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Character Name: Manos De Invisibles (Hands Of The Invisible)

Year they became a Vampire: 1592

Nationality: British with mixed Spanish descent.

Main Power: Pressure-based telekinesis. (Was a partial inspiration for his new name, being able
to move things with hands he could not see, likes to use power with guns and other modern
weapons for holding down targets or using telekinesis to aim better.)

Secondary Power: Illusionary psychic powers.

Appearance: Dresses in modern attire, usually wearing a high-end black Armani suit (With his
emblem tailored onto his lapel pocket), complete with crimson tie, leather shoes, black
sunglasses or work goggles (depending on where he is/what he‟s working on) and a Rolex watch.
Has slicked back short blonde hair, gold irises and deep shadows/bags under his eyes due to near
constant work and lack of sleep. Was in his 30‟s at the time of turning and appears to be of
average build (About 6 feet), lightweight, and average height. Still retains scars on his right hand
from where his sire bit him. Also carries a blackberry, I-Pod, wallet, pocket watch (Of which he
built himself and is engraved with his emblem) and handgun (Kept holstered underneath his
jacket but likes to use with his powers). Also likes wearing Hawaiian or otherwise bright shirts
on Casual Fridays.

Personality: Considers himself a very reasonable, open minded and scientifically minded man,
tending to negotiate and coerce over physical violence. Is of the mindset of modernization,
especially to the culture of vampires. Is anti-traditionalist, seeing resorting to „the old ways‟ as
being detrimental to human-vampire relations and binding to his abilities. Has a love for
knowledge and science, his scientific curiosity sometimes acting as a weakness due to
distracting. Attempts to be as polite and affable as possible, especially while making first
impressions or in the public eye but can tend to be arrogant in his claims of inventions and
memoirs. Will usually act jovial while attempting to keep good work relations between both
vampires and humans under him. Can act as excited as a kid in a candy store upon the
completion of a goal or new discovery.

Feelings towards Orlock: Manos dislikes Orlock immensely and would take most measures to
avoid or set him back, not out of fear, but annoyance, considering his olden and overtly cruel
methods incredibly unnecessary, ineffective, and detrimental to his plans. Orlock‟s belittlement
of science and technology, especially in front of him, Manos sees as an ultimate insult to his
philosophy and ideas. Considers possible attempts to assassinate him were Orlock to be a rival or
clear adversary in his goals.

