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         Marshall                         Achieving
                                                                     in education, research, and service. . .

                                        A Tribute To A Career In Research
  Summer 2001
                                         Dr. James W.                                           Birmingham with a
                                Hooper’s resume is                                              dissertation entitled,
                                topped by a veritable                                           “Simulation Strategies: A
  INSIDE                        pyramid of                                                      Theoretical and Practical
                                responsibilities: Vice                                          Investigation.” For Hooper,
                                President for Research;                                         his interest in simulation has
                                Dean, College of                                                been “a transcending kind of
                                Information Technology                                          thing” that has spanned his
                                and Engineering;                                                professional career. He
 3- New WV EPSCoR Director      Director, Center for                                            lectured part time at the
                                Environmental,                                                  University of Alabama/
 4- Deadlines: Arts/
                                Geotechnical, and                                               Huntsville for the latter part
                                Applied Sciences; and                                           of his time at NASA, finally
 6- Deadlines: Education -
                                Weisberg Professor of                                           joining UA/H for a full-time
    Human and Community         Software Engineering                                            position as Associate
    Development                 (Tenured). One by one,                                          Professor and later Professor
                                he is slowly dismantling                                        of Computer Science. NASA
 7- Deadlines: Medicine         the pyramid. He will                                            funded much of his research
                                step down as Vice President for               while he was with the University of Alabama/
12- Deadlines: Science/         Research sometime in August. He will          Huntsville.
    Engineering                 serve as Dean for another year before                  In 1991, he published Software Reuse:
                                leaving that position. He will remain as      Guidelines and Methods (“In this field,” he
14- Funded Proposals            Director of the Environmental Center and      commented, “it quickly became a museum
                                Weisberg Professor.                           piece”) and was appointed Weisberg Professor
15- Submitted Proposals                  By stepping away from much of        while on leave from UA/H. Then in 1993, he
                                his heavy load of administrative duties, he   resigned from UA/H to become the founding
16- Proposal Clearance          will be free to concentrate on teaching,      director of MU’s Center for Environmental,
                                research, and teamwork. Before coming         Geotechnical and Applied Sciences. Although
17- Meet MURC                   to the academic community, he was deep        still doing funded research when he came to
                                in the hands-on world of applied science      Marshall, Hooper moved into the world of
20- Community of Science        in his work with the National Aeronautics     administration and promotion of research.
                                and Space Administration. From 1962                    As a sign of the growth since 1993, the
20- Satellite Teleconferences   until 1980, he worked at NASA’s George        Environmental Center has received over $4
                                C. Marshall Space Flight Center. During       million in external funding with a marked
                                the 18 years at NASA, he worked in            increase in the number of undergraduate
                                applied computing, providing real time        students and Graduate Assistants.
       Featured                 support for missions. Moving into                      “In the Environmental Center, students
        Faculty                 discrete event simulation as project leader   do real GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
                                in research and development, his team         and other work. When they leave Marshall,
 2- Dr. Beverly Delidow         developed the Data Systems Dynamic            they go out in high demand. Right now we
                                Simulator, an innovative tool for NASA        have students in mapping work for the West
 11- Dr. Larry Kyle             data flow studies based on the use of         Virginia Department of Tax and Revenue.
                                generic component models.                     And coal companies need this work,” he said.
 19- Dr. Laura Jenski                    While at NASA, he received his       “This is real work, not just theoretical.”
                                Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in
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                                       There’s Always Another Question!

                                             You can learn a lot by starting small, says Dr. Beverly Delidow. And
                                     by “small” she means at the cellular level.
                                             “One thing I know a lot of us feel as scientists is that when you’re
                                     looking through a great big microscope at absolute minutia, you have to remind
                                     yourself that it does have a broader impact,” says Delidow, who has been a
                                     faculty member with the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
                                     at Marshall University’s Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine since 1993.
          “Looking at the impact of cell-cell adhesion on a pituitary cell, I might find out something that’s
interesting not just for the function of pituitary cells, but for the function of all cells.”
          As an endocrine physiologist, she has been interested in studying the pituitary gland since graduate
school at the University of Michigan. The pituitary is a small gland at the base of the brain that regulates
general body functions including metabolism, reproduction and the body’s response to nutrients. In particular,
she studies a hormone called prolactin that is primarily responsible for maintaining lactation in female mammals.
          “One of the reasons that the cells that make prolactin are interesting is that they make up a large
proportion of pituitary tumors,” Delidow says. “In people who have pituitary tumors, a large percentage of the
tumors make prolactin, and some of the problems associated with the tumor are because there’s too much
prolactin in the body.”
          “The cells that I study are derived from pituitary prolactin secreting cells. I’ve been interested in
looking at three aspects of their function. How do you control their growth? That’s what a tumor is, it’s an
overgrowth of cells. How do you control their prolactin production? And what’s the role of cell-cell adhesion
and communication in both of those?”
         In August 1998, she was awarded a $229,144 grant from the National Science Foundation for the study
of cell-cell adhesion and regulation of pituitary prolactin which will end on July 31, 2002. Her main research
goal now is trying to characterize how pituitary prolactin secreting cells behave. “No one’s really looked at the
endocrine cell type before, so this is a new area which requires a basic description and looking at basic
mechanisms before we even get to whether or not this can be used in a preventative sense,” Delidow says.
“It’s known in rodents what triggers pituitary tumors, but in humans it’s not as well known.”
          “There is some indication that it may be age related, that as a person ages the inhibitory signals that
come from the nervous system to the pituitary may decrease and that may allow the prolactin producing cells to
escape control.” One of the unique properties of prolactin producing cells is that they are controlled mostly by
inhibition, whereas other cells are controlled mostly by stimulation. She plans to write an NIH AREA grant this
fall, focusing on cell growth in these pituitary tumor cells.
          Her work also has received Career Enhancement Awards from the National Science Foundation and
the West Virginia Chapter of American Women in Science (AWIS). Two publications were completed through
a $1,500 grant awarded in May 1998. A new carbon dioxide incubator, a valuable tool for the growth of cell
cultures, was purchased from an August 1997 award. “Those smaller awards can get you over the hurdles to
receiving larger grants,” she says.
         The help of her colleagues has been essential to the success of her project. “It was Dr. Susan
DeMesquita who administered the grant program for the AWIS awards, so her advice was really instrumental
in obtaining those smaller grants,” she says. Both Dr. Richard Niles and Dr. Gary Rankin reviewed her last
proposal and helped make changes that resulted in funding. “There are ups and downs to a small faculty, but
one of the ups is that we’re fairly close knit and everyone helps everybody else. It’s been great working here,”
Delidow says. Her goal for next year is to obtain two grants to look at cell growth and cell-cell adhesion.
          “I actually don’t see the project as ending but as changing,” she says. “The cell line that I’m studying
comes from a pituitary tumor that was generated in a rat and has been kept in continuous subculture for many
years now. It’s a model for what goes on in the pituitary but it’s not the real thing, so this is a jumping off
          “One nice thing about science is that it’s really never done,” Delidow says. “There’s always another
question.”                                                                                  By Amy Baker
  Summer 2001                                                                                                         3
cont. Dr. Hooper

         Hooper is justifiably proud of the progress since he joined the MURC Board in 1993. In April 1996, he became
the President of the Board when he was appointed MU’s Vice President for Research. He will continue to serve on the
Board after he leaves the Vice President’s office.
         He is looking forward to leaving some of the administrative responsibilities. For his whole professional life, he
has thrived on research and leading teams. While at the University of Alabama/Huntsville, he directed the studies of
five Ph.D. students.
         “Research is extremely valuable in an academic setting,” he said. “Everybody wins. The students themselves
benefit by direct participation in projects. And they also benefit by the professor bringing that understanding to the
         Hooper feels that Marshall is in transition from a pure teaching institution to one more research-oriented,
pointing out that the growth has been substantial in the last ten years, from $4 million to well over $20 million in external
         “Marshall University Research Corporation has been in an upward spiral, with a remarkable pattern of growth.
President Angel values research, so that trend should continue. The biggest problem for Marshall right now is match
money. Coming up with Cost Share for projects is difficult in financially strapped areas, but many funding agencies
require it. It’s a difficult job to balance the benefits from externally funded projects with the requirements on MU. The
WV Legislature and Governor Wise have recognized the problem, and are moving to help the state’s schools.”
         “I truly believe MU is gaining a reputation as having research competence. We are being taken seriously; there
is an institutional commitment to research. That helps attract strong students and faculty. And that creates a better
climate for everybody.”
         What is Dr. Hooper’s advice for other investigators? “Pay attention. Get help from MURC. Remember that
feedback and reviewer comments about a proposal that doesn’t receive funding are not proof of failure, but a chance to
learn how to do a better proposal the next time. It’s like sending a paper to a refereed journal. The paper may be
turned down or given lots of suggestions for editing changes. Very rarely is something accepted and printed as first
submitted. A research proposal is like that. It may take repeated submissions. This is no field for someone with a thin
         His long years of finding outside funding have taught him one other important lesson: “In developing research
projects, investigators must collaborate for a proposal to be successful. The true cutting edge projects are

