP, asked Aberdeen Business School to               recession has been the biggest test of our market position, our customer relationships, but above all,
investigate. CEOs and directors from major oil and gas companies        how we react as a business taking tough decisions, in exceptional times. But our indefatigable culture
in the UK, USA and Canada were interviewed. These leaders               helps us ride the rapids with confidence.”
represented a significant section of the oil and gas industry,
                                                                        In Houston, panellist Lane Sloan, president of Sloan Consulting Services, agreed: “companies with
employing more than 740 000 people, in over 130 countries.
                                                                        a strong corporate culture feel more comfortable ‘riding the rapids’ – there is a sustainability factor.”
Intriguingly, the research concluded that a strong corporate
                                                                        But, Sloan warns, in changing times, those with historically strong business models may struggle to
culture may influence a company’s ability to sink or swim in the
                                                                        change. As Ernst & Young’s Jon McCarter, a fellow contributor to the Houston debate, reiterated,
economic downturn.
                                                                        companies also need the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions to survive.
“This was a short, sharp, swift piece of qualitative research to
                                                                        Canada’s industry leaders developed these themes at a debate chaired by PSN CEO Bob Keiller.
gain a deep insight into the industry,” said Professor Rita Marcella
                                                                        "Outside the oil and gas sector, people continually say the world has changed,” explained panellist
of Aberdeen Business School. “We explored a wide spectrum of
                                                                        Dr. Roger Gibbins, in The Calgary Herald (02.09.09), “but there's very little clear thought about what
issues from the price of oil to the supply chain, from financial and
                                                                        the new normal might look like." This is an opportunity for PSN, asserts Bob: “executives spoke of
operational strategies, to people management and communication.
                                                                        the volatility of the industry, but few had identified alternative business models to cope. We have
The results were illuminating on many different levels, but one
                                                                        an opportunity to demonstrate that ‘the PSN way’ works as we share work geographically, using our
discovery particularly surprised us. Leaders formed two distinct,
                                                                        network of talent, to manage the recession’s choppy waters.”
                                                                        The next big question is whether the shared experiences of ‘riding the rapids’ in 2009 will change the
“The ‘tough ones’ (51%) claimed they were immune or only
                                                                        way the industry works, for the better, in the future. "I'm not sure how sticky the lessons will be from
moderately affected by the recession and relished tackling
                                                                        this particular recession," Calgary’s Dr Gibbins concluded. "Will this experience be transformative in
recessionary challenges. This group demonstrated sound
                                                                        nature or will we just look back on it like other recessions?" N
management practises, a product line in demand, operations
across different and diverse sectors and intrinsically sturdy
In contrast, ’the vulnerable’ (49%) felt exposed and less in control
of their own destiny, stating they had been seriously or very badly
affected by the current recession. Most respondents spoke about
the impact of the banking crisis, the oil price, the need for skilled
labour and supportive government incentives. But these factors
were especially poignant for ‘the vulnerable’, who were less able to
ignore or avoid dangers.
“All of the companies analysed are coping with the same
                                                                            Key findings:
recessionary challenges and the same boom-bust dynamics of
a cyclical industry,” explains Professor Marcella. “This raises
the fundamental question of why some companies are more                     51%           of those surveyed are identified as ‘The Tough Ones’ –
                                                                                          immune or moderately affected
resilient and optimistic in the face of similar environmental and
economic challenges and whether fate, the skill of leaders or
cultural attributes of an organisation, or indeed a mix of all three,       49%           are deemed ‘The Vulnerable’ – seriously or very badly
influences a company’s ability to successfully ‘ride the rapids’.”
This big question was debated at a series of four events,                   89%           have been affected by the banking meltdown – “the
                                                                                          banks failed us, it was like finding your wife dead in bed”
sponsored by Ernst & Young, in Aberdeen, Calgary, Houston and
Abu Dhabi where oil industry leaders compared notes and learnt              78%           have been hit by the volatile oil price
how their peers were ‘riding the rapids’.
 “Our research offers a fascinating insight into what makes some            46%           cited lack of government incentives or support as a factor
companies thrive, while others struggle, tackling the same rough
waters,” said Duncan Skinner, PSN chief financial officer, as he
chaired industry debate in Aberdeen, then Abu Dhabi. “Luck                  31%           believe the worst of the recession is over
plays a part in success: a new opportunity, a chance conversation
or signing up to a prudent finance package months before
unforeseen global market meltdown. But you also make your own
                                                                            53%           said green shoots of recovery was delusional as we are
                                                                                          still firmly in grip of recession
luck by picking a strong, loyal management team and nurturing a
healthy respect for risk.

     Partner perspective: Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Deputy
     CEO and Senior Vice President of New Business Development
     of Mubadala Oil & Gas
                            The eyes of the world saw history in the making on
                            the 30th October when the inaugural Formula 1 Etihad
                            Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix kicked into high gear. It
                            took just two years, $400 million and 47 500 workers
                            to build the circuit, resplendent with seven world-class
                            hotels, championship golf course and Ferrari theme park,
                            soon to be followed by a Warner Brothers theme park,
                            private villas, a water theme park and a mega shopping
                            mall. This is a city that dreams big – and delivers.
                            Mubadala Development Company is one of the sponsors
                            and owners of the Scuderia Ferrari team and PSN’s head
                            of marketing and communications, Georgina Turner,
                            recently had the chance to talk with Suhail Mohamed Al
                            Mazrouei, Deputy CEO and Senior Vice President of New
                            Business Development of Mubadala Oil & Gas, our joint
                            venture partner in the United Arab Emirates.

