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					Vol. XIII Issue 2                                                     Harrison High School                                                           February 2009

Inside the Huffington Post
The World’s Most Powerful Blog
A Husky Herald Exclusive
Emily Singer
                             News Editor
      This past November was marked          Another project, called FundRace,             (Media Editor),
by one of the most important, contro-        tracks contributions to presidential          and Colin Sterling
versial presidential elections in our        candidates and offers maps which              (Senior Blog Edi-
country’s history. Everyone was talking      pinpoint contributors by city, neighbor-      tor). All four were
about Barack Obama and John Mc-              hood, and street.                             wearing jeans –
Cain, and who might be better suited to           HuffPo was recently named the            one of the sev-
save our sinking ship of a country.          world’s most powerful blog by the fa-         eral reasons why
      With newspapers in a media             mous London newspaper, The Guard-             they like working
frenzy, writing article upon article about   ian. Since the website was founded            at the Huffington
whatever proved to be the “latest con-       three years ago, it has grown enor-           Post.
troversy,” it was easy to get caught up      mously and is positioned to continue to             Apart from
and confused about everything go-            grow over the next several years.             comfort, the edi-
ing on. The monotonous, unbiased,                                                          tors agreed that The Huffington staff hard at work.          Courtesy of Emily Singer
equal-time-for-each-candidate articles       A TYPICAL WORK DAY AT HUFFPO                  flexible hours (they                        ington Post for ‘concentrated news,’ or
tended to get a bit boring as well.                                                        can edit and update from home if they      news from all of their favorite websites
      In times like those, opinion arti-            Movies have a tendency to portray      want) and the constant energy is what      merged onto one website. As a result,
cles can often clear clouds of confusion     newsrooms as hectic, with people in           make their jobs so appealing.              the news editors debatably have the
and set the record straight, and that’s      business suits talking on their phones,             Aside from Colin, the editors do     toughest jobs.
why so many turned to the articles           shuffling through piles of paper, and          not actually edit blog posts. They patrol         Senior News Editor Katharine
displayed on the Huffington Post.             running around everywhere. This may           internet news websites and television      Zaleski was one of the Huffington
      Founded by Arianna Huffington           be the case for some newspapers and           reports for the most exciting and in-      Post’s first employees. She started
and Kenneth Lerer in 2005 as a web-          news websites, but it’s definitely not the     teresting news reports. Once they’ve       working as a blogger two weeks after
site where prominent political figures        case for the Huffington Post. In fact,         found something that catches their eye,    the site was founded. As the site grew,
and journalists could voice their politi-    it’s quite the opposite.                      the original article is edited to several  bloggers became editors and political
cal opinions, the Huffington Post (also              The offices are on two floors – the      short paragraphs (under the Fair Use       freelancers became bloggers. Be-
known as HuffPo) has expanded to             lower floor is home to the public rela-                                                   ing that there are approximately 20
cover topics such as entertainment,          tions and business offices while the up-                                                  news editors, Katharine’s job consists
media, and the go-green movement.            per floor is reserved for the editors and                                                 of much more than scrounging the
                                                                                           “Huffington and Lerer... internet for interesting articles. She
      Huffington and Lerer met through        bloggers. The editors’ office is a large
a mutual friend. According to Lerer,         white room with four long tables. One is      had this idea to try to focuses on how to make Huffington
the duo “had this                                                           used by        start a news site online Post stories cover the entire internet
idea to try to start                                                         the tech                                                              close
                                                                                           and change the way news (i.e., How article to the topsearched on
                                                                                                                                      a HuffPo           is when
                                                                                                                                                                   of the page
a news site on-                                                              staff and
line and change                                                              is sepa-
                                                                                           is offered...”                             Google), as well as how to make news
the way news is                                                              rated by                                                 more interesting (yet still fair) to keep
offered online;                                                              a divider.                                               people coming back to the site, which
much the way                                                                 The edi-      Law, they cannot put the full article up). Katharine says is a “fun challenge.”
CNN changed                                                                  tors sit at   Then, accompanying photographs are                Just like Katharine, Media Editor
the broadcast in-                                                            the first     selected and cropped, the summarized       Danny Shea has been on the Huff-
dustry 25 years                                                              two ta-       news story is linked to the full-length    ington Post team since it first started.
ago.”                                                                        bles and      article, and the story is posted.          Danny started out as an intern and was
      HuffPo’s                                                               the blog            As Senior Blog Editor, Colin Ster-   hired full-time a year ago. He focuses
extensive list of                                                            editors       ling reads over 100 blog submissions       on business and culture in the news,
bloggers cur-                                                                sit at the    a day and chooses which ones are the       on television, and on the internet.
rently includes                                                              last table.   most interesting and site-appropriate.     Although the site’s focus is news and
Arianna Huff-                                                                E a c h       There are sections on the site for         politics, thanks to the recent election,
ington herself,                                                              seat at       every topic, so creating a balanced        Danny is confident that the media sec-
Rosie O’Donnell,                                                             the desk      mix of subjects is important. When         tion’s recent popularity will not fade.
Carl Bernstein,                                                              has a         asked whether he has received any          He says that his section does not rely
John Cusack,                                                                 desktop       blog submissions that were too radical     on the media, and that politics relies on
and Bob Barr,                                                                comput-       to post, Colin chuckled a bit and said     media to be heard (without television or
among others.                                                                er, a tele-   that occasionally he does, and he can      newspapers, nobody would have any
      The web-                                                               phone,        check with the writer to see how it can    idea of what was going on in the politi-
site is openly                                                               and the       be edited so that the argument is not      cal world, or the world in general).
liberal, and un-                                                             respec-       completely lost. Otherwise the blog               Senior Style Editor, Anya Strze-
like other politi- Arianna Huffington.                                                                                                 mien, feels otherwise. She began her
                                                    Courtesy of tive edi-        can be rejected and forgotten about.
cal blogs, HuffPo                                                           tor’s per-           “We’re not obligated to publish      journalism career working for maga-
offers both news coverage and com-           sonal laptop. There are wall-mounted          everything that gets submitted,” Colin     zines, but after time, the magazines
mentary. Readers are able to send            televisions at the end of each table          said. “The bloggers are blogging for       folded (her most recent magazine
feedback on a post in the comments           which usually are tuned into various          free, so anything that gets posted         career being Life, which was shut down
section, making the site both private        news stations                                 gives them exposure.” Although the         in April of 2007). Anya came to the
and public.                                         The Husky Herald was fortunate         website is predominantly liberal, there    Huffington Post that same month and
      Several side projects have been        to sit down and talk to four of the site’s    are several conservative and moderate      began working for the Living section. In
created such as OffTheBus, which             major editors – Katharine Zaleski             blog posts each week.                      August of last year, the Huffington Post
merges New York University’s journal-        (Senior News Editor), Anya Strzemien                                                     created the Style section and Anya was
ism program and the HuffPo bloggers.         (Senior Style Editor), Danny Shea                   Many readers turn to the Huff-       promoted to Senior Style Editor.
                                                                                                                                             “Speaking from past experiences,
                                                                                                                                                        (Continued on page 3)
                                                                                                                                                 Husky Herald - Page 1
                          Aids Difficult
Emma Glass
              College Process Selection
                       Managing Editor
       As high school students, fresh-   help students locate schools that offer      quired to provide an email address;                 My Learning Style: Take this
men through seniors, we have all         their specific curriculum interests and       this will become your username, and          quiz, which analyzes your learning
thought about college. While a fresh-    more.                                        a password of your choice. The direc-        style, to find out how you learn and
man may have a vague idea about                In the Harrison Central School         tions are clear and there are FAQs           study best. Some of the questions in-
what colleges they might eventually      District, Naviance is introduced as          (frequently asked questions) in case         volve discovering if you learn best in
consider, by this time seniors have      early as sixth grade. Although most          you have difficulties. If you have tried      a group or individually, what tempera-
already applied to college and either    middle school students are probably          everything, and still cannot log in,         ture you prefer when learning, and
know which one they will attend or are   not considering college anytime soon,        speak to the guidance office for ad-          the motivation given to you by your
awaiting a response in the months        they are required to take personality        ditional assistance. You cannot call         parents. This information helps de-
ahead. Throughout this difficult, time-   and learning style tests, two features       Naviance directly because confiden-           termine the studying environment that
consuming, and probably life-defining     of Naviance that in the future can help      tiality agreements prevent them from         will benefit you most.
process,                                                             with      col-   releasing information.                              College Search: Make sure to
Naviance                                                             lege selec-             Once you have logged on, you          visit the “college search” page. This
is a pow-                                                            tion. These      are ready to utilize Naviance. You           page features a survey that matches
erful tool                                                           tests can        will come to a welcome screen that           you to schools that best fit your re-
that can                                                             also help        explains Naviance’s purpose and              quirements. It is a great way to dis-
h e l p                                                              the student      contains information regarding the           cover colleges that you had not pre-
things to                                                            learn how        college application process. Notice          viously known about that possess
run more                                                             to perform       the red sidebar; you can access all          similarities to colleges you are con-
smoothly.                                                            to the best      ofNaviance’s pages with this sidebar,        sidering. The survey asks basic ques-
       Na-                                                           of       their   including your personal profile, recent       tions, like whether you would prefer
viance is a                                                          abilities.       college searches, and tools for test         a two-year or four-year college, and
relatively                                                           M i d d l e      preparation.                                 more in-depth questions like what re-
new acqui-                                                           school stu-                                                   gion you would prefer or if a college
sition for                                                           dents are             NAVIANCE HIGHLIGHTS                     offers your preferred sport.
the Harri-                                                           also      en-                                                        College Lookup: College look-
son Cen- Angelica Catalano checks out Naviance.                      couraged               Here are some of the highlights        up is also a useful tool, as it allows
tral School                                                          to create        of the powerful Naviance program:            you to look up your college by name,
District, and therefore, many students   Activity Lists.                                    My Resume: On this page, you           providing you with various statistics
still are unfamiliar with it. The school       Before we explore the various          can create a resume listing your vari-       about that college. You can also ac-
district purchases a license that al-    capabilities of the website, it is impor-    ous achievements, including activities,      cess that college’s website through this
lows its students and families to use    tant to learn how to log in. In order to     music, sports, artistic, and academic        page and obtain its important contact
the resources available on the site.     register, see the guidance office for         achievements. A resume can help you          address(es) and phone number(s).
The website is actually a treasure       a user registration code, then follow        to describe yourself successfully to                Scattergrams: Another really
trove of important resources that can    the given instructions. You will be re-      colleges in which you are interested.        fascinating and helpful feature of inter-
                                                                                            My Test Scores: Naviance               est in Naviance is the “scattergrams”
                                                                                      keeps track of all the scores you re-        page. On this page you can choose
                                                                                      ceived on various tests on this page,        a college from a dropdown list and
                                                                                      including the PSAT, SAT, PLAN, ACT           see the acceptance rate of Harrison
                The Husky Herald                                                      and various AP tests.
                                                                                            My Colleges: This page is an
                                                                                                                                   High School seniors based on their
                                                                                                                                   GPA (grade point average) and that
                     Staff 2008 - 2009                                                organizer for all the colleges to which
                                                                                      you plan to apply. It lists important in-
                                                                                                                                   student’s SAT scores. After the SAT,
                                                                                                                                   Naviance will overlay your GPA and
                 Dominique Cuce, Hank Rubenstein -                                    formation such as whether or not that        SAT scores to show you the likelihood
                            Editors-in-chief                                          particular college accepts the com-          of your acceptance to that school.
                   Emma Glass – Managing Editor                                       mon application, how interested you                 There are a host of other pages
                                                                                      are in that particular school, and its       and links available on the Naviance
                  Chris Cassavecca – Sports Editor                                    deadline and decision dates (early de-       website that can help with the college
                      Emily Singer - News Editor                                      cision, early action, priority, or regular   process, including suggested summer
                                                                                      decision).                                   enrichment programs and scholarship
                  Angelica Catalano - Fashion Editor
                                                                                            My Personality Type:            This   opportunities. Also, a visit to the test
                       Joni Cooper - Food Editor                                      page offers a personality quiz that          preparation page offers tips and prac-
                      Jessica Pena - Music Editor                                     analyzes what type of personality you        tice tests for the SAT and ACT. Na-
                                                                                      are, based on the way you answer             viance cannot make your decisions
                 Marissa DeCarlo - Photography Editor                                 a series of questions. Later, the quiz       for you, nor will it tell you definitively
                                                                                      asks you to rank your interest in spe-       whether or not you will get into a cer-
                                Staff Writers –                                       cific career fields (The Arts, Govern-         tain college, but it certainly offers sev-
                                                                                      ment and Law, Health Services, etc.)         eral realistic tools to concentrate your
      Emma Adler, Alexandria Citarella, Claudio Delli Carpini,                        and provides a comprehensive list of         focus and help you achieve this goal.
      Judy Florio, Sam Goldman, Joey Loreti, Danny Pierro,
       Sarah Sachse, Lindsey Tannenbaum, Chloe Williams                               possible career options.

   Gary Glauber and Kathleen Fitzsimmons – Faculty Advisers
                      Special Thanks to Mr. Petrillo

  Our mission is to be the voice of Harrison High School by
  professionally representing and informing our school with an
  accurate and entertaining newspaper.