                                                                                                 By Nita Sue Kent

                                            New WV EPSCoR Director
                                        Paul L. Hill, Jr., Ph.D., was announced as the new WV
                                EPSCoR Director.
                                        A native West Virginian, he holds degrees from Marshall
                                University (B.S. & M.S.) and the University of Louisville (Ph.D.) in
                                biology and chemistry with emphasis on environmental chemistry and
                                ecology. His career and life experiences have been extensive and
                                challenging: a research scientist above the Arctic Circle in Alaska; a
                                laboratory analyst in rural Appalachia; a field ecologist on the Ohio
                                River basin; a science, technology and safety auditor in Hawaii and
                                California; a research partner in Europe; and a high-level White House
                                Appointee. His career has encompassed an uncommon level of depth
                                and richness.
                                        He is married to medical journalist, Nancy Nelson Hill and has
                                one daughter, Summer Gabrielle, age 11. The Hills reside in Charleston,
                                West Virginia.
    4                                                                                                  xelne
                                                                                             Ahieving E c l e c

                                      Funding Notices
                                                                Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20506; (202) 606-8380; http://
  Arts                Humanities                                    Schools for a New Millennium Implementation Grants
                                                                Agency: National Endowment of the Humanities
     Collaborative Research                                     Deadline: 10/1/01
Agency: National Endowment of the Humanities                    Abstract: To engage a critical mass of educators in an elementary,
Deadline: 9/1/01                                                middle, or high school through sustained study of core subjects,
Abstract: To support original research undertaken or            including history/social studies, English/language arts, civics, and
coordinated by a team of two or more scholars because           foreign languages, in collaboration with professors at local colleges
its scope or complexity requires additional staff or            and universities. This includes implementing a school-wide plan of
resources. Eligible projects include research leading to the    professional development that links new knowledge of content and
preparation of scholarly publications that break new            pedagogy in ways that transform the curriculum and reach every
ground; editions of works of value to scholars and readers      student in the school, and enlisting the support and active
and have been previously inaccessible; annotated                collaboration of the wider community-colleges, libraries, museums,
translations into English of works that provide insight into    parents, and local businesses-in these reform activities
other cultures; and conferences addressing a topic of           Contact: Schools for a New Millennium, Division of Education
major significance to the humanities. Grants support full-      Programs, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1100
time or part-time activities for periods up to three years.     Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Room 318, Washington, DC 20506;
Support is available for various combinations of scholars,      202/606-8380;
consultants, and research assistants; project-related travel;
field work; and technical support and services.                     Consultation Grants
Contact: Collaborative Research, Division of Research           Agency: National Endowment of the Humanities
Programs, Room 318, National Endowment for the                  Deadline: 9/11/01
Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,                     Abstract: Public Programs involve diverse audiences in the
Washington, D.C. 20506;                                         exploration of the humanities through high-quality programming.
(202) 606-8200;; http://                  Projects should appeal to general audiences and grow out of sound                   scholarship. Public Programs support projects that: convey
                                                                significant humanities ideas to the public; use formats and programs
    Education Development and Demonstration                     creatively to engage audiences; have regional or national impact;
Agency: National Endowment of the Humanities                    through extending their geographic reach, involve new audiences,
Deadline: 10/15/01                                              or serve as models. Projects should address a broad set of
Abstract: The Education Development and Demonstration           humanities themes that can appeal to public audiences. Contact:
program of the Division of Education Programs provides          Consultation Grants, Division of Public Programs, Room 426,
grants to schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums   National Endowment for the Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania
and other cultural institutions to improve formal humanities    Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20506; 202/606-8269;
education in the United States from kindergarten through
college and university. Education Development and
Demonstration offers support for projects in two                    Research in European, African, or Asian History
categories: Humanities Focus Grants and National                Agency: AHISTA American Historical Association
Education Projects.                                             Deadline: 9/15/01
Humanities Focus Grants enable educators to consider            Abstract: To support research in the history of Europe, Africa, and
significant humanities topics or to map institutional           Asia. The grants are intended to further research in progress and
directions for teaching the humanities. Humanities Focus        may be used for travel to a library or archive. Only American
Grants are particularly appropriate and are encouraged for      Historical Association members may apply. Preference will be give
first-time applicants. National Education Projects, often of    to those with specific research needs, such as the completion of a
multiyear duration, enable educators to engage in more          project or completion of a discrete segment thereof, and to Ph.D.
extensive consideration of humanities subjects and their        candidates and junior scholars.
teaching. It funds the development and dissemination of         Contact: Schmitt Grants Programs, American Historical
humanities materials, scholarship, and teaching practices.      Association, 400 A Street, SE, Washington, DC 2003; (202) 544-
Contact: Education Development and Demonstration,               2422;;
Division of Education Programs, Room 303, National
Endowment for the Humanities, 1100 Pennsylvania
      Summer 2001                                                                                                        5
    The Arvin Foundation Giving Program                          New York Public Library Fellowships; Library of Congress
Agency: Arvin Foundation Giving Program                          Fellowships in International Studies; Contemplative Practice
Deadline: Continuous                                             Fellowships; Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Dissertation
Abstract: To support charitable, educational, and youth          Fellowships in American Art; Fellowships for American Research in
activities and other community needs on a continuing basis       the Humanities in the People’s Republic of China; and Postdoctoral
throughout the Arvin Foundation. The Arvin Foundation            Research Fellowships and Dissertation Fellowships in East
believes that giving should be related to causes consistent      European Studies.
with the company’s interests and objectives: educational         Contact: Office of Fellowships and Grants, American Council of
and technical training; youth organizations and affiliations;    Learned Societies, 228 East 45th Street
civic and health organizations; and arts and science.            New York, NY 10017-3398,
Contract: Arvin Foundation Giving Program, One Noblitt
Plaza, P.O. Box 3000, Columbus, IN;                   Grant and Fellowship Opportunities
                                                                 The American Philosophical Society
    Funding Programs                                             Deadline: 10/1/01
Agency: Daniel Langlois Foundation                               Abstract: The American Philosophical Society supports several
Deadline: 1/31/01                                                major grant and fellowship programs to assist the promotion of
Abstract: The foundation’s mission is to promote                 useful knowledge. Awards are made for research only. Applicants
contemporary artistic practices that use digital technologies    must be residents of the United States or American citizens resident
to express aesthetic and critical forms of discourse; to         abroad. Foreign nationals whose research can only be carried out in
encourage interdisciplinary research and, in general, to         the U.S. are also eligible. Grants are made to individuals only. The
sustain the development of projects calling for cooperation      Society is currently accepting applications for its Franklin Research
between people from a variety of fields, such as artists,        Grants, Daland Fellowships in Clinical Investigation, Sabbatical
scientists, and technologists or engineers; and to render        Fellowship for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and Slater
public the results of research supported by its programs.        Fellowship in the History of Twentieth Century Physical Sciences.
Contact: Daniel Langlois Foundation, 3530 Saint-Laurent          Contact: American Philosophical Society, Independence Mall East,
Boulevard, Suite 402, Montreal, Quebec; H2X 2V1                  104 South 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106,
Canada; (514) 987-7177;;,
                                                                    Music Education Program Grants
    Murphy Foundation Grants                                     Agency: The Mockingbird Foundation
Agency: John P. Murphy Foundation                                Deadline: Varies
Deadline: Continuous                                             Abstract: The Mockingbird Foundation Inc supports music education
Abstract: To support a wide variety of artistic and cultural     programs for children. The foundation seeks to fund projects which
institutions and organizations. The foundation gives to          encourage creative expression in all musical forms (including
projects in education, social services, arts and culture,        composition, instrumentation, vocalization, and improvisation), but
community, health and religion.                                  will also support more basic needs within conventional instruction.
Contact: John P. Murphy Foundation, 50 Public Square,            MFI is particularly, though not exclusively, interested in funding
Suite 924, Cleveland, Ohio 44113-2203; (216) 623-4770;           programs which benefit disenfranchised groups.              Contact: Mockingbird Foundation, (831) 465-6989,
    Fellowship and Grants Program
Agency: American Council Of Learned Societies                        ArtsCONNECT
Deadlines: Varies                                                 Agency: Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Abstract: The American Council of Learned Societies is a          Deadline: 2/23/02
private nonprofit federation of sixty-four national scholarly    Abstract: The program will support a limited number of touring
organizations, which works for “the advancement of               projects in the mid-Atlantic region that involve public performances,
humanistic studies in all fields of learning in the humanities   educational activities, and audience outreach strategies with
and the social sciences and the maintenance and                  performing artists of the highest calibre. Within these touring
strengthening of relations among the national societies          projects there is the potential for sharing information, experiences
devoted to such studies.” New programs this year include         and resources between presenter partners that can lead to a strong
the Charles A. Ryskamp Research Fellowships, which               presenter network in the region. Overall, it is Mid Atlantic Arts
support tenure-track Assistant Professors in the humanities      Foundation’s intention that ArtsCONNECT-funded tours will bring
and related social sciences, and the ACLS/Andrew W.              artists of the highest quality to audiences throughout the region, in
Mellon Foundation Fellowships for Junior Faculty.                communities large and small.
Continuing programs include: Frederick Burkhardt                 Contact: Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, 22 Light Street, Suite 300,
Residential Fellowships; ACLS Fellowships; ACLS/SSRC/            Baltimore, MD 21202, (410) 539-6656,
NEH International and Area Studies Fellowship; ACLS/             perfarts.htm.
    6                                                                                                 xelne
                                                                                            Ahieving E c l e c