                                                           project management. I was fortunate to work in an           oil and gas industry. Through its range of services –
                                                           intensive cross posting programme in The Hague              from engineering, procurement, construction, Front
                                                           with Shell where I covered all different areas of the       End Engineering Design (FEED), project management,
                                                           business: production, optimisation, total reliability and   turnaround management, operations and maintenance,
                                                           maintenance, business development and then came             PSN Emirates can increase the reliability of equipment
                                                           back to ADNOC as manager of production facilities           and optimise facility uptime. Our services will enhance
                                                           and engineering. Through the programme with Shell           our customer’s operating efficiencies and the safety
                                                           I was engaged in different international projects           performance of both mature and new facilities.
                                                           across different countries – Nigeria, Qatar, Brunei, the
                                                                                                                       We are not only targeting Abu Dhabi: each market
                                                           North Sea and the Netherlands, which gave me great
                                                                                                                       has its own needs and we need to work with the
                                                           exposure to the oil and gas industry. In ADNOC my
                                                                                                                       operators to gradually build our relationship with them.
                                                           team monitored and reviewed the larger capex projects
                                                                                                                       A world-class company like PSN can only enhance the
                                                           and I had responsibility for all the offshore companies,
                                                                                                                       bidders list – I would say it is worth finding out what
                                                           collectively producing more than 1 million barrels of oil
                                                                                                                       we can do. We believe we add value and bring healthy
                                                           per day.
                                                                                                                       competition to the market. What distinguishes PSN
                                                           GT: What did you see in PSN that made us the                Emirates is our operations and maintenance capability.
                                                           right partner for Mubadala’s vision?
                                                                                                                       GT: Why should customers in this market
                                                           SAM: MPSC evaluated various sectors in the arena            change to outsourcing O&M?
                                                           of petroleum services, then prioritised 10 sectors
                                                                                                                       SAM: If you look at the North Sea and other mature
                                                           for market entry and identified the requirements for
                                                                                                                       markets, many of the international oil companies use
                                                           each of those sectors. Production services, especially
                                                                                                                       companies like PSN to optimise their operations and
 Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Deputy CEO and Senior Vice    brownfield, was one of the ten priority sectors. We
                                                                                                                       to create value when it comes to the reduction or
 President of New Business Development of Mubadala Oil     examined various companies with an objective to
                                                                                                                       deferment of planned maintenance. Here, the national
 & Gas                                                     complement the private sector in Abu Dhabi and bring
                                                                                                                       operating companies are doing an excellent job, but we
                                                           the best class companies to the region to add value to
                                                                                                                       believe that there is room for improvement. Operating
                                                           the operating companies. The selection of PSN was
Georgina Turner: What is Mubadala Oil & Gas?                                                                           companies here focus on maximising recovery – you
                                                           done after careful consideration of their capabilities
                                                                                                                       can only do this by efficiently running your operations
Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei: Mubadala Oil &                 and track record in brownfield and operations and
                                                                                                                       and trying to optimise production. I don’t think
Gas was established as a separate business within          maintenance that we felt the region needed and will
                                                                                                                       operators will outsource the entire scope of operations
Mubadala Development Company, to invest in the             continue to need in the future. It does an excellent job
                                                                                                                       and maintenance in one go and that isn’t what we are
upstream oil and gas sector. We regard this area of        of raising efficiency in the North Sea and elsewhere,
                                                                                                                       targeting. There are elements within the production
investment as an important step in building a globally     and we thought such a partner would add value to
                                                                                                                       arena that could benefit from improvements, for
competitive enterprise.                                    Abu Dhabi and the region. Our relationship with PSN
                                                                                                                       example, debottlenecking of a compressor. What we
                                                           was not random, it was a very carefully thought out
Our vision is to become a leading exploration and                                                                      are trying to do is work with the operators to design fit
production company in the region, ultimately benefiting                                                                for purpose operations and maintenance solutions that
Abu Dhabi’s economy. We are currently participating in     GT: How does the culture of Mubadala and PSN                enhance their current capabilities, to work with them
the development of several major projects, including       align? Do core values play a part?                          as one team. N
Dolphin Energy, enhanced oil recovery in Oman and          SAM: Mubadala’s core values are tenacity,
Bahrain, and exploration in Algeria, Libya, Kazakhstan     collaboration, passion, innovation, integrity and
and Oman. We are also continuing to grow Pearl             profitability. We pay special attention to how the
Energy, our exploration and production subsidiary in       partners we select can align with these. There are
Asia.                                                      some obvious core values in common between
GT: What does your role involve?                           Mubadala and PSN, such as integrity, innovation and                                    Reflecting on our meeting, I
                                                           being profitable. For us, integrity is about health                                    wonder if the Formula One
SAM: My responsibilities cover all new business            and safety, and it is also about the way in which we                                   Grand Prix and PSN Emirates
development in the upstream oil and gas for Mubadala       conduct our business, making sure we do not disturb                                    might have a few things in
as well as assisting the CEO to build the Mubadala         local markets by removing healthy competition. We                                      common. They both see
Oil & Gas Company. My team and I screen and find           want to add value to the operators here, to co-operate                                 the value of working in
the right investment opportunity, select the right         with them and to share our vision of Abu Dhabi, for the                                partnerships, both started
development partner, negotiate and execute the deal        future and the oil industry. A shared sense of passion                                 out European but are now
– anything from level one screening to sealing the         about value and the power of industry is vital to a                                    truly international, both
deal. We then manage the handover to operations for        successful partnership.                                                                have come to Abu Dhabi
                                                                                                                        Georgina Turner, head
start-up.                                                                                                                                         for opportunities which only
                                                           GT: Our partnership, PSN Emirates, has now                   of marketing and
I represent Mubadala as chairman of PSN Emirates,          settled into the region; what is it offering the             communications for
                                                                                                                                                  that country can offer and
I am also a board member of the Abu Dhabi Ship             regional market?                                             PSN
                                                                                                                                                  both have been welcomed
Building Company, Abu Dhabi Systems Integration and                                                                                               in recognition that they have
Sorouh Real Estate, and various Mubadala Oil and Gas       SAM: As chairman I can say PSN Emirates provides            many beneficial things to offer in return. Abu Dhabi is
entities.                                                  world-class, value-driven operations and maintenance        building a very strong, new kind of future for itself and
                                                           contracting services to the upstream and downstream         PSN is proud to be part of that future.
For me there is no such thing as a typical day, which
makes my job interesting. I recently conducted three
simultaneous negotiations in three different countries –
that is an appropriate challenge when you’re building a
company on the scale of our vision for Mubadala Oil &      Masdar City – the world’s first carbon-
Gas. In an expanding organisation, selecting the right
people is so critical and we make sure while growing
we keep our core values and culture by obtaining a mix
                                                           neutral, zero waste city
of professionals from the best class of companies.         The aim of Masdar City is to become the Silicone Valley for clean, green, alternative energy - a global
                                                           centre where over 1500 companies will converge to address one of man’s greatest challenges. Masdar,
GT: How did you arrive in this position?                   a wholly owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Company, has a mandate to champion renewable
SAM: I received my degree in Petroleum Engineering         technologies and to contribute to the diversification and sustainable growth of the Abu Dhabi economy so
in the US and began my career as a reservoir engineer.     that it is industry-led and knowledge-based. This is a big vision with many components. It includes exploring
I worked within ADCO (Abu Dhabi Company for                alternative sources of energy and gradually diversifying away from oil and gas. PSN Emirates is contributing
Onshore Oil Operations) and ADNOC (Abu Dhabi               knowledge from its global network. Our expertise of greatest relevance to Masdar is our use of operations
National Oil Company) for 11 years, moving from            and maintenance input at the conceptual and design stages of projects, which enables optimum efficiency
reservoir engineering to facilities engineering and        and greatly increases the working life of all kinds of plant. Our pioneering designs on CO2 re-injection and
                                                           our environmental studies are also ideally suited to this exciting new venture.