  The Husky Herald is published by the journalism classes at
  Harrison High School. Editorial content of The Husky Herald
  reflects the opinions of the editors and staff, not necessarily that
  of the Harrison High School faculty and administration. The
  staff of The Husky Herald encourages students to get involved
  and have their opinions heard. If you have any questions, com-
  ments, or would like to respond to an article, please write to us.
  Letters containing the writer’s name (and that are in good taste)
  will be printed.                                                                    Scattergram for Penn State University                           Courtesy of Naviance

Husky Herald - Page 2
Mother Nudge Urges
Students to Raise SAT Scores
Marissa DeCarlo
                         Photography Editor

       Wilson Daily Prep (WPD), a new                 Wilson Daily Prep doesn’t just of-
SAT Prep program, is an inclusive              fer quizzes; the website also provides
SAT resource with an assortment of             worksheets, video lessons, tips, key
test taking tips and strategies. The           information, a vocabulary game and
best part? You only have to study six          key articles. And if you are enrolled in                                                                 Courtesy of Emily Singer
                                                                                                The door to the Huffington Post offices.
minutes each day.                              the program, a workbook with different
       The main component of this pro-         example problems and tips will be sent
gram is the daily six minute quizzes.
Each quiz has six questions which
                                               to you. The key concept to improve a
                                               SAT score is to repeat questions. And
                                                                                              HuffPo Opens Doors To HuskHer
                                                                                             (Continued from Front Page)
break down to one minute per ques-             by applying the repetition with the lit-
                                                                                              I don’t see much of a future for printed     our traffic,” says Huffington Post Chair-
tion. These questions cover various            tle tricks, students are confident they
                                                                                              news” said Anya. The Style section           man and co-founder Kenneth Lerer.
SAT test aspects, such as grammar,             can improve their SAT scores. Also,
                                                                                              on the Huffington Post covers a wide                 In early December, Arianna Huff-
v o c a b u l a r y,                                                      everyone gets
                                                                                              range of material, from fashion to food      ington announced a $25 million invest-
sentence                                                                  a daily email
                                                                                              to relationships to travel. The broad        ment for the website. The timing could
completion,                                                               reminder     to
                                                                                              subject spectrum almost guarantees a         not have been better – it was just as the
reading com-                                                              remind you to
                                                                                              constant flow of compelling news.             economy went from bad to worse, and
prehension                                                                take your daily
                                                                                                    Danny said that his favorite part      as viewership continued to drop. The
and        math.                                                          prep quizzes.
                                                                                              about working for The Huffington Post         money came from a venture capitalist
By getting a                                                              And if you fall
                                                                                              is “that its influence is greater than its    firm known as Oak Investments. The
question right,                                                           behind, Mother
                                                                                              size, in that it’s a small organization      money is a C-series round, meaning
you earn one                                                              Nudge, (Lau-
                                                                                              with a big platform that is able to cover    that it’s the third round of financing for
point. By ac-                                                             ren    Wilson)
                                                                                              the entire internet.”                        the Huffington Post (previously, $10
cumulating                                                                comes      into
                                                                                                    The influence of the Huffington          million had been raised from other
points,        you                                                        play. Mother
                                                                                              Post will expand enormously as the           investment firms). Lerer says that the
can      donate                                                           Nudge nudges
                                                                                              internet continues to grow. Searching        money will be used for “technology,
various live-                                                             her students
                                                                                              through newspapers and television            advertising editorial, and for acquisi-
stock        such                                                         to make sure
                                                                                              shows for anything captivating might         tions.”
as chickens,                                                              they     would
                                                                                              seem like boring, tedious work to                   With momentum from election
rabbits, ducks                                                            do their work.
                                                                                              some, but the laid-back atmosphere           coverage and an extra boost from a
and       sheep                                                           If you don’t,
                     Laura Wilson              Courtesy of                     and coverage of not-so-serious news          recent investment, The Huffington
to the Heifer                                                             Mother Nudge
                                                                                              is what makes The Huffington Post             Post is moving full speed ahead. Big
Foundation (HF). Founder of WDP,               not only sends you an email, but also
                                                                                              so great. “We love The View,” says           changes are in the works for 2009,
Laura Wilson, has pledged fifteen per-          your parents get one too.
                                                                                              Anya. “There’s always something juicy        including adding more verticals (or
cent of her company’s profits towards                  The website grew out of Wil-
                                                                                              going on.”                                   sub-sections), adding more content in
providing these livestock to the HF.           son’s tutoring business in Chappaqua.
                                                                                                                                           general, and creating more local news
The more points a student accumu-              Laura started with four students eight
                                                                                                                                           verticals (currently only a Chicago
lates, the bigger animal he/she can            years ago. Today, she has 400 stu-
                                                                                                                                           vertical is available, but supposedly a
donate.                                        dents nation-wide signed up for the
                                                                                              POST-ELECTION STATUS                         San Francisco vertical is in the works).
       The Heifer Foundation is dedi-          online service. Students at Harrison
                                                                                                                                           Although the post-election viewership
cated to eradicating global poverty            High School enrolled in SAT Prep get
                                                                                                    Between December 2007 and              has decreased, The Huffington Post
and hunger. It is a nonprofit charitable        the service for free. But, if you aren’t
                                                                                              December 2008, Huffington Post view-          will continue to expand and play a
organization based in Little Rock, Ar-         you can still get the program for fifty-
                                                                                              ership jumped 245 percent. The recent        major role in journalism, especially the
kansas. It provides gifts of livestock         nine dollars per month, three hundred
                                                                                              election had a great deal to do with         modernization of it.
and plants, as well as education in            and eighty-nine dollars for the full nine
                                                                                              the massive jump, and the editors are               Because of that, Danny doesn’t
sustainable agriculture, to financially-        months. Samantha Hochman, grade
                                                                                              aware that viewership is expected to         think that internet news is a threat to
disadvantaged families around the              11 said, “I really like the fact that
                                                                                              decline as Barack Obama settles into         printed news. Although many maga-
world. Some of the animals the orga-           mother-nudge really cares enough to
                                                                                              the White House. To maintain the site’s      zines are shutting down (the most re-
nization gives are cattle, sheep, rab-         always push us to do the most pos-
                                                                                              popularity, Huffington Post employees         cent being CosmoGirl), there are many
bits, guinea pigs, honeybees, pigs,            sible and I feel this will really benefit
                                                                                              are planning to expand the non-political     dedicated newspaper and magazine
llamas, water buffalo, camels, alpac-          my SAT scores.”                                segments of the blog, such as Anya’s         readers who rely on print for their daily
as, and yaks.
                                                                                              style section and Danny’s media sec-         dose of world happenings.
                                                                                              tion. “These pages drive about 50% of

Pros and Cons Of Applying Early Decision
Sam Goldman
                               Staff Writer
       There are several ways that people      attracting better candidates earlier. Still,  vious year. In contrast to those applying     tend. Students applying early decision
can apply to college. Most choose to           early action is non-binding.                  in a nonbinding situation, early decision     must sign a contract indicating that they
apply as regular decision candidates,                 More schools are now filling up a       shows a firm commitment and dedication         are locked into that particular school. If
but some apply with rolling admission,         sizable portion of their freshmen classes     to the particular school of choice.           the student for some reason chooses not
while others apply either as early action      via early decision. As a result, more and           In this year’s senior class, there      to go after being accepted early deci-
or early decision candidates (and some         more students are applying to college         have been a large number of students          sion, there will be major complications
schools offer two separate early decision      early decision. But what is                                   applying to college early     involved, and it might lead to a hearing
dates).                                        it about early decisions that                                 decision. Many will tell             When one is accepted early deci-
       For each different means of ap-         make it such a popular choice                                 you that the choice was       sion, other outstanding applications are
plication, there are slightly different fea-   with colleges and students                                    worth it. It provides a       immediately withdrawn from consider-
tures for the respective application. The      alike? Is it binding? What are                                great opportunity to put      ation. Another possible negative is never
regular decision application consists of a     the benefits? Does it give a                                   you at an advantage over      knowing whether or not you would have
nonbinding application that is generally       student an advantage in the                                   students with similar tran-   gotten accepted at some of these other
submitted at the same deadline for most        applicant pool? Here are the                                  scripts and profiles who       schools.
colleges. It still is the most common form     pros and the cons of applying                                 are not offering to commit           Although early decision is an ef-
of application.                                early decision:                                               to any one school. It also    fective process, and one that has be-
       The rolling application is a non-              Pros: It’s no secret that                              takes the pressure off        come very popular, it is not necessarily
binding application in which the college       the past few years have seen                                  of waiting. If you really     the best choice for people who cannot
sets no specific deadline date in which         the largest applicant pool                                    know what school you          decide on any one school over several
to receive the application. Students can       ever. So as the height of this                                want, you can find out        being considered. Further, it still is not a
apply at any early date and are notified        modern baby boom comes Blutarsky never applied                immediately and have the      guaranteed acceptance, and you run the
back at random dates by a college that         of college age, the admis- early decision.                   pressure of waiting to hear    risk of rejection from your first choice – so
has rolling admissions.                        sions process has gotten a lot        Courtesy of Universal over with.                      approach any college application realisti-
       Early action is also a non-binding      stricter in terms of acceptance.                                    Cons: Although          cally. When applying to college, do your
decision. Many people get the concept of       Many applicants feel that applying early      there are some very beneficial aspects         homework. Visit schools, use Naviance
early action confused with early decision.     decision might give them a leg up toward      to early decision, it also presents some      and discuss your choices with your
Early action requires the application to be    acceptance, a better chance to edge out       negatives. In terms of commitment, it is      parents and your guidance counselor.
submitted by a specific early deadline. In      the competition. For last year’s applicant    a legally binding decision. Therefore, if     While early decision is not for everyone
return, that college agrees to send back       pool, students applied early decision at a    you do get accepted to a college as an        – it might just be right for you.
its decision at an earlier date, in hopes of   rate that has risen 6 percent from the pre-   early decision candidate, you must at-

                                                                                                                                              Husky Herald - Page 3
New Teacher Feature: Mr. Veenis
Emma Glass
                        Managing Editor
      Mr.Veenis, or Señor Veenis,               HH: Do you have any stories             person needs six contacts with a new                  JV: Seeing movies, traveling,
as many of us know him, began his          about a favorite or inspirational teach-     word before they truly learn that new          watching the Steelers, [pause] when
first year teaching at Harrison High        er?                                          word. And don’t discount the impor-            they win. And when I really have free
School in September. He is excited                                                      tance of learning and understanding            time, not during the school year, I en-
to have the opportunity to teach in a            JV: I had a teacher in the fifth        English as well.                               joy reading espionage fiction. Allen
new school and share his knowledge         grade, Mr. Lown. And he had a nick-                                                         First is the author that I love.
of Spanish language and culture with       name for me. I was the “walking dic-               HH: Who is your favorite artist
his students. Sigue leyendo sobre Se-      tionary.” Teaching Spanish is as much        (past or present) and why?                           HH: Of the countries you have vis-
ñor Veenis. (Keep on reading about         about learning English. He gave me                                                          ited, which did you most enjoy visiting?
Mr. Veenis).                               the motivation to learn new words and              JV: Al Pacino, the actor, just for       JV: Spain, definitely, but Greece is
                                           apply speech.                                his passion for acting. You can really         wonderful too. Basically all of Europe,
     Husky Herald: Where have you                                                       tell he tries to understand the char-          but especially the Southern Mediterra-
taught before coming to Harrison High            HH: Do you have any sugges-            acter and puts all of himself into the         nean, like Italy and Spain. I’m Dutch,
School?                                    tions or words of encouragement for          character. Whatever your career may            so Holland as well.
                                           students who may struggle in a Span-         be, you need to have that passion.
     Jon Veenis: I taught at Spencer-      ish class?                                                                                       HH: How did you come to find
port High School in Rochester, New                                                                                 HH: If Pacino       Harrison High School?
York. I taught there for four years. I                                                                       is your favorite actor,
also taught at a private academy in                                                                          what is your favorite           JV: I was recruited by the direc-
Valencia, Spain, for two years.                                                                              Al Pacino movie?          tor of our department [Brendan Gal-
                                                                                                                                       livan]. I got a phone call and we met in
      HH: What was it like when teach-                                                                             JV:   I loved       Rochester for coffee. Eventually, he
ing in Valencia?                                                                                             him in Serpico. The       convinced me to apply.
                                                                                                             character was so
      JV: I had two experiences there.                                                                       virtuous and incor-             HH: Are you enjoying your time
I began by teaching English to teen-                                                                         ruptible.                 at the high school so far?
agers, who came to the academy for
extra help. Then I changed careers                                                                                 HH: I under-              JV: Yes, it was a good decision.
and taught at the Wall Street English                                                                        stand that you are        I found the population of students to
Academy for businessmen who want-                                                                            an adviser for Inter-     be pretty open-minded when it comes
ed to learn English.                                                                                         national Club. What       to language and culture. They may
                                                                                                             types of things do        not get everything, like grammar, but
    HH: What encouraged you to                                                                               you do in Interna-        there is an openness to new cultures
become a Spanish teacher?                  Señor Veenis gestures toward a map of Spain.
                                                                                 Courtesy of Marissa DeCarlo tional Club?              and diversity.
                                                 JV: Yes, [laughs] I would say
      JV: Well, let’s see, mostly a pas-                                                         JV: [Laughs] Go International             HH: Any additional questions or
                                           to make a conscious effort outside
sion for the Spanish language, I think.                                                   Club! We are going to the United Na-         comments?
                                           of class to have contact with the lan-
I had a different career at one time and                                                  tions and we will probably eat some-
                                           guage that you are studying. Forty                                                               JV: Just that, in this moment in
wanted a change. I had taught before,                                                     where. Otherwise, we do lots of fun
                                           minutes a day is not enough time to                                                         your life, it may not seem like it, but
teaching in Spain. I then got my MBA                                                      activities. As for the name, I think
                                           learn a language. Set a goal to learn                                                       you need to appreciate studying and
and worked in the business field.                                                          that we didn’t want it to be exclusive,
                                           two or three new words a day. Memo-                                                         being able to take the time to learn.
                                                                                          not just Spanish or French club. It is
        HH: Where did you grow up?         rizing for the sake of a quiz is not good                                                   As an adult, you envy opportunities
                                                                                          about embracing all cultures, what-
                                           enough either. It does not allow you                                                        to study. After college or graduate
                                                                                          ever they may be.
        JV: I grew up in Rochester, New    to internalize the information. You                                                         school, it is pretty much over.
York.                                      need to make it more than the grade.                  HH: What do you enjoy doing in
                                           Learning a language is definitely dif-          your free time?
                                           ficult. Studies show that the average

 An Interview With Sophomore Class Prez Adriana Difazio
Joni Cooper
                            Food Editor
      The Husky Herald touched base              HH: What is your favorite class        Corona, brought up the Bon Jovi song           dent of the sophomore class?
with Adriana Difazio, president of the     this year?                                   “Living On A Prayer.” He exclaimed that              AD: “Honestly my goal is to do
10 grade class, and here was what                AD: “AP World. Even though the         when Bon Jovi sang, “We’re halfway             what’s best for our class by finding dif-
she had to say:                            course is challenging, I find global his-     there” that the saying would be perfect        ferent, yet fun ways to do so. I want
                                           tory very interesting.”                      for this year’s spirit week. From that         to make past sophomore events such
        HH: What inspired you to run for                                                point, we formulated the whole idea of         as The Gong Show, Spirit Week and
president for both freshman and sopho-            HH: What do you                                         ‘Legends of Rock,’ so        the sixth grade dance even more suc-
more year?                                 think of the G.O. cabinet                                       most of the credit for      cessful than they have been in previous
        AD: “I’ve always been interested   this year for the sopho-                                        the theme should be         years. I’d like to raise the bar higher
in student government and coming into      more class?                                                     given to him.”              from any expectations that have come
the high school I wanted to be part of            AD: “As a whole, I                                                                   before.’
it as well. I knew being president was     feel we work as a great                                                HH:      What
such an important position especially      team. Teddy O’Rourke is                                           G.O. event do you               HH: Are there any future events
in high school, as all our fund-raisers    our Vice President and                                            most look forward to      for the class?
would eventually contribute to prom. I     fulfilled that position last                                       throughout the entire           AD: “The Gong Show will be com-
felt like I would do a good job leading    year as well. He does a                                           year?                     ing up shortly. The class is planning to
our class in the most efficient and suc-    phenomenal job assist-                                                 AD: “Spirit          make it big and we encourage people to
cessful way.”                              ing and helping student                                           Week, because that’s      watch and even participate in it.”
                                           government. We have a                                             when each grade can
     HH: Are there any sports or clubs     new Treasurer, Niema                                              show what their stu-            HH: Do you plan to run for presi-
you engage in aside from G.O.?             Bracey, who is so great                                           dent government is        dent in junior and senior year?
     AD: “Yes. I’m part of Jazz Singers,   and enthusiastic. I’m       The President speaks.                   made of and what              AD: “Yes. I feel like I’ve done so
                                                                           Courtesy of Marissa DeCarlo
Swing Band, Reef Club, Kids for World      happy to have her as                                                they’re capable         much for this grade already. Student
Health and Model Congress. I also play     one of our class offi-                                              of doing. Overall,      government has become a significant
lacrosse during the springtime.”           cers. Laura Doherty is                                                                                part of my high school career.
                                           our Secretary and is a great contributor    the entire                                                 I would feel strange if I didn’t
      HH: Academic-wise, do you feel       to G.O. She’s extremely organized and       week is                                                    run for the years to come. I
sophomore year is harder than fresh-       I can always count on her to be there       extremely                                                  plan on running for junior and
man year?                                  when I need help.”                          fun.”                                                      senior year because those
      AD: “In a sense, yes. I feel like                                                                                                           are the most crucial years for
freshman year prepared us for sopho-              HH: Where did you formulate                  HH:                                                fundraising and organizing
more year. The AP classes are a bit        the idea of ‘Legends of Rock’ for the        What is                                                   for prom. I feel like the experi-
challenging, but I feel adjusting wasn’t   school’s spirit week?                        one goal                                                  ence I already have the past
as bad as I thought it would be.”                 AD: “Last year, a few days after      that you’d                                                two years will only support
                                           spirit week, a group of us were in the       like to fulfill                                            me and encourage our grade
                                           cafeteria and one of my friends, Frank       as Presi-                                                 to perform at its best.
                                                                                                         Sophomore Wall. Courtesy of Joni Cooper

