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									            Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
                    Electrical Engineering Program
 Course Number:    ECE 225 Title: Introduction to Discrete Logic and Digital Systems
 Coordinator:      D. Kagaris
 Semester:                    Year:       Instructor:

                                   Course Final Report

 Initial Enrollment:                                Final Enrollment:
 Grade Distribution:   A           B            C         D         F         Other

               Assessment of Student's Preparation (where applicable)

            AREA               Assessment                     Comments (if any)
 Basic Sciences:
 General Education:
 ECE Science:
 Primary Technical Area:
 Secondary Technical Area:

                               Course Assessment Results

 Program Outcomes:         1   2       3    4       5    6     7    8    9    10      11   12
 Outcomes Assessed:        x           x                 x          x
 Assessment Results:

Please use the scale: 1 through 4, as defined by the ECE Accreditation Committee

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