      I am delighted that PSN has been awarded the Offshore Engineering and Construction Contract.
They have demonstrated their determination to succeed and I very much look forward to a long and
productive partnership. The North Sea is a big part of BP's global business and our goal is to sustain
investment over the next decade. Over the coming months, we will announce a series of contract awards.
These are more than traditional contract renewals - they are designed to fundamentally transform the way
we work together with our suppliers to drive improved safety and efficiency in the basin.
                                                                                               Bernard Looney, managing director, BP North Sea

                                                                                                 Success of this magnitude can only
                                                                                           be achieved when the whole organisation
                                                                                           works as a team and gets behind those
                                                                                           delivering the service.
                                                                                                 Peter Brown, PSN UK managing director

 Peter Brown, PSN UK managing director

Record contract win with BP
Last month, we were delighted to announce the award of a prestigious five year
contract for BP, worth in excess of £200million. Under the terms of the contract we
will deliver engineering and construction support services for all of BP’s UK offshore
assets and the onshore Dimlington plant. Here, Peter Brown, PSN’s UK managing
director explains the significance of this mammoth project.

     ’m very proud and pleased to          work together. It will not be business     Success of this magnitude can only be          We are delighted that our track record
     announce the award of this major      as usual – far from it. This contract      achieved when the whole organisation           of consistently delivering HSE excellence
     contract with BP. This contract       will be a role model for the industry      works as a team and gets behind                and quality services has resulted in the
award is a step change for PSN. At         in this century. We will improve safety    those delivering the service. The              award of this prestigious contract.
around £200million over five years, it     and efficiency and drive out waste in      current operations team, working on
                                                                                                                                     We look forward to welcoming new
is the largest single contract we have     everything we do. We will challenge        our engineering, maintenance and
                                                                                                                                     talent to our network and will ensure
been awarded in the UK to date. As         established practices and norms to         modifications contact, and on our Miller
                                                                                                                                     the transition is as streamlined and
BP’s single federal engineering and        make assets with declining reserves        contract, has continued to deliver and
                                                                                                                                     transparent as possible. It is a great
construction contractor for their UK       more cost effective and give them and      improve, which has laid the foundation
                                                                                                                                     vote of confidence in the hard work and
offshore assets it marks a high point in   our employees a future for decades to      for this stunning win. The pursuit team
                                                                                                                                     commitment of the PSN team that our
our very long relationship with BP. This   come. Winning this contract means we       also worked really hard to win this
                                                                                                                                     relationship with BP, which dates back
is simply an amazing success for us.       will be able to look back and say PSN      prize. Together the whole of PSN will
                                                                                                                                     to the 1970s, has been extended to
                                           began the process for extending the life   continue to support the teams as they
This will also be a step change for                                                                                                  2014 and beyond. N
                                           of North Sea oil.                          strive for excellence over the coming
BP and the PSN team in the way we

The last few months have been very interesting with lots of challenges and many
opportunities for PSN. With the triple-whammy of world recession, the credit crunch
and plummeting oil and gas prices it looked like 2009 could be one of the most
challenging we have had in our 33 year history. Major projects around the world, in
all industry sectors, have been cancelled or deferred and everyone has been focussed
on reducing costs – all of this puts huge pressure on contractors and suppliers and we
have not been immune from this.

                                          ur focus has been on becoming the             are supposed to and for the price we have agreed – safely. All of this helps to
                                          best in our business, as judged by our        strengthen our customer relationships.
                                          customers. Did the pressures in 2009
                                                                                        The pressures on our industry have also led to many new opportunities and we
                                    mean we had to change our strategy and focus
                                                                                        have invested in new business development managers in Russia, Abu Dhabi, North
                                    on becoming the cheapest? In short – no.
                                                                                        Africa and Australia. The net effect of this is we probably have more contract
                                     Our business is about helping our customers get    opportunities now than we did last year. But we can only expect to retain business
                                     more out of their existing assets – improving      from existing customers, or win business from new customers if we focus on value
                                     reliability, shortening planned shutdowns,         for money – quality delivery.
                                     expanding capacities and tying-in new wells.
                                                                                        Our management system – built on the foundation of our Core Values is vital – it
                                     These activities become even more important
                                                                                        ensures that we deliver what we commit to and provides the basis for giving our
                                     when people are depending on money from the
                                                                                        customers the quality they demand and deserve.
                                     sales of their product to finance their business
 Bob Keiller, CEO
                                     activities (when credit or investment money        PSN has grown up since our launch as an independent company in 2006 and we
                                     is more difficult to come by). We are less         are facing up to the challenges of 2009 head-on. This has meant many tough
                                     dependent on big projects than other companies     decisions and concentrating even more on our own operating cost base. But this
so cancellations and deferrals hit others more severely than us. But the impact         gives us a strong financial base from where we can continue to grow and develop
varies from place to place and we have probably had greater challenges in Western       the company. Despite some disappointing contract losses in 2009 we have had
Canada than anywhere else.                                                              some huge re-awards and new wins which is down to the efforts of our teams in all
                                                                                        disciplines and in all areas.
Now despite our focus, and perhaps conversely, our diversification has also helped
us. By having a broad customer base across several countries where we provide           I admit that I was nervous about 2009 and the challenges we faced – we still
a wide-range of services we are able to adapt quickly to meet changing customer         face many but we have shown that we have the drive and the focus, the ability to
needs.                                                                                  concentrate on the important things despite the storm around us and the tenacity to
                                                                                        trust in our Core Values. This gives me optimism for 2010 and beyond. N
But there’s more to it than that – it’s not just about being in the right market with
a good range of services – the focus on quality is stronger than ever. We need
to deliver projects that deliver what they are supposed to in the timescales they

Surviving the squeeze
                                                                                                                                 CEO update

International exchange
With 8000 people in our growing network, most of us have at least one counterpart in
another PSN location. Ever found yourself wondering what it would be like working in
sunny Melbourne, or getting to grips with the many different operators in the oil and
gas capital of Europe? Electrical engineers, Caroline Bett and Joanne Gashumba did
more than just wonder.
After proactively seeking out an overseas exchange, they packed their cases and
swapped roles to find out what life on the other side of the world as an electrical
engineer was really like. Read on to hear their story.

