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					?London is the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. It's also the largest
urban area in the European Union having a population of approximately 8 million
people drawn from a wide range of people's, cultures, religions and over 300
languages spoken in the city.

Founded by the Romans, London has been part of many movements like the English
Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and the Gothic Revival.

Its one of the worlds most important business, financial, and cultural centers and its
influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion and the arts contribute
to its status as a major global city. This is evidenced by the fact that it's the
headquarters of over 100 of Europe's 500 largest companies, contains four world
heritage sites (the Tower of London, the historic settlement of Greenwich, Royal
Botany Gardens, Kew and the site comprising the palace of Westminster, Westminster
Abbey and St. Margaret's Church) and has some range of reputable international
learning institutions. Cultural sites include the South Bank, Trafalgar Square,
Bankside and South Kensington.

London has the most extensive public transport network in the world, the busiest
airport in the world and the busiest air space in the world. This makes London a
wonderful place for tourism and residents to travel around. This is further enhanced
by the city's temperate marine climate which means London rarely experiences
extremely high or low temperatures.

London is home to countless historic and modern attractions, from the London Eye to
the National Gallery and Tower of London. With free admission to these top
attractions, there is no better place to soak up some culture.

Sporting attractions also grace the area. The Wembley Stadium tour will satisfy your
dream of walking up its tunnel with the roar of fans in your ears. You could even go
behind the scenes at one of the world's famous football grounds, see inside England's
changing rooms, and walk through the players' tunnel and stand triumphantly in front
of the Royal Box, as if to receive The Cup. Visit one of the worlds' biggest and best
known football clubs and most famous sporting landmarks. Try the Chelsea FC
stadium tour and make sure you bring your camera. Others include World Rugby
Museum and Twickenham Stadium tours and Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

You can enjoy leisure trips by taking a walk to the Royal Parks, the Kensington
Gardens, Greenwich Park and many more. Have fun around Leicester Square where
London and world film premiers are held and Piccadilly Circus with its giant
electronic advertisements.

A variety of regular annual events which are opportune moments to visit London,
grace the city. These include New Year's Day Parade, November's Lord Mayor's Show,
and June's Trooping of the color which celebrates the queen's official wedding.
Being one of the major classical and popular music capitals in the world, you could
visit the Royal Albert Hall which hosts a wide range of concerts and musical events
through out the year.

Oxford Street, which is Europe's busiest shopping area and is nearly 1 mile long, is
also adorned with many bars and restaurants. These offer a great variety of cuisine as
a result of its ethnically diverse population. This is such a fantastic place to spend a
day or night out. Visit such places and marvel novel pieces.
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