Husky Herald - Page 4
Academic Team Meets Challenge
Judy Florio
                             Staff Writer

      Harrison High School’s aca-           Garner went up against the team             teachers this year was deemed                   The team is looking forward
demic challenge team not only               in the HPAC, asking challenging             a success, and the tradition will          to new academic challenges
performed well this year, but has           questions that spanned the realm            continue next year as well. The            ahead, and a chance to transform
a bright future. Seniors Jackie             of English literature, history, math,       team also will begin practicing            its smarts into victories. They will
Morgen, Dan Zaltz, Harry Reib-              and science. It was a close game,           with buzzers, as opposed to only           be attending more competitions
man, along with juniors Sajan Pa-           but the teachers pulled through,            having one week to prepare in              throughout the course of this
tel and Matt Jacobson competed              barely winning the contest.                 using buzzers before this year’s           year, and possibly traveling to
in mid-November at New York’s                    Mr. Kaplan, the academic               competition.                               New Orleans in the spring.
Hotel Pennsylvania, against a               challenge team coach, says
very experienced Ardsley squad.             he is looking forward to next
Unfortunately, Harrison lost the            year, and is certain that he will
competition, but not because of             field a strong team that will
lack of smarts. Rather, the Ard-            go further in such challenges.
sley team was far more experi-              Next year’s team is sched-
enced, as were many of the other            uled to get an earlier start,
academic challenge teams from               with more practice time.
other schools who perform in                     Any students interested
eight or nine competitions annu-            in qualifying for the team must
ally. This year’s Harrison versus           try out. They will be asked
Ardsley challenge aired on Chan-            questions, and the selections
nel 12 News in early January.               are based entirely on skills
      In preparation for this year’s        and knowledge. Next year
competition, the team performed             the academic challenge team
a “mock challenge” against a                is going to become an official
team of teachers from Harrison              team club, and will be attend-
High. Mr. Lee, Mr. Mcrae, Mrs.              ing many more competitions.
Brennen, Mr. Burns, and Ms.                 The mock challenge with the

                                                                                                                                                     Courtesy of News 12

  Green Collar Jobs: Boon or Boondoggle
  for America’s Troubled Economy?
Joni Cooper
                            Food Editor
      The last two decades held the        compare to green-collar jobs?                  opportunities. The RAND Corpo-                 The cost of the products cre-
hottest temperatures in 400 years.         A green-collar company would                   ration and University found that if      ated by companies to improve the
The Arctic may have its first ice-free      construct hybrid cars versus a                 25 percent of all U.S. energy was        environment will be much more
summer as early as 2040. Hur-              blue-collar company that would                 created from renewable sources           expensive compared to those in
ricane Katrina and extreme Indian          build SUVs. Plextronics, a com-                by 2025, that five million more jobs      use currently. If prices for cars and
Ocean earthquakes might only be                                                                  would be created.                 other desired goods increase, then
the start of a new weather trend. So                                                                   Companies stress that       how will this end up benefiting the
what is one way the U.S. can take                                                                government policies must be       economy? How will it help curb
action in hopes of keeping global                                                                created to encourage and          poverty if millions can’t even afford
warming in check? Many believe                                                                   fund the increase of green-       these products?
the answer is simple: green-collar                                                               collar jobs. Apollo Alliance            Many argue that the increase
jobs.                                                                                            Chairman Phil Angelides says      of green-collar jobs will take jobs
      A green-collar job may be de-                                                              that these jobs, “…[must] pay     away from other industries and
fined as “a paid position providing                                                               decent wages and benefits          sectors. Environmentally-friendly
environmentally-friendly products                                                                that can support a family. It     companies would thrive with suc-
or services with terms that suggest        Men installing solar panels.
                                                                                                 has to be part of a real career   cess while other important corpo-
high standards regarding fair wag-                                 Courtesy of Apollo Alliance path, with upward mobility.”        rations would lose business fast,
es, equal opportunity and healthy          pany composed of solar panels and                    Angelides also notes that          increasing the need for jobs in
working conditions.”                       electronics, believe that workers of           green-collar jobs must, most impor-      these abandoned areas.
      Companies that deal with the         green-collar are more trained than             tantly, reduce waste and pollution to          People also complain that
production of solar panels, wind           employees of blue- collar. Several             benefit our environment.                  there is a lack of guidance with
turbines, and hybrid cars are exam-        companies throughout the country                     The formation of new jobs as       policy makers in the federal gov-
ples of jobs in the                                         hold frequent semi-           well as the creation of more prod-       ernment. At the moment, the green
green-collar sec-                                           nars that discuss a           ucts will prevent the U.S. from un-      sector is operated by industries,
tor. Green-collar                                           variety of topics and         needed outsourcing. Skyrocketing         businesses, and individual hom-
jobs are easily                                             questions pertaining          gas prices over the past few years       eowners that promote the con-
understood by                                               to green-collar jobs.         have made it nearly impossible for       servation of energy. Unless the
breaking down                                                     So why were             low income families to afford travel     U.S. government forms clear and
its name. They                                              presidential can-             to work each day. By stimulating         effective policies that are relevant
are the kinds of                                            didates such as               the production of hybrid cars, the       to green-collar jobs, the increase
jobs that encour-                                           Obama, McCain,                United States can rely less on its       of these occupations will prove
age our country                                             and Clinton raving            relations with countries like Iraq and   useless.
to go “green” or,                                           about the idea of             Afghanistan for fuel.                          Over the next ten years, Presi-
in other words,                                             green-collar jobs?                  While green-collar jobs seem       dent Obama plans to spend 150 bil-
reduce other                                                These opportunities           a great idea, are they really too        lion dollars to institute green-collar
sources of ener-                                            would not only pro-           good to be true? Does the end            jobs. Will green-collar jobs become
gy that affect the                                          mote a cleaner en-            truly justify the means? Several         the savior of America’s environment
environment.                                                vironment, but they           believe that the creation of green-      and economy? Only time will tell.
      How do                 Courtesy of would also open the               collar jobs will negatively affect our
blue-collar jobs                                            door to millions of job       economy in the near future.

                                                                                                                                           Husky Herald - Page 5
Turmoil in Zimbabwe
Increases Further with
Cholera Outbreak
Judy Florio and Chloe Williams
                            Staff Writers

       While we may be having a great         in hundreds lining up for handfuls of
new year for 2009, in South Africa,           dried corn, rice, and vegetable oil be-
some of Zimbabwe’s rural citizens are         ing distributed. Reporters took videos
facing one of the poorest, hungriest          of the food being distributed, and the
years in history. Forced to live on only      scene was grim. Villagers painstak-           The White House.                                             Courtesy of
a single meal a day, people are dying         ingly picked kernels of corn off the
at an alarmingly rapid rate. Years of
food scarcity, economic failure, corrupt
government, AIDS, and poor weather
have combined to put Zimbabwe in a
category all its own, even in a region
                                              dusty ground, and packed them into
                                              bags and sacks, which they then car-
                                              ried home.
                                                     According to United Nations
                                              sources, some 12,500 people have
                                                                                                  Obama Girls
where all, or most, of the nations are
incredibly poor. A recent cholera out-
break has put Zimbabwe into a state of
national emergency. The epidemic has
taken 560 lives thus far and the country
                                              been infected with cholera since this
                                              past August, and nearly 600 have
                                              died. Proper health care facilities are
                                              non-existent. A health minister, Mr.
                                              Parirentyantwa, was quoted telling
                                                                                                    Move In
                                                                                            Dominique Cuce
                                                                                                                   Co-editor in chief
now is asking others for aid.                 potential donors, “Our central hos-
       Zimbabwe, a nation that was            pitals are literally not functioning. Our            Imagine living in a house that              Choosing the right dog has been
once built on agriculture, can no lon-        staff is unmotivated and we need your         contained 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms,          a difficult process, as Malia has a lot
ger afford                                                                support to en-    and all the free ice cream you could        of allergies. Also there’s been some
the equip-                                                                 sure that they   ever eat. Well, for the Obama girls,        controversy over whether they should
ment that                                                                  start coming     Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, this situation     adopt or buy a dog. Whatever dog the
is needed                                                                  to work, so      is real. On January 20, the Obama           Obamas end up getting, they will con-
to farm.                                                                   our health       girls moved into 1600 Pennsylvania          tinue a longstanding tradition of hav-
The eco-                                                                   system can       Avenue, a.k.a. The White House. The         ing a dog in the White House.
nomic col-                                                                 be revived.”     White House contains everything for                While the perks seem pretty
lapse, with                                                                       To add    the girls’ enjoyment: a bowling alley,      awesome, being the President’s
inflation                                                                  to the tur-      a movie theatre, a children’s garden,       daughters also can have some draw-
increasing                                                                 moil on a        and many secret passages. The girls         backs. The Obama girls’ privacy will
at a fast                                                                  recent Mon-      also have an 80-person staff waiting        soon disappear as the media and the
rate, has                                                                  day, soldiers    on their every request. The staff list      Secret Service will be watching their
put neces-                                                                 angry about      includes the kitchen staff, ready and       every move. While the choice of at-
sities such                                                                their low pay    willing to cook up anything the Obama       tending a private school will afford a
as fertilizer Villagers wait for clean water.
                                        Courtesy of r a m p a g e d
                                                                                            girls might desire, day or night. The       little more privacy, already there is
and seed far out of reach for Zimba-          through the center of Harare, one of          holidays also will be a special time for    backlash about them being “snobby”
bwe’s citizens. Economic failure has          Zimbabwe’s biggest cities. They looted        the Obama family, as basically every        or “too good for public school.”
not been the only thing to devastate          stores, broke windows, and stole mon-         toy imaginable flows in as gifts from               Junior Carmen Linpero thought
Zimbabwe. AIDS has ripped through             ey from whomever they could. Police           across the world.                           that being the daughter of the Presi-
the already malnourished population,          officers had to use tear gas to break up              On the first night of their stay      dent would definitely have its perks.
killing many in its deadly path, result-      the scene; many people were arrested,         in their new digs, as their parents at-     “I would like to live their lifestyle be-
ing in an enormous decrease in people         but soon later were released.                 tended the numerous Inauguration            cause the benefits of being a Presi-
making up Zimbabwe’s work force.                     Villagers recall how, during pre-      Balls, the girls invited some of their      dential child would outweigh the nega-
Weather has also been a factor, fur-          vious years of poverty, a few bags of         closest friends for a night to remem-       tives,” she said. “Chelsea Clinton got
ther affecting the terrible conditions in     grain could be harvested, but this year       ber. The girls got to watch a private       to go to Stanford, and the Bush twins
Zimbabwe. Some parts of the region            there is nothing that can be reaped           advance showing of Bolt, as well as         got to work for the U.N. It’s four years
have been faced with drought, while           from the land, resulting in a high death      High School Musical 3. Besides the          of people caring what you’re doing,
other parts have been pummeled by             toll and the poorest quality of life imag-    movies, the staff planned a scavenger       but it’s worth it. You’re participating in
ferocious rains, preventing almost            inable.                                       hunt intended to show the girls the         U.S. history. ”
everyone from producing a success-                   Unfortunately Zimbabwe isn’t the       history behind the White House. But                Senior Sean Neu disagreed.
ful crop.                                     only nation living through this hard time.    the big surprise was at the end of the      “Even though there are many benefits
       The cholera outbreak has lead          It’s hard to describe the difficulties going   hunt, which led the girls to open a door    to being the president’s child, I don’t
to rioting, and doctors and nurses are        on in Zimbabwe -- imagine waking up           which contained…the Jonas Brothers!         think it is worth the lack of privacy, “he
petitioning for higher pay and better         and instead of worrying about what to         The girls and about 50 of their clos-       said.
working                                                                          wear to    est friends got a private concert which            Four years will go by quickly and
condi-                                                                           school,    included three acoustic songs as well       before anyone knows it, election time
tions.                                                                           you had    as numerous photo ops with the Jo-          will be here again. Malia will be about
Teachers                                                                         to fig-    nas Brothers.                               to begin high school and Sasha will be
and oth-                                                                         ure out           The girls also got their wish        in middle school. The next four years
er union                                                                         where      granted to get a dog -- something their     are sure to be a wild ride with highs
workers                                                                          you are    father had promised once the elec-          and lows, and the girls will be taking
tried to                                                                         going      tion was over. In his election speech,      part in history. Let’s hope they are
join in the                                                                      to find    Obama added that both girls, “have          able to take advantage of the benefits
protest,                                                                         y o u r    earned the new puppy [who’s] coming         and enjoy life in the White House.
but were                                                                         n e x t    with us to the White House.”
brutally                                                                         meal, or
clubbed                                                                          wheth-
by police                                                                        er or
officers, Children in Zimbabwe.                     Courtesy of not your
and 15                                                                           family
protesters were arrested.                     will survive this next day.
       Grocery store shelves are barren;             Recently UNICEF, the Interna-
hospitals and school are closed. Aid          tional Red Cross, and the European
agencies had been blocked for months          commission, announced an emer-
by President Robert Mugabe. This ban          gency response to these conditions.
was lifted in August, but it took several     These organizations are hopeful that
weeks for the agencies to put their           the outreach from other countries will
work into action. In September, one of        be able to help the dire situation, and
the first distributions of food took place     help restore life to Zimbabwe once
after the ban had been lifted, resulting      more.                                                    Sasha and Malia spend time with their father, the President.
                                                                                                                                             Courtesy of The Telegraph
Husky Herald - Page 6
Fashion                                                                                   The Friendship Circle-
                                                                                          Friends Helping Friends
Trends                                                                                     Lindsey Tannenbaum
                                                                                                                         Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                         is their child, and that they can spend
Angelica Catalano                                                                                The Friendship Circle is a nation-      time making sure they are giving their
                            Fashion Editor                                                 wide organization that helps children         utmost care and attention.
      For 2009, the incoming fashion                                                       with Autism. Founded in 1994 by the                  Teen volunteers of The Friend-
                                              Uggs are in fashion. Courtesy Boot Barn
trends and upcoming styles from vari-                                                      Lubavitch Foundation of Michigan,             ship Circle not only learn the value of
ous designers have spread throughout          the Uggs line. However, this coming          each volunteer of The Friendship Circle       giving back, but they also learn how
the fashion world and have modeled            spring it’s goodbye to scarves and           is assigned to spend time with one child      to display themselves as role models.
for us what’s to come for this year!          boots, and a big hello from fun colors       with special needs. Kids with autism          These children with special needs look
As usual, specific designers such as           and patterns!                                generally have a hard time communi-           up to their teen volunteers, and from
Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have                    New spring fashion trends for         cating with others and have problems          them they learn confidence and self
been in the spotlight, but new styles         2009 include soft-looking women’s            with social confrontation. By having          sufficiency. It shows when kids know
are coming into play as well because          revealing sheers, retro prints from the      other children volunteer in                                that they have friends who
of celebrities and the Hollywood world.       ‘70s to Roman Goddess togas, dazzling        The Friendship Circle, it                                  care about them, and they
Celebrity influences, particularly those       metallics to exotic floral prints. Lovely     gives these special needs                                  begin to present themselves
from various movie stars and teen             spring fashion colors will include lime      kids an encouraging, reli-                                 with a positive attitude and
stars on television are setting the new       greens and pretty corals. This year          able companion.                                            the feeling that they can
fashion grounds in 2009.                      it’s all about exotic flowers and col-              Symptoms of autism                                   accomplish anything.
      As winter is passing, several new       ors. Spring fashion trends for 2009          generally occur before a                                         The “friends at home”
styles, designers, and looks have come        are interesting on the runways, but          child is three years old.                                  approach gives The Friend-
into play. For example, take a look at        would you actually go out in public          The child starts to become                                 ship Circle participants a re-
what’s going on with “the scarf.” This        wearing them? That’s always been a           disobedient and lacks an                                   laxed environment in which
winter scarves are being used to make         questionable subject, but as celebrities     ability to focus. The         Courtesy of                   they can spend time with
                                                                                           condition is caused by their children at home. By
a fashion statement, mostly through           and stars start to carry off these looks,
being paired with different looks,            teens everywhere like you and me are         genetics, with deletions                                    spending just a few hours
both in casual and formal wear. Many          soon attracted to these new styles.          or duplications of genes during mitosis.      per week playing games, doing home-
celebrities attending winter events           Slowly but surely, they soon become          There is no known medicinal way to            work, arts and crafts, or just hanging
completed their outfits with scarves           appealing to the teenage eye.                prevent autism, so it continues to affect     out, it makes the children feel comfort-
that matched their ensemble. These                   For the past 20 years, runway         the world, with many cases diagnosed          able because their home is a familiar
days you see more and more kids here          fashions have not commonly been              per year.                                     place. The kids also take the initiative
at HHS wearing scarves as part of their       worn in public, that is, unless you are            There are various ways to get           to show the volunteers what they like
outfits.                                       a celebrity and/or a high-end model.         involved in The Friendship Circle, with       to do in their free time and what their
      There’s no forgetting the good          This year, though, things are begin-         many local synagogues that support            talents are. The Friendship Circle gives
ole’ Ugg boots! Every winter, these           ning to change. Belts, pea coats, and        this organization. In addition to spend-      all kids the chance to try and step out of
amazingly stylish and warm boots at-          boots that have been displayed on the        ing one hour per week with an assigned        their comfort zone in a generous, giving
tract new followers members from both         runways of the modeling world are now        child, there are also events to attend        way. If you are interested in joining The
sexes, especially as new prints and           demanding the attention of teenagers         such as trips, camps, and programs.           Friendship Circle, visit www.friendship-
colors begin to flourish and expand            and women everywhere!                        All these activities are designed to for additional information on
                                                                                           ensure that the volunteers’ main focus        helping a friend by being a friend.