                      Joanne Gashumba, electrical engineer                                                   Caroline Bett, electrical engineer

       eing born in Kenya to Rwandan parents,                many different oil and gas operators and this was a           plants killed two birds with one stone. Joanne
       living in England and then Australia, Joanne          real attraction for me. I wanted to develop my career         assumed my position and began work on several
       Gashumba already had a taste for travelling and       by gaining exposure to a different market, different          offshore pieces of work in the North Sea.”
understanding different cultures. In her current role        customers and a wider network of engineers.”
                                                                                                                           “Working in Melbourne I’d been focused on one
Joanne is an electrical engineer on Esso’s onshore
                                                             After discovering Caroline Bett, an electrical engineer       customer’s onshore plants and another customer’s
retrofit contract. A stint working in Aberdeen, the oil
                                                             based in Aberdeen, was looking for a similar                  Russian offshore platform”, explains Joanne. “My
and gas capital of Europe was yet another experience
                                                             secondment, the pair’s lead engineers put the cogs in         move to Aberdeen gave me the chance to work with
that Joanne was keen to get under her belt.
                                                             motion and arranged for the six month secondment to           multiple customers including key global heavyweights
“Four years ago, I joined PSN because of the emphasis        become a reality.                                             such as Chevron, ConocoPhillips and CNR. I also
they place on developing young engineers and support                                                                       learnt about the history of the North Sea and used the
                                                             The exchange
to gain chartered status. Since then, the company has                                                                      British offshore technical standards for the first time.”
often exceeded my expectations, so when I applied for        “I took over Joanne’s role”, explains Caroline, “and
                                                                                                                           As part of Caroline’s secondment, she was responsible
an overseas exchange, I was confident that I’d get the       was seconded to the Esso onshore contract which
                                                                                                                           for the electrical scopes of four key projects – one
green light.                                                 looks after several onshore plants. I’d only worked
                                                                                                                           of which her team received a commendation for
                                                             on offshore plants in the North Sea so gaining
“Working in Aberdeen would give me exposure to                                                                             completing within budget and ahead of schedule.
                                                             international experience while working on onshore

                                            I would encourage other graduates to pursue
                                      an international assignment. It was a really enriching
                                      experience. You gain a much better appreciation of
                                      the business as a whole on an overseas assignment
                                      and your network definitely improves.
                                                                     Joanne Gashumba, electrical engineer

                                                          working in challenging technical environments and         improves. I now feel confident that I can approach
                                                          application of different standards, and PSN gets          any of the electrical engineers that I met in Aberdeen
                                                          diversely skilled employees who can be deployed           to discuss technical issues in the future.
                                                          through the network if a location needs to deliver a
                                                                                                                    “After finishing the graduate programme earlier this
                                                          service fast.
                                                                                                                    year, I was unsure in which direction to go. This
                                                          “The end result for the customer is an engineer           secondment has opened my eyes to the reams of
                                                          that knows new methods and techniques for solving         opportunities in PSN and I’m looking forward to
                                                          challenging problems which may be common place            developing my career further as the company grows.” N
                                                          in one region but relatively unheard of in another”,
                                                          explains Joanne. “Having diversely skilled employees
                                                          allows PSN to share work between office locations – a
                                                          key benefit if you have limited resources.
 Caroline and Joanne discuss their exchange               “What better way to develop core technical depth in
                                                          young professionals than by sending them to different
Cultural differences                                      challenging environments to bring back best practices”,
                                                          adds Caroline.
“Of course, there are differences in the two office
locations”, adds Caroline. “Being the sports capital of   What’s next?
Australia and located in the centre of the city, there
                                                          Now back in their home office, both Caroline and
is always a lot happening in the Melbourne office.
                                                          Joanne are currently working towards their chartered
Aberdeen is very industrial by comparison.”
                                                          status and keen to move around the network in the
Joanne found the mix of graduates in Aberdeen,            future.
different from back home. “There are graduates from
                                                          “Australia was my first international experience but
all over the world, including the UK, the Philippines
                                                          hopefully not the last”, says Caroline. “I’d be quite
and Canada. In Melbourne most of our graduates are
                                                          keen to get further experience in Canada in the
from local universities.”
                                                          oil sands and the Middle East. Similarly, Joanne is
Everyone’s a winner                                       interested in working in some of our newer locations
                                                          such as Russia and North Africa.
“International exchanges such as this embrace the
cultural diversity of our multinational company and       “I would encourage other graduates to pursue an
have clear benefits for the graduates, PSN and our        international assignment”, says Joanne. “It was a
customers”, says Caroline.                                really enriching experience. You gain a much better
                                                          appreciation of the business as a whole on an
“The graduate gains exposure to different ways of         overseas assignment and your network definitely            Caroline on site in Australia

                                               International exchanges such as this
                                          embrace the cultural diversity of our multinational
                                          company and have clear benefits for the
                                          graduates, PSN and our customers.
                                                                              Caroline Bett, electrical engineer