                                                                      Contact: NFIE Leadership Grants, 1201 16th Street, Suite
                                                                      416, NW, Washington DC       20036-3207;
    Education - Human and
                                                                            Higher Education as an Industry
                                                                      Agency: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
    Community Development                                             Deadline: Continuous
                                                                      Abstract: The goal of this program is to produce
                                                                      understanding of how institutions of higher education actually
     AT&T Learning Network Grants                                     work. The foundation is interested in new research on the
Agency: AT&T Foundation                                               emergence of for-profit higher education.
Deadline: Continuous                                                  Contact : Jesse H. Ausubel, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 630
Abstract: To provide funding to projects that demonstrate             Fifth Avenue, Suite 2550,
effective and innovative uses of technology in supporting             New York, NY 10111-0242; (212) 649-1649;
families, schools, and communities to accomplish the following:;
promote family involvement in education; provide professional
development opportunities for educators and assist in the                   Research Grants Program
preparation of future teachers; and develop and implement plans       American Educational Research Association
to promote lifelong learning and community collaboration.             Deadline: 9/5/01, 12/5/01
The AT&T Learning Network focuses on the use of technology.           Abstract: The program’s goals are to stimulate quantitative
AT&T’s program provides resources to help families, schools,          policy- and practice-related research on U.S. education using
and communities understand how to use technology. Special             large-scale, nationally representative NCES and NSF data
consideration is given to: projects that involve collaboration        sets; to improve the U.S. educational research community’s
among families, schools, colleges, universities, educational          firsthand knowledge of the range of data available at the two
organizations, or community-based organizations.                      agencies and how to use them; and to increase the number of
Contact : AT&T Foundation, 32 Avenue of the Americas, 24th            U.S. educational researchers using the data sets. Research
Floor, New York, NY 10013; (212) 387-4801;               topics may cover a wide range of policy-related issues such
foundation/guidelines.html#edu.                                       as school persistence and career entry; teachers and
                                                                      teaching, policies and practices related to achievement; and
     Building Bridges to Better Education                             parental attitudes; contextual factors in education; education
Agency: Toyota USA Foundation                                         in middle schools; at-risk students; early childhood education;
Deadline: Continuous                                                  U.S. education in an international context; school finance;
Abstract: To improve the quality of K to 12 education, with a         curriculum, and informal science education.
primary interest in mathematics and science. Priorities include       Contact: Ms. Jeanie Murdock, Executive Director, AERA
systemic math and science programs that are broad in scope and        Grants Program, 5662 Calle Real, #254, University of
incorporate interdisciplinary curricula, “real-world” classroom       California, Goleta, CA 93117-2317; (805) 964-5264;
applications, and high student expectations; creative and   ;
innovative programs that develop the potential of students and        RGFly-FR.html.
teachers; and cost-effective programs with high potential for
success and relatively low duplication of effort.                           International Research and Studies Program
Contact : Toyota USA Foundation, 19001 South Western Avenue,          Agency: United States Department of Education
Torrence, CA 90509; (310) 618-6766;                   Deadline: TBA
                                                                      Abstract: The purpose of the program is to provide grants to
      National Education Association                                  conduct research and studies to improve and strengthen
Agency: Foundation for the Improvement of Education                   instruction in modern foreign languages, area studies, and
Learning and Leadership Grants                                        other international fields to provide full understanding of the
Deadline: October 15, 2001                                            places in which the foreign languages are commonly used.
Abstract: To fund projects that help applicants learn subject         Contact: Jose L. Martinez, U.S. Department of Education,
matter, instructional approaches, and skills that enhance the         International Education and Graduate Programs Service,
success of students in their institutions. Such skills include        1990 K Street, NW Suite 600, Washington DC 20006-8521;
implementing academic content standards, integrating technology       (202) 502-7635;
into instruction, and involving parents, business, and community in
student work. Recipients are expected to exercise professional            Field-Initiated Studies Education Grant Program
leadership by sharing their new learning with their colleagues.       Agency: United States Department of Education
Professional development activities funded by Learning and            Deadline: TBA
Leadership Grants must explicitly address student learning            Abstract: The Office of Educational Research and
needs. These needs should be demonstrated by assessment or            Improvement (OERI) is inviting applications for new awards
evaluation data specific to the school, college, or university.
  Summer 2001                                                                                                         7
for FY 2001 under its National Research Institutes’ Field-
Initiated Studies (FIS) Research Grant Program. The FIS
Program awards grants to conduct education research in
which topics and methods of study are generated by
Contact:Elizabeth Payer, FIS Education Research Grants
Program, Office of Educational Research and Improvement,
United States Department of Education, 555 New Jersey
Avenue, NW, Room 606c, Washington DC 20208-5645;                         Academic Research Enhancement Awards
(202) 219-1310;                             Agency: National Institutes of Health
                                                                   Deadline: 9/25/01
     Social Science Research on Education Reform                   Abstract: To stimulate research at institutions that provide
Agency: The Poverty & Race Research Action                         baccalaureate training for a significant number of the
Council and The Joyce Foundation                                   Nation’s research scientists but that have not been major
Deadline: Continuous                                               recipients of NIH support. AREA funds are intended to
Abstract: The Poverty & Race Research Action Council               support new or ongoing health-related research projects
works to link social science research to advocacy work in          proposed by faculty members of eligible institutions. The
order to successfully address problems at the intersection         AREA will enable qualified scientists to receive support for
of race and poverty. These new grants, courtesy of The             small-scale research projects. All health professional
Joyce Foundation, will fund social science research on             schools and other academic components of domestic
education reform issues dealing with the race-poverty              institutions offering baccalaureate or advanced degrees in
issues tied to an advocacy agenda. The grants have a               the sciences related to health are eligible, except those that
maximum amount of $10,000 and are limited to community             have received research grants and/or cooperative
and school organizations.                                          agreements from the NIH totaling more than $2 million per
Contact: Poverty & Race Research Action Council, 3000              year
Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C.                Contact: Dr. Janet M. Cuca, AREA Coordinator, Office of
20008, (202) 387-9887,,              Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health, 6701
                                                                   Rockledge Drive, Room 6192, Bethesda, MD 20892; (301)
     International Education Program                               435-2691;;
Agency: International Research & Exchanges Board         
Deadline: Varies
Abstract: The International Research & Exchanges Board
is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed to                     NIH Individual RFAs/Academic Career Award
international education in its broadest sense. IREX’s              Agency: National Institutes of Health
efforts encompass academic research, professional                  Deadline: 10/1/01
training, institution building, technical assistance, and policy   Abstract: Designed for more junior candidates who are
programs between the U.S. and the countries of Eastern             interested in developing an academic/ research expertise in
Europe, the Newly Independent States, Asia, and the Near           a particular field. A mentor is required. Leadership award:
East. IREX offers grant opportunities to scholars and              Lasts for 2 to 5 years, designed to support more senior
professionals from Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly           individuals with acknowledged scientific expertise in a
Independent States, and the United States. Grant programs          chosen area. Provides support to individuals interested in
include Black and Caspian Sea Collaborative Research               introducing or improving curriculum in a particular scientific
Program Grants; Contemporary Issues Fellowships;                   field as a means of enhancing the educational or research
Russian-U.S. Young Leader- ship Fellows for Public                 capacity at the applicant’s institution. Award supports
Service; John J. and Nancy Lee Roberts Fellowship                  development and leadership.
Program; Individual Advanced Research Opportunities                Contact: Dr. Cindy Miner, National Institute of Drug Abuse
Grants; the Russian-U.S. Young Leadership Fellows for              (301) 443-6071;
Public Service Program; the Mongolian Language Training            PA-95-052.html.
Program; the Mongolia Research Fellowship Program; the
ECA Alumni Small Grants Program; and Short-Term
Travel Grants.
Contact: International Research & Exchanges Board, 1616                 Aging Women and Breast Cancer
H Street, NW 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 628-           Agency: National Institute on Aging
8188,,            Deadline: 10/1/01
                                                                   Abstract: To support research that focuses on the unique
                                                                   problems of older women with breast cancer. The purpose
                                                                   of this broad-based program announcement is to expand
                                                                   the knowledge base on breast cancer in older women
8                                                                                                   xelne
                                                                                          Ahieving E c l e c

