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Assembling made easy!

Dear customer,

The following instructions are helpful to assure that you will be able to use your
kitchen as quickly as possible after you have received it. The steps of
assembling are described herein for you to be able to assemble your kitchen as
quickly as the pros can do.

Always remember: Preparation is everything and contributes to efficiency and

CHAPTER TITLE                                                         PAGE

1      Did you think of everything? (Preparation)                     3

2      Useful accessories                                             4

3      Tools                                                          5

4      Attachment materials                                           6

5      Visible sides – exchangeable                                   7

6      Visible sides – add ons: Highgloss only, DELFT Cadiz           7

7    Assembling wall cabinets                                 8-10

8    Assembling base cabinets                                 11 - 13

9    Assembling tall cabinets                                 14 -17

10   Assembling drawers                                       18 - 19

11   Installing base and tall cabinets                        20

12   Installing attachment system for wall cabinets (rails)   21

13   Installing wall cabinets                                 22

14   Assembling and installation of internal drawers          23

15   Adjusting doors                                          24

16   Adjusting drawer front panels                            25

17   Installing toekick panels                                26-27

18   Installing accessories                                   28

19   More than just kitchens                                  29

1.    Did you think of everything? (Preparation)

1.0   Verify that all plumbing and electrical connections for your appliances are
      in the location required by the layout of your kitchen cabinetry

1.1   Verify that you have a sufficient amount of outlets and that they are
      installed as required by the building code.

1.2   Is the flooring installed?

1.3   To have enough room for the assembling and the installation?
      It is a good advice to remove everything from the room that is not needed.

1.4   Mark the cabinets and their dimensions on the walls.

1.5   Mark the cabinets on the walls with numbers and carry the numbers over
      to the packages of the still packaged cabinets.

1.6   Cover the floor with blankets or construction paper to protect it from

1.7   Spread your tools in an organized way to make sure that they are in your

1.8   You may need to set up two sawhorses with a panel to establish a work
      station at comfortable height to protect your back.

1.9   Assemble only one cabinet at a time to avoid mixing up of parts.

      2        Useful accessories

      2.0                                           2.1-1

                  Drawer dividers for cutlery and
                  cooking utensils are helpful               Drawers (or pull-outs)
                  accessories to keep the
                  drawers organized.


               Internal drawers (or pull-outs)               Internal drawers (or pull-outs)
               provide a maximum of
               convenience and use of space

2.2-1                                               2.2-2

            Internal swing out and pull-out                 Swing out and pull-out
            mechanisms also contribute to                   mechanisms
            convenience and efficient
            use of space

2.3                                                  2.4

             Mounting rails for wall cabinets                The self closing and sound
             provide a secure wall installation              dampened systems for drawers
                                                             and doors represent the most
                                                             advanced hardware available for
                                                             cabinets today.                 4
    3    Tools

-       Level

-       Powered screw gun

-       Jig saw

-       Handsaw

-       Stud and cable finder

-       Clamp (s)

-       Hammer

-       Rubber mallet

-       Measuring tape or stick

-       Pencil

-       Screwdriver (Phillips)

-       Open wrench (3/8”)

-       Brush (1”)

-       Utility knife

-       Drill, wood (3/8” + 3/16”)

-       Drill masonry (3/8”)

   4        Attachment material

   4.0 Box connectors                                                          4.1 Wall cabinet hanger

  # 98 connecting       # 76 excenter    # 146 excenter                      # 278 (for adjusting and tightening cabinets to wall)
      dowels               housing         cover plug

   4.2 Wall bracket                                                            4.3 Accessories

                                                                                # 370 6-way        # 502 shelf       # 523 universal
   # 214 (to avoid tilting of tall cabinets)                                  adjustable hinge         pin               bracket
                                                                                  for doors

   4.4 Fix installed shelf                                                     4.5 Front connector

  # 535 screw for       # 536 counterpart for # 535 for                          # 520             # 418 screw for
     part # 536            installation of fixed shelf                                                  #520

   4.6 Toekick parts

 Toekick connectors,                     # 477 snap-on                 # 505 clips for                 # 506 legs, set of
  straight and angles                   clamps for legs                toekick panels                 two, with leg bases

   4.7 Drawer parts

# 521 front adapter     # 522 front adapter      # 526 front snap-in   # 428 screw for       # 519 plastic cover
    right side               left side               hardware               # 526               for side panel
                                                                                                   opening             6
    5       Visible sides - exchangeable

    5.0                                                        5.1

          The standard finish for all box sides, top and bottom is always white. To achieve a richer
          look the later visible sides of boxes can be exchanged during the assembling by side
          panels that show the same finish as the decorative box finishes. These side panels come
          in left and right side set-up and need to be ordered extra and are subject to a surcharge.