History: Manos De Invisibles was born Eric Albert Blue to a family of aristocrats in the reign of
The British Empire during the mid-1500‟s. While not a black sheep, young Eric had less
attention and position due to mixed race, his father being a British Baron, and his mother being a
daughter of a high officer in The Spanish Armada, the arrangement made mostly of brokered
deals and promises not just between the two families, but the two empires. Despite a growing
interest in politics, he grew dishearten by fellow family stationed within The Empire and became
drawn to science and alchemy, most especially inspired after a short tenure of studying under the
alchemist and royal advisor John Dee. From there, Eric developed a key interest in attaining
divine knowledge as his master had purportedly learned through an Obsidian Mirror and of the
life extending Elixir Of Life to further gain knowledge.
         After much work and connection pulling, Eric managed to get himself stationed as a
royal alchemist. One day, a cousin of his within The Spanish Armada sought him out for
assistance. During the exploration and conquering of the Mayan Yucatan, conquistadors
encountered a priestess who lived within the darkest den of a pyramid. Locals claimed she was a
direct link to the Gods and was given part of sacrifices to sustain her holy powers. Attempting to
strike down this considered heresy, a group of conquistadors were sent in to find her, only one
came back, missing an arm and mad with pain. Eventually, after many painstaking losses, the
priestess was captured and not long after brought to the crown of Spain to be examined. Yet no
one within The Spanish Empire was able to discern anything from her except her need for
darkness and hunger for human flesh.
         Eric‟s cousin decided to ask for help, but within the family in order to avoid diplomatic
and scientific embarrassment. Bringing with him his entire library of notes, including those of his
mentors, in an attempt to understand the origin and abilities of the creature. Within the Spanish
gulag, the priestess had been biting and feeding off of other prisoners before she was isolated and
even then devoured rats and other creatures. On the August of 1592, Eric attempted to
interrogate and observe the priestess but received nothing but cryptic answers concerning blood
and power transcending flesh. Eventually the priestess attempted to attack Eric, successfully
biting his right hand before being subdued by the guards. During the scuffle, the priestess was
cut, Eric taking the opportunity to take some of her blood as a sample in his experiments.
         Returning to his private beachside estate, Eric went to work quickly, using the blood of
the priestess in his theorized mixture for The Elixir of Life, wishing to drink before the bite he
received from her corrupted him, intending to make himself an immortal. Adding chemical
compounds like Mercury and Iron into the mix. After drinking, Eric collapsed, waking up the
next evening no longer human. When attempting to venture out of the house during the day, he
found that the sunlight burned his very skin…like the priestess. Eric surmised that the blood and
bite overwhelmed the other ingredients in his Elixir, making him the same as the priestess.
Cursing his failure, Eric stayed isolated for near a month, relying on his house servants to care
for him and get supplies from the outside. Experimenting and observing him and new instincts,
Eric eventually surmised that he needed to feed from other humans, as had the priestess, and did
so off his own servants and workers.
         Not long after Eric was visited by the priestess, having escaped from imprisonment. She
proceeded to tempt Eric with further power and knowledge of his condition as her servant, living
only for her. Eric took this into consideration…before setting her aflame with a chemical
compound and impaling her with a fire poker, managing to surprise her both with weapons and
time. In her dying words, laughing over the roar of the flames and her burning body, she said
„Yours are the hands that shall shape this world‟. Over time, and after consumption of more
human and even his sire‟s blood, Eric began to discover powers beyond just improved physical
conditions, he could move objects with his mind or even manipulate energy.
         From there, Eric returned to the court of England, citing illness for his long absence,
asking to only make appearances at night. He even managed to work for the court for decades
without notice through falsification of documents and his own powers of illusion. It was there,
through continued use of his powers that he gained notice from the vampire council. A vampire
lord named Buzzardo sought Eric out and offered him the opportunity to act as an operative for
them, being a high member of government. Under their guidance, he learned even more of
vampires, their powers, weaknesses, and how to control his own abilities better.
        Eric enjoyed his post in the British Empire for some time, but desired more. Hearing of
further vampire encounters and traveling in the Americas, Eric urged the council to let him take
post in the colonies. From there, Eric decided to change his name to his alias and modern day
moniker, Manos De Invisibles, setting up a post as a merchant and importer. By the time of the
American Revolution, Manos had established himself a small fortune, and wanting to have a
foothold in a young country, he supported the colonists.
        During the 1800‟s the council further supported Manos and his ventures, greatly helping
in the immigration of vampires to North America and helping them to adapt to such
surroundings. Taking part in numerous science and technology fairs in further interest of human
sciences. At one point in the late 1800‟s he enters one such fair to showcase devices and theories
on blood transfusion and extraction, medical to humans, culinary to vampires.
        At the onset of World War One, and realizing humanity‟s potential for destruction thanks
to new technologies, presents findings to Vampire Council who do not take the general threat of
man‟s machines seriously. Manos begins writing philosophical and political essays of the
possibility of human-vampire relations. During the roaring twenties, Manos took a „vacation‟ to
run a prohibition era speakeasy in Philadelphia, simultaneously serving alcohol for the humans
and blood for his nightly customers and self.
        When World War II occurs Manos urges many of the European vampires to either resist
Nazi occupation or flee to allied territories for fear from reports of Nazi Occultism would seek
them out for experimentation and capture. This leads to a secret networking of vampires giving
aide to the allies through information and espionage. Once Manos becomes witness to the use of
the Atomic Bomb he realizes he absolutely must encourage more plans for vampire-human
coexistence or face a possibility of mutually assured destruction, not out of a belief in the
sanctity of life but the sanctity of continued existence himself and of the planets.
        This causes him to be further shunned by the rest of the council along with what they
deem an over reliance on technology and science over traditional vampire powers and
techniques, receiving outright mockery for trying to come up with ways to make stored blood
useable by vampires in substitute for live feeding. Manos is instead moved to use for
„propaganda‟ for the vampires. Helping to produce and write numerous vampire movies that will
continue to propagate the belief that vampires are fiction. Though he did have a keen interest in
media, he also worked on his other projects on the side. Manos lives in Los Angeles for many
years until he receives word from his old friend and ally Buzzardo that the rest of the council has
gone and vanished.
        Manos grows cautious at this and fears his predictions may come true. As rogue vampire
attacks begin to be heard throughout the world, Manos gets to work calling upon numerous
political, business, and celebrity contacts, he sets to fortify Los Angeles as being unconquerable
by the rogue forces at hand. As attention is divvied elsewhere and the world began to fall apart,
Manos‟s talent for propaganda flourished even more. Using a mass e-mail and multi-media
message he brought numerous survivors to Los Angeles under the promise of safety form the
rogue vampires. Gaining the control of what little police and military remained in the city it
became fairly simple in weeding out the criminals who sought to undermine his control.
Eventually reforming the group as his codenamed force known as „The Fearless Vampire
        While a tenuous process, by promising protection and supplies in exchange for blood,
Manos managed to create a pact between vampires allied to him and the human citizens of his
city, quickly becoming one of the worlds last true safe havens for humanity…. with a vampire
elder as its protector. Manos even brought such things as television and computers up and
running locally to boost morale, hiring and using celebrity and political figures to speak to the
masses, using the situation to become a vampire idealized in the eyes of humanity. Is secretly
stockpiling military and even nuclear grade weapons to better hold his grasp in the world and
even to try and expand.