through studies in the fields of biology, clinical medicine,            Research Grants
epidemiology, and the behavioral and social sciences. The          Agency: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
targeted areas of research relevant to this multidisciplinary      Deadline: 9/1/01
solicitation are identified below: Biology, Clinical Medicine,     Abstract: To support the development of new information
Epidemiology, and Behavioral and Social Sciences.                  that contributes to the understanding of the basic etiology
Contact: Rosemary Yancik, Ph.D., Cancer Section, Geriatrics        and pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis. In addition,
Program, National Institute on Aging, Gateway Building,            consideration will be given to those projects that provide
Suite 3E327, 7201 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20892-            insight into the development of information that may
9205; (301) 496-5278;; http://           contribute to the development of new therapies for CF.               Contact: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, 6931 Arlington Road,
                                                                   Bethesda, MD 20814; (800) 344-4823;
     Autism Research Centers of Excellence
Agency: National Institute of Mental Health
Deadline: 11/29/01                                                      Career Development Grants In Occupational
Abstract: The primary goal of this initiative is to establish      Safety and Health Research
several research centers, each of which will bring together        Agency: National Institute for Occupational Safety
expertise, infrastructure and resources focused on major           and Health
questions about autism. The research issues to be addressed        Deadline: 11/1/01
will include causes, diagnosis, early detection, prevention, and   Abstract: To support research to identify and investigate the
treatment, with approaches such as developmental                   relationships between hazardous working conditions and
neurobiology, genetics, and psychopharmacology being               associated occupational diseases and injuries; to develop
represented. Centers should use innovative research designs        more sensitive means of evaluating hazards at work sites,
and state-of-the-art technologies.                                 as well as methods for measuring early markers of adverse
Contact: Steve Foote, Ph.D., Division of Neuroscience and          health effects and injuries; to develop new protective
Basic Behavioral Science,                                          equipment, engineering control technology, and work
National Institute of Mental Health, Neuroscience Center,          practices to reduce the risks of occupational hazards; and to
Room 7204, MSC-9645,                                               evaluate the technical feasibility or application of a new or
6001 Executive Boulevard, Bethesda MD 20892-9645; (301)            improved occupational safety and health procedure, method,
443-3563;;            technique, or system.
grants/autismcentersrfa.cfm.                                       Contact: Roy M. Fleming, Sc.D., Research Grants
                                                                   Program, National Institute for Occupational Safety and
                                                                   Health, 1600 Clifton Road, N.E., Building 1, Room 3053,
     Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling                 MS D-30, Atlanta, GA 30333; (404) 639-3343;
Agency: National Cancer Institute
Deadline: 11/13/01                                                      Small Grants in Occupational Safety and Health
Abstract: To support collaborative research using simulation       Research
and other modeling techniques to describe the impact of            Agency: National Institute for Occupational Safety
interventions in population-based settings in the United States    and Health
or in non-US settings that will shed light on US population-       Deadline: 11/1/01
based trends. The primary goals of this research are to            Abstract: To support research to identify and investigate the
determine the impact of cancer control interventions on            relationships between hazardous working conditions and
observed trends in incidence and/or mortality; and to              associated occupational diseases and injuries; to develop
determine if recommended interventions are having their            more sensitive means of evaluating hazards at work sites,
expected population impact by examining discrepancies              as well as methods for measuring early markers of adverse
between controlled cancer intervention study results and the       health effects and injuries; to develop new protective
population experience.                                             equipment, engineering control technology, and work
Contact: Dr. Eric Feuer, Division of Cancer Control and            practices to reduce the risks of occupational hazards; and to
Population Sciences, National Cancer Institute, 6116               evaluate the technical feasibility or application of a new or
Executive Boulevard, Room 5041, MSC 8317, Bethesda, MD             improved occupational safety and health procedure, method,
20892-8317; (301) 496-5029;; http://www-             technique, or system.                             Contact: Roy M. Fleming, Sc.D., Research Grants
                                                                   Program, National Institute for Occupational Safety and
                                                                   Health, 1600 Clifton Road, N.E., Building 1, Room 3053,
                                                                   MS D-30
                                                                   Atlanta, GA 30333; (404) 639-3343;
  Summer 2001                                                                                                         9
     Department of the Navy: Environmental and                         Health Literacy Grant Program
Occupational Medicine Program                                     Agency: Pfizer, Inc.
Agency: Office of Naval Research                                  Deadline: 11/15/01
Deadline: Continuous                                              Abstract: Pfizer invites applications for two grants: one for
Abstract: This program supports research directed at              research to advance understanding of health literacy; the
establishing effective standards for occupational safety          second for an innovation to solve problems associated with
and health, environmental protection, damage control, and         low levels of health literacy. Applications are encouraged
fire prevention.                                                  from investigators in diverse fields such as health literacy,
Specific problem areas of emphasis are shipboard                  adult education, health economics, medicine, nursing,
toxicology, bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation,              pharmacy, public health, anthropology, health policy,
hearing conservation, risk analysis, and research health          journalism, social work, the management sciences, and
promotion.                                                        ethics. Examples of projects include: developing new
Contact: Beverly Harris, Office of Naval Research, 800            measures or new ways of looking at the causes or impact
North Quincy Street, Arlington, VA 22217-5660; (703)              of health literacy, developing programs that demonstrate
696-5419;;                improved health literacy, or creating policy initiatives that
                                                                  promote improved health outcomes.
                                                                  Contact: Charlene Landis, Pfizer Inc. 235 East 42nd Street,
     Arthritis Foundation Clinical Science Grants                 New York, N Y10017-5755; (888) 457-3033;
Agency: Arthritis Foundation                            
Deadline: 9/1/01
Abstract: To improve lives through leadership in the                   Cancer Research Foundation of America to
prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related             Support Scientific Cancer Research and Education
diseases. Applications that are dedicated to an arthritis         Agency: Cancer Research Foundation of America
project and career or that will stimulate real interchange        Deadline: 9/15/01
across disciplines leading to advances in the prevention,         Abstract: The Cancer Research Foundation of America
control and cure of arthritis will be considered highly           works toward the prevention of cancer through scientific
relevant. Applications from investigators who propose             research and education. The foundation is accepting
work on projects with a demonstrable relationship to              applications for both grant and fellowship programs. Grant
arthritis or who, with their mentor, have established a real      and fellowship proposals will be considered for basic,
working relationship with a clinical academic                     clinical, and applied research projects; education programs
rheumatology or musculoskeletal unit will be highly               in cancer prevention; and early detection projects. Grants of
regarded.                                                         up to $40,000 will be awarded for one year, with an
Contact: Arthritis Foundation, Research Department,               opportunity for renewal up to two years based on
1330 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30309;               resubmission. CRFA fellowships of up to $40,000 are
(404) 965-7537;                                typically awarded for two years.
                                                                  Contact: Cancer Research Foundation of America, 1600
                                                                  Duke Street, Suite 110, Alexandria, VA 22314; (800) 227-
     Career Development Program                                   CRFA;
Agency: LSA Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Deadline: 9/1/01                                                       Generalist Physician Faculty Scholars Program to
Abstract: Research sponsored by the Society on leukemia,          Provide Career Development Awards
lymphoma and myeloma ranges from basic research that              Agency: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
utilizes the latest tools of genomics to studies that translate   Deadline: 9/28/01
basic discoveries to new treatments. These research efforts       Abstract: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation offers
are driven by the Society’s mission to increase the cure          support to outstanding junior faculty in medical school
rate of the blood-related cancers. The Career Development         departments/divisions of family practice, general internal
Program provides support for basic and clinical research          medicine, and general pediatrics through the Generalist
on projects renewable for up to five years at the level of        Physician Faculty Scholars Program. This program is
Scholar, and three years at the level of Special Fellow and       intended to strengthen generalist physician faculty in
Fellow.                                                           America’s medical schools by improving their research
Contact: Director of Research Administration, The                 capacity while maintaining their clinical and teaching
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 1311 Mamaroneck                      competencies. Scholars will be required to spend at least 40
Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605; (914) 821-8843,                   percent of their time in research and other scholarly;                                        pursuits. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must                           meet the following criteria: be a physician who is a US
                                                                  citizen; be a junior faculty member in family practice,
10                                                                                                xelne
                                                                                        Ahieving E c l e c

general internal medicine, or general pediatrics, and desire a
successful career in academic medicine; provide evidence                   $400 MINI GRANT FOR
of research skills (research fellowship or equivalent training
or experience); have at least two papers published in peer-                WASHINGTON, DC TRIP
reviewed journals; demonstrate excellence as a teacher; and
show a clinical commitment to generalism by caring for a           The Marshall University
defined panel of patients. Nominations are made by the             Research Corporation, in its
deans of four-year, fully accredited United States medical         mission to support the
schools.                                                           development of external
Contact: National Program Office, Generalist Physician             funding at Marshall University
Faculty Scholars Program, South Texas Veterans Health              and to the faculty in their
                                                                   research efforts, is providing
Care System, Audie L.Murphy Division, 7400 Merton                  an opportunity for faculty and
Minter Drive (11C6), San Antonio, TX 78229-5700; (210)             staff to visit sponsor agencies
567-0427; (210) 617-5234;;              in Washington, D.C.
                                                                   Quarterly the Marshall
      Funding for Research on Schizophrenia and                    University Research
Bipolar Disorder                                                   Corporation will award 5
                                                                   faculty or staff a grant of
Stanley Foundation Research Programs                               $400 to visit program officers
Deadline: 10/1/01 and 3/1/02                                       in Washington, D.C. at
Abstract: To support research on the causes and treatment          selected sponsor agencies.
of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (manic-depressive            Faculty are expected to visit
illness), both through work carried out in its own laboratories    with 2-3 program officers
and through support of researchers worldwide who are               during the visit.
working on these diseases. The organization offers funding
                                                                   Please contact the Grants &
through two grant programs: Research on Causes and                 Contract Development Office
Treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Research          for more details.
on Causes and Treatment of Schizophrenia supports
researchers at all levels of development who are already in
this field. It also supports, and is especially interested in,        Application Deadline     Trip Date
researchers from other areas of medicine and biology (e.g.,           September 7, 2001        September 19-21, 2001
neurology, immunology, biochemistry, epidemiology) who
                                                                      February 18, 2002        March 13-15, 2002
                                                                      April 29, 2002           May 22-24, 2002
wish to initiate new research projects on schizophrenia and
bipolar disorder. Funding is granted for a maximum of
$75,000 per year for two years. Treatment Trials for
Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: This new program
funds studies of compounds not supported by the
pharmaceutical industry, including novel agents, and studies            Revised PHS 398 and PHS 2590
of the “off-label” use of drugs approved for other                               Now Available
conditions. The foundation will support clinical trials in the
range of $50,000 - $300,000 per year for a maximum of                 The new PHS 398 application and PHS 2590
three years depending on design.                                  progress report instructions and forms are available on
Contact: Stanley Foundation Research Programs, 430                the NIH Grants Web site at
Grosvenor Lane, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814; (301)              forms.htm, and may now be used by applicants.
571-0760;;                               Beginning January 10, 2002, use of the revised forms is                             required.
                                                                      The forms available on our website are now fillable
                                                                  using Adobe Acrobat Reader Software. Applicants are
                                                                  encouraged to access the instructions and forms via the
                                                                  Internet because they contain valuable links to policy
                                                                  documents as well as links for navigating the instructions
                                                                      For further information, contact
    If you are interested in searching for more funding           GrantsInfo@NIH.GOV. See NIH Guide Notice of July
    opportunities, please visit            10, 2001 for more details or contact
    and click on “Surf For $$$.”                        
Summer 2001                                                                                                   11