One Lost Soul Helps Others Get Found
Sarah Sachse
                               Staff Writer
      What started out as a simple            Jamie and his friends cared for Renee         are people who post explaining their         hearts are heavy and light. We laugh
article featuring a lost soul has grown       those five days and gave her the kind          desperate need to help someone they          and scream and sing. Our hearts are
into what has become a popular non-           of love she had never known.                  love and there are others who honestly       heavy and light.” All proceeds from the
profit organization. That organization,              Jamie asked Renee if he could           explain that they do not know much and       sales of these shirts go directly toward
To Write Love on Her Arms, is aimed at        write an article about her story, thinking    would like to learn more.                    Casey’s family to help cover funeral
helping those who suffer from depres-         she would probably turn                                                 The success        expenses.
sion, addiction, self injury, and suicide.    him down. He believed                                             of To Write Love on            The word continues to spread
To Write Love on Her Arms provides            she was too fragile and                                           Her Arms proves          through Facebook as well. Multiple
information about those who suffer and        that she wouldn’t want                                            that you don’t have      groups have been made, dedicating
also gives hope for those in need.            people to know her story                                          to go through life       certain days as “To Write Love on Your
      The organization had its unlikely       but, to his surprise, Re-                                         alone. It has been       Arms.” The groups ask you to write
beginning when Jamie Tworkowski was           nee willingly agreed.                                             estimated that 17        love on your arms, literally. Not only
approached by a close friend named            She said that she loved                                           million Americans        does this show support for Jamie’s
Reneé in her time of need. After strug-       the idea of having a                                              suffer from depres-      movement, but it also causes people
gling with drug abuse, cutting, depres-       purpose for her pain.                                             sion and that two-       to ask questions. People are given
sion and suicide attempts at the young        She believed that oth-                                            thirds of those peo-     the opportunity to explain TWLOHA
age of 19, Renee had agreed to renter         er people could relate                                            ple never get treat-     to those who don’t know and to share
rehab. Because of the fresh cuts on           and find hope from her                                             ment for it. TWLO-       why it is important to be aware of the
her arms and the drugs in her system,         struggles.                                                        HA provides hope         facts.
the rehab center turned her down. The               Jamie made a                                                that depression is             To support Jamie’s movement,
center in Orlando, Florida, instead told      Myspace page, www.                                                curable and that         you can buy t-shirts, bags, sweatshirts,
her to return in five days to ensure her                                            hope can help guide      bracelets, pins and even a book writ-
body could handle the detox program.          veonherarms, dedicated                                            people through such      ten by Renee on To Write Love on
                                              to Renee’s story. He                                              troubled times.          Her Arm’s website (
                                              then printed logos on                                                   To Write Love      Renee’s inspiring story shows that,
                                              t-shirts to help raise                                            on Her Arms recent-      with enough love and hope, you can
                                              m o n e y f o r R e n e e ’s               Courtesy of ly was featured on       achieve anything.
                                              treatment and sold them at            NBC’s Nightly News, in their segment
                                     Quickly the news began to           entitled, “Making a Difference.” Both
                                              spread. Tworkowski started to realize         Jamie and Renee appeared in the
                                              the impact he could make. As friend           three-minute piece to explain what
                                              requests and profile views began to            TWLOHA was and what it meant. They
                                              increase drastically, he knew he could        explained the impact it had already
                                              make a difference. Now with over              made and the goals that they hoped
                                              200,000 members, Jamie has created            to achieve in the future.
                                              his own caring online community.                    TWLOHA recently began sell-
                                                    The website began posting links         ing shirts on its website dedicated to
                                              for suicide help prevention and fea-          Hawthorne Heights’ deceased drum-
                                              tured blogs telling all about the person      mer, Casey Calvert. In late 2008, at
                                              who started it all, Renee. Thousands          the age of 26, Casey passed away in
                                              of members now post their own stories         his sleep while on tour with the band.
                    Courtesy of
                                              relating to Renee’s stories. There            The shirt features this quotation: “Our
                                                                                                                                                         Courtesy of
                                                                                                                                                   Husky Herald - Page 7
The Grim Reap-ort Card of 2008
Marissa DeCarlo
                   Photography Editor
       As we come upon a new year,       film role was in 1963’s Curse of the        California. By 1948, the five Snowbird      racing enthusiast passed away. He
it’s always timely to look back upon     Living Corpse and his first starring role   and three Burton’s shops had been          won numerous awards, including an
the year just gone, remembering all      came ten years later in 1973, starring     combined into a single enterprise,         Academy Award for his performance
the people we lost, and all the con-     in The Seven-Ups, a quasi-follow-up        and they had devised their 31st flavor,     in the 1986 Martin Scorsese film The
tributions they made to our lives. In    to The French Connection. His role         Chocolate Mint. Daughter Marsha            Color of Money. For acting, he won a
2008, we lost many celebrities and       in The French Connection gained him        Veit says that Robbins died on May 5,      BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Lead-
notable persons; in solemn trib-                                                    2008, at Eisenhower Medical Center         ing Role for his role as Eddie Felson
ute, the Husky Herald looks back                                                    in Rancho Mirage, California. He had       in the movie, The Hustler, an Emmy
on some of those special lives                                                      been in ill health for some time, she      Award and a Golden Globe for his
lost.                                                                               said.                                      role as Max Roby in the movie Empire
                                                                                                                               Falls. For directing, he won a Golden
     In January, 2008, we lost                                                             In July, Jesse Helms passed         Globe Award for Best Director and
two great people: Heath Ledger                                                      away. He was the five-term Republi-         New York Film Critics Circle Award
and Bobby Fischer.                                                                  can United States Senator from North       for the movie Rachel, Rachel and was
                                                                                    Carolina who served as chairman of         nominated four various times. In addi-
       Actor Heath Ledger moved                                                     the Senate Foreign Relations Com-          tion to these awards, he received an
to the United States from Austra-                                                   mittee from 1995 to 2001. Helms was        honorary Academy Award in 1986 for
lia in 1998 to develop his movie                                                    the longest-serving popularly-elected      his “many and memorable and com-
career. His work includes 19                                                        senator in North Carolina history and      pelling screen performances” and the
films, most notably 10 Things                                                        was widely credited with shifting the      Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
I Hate About You (1999), The                                                        one-party state dominated by the           for his charity work in 1994. Newman
Patriot (2000), Monster’s Ball                                                      Democratic Party into a competitive        was scheduled to make his profes-
(2000), A Knight’s Tale (2001),                                                     two-party state that now usually votes     sional stage directing debut with the
Brokeback Mountain (2005),                                                          Republican in presidential elections.      Westport Country Playhouse’s 2008
and The Dark Knight (2008). For                                                     Helms, an outspoken conservative,          production of John Steinbeck’s Of
his portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in                                                   opposed many progressive policies          Mice and Men, but he stepped down
Brokeback Mountain, Ledger won                                                      regarding race such as school integra-     on May 23, 2008, citing health issues.
the 2005 New York Film Critics Paul Newman.          Courtesy of    tion, the Civil Rights Act and the Vot-    In June 2008, Newman was diag-
Circle Award for Best Actor and                                                     ing Rights Act. After he retired from      nosed with lung cancer, due to former
was nominated for the 2005 Academy       an Oscar nomination for Best Sup-          the Senate in 2003, Helms’ health re-      chain smoking. In August, Newman
Award for Best Actor. He has also        porting Actor. In 1975, he portrayed       mained poor. In April, 2006, news re-      reportedly had finished chemotherapy
been nominated for and won awards        Chief Martin Brody in the Hollywood        ports disclosed that Helms had multi-      and told his family he wished to die at
for his portrayal of The Joker in The    blockbuster Jaws. Scheider’s famous        infarct dementia, which leads to failing   home. He did on September 26, 2008,
Dark Knight, including a Best Actor      movie line from this movie, “You’re        memory and diminished cognitive            aged 83, surrounded by his family and
International award at the 2008 Aus-     gonna need a bigger boat,” was voted       function, as well as a number of phys-     close friends.
tralian Film Institute Awards and the    35th on the American Film Institute’s      ical difficulties. He was later moved
2008 Los Angeles Film Critics Associ-    list of best movie quotes. In 2004,        into a convalescent center near his          In November, the best-selling
ation Award for Best Supporting Actor.   Scheider was diagnosed with multiple       home. Helms died of vascular demen-    author of the novel Jurassic Park, Mi-
Ledger became the first actor to win      myeloma. In June 2005, he underwent        tia during the early morning hours of  chael Crichton, died. He is best known
an award posthumously. He died at        a bone marrow transplant to treat the      July 4, 2008, at the age of 86.        for his work in genres of science fic-
age 28 from an accidental “toxic com-    cancer. Scheider died on February                                                 tion, medical fiction, and thrillers. His
bination of prescription drugs.” A few   10, 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas, at          In August, Isaac Hayes died. He    books have sold over 150 million cop-
months before his death, Ledger had      the University of Arkansas Medical                                                   ies worldwide. He created the TV
finished filming his penultimate per-      Sciences Hospital. His wife attributed                                               series ER but is most famous as the
formance as The Joker in The Dark        her husband’s death to complications                                                 author of Jurassic Park, and its se-
Knight. At the time of his death, Janu-  from a staph infection.                                                              quel The Lost World (both of which
ary 22, 2008, he had completed about                                                                                          were later adapted into successful
half of his work performing the role of        In March, blind guitarist phe-                                                 films). In 1994, he became the only
Tony in The Imaginarium of Doctor        nom Jeff Healey died of cancer at St.                                                creative artist ever to experience
Parnassus.                               Joseph’s Health Centre in his home                                                   chart-topping success in America
                                         town of Toronto; he was 41. At only                                                  with a film, a television series, and
       Chess master Bobby Fischer        eight months old, Healey lost his                                                    a novel, all at number one simul-
first became famous as a teenage          sight as a result of retinoblastoma, a                                               taneously. Given the private way
chess prodigy. In 1972, he became        rare cancer of the eyes. His eyes had                                                in which Crichton lived his life, his
the first and so far the only American    to be surgically removed, and he was                                                 battle with throat cancer was not
to win the official World Chess Cham-     given artificial replacements. After liv-                                             made public until his death. He died
pionship. He is often referred to as     ing cancer-free for 38 years, he de-                                                 unexpectedly of throat cancer on
one of the greatest chess players of all veloped sarcoma in his legs. Despite                                                 November 4, 2008.
time. In his later years, Fischer lived  surgery for this, the sarcoma spread
in Hungary, Germany, the Philippines,    to his lungs and ultimately was the                                                        In the last month of the year,
and Japan. During this time, he made     cause of his death. Healey began                                                     notable actress Eartha Kitt died.
increasingly anti-American and anti-     playing guitar when he was three,                                                    She is best known for her 1953
Semitic statements. In 2004–2005,        developing his unique style of playing                                               Christmas song classic,”Santa
after his U.S. passport was revoked,     the instrument flat on his lap. When Heath Ledger.        Courtesy of Baby.” She also took over the role
he was detained by Japanese authori-     he was 17, he formed the band Blue                                                   of Catwoman for the third season
ties for nine months under a threat of   Direction, a four-piece band which pri-  was an American Academy Award-           of the 1960s Batman television se-
extradition. After Iceland granted him   marily played bar-band cover tunes.      winning singer-songwriter, actor and     ries, replacing Julie Newmar, who
citizenship, the Japanese authorities    After being signed to Arista Records     musician. Hayes was one of the main      was unavailable for the final season.
released him to that country, where he   in 1988, the band released the album     creative forces behind southern soul     She has won and been nominated for
lived until his death in 2008. Fischer   See the Light, featuring the hit single  music label Stax Records. In addition    many awards. Some of the awards
was suffering from degenerative renal    “Angel Eyes” and the song “Hide-         to his work in popular music, Hayes      she won are the Annie Award for Best
failure. This had been a problem for     away,” which was nominated for a         was a film score composer for motion      Voice Acting by a Female Performer
some years, but became acute in Oc-      “Best Instrumental” Grammy Award.        pictures. His best known work was for    in a Featured Film (2001), Best Voice
tober, 2007, when Fischer was admit-                                              the 1971 blaxploitation film Shaft. This  Acting in an Animated Television Pro-
ted to a Reykjavík Landspítali hospital        In May, Irvine Robbins died. He    earned Hayes an Academy Award for        duction (2007 & 2008) and the Day-
for stationary treatment. In the middle  is one-half of the duo whose names       Best Original Song, the first Academy     time Emmy for Outstanding Perform-
of January, his condition deteriorated   grace the Baskin-Robbins ice cream       Award received by an African-Ameri-      er in an Animated Program (2007 &
and he was returned to the hospital,     parlor chain. He founded that chain      can in a non-acting category. Also, he   2008). Kitt died from colon cancer on
where elevated levels of serum creati-   in 1945 with his partner and brother-    earned two Grammy Awards. A third        December 25, 2008, at her Weston,
nine were found in his blood. He died    in-law Burt Baskin. Robbins grew up      Grammy was received for the album        Connecticut home at the age of 81.
on January 17, 2008, at home in his      scooping cones in his family’s ice       Black Moses. Hayes also acted in mo-
apartment in Reykjavík.                  cream store. He recalled that he of-     tion pictures and television; from 1997        This is but a small sample of all
                                         ten “finished a day’s work happy” and     to 2006, he provided the voice for the   the notable people who passed away
       In February, we lost the actor    wanted that same feeling when he         character “Chef” on the South Park       in 2008. As we move ahead to new
Roy Scheider. He is best known for       started his own business. He opened      TV series.                               times and high expectations in 2009,
his role as police chief Martin Brody in the Snowbird Ice Cream store on De-                                               let us not forget all those who came
Jaws, his role as Joe Gideon in All That cember 7, 1945 in Glendale, Califor-           In October, Paul Newman, an        before us, and helped to shape our
Jazz, and as detective Sonny Grosso      nia, while Baskin opened Burton’s Ice    American actor, film director, food       lives in various ways.
in The French Connection. His first       Cream at 561 So. Lake Pasadena,          entrepreneur, humanitarian and auto

