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									                                                 ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.         -1-

                                  CHAPTER 1


Economic summits at the Local government level are a rare occurrence in our
society and remain one of the effective ways at confronting our complex socio-
economical problems. The local government is the grass root interface to the
citizenry and developmental initiatives at this level have been know to have
the greatest effect.

The 1st annual AOLG Economic Summit took place successfully on 11th – 12th Feb
2009 at the SUNFIT venue on… The forum had speakers from different work of
life, with different strategies on how to harness our potentials and foster
sustainable growth.

This forum created an opportunity for different groups to express their
concerns and even though some concerns were clearly deviated from the
summit discus it created an avenue to analyze and put in perspective other
issues that affect our development.

The summit proceeding completed successfully with large turnout and paper
presented in all the critical spheres affecting the local government. This
documentation covers all the papers that were presented, lessons learnt,
recommendation for converting the blue print to a veritable roadmap to
economic paradise.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.          -2-

                                   CHAPTER 2



It is my pleasure to be part of the opening ceremony of what I believe signals
the beginning of new things in Local Government administration in Lagos and
Nigeria in general.

Let me congratulate the Chairman, Comrade Ayodele Adewale, the
management and the entire staff of Amuwo-0dofin LG for thinking fit to come
up with a laudable programme of this nature. From the programme and the
various issues to be covered, I believe that this will be a very stimulating and
challenging Economic Summit that will redefine the meaning of governance at
the third-tier of government and impact positively on the lives of the residents.

The tradition of Economic Summit is not new to us in Lagos. So far we have
held four (4) Economic Summits that have provided the working documents for
most of our programmes in the areas of energy, security, finance and
administration, urban renewal, slum upgrade, traffic management,
infrastructural development, judicial reforms, mortgage and housing, economic
development among others. Our Ten-Point Agenda, for instance, is an outcome
of one of our Summit. We have been very lucky to have discussants and
presenters from within and outside Nigeria; and we have been learning and
relearning best practices in other jurisdictions; comparing notes and sharpening
our skills on good governance.

From the time of my immediate predecessor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and
to the 4th Economic Summit (Ehingbeti 2008), we have taken all the resolutions
emanating from the Summits seriously as our working documents in

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.          -3-

transforming the face of Lagos and delivering a first-class model of good
governance that has continued to attract the attention of all. We have been
able to achieve this remarkable progress because you gave us the power and
you have continued to stand behind us, urging us to ride on!, [Am I right?]

In the past 600 days and more we have been working and toiling for the 18
million people of Lagos whose hopes and aspirations, we are conscious of,
depend on us. Our activities have been felt in virtually every part of the State.
The other day, somebody was quoted as wondering how Fashola is making it.
That work has been going on in virtually every part of Lagos simultaneously. It
is not Fashola, it is YOU! You asked Fashola to lead and you have been
supporting him and his able team. We thank you!

When we therefore see a beautiful idea of this nature, we are further
encouraged that we are not the only one thinking about how to better the lots
of our good people in Lagos. It is very gratifying therefore to find our Brothers
and Sisters, your servants and leaders at the local government level coming up
with an economic summit to brainstorm on how Amuwo-Odofin LG can become
a key player in the project of building a New Lagos. I am very sure that other
LGs will soon emulate you.

As the tier of governance closest to the people, the local government serves to
mobilize the grassroots for self-reliance and development trough various
capacity building programmes and public enlightenment events.

This summit therefore is a welcome development as part of our joint effort to
deliver on our electoral promises and to enlist the support of stakeholders;
corporate organizations and residents towards making this place a destination
for business and pleasure.

With the presence of experts and distinguished discussants, I believe that the
objectives of this summit will be achieved. We hope also that it will help to
reinforce our methods and efforts at the centre in the areas of Security, Public-
Private partnership, ENTRIDA Scheme, Micro-Credit Scheme, traffic
management, sports development, functional and qualitative education,
proactive and preventive as well as functional health management system
among others.

Permit to briefly remind you some of the areas we have been working on: they
include, upgrade of slums into new, well ordered and liveable cities and
communities; reclaiming parks; creating water fronts, recreation, sports centre
are considered as not only correct methods to uplift standards and quality of
people‟s life but they also help to reduce crime.

I am pleased to note that most of these areas have been listed for
consideration and discussions during this Summit. I am very optimistic that the

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.          -4-

outcome will provide the blueprint to move this LG forward as part of their
contributions towards making Lagos, a dynamo of Nigeria and a bride of Africa.
Distinguished Ladies and gentlemen let me comment briefly on our public-
private partnership initiative. Our pleasant experiences have supported the
wisdom behind that initiative. Our engagement of the private sector as the
engine of growth and strategic partners for the development of infrastructure
especially in critical sectors like security, housing, power, sports and micro
credit has become a model for others to emulate. In the forum I held with our
corporate partners a few days ago, while thanking for their continued support,
I said this much that their contributions have helped to make Lagos safer and
more prosperous.
As we commence this summit, I believe that our discussants will be able to
allow us to drink from the well of their right experiences; learning how to
adopt global best practices; how to devise an integrated approach; how to
develop and empower the human capital required for our investment in our
modernisation effort at the grassroots; how to make the LG the very catalyst
of growth in our effort to build a model mega city and position Lagos as
dynamic centre of growth; how to build sustainable partnership; how to reduce
our dependence on the sustenance from the centre and device ways of
achieving sustenance through our internal revenue generation mechanism; and
how to utilize the natural and human resources in our neighborhoods for the
task of modernizing the local government for the larger benefits of Lagos.
It is my wish that the summit will help stimulate the sharing of practical
experiences and examples of initiatives, innovations and achievements. I also
hope that it will offer the opportunity for dispassionate considerations of some
of the methods we have adopted in the past, highlight their strengths and
weaknesses and suggest ways to turn areas of weakness to areas of strengths
and then improve on our administrative and managerial capabilities.
I am confident that this shared learning and dialogue will accelerate our
journey towards making Lagos, the Africa‟s Model Mega City.
Let me use this forum to remind our good people of Lagos that our commitment
to restore hope, prosperity and opportunity for all remains unshaken. We need
to remember, however, that all over the world developments, advancements
and social reconstructions are often accompanied with some discomfort
initially before they yield the fruits of peace and prosperity for all. While we
remain focused to do what us right, we will continue to demonstrate
compassion to mitigate some of the discomfort that will initially come with the
implementation of change towards development and prosperity for all
Lagosians. We will continue to ask for your patience and support as we all play
our part to make Lagos the dreamland for all.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for listening; it is my honour
and pleasure to formally declare this summit open.
And I wish you all exciting, fruitful and beneficial reading your resolutions and
communiqué at the end of the summit.
Eko O ni Baje O!

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.          -5-

                                   CHAPTER 3



I welcome you all to this historic Economic Summit. It is a great thing of joy to
have in attendance captains of industries and great men and women of proven
integrity, shakers and movers of the Nigerian Economy sited here today in this
great hall to chart a new course to making Amuwo Odofin Local Government
economically buoyant and investor- friendly community. Government is about
people, and not just people but well- meaning people who in their respects are
catalysts of socio- economic change. Dated back in 1977 when Festal was
created and Japanned Housing Estate in 1980, the Amuwo Odofin of that time
was principally a residential area but with the advent of modernisation and on
the need for the residents to make livelihood possible; by and large, Small
Medium Enterprises started springing up within the area. Banks and other
business opened up the environment to a better establishment of more
companies to cater for people‟s needs vis- a-vis creation of employment that
are seen around thereby bringing quick service delivery to the people and
opening access for opportunity that are needed to develop the community.
The 1st Amuwo Odofin Economic Summit is a vision of the current Local
Government Administration to position the stakeholders living in Amuwo Odofin
towards identifying and creating a robust investment climate.
Lagos State has definitely become investors‟ haven. Kudos to His Excellency,
the former Governor of Lagos State Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who passed on
the torch of development to His Excellency, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN,
the Executive Governor of Lagos State who has bettered the standard that was
left for him by his predecessor in transforming Lagos State and making the
aquatic “Little London”, into a developing Mega City.
In furtherance to the Lagos State Governor‟s vision to make life better for all
residents in Lagos State, hence in Amuwo Odofin here, it is our vision to follow
his footsteps by stopping at nothing than to make Amuwo a Mini- Mega City.
This great transformation can only be achieved through a communal effort
between Amuwo Odofin Local Government authority and the economic icons in
our community. Democracy and Good Governance are said to be government of
the people for the people and by the people. This shows that in the modern
day governance, community development is enhanced by the collaborative
efforts of all and sundry in the actual realization of dividends of democracy.
Nay, Eko O Ni Baje and Amuwo Odofin O Ni Baje O!
Congratulations to Babaomojola, an economic consultant and co-ordinator of
this 1st Economic Summit. The Government and residents of Amuwo Odofin will
continue to acknowledge your team‟s effort in co-ordinating this event.
At the end of these two days‟ Summit, I believe that we will all have a course
to appraise ourselves in the area of community participation. Every section of
                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.            -6-

this Summit is loaded with challenging discourse to be presented by series of
erudite scholars and resource personnel.
I therefore encourage all of us to see this Summit as a challenge for excellent
performance within our community with a determination to collaborate with
government to transform our immediate environment and society at large.
The summit shall focus on areas of developing a society which are socio-
economic and cultural angle of the Amuwo Odofin society.

This administration has its agenda-PROGRAMME OF ACTION as follows;

   1.    All existing structures and infrastructures in the state of disrepair i.e.
         roads are being given attention as I speak.

   2.    All existing drainage with blockages is being opened up while
         collapsed ones would be reconstructed and new ones bu

   3.    ilt soonest.

   4.    A good education foundation is important in human development and
         the only tool to combat the dreaded evil practice of Examination
         Malpractice and dependent economy is to invest massively in the
         foundation of our children that is Primary School Education. As an
         instrument of social change, all other institutions of a nation rely on
         the quality and quantity of the education given to its citizens. Our
         administration has already concluded arrangements on rehabilitation
         of schools which will start with the Igbologun primary school at the
         riverine area and Festac Universal Primary School 1, 3 rd Avenue,
         Festac Town. May I elucidate that these schools will be reconstructed
         from scratch and the fixtures that will be put in place are a block of
         6 class room with a staff office, toilets with functional borehole
         facility, a play ground and a computer center.

