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					?New version of restaurants software is launched by HGsystem: QuickOrder , the
first professional freeware available to manage a restaurant.
This kind of program use as a support hardware: touch screen, wireless printer and
handheld. The application operates on Mac and Linux (Ubuntu).
Simplicity and functionality are the features.The most important quality for the
software is usability and intuitive graphics interface, whoever can use it easily.
Functioning is simple: for example, the waiter picks up orders with handheld and
system delivers data to the kitchen and counter at once. Ticket can be printed on a
shared receipt printer or on a separate printer in the kitchen or bar.
Moreover with a pos you are able to recorder everything: order entry, track and how
much food you have in the warehouse.
The point of sale can tracks customers, reservations, status of table, previous order
history, stores restaurant's entire product list and ordering menu. You can update also
data, adding new plates, beverages, prices, etc.
The application enables to fill in new data, provides report.
Computerizing the business restaurant means to check automatically profit, sale and
employers too.
QuickOrder is the only one point of sale turns natively on Mac.
The software is developed with C++ language, capable to improve data elaboration
efficiency. Whereas the most of restaurants systems are developed with java language
or base on web platform. So the tasks are carried out with a lower capability.
QuickOrder is used on PostgresSql database, with excellent features like strength and
The application is developed on the same setting production used by Nokia to manage
the awarded Mobile solution. In addition, the bookcases used KDE, the Linux's
graphics interface.
The program is open source application with license, that permits public access to
source code and permission to freely modify the source code with no user fees.
So whoever vendors, software house, hardware manufacturer can get for free the
software and develop their business as well.
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