   Constructive Partnership - Marshall and Construction Trades

           Thanks to a valuable partnership between         OSHA was for $130,170, and the partners have
  Marshall University and leaders in the construction       received a one-year extension grant for $97,127. An
  trades, more construction workers will be able to         earlier Susan Harwood-funded project helped to
  avoid on-the-job accidents. Under the guidance of         conduct lead and silica abatement safety training. In
  Dr. Larry Kyle, Assistant Provost of the Marshall         four years, the program provided for the training of
  Community and Technical College’s Division of             8,000 workers.
  Continuing Education and Economic Development, a                   With the grant dollars, a 40-hour training
  current project is                                                                   course was developed to
  providing safety                                                                     educate 100 trainers in fall
  training to workers                                                                  protection principles related
  from the United States                                                               to industrial and commercial
  and Canada so they                                                                   work. The program is being
  can return to their                                                                  implemented with a “Train-
  home areas and train                                                                 the-Trainer” approach. The
  even more workers.                                                                   original session at the
           The                                                                         MCTC is for 20 trainers
  Occupational and                                                                     who then will train at least
  Safety Health                                                                        four trainers each. The first
  Administration’s                                                                     session will involve four
  (OSHA) Susan                                                                         instructors who are
  Harwood Training                                                                     responsible for also drafting
  Grant Program funded                                                                 the curriculum, which must
  MCTC’s collaborative                                                                 be approved by OSHA. By
  partnership with the                                                                 the time the program ends,
  International Union of                                                               thousands of workers will be
  Painters and Allied Trades, the Labor                                                trained, increasing
  Management Cooperative Fund, and the Finishing            workplace safety across the nation.
  Contractors Association (FCA) to design and deliver                Dr. Kyle was born in Huntington and received
  a training and educational program for fall               his Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration
  protection. Safety training results in fewer              from Marshall University. In 1995, he received his
  accidents on the job.                                     Ed.D. degree from WVU through a joint program
           “We’re trying to make people aware of how        between WVU and Marshall. Since coming to
  to use their personal protective equipment and when       Marshall in 1986, Dr. Kyle has served in a variety of
  it’s required. A four-foot fall can really do you a lot   positions including Program Manager of the Small
  of harm, so workers need to know all those types of       Business Development Center, Director of the
  things to have a competent person on the job. And it      Economic Development Administration University
  keeps the others safe,” Kyle explained. “It doesn’t       Center, State Director of the Center for Education and
  do much good to give somebody personal protective         Research with Industry, and Director of Business
  equipment if they don’t know how to use it,” he           Development and Training Division of the Research
  said. “The grant money is really to get the program       and Economic Development Center (REDC). He has
  started, to get trainers educated,” Kyle said. “Then      taught in Accounting and Management as adjunct
  they can continuously train the people in the field so    faculty, as well as for Continuing Education. Before
  workers don’t get hurt.”                                  his work in the academic community, he was in sales
           Falls are a major cause of accidents, death      and management for private industry for 20 years.
  and lost work in all aspects of the construction                   Working with the Marshall University
  business. FCA employees are exposed to falls on           Research Corporation has helped the program’s
  almost every job site, from shopping malls to             success in securing and administering grant money,
  bridges. Falls are the No. 1 cause of deaths and          Kyle explained. He said he has additional projects in
  serious injuries to painters nationwide. Each year        the works. The partnership recently applied for a U.S.
  1,300 workers die in falls and 300,000 workers are        Department of Labor grant to translate scaffolding
  seriously injured.                                        standards into Spanish.
           The initial one-year grant awarded by
                                                                                               By Amy Baker
12                                                                                                  xelne
                                                                                          Ahieving E c l e c

                                                                       Research Experiences for Undergraduates
                                                                 Agency: National Science Foundation
                                                                 Deadline: 9/15/01
                                                                 Abstract: To support active research participation by
                                                                 undergraduate students in any of the areas of research
      Science                  Engineering                       funded by the National Science Foundation. REU projects
                                                                 involve students in meaningful ways in ongoing research
                                                                 programs or in research projects specially designed for the
      Quantitative Environmental and Integrative                 purpose.
Biology                                                          Contact: National Science Foundation, 4102 Wilson Blvd.,
Agency: National Science Foundation                              Suite 635, Arlington, VA 22230;
Deadline: Dates vary with program                                crssprgm/reu/poc.htm.
Abstract : To support major mathematical advances of
relevance to ecological and evolutionary forecasting; to               Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental
foster collaboration among environmental and integrative         Biology
biologists and mathematicians; to enhance quantitative skills    Agency: National Science Foundation
of students and investigators through training activities. The   Deadline: 10/31/01
most competitive proposals will be those that include an         Abstract: The intent of this activity is to provide support for
explicit training element for graduate and/or undergraduate      talented undergraduate students to gain research experience
students. These students should be full partners in the          in biological sciences related to the environment within a
research, conceptually and operationally.                        culturally diverse, research-rich learning environment. A
Contact: Mike Willig, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington,          second intent is to enable faculty members to become better
Virginia 22230; (703) 292-5111;;                 mentors. Proposed projects should involve year-round                                       mentoring and include major emphasis on direct student
                                                                 participation in research. Research activities should
      Geology and Paleontology                                   encompass the academic year and summer, with individual
Agency: National Science Foundation                              students continuing in the program for more than one year.
Deadline: 12/1/01                                                Contact: Elizabeth E. Lyons, Division of Environmental
Abstract: The Geology and Paleontology program is                Biology, National Science Foundation, 4102 Wilson Blvd.,
interactive on a wide range of space and time scales with        Suite 635, Arlington, VA 22230; (703) 292-7188;
the ocean, atmospheric, polar, solid earth, hydrologic,
biological, and anthropological sciences. Support for geology
and paleontology at the National Science Foundation is                 Biotic Surveys and Inventories Program
managed to foster these interactions by encouraging inter-       Announcement
disciplinary proposals, and by linking with other NSF            Agency: National Science Foundation
programs to arrange joint funding when appropriate. The          Deadline: 11/3/01
program is a very broad one in terms of scientific coverage.     Abstract: To support projects that document the diversity of
Contact: Dr. H. Richard Lane, Program Director, National         species throughout the world, especially fungi, prokaryotes,
Science Foundation, Division of Earth Sciences, 4201             protists, and invertebrate animals from all marine, aquatic,
Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA 22230; (703) 292-8551;            and terrestrial habitats. The Program supports research to                                                 record the species-level diversity of life on earth as a
                                                                 prologue to investigations of patterns and processes and the
      Biological Research Collections                            development of plans for conservation of that diversity.
Agency: National Science Foundation                              Contact: Program Director, Biotic Surveys and Inventories
Deadline: 9/7/01                                                 Program, National Science Foundation, Division of
Abstract: To support projects in the following categories:       Environmental Biology, Room 635, Arlington, VA 22230;
collection improvement, collection computerization, research     (703) 306-1481;
on curatorial and collection management techniques, and
community-based development activities.                               Precision Measurement Program
Contact: Larry M. Page, Program Director, Biotic Surveys         National Institute of Standards & Technology
& Inventories, Biological Research Collections, Division of      Deadline: 9/30/01
Biological Infrastructure, National Science Foundation, 4102     Abstract: To support experimental research in the field of
Wilson Blvd., Suite 635, Arlington, VA 22230; (703) 292-         fundamental measurement or the determination of
7190;                                          fundamental constants. The key requirement is that the
                                                                 proposed project support NIST’s ongoing work in the field
                                                                 of basic measurement science, which includes: experimental
                                                                 and theoretical studies of fundamental physical phenomena
    Summer 2001                                                                                                         13
which test the basic laws of physics or which may lead to          Contact: Northeast Region SARE, 10 Hills Building, Drawer 3,
new or improved fundamental measurement methods and                University of Vermont, Burlington VT 05405-0082; (802) 656-
standards, and the determination of important fundamental          0471;;
physical constants.                                                grants.html.
Contact: Dr. Peter J. Mohr, Chairman, NIST Precision
Measurement Grants Committee,                                            Biology of Weedy and Invasive Plants
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Bldg. 225,         Agency: United States Department of Agriculture
Rm. B161,                                                          Deadline: 11/15/01
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8401, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8401;          Abstract: An understanding of the fundamental principles
(301) 975-3217;;        governing plant population dynamics is essential to manage plant
                                                                   populations effectively. Research supported by this program
       Polymer Chemistry                                           will lead to an improved understanding of the extent of genetic
Agency: United States Department of Defense                        and phenotypic diversity within and between plant populations
Deadline: Continuous                                               and a better understanding of how plant traits or environmental
Abstract: The goal of this research area is to gain a better       factors affect individual plant species, species composition
understanding of the influence of chemical structures and          within a community, or species competitiveness and
processing conditions on the properties and behaviors of           invasiveness. The program will entertain proposals aimed at
polymeric and organic materials. The approach is to study the      characterizing and understanding plant population dynamics and
chemistry and physics of these materials through synthesis,        interactions between populations in agricultural settings, wild
processing, and characterization. This area addresses both         lands, or lands of conservation significance. The program also
functional properties and properties pertinent to structural       supports development of novel methods of controlling the spread
applications. Current interests include photoactive polymers,      of weeds, particularly those methods that contribute to
electronic properties of polymers, polymer blends, liquid          agricultural sustainability and biodiversity of natural populations.
crystals and liquid crystalline polymers, and nanostrucutres. In   Contact : USDA/CSREES/NRICGP, Stop 2241, 1400
the area of photonic polymers, research emphases are placed        Independence Avenue SW, Washington DC 20250-2241; (202)
on electro-optical coefficients of organic and polymeric           401-6466;;
materials with appropriate levels of thermal and temporal          programs/progdesc/invasiveplants.htm
Contact: Dr. Charles Y-C Lee, AFOSR/NL, 801 North                        Imaging Physics
Randolph Street, Arlington VA 22203-1977; (703) 696-7779;          Agency: United States Department of Defense           Deadline: Continuous
                                                                   Abstract: This research program investigates fundamental
     Geosciences                                                   issues in imaging physics. These include issues concerning the
Agency: United States Department of Energy                         image formation and propagation processes. Physical and
Deadline: Continuous                                               mathematical problems in inversion and reconstruction, and
Abstract: To support fundamental research in the natural           inverse scattering, as well as electromagnetic wave generation
sciences and engineering leading to new and improved energy        and propagation in various media are central to the topic. New
technologies and to understanding and mitigating the               ways of representing object fields with a broader class of basis
environmental impacts of energy technologies. The goal of the      functions than sines and cosines and propagating these fields to
Geosciences program is to develop a quantitative and               distant planes can lead to advances in feature extraction and
predictive understanding of geologic processes related to          secure communications. Theoretical foundations for imaging
energy, and related to environmental quality.                      diversity methods (e.g., wavelength diversity, phase diversity,
Contact: Director, Grants and Contracts Division, Office of        polarization diversity) are of interest.
Science, SC-64, U.S. Department of Energy, 19901                   Contact: Dr. Ralph E. Kelley, AFOSR/NE, 801 North Randolph
Germantown Road, Germantown MD 20874-1290; (301) 903-              Street, Arlington VA 22203-1977; (703) 696-8599;
5212;      ;
      Research and Education Grants
Agency: United States Department of Agriculture                          Research Opportunity Awards
Deadline: 11/9/01                                                  Agency: Research Corporation
Abstract: To support proposals for research, education, and        Deadline: 10/1/01
on-farm demonstration projects related to preventing               Abstract: Research Opportunity Awards are for scientists of
agricultural pollution; making the most efficient use of non-      demonstrated productivity and creativity seeking to explore new
renewable resources and integrating appropriate, natural           areas of experimental research. The Research Corporation has
biological cycles and controls; sustaining the economic            traditionally sought to assist those with meritorious ideas,
viability of farm operations; and enhancing the quality of life    especially projects that do not fit within established patterns of
for farmers, rural communities, and society as a whole.            funding. The goal is to seed a vigorous, competitive basic
14                                                                                                                                 xelne
                                                                                                                         Ahieving E c l e c