         As part of our Qualitative Education programme, Scholarship Award
         would be given to deserving resident students of Amuwo Odofin Local
         Government Area without discrimination while Bursary Award will be
         given to deserving students of the Local Government in higher
         institutions of learning and school uniforms with benches and
         notebooks made available for all the Students.

   5.    Free Basic-Primary Health Services will be provided for all while
         special attention would be given to the aged and children. Health
         Centers will be cited in strategic locations of the Local Government
         while existing ones will be upgraded to modern standard. We have
         gotten response from GTB and DANSA to upgrade the PHC at Festac
         Town and a boat clinic will be provided to complement the effort of
         the PHC at the riverine. Already, we have approved the service of

                                              ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.          -7-

      four volunteer doctors to complement the effort of the only regular
      Doctor in the Local Government while we have gotten a corper
      Doctor to kick start the PHC at the riverine community.

6.    Our administration shall put in place security network that will
      promote peace and tranquility within the local government by
      working in conjunction with the Nigeria Police, community leaders
      and other security agencies while Police post will be cited at
      strategic points. Let me use this opportunity to inform this gathering
      that we have provided over 80 Visa phones to 80 classes of interest
      groupings, including men of the Nigeria Police, OPS MESA which is a
      joint task force of the military and the Police to facilitating easier
      communication service at our cost. Also, over 1 Million worth of
      motorcycles and crash helmets had been given to the police and OPS
      MESA to combat crime at the black spot areas within the Local
      Government. We have increased the impress given to security
      operatives better than where we met it. We are also planning to
      increase it further while plans have been concluded to renovate both
      the divisional police station and the area command to modern
      standard with provision of a 30 KVA generator.

7.    Malfunctioning streetlights will be re-activated and more streetlights
      will be provided and situated at various areas of the Local
      Government with CCTV Camera in stalled.

8.    Branded Mass Transit Buses, Okada, Tricycles (Keke NAPEP) and Taxis
      will be provided in conjunction with private owners to facilitate
      shuttle services within the Local Government as a whole at a reduced

9.    To enhance safe transportation at the riverine areas, more modern
      jetties, ferry boats, Scholar boats and boat clinics will be provided
      for the usage of our riverine communities. Permit me to inform you
      that the first Scholar boat is almost completed.

10.   Agriculture will be given special attention as farmers would be
      encouraged to produce more while soft loans will be given to farmers
      who form a co-operative society to serve as boost for production of
      cheaper farm products while fertilizers, farming implements and
      fishing nets will be gotten for them at reduced cost.

11.   Our Commercial Markets will be given special attention as we shall
      rehabilitate and sanitize the market for the improvement of sales
      and hygiene while new markets will be built at the riverine
      communities. I also wish to inform you that the monthly fumigation
      of our market has started.

                                               ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.         -8-

12.   We shall make boreholes available for safe portable drinking water in
      the nooks and crannies of the Local Government, especially at the
      riverine while efforts will be made to reactivate the Festac Water
      Works via the Festac Town Residents Association (FTRA), Lagos State
      Government and Federal Government. Skye bank has already shown
      interest to finance some of these solar power-driven boreholes at the
      riverine areas as a way of performing their corporate social

13.   Our office will maintain an open door policy that will enable citizens
      of the Local Government come in and give meaningful suggestions
      that will aid the smooth running of the Local Government. Afribank
      has been renovating the Local Government Secretariat at no cost.
      Thanks to Corporate Social Responsibility.

14.   We shall encourage Co-operative Societies amongst women and
      various organizations. In this area, we have concluded arrangements
      with DANSA Foods to carry out our poverty alleviation scheme that
      will be financed through a Micro- Finance bank while soft loans et al
      will also be given.

15.   We are giving Gender balancing a priority in this administration.

16.   We shall encourage Government, Private Sector and Civil Society‟s
      partnership in our administration as we believe that this will help to
      improve the social, political, cultural and economic activities of our

17.   We shall institute a regular quarterly Town Hall Meeting between
      Stakeholders in the community and our Executive Council to engage
      in a tête-à-tête on issues relating to the development of our

18.   Our administration shall establish an I.C.T training and business for
      skilled and vocational training.

19.   We have already created a web-site for e-governance which is aimed
      at showcasing the potentials of the Local Government Area and give
      information about the activities of the Council.

20.   Our administration shall reinforce the skill acquisition center at
      Abule Ado to training people for vocational skills and production of
      materials in some of our social establishments. i.e. Furniture for our
      primary schools and offices.
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT.         -9-

   21.   Our administration shall monitor the management of wastes in
         partnership with State and private waste operators.

   22.   Our administration shall see to the management, beautification and
         development of our Environment. Let me inform this gathering that
         we have employed over 205 people i.e. 50 street sweepers, 105
         environmental defenders (sweepers), 50 bush clearers, 50 green club
         members (this class of people are to entrench the tree planting and
         beautification exercise of His Excellency, the Governor of Lagos
         State). Also, we have concluded plans to establish a drain duck
         department with 50 people for a start in the local government.

   23.   Our administration has established a monthly Local Government
         Newspaper called Amuwo Herald. This has also created jobs for 12

   24.   Our administration has almost concluded plans to construct teachers
         and health workers quarters in the riverine communities.

   25.   Plans are ongoing to building a Local Government-owned Sporting
         Complex while we shall make effort to take over the Federal Housing
         Authority Football Sporting Complex or run it with FHA.

   26.   Youth empowerment via direct engagement of talent development,
         provision of support funding and networking is ongoing with the
         CISCO Academy, Nexus Aspire and other organizations who have
         shown readiness to work with the local government in this respect.

Social and Cultural development activities such as support for social
programmes i.e. Carnivals and other social activities are ongoing. Example is
the forthcoming 20th anniversary of the National Association of Nigerian
Theater Art Practitioners (NANTAP) will commence its anniversary programme
from Amuwo Odofin having veteran Artistes performing like Joke Silva, Anta
Laniyan, Ambassador Segun Olusola, Dejumo Louis, Richard Mofedamijo, Bucky
Ajayi to mention just a few while Mr. Alli Mahmud Balogun, the first President
of the Association will be physical present.

The Local Government will also be playing host to the 2 nd Lagos International
Jazz Festival that tends to attract a 30 Million Dollar investment to the local
government as a whole with notable artistes such as Manu Debango, Bantu,
Asa, Yinka Davies, Ara, Nneka, Beautiful Nubian and several other Jazz Artistes
from across the world in March this year.

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 10 -

All of these plans and several others are all we have in stock for the people,
hoping that this Summit will evolve a synergy to bringing into reality all the
above outlayed people‟s oriented programme that tends to actualise a robust
economic reality that will cushion the economic base of Amuwo Odofin, Lagos
State, Nigeria, Africa and the World.

We have not also forgotten to restructure the Internal Generated Revenue
mechanism that will support revenue from other sources hence a new realistic
revenue dispensation has been introduced, starting from the revenue gotten
from the Okada and Tricycle riders. Let nobody be afraid as these rates will be
peoples friendly and moneys gotten and spent can be monitored at will. Our
aim is to generate 200 million naira yearly from the Internally Generated

I thank you for your lucid attention.
Amuwo o ni Baje o!
Eko o ni Baje oo!!
Nigeria Ko ni baje ooo!!!
Aluta Continua...
We thank you all and God bless.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 11 -

                                    CHAPTER 1
                                    CHAPTER 4


                           Professor Funso Akingbade,
             President, Institute for Operations Research of Nigeria;
 Dean, College of Social and Management Sciences, Caleb University, Lagos
      Former Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Lagos.

This lead paper outlines the geographic features of Amuwo-Odofin Local
Government Area as the basis for identifying the potentials for generating
economic activities for wealth-creation for the people and revenue for the
Local Government. This is a globalised knowledge era in which activities are
information driven in order to be successful. The summit itself opens up the
need for information, through elaborate data collection and analysis, to enable
the Local Government succeed in its ambitions plan and programme of

The scientific methodologies adopted are “SWOT ANALYSIS” and “ECONOMIC
GEOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS”.        In essence the geographic features in the Local
Government Area are identified and are scanned to generate their economic
potentials as options for the Local Government to adopt in its developmental

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 12 -

drive to create wealth for the people and revenue for the Local Government.
The paper essentially provides a framework for generating economic potentials
for investment considerations. The other papers presented at the Summit will
provide more details of the analysis and economic potentials as options for
developmental investments for the area.

    EMPOWERMENR- Conference Paper Delivered At the Amuwo Odofin L-G
                                Economic Summit
                                By Dudu Orunme
    Although Dudu orume could not speak but he submitted his paper and below
is the summary of his paper.
In a world where 18 – 21 years old footballers, basketballers, crickets, rugby
players, golf and tennis players earn 50,000 – 150,000 weekly, the Nigerian
youth is still in search of sporting facilities to recreate, unwind, horne latent
talent and skill and much more to develop into professional rank for the much
desired economic empowerment modern sport has so much to offer.
Through sport, children are connected to other children, to athletes, to
coaches, to adults and to community at local and global levels. Sports help
youths and young adults to look after one another, and to have opportunity for
healthy development where they otherwise may not. Experience has showed
that sport and recreational facilities are in extremely short supply and
consequently the fora for interaction, talent development which then promotes
growth to professional heights are limited. This limitation creates a challenge
the empowering youths economically through sport.
In the light of the above and given that we are all agreed that the Nigerian
youth can be empowered through sport, although I will dare to say that sport
does not exist in a vacuum, it having to exist within the strictures presented by
other realities, I shall attempt to build a case or sport with a pyramidal
structure and the apex result of professional zenith and hence economic
empowerment for the talented, committed, focused youth.
It becomes imperative therefore government to provide the frame-work, legal,
economic, political, etc for local government‟s corporate citizens and
responsive individuals setting up sports foundations to contribute their quotes
to this resolve that5 Nigerian youth can be empowered economically through
sport. Community based by well organized sporting activities will throw forth
incredible talents which the system must fashion out plans on how to horne
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 13 -

their skills for the good of the sport person, the community the state and the
nation because when any of such discoveries begins to earn good money in
Europe or American, it is economic liberation for the family at home and
economic empowerment for such an athlete.

                           FUTURE education

Transforming Education

To help expand education opportunities worldwide, Microsoft is partnering with
government, intergovernmental organizations, academic and industry leaders
to facilitate access to high-quality education through dynamic, learner-focused
technologies and resources.