Husky Herald - Page 8
                                                  Doubt: From the HPAC
                                                  to Wide Cinematic Release
                                                 Judy Florio
                                                                                 Staff Writer

 Playwright John Patrick Shanley.                when an authoritative nun explores her   well onto the big screen. Meryl Streep’s          having scored big successes with
      Courtesy British Theatre Guide
                                                 suspicions of the welcoming, tolerant,   performance is astonishing, and she               “Moonstruck” and a cult hit with “Joe
      John Patrick Shanley’s modern              priest’s relationship with the young     completely immerses herself into the              Versus the Volcano.” Sister James’
one-act parable, “Doubt,” has recently           boys attending Saint Nicholas school.    role of Sister Aloysius. The tension              personality on screen retains the same
been welcomed with open arms as                        Father Flynn’s                                                     between           “the world is good” attitude as it has in
riveting and provocative theater. It             deep interest in Don-                                                    Father            the script.
even had a successful run here at                ald Muller, the one and                                                  Flynn                   John Patrick Shanley’s play has
Harrison High last year in a production          only, isolated, African-                                                 and Sis-          already won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony
masterfully directed by Thomas Blake.            American student at                                                      ter Aloy-         Award, and should reap further recog-
Now it is getting considerable more              Saint Nicholas, con-                                                     sius on           nition as a film. The movie already has
recognition and exposure as a major              vinces Sister Aloysius                                                   stage is          been nominated for two Screen Actors
motion picture release. The movie                that her suspicions are                                                  what fu-          Guild awards and a Golden Globe. In
stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing            correct, and that Father                                                 els this          addition, Meryl Streep has been nomi-
Father Brendan Flynn, a warm, “mod-              Flynn indeed is plotting                                                 riveting          nated for an Oscar as Best Actress in
ern” priest at Saint Nicholas school,            to have, if not already                                                  drama.            her performance here, while Hoffman
and Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius              has had, an inappropri-                                                  Thank-            and Adams have been nominated for
Beauvier, the witty, stern, feared prin-         ate relationship with the                                                fully, that       Best Supporting Roles, respectively.
cipal at Saint Nicholas school. Amy              young boy. The cat- Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in Doubt.                 tension           Shanley’s adaptation was nominated
Adams stars as the young, innocent,                                                      Courtesy Entertainment Weekly
                                                 and-mouse-like chase                                                    on screen          for an Oscar as well.
impressionable Sister James, who                 between Sister Aloysius and Father       is identical to the troubles experienced                On the screen and on the stage,
works alongside both Sister Aloysius             Flynn begins as they are at war for the  in the play, probably because John                “Doubt” has won the hearts of viewers,
and Father Flynn.                                moral young soul of Sister James.        Patrick Shanley adapted his own writ-             and kept them on the edge of their
      “Doubt” tells a fictional drama                  The movie successfully takes the   ings for the screenplay. Shanley is               seats as the suspicious, edgy, contro-
that takes place during the mid 1960s,           drama off the stage and translates it    no stranger to the cinematic medium,              versial story unfolds.

                   Travolta                                                                     Shrek The Musical!
                                                                                                Jessica Pena

Lindsey Tannenbaum
                   Tragedy                                                                                                  Music Editor

                                                                                                       When Mike Myers, Eddie Mur-
                                                                                                phy, and Cameron Diaz get their voice
                                                                                                                                            (portrayed by Daniel Breaker) and Pi-
                                                                                                                                            nocchio (played by John Tartaglia).
                                Staff Writer                                                    talents together, it spells box office              The musical has received great
                                                                                                success. With three Shrek movies            critical acclaim, along with the creators
      On Friday, January 2, 2009, six-           John Travolta. “We are heartbroken             already on their collective resumes         behind it. David Lindasy-Abaire, the
teen year-old Jett Travolta was found            that our time with him was so brief.”          and a fourth one being released in          man behind the idea of Shrek the Mu-
unconscious in the bathroom of the Old                  The autopsy of Jett Travolta was        2010, the rude green-ogre is getting        sical!, currently is involved in writing
Bahama Bay Hotel, and pronounced                 completed the following Monday, and            some love from his fans.                    the much anticipated Spider-Man 4
dead at the Rand Memorial Hospital               his body confirmed the cause of death                  Now that love is taking the ogre     movie. Jeanine Tesori wrote the songs,
in the Bahamas. Jett had a condition             as a seizure which caused him to lose          to Broadway. On December 14, 2008,          and Jason Moore directs the play.
which caused him to have seizures                consciousness. This still has raised a         Shrek the Musical debuted on stage          Tim Weil serves as musical director,
about once every four days. He was               lot of commotion from medical special-         and it had audiences laughing out of        and Josh Prince is the choreographer
taking medication called Depokate,               ists, as death from seizures is very           their seats. USA Today gave the show        for the show. The art and technical
which lowered the amount of seizures             rare. The most common death from               three and a half out of four stars, writ-   team consist of Tim Hatley as set and
experienced to an average of once                seizures occurs when, during the fif-           ing, “Shrek, which draws from William       costume designer, Hugh Vanstone as
every three weeks.          To ensure his        teen-to-twenty minutes of the seizures,        Steig’s book about a lovable ogre and       lighting director, and Peter Hylenski as
safety, Jett                                                                        the vic-    the DreamWorks animated movie that          sound designer.
was never                                                                           t i m       it inspired, is nonetheless a triumph of           This warm and funny fable is a
left alone,                                                                         stops       comic imagination with a heart as big       cross between “Into The Woods” and
but he ap-                                                                          breath-     and warm as Santa’s. It is the most         “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” According
parently was                                                                        ing. Jett   ingeniously wacky, transcendently           to The Seattle Times, ‘Shrek the Musi-
alone in the                                                                        was still   tasteless Broadway musical since The        cal’ possesses something that too few
bathroom                                                                            alive       Producers, and more family-friendly         musicals have: real heart.
before be-                                                                          when        than that gag-fest.”
ing found by                                                                        he was             At the opening, when Cameron
his nanny,                                                                          found       Diaz was asked if she would reprise
Jeff Michael                                                                        on the      her role for the musical, the actress
Kathrain,                                                                           floor       responded, “No. Absolutely not. What
that Friday.                                                                        a n d       they do up there is, to me, impossible.
      J e t t ’s                                                                    John        It’s wonderful, though. They’ve done
                 Jett and John in happier times.          Courtesy of              such a great job. They worked really
condition,                                                                          a t -
Kawasaki Syndrome, started when                  tempted to administer CPR, but Jett            hard, and it really pays off.”
he was around two years old. Some                remained unresponsive. He was then                    While fans might love to see Diaz
believe that exposure to fumes from              rushed to the Rand Memorial Hospi-             live, she assured fans that the musical
ordinary household cleaners can cause            tal where he soon was pronounced               is wonderful theater. “It’s hilarious,”
this condition. The disease caused               dead.                                          she said. “There are so many laughs.
Jett’s blood vessels to become in-                      Jett was cremated on Monday             It’s great to see all the actors playing
flamed, which resulted in seizures. He            after the autopsy and flown back to             it together, because when we do it for
may have also had Autism, which the              the Travolta’s home in Ocala, Florida,         the animated films, we never see each
Travolta family consistently denied, as          where a private memorial service took          other. We don’t work together.”
autism is not recognized by members              place. Travolta family friend Mike Mc-                The stage actors that work well
of the Scientology religion.                     Dermott stated, “John and Jett had a           together here include Brian d’Arcy
      The death was hard on the re-              very strong relationship. Words cannot         James as the lead role of Shrek,
maining Travolta family members John,            explain how close they were. This will         Sutton Foster as the lovely Princess
Kelly, and eight year-old Ella. “Jett            take a lot of time. His life will never be     Fiona, Christopher Sieber as the cruel
was the most wonderful son that two              the same again.”                               Lord Farquaad, and of course every-         Brian Darcy James as Shrek.
parents could ever ask for and lit up the                                                       one’s favorite back-talking animal and                     Courtesy of
lives of everyone he encountered,” said                                                         the wooden boy who lies, Donkey
                                                                                                                                                     Husky Herald - Page 9
    Top 8 of ‘08: The Big Screen
Jessica Pena
                           Music Editor
      The past year had its share of       launch his new weapon, the ‘Jericho.’           5) Kung Fu Panda--verdict says:     Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristina Davis,
both movie magic and dreadful mov-         While being driven around by a few       4 ½ Stars out of 5                         Cynthia Nixon, Chris Noth, Candance
ies. There were a bunch of sequels,        soldiers, Stark is attacked by rebels           The animated movie features         Bergen, Jason Lewis and Jennifer
some prequels, and some “no way, you       and kidnapped by them. While being       vocal roles by Dustin Hoffman, Jack        Hudson.
must be kidding me” kinds of movies!       kidnapped, he realizes the rebels have   Black, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Ian            The film based on the HBO hit
So here are the top 8 notable movies       most likely stolen his weapons from the  McShane, Jackie Chan, Lucy Lui, and        Sex in the City, is set four years after
of the past year:                                                                     David Cross.                             the series ended in 2004. The movie
                                                                                            When you put Jack Black and        starts with Carrie (Parker) moving with
      1)The Dark Knight--verdict says:                                                Seth Rogen together in a movie, you’ll   Big (Noth) into a penthouse, when they
5 Stars out of 5                                                                      probably get a hilarious hit film. When   decide to get married. After getting
      The movie stars Christian Bale,                                                 you put Jackie Chan and Lucy Lui to-     carried away with the wedding details,
Maggie Gyllenhaal (replacing Katie                                                    gether in a movie, you’ll probably get   Big has doubts about the ‘wedding’
Holmes who appeared in the first film),                                                 an action-packed hit Asian adventure     because this isn’t what he wanted (and
Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Michael                                                   film. Adding Angelina Jolie into each     Carrie agrees). They wanted a simple
Caine, Morgan Freeman, and the late                                                   of those prior mixes, and combining      wedding. Miranda (Nixon) is having
Heath Ledger.                                                                         them all together, you get Kung Fu       trouble with her marriage, and during
      The sequel to Batman Begins                                                     Panda. In this unusual mix of acting     the rehearsal dinner she flips out on
(2005) starts off from where the last                                                 talent, each star brings an animated     doubtful Big. She rants about how mar-
one ended. In this movie, Bruce (Bale)                                                kung fu animal to life. Po (Black), a    riage ruins people, which convinces
must face Rachael (Gyllenhaal) dating                                                 panda, dreams to become a kung fu        Big to not go through with the wedding,
another person who’s quite a catch.                                                   master, but realizes he can’t because    which is obvious when he doesn’t show
The new hot shot in Gotham City is                                                    of his weight. But when evil arises,     up. However, Big realizes what he has
D.A. Harvey Dent (Eckhart), who later                                                 it’s up to Tigress (Jolie), Monkey       done and returns to the wedding, only
in the movie happens to be a challenge                                                (Chan), Mantis (Rogen), Viper (Liu),     to have Carrie get upset and flip out on
for Batman, as the D.A. becomes Two-                                                  and Crane (Cross)—a quintet of su-       him too. When Miranda realizes she
Face-Harvey. Another challenge for                                                    premely skilled martial artists trained  caused this whole fiasco, will she set
Batman is The Joker. The Joker (Led-                                                  by Shifu (Hoffman) to save the day.      it right? For Samantha (Cattrall), life
ger) causes problems for the hero as      Kung Fu Panda poster.                       However they need the Dragon War-        is committed to a relationship with a
                                                                Courtesy DreamWorks
he plays around with the lives of inno-                                             rior to succeed in this quest, and that’s  younger man (Lewis). Charlotte (Da-
cent people and the system of justice,   soldiers and used it against them, and     where Po fits in. After Po destroys the     vis) seems to be the only happy one
which causes citizens of Gotham City     also on him, as his heart is injured. The  ceremony, the head master decides          in the bunch. Will happiness catch up
and Batman himself to question who is    rebels manage to save him in order         that Po will become the Dragon War-        to the rest? Get a box of tissues and
the villain and who is the savior. The   to force him to re-build the ‘Jericho.’    rior. From there, the                                                 get ready to
rest is history.                         At first he refuses, until the man that     true story begins.                                                    cry and laugh
                                         saved him is threatened. Supposedly                                                                              with this
      2) Indiana Jones and the King-     working on the ‘Jericho,’ he builds a             6) The Chroni-                                                 movie. Trust
dom of the Crystal Skull--verdict        machine that can power his heart with-     cles of Narnia: Prince                                                me, you don’t
says: 2 Stars out of 5                   out the wire attached to the box, and      Caspian--verdict says:                                                want to miss
      The movie stars Harrison Ford,     another weapon that would get him and      3 Stars out of 5                                                      a thing.
Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Win-    the man that saved him out of there. So           The movie stars
stone, John Hurt, Jim Broadbent, and     as Stark lives and the man who saved       Ben Barnes, Wil-                                                            8 ) Tw i -
Shia LaBeouf.                            him dies, Stark discovers a whole new      liam Moseley, Anna                                                    light--verdict
      After two decades since the third  meaning of life, including shutting down   Popplewell, Skander                                                   says: 3 Stars
movie was released, Steven Spielberg     his Weapons Industries. With this new      Keynes, Georgie Hen-                                                  out of 5
brings back the rogue man of action      life, Stark takes on his new private       ley, Sergio Castellitto,                                                    T h e
and adventure, Dr. Henry Jones Jr.       project, the Iron Suit, but Obadiah        Eddie Izzard, Peter                                                   movie stars
(Ford). This time he                                           Stane (Bridges),     Dinklage, and Liam                                                    Robert Pattin-
has a new partner,                                             steals the plans for Neesom.                                                               son, Kristen
since his old one be-                                          the Iron Suit and           The story con- The stars of Sex in the City.                   Stewart, Nikki
trayed him for money.                                          brings it on with    tinues, but this time                             Courtesy of HBO     Reed, Kellan
Dr. Jones must now                                             a direct challenge   1,300 years have passed in dear old        Lutz, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rath-
deal with a rebellious                                         to Stark. Life and   Narnia. In that amount of time, only a     bone, & Taylor Lautner.
slick teenager, Mutt                                           Death! Who will      year has passed in the real-world of              When Bella Swan (Stewart)
Williams (LaBeouf).                                            win?                 merry old London. Not only that, but       moves to Forks, Washington, to live
With this new partner-                                                              the Pevensie children have grown up        with her dad, she gets attention from
ship, the conflict of                                                4) The Mum-    into teenagers as well. The four return    everyone in the small little town, includ-
two generations must                                           my: Tomb of the      to Narnia and see that everything has      ing an old family friend, Jacob Black
work together to reveal                                        Dragon Emper-        changed after they left—the Golden         (Lautner), and the boys at school, but
a deep dark secret!                                            or--verdict says: 2  Age has now been diminished and            one in particular, the outsider, Edward
Mutt turns out to be                                           Stars out of 5       now has become the Dark Ages, where        Cullen (Pattinson). After Bella grabs
Jones’ son from Mari-                                                The movie      Narnia is no longer ruled by the large     Edward’s attention, he seems to act
on Ravenwood (Allen),                                          stars Brendon        lion Aslan (Neesom), but by humans,        weirdly around her, especially when he
Jones’ first love, in                                          Frasier, Jet Li, Ma- the Telmarines. The Telmarines have        demands to be switched out the class
the first Indiana Jones                                         ria Bello (replac-   managed to find Narnia, and take the        he’s in with her. But it doesn’t end
film. Go figure! Even                                            ing Rachael Weisz    land of the Narnians by means of mass      there; he starts to ignore her and then
though fans rejoice The Dark Knight poster.                    who appeared in      extinction. However not all are dead,      leaves for quite a while. This leaves
at that moment, not                      Courtesy Warner Bros. the first two films),  which causes the encounter between         Bella confused, especially when he
everyone enjoyed the first hour of the    John Hannah, Luke Ford, and Isabella       Prince Caspian (Barnes) and the            returns and starts talking to her. When
movie, since it was somewhat dull. (My   Leong.                                     Pevensies. Here sparks fly between          the two continue talking after class,
friend slept through that hour). Another        This anticipated continuation of    Caspian and Susan, the second eldest       Bella notices that something throws off
thing fans and critics did not like was  the mummy saga came as a blockbust-        child (Popplewell), and a little competi-  Edward and he leaves. The initial ten-
the plot of the movie. Aliens? You’ve    er disappointment. For one, Rachael        tion for leadership emerges between        sion returns, leaving Bella even more
got to be kidding me. The Soviet Agent   Weisz, who played Evie in the first two     Caspian and Peter, the eldest child        confused – so she starts talking to Ja-
(Blanchett), the crazy local tribes, the movies, didn’t return to reprise her       (Moseley). Could this competition help     cob about the Cullens. Here is where
spaceship? Even though the movie         role. Instead, Maria Bello took the role   or destroy the Narnians against the        she discovers the truth – that Edward
made bank at the box-office, the plot     of Evie, and the on-screen chemistry       Telmarines? You be the judge of that       is a vampire. But what’s worse than
sank downhill.                           with Brendon Frasier just didn’t heat      and how well the movie portrays C.S        knowing that a classmate is a vampire
                                         up. Alex O’ Connell, introduced in the     Lewis’ book. Even fans of the book         is that you are in love with him! Oh
      3) Iron Man--verdict says: 4 Stars second movie as a little 10-year-old       found the movie quite confusing. Even      and that vampire is in love with you, a
out of 5                                 boy, returns in the third installment,     if you know what’s going to happen, the    human. So will this romance turn out
      The movie stars Robert Downey      only this time as an adult. He gets        movie doesn’t remind a viewer of all       happily? Well if you read the other
Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, and  a love interest with Isabella Leong’s      that has gone before. The fight scene       three books by Stephanie Meyer, then
Terrance Howard.                         character, a woman who gave up her         between the boys seems rushed, and         you know how it will end. And you also
      This latest superhero movie by     mortality to fight in the battle of good    the romance between Susan and              know that this movie left out important
Marvel Comics was different than         and evil. Even with this twist and the     Prince Caspian seems lacking. Still,       and memorable scenes from the book,
other superhero movies, in that it was   mummy relocated to China (which is         you be the judge.                          which many fans criticized. However, it
not filmed in the Big Apple, but in L.A.  a new mummy, played by Li), it still                                                  was good for a first adaptation.
In the film, billionaire weapon builder   couldn’t save people from noticing this           7) Sex in the City--verdict says:
Tony Stark (Downey is on a trip to the   was the worst mummy movie ever.            4 Stars out of 5
Middle-East to visit the soldiers and                                                      The movie stars Sarah Jessica