                  Funded Proposals April 2001 - June 2001
                              Principal                                                                                                           Amount
    Department                                           Funding Agency                                          Title
                             Investigator                                                                                                         Awarded
  Autism T raining                                     Cabell County Board of           Proposal for Aut ism T raining Center Preschool
                         Barbara Becker-Cot trill                                                                                                     $6,000.00
       Cent er                                                Education                 Program - Additional Funds
                                                                                        Biodegradat ion of Chlorinat ed Et henes in Mixed
 Biological Sciences        Chuck Somerville                DoD/EPSCoR                                                                             $269,988.00
                                                                                        Wast e St reams
                                                                                        Canada Geese Management St udy
 Biological Sciences          Jagan Valluri         North America Water Fowl                                                                          $3,000.00

                                                                                      Cellular & molecular Aspects of n3 Fatt y Acids &
 Biological Sciences          Laura Jenski          National Inst it ut es of Healt h                                                                 $5,000.00
                                                                                      Cellular and Molecular Aspects of n3 Fatt y Acids and
 Biological Sciences          Laura Jenski          National Inst it ut es of Healt h                                                               $15,000.00
                                                                                      Gauley River Nat ional Recreation Area
 Biological Sciences         T homas Pauley            National Park Service                                                                        $34,120.00

                                                       WV Division of Natural           T he St udy of Rat tlesnakes, Bog T urt le, Blanchard's
 Biological Sciences         T homas Pauley                                                                                                         $17,565.75
                                                        Resources - - Wildlife          Cricket Frog and Small-Mout h Salamander in WV
                                                       WV Division of Natural           T he St udy of Rat tlesnakes, Bog T urt le, Blanchard's
 Biological Sciences         T homas Pauley                                                                                                           $5,506.00
                                                        Resources - - Wildlife          Cricket Frog and Small-Mout h Salamander in WV
Center for Business &                                                                   T he Soo Locks Project
                              Mark Burton                Corps of Engineers                                                                         $17,545.00
 Economic Research
Center for Business &                                                                   Campus-wide Survey on Resident Services
                              Mark Burton                Marshall University                                                                           $996.00
 Economic Research
Center for Business &                                  Our Lady of Bellefonte           Market Wages Survey in t he Healt h Care Field
                             Michael Hicks                                                                                                            $6,600.00
 Economic Research                                           Hospit al
Center for Business &                                                                   Restorat ion Advisory Board Support
                             George Carico                Waste T ron, Inc.                                                                         $30,512.00
 Economic Research
                                                                                        DNA Nanostruct ures for Surface Pat terning
     Chemist ry             Michael Norton                  DoD/EPSCoR                                                                             $385,876.00
   Communit y &                                      WV Department of Health            Communication T echniques for t he Assessment/Case
                               Diana Long                                                                                                           $16,830.00
      T echnical                                      and Human Resources               Management Process
  Ebeneezer Medical                                  Gannett Foundat ion/T he           Educat ion and Nutrit ional Management Program
                               Susan Nine                                                                                                             $5,000.00
        Cent er                                          Herald-Dispat ch
  Ebeneezer Medical                                  WV Department of Health            Ebeneezer Medical Outreach Inc.
                             Yvonne Jones                                                                                                           $10,000.00
        Cent er                                       and Human Resources
                                                       U.S. Department of               University T ransportation Center Budget Plan
     Engineering             Richard Begley                                                                                                       $1,748,000.00
                                                         T ransport at ion
                                                    WV Geological and Economic          Geological Survey for T ax & Revenue Logan/Mingo
Environmental Center          James Wolfe                                                                                                           $34,000.00
                                                              Survey                    Conversion
                                                                                        Richland Dist rict , Ohio County, Digital Conversion
Environmental Center          James Wolfe                Alliance Coal, LLC                                                                           $6,250.00

Family & Communit y                                    Appalachian Regional             Appalachian Diabetes Cont rol and T ranslat ion
                             Richard Crespo                                                                                                        $156,000.00
       Health                                               Commission                  Project
Family & Communit y                                      Bureau of Healt h              Predoctoral T raining in Primary Care
                             Robert Walker                                                                                                          $98,199.00
       Health                                          Professionsals/HRSA
Family & Communit y                                 WV Department of Health             Abstinence Only Educat ion
                             Robert Walker                                                                                                          $61,000.00
       Health                                          and Human Resources
Family & Communit y                                  Depart ment of Healt h and         Residency T raining in Family Medicine
                            Stephen Petrany                                                                                                         $93,955.00
       Health                                             Human Services
                                                    International Management            An Execut ive Educat ion Program in Energy Sector
 Finance/Economics         Michael Newsome                                                                                                          $29,810.00
                                                             Institute                  Management for Imi, Kyiv, Ukraine
Integrated Science and                               West Virginia Space Grant          Evaluation of Strawberry as a Candidate Crop for
                            Elizabet h Murray                                                                                                       $11,810.00
     T echnology                                            Consort ium                 Advanced Life Support
                                                    WV Higher Educat ion Policy         Project ENCOMPASS
    Mat hematics             Karen Mit chell                                                                                                        $14,000.00
                                                      Sigma Xi, the Scientific          Differential Gene Expression in Group B
      Medicine               Jennifer Smit h                                                                                                           $900.00
                                                         Research Societ y              St reptococcus Following Int erleukin-6 Exposure

We hope we haven’t omitted anyone in the listing of awards. We have represented the project titles and award amounts as accurately
as possible. Please contact Julia Borchers ( to discuss revisions or additions to the listing. Thank you.
  Summer 2001                                                                                                                                        15
                Funded Proposals April 2001 - June 2001
                               Principal                                                                                                          Amount
      Department                                         Funding Agency                                         Title
                              Investigator                                                                                                        Awarded
                                                     Depart ment of Healt h and        Advanced Educat ion Nursing T raineeships
         Nursing              Lynne Welch                                                                                                           $30,149.00
                                                         Human Services
                                                                                       Resonant Acoust ic Phonon Generation in Doping
         Physics             T homas Wilson                  DoD/EPSCoR                                                                            $249,938.00
                                                                                       Superlatt ices by Pulsed Far-Infrared Laser Radiat ion
  Prevent ion Resource                                WV Division of Natural           Monitoring and Data Management for LAC River
                            Steven Whisman                                                                                                          $11,000.00
        Cent er                                        Resources - - Wildlife          Management Plan
     Small Business                                    U.S. Department of              EDA-T A
                              Edna McClain                                                                                                          $99,000.00
  Development Cent er                                       Commerce
    WV Prevent ion                                    Governor's Cabinet on     West Virginia Outcomes and Indicat or Project
                             Wayne Coombs                                                                                                           $82,279.92
    Resource Center                                   Children and Families
    WV Prevent ion                                  WV Depart ment of Healt h & Brooke Count y Retail Inspection Program: T obacco
                             Wayne Coombs                                                                                                          $137,836.05
    Resource Center                                     Human Resources         Prevention Program
    WV Prevent ion                                                              T o Manage the Office's Subst ance Abuse Prevention
                             Wayne Coombs            WV Department of Health                                                                        $98,177.00
    Resource Center                                                             System (Addit ional Funds)
    WV Prevent ion                                   WV Department of Health T o Manage the Office's Subst ance Abuse Prevention
                             Wayne Coombs                                                                                                          $226,936.00
    Resource Center                                   and Human Resources       System (Addit ional Funds)
                                                                                       Research & Public Service Subtotal Funding =               $4,018,778.72
                                                     U.S. Department of Health         Biotechnology/Science Center Const ruction
     Administ ration          Edward Grose                                                                                                       $24,945,000.00
                                                        and Human Services
                                                                                                                             T ot al Funding =   $28,963,778.72