Microsoft recognizes that one of the best enhancements to any education
system is to amplify the impact of high-quality teachers. The company‟s five-
year, $250 million investment in its Partners in Learning program is already
active in 101 countries, with training that has equipped 2.5 million teachers
and reached more than 57 million students across these countries. In addition,
through the Partners in Learning program, over 722,000 teachers and students
have achieved certification on Microsoft technology. Microsoft also works with
industry partners to help guide teachers with the integration of technology into
lesson plans and curricula through programs including Intel Corporation‟s Teach
to the Future and UNESCO‟s ICT Competency Standards for Teachers.

Through the portal, recent graduates will be able to identify the skills they
need to acquire or improve, find and complete appropriate training, and verify
their acquisition of new skills. Employers will have an expanded pool of
qualified candidates and be able to search for prospective employees based not
only on the information in their résumés but on the additional courses and

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 14 -

certifications they have completed successfully. Training partners will use
Microsoft‟s new set of education authoring tools and a robust e-commerce
infrastructure to offer and deliver training opportunities.

                            JOLA OGUNLUSI

Festac Beauty and Provision of Welfare
The physical facilities that really provide for happiness and standard welfare
for residents start from:
Water: This is very essential hence Isasi Water Works was built by the Federal
Housing Authority [FHA] specifically to service the town. This was
supplemented to six bore holes around the Reservoir along 22 Road.

There was water in all houses in the first six to seven years of the town.    But
when Isasi Water Works was transferred to Lagos State Water Corporation,      the
supply from Isasi was cut off. The bore-holes were managed for a while,       but
the change of leadership of FHA led to the collapse of the system and for     the
past 14 years no regular supply or no supply of potable water again in        the
town. Individuals who has the means resulted into personal boreholes.

Electricity: As important as water was the electricity was equally effective for
onward of Ten years, and most especially under the first administrator of FHA.
All major roads, like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th Avenues, 21, 22, 23, 24, roads,
were electrified. Some other essential roads with electricity are 31, 32, 51, 52,

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 15 -

71, 311, 312, 322, 41 Roads, 512, 511, 712, 722 and some other access roads,
these roads and access were taken care of by the FHA then.
The electricity system comprises of several transformer with heavy generators
as back up. When in an area the transformer does not receive supply from the
grid through the injection station at 2nd gate along 2nd Avenue the generators
were used as alternative. This made supply of electricity then remained
uninterrupted. All the feeder-pillars and the cubicles through which unit of
houses were connected also functioned properly.
Recreation Facility: One of the major aspects that made the town attract
people from outside Festac Town on weekend visit was the Recreation
Facilities. Between the first gate to the third gate along 2 nd Avenue, there
were about 11 small and big recreational areas well decorated to provide
relaxation. In the entire built up area of Festac then; the three communities,
there were more than 50 open spaces, gardens, playground with all facilities
for relaxation for family, elders and children. The FHA was taking care of the
facilities well maintained with grass with children playing materials. Theses
were at the backyard and close to every family. The FHA Stadium at 23 Road
provides a clear meeting place for our children to while away time. Football
teams were organized by communities an the FHA strongly encouraged this by
floating a team which used to be engage in State competition like Oba Cup

The FHA Club along 22 Road which housed both big halls and long tennis court
and the Baft 77 Club on 1 Close 21 Rod provides relaxation for those who may
wish to relax or drink at evening after the days work and play tennis and other
games. One of the major prides facilities and attraction for relaxation was the
water front in the canal area at First Avenue with a boat yacht area which also
served as transport point from Festac to Apapa and Lagos; people enjoyed the
arrangement with coconut tree just growing in the area. Some of our members
love farming in the area then. This had now given way to big buildings and
offices, thus destroying the beauty.
Road Connections: One of the major facilities enjoyed when people moved
into Festac in 1977 and up to 1980 was road connection by foot paths between
closes and across one community to the other. It was possible then to move
from 1st Avenue through such roads or path ways without passing through the
major road to 7th Avenue.

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 16 -

Path Ways: About 90 percent of these path ways are illegally blocked, some
permanently by people who had extended their buildings to cover the
connection, like a case we are currently challenging on „I‟ Close of 5 th Avenue
when a buyer recently extended the building of his boys quarters to block the
road link from the Close to 23 Road, claiming that FHA approved it, even after
FHA had marked it for removal.

Sewage and Sanitation: Part of the facilities that made people love Festac was
the environmental sanitation in the town. The sewage system of the town
pumps through underground cover straight through about 7 pumping stations to
the treatment plant at Satellite Town. Then there was no where in the three
communities where you will see the waste gushing out. Besides, the FHA
closely maintained environmental sanitation of the town. All the roads were
regularly swept and sand scooped from the side roads. The gutters were usually
cleaned up while the green areas were cut regularly for beautification. The
monthly environmental sanitation was introduced first by FHA under Ebie in
Festac, before it became a national issue.
Security: At this early stage there were only three entrances to the tow, the
fourth exist the link bridge was built much later. The FHA maintained very
strict security on the gates some trucks, were not allowed into the Town.
There were used to checking even on cars at particulars hours of the day. The
gates were always locked. It was the practice in Festac then which had now
been abandoned, that places like the Lekki Garden City, Aja Estate and Magodo
Estate imitate to maintain good hold of security in their estate today. Before
you can move in or out certain materials in Festac then you needed permission.
This is why people were leaving Ikoyi and Victoria Island to buy houses or land
in Festac to say then.
Mechanic Village and Market at 6th Avenue: Among major physical welfare
facilities the Residents Association has requested is the provision of an
adequate space in the master plan scheme of Festac for a big Market place an
mechanic which now dotted every where in Festac Town. We have long
envisaged that an uncontrolled mechanic workshop in the town will create
dirty sight. It was also clear that the market need of the town in the 7
communities later cannot be met with the small market within the build up
area. In fact there was actually no provision for a market, hence the request
for a night temporary market at 2nd gate which now turned to illegal market.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 17 -

The Market 23 Road and 4th Avenue came as a result of pressure. However, a
space large for an international market was given on the commercial belt of
FHA master plan at 6th Avenue. The market should be constructed meet the
trading pattern of the people taking into consideration the culture of the
people for trading. It is very necessary to have open space for some class of
traders and their good building of plaza will not meet the physical social
welfare need of the market for which the residents association asked for the
Transport System: Transport in the estate when people moved into the Town
in 1977/78 was almost non-existing. Moving in and out was due to high level of
cooperation between the early residents. Those with means of transport used
to render free will assistance to fellow residents with no means. The Badagry
road transport from mile 2 to Okoko were very few then. The few that were,
were not always on the convenient route. Like Lagos straight to Okoko or
Obalende through Oshodi to Festac at the case may be.

However, with pressure on FHA and other Government agents, the Lagos
Monicipal Transport Service (LMTS) was allowed to run transport in Festac.
Almost simultaneously the both service at 1st Avenue began operation to Apapa
to Lagos. Theses 2 eased the transport system. The collapse of LMTS and its
failure to continue its services in Festac gave immediate room for few
Residents who were involved in private transport system to begin transport
activities first in Festac to mile 2. This was extended to Orile, Apapa and
Oshodi later. It was further extended through a continuous operation from
Oshodi route to Obalende and through Apapa and Orile to Lagos. The
introduction of labour transport with the skeletal of LMTS through Ogboju
became popular. Before this, the running of Danfo has now included non
residents of Festac Town. Theses Danfos registered for routes outside Festac
stared plighting Festac. This was later compounded by Okada and others like
Keke Nappep.
Other Arrangements: Spaces were left specifically designed to provide
facilities like schools commercial activities and small shopping centres where a
minimum provision were created on a very temporary basis for small essential
needs. While the shopping complex or places created as restaurant for the
Festival were listed out for some of the essential needs like sales of provisions
and chemists, a few kiosk about 600 in number were strategically located and
to serve the communities. They were built with planks. They were balloted for

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 18 -

as did for the houses. The first General Manager kept a tag strictly on this.
While at the request of the residents in conjunction with the state government
some of the spaces were allocated for schools.
Abuse of the Facilities: The change of leadership in the FHA had greatly
affected the structure of facilities and the planning of Festac Town. The
degradation and the break down of infrastructure affecting facilities was as a
result of the new managers‟ attitude to the maintenance and lack of
appreciation of what the facilities were really meant for. The new leaders also
lack the knowledge of town planning; hence they sold out all open spaces and
abandoned the few left. Infrastructure like water, roads, sewage and light and
even walk ways were left at the mercy of the populace who can not maintain
I have delved much on Festac taken it as basis. The entire Local Government
needs all the facilities I have mentioned in Festac most especially the up land
areas of Amuwo-Odofin other than Festac suffer the same fate as Festac. In
fact mot of what I have discussed at Festac were not provided in the low cost
areas or the housing estates in Mile 2, since the construction there are based
on self developing. This is also the case in area of 6 th Avenue in Festac. The
area lack water recreational areas, electricity and health centre. I have
mentioned earlier that the 2nd phase as a site and service scheme. The 6th
Avenue fall within the area. Similarly Abule-Ado within the scheme suffers the
same deprivation as none of the facilities were ever provided. But these are
basic things needed for economic sustainability.


                               LOCAL GOVERNMENT

                                                     ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 19 -


      Two interrelated themes have been dominant in the growth or stagnation of
      Nigerian‟s economic development, since 1960 to the present and the
      economic policies and strategies that shaped it. These are: Engineering
      Infrastructure and Engineering services. The dismal state of our national
      infrastructure and services offered by it, bear witness to a Nigerian state,
      which at once would seem manifestly to have trappings of a developing
      economy, but in reality, it is in the down-cycle of deep decay. This economic
      summit in our present circumstance is a pathway to economic with social
      development. It is required to address problems of decay in infrastructures
      and to harness environmental advantages with the Local Government‟s
      coordination to push processes, advice on undertakings and promote specific
      projects in collaboration with stakeholders. A blue print is to be resolved at
      the end by interest groups and stakeholders.

      We are an optimistic people and we often see the silver lining even in this
      conspicuous decay.