Husky Herald - Page 10
                                              Top 8 of ‘08:
                                              The Small Screen
                                             Jessica Pena
                                                                          Music Editor
                   Courtesy of Film Detail
1)The WRITERS GUILD of AMERICA               3)Gossip Girl (CW)                            put into a mental institution after help-    is no other than Brenda Hampton, the
STRIKE (All Networks)                        The show had a great first season and          ing out a serial killer. Now he returns      same woman who created and worked
When the writers decided to go on            the second is even better, especially         for one episode in the fourth season,        with producer Aaron Spelling on 7th
strike because they wanted more              the mid-season ender. We learned              revealing that he didn’t kill anyone,        Heaven (1996—2007).
money, TV as we know it came to an           that Rufus and Lily have a secret love        which questions his motives as to why
abrupt end. Everyone’s favorite TV           child from when the two were teens.           he first lied.                                 8)Live with Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)
shows moved into re-runs or ended            Did you see that one coming? So now                                                         After a tragic split from comedian
seasons early due to the strike. It was      a question remains - what will happen         6)House (FOX)                                 girlfriend Sarah Silverman, you might
sad; millions and millions of revenue        to Serena and Dan, since the two now          House always features a good season,          think there’d be hard feelings between
dollars were lost. The ABC Network           share a sibling? As the 2009 season           but this show just keeps getting better       Kimmel and his ex. But no, the two
lost money when it promoted its broad-       opener began, we learned that the love        and better. After                                               are good friends,
cast of The Golden Globes of 2008, be-       child still remains alive! Tune in to learn   five years of bicker-                                            even when there’s a
cause they had no writers for the show       more as the season continues!                 ing, pushing each                                               strange competition
and nominees were boycotting the                                                           other’s buttons, and                                            among them. Sil-
show in respect for the striking writers.   4)90210 (CW)                                   incessant flirting,                                             verman seems to be
Ultimately, the show was cancelled.         The hit show from the ‘90s returns, but        House and Cuddy                                                 with Matt Damon, so
Eventually, some late-night talk-shows      now it features a new cast. The antici-        (Lisa Edelstein) fi-                                             Kimmel responded
began airing, with the respective hosts     pated remake of Beverly Hills 90210,           nally kiss. Even                                                with Ben Affleck. Say
(Leno, Letter-                                                           now called        better is when Wil-                                             what? When wish-
man, O’Brien)                                                            m e r e l y       son (Robert Sean                                                ing Kimmel a ‘Happy
creating their                                                           90210, brings     Leonard) returns af-                                            Birthday,’ Silverman
own scripts.                                                             back some of      ter his fizzled “bro-                                            created a video with
Soon enough,                                                             the old cast,     mance” with House                                               Damon (you know
the strike was                                                           especially        and finds out about                                              what’s it about), so
settled – but                                                            so-called         the kiss, then tries                                            that Damon can get
not before a                                                             ‘frenemies’       to hook up the two                                              back at Kimmel for all
ton of money                                                             Jennie Garth      on a date. The two                                              the times he “ran out
was lost.                                                                and Shan-         deny that the kiss                                              of time” when sched-
                                                                                                                   Bones is going strong. Courtesy of Fox
                                                                         nen Doherty       ever happened and                                               uled to have Damon
2)SNL (NBC)                                                              (the two, who     in the mid-season ender, Cuddy adopts         on his show. This explains Damon’s
SNL has been The cast of the new 90210. Courtesy Access Hollywood were rumored             a baby.                                       words at the end of the Silverman vid-
on television                                                           to have had a                                                    eo. However Kimmel responded with a
for several decades now (it started in      cat fight on set), reprise their roles as       7)The Secret Life of the American             video of his own involving Ben Affleck.
the mid ‘70s). For a number of years,       Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh. This is         Teenager (ABC Family)                         The video included guest appearances
its comedy sketches were good. But          a historical moment for fans of the old        American Pie clearly showed teenage           by Robin Williams, Harrison Ford,
this year, SNL returned to number           show, especially knowing that Sammy,           audiences that band people were cool          Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate,
one largely based upon its political        the son of Kelly, is also the son of Dylan     and that what happens in band camp            Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass,
relevance. The likeness of Tina Fey         (Luke Perry). But it doesn’t end there         stays at band camp. However, the              Pete Wentz, Rebecca Romijn, Lauren
to that of Governor Sarah Palin was         -- Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) is Kelly       movie never showed you the conse-             Conrad, Josh Groban, Mike Shinoda
remarkable. When Fey did her Palin          and David’s (Brian Austin Green) half-         quences of band camp and how what             with David Farrell from Linkin Parkand
imitation, it was pure gold. Even better    sister, who carries the torch on to this       happens there really never stays there.       unnamed choir singers as recording
was when the real Sarah Palin came          remake.                                        Ask Amy Juergens who, at 15, is a             booth singers, along with Brad Pitt as
on the show, confronting Tina Fey im-                                                      freshman at fictional Ulysses S. Grant         a delivery man. The two videos got so
personating her. SNL did so well with       5)Bones (FOX)                                  High School. She gets pregnant after          much press they were nominated for
its political satire prior to the election, Bones proves to have a good fourth             having a one night stand with the high        an award by the Academy of Television
that it even provided some prime time       season—filming the fourth season               school player, junior Ricky Underwood.        Arts & Sciences.
specials for the network. Overall, it was   opener in London. However, its third           The show focuses on Amy’s pregnancy
a great year for SNL, reviving what had     season had a lot of fans buzzing when          and other goings-on at the school.
been a somewhat tired franchise.            at the end of the season, Zack (Eric           What makes this show a highlight of
                                            Millegan) left the Jeffersonian and was        2008 was that the creator of the show

“ER” Resuscitates Leno on NBC
Chris Cassevecca
                             Sports Editor
          After a healthy 15-year tenure,    wins its nightly share of the ratings,   show into primetime, what’s going to              11:35 p.m. slot and Jimmie Fallon
NBC’s long-running hospital drama “ER”       NBC as a network currently sits at #4    happen to NBC’s other late night show             moves into Conan’s current 12:35
has been suffering from viewer attrition,    in the overall ratings. By bringing Leno hosts-in-waiting, Conan O’Brien and               a.m. slot. These changes should be
leading to lower ratings. Therefore,         to their primetime lineup, they not only Jimmie Fallon? Again, things become               happening shortly before we go to press,
it currently is in its last season. In       get to keep one of the most renowned     easier for NBC by moving Leno into                at the end of January. According to the
1999, “ER” was the top-rated show            and popular late night hosts ever, but   primetime, because the late night                 Associated Press, Leno’s fellow late
on television with 25.4 million viewers.     they also save                                                                             night host Conan has told reporters he
In the current season, it has now            tons of money                                                                              is thrilled.
dropped to #33 in primetime audience         through not                                                                                        “I’ve known about this for a while,”
ratings, averaging 9.9 million viewers.      having to fill                                                                             O’Brien said recently during a taping of
According to David Bauder, a television      t h a t 1 0 - 11                                                                           his current NBC late-night show. “I’ve
writer for the Associated Press, Jay         p.m. timeslot                                                                              talked a lot about this with Jay. I am
Leno will be taking over the 10 p.m.         with scripted                                                                              thrilled. I am absolutely thrilled that Jay
primetime spot that “ER” has held for        shows.                                                                                     is staying at NBC.”
the last decade and a half.                         L e n o                                                                                    Jimmie Fallon has yet to comment
          Back in March, even the thought    took over as                                                                               on the current situation of Leno’s new
of Leno being able to keep his show          t h e To n i g h t                                                                         contract but is assumed to be pleased to
seemed impossible. However, NBC              show host from                                                                             get his chance on late night. Jay Leno
feels this move will benefit everyone.        the beloved                                                                                has faced down the competition before
The network was facing a dilemma in          J o h n n y                                                                                and has triumphed. Johnny Carson
that it did not want to risk losing Leno     Carson in                                                                                  hand-picked Leno as his successor and
to a competing network. Jay Leno has         1992, and                                                                                  Leno has yet to let him down. It should
worn the crown as king of late night TV      w h e n h e Jay and Conan both will remain at NBC.              Courtesy of NBC            be interesting to see how America
for so long that losing him to a competing   renewed his                                                                                responds to seeing him earlier each
network could significantly affect NBC’s      contract in 2004, he told NBC Networks   schedule remains the same as it would             weeknight.
ratings.                                     that he would be retiring in 2009. Now   have had Leno retired.
       While Leno’s Tonight Show usually     that Leno is taking his late night talk       Conan O’Brien takes over Leno’s

