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					?Warsaw is one of the cities in Europe that is well known for being a tourist attraction.
It is the capital city of Poland with a population of 2.2 million and is the eighth largest
city in the European Union. This city has a terrific transport and communication
system. The transport options available in the town include minibuses, aeroplanes,
buses, rental cars, trams and taxis.

Warsaw is a fairly young city but it has several tourist attractions and they are
distributed in all its boroughs. Some of the most notable landmarks of the old town
are the Royal Castle, King Sigismund's Column, Market Square and the Barbican. To
the south of the city, there are many classicist palaces which include the gorgeous
Presidential Palace and there is also the popular Nowy Swiat Street. Another major
tourist attraction is the Powazki Cemetery which is one of the oldest cemeteries full of
sculptures some of which were done by renowned Polish artists in the early 19th and
20th centuries. The former Warsaw ghetto is located on the north of the city centre.
You have not visited Warsaw until you visit the borough of Zoliborz which is home to
a 19th century military architecture monument known as the Warsaw Citadel and
Wilanow Palace which is the former royal residence of King Jan III Sobieski that is
well known for its baroque architecture and beautiful parks.

There are several museums and art galleries in Warsaw which include the most
notable ones like the National Museum, the Centre for Contemporary Art and the
Museum of Modern Art. There are other major popular attractions here like the
Temple of Sybille, Kabaty Forest, Lazienki Royal Park and the Palace of Culture.

The city of Warsaw has many other beautiful landmarks and breathtaking monuments
that were built in the mid 16th century. These monuments include the admission free
Warsaw Barbican and the medieval City Walls that were built in the 14th century. The
St John's Cathedral is one that claims to be the oldest but it was destroyed during
World War II and rebuilt in its original style. There is the incredible monument of
Ghetto Heroes that is located to the north of the city.

Accommodation in Warsaw is available in many forms but hotels are the most popular.
There is a vast number of hotels in this city and they are available in all categories of
prices. Some of these hotels include the InterContinental Hotel Warsaw which is one
of the biggest five star hotels There is also the Holiday Inn and the Polonia Palace
Hotel. There are other types of accommodations like apartments that range from one
bedroom to three bedrooms and are significantly cheaper than the hotels. They are
also fully furnished with cable TV, broadband connection and they will offer you with
both long term and short term rentals. Apartments will be the best alternative to

The city of Warsaw is one that has a vibrant nightlife scene and is home to numerous
nightclubs and bars. The Ice Bar is one of the most unique nightlife attractions in
Warsaw and it is, as its name suggests, entirely built of ice but the regular front
section is constructed of the regular and more stable material.

Warsaw is a city that can be visited any time of the year as it has so much to offer
throughout the four seasons; winter, spring, summer and autumn.
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