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Digital Story Telling Proposal


									                           Digital Story Telling Proposal


The Pupose of the digital storytelling (DS) camp is to teach teamwork, problem solving, and
comunication skills in a creative environment. It covers all the points in ISTE's NETS from
"Communication and Collaboration" to "Digital Citizenship".


DS will take the course of a week from Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm. Within the camp students
will learn to use Premier, iMovie, and garageband for the use of creating audio visual media. In
addition to these computer skills they will also learn soft skills such as planning and teamwork.

During the students week stay they will create a fictional story as a group, act out, film, and
create a video roughly 10 - 15 min long. This story may either be comedic or dramatic but it
must have a plot of some sorts that will stand on its own without the aid of special effects.

Each student will get a computer to share with one other person. They will learn the concepts
behind editing video and sound into a short film. Taking something from paper and putting it into
action, teaching them the process of how to follow through with a large scale project and
troubleshoot it's problems.

The steps to create the video are as follows:

Step 1 - Brainstorm ideas, chose the best idea.

Step 2 - Write a script

Step 3 - Plan the shots, rehearse the script

Step 4 - Act and film

Step 5 - Import the footage and edit it

Step 6 - Create and add the sound

Step 7 - Revise the work

Step 8 - Finish

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