Developmental Reading Assessment DRA Protocol K – 2 by malj


									                                                                                       Updated October 2010

             Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Protocol K – 2
   1. To assess each student’s fluency, accuracy, comprehension
   2. To group students effectively for differentiated small group instruction
   3. To assess students at risk of retention (2nd Trimester)
   4. To document changes over time in reading performance (3rd Trimester)
                                      ASSESSMENT FORMAT AND PROCEDURES
                   Text                 Text Title           Grade Level
                   Level                                     Correlation
                     A                 Can You Sing?              K
                     1                Things That Go              K
                     1                 What is Red?               K
                     2                   Bath Time                K
                     2                   I Can See                K
                     3               The “I Like” Game            K
                     3                  Look at Me                K
          Teacher selects the text.
          Teacher introduces the text.
          Student previews the text levels 1-3
          Teacher reads one or two pages.
          Student points and reads the rest of the story; the teacher takes an oral reading record.
          Teacher asks reading preference questions. (optional)
           Text Level                  Text Title                     Grade Level Correlation
                4                  Get Your Umbrella                         Pre-Primer
                4                  Where Is My Hat?                          Pre-Primer
                6                     Time to Play                           Pre-Primer
                6                Why Are We Stopping?                        Pre-Primer
                8                          Duke                              Pre-Primer
                8                    The Lost Book                           Pre-Primer
               10                 Grandma’s Surprise                           Primer
               10                     Shoe Boxes                               Primer
               12                      Allie’s Wish                            Primer
               12                 Robert’s New Friend                          Primer
               14                    A New School                                1.1
               14                     The Wagon                                  1.1
               16                    Animal Homes                                1.2
               16                      Baby Birds                                1.2
               16                  Chip to the Rescue                            1.2
               16               Monkey’s Stepping Stones                         1.2
              18*                      Game Day                                   2
               18                 A Giant in the Forest                           2
               20                    Green Freddie                                2
               20                   Turtle’s Big Race                             2
               24                    Thin as a Stick                              2
               24                 The Wonderful Day                               2
   *2nd Grade teachers see General Information section
        Student looks at the pictures and tells teacher what is happening in the story (previewing) in levels
          1 – 16.
        In level 18 -24 the student does not preview text.
        Student reads all or a portion of the story (as specified by DRA) aloud; teacher takes an oral
          reading record. In levels 18 -24 the student makes predictions after reading a portion of the text.
        Teacher asks comprehension/response questions and completes the DRA fluency and
          comprehension continuum and calculates and records the scores.
        Teacher may ask reading preferences questions. (optional)
                                                                                       Updated October 2010

                                          DRA GENERAL INFORMATION
The DRA is administered at both the second and third trimesters.

Grades K – 2
Test up the levels until the student passes level 16 at 95% or the highest text level at which the student
can achieve at the Independent Range:
     Level A - 90%
     Levels 1-12 - 94%
     Level 14 and above - 95%
     Testing above level 16 is optional.

DRA Continuum
Teacher records and scores the oral reading fluency and comprehension sections on the DRA continuum
and records the scores on the first page of the DRA form.

Comprehension is a vital skill of reading. In kindergarten and first grades, retelling is an essential
standard. The comprehension (retelling) portion should always be administered.

For levels 4-8, always record the comprehension score and continue to assess if the accuracy portion has
been passed (Levels 1-12 – 94% accuracy).

Starting at Level 10, if the comprehension score is less than 19 on the DRA comprehension rubric, stop the
assessment even if the accuracy is within passing range.
Timing for fluency starts at Level 14. Use the oral reading fluency continuum and record the score on the
DRA form. If a student’s fluency level falls in the intervention or instructional level (within the shaded
area) for WPM please note your fluency concerns/observations. You DO NOT have to reassess with a
lower level text.

Grades 1 & 2
Use an alternate DRA selection in the DRA kit to assess students at risk of retention at the 2nd trimester

2nd Grade
Administer DRA until student has successfully passed Level 16. After that time, use BRI assessments 2A
(1st trimester), 2B (2nd trimester), 2C (3rd trimester).

                                        END OF YEAR GUIDELINES

       For K, do not test higher than Level 16.
       For 1st grade, do not test higher than Level 24.
       For 2nd grade, see above.

                                         SCORING CONVENTIONS
                      READING BEHAVIORS           Count as ERROR    Count as CORRECT
                      Substitution                      X
                      Omission                          X
                      Insertion                         X
                      Told                              X
                      Dialectical Pronunciation                            X
                      Repetition                                           X
                      Self Correction                                      X

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