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									?For years, the larger job sites have charged hundreds of dollars to post a job and for a
short amount of time. The result of course is that you could find job candidates almost
instantly. But, what if you don't have hundreds of dollars to post an job? So, sites
started allowing you to post jobs for free. But, now, not even all of the free sites will
allow you to post a job for free. For example, Craigslist will now charge you to post a
job for some of the largest cities in the US. So, what are the small businesses to do?

One question you have to ask, is why did they start charging money? I mean after all,
it's a free site, then all of a sudden start charging money? Judging based on a lot of the
forums out there, the sites started charging because companies were taking advantage
of the free service. Individuals were spamming with fake jobs, or marketing their
products which, in the end, were not jobs after all. And, the individuals would submit
jobs many times, because, after all it was free. So, in an effort to filter out "job
spammers" the sites started charging. From what I can tell, it has definitely cut down
on the spam and has helped job seekers to get to the real jobs faster. It has also saved
some people from falling victim to job scams. So, job seekers everywhere were happy,
but businesses still have to pay.

So, what is the real issue here? It appears as though there should be a system where
the job seeker community can flag job spam and employers can still post for free. If
this was the case, then job spam would still exist, but not for long. And, eventually the
spam would cut down because the fake jobs would be flagged almost immediately
which would be frustrating to the job spammer. Also, there should be a way that you
could research the business posting the job. If I'm going to work for someone, I'd like
to get to know them a little better as well. This is where social networking sites can

If more social networking sites allowed you to post for free, then we'd have a solution.
If you were a member of a social networking site and an employer was as well, you
could research each other. For example, you could also see some background and
feedback from others on the employer.

If you'd like to see a social networking site where you can post jobs for free, check
out , there you can do both, post your jobs for free and get to know your candidate a
little better as well.

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