                                                                                                                                                 Husky Herald - Page 11
A Great Film
Joni Cooper
                              Food Editor
                                                                                                                                                                Courtesy of Tech 2
       The screen shows that Jamal Ma-              Jamal searches for Latika un-
lik is one question away from winning        til he is finally able to locate her in a
20 million rupees. “How did he do it?
A) He cheated. B) He’s lucky. C) He’s a
genius. D) It is destiny.”
                                             brothel, where she works as a dancer.
                                             Salim fools Jamal once again when at-
                                             tempting to rescue her from Mamam.
                                                                                               Apple to Apple:
       ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ opens its
first scene with that multiple-choice
question. Malik, an 18 year-old orphan,
is within reach of opportunities he never
                                             After killing the gangster to “protect”
                                             Latika, he forces Jamal to leave her to
                                             himself. Jamal leaves his brother with
                                             Latika and finds a job alone as an as-
                                                                                               Beatle Music Finally
dreamt of before the final question. So
what brought him to this chance of a
                                             sistant at a calling center.
                                                    It is his love for Latika that en-
                                             courages Jamal to become a contes-
                                                                                               Coming to iTunes
       British director Danny Boyle          tant on India’s version of “Who Wants           Emma Adler
showcased his independent film at the         to be A Millionaire”. Twenty million ru-                                     Staff Writer
Toronto Film Festival with intentions of     pees holds no true value for Jamal. His
perhaps winning the audience award.          purpose for participating in the game
Boyle is a director always game for a        show is solely because he knew that                    Good news,                                                    of iTunes -- of
change of direction and pace. Every          Latika would be watching.
                                                                                             Beatles fans --                                                      buying music,
film he directs exhibits a different topic           The questions that Jamal are
                                                                                             they’re coming to                                                    and of down-
of interest, ranging from the sci-fi flick     given allow him to connect with past-
                                                                                             iTunes. At the very                                                  loading CDs.
‘Sunshine’ to a film exploring heroine        time experiences. He finds the answers
                                                                                             least, they should                                                   Some have
addicts in ‘Trainspotting.’ A distinctive    within obstacles he faced and memo-
movie like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was no      rable moments that he encountered
                                                                                             be, and sometime                                                     speculated that
surprise from this eclectic director.        when younger. Jamal recalls little facts        soon. According                                                      it may be too
          Slumdog’ traces the lives          and details he gathered when travel-            to the London Tele-                                                  late for Apple
of two brothers living in the slums of       ing from place to place with Latika and         graph newspaper,                                                     Inc. to make
Mumbai, India. Losing their mother at        himself.                                        Paul McCartney                                                       much of a profit
a young age, the two siblings continue              ‘Slumdog’ received exceptional           has agreed to a                                                      off the music
their lives by traveling to different parts  reviews from both The LA Times and              deal with Apple, and                                                 of The Beatles.
of India in search of happiness and          The New York Times. A critic from Roll-         will be releasing                                                    Despite their
stability. Jamal (Dev Patel) portrays        ing Stone raves, “What I feel for this          the band’s music Abbey Road will soon be on iTunes.                  not being on
the benevolent brother while his older       movie isn’t just admiration, it’s mad           to them. For those                              Courtesy of Apple    iTunes, many
sibling Salim (Madhur Mittal) plays the      love. And I couldn’t be more surprised.         not in the know, yeah, it’s a big deal.    people have The Beatles on their
rebellious one.                              The plot reeks of uplift.”                      The Beatles not being on iTunes has        iPods, either having downloaded their
       Together they endure life-threat-            Critics cited the film’s superb cin-      been controversial for some time now;      own CDs, or having purchased songs
ening circumstances that test their          ematography. From a chase within the            or, rather, not so much controversial as   illegally through LimeWire, or some
love-hate relationship with one another.     slums to shots of India’s urban and ru-         aggravating for fans, especially con-      other service. For many die-hard Beat-
At times life for the Maliks is all fun and  ral settings, ‘Slumdog’ does a great job        sidering the reasoning behind the Fab      les fans, there is no need to purchase
games. They live spontaneously on top        of filming action and scenery.                   Four’s not having caved in before.         anything further on iTunes.
of a train for weeks and sneakily man-              Several HHS students also                       The Beatles’ production company,          Those at Apple Inc. are, perhaps,
age to take food from the kitchen un-        weighed in with opinion. Tenth grader           Apple, was formed in 1968. Apple Inc.      hopeful that The Beatles being avail-
til they are discovered and thrown off       Danny Pierro said, “The film was jaw             (think Macs and iPods) as we know it       able on iTunes will give rise to a revi-
the train. When visiting the Taj Mahal,      dropping and constantly kept me on              today was established in 1977 (which       talization of their music which, frankly,
the two boys disguise themselves as          the edge of my seat. Boyle’s depiction          actually is farther back than expected).   has never suffered too much of a fade
guides who offer                                                         of India is truly   So there’s been a bit of a controversy     away. Perhaps this music’s being more
tours to foreign-                                                        incredible, yet
                                                                                             there. The Beatles, because of the         easily accessible to teens and children
ers for cash.                                                            depressing
                                                                                             name similarity, had previously refused    will spawn a new generation of Beatle
       Although                                                          at the same
                                                                                             to have their work sold on iTunes and      fans and associated Beatlemania, in
the       brothers                                                       time.”
experience       a                                                             ‘Slum-
                                                                                             actually were involved in a long, drawn-   appealing to the elusive target market
sense of libera-                                                         dog’ opens the      out lawsuit over the name’s use. So        of “Well I like them, but not enough to
tion, Salim re-                                                          eyes of millions    what’s changed? Is it just that Paul       download my dad’s old CDs.”
mains a father                                                           of teens who        needs extra cash to pony up for his              So what will happen? Don’t
figure for Jamal.                                                         live in well-off    divorce settlement with Heather Mills?     expect anything drastic. Don’t expect
He        protects                                                       towns similar       The reason why things have changed         10-year olds to be able to distinguish
his little sibling                                                       to Westchester      isn’t clear. But what’s plain is that it’s George from Ringo on your new Let
when mislead                                                             County. Many        going to cost Apple Inc. some 400 to       It Be zip-up hoody. Still, there is an
into situations                                                          have not been       600 million dollars to procure the rights  awesome hope that somewhere in
that he knows                                                            exposed        to   to the Beatle songs. Whatever that         that daunting top one hundred most
would        crush                                                       the poverty of      final figure amounts to, it will be split    downloaded iTunes link that is the “go
Jamal forever.                                                           Asia that still     between the two living Beatles, Paul       to” for so many of the Z100 genera-
Salim helps his                                                          remains        in   and Ringo, and the estates of George       tion, there may be (perhaps at about
brother escape                                                           the     majority    Harrison and John Lennon.                  the mid-eighties spots) “Hey Jude,” or
from the wrath                                                           of India today.            Though there presently is no        “All You Need is Love.” That, in itself,
of Mamam, a                                                              People believe      set date on which the music will be        would be an achievement.
gangster who                                                             that      “being    released, Paul McCartney has stated              So there will be Beatles on
runs an orphan- Anil Kapoor in Slumdog Millionaire.                      poor” means         that it will occur within the year. So     iTunes. Probably, there will be profits
                                            Courtesy of Fox Searchlight
age and then                                                            that one lives in    2009 is the year – and there’s not long    and great success. Wall Street vigilan-
uses the children to sing and bring back     a small house in a not-so-good neigh-           to wait.                                                         tes, expect to see
money.                                       borhood. There is no comparison to the                 But have they                                             an increase in De-
       Along with the struggle of survival,  real poverty experienced by countless           waited too long? The                                             lia’s stock -- half of
love comes into play. At the age of four,    people in India today. .                        iPod was launched                                                their tee-shirt line
Jamal meets Latikah (Freida Pinto), an              After viewing the movie Angelica
                                                                                             on October 23, 2001.                                             is sketch-faced
orphanage girl who was separated from        Catalano said, “It’s unfortunate how
                                                                                             Since then, it has                                               portraits of John
her family as well. Latika and the two       those in Westchester carry around Lou-
                                                                                             spawned four separate                                            Lennon and varied
brothers name each other after charac-       is Vuitton bags while millions of children
ters from the Three Musketeers. Years        in Mumbai are suffering and homeless.
                                                                                             generations of updates,                                          forms of the Abbey
later Latika is befriended by Salim when     Some of these children like Jamal and           and now the iPhone is                                            Road CD cover.
he purposely misses her hand when            Salim have little or no money to live off       all but equivalent to a
hopping onto a train. Despite their sep-     of for the duration of their lives.”            Blackberry. In that time,
aration, Jamal fantasizes about Latika                                                       people have had seven
every day.                                                                                   years of iPods, and

Husky Herald - Page 12
   For Second StraightYear,
   Super Bowl is “Super”
Chris Cassevecca
                           Sports Editor

       Super Bowl XLIII could                                                                                                                   the final drive of the game. If
go down as one of the best                                                                                                                      the penalty was called, the
Super Bowls ever played. The                                                                                                                    40-yard pass to Santonio
Pittsburgh Steelers capped off                                                                                                                  Holmes would have been
their season with what might go                                                                                                                 negated and could have
down as the most dramatic Su-                                                                                                                   cost the Steelers the win.
per Bowl ever played, lifting the                                                                                                               Another seeming penalty
Lombardi Trophy after a 27-23                                                                                                                   that was left untouched was
win over the Arizona Cardinals.                                                                                                                 the helmet off un-sportsman
Super Bowl XLIII could be char-                                                                                                                 like conduct against Kurt
acterized as record-breaking.                                                                                                                   Warner. In the NFL, it is
Kurt Warner now owns the top                                                                                                                    considered un-sportsmanlike
three spots for most passing                                                                                                                    to take your helmet off to talk
yards in a Super Bowl (414                                                                                                                      to an official and results in
yards in SB XXXIV, 377 in SB                                                                                                                    a 15-yard penalty. There is
XLIII, and 365 yards SB XXX-                                                                                                                    also a dispute over Santonio
VI). Kurt Warner also broke                                                                                                                     Holmes’s celebration after
the record for most passing                                                                                                                     his touchdown for using the
yards in a playoff run with 1147                                                                                                                football as a prop. If the flag
yards and most career pass-                                                                                                                     were to have been thrown, it
ing yards in a Super Bowl with                                                                                                                  would have taken the Steel-
1156 yards. Pittsburgh Steeler                                                                                                                  ers fifteen yards back on the
James Harrison also broke a                                                                                                                     final kickoff to the Cardinals,
record for the longest return                                                                                                                   thus giving the Cards likely
for a touchdown (previous                                                                                                                       better field position. The big-
record holder was Green Bay                                                                                                                     gest and most controversial
Packer Desmond Howard with                                                                                                                      call on the field was the chal-
his 99-yard return for a touch-                                                                                                                 lenge that would have ruled
down in Super Bowl XXXI) and                                                                                                                    Kurt Warner’s last play an
longest interception (previous Santonio Holmes makes controversal sideline catch to seal the win.                         Courtesy of incomplete pass instead of
record holder was Seattle Sea-               Steeler 1-yard line. This field position    the attention of many female viewers,                  a recovered fumble by Pitts-
hawk Kelly Herndon who had a 76-yard         eventually led to a safety, due to a hold- which may be one reason why this             burgh. The play was reviewed for a
interception                                                            ing penalty by  was the most watched Super Bowl in           total of 13 seconds and ruled a fumble.
against the                                                              center Jus-    history, racking up over 97 million view-    After the Super Bowl, officials took
Steelers in                                                              tin Hartwig.   ers. Bruce Springsteen put on another        another look at the footage and real-
Super Bowl                                                               Larry Fitzger- amazing show for this Super Bowl and
XL) when                                                                 ald then used
he inter-                                                                his ability to
cepted a                                                                 stretch the
Kurt War-                                                                field and
ner pass                                                                 turned a
right before                                                             13-yard slant
halftime.                                                                into a 64-yard
       T h e                                                             touchdown
Cardinals                                                                run to put the
staged a                                                                 Cardinals up
great come-                                                              by 3. Howev-
back, even                                                               er, even after
though                                                                   all the Car-
they ulti-                                                               dinals did to
mately lost                                                              come back,
the game.                                                                the Steelers
T h e i r                                                                still managed
                                                                                                                                        Courtesy of
13-point                                                                 to triumph.
comeback                                                                 With 43 sec-   ended his final song by throwing his          ized it was an incomplete pass, not a
will go                                                                  onds left on   junk in the face of the camera.              fumble, according to ESPN. That call
down in                                                                  the clock, Big       The officiating of this Super Bowl      would have given Warner one more
history as                                                               Ben put out a  was controversial. Two calls were            shot at the end zone, but instead it led
t h e b e s t Larry Fitzgerald puts Arizona ahead late in the game.      6-yard floater  overturned by successful challenges          to a quicker Steeler win.
comeback                                           Courtesy of to Santonio       from Cardinal coach Ken Whisenhunt.                 Despite these disputes, it was a
of all time. With phantom flags against       Holmes for the lead and eventual           There was an unseen holding penalty          great Super Bowl. There was bone-
the Cardinals and punches by the             win.                                       on Steeler center Justin Hartwig during               chilling, teeth-grinding excite-
Steelers that were left unseen by of-              In addition to its many                                                                     ment all game long, with never
ficials, this game seemed to go against       historical records, Super                                                                         a dull moment. Both teams
the Cardinals in every way, but that         Bowl XLIII also will be re-                                                                       showed a great amount of
wasn’t going to hold them back. Down         membered for its “In Your                                                                         heart and determination. At
20-7 in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals    Face” halftime performance                                                                        the end of the day, it was the
never dropped their heads and kept           by Bruce Springsteen and                                                                          Steelers coming up victori-
on fighting. The fourth quarter began         a spine chilling, heartfelt                                                                       ous -- the first team to ever
with a Ben Graham punt for 27 yards.         “National Anthem” perfor-                                                                         have won six separate Super
The Cardinal defense then kicked it          mance by Jennifer Hud-                                                                            Bowls. This year’s Super
up a notch, sacking quarterback Ben          son. This was Hudson’s                                                                            Bowl will go down in history as
Roethlisberger. Kurt Warner then put         first performance since her                                                                        one of the best championship
his strong arm to use, passing to all        mother, brother, and nephew                                                                       games ever played.
of his targets, including J.J. Arrington     were tragically murdered
and Jerheme Urban then finished off           at their home in Chicago.
the drive with a 1-yard TD pass to           People are saying this was
none other than super wide receiver          the best National Anthems
Larry Fitzgerald. The next Cardinal          since Whitney Houston’s
drive was another three-and-out, but         performance in 1991 (SB
they managed to down the punt at the         XXV). Bruce Springsteen got “The Boss” rocks the SB XLIII halftime show.
                                                                                                              Courtesy of

                                                                                                                                        Husky Herald - Page 13
 Graduating High School Hoop
 Stars Make The Big Leap
Sam Goldman
                                Staff Writer

      A large number of Section                 probably need to watch more high          televised games. All
1 high school basketball players                school basketball. All four of these      of these players who
have gone on to play Division 1                 local players are highly touted for       have made it at the
basketball at big colleges. One                 the upcoming season, and you most         college level truly
might find that hard to fathom,                 certainly will hear about them doing      are an inspiration to
but current NBA star Ben Gordon                 great things in the near future.          young players who
                                                                                                                   Mike Coburn drives inside.   Courtesy of
once was facing rivals at Mount                      After graduating Mount Ver-          will first be playing                       He was offered a full scholarship at
Vernon High School. What most                   non High School in 2008, Michael          in big games for their respective          George Washington and will have a
people don’t realize is that the class          Coburn was offered a full ride to         colleges this year.                        very bright future there.
of 2008 graduated a solid core of               Rutgers and should see plenti-                  Mookie Jones has made the                   These new freshmen will
outstanding local players. If names             ful minutes on the hardwood as a          transition to college from Peekskill       definitely be a major part of their
like Sean Kilpatrick, Mookie Jones,             Scarlet Knight. Michael Coburn            is often featured as an integral part respective college teams’ success.
Tony Taylor, and Kevin Jones                    is one of the many Mount Vernon           of the Syracuse Orange’s quest for Just take a look at how former
don’t ring a bell for you, then you             graduates to have received a full         victory. A true freshman, Mookie           Mount Vernon High hoops star
                                                             scholarship to a Divi-       fits well into their system and even- Kevin Jones is doing. The 6’6’’
                                                               sion 1 School. When        tually be a big factor in their overall    freshman has seen a solid role play-
                                                               Ben Gordon gradu-          game plan. At 6’7,” Mookie plays           er with legitimate playing time for
                                                               ated, he was given         small forward, and has good size the West Virginia Mountaineers. He
                                                               a full scholarship to      for his position.                          certainly enhances the rebounding
                                                               play at the University           Sean Kilpatrick (formerly of         and defensive play for the team.
                                                               of Connecticut, where      White Plains High School) is at-                  Ultimately all of these new
                                                               he helped lead the         tending a prep school this year in freshmen have made the leap from
                                                               Huskies to a National      preparation to honoring a commit-          Section 1 to the Division 1 level,
                                                               Championship. An-          ment to play for Cincinnati next           and they are competing for playing
                                                               other recent graduate      season. Kilpatrick is a 6’3” shoot-        time against the best in the country.
                                                               who bears watching         ing guard, a complete player with a In a couple of years, many of these
                                                               is Manhattan Col-          solid outside shot and a quick move players will certainly be doing great
                                                               lege’s Devon Austin.       to the hoop.                               things at the college level, and may
                                                               Austin, formerly of              Tony Taylor from Archbishop          even find their names selected in a
                                                               White Plains High          Stepinac is arguably one of the most future NBA draft.
                                                               School, was given a        exciting players to watch. At 5’11,’’
                                                               full scholarship and       Tony dominated the section and av-
Kevin Jones looks for a lane.     Courtesy of The Daily News can now be seen on           eraged close to 30 points per game.