                                                                                                                     Rong Doi from the helideck of the MV12 FSO. Photo by Ken Doerr

      Building competence in Vietnam                                                                                        Article by John Popovic, Vietnam operations manager

         ompetency Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) programmes are the                  The development of the CBTA programme for Rong Doi was a long process.
         backbone of nationalisation efforts in countries where the required skills         We were concerned that the roll out be undertaken when all the elements
         are not always available. Vietnam’s oil and gas industry is developing at          were proven and when the facilitators were trained and qualified. Adopting this
 a pace that is faster than qualified people can be found to staff the many new             approach has created a positive vision for the national workforce who can see
 facilities being installed each year.                                                      their skills being valued and emphasis on quality.
 As part of our contract with the Korea National Oil Corporation (KNOC), the                The impact of CBTA progress for the crew has been terrific. One of the lead
 Rong Doi platform team has been working hard on CBTA since the start of the                mechanical technicians, Mr NQ Thinh, said: “CBTA sets the standard for
 project in 2005. With collaboration from our global training team, PSN offshore            knowledge and behaviour at work. It opened my eyes to the shortcomings
 supervisors, expatriate specialists, and Vietnamese national training and                  of some of our practices. I am confident the process is helping us align with
 competency co-ordinator, Mr Le Duc Ha, a CBTA process was built and deployed,              the PSN Core Values”. OIM Ken Doerr agreed – “Coupled with our training
 the fruits of which are now being realised.                                                programme, the CBTA has enriched the capabilities of our Vietnamese staff and
                                                                                            produced a process embraced by all.”
                                                                                            2010 will be a busy year at Rong Doi, with major drilling works and complex
                                                                                            brownfield modifications planned. We are confident that our CBTA programme
                                                                                            will integrate and flourish in just such a challenging environment. N
                                                                                            For more information contact:
                                                                                            John Popovic
                                                                                            Vietnam operations manager
                                                                                            T. +84 8 38257 808 ext 314

     Left to Right: OIM Ken Doerr, Lead E/I Tech T. D.T. Phu, and training and competency
     co-ordinator L. D. Ha.

 The entire crew is now sitting at 94% complete for all HSE modules, the
 prerequisite for progressing onto technical competency assessment. We have                               Coupled with our training
 achieved 70% progress this year, at the same time as coping with a higher than
 normal workload caused by an intensive well intervention work programme                            programme, the CBTA has
 and major planned shutdowns including our first vessel entries and a flare tip                     enriched the capabilities of our
 By the end of 2009, we will be well into the next phase of the CBTA, which
                                                                                                    Vietnamese staff and produced a
 is the technical modules. The foundations for the nationalisation plan are                         process embraced by all.
 strengthening and our own in-house trade training and assessment facility is
 underway at our base onshore.                                                                                                          Ken Doerr, OIM

 One of the challenges posed by rapid take up of the competency programme
 has been the demands placed on the assessors themselves. Assessments take
 time, and the mood and location for the assessment needs to be appropriate.
 The Rong Doi team has overcome issues here by using offshore and onshore
 resources for assessment and making the assessments a priority in daily

  STOP PRESS: As we go to press we have
  just received news that as a result of our
                                                                                                             A mammoth
  excellent safety and work performance during
  the first six months of this contract, we
  have been awarded responsibility for offsite
                                                                                                         feat of electrical
                                                                                                          and mechanical
  equipment preservation and utilities area
  preservation, bringing our total workforce on
  this project to over 150 people.

                                                                                                                           Project facts

                                                                                                                                                          Co ard
                                                                                                                                                            re W
                                                                                                                                                               Va in
                                                                                                                           Customer: Agip KCO

                                                                                                                                                                 lu ner
                                                                                                                           Field: Kashagan
                                                                                                                           Location: North Caspian coast, Kazakhstan
                                                                                                                           Scope: Equipment preservation on one of
                                                                                                                                  the world’s largest construction sites
                                                                                                                           First oil expected: 2014

At over 5 square kilometres and growing, it is one of the largest construction sites in
the world. It is the base for building facilities to operate the largest field found in the
last 25 years. It is where PSN KazStroy is showing we have the expertise to match the
job – whatever the scale.

    n the beginning we had a request to build some          2500 electrical motors a month as well as checking,       conditions are hostile in summer and winter, and as
    offices, 1000sq meters of workshops and 8000sq          servicing and certifying a vast quantity of control       you can imagine, there are hundreds of different
    meters of warehousing, within just over 12 weeks,       valves, and checking and filling with nitrogen around     companies working here, all with different procedures,
in the middle of a Kazakhstan winter. PSN KazStroy’s        500 air coolers.”                                         approaches and speaking different languages. As part
managing director Dave McBain, takes up the story:                                                                    of our commitment to safety, since the beginning of
                                                            With such a diversity of equipment required for such
“The worksite, at Karabatan, on the north coast of the                                                                the contract we have organised training in First Aid,
                                                            a complex task, the job doesn’t end there – Dave
Caspian, had temperatures plummeting below -35˚C                                                                      Permit To Work, working at height and confined space
                                                            explains: “Of course all the instrumentation to control
and weather conditions that meant our construction                                                                    entry. We are currently embarking on an extensive gas
                                                            each item of equipment also requires experienced
team had to be demobilised several times. However,                                                                    awareness training programme and we also have a
                                                            people to ensure that it keeps running and to follow
with a display of commitment and professionalism                                                                      strong focus on communication.”
                                                            the myriad of procedures from all the vendors that
that won them the 2009 PSN Core Value Award for
                                                            have supplied equipment to the site.”                     Dave concludes: “It is a huge job but our people
Localisation, our team completed the job on time,
                                                                                                                      are carrying it out with an enormous amount of
without incident and within budget. But that was just       It should never go without saying that safety is PSN’s
                                                                                                                      professionalism, matched only by their enthusiasm.”   N
the start.”                                                 first priority and Dave says his team has organised
                                                            comprehensive and ongoing safety training: “We face       For more information contact:
Our team’s impressive work on the office, workshop
                                                            a number of unique challenges on this project. We
and warehouse project played a large part in PSN                                                                      Dave McBain
                                                            are not only maintaining equipment in a workshop
KazStroy winning the equipment preservation contract                                                                  PSN KazStroy managing director
                                                            where we’ll be working from ground level to the top
for the site in July 2009. Dave continues: “This new                                                                  E:
                                                            of the cable trays and in all the spaces in between,
contract sees over 70 of our mechanical and electrical                                                                T: +7 7122 909002
                                                            but there are many pieces of equipment that have
maintenance experts using the full spectrum of
                                                            been installed over the last three years and that
discipline expertise and taking responsibility for making
                                                            means our people will be working in the middle of
sure that all the equipment at this vast site works and
                                                            one of the world’s biggest construction sites. Weather
keeps working. Our people are testing and turning

                                                                                  Trevor Proud
                                                                                     Guideword                                           Meaning
                                                                                     NO OR NOT                                           Complete negation of the design intent
                                                                                     MORE                                                Quantitative increase
                                                                                     LESS                                                Quantitative decrease
                                                                                     AS WELL AS                                          Qualitative modification/increase
                                                                                     PART OF                                             Qualitative modification/decrease
                                                     letz OBE
                                            Trevor K                                 REVERSE                                             Logical opposite of the design intent
                                                                                     OTHER THAN                                          Complete substitution
                                                                                     EARLY                                               Relative to the clock time
                                                                                     LATE                                                Relative to the clock time
                                                                                     BEFORE                                              Relating to order or sequence
                                                                                     AFTER                                               Relating to order or sequence

When the great British octogenarian and author, Trevor Kletz OBE, invented the
HAZOP technique on behalf of ICI back in the 1970s, he might not have appreciated
the degree of uptake there would be of his idea by industries around the world.