       The Infrastructure of any economy is that whole system of engineering
      and bases, facilities and services required in order that the whole
      people will be productive and thus able to contribute meaningfully to
      the growth and development of the economy and the society in all
      In other words it is the basic or underlying framework upon which the
      effective organisation of any society, economy or system stands or
      falls. Infrastructure is thus simply the foundation of the economy and
      society; infrastructure refers both to economic infrastructure that is
      water supply, energy, transport, telecommunication, sanitation and
      waste facilities, flood protection, drainage and irrigation and to Social
      infrastructure: that is- Schools, medical centers and hospitals, sports
      clubs and cultural association and finally Human infrastructure (the
      non-physical part to be ingrained in the hearts of Amuwo Odofin
      residents (morality, reason, creativity, vision, skill, sacrifice, and self
      worth)- that is protection of our Commonwealth (government property
      is ours, we must take proper care of them); next is Improved work
      ethics(service with passion) by all Amuwo Odofin citizens; Time
      Management-elimination of Nigerian time syndrome) and finally, we
      must all adopt the Golden rule- In everything therefore do unto others
      what you want them do to you.
      Nigeria‟s infrastructure was built up locally, using foreign designed blue
      prints or imported out rightly.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 20 -

In the light of these causes of poor infrastructure;
 We need to put in place measures for the development and optimization of the
identified priority basic infrastructure appropriate for sustainable techno-
economic development of Amuwo Odofin local government.
Generally annual macro-economic, monetary and fiscal policies can do a lot to
bring about improvements in an economy already with a sound foundation, but
it is doubtful they can adequately address the deep and long term problems of
a non industrialise economy like Nigeria‟s Such problems include: the
dysfunctional structures of the education system, production (and employment)
consumption, distribution, ownership, technology development and all other
structures of organisation and management of society which gulp huge sums.
These problems are the root of our underdevelopment and perennial
dependence, and enable developed countries sell their manufactured wares,
get raw materials and export their surplus capital with its origin in the colonial
We must leverage our resources to compete successfully with the world by
finding the safest and shortest path between our today and our hoped-for
This is where the crafting of an Amuwo Odofin Strategic Architecture to shape
and shorten the path from our today and tomorrow becomes imperative.
The strategic re-direction and re-orientation of various existing institutions and
creation of new ones with the fostering of new interrelationships to
systematically and comprehensively implement the new direction: the
construction of requisite foundation for a fully functioning and efficient
infrastructure and economic system.
For example, I suggest strategic Consultative Groups of Stakeholders should be
set up as institutionalized arrangement for priority setting and implementation
of agreed policy direction within each sub sector.
The Strategic Consultative Groups will develop policies and think for the larger
local government interest groups to articulate practical and workable solutions,
which must be adopted by responsible government for the strategic direction
for the regeneration of the decaying infrastructure.
A general framework or system of the Strategic Consultative Groups must
1) Those that have a stake:
              Residents of Amuwo Odofin Local Government
               Entrepreneur- Investor

2) Local Government Policy Representative-
3) Financial Institutions- Representative
4) Professional Groups- Representative
5) Relevant training Institutions- Representative
6) Other Corporate Institutions
7) Technology/Engineering support- Fabricators, engineering Construction
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 21 -

    Small-scale industries association,
8) Other relevant interest and Business groups (external) e.g. NACCIMA, Federal
   Government poverty alleviation agencies, Labour Unions, Political Parties
and Politicians, Community development associations, ethnic associations,
cooperative associations farmers groups, fishermen groups, women
associations, Market associations NGOs etc.

Recommendation: Summarily at the end of this economic summit the Local
government and the stakeholders should put in place the following actions for a
vibrant local government where the people will flourish with dependable and
efficient infrastructure:

    Develop a strategy for sustainable public services and infrastructure
    Understand the concept, nature and types of public infrastructure and
    Look into the problems of availability and capacity of infrastructure
    Discover means of measuring the effectiveness of infrastructure.
    Develop management options for public infrastructure
    Identify communities‟ involvement and monitoring of public services and
    Develop programme on reversing the operational and financial
     inefficiencies in the system by turning around the working culture and
     thinking of the public civil servants.
    Develop service and revenue enhancement programme for restoring
     citizen‟s confidence and creating a sense of ownership that was vital,
     sustainable service delivery.
    Empowerment and continuous staff development
    Incorporation of strong research and development to explore new ways
     and technologies of addressing inefficiencies.
    Education programme targeted at capacity building
    Well and strategically formulated monitoring and evaluation framework
     to ensure continuous improvement
    Train competent supervisors and managers

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 22 -

4.6                                            ABSTRACT

                             Engr Olagbaye Olanubi,
            MD, Integrated Sciences and Applied Technology Ltd,
                    Principal Consultant, E consultants Ltd

Infrastructures are erections to facilitate systems. Basic to activities they are
obviously erected to service transportation, communications, utilities of
portable water, health, education, electric energy, manufacturing,, education,
shelter, public service, security, environment.
Infrastructures do not only have to be provided but have to be optimized. That
imports adequacy and viability; Nigeria‟s cultural practices have to be retuned
for Amuwo Odofin to imbibe proper design, installation, maintenance and
economical financing.
The decay in infrastructures is common when we undertook a tour of the
mainland and seafront of Amuwo Odofin LGA. The decay problems compelled
utilizing the existing infrastructure and space to optimize what exists
specifically we could overcome the marshland by hovercraft ferry boat linkages
to all adjacent Lag‟s. Supervision by stakeholders in design, usage, monitoring
and maintenance may optimize, make maximum usage of, the infrastructure
we can afford.
Some projects we propose are:
      Vocational training institutes
      Water transportation using Hovercraft
      Industrial Clusters small-scale industries and FUNCTIONAL AND Modern
       Auto mechanic garages
      International Shopping Mall
      Solar Power Generators
      Bio diesel production from raffia Palm tree Juice (oguro)

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 23 -

      Manufacture of Tablets, infusions, test kits, creams, Medical supplies
      and water purification chemicals.
     affordable housing and Toilets for riverine areas
     Diesel from Engine oil
     recycle of engine oil and plugs


I feel delighted and honoured to have been invited to address this
economic summit designed to achieve multi-purpose objectives

   Cleared detailed audit of available infrastructure in the
    region, detailing their state, and current load on the
    infrastructure. This is a tool which will guide decision making.
   Audit of General Healthcare and HIV awareness within the LGA
    Recommendations will specify ways of improving the
    healthcare systems and coordination of HIV awareness and
    care campaign.
   Identification of resources for quantification and data
    processing as guideline for the summit, investors and
   Identification of youth and gender empowerment programmes
    that will create wealth, improved health and quality to life in
   Specifications to conduct a census of industrial and social
    establishments in Amuwo Odofin and neighboring development
   Trade and Traffic flows within the Lagos West Economic Zone.
   Investment and support priorities for social establishment in
    Amuwo Odofin: education, health, sports, housing, tourism,
    art and culture.
   Demographic review of the population census results so as to
    categorize Amuwo Odofin population by age, sex, education
    and occupation.

                                           ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 24 -

      Revenue possibilities within the Lagos State LG law and how
       to design and implement an efficient system for collecting
       generated revenue.
      Examination of options for Private/Public Participation.

With the framework of grand-plan to achieve the fore-going
objectives, transportation and bus-stop shelters development rank
high among those things that are needed to be addressed in order
to achieve a Local Government of our dream.

Just as communication is life and critical to economic development,
so as it transportation critical to economic advancement. Ability to
move freely without hindrance or fear and get to predetermined
destination within a predetermined time-frame are crucial issues
investors must consider before choosing a particular area for
industry citing. Therefore, in this paper I will discuss briefly key
aspects of the topics in order to bring to the fore need to urgently
embrace the idea of efficient transportation system to facilitate
economic advancement especially in Festac Town.
1.    Movement of People and Goods:
      The transportation within the Local Government had been
      adversely affected by neglect and unfulfilled promises. The
      various modes of transportation within the local government
      must receive massive transformations, innovative ideas must
      be achieve. Road transportation is about the commonest of all
      the modes and a larger percentage of population in the local
      government use this mode hence the importance of bus-stop
      shelters. Aside from buses, efforts should also be geared
      towards increasing the Tri-Cycles and de-emphasise the Motor
      Bike popularly called “OKADA”. One is tempted to recommend
      a total ban on Okadas considering the kind of heinous crimes
      they are been used to perpetrate.

2.     Security:
       An efficient transportation system and the provision of Bus-
       Stop Shelters as a back-up enhances security and increase
       public confidence in the system. The present arrangement
       whereby transportation within the local government is free
       from all with little or no form of control makes people to be
       prone to all forms of abuse, rough handling, shabby
                                          ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 25 -

     treatment, fear and high level of insecurity and moreover,
     excessive fare adjustment on slight excuses. Miscreants
     popularly called the Area Boys dictates the tunes and
     condition of traveling with these buses for the elitists. An
     efficient transportation system therefore in the local
     government especially in Festac Town will help greatly in
     addressing these. Mindful of the fact that the light rail will
     eventually pass through Festac, it will be most ideal to join
     the light rail to the down-town, I mean the city.

3.   Environment and Beautification:
     Some of the features of a Mega City are the presence of
     beautiful environment and efficient facility management. An
     organized road transportation backed by modern bus-stop
     shelters will enhance the beatification of the environment as
     vehicles will only be allowed to drop and pick passengers at
     designated bus stops. What applies now is that buses drop an
     pick passengers in almost every closes and houses in case of
     Festac Town. These bus-stop shelters will be illuminated
     through Solar Powered System thereby lightening-up the
     designated bus stops and that will in turn complete the street
     lights by brightening-up the streets. The possibility of
     providing Public Toilets to serve group of bus-stop shelters
     and passers-by will also be considered in order to beef-up the
     level of hygiene.

4.   Employment Generation:
     The transportation sub-sector is a money-spinner. It an be
     planned to generate sufficient revenue that will provide
     employment opportunity for those that will manage the Bus-
     Stop Shelters and their immediate environment. The success
     of the BRT Scheme is a case in point. The staff will be
     expected to ensure clean environment, security within the bus
     stop as well as provide information to the public as

5.   Road Transportation within Festac Town:
     The Festac Town is unique in a number of respects, it is a
     town in a mega city, inhibited largely by the middle and
     upper-class. In order to beef up security within the town and
                                           ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 26 -

     engender greater public confidence in transportation,
     government must organize road transportation whereby only
     authorized buses painted in a chosen colour and will comply
     with pre-agreed government rules and regulation will operate
     within the town. A standard fare will be introduced thereby
     making commuters to be able to plan their journeys without
     fares been jacked-up arbitrarily. Such buses must use the bus-
     stop shelters and also meet some certain standard of road
     worthiness. Details of such rules and regulations will be

6.    Project Financing:
      In terms of financing this project, that is; the provision of
      buses and the erection of the bus-stop shelters, there are
      different options and there are financial institutions/
      companies out there that will be interested. It can be a joint
      project between the government and the private sector and
      can be fully privatized or concessioned. The potentials in
      these options are great and attractive. The local government
      and the private will derive revenue from the bus-stop shelter
      through advertising of products and services for companies
      that will subscribe for advertising space. There are other
      avenues in this project that will bring revenue to the local
      government like registration of buses and stickers.
Poor transportation system hinders the movement of people and by
extension hampers quality service delivery as well as hinders
economic growth. A conscious effort to address this in a planned
manner will surely move the local government to an envious level
and integrate it to operational dynamics of a Mega City of which it
is part.