Buzzardo: Old friend to Manos, serves as advisor and fellow vampire proponent and is only
slightly older than Manos.
Mary Smith: Vice President to Manos, also serves as his main supply of blood and assistant.
Derek Jackson: Ex-GI who lost his entire platoon to a vampire attack. Is Manos‟ chief of military
after some convincing. Leader of „Fearless Vampire Killer‟ squad.
Roger Francis: Up and coming talk show host who Manos brought to the city and serves as his
primary news/entertainer provider.


Jacob Davison

(Audience applauds as host Roger Francis introduces next guest)

ROGER: Thank you, thank you, now tonight we have us a very special guest. President and
founder of New Cornwall and to whom many we owe for saving us from some very frightful
nights. I present to you, President Manos De Invisibles!

(Audience applauds even more as Manos walks onstage, laughing and waving to the audience
before taking a seat next to Roger Francis)

ROGER: Good to have you here sir must have been quite a trek from your office.

MANOS: Not at all, I turned into a bat and flew down.

(Audience laughs band plays drums then cymbals)

MANOS: Ha-ha, I imagine the vampire members of your audience aren‟t laughing as much. Just
joke fellows!

ROGER: Of course no one would expect a vampire to have a sense of humor.
MANOS: Quite the contrary. I‟ve been doing stand up on and off. It‟s a good thing when you
have a century or two of material to work with.

ROGER: I can only dream of that.

MANOS: Well, I am rather full of stories.

ROGER: I‟m sure, c‟mon, you may president but I can only imagine the kinds of mischief
you‟ve been in to. Did you take a nibble of Marilyn Monroe?

MANOS: Ha-ha, now THAT I can only dream of.

ROGER: Ha-ha, even vampire lords have their limits I suppose. But in all seriousness, many
people, including myself, are thankful for the shelter you‟ve provided, the help you‟ve given, but
like many we were hoping to ask a few questions that‟d better acquaint us with you. Y‟know, be
the kind of vampire we‟d want to have a beer with.

MANOS: Ask away.

ROGER: Well, for one thing your origins. Where are you from and when did you become a
vampire? All that good blockbuster movie stuff.

MANOS: Well, I was born August 23 in the mid 1500‟s. I won‟t say what year specifically,
rather shy about my age I suppose.

(Audience laughs)

MANOS: Anyway, my father‟s family were nobles of the British Empire and my more distant
relations were that of my mothers side, being of The Spanish Armada.

ROGER: I sense there was some dysfunction.

MANOS: Some I suppose. It was a contractual arrangement so no one held ill will…out loud.
My life was fairly uneventful until my turning in 1592. I attempted to use the blood of a vampire
in an attempt at making The Elixir Of Life, the key to immortality.