Interview with Mike Protano: Who’s The Beef ?
Sam Goldman
                                Staff Writer

     Recently the Husky Herald sat             in wrestling in college, but I prefer to        MP: I’d say my body type is           them, but you gotta do what you
down with star wrestler Mike “Beef”            play football in college on account of     more suitable for wrestling than any       gotta do.
Protano and learned more about                 commitment.                                other sport, so I fit the sport well.
what’s behind the                                                                                                                                     HH: Can you com-
man on the mat.                                                                                                                                 pare the training for other
                                                                                                                                                sports and wrestling?
     HH:      Who                                                                                                                                     MP: There is no oth-
gave you the nick-                                                                                                                              er sport that compares to
name “Beef?”                                                                                                                                    the training and condition-
     MP:    I got                                                                                                                               ing for wrestling. I remem-
the name “Beef”                                                                                                                                 ber the first practice of the
in second grade at                                                                                                                              year -- I’m pretty sure I lost
the Purchase Com-                                                                                                                               five pounds in one day. I
munity House from                                                                                                                               have played other sports
Vince Lombardi.                                                                                                                                 too, and wrestling is by far
                                                                                                                                                the toughest.
      HH: What is
your current record                                                                                                                                   HH:       Who is the
as a varsity wres-                                                                                                                              toughest opponent you
tler?                                                                                                                                           have faced?
      MP: I’m 28-4,                                                                                                                                   MP: I would definite-
with a lot of pins.                                                                                                                             ly say Garcia, from North
                                                                                                                                                Rockland. He’s one kid
      HH: In what                                                                                                                               that is just at a level above
weight class do                                                                                                                                 everyone else when it
you wrestle?                                                                                                                                    comes to wrestling.
      MP: I cur-
rently wrestle in the                                                                                                                           HH: Who would win
285-pound weight                                                                                                                           in a match, you or Andrew
class.                                                                                                                                     Planamento?
                        Mike Protano takes on another opponent.                                              Courtesy of Lauren Warshauer
                                                                                                                                                MP: That’s a good
      HH: Are you interested in                                                                                                  question, but I would have to say
wrestling in college, and if not wres-              HH: What is your fastest pin?              HH: Does wearing the sin-         me.
tling, are you interested in playing                MP: 17 seconds.                       gletes feel uncomfortable in any
any other sports?                                                                         way?
      MP: I am somewhat interested                  HH: Why do you wrestle?                    MP: I don’t enjoy wearing
Husky Herald - Page 14
    Bowling Team Rolls Toward
    Improved 2009 Varsity Season
Hank Rubenstein
                       Co-Editor in Chief

      It’s a place where the testos-        lullio felt confident that they
terone level is through the roof, the       could pull away with the “W,”
intensity so high that any missed           as long as the team stayed
opportunity can be viewed as a life-        consistent.
time mistake. It’s Varsity Bowling, the            Harrison followed their
nation’s unsung sport. On any given         game plan, but were being
match day, one can expect to find            outbowled by a feisty Ma-
themselves swarmed with sweaty,             maroneck squad. The Tiger
determined, and over-emotional              bowlers had no problem let-
teenagers. Kids who, for a short            ting emotions fly, practicing
while, hang their hopes and dreams          heel clicks and air high-fives
on dropping small white pins, and           after strikes.
anticipations grow with each pass-                 “Those kids always
ing ball. Harrison High School finds         bring heart to the game,”
themselves amidst these competi-            said Coach Ciavarella. “I
tors for their third season, already        try telling my team to reach
beginning to see some promising             down for something extra
results. Once a club for kids to fool       during the match. Mama-
around with friends, the bowling team       roneck understands that
has evolved into one of the school’s        concept.”
most beloved sports. A position in the             Although it appeared Phil Dillulio shows mad style on the lanes.                             Courtesy of Shreena Shah
starting lineup now is just as coveted      that the Huskies would have                 kies were inching closer to winning      team is led by junior Molly Stevens,
as a new trend or must-have material        total pins in the bag, they still needed    the match. As the tenth frame began,     whose older brother Mo was a fre-
object. The bowling team members            to win the third and final match with        it was clear the Huskies would need      quent starter during the ’08 season.
are ready and equipped for whatever         the score knotted at two apiece.            a stellar performance to have any               “What can I say,” Stevens
the lanes throw their way.                  As the first frame began, Coach             chance of winning.                       quipped, “bowling is in my blood.”
      Attending one of their matches        Ciavarella left his distant post and              Sophomore Wissack and se-          When Stevens steps on the lanes,
this past January, the first shock was       approached the team. It was clear           nior captain Dillulio led the rally with it’s all business. She explained her
in seeing how many matches go on at         that these next ten frames would be         tenth frame turkeys, but they were       stance: “Like I tell the team, we’re in
once. Each lane is packed with five          some of the biggest all season.             left empty-handed as the other three     it to win it.”
bowlers and a few spectators. Coach                “I told the kids they needed         bowlers’impressive frames
Ciavarella (Mr. C.) stood a decent          to relax and bowl and the pins will         were not quite good enough
distance away from the lane, quietly        come,” said Coach C. “Yesterday             to steal the match from Ma-
watching his team progress while            was a tough day. We were without            maroneck. The Tigers won
subtly coaching each player. That           senior Jason Neu and had to ask             the third game, clinching
day the teams’ focus was entirely on        sophomore Bennett Wissack to                the 4-3 victory (though the
the match. Each pin knocked down            step up.”                                   Huskies achieved a third
brought them closer to upsetting top-              Wissack has been a member            point by virtue of winning the
ranked Mamaroneck. The Tigers               of the team for the past two sea-           pin total).
had already defeated the Huskies            sons and holds the team’s season                  “It’s tough to handle
once this season and weren’t plan-          high score of 263. In early January,        right now,” said a disap-
ning on losing anytime soon.                Wissack found himself in the tenth          pointed Dillulio. “I’m proud of
      The teams play three games            frame having already achieved nine          what we did because we lost
each, getting two points for winning        strikes. Although he was unable to          7-0 last time to these guys,
a match and one point for most              complete the 300, Wissack’s perfor-         but I really feel we should
overall pins. In match one, Harrison        mance will certainly go down in the         have won today.”
went out strong, winning by a large         history books.                                    The boys aren’t the
margin of 100 pins. The team’s early               “During the fifth frame I told        only ones who take the lanes Jenna Grippo, going for the spare.
attack was lead by junior Sajan Pa-         teammate Joe the Pro that I just was        after school. Harrison also                          Courtesy of Alison Nathanson
tel. Sajan, a second year member            feeling it,” Bennett said.                  has an impressive girls’ team. The
of the team, knows what it takes to                The Huskies stayed neck and

                                                                                             Titans Skate
compete on the big stage. His num-          neck with the Tigers for the entire
bers have been pretty solid so far          third match, once again following the
this season and only show signs of          lead of junior Sajaan “Saigon” Patel.
improvement.                                Patel accounted for five straight
      “I’ve had a good season so far,”      strikes in the latter half of the game to
he said. “My performance against
Mamaroneck was really good, and it
definitely helped the team out.”
      After the first match, Senior
                                            accompany the team’s three frames
                                            of complete pin decimation. The late
                                            strike by Harrison wasn’t taken lightly
                                            by the Tigers; Mamaroneck bowlers
                                                                                             Into Playoffs
Captains Steven Dimilia and Phil Di-        only seemed to get better as the Hus-        Joey Loreti
                                                                                                                   Staff Writer
                                                                                               The Rye Town/Harrison Ti-        Matt Baer scoring goals this season.
                                                                                         tans, coming off a season in which     Other upperclassmen include Jimmy
                                                                                         they finished 13-9                                    Daraio, Jeff Heine, and
                                                                                         and made a run into                                   Connor Strozza. Adam
                                                                                         the playoffs, lost a                                  Urban leads the team
                                                                                         few key senior play-                                  in both goals and as-
                                                                                         ers. Still, they have                                 sists, with 17 and 14,
                                                                                         battled all season                                    respectively, and is tied
                                                                                         long to achieve suc-                                  for third in the league
                                                                                         cess. Although the                                    for goals scored. The
                                                                                         Titans’ record stands                                 Titans fell to Rye ear-
                                                                                         at 1-8-1 currently, the                               lier in the season, but
                                                                                         team will still qualify                               they will look to split
                                                                                         for the playoffs be- Dean Brancucci fights for puck.   the season series with
                                                                                         cause they play in           Courtesy of their cross-town rival
                                                                                         League 1. Harrison is well repre-      on February 13. With a strong end to
                                                                                         sented on this composite team, with    their season, the Titans hope to make
                                                                                         forwards Harry Reibman, Joe Porzio,    a playoff run once their regular sea-
                                                                                         Andrew Grosser, Matt Jacobson, and     son concludes on February 18.
                                               Courtesy Top End Sports

                                                                                                                                      Husky Herald - Page 15
Sam Goldman
                             Staff Writer
      When you are coming off a sea-         ers, the Huskies have been
son record of 3-17, you know all about       taking their opponents by
adversity. The Harrison High School          surprise.
Boys Varsity Basketball team learned                Strong contributions
last season that winning wasn’t a com-       from other players on the
mon occurrence. However, during              team have helped to el-
the off-season, the Huskies resolved         evate play for the boys.
to improve their skills through dedica-             “We’re a maturing
tion, commitment, and extra strength         team, and as long as we
training in the weight room. As of now,      play defense we’ll be in
the extra work seems to be paying off.       good shape,” says senior
Heading into the last segment of the         James Falciglia, a two-
current season, the Huskies boast a          year player and major con-
record of 8-10, and the team morale          tributor to the Huskies’ suc-
seems to be rapidly improving. With          cess thus far on both sides
a certain playoff appearance in store,       of the ball. All of the boys
the team has more than doubled its           certainly have their eyes
total number of wins from the prior          on the playoffs. From this
season, and truly is in the running to       point on, every additional
be a real playoff contender.                 win promises the Huskies
      The major change from last sea-        a higher seed come the
son to this season has been mostly           playoffs, against a likely
been the level of maturity shown by the      weaker opponent. This up-
starting five. With significant improve-       coming playoff appearance
ment from sophomore guard Brendan            will be the first one for the
O’Shea, junior forward Jarred Hodes,         Huskies in five years.
sophomore point guard Mike Chiarel-                 The Huskies have
la, junior center Dennis Rinaldi, and        changed their strategy of-
senior guard Sam Goldman. With an            fensively and defensively
entire shift in the attitude of the play-    for this new season. Coach
                                             Chiarella and Coach Pes-
                                             co have implemented a
                                             swarming defensive men-
      2008-2009 Roster
                                             tality which stresses apply-
            Mike Chiarella                   ing pressure and attacking
           Brendan O’Shea                    the ball handler. As far as
            Dennis Rinaldi                   offense goes, the Huskies
            Jarred Hodes
                                             utilize their speed and gen-
            Sam Goldman
           James Falciglia                   erally run the floor for quick
             Zack Eklund                     transition points. Their run-
             Will Oggieri                    and-gun style offense has
            George Stokoe                    helped them to put up high-
            Steve Decarlo
                                             er final scores. Ultimately
            Benny Menetti
             Brady Klein                     the team lacks size, but Dennis Rinaldi goes up big against Spring Valley.                           Courtesy of Ms. Diane Frawley
                                             each member plays with a                has exceeded all expectations and is            offs this season. This Cinderella team
        Coach: Mike Chiarella                lot of intensity and it is shown during turning heads throughout the section.           seems to have what it takes, and with
       Asst. Coach: Dan Pesco                the games. If you have not checked      After beating teams like Tappan Zee,            that kind of spirit, you never know how
         Manager: RJ Suhre
                                             out this newly improved Harrison        Yonkers, Ardsley, and Nyack, the Hus-           far they will go.
                                             team, definitely swing by the gym.       kies have shaken things up. Look for
                                                    Clearly this year’s team already the Huskies to play deep into the play-

         Varsity Boys Swim Team
         Dives into Divisionals
Chris Cassevecca
                           Sports Editor
      With the Divisionals right around   breast, IM and 500 free. Other swim-           leagues than Harrison.                                     This will be tough be-
the corner, the Boys’ Swim Team has       mers who have been huge parts of this          The swim team’s only                                       cause, although we
shown nothing but “excellence” accord-    successful season are Matt Carducci            loss thus far was to                                       take a few first places
ing to Coach Phillip Dearstyne. The       with the Butterfly stroke, J.T. Nangle,         Our Lady of Lourdes                                        at this meet, they have
captains for the                                                  with his Individ-      which may have been                                        the depth to take 3rd,
Harrison Boys’                                                    ual Medley and         due in part to a media                                     7th, and 10th, which will
Swim Team are                                                     Back Strokes, and      error when Harrison                                        trump our first place
Matt Pon, Jere-                                                   Chris Malfitano        Swimmers’ times were                                       points.”
my Ng, and Chris                                                  and Sean Yang          not recorded accu-                                                After Divisionals,
Malfitano. Each                                                    with their Freestyle   rately.                                                    those swimmers who
formidable swim-                                                  strokes.                     With two more                                        qualify will swim for
mer has shown                                                           As of this       big meets against                                          the Sectionals team,
facets that help                                                  writing, the boys’     Nyack and Ossin-                                           and those who go on to
contribute to the                                                 swim record this       ing upcoming, Coach                                        win at that level would
team as a whole.                                                  season is 5-1, with    Dearstyne sees these                                       qualify for States.
Matt Pon has                                                      two huge wins over     as preparation for the Greg Van Tongeren gets ready.       These swimmers have
helped this team Jeremy Ng about to race.                         Keio Academy and       Divisionals against Our            Courtesy of Liz Dowling prepared hard all sea-
                                         Courtesy of Liz Dowling
all season by using                                              Yorktown. Those         Lady of Lourdes. Coach Dearstyne         son and this team is literally holding its
his ability to do multiple swims without  wins were both inspirational, consider-        stated “Our current goal is to defeat    collective breath for another victorious
flaw. His main strokes are the fly,       ing that those two teams are in faster         Our Lady of Lourdes at Divisionals.      extended season.

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