             Submitted Proposals April 2001 - June 2001
                           Principal                                                                                                              Amount
   Department                                      Funding Agency                                          Title
                          Investigator                                                                                                           Requested
                                                 Kentucky Science and
  Academic Affairs       Cart er Chambers                                                 Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiat ive                    $134,454.84
                                             T echnology Corporation, Inc.
                                                                                    Appalachian Mast er T eacher Leadership T riad for
  Academic Affairs       Cart er Chambers     National Science Foundat ion                                                                          $810,000.00
                                                                                       Science and Mat hemat ics Program Reform
  Autism T raining                              WV Healt h & Human
                         Cynthia LeGrand                                                      School Day Plus                                        $13,728.00
       Cent er                                        Resources
  Autism T raining                            AUT ISM Society of America Est ablishing Predictors of Success for PBS Int ervent ions
                          Nawal Lutfiyya                                                                                                             $24,996.00
       Cent er                                       Foundat ion                              for ASD Persons
    Biochemistry          Michael Moore          Depart ment of Defense              Progestin Inhibit ion of Breast Cancer Cell Death              $407,102.00

    Biochemistry          Michael Moore       National Inst it ut es of Healt h      Progestin Inhibit ion of Breast Cancer Cell Death              $418,800.00
                                                   Rahall Appalachian             Development of a Railroad and Highway T raffic Safet y
       CEGAS             Anthony Szwilski                                                                                                            $23,468.76
                                                T ransportation Inst it ut e                    and Operat ing Seminar
                                                 Int ernat ional Union of
       CEGAS             Anthony Szwilski                                             Operating Engineers National Hazmat Program                   $150,000.00
                                                   Operat ing Engineers
 Clinical Laboratory
                          Jean Chappell                WV EPSCoR                        Dedicated Faculty T ime for Grant Writing                     $4,000.00
   Communit y &
                           Carol Perry       WV Department of Education                   Development al Mathemat ics Program                        $19,000.00
      T echnical
   Communit y &                                                                   OSHA Scaffolding St andards Subpart L T raining for non-
                           Larry Kyle          U.S. Depart ment of Labor                                                                            $226,158.00
      T echnical                                                                          English Speaking Hispanic Workers
Educat ion Leadership    Bobbi Nicholson      Wallace Readers Digest Funds                        Ventures in Leadership                             $46,000.00

                                                  Rahall Appalachian
    Engineering          William Pierson                                           Int roduction to Engineering Using Robotic Vehicles               $40,803.00
                                               T ransportation Inst it ut e
Family & Community                           U.S. Depart ment of Healt h &           Elect ronic Network for WV School-based Health
                          Richard Crespo                                                                                                            $614,145.00
       Health                                       Human Services                                       Centers
Family & Community                           U.S. Depart ment of Healt h &          T A and Evaluation Sub-Cont ract with Lincoln Co.
                          Richard Crespo                                                                                                            $189,693.00
       Health                                       Human Services                                       Schools
16                                                                                                                     xelne
                                                                                                             Ahieving E c l e c

             Submitted Proposals April 2001 - June 2001
                           Principal                                                                                                   Amount
    Department                                   Funding Agency                                      Title
                          Investigator                                                                                                Requested
Family & Community                             Appalachian Regional
                          Richard Crespo                                    Integrating Chronic Disease State Management (Year 3)       $318,491.00
       Health                                     Commission
Family & Community                            Maternal & Child Health
                          Margaret Fish                                        Infancy to Middle Childhood in Rural Appalachia          $549,825.00
       Health                                     Bureau - DHHS
Family & Community
                          Robert Walker     National Institutes of Health                 T he Perfect Circle Project                   $502,480.00
Family & Community
                          Robert Walker     National Institutes of Health      Community-Based Obesity Prevention Program               $504,695.00
Integrated Science and
                         Elizabeth Murray      West Virginia EPSCoR                Ribosome Inactivating Proteins in Plants                $4,000.00
     T echnology
Integrated Science and                      Htn Area Habitat for
                          Samuel Colvin                                                        Waste Reduction                             $8,333.00
     T echnology                            Humanity, and Cabell County
                                              Maternal & Child Health
      Pediatrics         T homas Rugino                                                  Parent Partners in Education                    $52,542.00
                                                  Bureau - DHHS
                                                                            Adaptation & Implementation of Solid State Physics &
       Physics           Ashok Vaseashta            WV EPSCoR                                                                              $3,500.00
                                                                            T echnology at Marshall University
                                                                            Condensed Matter materials Physics, Materials
       Physics           Ashok Vaseashta    National Science Foundation                                                                 $133,396.00
                                                                            Processing & Characterization

     Physiology            Gary Wright      National Institutes of Health    Cytoskeletal Remodeling in the Contracting A7r Cell        $735,000.00

                                                                              Changing the Culture: Foundations of Sexual Health
     Psychiatry            Marie Veitia              Pfizer Inc.                                                                        $100,000.00
   Small Business                                 WV Development
                          Edna McClain                                             MU Small Business Development Center                  $37,500.00
Development Center                                  Office/SBDC
   Small Business                                 WV Development
                          Edna McClain                                        Provide a financial Analyst for the SBDC Program           $45,000.00
Development Center                                  Office/SBDC
                                             WV Department of Health
    Social Work           Jodie Gottlieb                                     Public Social Services and Education T raining Project     $231,980.00
                                                and Human Resources
  WV Prevention                              Division of Criminal Justice
                         Wayne Coombs                                                 WV Youth Services Funding Study                    $36,686.00
  Resource Center                                      Services
  WV Prevention
                         Wayne Coombs        WV Bureau of Public Health     T obacco Cessation Strategies for Healthcare Providers       $33,000.00
  Resource Center
                                                                                                                  Total Pending =      $6,418,776.60

                                                     Proposal Clearance
A grant or contract resulting from a proposal is awarded to the Marshall University Research Corporation, with
the faculty or staff member who submitted the proposal as the director of the project. The Executive Director
of the Research Corporation is the only person legally empowered to enter the University into a research
contract or agreement. Since the University is legally responsible for the performance of the work and the
administration of the award, the units of the University affected by a project must be aware of commitments
involving them which are included in a proposal. For this reason, a proposal is directed to the appropriate
University offices for review and approval before it can be submitted to the funding agency. The proposal will
be reviewed to ensure that the project is within the mission of the University and to ensure that the University
can obligate the resources committed by the project. To route your proposal for clearance, one signature copy
of the entire proposal and Internal Routing form are needed.
The faculty or staff member is responsible for routing the form (and obtaining signatures) from Co-principal
investigators (if applicable), Department chair(s), Dean(s), and VP for Academic Affairs (if applicable), then
deliver the proposal to the MURC Grant & Contract Development Office. Please remember as a PI that you
should be working with the Grants Office several weeks prior to a deadline date to ensure timely submission of
your proposal. Thank you.
       Summer 2001                                                                                                      17

                           Meet Your MURC Staff
Office of the Executive Director

Ron Schelling, Executive Director, has been with MURC for 10 years. He was previously Director of Restricted Funding at the
Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., being there for 18 years. Ron is responsible for the overall management of the
Research Corporation including compliance and fiscal accountability. Ron can be contacted at (304) 696-6249 or e-mail at

Lisa Adkins, Receptionist, has been with MURC since April 2001. She has numerous duties and responsibilities, and is a
valuable asset to the entire staff. She graduated in 1989 from Liberty University with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education
She spent nine years in Texas teaching special education students. She has two children, and two miniature dachshunds. Lisa
may be reached at

Linda Blatt, Sr. Administrative Secretary, has been with MURC for nine years. She assists the Executive Director with various
tasks and has numerous duties. Linda and husband, Greg, have been together for almost 35 years now. They have two children,
Jenny and Scott, and two grandchildren, Issac and Emily. Linda can be contacted at (304) 696-3368 or

Kimberly Skeens, Information Technology Specialist, has been with MURC for over a year. She previously worked as an
Application Specialist with the Robert C. Byrd Institute. She has a range of experience including 10 years of local government,
three years of Manufacturing, and five years of Instruction/Training experience. She is responsible for computer systems,
applications, databases (including Banner), and programming support for the Research Corporation. Kimberly can be contacted
at (304) 696-6322 or e-mail,

