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					?Creating a business plan for your spa is hard work, and, while there are ways to
shorten the process by working from a template, the work cannot be eliminated. No
matter what you find online, a free spa business plan will still need extensive
customization to become your spa business plan. Beware that in some cases it may
end up being better for you to start from scratch if you're working with a poor sample
or template.

If It Looks Too Good To Be True...

If the plan you are downloading says it is ready to use out of the box, it is not likely to
help you get funding. Look out for any claims that describe the business planning
process as this easy. The problem with this is that every business plan is about a
specific company, specific people, and a specific location and market situation. Deep
research into the local market, customers, and competitors must be done by someone
able to visit their spas and speak with customers directly. There is no alternative to
this kind of work, so beware of any claims that say the plan will be ready to go right

Also, serious investors want to see original thought in a business plan. If they can find
the language of the plan through a Google search, they may question your ability to
come up with own ideas specific to your company and situation.


Finally, remember that business plans are not generally donated. A well-done business
plan can help the right entrepreneur achieve funding and success in their business, so
why would the creator of a business plan give it away for free? Consider that, if the
plan is a really good one, then it would be a bad idea for the spa entrepreneur who
wrote it to give it away, allowing their competitors to find it and potentially use the
knowledge within against them. If, on the other hand, it was created by someone who
never actually started a spa business, then the marketing and operations ideas within
the plan have not been tested in real conditions and may be misleading for you to

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