ROGER: Well, at least you can say „close enough‟, Huh?

MANOS: Indeed, though it wasn‟t as I was expecting. Needless to say I lost most of my tan.

ROGER: So, as a vampire, I imagine you‟ve seen or even been a part of a lot of historical

MANOS: Why yes, of course. I don‟t want to bore the audience with High School History class
stories, so I‟d like to talk about some of my more recent ventures. For example: I was a producer
of over 50 award winning and nominated films during my involvement with Hollywood.

ROGER: Such as?

MANOS: Well, here‟s a clue.

(Clears throat)

MANOS: “Hello Clarice….”

ROGER: (Chuckling) Wow, you‟re terrifying me just saying that!

MANOS: Well, I‟ve picked up quite a few good acting tips over the years. Couldn‟t really act or
direct my own productions due to keeping my identity secret, but I‟m glad to say a couple of my
scripts did get shopped around.

ROGERS: Well, I‟m sure you couldn‟t have dreamed up the scenario we‟re in now, vampires
razing the land and you leader of your own city.

MANOS: Indeed I couldn‟t have. But, this reality is better than what could have been. I do not
wish to see either of our species fall. I believe that New Cornwall and her citizens shall prove to
be a beacon of hope within this new Dark Age.

ROGER: Very inspiring words, and when we come back I‟m sure we‟ll be hearing plenty more.

(Audience applauds as Roger and Manos shake hands and have muted small talk)

                                   The Conflict For Sangreism
  A (partial) manifesto for the betterment of human-vampire relations by Manos De Invisibles

        I look to both sides of both species. On one side and time I see into the past, a dark time
of which my own kind are feared and hunted down. On the other, I look to a future where our
species is unknown to the dominant form of life but our numbers continue to swell and thirst for
control. Such polarizing sides of conflict would do either species any good. For at this time
where the humans wield both strength in numbers and technology and we wield powers of
supernatural origin and stealth, a war of this magnitude could very well destroy us both.
        While many of our kind forget or attempt to forget their time as a human, I hold onto it as
tightly as I can. Every memory, every thought, every object of that time, that era for me I hold
onto to better remember and understand that mentality of the human being. It is so easy, as with
many elders, to look down upon man for their supposed weaknesses, both physical and spiritual.
Many times the relationship between man and vampire is considered a food chain. Through my
own observation and research I liken it more toward that of a parasitism.
        Unlike so many creatures on this planet, humans and vampires can communicate, we can
reason, and one can become another. In this relationship we NEED humans, they are our prime
food source, and one of which we needn‟t kill in the process yet so many do. Truly a waste.
Many of our kind have become gluttonous in hunger for both blood and power, forgetting times
when humans hunted us en mass, or when they knew of the things that lurked into the dark.
        I fear the day when our two species will inevitably fight, either due to the council‟s
ignorance or lack of control over rogues or some lucky human happening to have a snapshot of a
Nosferatu and putting it online for the rest of the world to see. I continue to propose an idea that
shall truly revolutionize both our species. No more will humans fear the dark and no longer
would we fear the light. Sangreism shall make both species run intricately and effectively
without fear of either group destroying the other.
        The first point of making this idea a reality is to in fact reveal we. Better we do it in a
time of ignorance than a time of war. And better we do this as a peace offering rather than as a
threat. The public should be informed of our abilities, our weaknesses, and who we are. For as I
write this prominent figures around the world hide their true species through illusion and
subterfuge. The more familiar and human we make ourselves the more accepting the population
will be to us.
        Another prominent point would be integration of our species‟. Lobbying for integrated
vampire-human establishments, jobs, and etc. will be a necessity to have a mutual respect
between our species. We will need our own kind to gain and retain positions of power to better
support this cause and us.
        Then there is our greatest need; the need for blood, to feed and it is those humans that are
our providers. Stored blood, no matter how well cannot seem to satiate a vampire. Artificial
blood still seems like a dream with so little funding. In order to better feed and disperse blood,
many would have to partake of stored blood on occasion. For true blood, there would need to be
a clear connection or partnership made with humans. Be this a specific location or „restaurant‟ to
serve both people and vampires….

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