An introduction to HAZOPs                                       HAZOPs in PSN                                               We draw on our network of relationships with leading

                                                                                                                            independent industry experts when we feel that we
       AZOPs, short for Hazard and Operability                  Many of PSNs contracts are integrated service
                                                                                                                            can provide the best HAZOP by including external
       Studies, are the most widely used form of                contracts (ISCs) with major operators. Within these
                                                                                                                            expertise. We have an intensive and rigorous selection
       hazard analysis in the process industries. They          ISCs our engineers routinely work on the design and
                                                                                                                            process before bringing HAZOP facilitators into our
are normally carried out by a multi-discipline team of          implementation of minor brownfield modifications
                                                                                                                            business and we monitor their performance and work
people and the team make-up can vary depending on               through to major capital expenditure projects and on
                                                                                                                            alongside them, sometimes sitting in on customers’
scope and any customer requirements but typically               many contracts such projects run in parallel. Whether
                                                                                                                            HAZOPs at our own expense, to ensure consistently
includes; a study leader or chair, which is someone             the job is large or small, if it involves the development
                                                                                                                            high levels of quality.
experienced in HAZOP but not directly involved in the           of new process and instrumentation diagrams or
design; a person to document the problems identified            making changes to existing ones, a HAZOP is required        HAZOPs as a vehicle for our values
by the study and make sure that recommendations                 to test the robustness of the design.
                                                                                                                            PSN’s most prominent core values are safety and
are passed on; a representative of the team that
                                                                With numerous contracts at any one time and a               people. Each employee signs a commitment stating
designed the process being studied; a representative
                                                                multitude of jobs running simultaneously on each            that there is no room for compromise on matters of
of the potential user group of the design that is being
                                                                project, PSN’s HAZOP requirement is high. In our            health and safety and that to watch an unsafe act
studied; a person with specialist technical knowledge
                                                                Aberdeen headquarters alone we can have several             and do nothing is unacceptable. Every aspect of our
and a person with specialist maintenance knowledge.
                                                                HAZOPs running in any given week and scores are             business, our behaviours and consequently our culture
The HAZOP team scrutinises engineering design                   completed each year. The need for quantity has never        are defined by these values. When the work that we
information – often a process and instrumentation               been allowed to degrade the need for quality and we         produce goes out into plants and facilities around the
diagram – in a structured and systematic fashion to             set very high standards for who participates in our         world, the HAZOP process is a key vehicle in ensuring
identify potential deviations from the original design          HAZOPs and how the process is conducted.                    that our designs are safe and mindful of the people
intent. Potential deviations are a concern as they could                                                                    who operate and maintain the finished product.
                                                                The best HAZOP people
ultimately lead to hazards or operability problems.
                                                                                                                            Our core values mean that PSN people are already
                                                                Our HAZOP chairs are degree-qualified engineers
To assist the team in identifying potential deviations,                                                                     aligned with the HAZOP ethos while our experience
                                                                with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the oil and
a set of guidewords is applied to each part of the                                                                          of HAZOPs and working with only the best HAZOP
                                                                gas industry, preferably a post-graduate or doctoral
process being studied. The guidewords vary from                                                                             participants mean that we offer a very cost-effective
                                                                qualification in a relevant subject and they must
customer to customer but those occurring most often                                                                         service for our customers. We like to think Trevor Kletz
                                                                also have completed an accredited and respected
are shown in the table.                                                                                                     would be proud. N
                                                                HAZOP-chairing course, such as that provided by the
During the HAZOP, causes and consequences of                    Institution of Chemical Engineers.                          For more information contact:
design deviation are recorded, together with existing
                                                                When recruiting for new additions to the safety             Margaret Leitch
safeguards and actions that should be taken to
                                                                engineering discipline team, we set high expectations       Chief safety engineer
improve the process safety of the design.
                                                                for candidates’ abilities to perform HAZOPs and deliver     E.
                                                                outstanding input in all roles within the HAZOP team.       T. +44 (0)1224 777057

A shutdown is one of the most important events in our customers’ calendars and
managing planned shutdowns – sometimes also called turnarounds – of offshore
installations and onshore plants is one of PSN’s core skills. In 2009 we broke all our
own records for the number of shutdown personnel mobilised and number of customer
commendations received. From our CNR project team, assignment manager Stuart
Creaney and construction manager Jim Devine give us the view from the North Sea.