                                                 ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 27 -

                            DR. ABIMBOLA JINADU






                                                 ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 28 -









   •   COSTS










   •   V.I.P TOILETS

   •   FINANCE





                                                         ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 29 -

      •   A collaborative and committed approach is essential to the success of the
          primary health care system

4.9                              BRANDING THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT

                                The New Face of Amuwo Odofin

                                    MR SEHID MOMOH

What is a Brand?
The concept of branding was born on May 13, 1931 when Neil McElroy of Procter &
Gamble UK, wrote an internal memorandum proposing a new business strategy called
“Brand Management”.
The concept focused attention on product specialization and differentiation instead of
business function. By distinguishing the qualities of each brand from all other brands,
each would avoid competition with one another by targeting different consumer
market. Most companies that copied this concept of Brand Management and product
Differentiation were extremely successful.

                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 30 -

Legally, a brand can be defined as a name, term, sign, symbol, design or a
combination of intended to identify the Goods and Services of one seller or group of
sellers, and differentiate those goods and services from other sellers.
 However, today‟s products and services, corporations and countries and even
politicians and celebrities can be considered brands. For example, Barack Obama is
currently a world household brand .A brand therefore is a collection of perceptions in
the mind of the consumer.
Branding allows an offering to take an obtainable, sustainable and favorable market
position. Brand moves consumer‟s frame of mind from making a product decision to
making Brand decision. Product decision is rational and takes place within a given
category. They begin with thoughts such as “I could really do a drink”. Brand decisions
are absolute---SPRITE.

Globalization has ushered in a new era of competition, making new technologies and
cheap labour available to everyone. Increasingly companies are turning to their brand
as their only source of competitive advantage.
Branding and Government
In Government it is important that communication gets through to the people and
brands are normally part of that channel. People everywhere are demanding better,
more efficient and dynamic services from both the public and the private sector. Poor
services can cause great damage to the image of government and can create negative
perception amongst the citizens.
Branding can help counter public indifference to government‟s policies and also
project the progress government has made in trying to deliver the dividends of
democracy to the people. There is an urgent need for government to embrace
branding as it improves the relationship between government and its various
It is not the exclusive preserve for us in the private sector to brand our products and
services. Most recent government now seems more modern and approachable in
getting up to speed with branding. Only a few days ago, The Honorable Minister of
Information and communication called for proposals from the private sector on Re-
Branding Nigeria.
In 2004, The Nigerian Government launched the Nigerian Image project Tagged „The
heart of Africa‟. Five years down the line, the government is making attempt to re-
brand the country. This goes to show that branding as a tool really makes the
Branding and Technology
There are various tools required and necessary to deliver a brand to its target
audience, but for the purpose of this summit and the topic, being treated, we will
attempt to talk briefly on Technology.

It can deliver the speed marketing need without loosing the values attached to a
brand. It‟s just a matter of realizing when it comes to your brand, technology isn‟t the
enemy but rather an ally.
The Internet today is overwhelmingly a visual medium, and for brand-centered
corporations and government operating online, brand values are communicated
visually. According to a recent research an average worldwide brand has over 50,000
images associated with it. These brand images are rightly perceived to be strategic
The cell phone on the other hand has become the most pervasive technology of our
time and has also become the most effective driver for immediate information
                                                       ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 31 -

dissemination for both the private and public sectors of our polity. Ordinary citizens
have also taken the cell phone, especially its SMS components in establishing
communication immediacy both at personal and official levels.
In recognizing the power and efficiency of the SMS system in connecting citizenry and
the government, SMS has evolved into an effective government tool in shaping public
opinions, mobilizing citizen‟s participation and popular support (Branding and
Branding and Amuwo- Odofin LGA
 The Amuwo-Odofin local government area of Lagos state was created in October
2003.Situated in the western senatorial District, the local government commands very
huge potentials for branding and development with little or no cost to the local
government administrators.
From midway Apapa oshodi expressway (Right hand side) to the Midway ever busy Mile
2 Ojo Express way, the local government accommodate the quite a reasonable number
of human and material traffic.
Human and material traffic is key in any particular brand campaign and when a local
government manages a brand, the brand stands a significantly greater chance of
working for the locality as a whole.

Festac Town is a brand that ruled the country in the late seventies. It was a
masterpiece that received accolades from all corners of Affricative Festac Town was
an edible product line; it would have generated supernormal profit for the then
military junta.
As we speak today, Festac Town is a shadow of itself. It is like a product that has
completed its life cycle and when that happens to a product, REBRANDING is required
to prevent total extinction of the product.
The First, Second and Third gates are absolutely excellent brand sites for companies to
express their product desire.
The private sector can also speak to the consumers in festac by utilizing the current
malfunctioning streetlights with products that will illuminate each streetlight.
The current dismal state of the Festac football pitch can receive a complete
turnaround when adequately branded. A good example of a branded football pitch is
the Kings College Annex football pitch in Victoria Island.
All buses,Okada,keke marwa that commute within Featac are very good brand site for
the private sector.
The local government Administrators should therefore come up with a very vibrant
branding policy to rebrand Festac town. As this will impact significantly on the
internally generated revenue of the council
The main Entrance to Beachland Estate is a hot spot that also requires branding; there
are companies that might be interested in the traffic to the estate and within the
environment. The same applies to the entrance into the local government via a papa
Oshodi expressway and mile 2.
These strategic locations and a number of other sites within the local government can
effectively move a customer‟s frame of mind from making a product decision to
making a brand decision and also impact the IGR of the local council.

Amuwo-Odofin Local government Administrators can therefore utilize the telephone
potentials in creating a strong brand for itself via the SMS component of every
telephone handset. Goodwill messages, programme and policy information, project
completion information can be transmitted to the residents via SMS. The residents on

                                                                                ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 32 -

the other hand can communicate issues that require urgent attention to the local
government administrators.
Annual cultural festivals, Annual musical festivals, sports festivals, debate completion
among secondary school students, street cleaning completion, boat regatta to mention
a few are all activities necessary to showcase the local government.
A lot of opportunities and hidden talents will be discovered in this process and at the
same time succeeded in creating a strong brand for the local council as well as the
sponsor company.


To continuously remain relevant, compete favorably and deliver your goods and
services efficiently to the populace, both the private and public sector participant
should as a matter of priority engage in branding and rebranding activities.
Amuwo-Odofin local government administrators should carefully appraise and criticize
the various issues and solutions mentioned in the course of this presentation to come
up with a vibrant branding policy for the local council.
When properly articulated, the local government will be a brand to envy by others
because it will have a new face.

    4.10 Energy for Industry and Alternative Power for Street Illumination-
                                      Street Lights in Amuwo Odofin
                                             DOTUN ATILADE


Nigeria's electric power sector requires substantial reform if the country's economic development and poverty alleviation
program is to be realised. This understanding is behind the reform programme recently initiated by the Nigerian government
with the goal of privatising the national electric power monopoly, NEPA. Currently, the country faces serious energy crisis due

                        1st ANNUAL AMUWO-ODOFIN ECONOMIC SUMMIT
                                                                                 ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 33 -

to declining electricity generation from domestic power plants which are basically dilapidated, obsolete, unreliable and in an
appalling state of disrepair, reflecting the poor maintenance culture in the country and gross inefficiency of the public utility
provider. Building on an analysis of the major shortcomings of the current electric power company, this paper presents the
central issues that should form the key objectives of the proposed reform. This include corporatization of the electric power
industry, increasing access and power delivery capacity, constraining the costs of the power industry and increasing efficiency
and share of renewables in energy generation, as well as minimising environmental damage. We conclude with the observation
that efforts at reform will not yield the desired result if the current end-user inefficiency is not constrained. As Nigeria
implements its national utility privatisation programme, it is hoped that this review will benefit policy makers and emerging
managers and providers of electricity service in the country.

          Fund more research on the use of alternative power supply
          Fund optimization project to improve power transmission as an immediate
          Rural electrification project should be initiated
           Solar Energy project should be implemented on trial bases
          Investment on the localization of solar energy company should be considered
           with enhanced indigenous capacities in electric power                                              sector
          Security measures should be put in place to protect power infrastructure
          Measure should be put in place to ensure optimum return on investment in the
           power sector to encourage investments
          Enactments of policies that would encourage the use of alternative power
           sources, efficient deregulation of the power sector, for efficiency and the
           development of transparent regulatory frameworks

4.11                                ICT - Gateway to Consolidating for Development.
                                             TOKUNBO IGINLA
   I. Introduction

                        1st ANNUAL AMUWO-ODOFIN ECONOMIC SUMMIT
                                                       ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 34 -

I stand here before you today, with great honor and humility to present a paper on
ICT, The Gateway to Consolidating for Development and to provide the road map for
ICT Infrastructure and development in Amuwo-Odofin. I would like to thank the
leadership of the Local and state governments for this opportunity to reflect on how
best to create lasting development in our society.
Information makes the world go round. The need to communicate effectively, share
ideas and resources, increase productivity, collaborate and use computer logic to
automate complex tasks leanly summaries the impact of ICT in our daily lives. ICT
today represents the heart of economic and social transformation and is one of the
most vital components in economic growth and development.
Today‟s developed economies are greatly dependent on ICT, and it has been identified
by World Economic bodies as one of the easiest ways to accelerate the much needed
growth in the developing nations of the world.
ICT is used as an effective and creative tool for automating and outsourcing services
allowing for 365-24-7 any time anywhere availability of services that traditionally were
less available or dependent on regular working hours. These advantages have
increased productivity and made our lives more convenient.
The value and gains of ICT aren‟t new, the convenience and efficiency of their solution
are common knowledge. The issue is what the factors are working against the common
use of ICT.
             Poor Power Infrastructure
             Shortage of Technical Skill
             Insufficient telecommunications infrastructure and Internet connectivity
             Absence of adequate legal and regulatory frameworks.
             Shortage of requisite human capacity.
             Security Risk
             Poor funding and high cost of ICT Solution

The SWOT analysis further breaks this down.
We cannot ignore the risk that ICT introduces to society, but in view of the rewards
and gains, its prudent to manage these risks effectively to ensure a net benefit to
society. One of the major risks to ICT is Security and misuse of information systems
which particularly applies to the Amuwo Odofin due to the bad reputation caused by
the advance fee fraud menace (419). Fraudsters are believed to be concentrated in
this area due to the relatively high internet penetration. The Local Government has
plans to partner with Service Providers (Cyber Cafes) and Law enforcement to develop
and deploy software application that filter and reduce the effectiveness of the tools
used by these fraudsters limiting their operations.