          During the assembling process the white finished side panels is left out and the replacing
          finished side panel is installed instead.

6         Visible sides – add ons; only in highgloss DELFT & Cadiz
6.0                                  6.1                                   6.2

           Add-on panels are to be installed in addition to the standard sides in white. They get
           “doubled-up”, which provides an even richer look then exchangeable side panels and
           resembles the look of very high-end cabinetry.

           If add-on panels are to be installed an extra dimension in a thickness of ¾” needs to
           be considered per panel in the width dimension

           For base and wall cabinet add-ons 4 screws need to be used to secure the panels
           firmly and for high board and tall cabinets 6-8 screws are needed. The screws are
           put in from inside of the cabinet.                                             7
7      Assembling wall cabinets



      Put the package flat on your work bench and open wrapping carefully to avoid damages.
      Compare existing parts with the enclosed list of parts for completeness.

7.1                                                7.2

       Open enclosed plastic bag and sort small          Push excenter housings in their openings
       parts contained in bag by types. Push             with their arrow pointing towards the side
       box dowels in their openings in the               opening of the panel as indicated on
       panels as indicated on enclosed                   enclosed assembling instruction sheet.
       assembling instruction sheet.

7.3                                                7.4

      Lower bottom and top panels carefully                Use Phillips screw driver and tighten
      from above onto box connectors assuring              excenter housing by turning it slightly
      that the box connectors slide easy into              clockwise until slight resistance is
      their opening.                                       noticed.

7.5                                                7.6

       Install cabinet hangers in upper left and               It is of importance that the hanger is
       right corner as indicated on enclosed                   installed alongside the groove that is
       assembling instruction sheet.                           prepared to accept the rear panel of the

7.7                                                      7.8

      Install the hinge base plate on their pre-               Using the rubber mallet and applying
      determined side by counting the holes                    slight force the parts are being brought
      inside the side panel for proper location.               closely together and the excenter housing
                                                               are tighten clockwise until resistance is

  7.9                                              7.10

        Slide the rear panel into the prepared            Push hinges firmly into routered
        groove on both sides of the box and               holes on inside of doors.
        secure the position with enclosed nails.

7.11                                               7.12

        Tighten screws of hinges firmly.                  Snap on hinges to their base plates after
                                                          cabinets have been installed.

7.13                                               7.14

  Drill holes for handles or knobs for doors
  and drawers and install those. Use
  manual screw driver only to avoid
  damages of screws and injuries later.
                                                          Drill holes for handles using the
                                                          positions marked on the back of
                                                          the doors and drawers.
  8     Assembling base cabinets

8.0                                                  8.1

      Put the package flat on your work
      bench and open wrapping carefully
      to avoid damages. Compare existing
      parts with the enclosed list of parts for

                                                             Open enclosed plastic bag and sort
                                                             small parts contained in bag by types.
                                                             Push box dowels in their openings in
                                                             the panels as indicated on enclosed
                                                             assembling instruction sheet.

      Push excenter housings in their openings
      with their arrow pointing towards the side
      opening of the panel as indicated on
      enclosed assembling instruction sheet.

8.3                                                8.4

      Install the hinge base plates and                    Verify that the location of the base
      verify that they are screwed into                    plates line up with the holes for the
      the correct holes.                                   hinges in the door panel.

8.5                                                    8.6

         Attach the bottom plate of the cabinet              Position the leg bases and turn them
         to the side panels by turning the excenters         so that it slightly stands over the edge
         until you feel a slight snapping, which             of the bottom panel and knock it firmly
         indicates that they are tight.                      into the pre-drilled holes. Apply even
                                                             force to assure proper fit.

8.7                                                    8.8

                                                             Fasten the 2 transoms by turning the
                                                             excenter slightly until you feel a slight
                                                             resistance which indicates proper


         Open the drawer package. Check on
         completeness, before you install the
         drawer slides.
                                                               Install drawer slides using holes as

           After the installation of all hardware
           has been done slide the rear panel
           into the grooves.
  8.11                                                   8.12

           Position the rear panel so that it lines             Push legs firmly into their bases and
           up with the lower edge of the box and                rough adjust them to the desired
           fix it using the enclosed small nails.               cabinet height.