       tuart: “PSN manages dozens of                                                                                     staff in safety training but with PSN it is now
       shutdowns around the world – last                                                                                  common practice. We’ve also increased our use
       year the number was 67; by the end                                                                                  of independent risk assessors, which gives our
of this year we will exceed that and they                                                                                   customers added peace of mind and boosts
range from gas plants on the Arctic Circle                                                                                  the development of our shutdown personnel.
to production platforms in the Gulf of                                                                                      Some of our USA-based projects use a process
Suez. However, the crucible for developing                                                                                  safety management group, which specialises in
our shutdown expertise is the North Sea.                                                                                    management of change, hazard analysis and
Insights from many years of working on the                                                                                  regulatory compliance. Another important factor,
platform systems off the east coast of the                                                                                 for safe offshore shutdowns, is doing as much
UK have built the backbone of our shutdown                                                                                work as possible onshore.”
management system. This sets minimum
                                                                                                                         Jim: “We’ve led a very positive evolution in safer
standards and procedures that our worksites
                                                                                                                        working practices during shutdowns. The annual
around the world can then build on to suit local
                                                                                                                      shutdown for one of our major North Sea customers
need and feedback to, with innovations that they
                                                                                                                    takes in 38 manned and unmanned platforms and a gas
develop and the lessons they learn.”
                                                                                                                 terminal; that was where, several years ago, we employed
Jim: “A couple of years ago we mobilised 950 shutdown                                                         our first dedicated shutdown manager. That manager, in
people in the North Sea; this year we nearly doubled that,                                                turn, pioneered five-year shutdown strategies for each facility
with 1800 people involved in sometimes very complex scopes,                                          and group of facilities, using PSN’s 4D challenge to optimise scope
under huge pressure to meet client schedules and keep everyone safe.                          by analysing each activity to see whether it could be deleted, deferred,
Results like that are built on a whole network of support. For example, PSN’s UK       diminished or done differently. At the end of the shutdown season we now hold an
human resources team and construction managers first got together to start work        annual shutdown management lessons learned workshop to learn what went well
on a UK offshore resourcing strategy in 2006. In the first year that the resourcing    and where we can further improve. This is driving increased expertise in areas such
strategy was implemented we filled over 70% of positions with people who had           as reducing use of consumables and increasing energy efficiency.”
previous experience of working for us and were familiar with our systems and
                                                                                       Stuart: “On a single day during the shutdown season this year in the North Sea,
culture. Innovations in recruitment and people development have been added every
                                                                                       PSN people were performing major surgery on process plant and piping, conducting
year from around our projects, for example, the HR team makes shutdown-specific
                                                                                       vessel entries, making a major upgrade on software systems, decanting hundreds of
offshore visits so that our workers know who they are and can raise any matter they
                                                                                       tons of chemicals and loading new chemicals onto the facility, all without any spills
want to talk over. Here on CNRI and on other projects, we organise secondments of
                                                                                       or environmental incidents. On another project our people were doing interface
onshore personnel to assist offshore efforts during shutdowns. On the BP projects
                                                                                       work between a platform and a drilling rig and on another, one of our riggers
we use personnel trackers that include the names, competencies and mobilisation
                                                                                       received a commendation for identifying a failure in a piece of third party lifting
date of all our shutdown people and share these trackers with the customer three
                                                                                       equipment during pre-use checks. We’ve completed several shutdowns ahead of
weeks prior to shutdown start, which has greatly improved communication with
                                                                                       schedule and in the one or two instances where we have gone over schedule –
                                                                                       for example there was a delay caused by the late arrival of an accommodation
Stuart: “With so many people involved, often working around the additional             barge – we have procedures for getting to the root of the problem so that a
materials and equipment needed for repairs, maintenance and modifications,             repeat occurrence can be avoided in future. We can’t control the weather but the
safety is of the utmost importance. In the Philippines, we mobilise a few hundred      unforgiving climate of the North Sea has taught us many lessons on what we can do
additional people each year to work on shutdowns at a refinery; the turnover           to mitigate weather-based delays.”
among Filipino workers is high because they are in such demand but our team
                                                                                       Stuart concludes: “With shutdowns as with everything else, it is important to
there has celebrated over 13 years of work without a lost time safety incident
                                                                                       avoid complacency. However, if anything, our shutdown performance is a great
because of our strong safety culture. Here on the CNRI platforms we’ve mobilised
                                                                                       example of where we have often thought that we must be at the top of our game
over 150 people this year and had only one minor first aid case. Our strong safety
                                                                                       but we have continued to find ways to improve and raise the bar for everyone. This
record is partly due to the excellent work of our HSE teams and partly due to PSN’s
                                                                                       year’s successes mean that our shutdown teams around the world have many more
constant focus on safety, which creates the necessary culture for a safe working
                                                                                       good examples to learn from and our expectations will be higher for next year.” N
environment and has also inspired technical approaches and innovations that have
led to safer working practices. For example, it used to be unusual to include vendor

      We certainly believe this contract differentiates PSN. Having a small in-country
team mobilised to deal with daily customer needs, with required support from our central
engineering team, means we can respond in the most cost effective and efficient way to
our customers’ requirements. This flexibility in approach allows us to deliver a world class
service at the right price.
James Crawford, Sub-Sahara Africa regional manager

    Ranked as one of Africa’s top
       ten oil producing countries
      with nearly 250 000 barrels
      of oil produced daily, Gabon
              is a country not to be
       underestimated. In March
   this year, we scooped our first
       key contract in the country
         – a significant three-year

 engineering design contract with
     Shell Gabon. Here, Network
   gets the low down from James
         Crawford, PSN’s regional
 manager for sub-Saharan Africa,
       on the Gabon story, so far:

                                                                                   the story so far

           eeing monkeys, snakes and          the project”, explains James. “Support      the year incident and injury free, meet      did not, to make sure that the overall
           elephants roaming wild             from the accounting team, planning,         our customer’s expectations for delivery     process is reinforced where necessary.
           outside your work, certainly       and central engineering makes sure we       of engineering excellence, and position      The lessons learned will hold us in good
keeps our new team in Gabon on its            can deliver a first class service.”         PSN for key projects that our customer       stead for our next new venture.”
toes and the option to spend your                                                         will be executing in the coming years.
                                              “Before entering Gabon we had to                                                         The future is exciting and the team
day off playing golf, rugby or football
                                              identify the legal requirements to          “Being in Gabon and establishing a           is currently exploring opportunities
means working in Gabon is anything but
                                              successfully register and operate in that   business entity that quickly delivers        for growth with our customers as we
boring!”, jokes James.
                                              country. This included local legislation,   services demonstrates a flexibility and      move into years two and three of the
“Gabon is a fantastically interesting         tax requirements and investment rules.      drive to grow our business, which            contract.
place to work. Libreville, the capital        To achieve this, we engaged with            in turn impresses other potential
                                                                                                                                       “We are working hard at creating a
is a vibrant city, while Gamba where          local advisors who could provide the        customers for us in new markets”, says
                                                                                                                                       sustainable business and I’m confident
we are based is much more laid back           necessary guidance.                         James.
                                                                                                                                       that with the resources and support
and relaxed. Dense forest covers most
                                              “Start up in a new country is far           “We certainly believe this contract          available within the network we will
of the country while the coastline is
                                              more complex than a new contract            differentiates PSN. Having a small           be able to deliver on this. The market
beautiful. The people are unbelievably
                                              alone. Not only are you starting a new      in-country team mobilised to deal with       potential here is substantial and I see
friendly and have been nothing but
                                              contract but you also have to create        daily customer needs with required           the region playing a major part in the
welcoming to us.”
                                              a legal entity to assign part of the        support from our central engineering         long term PSN success story”, concludes
Our new contract is located in south          works too. This slowed down some            team means we can respond in the             James. N
Gabon, supporting Shell’s operations          of the processes we would normally          most cost effective and efficient way
                                                                                                                                       For more information contact:
in Gamba, Rabi and Toucan fields.             run through as there were additional        to our customers’ requirements. This
We now have six people in country,            hurdles that needed to be cleared.”         flexibility in approach allows us to         James Crawford
supported by Aberdeen’s central                                                           deliver a world class service at the right   Sub-Saharan Africa regional manager
                                              All the required aspects of business
engineering design unit.                                                                  price.                                       E:
                                              registration have now been completed
                                                                                                                                       T: +44 (0)1224 777445
“The use of functional support based in       and the team’s top three objectives in      “We now have the benefit of being able
Aberdeen is integral to the success of        2009 for the contract are to: complete      to look at what went well, and what