Most e-solution initiatives have been spear headed by the private sector, sometimes in
partnership or collaboration with the government; however its time for the
government at all level to take a bolder step in charting the course of ICT in our
Government plays a central role to development in general, and it holds the
responsibility of providing a roadmap, based on environment, available resources and
planned evolution of technology. This is necessary to properly plan the provision of the
right infrastructure, technical capacity and aligning other evolving spheres of society
to benefit from the growth.

                                                       ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 35 -

Government must lead by example, by adopting ICT as a means of providing services
to the citizens and by putting in place the prerequisites needed for healthy ICT
development and operational environment.
The Local Government remains the most direct interface to the people, the point
where policies are implemented and the dividends of democracy and good governance
are delivered. ICT initiatives at the local government level promises to be more
accessible and supportive to ordinary citizenry. The leadership of Amuwo-Odofin Local
Government realizes this and has furnished plans to ensure that the people of Amuwo-
Odofin benefit from it.
ICT in Education
Since the liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 1990s, the Indian
government has relentlessly promoted the IT sector as the harbinger of the nation‟s
economic aspirations. Today India houses the largest number of software professionals
outside California US, whose efforts result in the export of softwares worth billion of
dollars every year, much of it to the United States.
This was achieved by the establishment of off-shore development centers. The
leadership of the Local Government believes in this and presently has initiated a plan
to train resident in basic and advanced ICT programs at a subsidized rate to stimulate
the technological interaction and knowledge based environment needed to create a
foundation for future learning and a research based community. The program will start
with a Cisco Academy Program and Microsoft training Program with an initial capacity
to train at least 1000 participants this year.

The goal here is to provide within Amuwo-Odofin the technical competencies needed
to deliver practical Implementation of ICT initiatives which will drive the Local
government developmental Objectives. With time this gesture will provide
professionals which will support the state and Federal ICT projects.
Anywhere Everywhere Network – Wireless Network
The Local Government wireless technology provides easy means of networking critical
resources within the local Government. This provides affordable and effective
communication within the Local Government. Internet service providers and cyber
café operators can deliver their services to the home and end-users over the Local
government wireless network. This project promises to be a sure source of revenue for
the Local Government and will go a long way to increase the internet penetration
within the Local Government.
Wireless mobile phones with a numbering plan within the local government can also be
used as a mobile security network for the security teams and Law enforcement. This
may also be extended for commercial use.
This infrastructure can be sized in a robust and scalable way to allow many other
services and initiatives to ride on it in the future.
Health care
The development of mobile communications, teleconferencing facilities and
multimedia capabilities of telecommunications, has been of immense benefit
especially in healthcare delivery. Amuwo Odofin plans to benefit from this, especially
in the riverines and other remote areas of the Local government. By employing these
technologies, limitations traditionally imposed by spatial differences between medical
specialists, medical centers and patients have been eliminated. With a broad band
network and teleconferencing solution with connection to state medical facilities,
specialist consultant can offer invaluable remote services to the inaccessible areas of
the Local government.
                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 36 -

The security of lives and properties is a major prerequisite to development and this
metric is pertinent to attracting and sustaining local and foreign investment. The
Security sphere has been greatly modified by the use of ICT and Amuwo Odofin plans
to benefit from this. The following are planned initiatives in this area.
 IP Camera CCTV Cameras - IP Camera are a variant version of CCTV Camera that can
be easily integrated to any internet protocol based network, This initiative can ride on
a the Wireless network or a dedicated network.
The cameras will be deployed to strategic points within the Local Government such as
major bus stops and junction for a start or as advised by Law enforcement agencies to
monitor erratic areas or danger spots. Control centers will be deployed within the
Local Government premises and also at the police station, these security cameras will
backup their footage to a central repository at the Local Government or police
Extranet Integration to State Network Infrastructure.
Amuwo-Odofin Local Government plans to have dedicated connection to the state ICT
facilities, bringing both networks together. This gives the Local Government the
opportunity to share state resources and collaborate easily with state officers and
consultants. If the Local Government where to deploy critical services that require
24/7 power and data center protection, these could easily be collocated at the state
facility and accessed remotely at the Local Government over a high speed network
saving cost and resources.
In line with the state framework to provide access to government services from
anywhere at any time, The Local Government plans to automate their services and
deliver them online over a web interface. E-government will enable the local
government digitize and computerize their processes and activities and create an
effective and consistent interface for relating with the citizens, governments and
private entities.
Local Government Website and Information portal -
The online interface for the LGA is already up. A comprehensive website and
information portal – www.amuwo-odofin.gov.ng provides an interface for the entire
world to feel the pulse of the community. The ongoing transformation is clearly
documented and available online for the internet community. In future this platform
will provide the interface for automating government services, directory services and
payment of LGA revenue etc.
LG Office Automation
To deliver responsive world-class government services to the citizens the local
Government needs to run an efficient internal office system. This will increase
productivity and provide quality. Running an efficient office requires automation and
productivity tools and the users need to be adequately trained to employ these tools.
These include but not limited to the following:
      Email – Exchange Services
      PABX and VoIP Solutions
      Microsoft Office Automation Solutions
      LG Intranet services
      VPN Services
      Database Services

Media, Knowledge and Internet Villages.

                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 37 -

Amuwo Odofin LG plans to air mark certain areas as internet, media and knowledge
villages, these areas will provide benefits such as free internet and constant power
and will only allow investments or business interest providing value within this areas.
Major players in these area will be invited to setup and deliver their valued products
and services to the people of the Local government.

The vision is to build a digital community similar to Computer Village but with genuine
products and direct influence and support from the OEM – Original Equipment
Manufacturers such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Cisco,

Technology Clubs – A-O techie Club
The local government plans to stimulate and support the growth of technology clubs,
where youth with common technology interest can interact and work on creative
projects sponsored by the Local Government or other bodies.


ICT initiatives provide the necessary stimulus we need to jump start sustainable
development with the local government. Firstly by providing services that improve the
quality of life of the citizens, provide health care and security support services and
inspire the development of knowledge based society which will foster development of
seasoned professionals and projects that will put Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos and Nigeria in
the grand admiration.
The leadership of Amuwo Odofin Local Government has shown its commitment to
providing a fertile environment for ICT initiatives to grow, an environment suited for
the widespread and successful implementation of digital technologies and services.

4.12                        WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT

                                                         ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 38 -

                             ABIOLA AKIYODE AFOLABI MS

Opening Statements
I would like to congratulate the Hon Chairman of the Amuwo Odofin Local Government
for organizing this summit. It is quite timely because the world over, there are
discussions around economic recession and there several stimulus and bail out process
going on , even in the so-called, developed countries.

I also want to thank him, for including discussions about two major marginalized
groups in Nigeria, the youth and women in the agenda. I must say, this is not surprising
because as a Youth activist, he has worked to promote relevance of the youth in the
country. As a sister and a friend , I can testify to his good works at empowering the
youths to champion the cause of making another Nigeria possible and so will want to
sincerely wish him and his team a very successful tenure. I must sincerely apologize
for my absence at this summit.

I must say that , as recently as March last year, women and men from over 200
countries gathered at the 52nd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women
(CSW) in New York, to discuss strategies for financing gender equality with the theme
for the year being „Financing for Gender equality and the empowerment of
women”. The meeting expressed concern over the growing feminization of poverty
and reiterated that eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge facing the
world today. It is an indispensable requirement for sustainable development, in
particular for developing countries, including the least developed countries. In this
regard, the gathering stressed that achieving the Millennium Development Goals and
other internationally agreed development goals is a global effort that requires
investing sufficient resources for gender equality and the empowerment of women and
the youth (girls).

It is against this background that I will contextualize my discussion.

Contextualizing: Women, Youth and Economic Empowerment

The World Bank (2000a) has identified gender equality and women empowerment as
one of the key constituent elements of primary development goal and poverty
reduction. The promotion of women‟s empowerment as a development goal is based
on a dual argument:
           1. that social justice is an important aspect of human welfare and is
              intrinsically worth pursuing;
           2. That women‟s empowerment is a means to other ends.

A similar dual rationale for supporting women‟s empowerment has been articulated in
the policy statements put forth at several high level international conferences in the
past decade (e.g. the Beijing Platform for Action, the Beijing+5 declaration and
resolution, the Cairo Programme of Action, the Millennium Declaration, and the
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women [CEDAW]).

If we also take a look at development around the world you will realize that it is
becoming worrisome about the attitude of the state to the youth, according to the
Commonwealth Secretary-General the Rt. Hon Don McKinnon

                                                                ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 39 -

“…Between 2000 and 2015, over one billion young women and men will enter the labor
force, and currently there are not one billion new jobs waiting for them. This raises
formidable policy questions. Is there a clear relationship between development
planning and demography in policy and practice? Are positive interventions planned to
reflect these demographic trends, in training, employment and education activities?
What should be the positive measurable outcomes of successfully engaging even a
fraction of these young people in economic activity? What is the worst possible
scenario if the labor market entrants – the one billion plus – are marginalized,
powerless and excluded”

The point of emphasis here is that, there is a connection of discrimination, which link
issues of youth and women together as marginalised and excluded in most policies and
government programmes.

While generally, people will say, the Youth are the leaders of tommorow and in the
contest of women, you will here statements like, „Educate the woman, educate the

However reality on the ground today shows that nothing concrete exists in most
countries to show measures for tracking changes in levels of gender equality, women
and youth empowerment initiatives. In the absence of such measures, it will be
absolutely difficult for us to determine that our efforts to empower women are
succeeding and that this important Millennium Development Goal will be achieved.

A clarification of the term “empowerment” is important from the beginning of this
paper, the reason being that it has become the current watchword of highly placed
executives, business tycoons, personality developers as well as those involved in
gender and youth education.

