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Pre-admission Assessment


									    Pre-admission Assessment
• For the Child With Complex Needs and
  Their Family/Carer.
• Paediatric Pre-admission Assessment Sister.
• Christina McCaugherty 2006.
     Definition of Assessment
• “The process of collecting and interpreting
  data about the physical and psychosocial
  effects of health problems on individuals
  and their families”. (Campbell & Glasper
• The holistic preparation and planning of the
  elective patient journey with the child and
     Why Have Pre-admission
• Research has shown that children and
  families/carer who are adequately prepared
  for planned surgery.
• Have reduced pain.
• Spend shorter periods of time in hospital.
• A better experience for child and families.
    The Multidisciplinary Team
• The Anaesthetist.      • The Senior House
• The Physiotherapist.     Officer.
• The Occupational       • The Clinic Clerk.
  Therapist.             • The Clinic Sister.
• The Play Therapist.    • The Child and
• The Social Worker.       Family/Carer.
• James Brindley
              Play Therapy
• Research shows that play reduces anxiety,
  facilitates communication and speeds
  recovery and rehabilitation.
         Pre-admission Clinics
• The clinics are held on alternate weeks on a
  Monday Morning.
• Six children/adolescents are seen in the clinic.
  Four pre-operative appointments are used for
  children/adolescents having major surgery and
  two pre-operative appointments for day case
  surgery or for children/adolescents having
  botulinum injections .
       Individual Assessment
• Following individual assessment the team
  members discuss the pre and post-operative
  care need’s of the child and family.
• A decision is then made recommending to
  proceed with planned surgery, or to delay
  surgery and refer to other agencies for
  further assessment or support.
     Pre-admission Assessment
• Improves the parent’s/carers confidence in caring
  for their child at home, which hastens discharge.
• It reduces parental anxiety regarding practical
  issues and increases co-operation of the child and
• Giving information to the families/carers and the
  child at a level acceptable for their understanding,
  reduces DNA’s, cancelled and delayed
          Outcome Achieved
• An individual holistic care package that is
  appropriate for the child and families needs.
  Thank You

Chrissy McCaugherty

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