What Are Tussocks- by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Do you know what Tussocks, Sudds, Floatons or Floating Islands are? Well, if you
haven't, it is a wide roaming mass of mud, peat, and aquatic plants. Organic junk and
flora roots are also in the structure of these islands. Actually, the sizes of these drifting
islands can be a few feet to 100's of acres. This natural phenomenon is seen all around
the globe. They are more normally found in lakes and marshes.
Tussocks primarily are made from cattails, bulrush, sedge, and reeds extending from a
shoreline of some sort of wetland area. Flora that hangs over the shoreline will
ofttimes begin to build up. Low water levels in the root areas can result in water flora
tips reaching for the water and then slowly hanging over the edge and eventually
breaking from the shoreline. The area under the drifting mat is usually very rich with
marine living organisms. Finally harsh weather or storms cause the overhanging
portion to break from the shoreline. The mountain begins to migrate and finally clings
onto another landform. Strong winds may aid in the transmigration, but harsh weather
can destroy and mix the tussock with the water. Trees up to 50 feet tall and 8-12
inches in diameter have been known to grow on Tussocks.
Tussocks are a sign of healthy maturing in bodies of water. People say that Tussocks
are a part of Florida's shallow lakes. Droughts, fires and floods have greatly changed
the number of existing Tussocks. Floods are the most familiar mode of transfer for
Tussocks. Downstream fens and uplands are places the floods have transported many
Today, water levels are held by man made structure's such as wires, levees and dams.
This binding prevents the creation of the Tussocks because the water level gets too
high or too low in most places. Presently, most people do not admire these drifting
islands. The island not only carry itself but many times animals too. It is not
uncommon to see amphibians or reptilians along for a ride. Personally I would be
scared if an gator hitched a ride on a Tussock to my front door. The Tussocks don't
always bring unwanted beasts, frequently they are bearers of good floras and herbs.
Floating islands may also cause another large problem. Tussocks can block routes to
essential shipping ports. This can cause a lot of worry for a business person who
works no where near the water. Floating islands are able to harm or blocking boats.
Irrigation systems can also become blocked by Tussocks. Governments have spent
millions trying to prevent drifting island from interrupting the everyday flow of
shipping traffic. Weed killing is used to check these structures. Sometimes expensive
ways like shredders and barge mounted track hoes are also used for getting control.

About the Author:

Dave McNabb founded a full service aquatic maintenance company located in
Lafayette, California in 1996. Dave started his aquatic career in 1980 with Aquatics
Unlimited located in Martinez, California. In 1984 Dave became the very first
Aquamog operator and has run the machines for the past 25 years.

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