Simply out, empowerment is a process, not something that can be given to people. It
does not mean the bestowal of power on disempowered people.1A line of thought in
development is the promotion of social inclusion in institutions as the key pathway to
the empowerment of individuals. This has at times tended to conflate empowerment
and participation. Others have also proposed the growth of civil society and
participatory development methods at both macro- and micro-levels of society as the
mechanism by which empowerment takes place (Friedmann 1992; Chambers 1997;
Bennett 2002) and has such have developed a framework in which “empowerment”
and “social inclusion” are closely related but separate concepts.

Drawing on Narayan (2002), Bennett describes empowerment as

“The enhancement of assets and capabilities of diverse individuals and groups to
engage, influence and hold accountable the institutions which affect them.” Social
inclusion is defined as “the removal of institutional barriers and the enhancement of
incentives to increase the access of diverse individuals and groups to assets and
development opportunities.”

  Impact of Gender Budgeting on Women Empowerment
 Dr. Sriparna Guha is Guest Lecturer in Kalyani Mahavidyalaya, Kalyani, West Bengal
Samrat Goswami is Research associate in ICFAI Research Center, Kolkata
                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 40 -

Bennett notes that both of these definitions are intended to be operational, and
describe processes rather than end points. According to Rappaport [1987],

“Empowerment conveys both a psychological sense of personal control or influence
and a concern with actual social influence, political power and legal rights”.

McArdle [1989] defines empowerment as

“The process whereby decisions are made by people who have to bear the
consequences of those decisions”. This implies that it is not the achievement of goals,
as much as the process of deciding that is important

Reviewing the literature on social inclusion, it is easy to find that women and youth
generally rarely take a central place in much of the literature on social inclusion or
empowerment. While clearly, the broad reference to empowerment as the expansion
of freedom of choice and action, as articulated in the World Bank‟s Sourcebook on
Empowerment and Poverty Reduction (Narayan 2002), applies to women as well as
other disadvantaged or socially excluded groups, it is important to acknowledge that
women‟s empowerment encompasses some unique additional elements.

These elements are broken down in research as follows; (Kabeer 2001; Bisnath and
Elson 1999; Sen and Grown 1987; Batliwala 1994).
     Women are not just one group amongst several disempowered subsets of
        society (the poor, ethnic minorities, etc.); they are a cross-cutting category of
        individuals that overlaps with all these other groups.
     The household and interfamilial relations are a central locus of women‟s
        disempowerment in a way that is not true for other disadvantaged groups. This
        means that efforts at empowering women must be especially cognizant of the
        implications of broader policy action at the household level.
     Several research shows that women‟s empowerment requires systemic
        transformation in not just any institutions, but fundamentally in those
        supporting patriarchal structures

Sarah Longwe (1990) has given the following five levels of empowerment of women,

1. Welfare- concerns meeting the basic needs without attempting to solve the
Structural causes.
2. Access- access to the resources such as education, opportunities, land and credit
3. Conscientization- recognition of structural and institutional discrimination as the
cause for low socio-economic status and of women‟s own role in reinforcing the
restrictive system.
4. Participation- through mobilizing collective action, women gain increased
empowerment to make decisions alongside man.
5. Control- being able to make decision on all affairs concerning themselves, their
families, at the political level, to play and an active role in the development process
of the nation and be recognized and appreciated for their contribution

While the commonwealth has also defined youth empowerment as

                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 41 -

“Young people are empowered when they acknowledge that they have or can create
choices in life, are aware of the implications of those choices, make an informed
decision freely, take action based on that decision and accept responsibility for the
consequences of those actions. Empowering young people means creating and
supporting the enabling conditions under which young people can act on their own
behalf, and on their own terms, rather than at the direction of others.

These enabling conditions are:

i) An economic and social base

ii) Political will, adequate resource allocation and supportive legal and

Administrative frameworks

iii) a stable environment of equality, peace and democracy

iv) Access to knowledge, information and skills, and a positive value system.

Economic Empowerment
It is therefore important to understand that the fundamental goal of empowerment is
to help individuals within the society to improve the quality of their own lives and
share equitably in the society. Empowerment therefore in the context of Amuwo
Odofin should be s about helping people unleash their creative and productive
energies to achieve sustainable growth and continuous improvement in their living

As such it acts as a tool for closing the gaps; it brings closer those who hold power and
those who are powerless. Empowerment moves the powerless into positions of power
and makes those at the higher levels of power accept the sharing of power with them.
Power relation is therefore key to gender relation and empowerment thus lies at the
center of power.

In strategizing for economic empowerment, there are important levels for

      The first is to identify the individuals or groups that need to be empowered and
       then to understand the source of their disempowerment. In this case women
       and youth have been identified as the group which needs to be empowered
       through a more gender, youth and people friendly budget and programes.


One of the strategies for women empowerment is through

“Gender budget initiative, that is to analyze how governments raise and spend public
                                                                ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 42 -

money, with the aim of securing gender equality in decision-making about
public resource allocation; and gender equality in the distribution of the
impact of government budgets, both in their benefits and in their burdens.
The impact of government budgets on the most disadvantaged groups ….” (IDRC,

The above definitions underline the fact that gender budgeting is now seen as a socio-
economic tool for ensuring gender equity in the development process and lays a strong
emphasis on engendering public expenditure and policy. Critical activities constituting
gender budgeting, which also includes budgeting for the youth, would include:

a) Addressing the gap between policy commitment and allocation for the youth and
women, through adequate resource allocation and gender sensitive program
formulation and implementation
b) Mainstreaming gender and youth concerns in public expenditure and policy
c) Gender audit of public expenditure, program implementation and policies – relating
to public expenditure, fiscal & monetary matters etc.

A gender sensitive budget was first developed in Australia, with the federal

government publishing in 1984, a comprehensive audit of a general budget for and

impact on women and girls. “Women‟s budget”, as it was called, was also undertaken

by each Australian state and territory from 1980 to 1990. In South Africa, the advocacy

for a gender sensitive budget was led by NGOs and later by members of the

parliament, budget analysis began in 1995 hence by 1997 the South African

government incorporated the analysis2 into their budget process.

As discussed above , the words “Gender Sensitive Budgets”, „gender budgets‟, „Women
budgets‟, Women budgets statement, refer to the process and tools aimed at
facilitating an assessment of the gendered impact of government‟s budget3, thus
women‟s budget (WB) or GSB is not a separate budget for women or for men. The
concept is for the government to be conscious of gender relations in the formulation
and implementation of budgets. In short, gender Budget can be defined as a process,
which incorporates a gender perspective into the budget process to make the budget
more responsive to peoples need in particular the need of the marginalised4.

  Towards Engendering Budgets – Isabella Bakker, York University and Diane Elson, University of
Manchester: Alternative Federal Budget Papers, 1998
  Rhoda Sharp (1999 forthcoming), ‘Women’s budgets’, In Meg Lewis and Janice Peterson (editors)
Dictionary of Feminist Economics, New York: Edward Elgar
  Mwaisa 1999

                                                         ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 43 -

Gender budget developed as a result of several efforts by the United Nations and
government of various countries to support efforts to empower women the world over.
Some of these initiatives respond to the fact that most women in general and poor
women in particular, especially in the rural areas are enclosed and brought up in the
culture of silence. Women are treated like second class citizens. They have no control
over resources; be it physical resources (like real assets, land, water, and forests);
intellectual resources (knowledge, information, and ideas); financial resources
(money, access to credit); and the self (that unique combination of intelligence,
creativity, self-esteem and confidence). Nor do they have control over ideology, which
means the ability to determine beliefs, values, attitudes, and ways of thinking and
perceiving situations.

While it is important to acknowledge that efforts have been made in empowering
women, women are yet to be in the position of exercising control over resources and
the failure of this have contributed immensely to the vicious circle of poverty and
exclusions which pervade the lives of most women particularly in the developed and
least developed countries.

The UN has taken several initiatives to address the challenges of women‟s economic
empowerment. In the 60/70s, the UN introduced Women-in-Development as a means
of expanding women‟s access to economic empowerment. WID advocates stressed the
integration of women into the market economy, based on the premise that women‟s
subordination was directly linked to their exclusion from the formal

According to UN sources “The purpose of the original women in development
approach…was to gain equity for women in the development process and to seek to
reduce inequality with men. New research during [the 1980s] emphasized the
inequalities between women and men, and the earlier concerns or perceptions based
on sex roles were replaces by new concepts, in particular the concept of gender, a
relational understanding of the difference between men and women in structures of
power “

In the 80s however, “Gender and Development” (GAD) perspective grew out of
critiques of the WID approach and remains the dominant approach in looking at the
gender dimensions of development today. The approach is primarily based on the idea
that WID‟s focus on efficiency instrumentalized women, and that its exclusive focus on
women did not take into account the fact that gendered subordination may act as a
barrier to women‟s participation in development. The GAD approach, therefore,
attempts to demonstrate the ways in which gendered subordination is constructed by a
variety of institutions: the household, the market, the state, and the community.

It also focuses more closely on gender relations, that is, how gender norms affect both
men and women‟s place in society and the relationship between them, In general, GAD
approaches are more concerned with empowerment and participation, and they use
gender analysis as one of their main methodologies. Thus a focus of GAD is gender in

It is in the context of this reality, that the 80s and the 90s witnessed a lot of gendered
and women related development.

                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 44 -

   •   1991 Harare Declaration by Commonwealth Heads of Government; in their
       declaration of a commitment to gender equality.
   •   Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development, 1995
   •   Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women
   •   Beijing platform for action, 1995.
   •   Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa 2003

Among the several agreements and declarations which followed the above initiatives
    Declaration and Platforms for Action 1990
    United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Agenda 1992
    Vienna Conference 1993
    International Conference on Population and Environment 1994
    Fourth World Conference on Women 1995
    Millennium Development Goal (2000)
    Dakar Declaration on Education For All (2000)
    Solemn Declaration of African Heads of State on Gender Equality within the AU
      Policy Framework 2004

The 1995 Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development is a blueprint for
Commonwealth action to achieve gender equality. It provides a framework within
which member governments and the Commonwealth secretariat can harness their
resources to transform the Commonwealth vision for women into reality. It is an
innovative, complex and forward-looking plan for mainstreaming gender issues into all
policies, programs and activities of government and the secretariat, to ensure social
justice, equality and fulfillment for all. It provides flexible mechanisms for monitoring
its implementation.

Emphasis is placed on establishing and strengthening institutional capacity in both
government and the secretariat to advance gender equality. It also emphasizes a
number of critical issues in the international agenda on which the Commonwealth is
strategically placed to focus.