  8.13                                                   8.14

           Put cabinets upright by lifting them                   Push hinges firmly into the prepared
           sufficiently while turning. Make sure                  cups and secure the position with
           that they do not get tilted over the legs              2 screws each.
           since if this happens legs might brake off.

8.15                                                     8.16

         Install doors after the cabinet is fixed
         in position by pushing the hinges onto the
                                                                Drill holes for handles using the
         hinge plates until an audible click secures
         proper snapping in.                                    position marked on the back of the
                                                                doors and drawers.

9       Assembling tall cabinets

9.0                                                 9.1

        Unpack parts on floor and verify                    Open plastic bags and push all
        completeness of all parts.                          connecting parts into their prepared

9.2                                               9.3

      Verify that all parts positioned properly           Push leg bases into their openings
      since there are more holes drilled than             assuring that they sit properly and tight.
      parts needed.

9.4                                               9.5

        Install hinge base plates and verify
        proper positioning comparing with
        hinges cups of door.
                                                          Decide were to install the fixed shelf
                                                          (stabilizer) and install its fasteners.

  9.6                                           9.7

                                                       Install drawer slides as shown
                                                       in enclosed description sheet.

          Install counterparts of fasteners
          for stabilizer and firmly knock
          those into the stabilizing shelf
          with a hammer (slight knocks only).

9.8                                             9.9

        Decide positions of drawer slides
        according to storage height needed            Make sure that the spacers are
        per drawer.                                   installed under the drawer slide
                                                      that is mounted on the side were
                                                      the door will be hinged.


        Install bottom and top panel to
        one side by tightening the excenters.

9.11                                                 9.12

         Install second side panel by putting it
         carefully on top of the top panel and                Slide the rear panel into grooves.
         bottom panel and the transoms as shown
         on picture assuring that all the hardware
         is properly positioned.

  9.13                                                 9.14

           If an appliance is installed in a tall               Secure the rear panel using the
           cabinet the rear panel might have to                 enclosed small nails.
            be cut accordingly.

  9.15                                                 9.16

           When erecting tall cabinets make                     Install the fixed shelf by positioning
           sure that it gets lifted high enough                 it properly over the supports installed
           to avoid breaking legs by tilting the                earlier and push it down firmly.
           cabinet over the legs.


                                                       Slide the wire basket into its
       Assemble the wire basket                        tracks until your hear it snapping
       as described in manual.                         in.

9.19                                            9.20

       Install doors by clipping the hinges            Drill holes for handles using the
       onto their base plates.                         locations marked on the back
                                                       side of the door panel.


       If so desired connect both door
       panels using the straight connector
       plates enclosed in the hardware.

10     Assembling drawers


                                                             Connect the left side panel to the
       Put package flat on work surface,                     rear panel by pushing it in until it
       open it and verify completeness of                    snaps in.


       Do the same with the right side                       Slide the bottom panel into the grooves
       panel.                                                on both sides.

10.4                                                  10.5

         Push the plastic front adapters into their          Install the “snap-in” fittings on top
       pre-drilled holes, verifying before which             of the adapters using the enclosed
       holes are determined for standard height              screws.
       or deep drawers.

         There are two symbols on each of the
       adapters showing two different heights of
       drawer fronts. The arrows on the adapters
       show which set-up kind of holes belongs to
       which height of drawer front.

                                                        Install the drawer divider for utensils
         Push drawer front with its metal               or cutlery (if ordered).
         fittings on both sides into the side
         panels until they snap in tightly.


                                                        Adjust the drawer fronts properly
         Slide the drawer onto its slides in            through screws in the side panel
         the cabinet to verify that the drawer          and close the opening with
         was assembled properly.                        enclosed plastic covers.


         Install handles using the positions
         marked on the back of the
         drawer front.

11       Installing base and tall cabinets


                                                            Adjust height of cabinets turning
                                                            legs clock or counter clock wise.
         Install cabinets plump using a
         level to assure proper support
         later for the countertop.


                                                            Attach the next cabinet to the
         When corner fillers get installed                  corner filler by using the
         verify position by comparing it to the             enclosed screws.
         location of the front of the cabinet to
         be installed in a 90 degree angle.


           Picture shows finished corner
           connection.                                        Attach base and tall cabinets to
                                                              each other by clamping them and
                                                              using at least 2 screws in forward
11.6                                                          and 2 screws in area of side panels.