Grant and Contract Development

David Ice, Grant Development Officer, joined the MURC staff in mid-March. The former WV Secretary of Education & the
Arts worked for the state’s governors for 12 years, our state’s legislature for 13 regular sessions, and taught government and
history at Parkersburg High School for 20 years. David coordinates all pre-award work and can be contacted at (304) 696-4837
or email,

Julia Borchers, Grants & Contract Specialist, came to MURC two years ago from Marshall’s Athletic Department where she
worked in the Sports Information. She has a Bachelors degree and a Masters of Arts in Journalism from Marshall. She currently
assists with all pre-award grant functions including proposal budget development, funding opportunities, as well as grant proposal
and contract review. Julia can be contacted at (304) 696-2468 or e-mail,

Nita Sue Kent, Grant and Contract Specialist in the Grant and Contract Development Office, came from a writing and editing
background to her current responsibilities in finding funding opportunities, reviewing guidelines, checking project budgets, and
helping researchers meet their proposal deadlines. Before coming to Marshall in 1993, she was an Associate Editor at Biblical
Archaeology Review in Washington, D.C. She holds a Master’s degree in American Studies from Baylor University. Her phone
number is (304) 696-6485 and e-mail,

Martha Spalding Mozingo has been the Coordinator of Sponsored Programs at the Graduate College in South Charleston since
1994. Martha is responsible for all phases of pre-award proposal development, assistance with funding searches, and training.
She also assists faculty on the Huntington campus. She has a M.A. in counseling from MUGC and is working towards a M.F.A.
at Goddard College. Prior to her position in higher education, she worked extensively in non-profit administration. Martha can be
contacted at (304) 746-1998, or email,
  18                                                                                                  xelne
                                                                                            Ahieving E c l e c

Grant and Contract Compliance

Constance Anderson, Manager of Grant and Contract Compliance, has been with MURC for 11 years. She is responsible
for the post-award administration of grants, contracts, and various account maintenance at MURC. Connie can be reached
at (304) 696-6324 or e-mail,

Betsey Warhurst, Grant Resources Assistant, has been with MURC since September 1998. She was employed as
administrative assistant to a principal investigator at Emory University in Atlanta for 10 years and for the same investigator at
UNC-Chapel Hill for five years. Betsey works as assistant to Connie Anderson in Grant and Contract Compliance. She can
be reached by telephone at (304) 696-6676 or e-mail,

Personnel and Payroll

Mike Donnally, Personnel & Payroll Manager, has been with MURC for nine years. He was originally hired as an intern in
September 1991 by the Robert C. Byrd Institute, then transferred to MURC in August 1992. He is responsible for payroll
administration, supervision of benefit administration, personal service and independent business contracts, and maintaining all
personnel records. When he is not working or spending time with his wife and 5 year old daughter, he’s golfing. Mike may
be reached directly at (304) 696-4821 or e-mail,

Tina Dean, Payroll Assistant, has been with MURC for four years. She graduated from Marshall University in 1991 with a
Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting. She is responsible for the administration of the benefits and various
other payroll duties. She has been married for five years to Tim and has a 4 year old daughter, Paiton. Tina can be contacted
at (304) 696-6320 or email at

Business Management

Jennifer Wood is the MURC Business Manager. She graduated from Marshall University in 1992. She became employed
at the Research Corporation in December 1992 as the Accounting Clerk. Jennifer has been the MURC Business Manager
since October 1994. She is responsible for the oversight of the accounting functions. Jennifer can be contacted at (304)
696-2829 or e-mail at

Donna J. Blake, Accounting Assistant, has been with MURC for five years. She is responsible for MURC travel,
preparing purchase orders for payment and for various interoffice accounting duties. She would like to take this opportunity
to thank all the Marshall employees who are so helpful when she calls with travel or PO questions. When she is not at the
Office, she is hanging out with her precious 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, Madisyn, and enjoying every minute. Donna can be
contacted at (304) 696-6203 or e-mail,

Vicki Lycan, Grants Accountant, has been with MURC for four years. She is responsible for accounts receivable invoicing
and cost match reporting. Vicki can be reached at (304) 696-6321 or e-mail,

Katherine Waddell, Accounting Clerk, has been with MURC for 5 years. Graduated from Ohio University with a BA
degree in Political Science. She is responsible for maintaining the accounting system: including writing checks and posting
journal entries and deposits. Katherine can be contacted at (304) 696-6532 or e-mail,

Student Workers
Jia Heng is a graduate student working on a second masters degree in Information Systems. She currently holds a Masters
of Arts in Journalism - Public Relations.
Kenneth Lim, senior, is pursuing his bachelors degree in Managment Information Systems.
Amanda Phillips, currently a freshmen, is majoring in Elementary Education.
Katie Riley, senior, is finishing her bachelors degree in Integrated Science & Technology.
Gabe White, sophomore, is completing an Information Technology bachelors degree.
                  Research Collaboration Brings Success

        When you attack complicated projects, it pays to              “If the immune system is going through the body and
be collaborative, says Dr. Laura Jenski.                       looking at this protein on cancer cells, and you alter the
        “I really think that’s going to be the future of       membrane of the cancer cell where this protein sits, then you
science,” says Jenski, professor and chair of Marshall         have the potential to alter how the immune system sees the
University’s Department of Biological Sciences. “It            cancer cell,” Jenski says. “The fact that cancer even grows
really is terrific to bring in people with very different      means that it is able to circumvent the immune system in some
expertise who can help you attack                                                           way. What we would like to do is
a complicated problem. And, that, I                                                         make the cancer cells more visible
think, would help the funding                                                               to the immune system. We think
success of investigators here at                                                            that the fatty acid in the membrane
Marshall.”                                                                                  can alter the shape of this protein
        And she should know.                                                                that the immune system looks at
Jenski has had a successful                                                                 and somehow helps the immune
collaboration with a colleague in                                                           system to better recognize that
the Department of Biology at                                                                 this is a cancer cell rather than a
Indiana University-Purdue                                                                    normal cell.”
University at Indianapolis for                                                                       Jenski and Stillwell started
years. In 1987, she and William                                                              working on another project about
Stillwell began studying how the                                                             three years ago, along with
fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid                                                              another postdoctoral associate.
(DHA) goes into the membranes of                                                             The researchers would like to be
cells, either cancer cells or cells of                                                        able to make a product that can
the immune system, and alters the                                                             help with some of the
membranes’ structure. When Jenski came to MU last              chemotherapy problems that exist in treating cancer. Anti-
year, her work came with her.                                  cancer drugs kill cancer cells, but they also kill normal tissues.
        Funding for the project has come from numerous         The goal of the project is to create a novel anti-cancer drug
sources over the years. In 1993, the team received a           that has fewer side effects on the body.
$472,847 grant from the National Institutes of Health,                The team linked together the fatty acid DHA and an
and has had continuous funding from NIH since. On              anti-cancer drug called methotrexate into a lipid that can be
July 1, the Marshall University project was funded with        found in almost any cell. “We have a suspicion that DHA
a four-year $492,139 NIH grant. This NIH grant will be         affects the growth of cancer cells in a way that’s different
used to study in more molecular detail what happens to         than how methotrexate affects cancer cells,” Jenski says. “If
proteins when they are in the membrane with DHA.               we could somehow get these two together, the methotrexate
        “Ultimately, at the end of this four-year project      and the DHA, they would work at least additively.”
what we hope to do is create artificial cancer cells where            But she says preliminary data suggest the effects of the
we control completely what fatty acids are in the              combination are synergistic. “We think that the DHA has
membrane,” Jenski says. “And then we can test directly         somehow created a situation in which the cancer drug can
whether certain fatty acids help to stimulate the immune       work more effectively,” Jenski says.
system more than other fatty acids.”                                   The researchers also have made a compound
        “My interest in this particular long-term project is   combining DHA with another anti-cancer drug called
how, when the fatty acids go into the cell membrane,           chlorambucil and are testing it to see if it has the same
they affect one of the proteins that our immune system         properties as the first combination. “Methotrexate, a common
uses to survey,” she says. “When you think about               drug used for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, is very difficult
what the immune system does, its job essentially is to         to work with and may not be very cost effective,” she says,
go out and patrol the body and see whether there are           “Chlorambucil acts very differently than methotrexate. There
abnormal cells, maybe virus infected cells, bacterial          may be profitable long-term commercial applications for these
cells, cancer cells.” To do this, the immune system uses       novel drugs.”
a protein that is common to all cells of the body. It’s this
protein that allows the immune system to recognize
foreign tissue.
                                                                                                      By Amy Baker
                                                      “A a man who never tried an experiment in his life.”
                                                              - Erasmus Darwin, English physician and
                                                              grandfather of Charles Darwin
           Community of Science
       Faculty are encouraged to utilize the                         MURC SPONSORED SATELLITE
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   network of peers in which staff can publicize           Sept 6 “What Every Department Administrator
   research, collaborate with peers, find funding                 Needs to Know About Compliance”
   and conduct research, all online. If you would                 presented by the National Council of
   like more information, please visit the website,               University Research Administrators, which offers a tutorial on how                    (NCURA)
   to get started using COS. You may also
   contact the Grant & Contract Development                Sept 13 “Conducting Research Responsibly”
   Office for more information.                                    presented by the Society of Research
                                                           Jan 15   “Compliance Issues in Clinical Trials”
                                                                    sponsored by NCURA
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         Writers: Amy Baker and Nita Sue Kent
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         Contributors: Martha Spalding Mozingo,            696-3368) to register
                Katie Riley, and Jia Heng

Office of Grant and Contract Development
Marshall University Research Corporation
400 Hal Greer Boulevard, GH212
Huntington, WV 25755
(304) 696-4845


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