values                                                                1   2

1. Flood relief mission in Philippines
PSN employees provide support in the wake of Ketsana, a tropical
storm which devastated the local area of Luzon, forcing over
500,000 to leave their homes for shelter.

2-3. New orphanage in India officially opened
Scottish Government’s External Affairs Minister, Michael Russell,
celebrates the official opening of the PSN dormitory, at The Ujwal
Niketan orphanage.

                                                                      3   4
4. PSN equestrian centre – Waypoints
Hugo McCarthy, Waypoints, manager of Employment and Outreach
Services, and his children visit the PSN equestrian centre near St.
John’s, NL on Canada’s east coast. The centre is the site of an
equine therapy programme for disadvantaged youth at Waypoints,
which PSN is a partner with.

5. PSN gives WildHearts a hand up
Bob Keiller joined Mick Jackson, founder of WildHearts, at a recent
motivational evening to increase awareness for this dynamic
Scottish charity. WildHearts use microfinance to give people in the
developing world the chance to work their own way out of poverty.
On 6th December, 50 PSN employees took to the streets of              5   6
Aberdeen dressed as Santa, to run 6km to raise money for

6-8. New beginnings in Bangladesh as multi-purpose
shelter nears completion
9-10. Local children benefit from the non-formal education
We have now raised a staggering $204,000 for our Bangladesh
Appeal thanks to the exceptional effort of so many of the teams
and suppliers in our network. Our target of $230,000 is now
clearly in sight, and with your help we hope to not just reach our
goal, but smash it. These funds will truly help make a substantial
and sustainable difference to the local community in Chittagong,
where we operate.
                                                                      7   8
The multi-purpose shelter will be complete by the end of the year,
marking a new chapter for the local community in 2010.

For more information on PSN community relations activities, to
share a story, or find out how to request funds for a community
project, contact:

Kenna Blackhall
Communications officer
T: +44 (0)1224 777014
                                                                      9   10

Core Values
Our core values are the guiding principles under which we operate. Faced with difficult decisions, we choose options
that best meet our core values.

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our people is our greatest responsibility. This makes it our top priority with no
room for compromise.
Safety is at the heart of everything we do: the way we plan, the way we prepare, and the way we work. This goes
beyond simply following rules and regulations. Our passion for safety extends to everyone who may be affected by
our activities. We are proud of our reputation for health and safety yet we are never complacent and look for ways
to improve. Learning from others is as important as sharing our own lessons with our peers.
We expect every one of our people to be a leader in health and safety. It is everyone’s responsibility to assess, look
for, intervene and stop any unsafe or potentially unsafe activity. Anyone who steps in to prevent a potential accident
will be fully supported by the Company. To watch an unsafe act and do nothing is unacceptable.

Our people are our business - we treat each other with honesty, compassion and respect. Our people
are our main business asset and their skills make us better than our competitors.
We treat people fairly and reward them competitively - this goes a long way to attracting the best people and
retaining the excellent people we already have.
We value an open culture where people are prepared to give and receive constructive feedback. We encourage
people to contribute ideas that improve the business - we want everyone to be part of the team. We want to be
thought of as professional, the best at what we do and focussed on delivery.
Everyone in our organisation is part of a worldwide network of skills, talent and experience, and is encouraged to use
that network.

We nurture local businesses and skills to encourage sustainable community development. Through our
network of expertise and experience, we bring value to the communities where we work. We draw on
lessons learned and best practices from all over the world.
We recruit and train local people who enrich our global network by bringing their experience, culture and diversity
into our business.
We are committed to achieving high local content wherever we operate. We justify this investment with the ongoing
successes that can be seen in our people, projects, and the communities where we work.
We work with our customers, contractors, partners and suppliers to improve the efficiency of our operations by
conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and preventing environmental pollution.

We actively look for better ways of doing things, never satisfied with “good enough”. Our culture
encourages people to collaborate, share ideas across our network and learn from each other. We
recognise that not all innovations succeed but we test ideas quickly and learn early without taking large risks.
Our people are at the core of innovation. Applying ideas that improve tools, processes, and systems only work
because our people have the skills and attitudes that embrace innovation and keep it moving forward.

Strong relationships with our customers are vital to our business. We nurture these relationships to
understand what our customers want and how we can best deliver it. We expect everyone to contribute in
building positive customer relationships.
We welcome candid feedback from our clients - good and bad – because it helps us to improve and stay focussed on
what customers need. We recognise that a customer’s perception is their reality, so we must take the time and have
empathy to understand an issue from their viewpoint.
While it is good to be “liked” - it is more important that we are respected for our focus on safety, professionalism, and
our integrity.

Financial Responsibility
We expect to receive fair reward for our business performance. Consequently, we expect to be paid on
time just as we expect to pay our suppliers and sub-contractors on time.
We carefully manage financial risk and demand clear reporting of financial performance in our business.
Our business strategy is based on steady growth by selecting only those jobs we can deliver safely and make a profit.

We act openly and with honesty - our code of ethics sets the minimum standard for our behaviour.
People have different moral and ethical values - we respect this and set our own minimum standards
which all our employees must follow.
We will ensure that all of our operational activities comply with applicable local rules, regulations and other
We will investigate any ethical violations or complaints and take appropriate action.
Our long-term reputation depends on doing the right thing within these core values - even if it adversely affects our
business prospects in the short-term.

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