                                                               ATTENTION: To secure cabinetry
                                                              against possible forward tilting it is
                                         No. 70                recommended that base and tall
                                         No. 175
                                                              cabinets are anchored to the walls.
                        No. 214 No.191

         This picture shows enclosed
         material to be used for attaching
         cabinets to walls.
12      Installing attachment system for wall cabinets (rails)


         Determine the desired installation                                      Use a level and extend a horizontal
         height for wall cabinets and mark it                                    line as long as necessary for the
         on the walls.                                                           rails to be installed.

         Measure the difference between the
         upper edge of the wall cabinets
         and the hook of the hanging system
         installed in the wall cabinets and
         sticking out through the rear panel.

         Carry this difference over to wall.

 12.2                                                                     12.3

                                                                                 Drill holes according to the kind of
         Mark the dimensions of the wall                                         walls and use appropriate anchoring
         cabinets and determine the drilling                                     systems (plastic anchors for stone,
         points.                                                                 toggle bolts for framed drywall)


         The distance between the ends of the rails is the width of the
         cabinet minus about 2“.
13      Installing wall cabinets


                                                       Level the cabinet and adjust the
         Always start the hanging of the wall          cabinet from the inside.
         cabinets out of a corner or
         a tall cabinet.                               The upper screw of the hanging
                                                       system in the upper corners adjusts
                                                       the cabinet height wise.


         The lower screw tightens the cabinet
         to the wall.


                                                       Assure accurate horizontal
                                                       positioning using level.


                                                       Attach the cabinets to each other
         Assure accurate vertical positioning          by using clamps and screws and
         using the level.                              a level.

14          Assembling and installation of internal drawers


                                                             Assemble the internal drawer as
              Put the package flat on your work              described on enclosed info sheet.
              surface and open it. Spread all parts
              and verify completeness.

     14.2                                             14.3

              Install the drawer slides using the            Set the drawer onto the slides
              correct pre-drilled holes on the side          and push it into the cabinet until
              panels.                                        it snaps in.


                Did you order cutlery inserts?
                Install them now.

15          Adjusting doors


                                                                   If necessary the hinge can be
              The picture shows the hinge clipped                  separated from its base plate by
              onto the hinge base plate.                           moving the little lever at the end of
                                                                   the hinge.

     15.2                                                   15.3

                                                                       The rear screw adjusts the door
              The front screw of the hinge adjusts                     panel forward and backwards.
              the door panel sideways

16     Adjusting drawer front panels

16.0                                          16.1

                                                     The second screw adjusts the
       Loosening the screw close to the              drawer front height wise.
       front panel allows to adjust the
       drawer front sideways.


                                                     The plastic screw close to the front
       The side rods of deep drawers allow           inside the side panel adjusts the
       the vertical adjustment of the front          front panel sideways.


       The screw in the middle of the                The screw in the rear part of the
       opening disconnects the front from            opening adjusts the front panel up
       the drawer box.                               and down.

17          Installing toekick panels

     17.0                                            17.1

                                                            Hold the return piece to the side of
              The picture shows the parts                   the cabinet at the end and mark the
              necessary to install the toekick              height.


                                                            Put the return piece next to the leg
              Use a jigsaw and cut off the excess.          on the floor and mark the center of
                                                            the leg as shown

     17.4                                            17.5

              Make another mark 4 inches higher             Slide the leg clamp into the bracket.
              and install the bracket for the leg


                                                           Clamp the return toekick panels
         Cut the Corner connectors to the
                                                           onto the legs on the side of the
         correct height.


                                                           Clip the white toekick clips on top of
           Cut the front toekick panel to the              the front toekick panels and position
           length needed and adjust it height              them using one every 3 feet.
           wise using the jigsaw.


          Position the front toekick panel
          properly by bringing the lower part
          next to the legs and the upper part
          in a vertical position. The white clips
          will keep the panel in position but
          also allows you to remove the
          panels if ever necessary.

18     Installing accessories

18.0                                          18.1

       If you ordered dampeners for the              The picture shows the dampener
       doors to soft close clip these onto           clipped onto the hinge.
       the hinges. Use one for each door.


                                                     Install shelf pins at the correct height
       Use the white plastic disks to cover          desired for shelves.
       the excenters visible under the wall


       Install shelves.

19     More than just kitchens

19.1                             19.2



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