The document gives a summary of the 1995 Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender
and Development. It describes the background to the plan, highlights the new
directions, details the strategic objectives and action points and explains some of the
key principles involved:

„… a world in which women and men have equal rights and opportunities in all stages
of their lives to express their creativity in all fields of human endeavour, and in
which women are respected and valued as equal and able partners in establishing the
values of social justice, equality, democracy and respect for human rights. Within
such a framework of values, women and men will work in collaboration and
partnership to ensure sustainable economic and social development for all nations.‟

The Commonwealth‟s impetus towards encouraging member countries to mainstream
gender concerns into macro-economic policy dates back to the report of the 1989
Commonwealth Experts‟ Group, “Engendering Adjustment for the 1990s” and the
Ottawa Declaration on Women and Structural Adjustment, endorsed by Heads of
                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 45 -

Government in 1991; The Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development
and the 2002 – 2005 update, “Advancing the Commonwealth Agenda in to the New
Millennium”, calls for the monitoring and analysis of the impacts of macro-economic
and economic reforms policies on women and men, and the development of strategies,
mechanisms and corrective measures to address gender imbalances in key areas.

Nigerian Women and Economic Empowerment
Nigeria women represent half of the population, like in most African countries. Nigeria
is well endowed with abundant resources, both natural and human. Regrettably
though, the country remains one of the „poor‟ nations in the world. Women are
severely affected by the poor economic situation because they bear the burden of
poverty. The major reasons for the feminization of poverty include social inequalities
and lack of opportunities basically because of their gender.

While it is important to understand that gender inequality exists in most societies
around the world to differing extents, the combined devastating effects of poverty,
discrimination and lack of opportunity affect women in multiple ways; from their
economic standing (income levels, right to own property, access to finance), to their
social wellbeing (access to health services and education) and to their prospects for
better living conditions (heavy household work burdens, ability to secure employment
or be self-employed).

Despite the above, research has shown that Nigeria has enormous unexploited
potential, especially in the hidden growth reserves of its women. Thus the women in
Nigeria need to be actively – and more effectively – engaged in economic, social and
political life.

Several opportunities have been presented in the last decades to ensure support for
women‟s empowerment and development, Nigeria signed and ratified several
instruments committing it to the promotion and protection of women‟s socio economic
rights. Chief among these documents, which clearly articulate these links at global
level, is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against
Women (CEDAW). Also in 1995, Nigeria government joined the rest of the world to
make declarations at the Fourth World Conference on women in Beijing, China in
1995, “to advance the goals of equality, development and peace for all women
everywhere in the interest of humanity”. The Beijing Declaration is an authority for
government‟s commitment to gender equality and women‟s economic empowerment..

In 2003, Nigeria equally joined other 15 African countries to sign and ratify the African
Charter‟s Protocol on the Rights of Women In Africa. This instrument reaffirmed
government‟s commitment to improving gender equality and gender justice in Africa.

 It is important to note however that since the return to democratic rule, about
thirteen states have enacted legislations to protect women's rights and outlaw
discriminatory and dehumanizing practices, such as female genital mutilation.
However, weak institutions and lack of political will have made it impossible to
enforce of some of these laws.

                                                               ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 46 -


In Nigeria, national budgets and the budgeting process have had a history and
approach that has underplayed the needs of some of the key segments of its
population, particularly women, young girls, boys and poor men. These groups have
benefited the least from national planning and resource allocation. One of the key
reasons for this neglect is that, for years, men have been at the helm of the decision-
making process; hence they control budget ministries and institutions to the
disadvantages of women.

The population in Nigeria reflects 49.6% women and 50.4% men. The per capital annual
earning by women is $532 compared to men who earn an average of $1,254. Women in
the formal sector represent about 11% while over 70% are engaged in the informal

Women work as key service providers in the society, food providers, care givers, home
makers have huge social functions, which often times are not quantified.

It is worth noting that Chapter II of the Constitution6 provides for fundamental
objectives of state policy. Section 16 states as follows:

               1 - “The State shall, within the context of the ideals and objectives
                   for which provisions are made in this Constitution –

               (a) harness the resources of the nation and promote national
                   prosperity and an efficient, a dynamic and self-reliant economy;

               (b) control the national economy in such manner as to secure the
                   maximum welfare, freedom and happiness of every citizen on
                   the basis of social justice and equality of status and

               (c) without prejudice to its right to operate or participate in areas
                   of the economy, other than the major sectors of the economy,
                   manage and operate the major sectors of the economy;

               (d) without prejudice to the right of any person to participate in
                   areas of the economy within the major sector of the
               (e) economy, protect the right of every citizen to engage in any
                   economic activities outside the major sectors of the economy.

    The 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
                                                             ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 47 -

            2 - The State shall direct its policy towards ensuring –

            (a) The promotion        of   a   planned     and    balanced     economic

            (b) that the material resources of the nation are harnessed and
                distributed as best as possible to serve the common good;

            (c) that the economic system is not operated in such a manner as to
                permit the concentration of wealth or the means of production
                and exchange in the hands of few individuals or of a group; and

            (d) that suitable and adequate shelter, suitable and adequate food,
                reasonable national minimum living wage, old age care and
                pensions, and unemployment, sick benefits and welfare of the
                disabled are provided for all citizens.

Chapter 4 of the same constitution also says there shall be no discrimination on the
basis of sex or any other status.

As laudable as the above commitments are, they are not enforceable in the law
courts, so they became mere lettered words that cannot achieve any meaningful
impact on the lives of the vast majority of the people.

The 2006 UN Human Development Report places Nigeria at 134th out of 156 on the sex
specific indicator scale for relative well being which is indicative of a high incidence of
feminized poverty. The National budgets play a huge role in determining access, space
and opportunities for both men and women in any given context. They also have a
direct bearing on which rights are realized and for whom. The link between budgets
and human rights was well summed up by the United Nations office on Human Rights
as follows: „the choices made by governments as to how money is collected and
distributed- and which rights are realized and for whom are neither politically
neutral nor completely value free’. 7

At the continental level, Nigeria also committed herself to gender equality through the
African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights, which has not only been ratified but
also domesticated and is part of Nigerian municipal law (chap. 10 Laws of the
Federation of Nigeria 1990). On the issue of gender equality, the Charter restates and
reconfirms the equality of women with men as follows:
“Every individual shall be entitled to the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms
recognized and guaranteed in the present charter without distinction of any kind
such as race, ethnic group, colour, sex, language, religion, political or any other
opinion, national and social origin, fortune, birth or other statues (Art 2). The
Charter also provides further that ‘…state parties shall ensure the elimination of
every discrimination against women and also ensure the protection of the rights
of the woman and also ensure the protection of the rights of the woman and child
as stipulated in international declarations and conventions. (Art 18 (3))

 Stella Amadi, Gender Budget and Government Accountability in Nigeria, WACOL unpublished
document 2008
                                                        ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 48 -

It is important to state however that initiatives like the National Economic
Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS), the seven point agenda of the
current administration and the Millennium Development Goals framework, accord
priority to poverty reduction. The NEEDS goals are: wealth creation, employment
generation, poverty reduction and value reorientation. NEEDS emphasizes the
necessity of addressing youth empowerment, gender equality and equity if its
overarching goal of poverty reduction is to be met.

The implication of the above is that it provides a strong rationale for the integration of
gender budget in the Nigeria fiscal policy system. Gender budget will support
expanded opportunities and access to choices, better access to investments and trade
opportunities and make women to contribute to faster growth, development and
poverty reduction on the continent.

The local government must ensure that gender and youth responsive budgeting
becomes an institutionalized part of the budgetary process at state and local
government levels through:
1) The requirement for budgets to address gender and youth issues at all process of
budget making and execution.
2) The strengthening and sustenance of the „gender and youth focal desk persons‟
mechanisms in all local government department.
3) The development of gender specific indicators for monitoring budget performance
4) The gradual inclusion of participatory budgeting approaches at different stages of
the budgetary processes.

6) Increased allocations to support the incorporation of Gender mainstreaming
management system in governance
7) Iincreased support to institutions, cooperative groups and local associations in order
to enable them to apply existing legislations/protocols to reduce gender and gender-
related abuses in their various communities.
8) Equitable representation of women and youth in decision making
9.) The promotion of access to microfinance and other poverty alleviation strategies,
with a view to reducing poverty among women and youth
10) The reduction of women‟s and youth vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and other sexually
transmitted diseases by empowering them through sustained advocacy, education and
11.) The establishment of scholarship schemes at the secondary and tertiary levels to
expand educational opportunities for male and female students where necessary.
Expand adult and vocational education programmes that cater to women beyond
formal school age.
12.) The provision of social security for unemployed women, youth and poor children.
13). Increasing the access of women, youth, and children to information on key
national issues

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 49 -

                      BLUEPRINT FOR AMUWO ODOFIN
                              By Baba Opoola
               Consultant, UN Economic Commission for Africa

The objective of the Economic Summit 2009 is to zero in on the requisites to
implement an enabling environment in order to accelerate industrial
development in Amuwo Odofin, enlarge locally sourced LGA‟s public revenue
and develop social services in more ample dimensions for the overall welfare of
the inhabitants and growth of the Local Government Area.
        From the very beginning the Project‟s concept was examined at a
        Stakeholders‟ forum. Present were community leaders, captains of
        industry in the private sector, representatives of women and youth
        organizations, corporate bodies located at Amuwo Odofin and
        distinguished personalities resident in the municipality. Problems of
        infrastructure decay were exposed and discussed. Economic
        opportunities that could be unleashed with LGA or combined
        promotions were examined. Some welfare openings were highlighted
        with a project design for a sports complex being illustrated graphically.
        At the Stakeholders‟ forum on 21st January in the Council chambers the
        problems hindering a robust solution to decay and unemployment
        called for attention and a rethink at the Summit thence approved to be
        held on `9th and 11th February 2009.

        This Blueprint as a pathway to economic with social development with
        a human face was set as the objective. The targets included:
     Annual increments of the turnover of businesses as reflected in the
      public revenue accruable from their extra turnover.

                                              ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 50 -

 Accruements to welfare, job training openings, skills enhancement,
  employment in measurable quantum.
 Improvement of local schools, health centers, environment landscape,
  and etc.

The papers that were commissioned to be presented were tuned to harness
all the environmental advantage of Amuwo Odofin. The LGA‟s coordination
is to push processes in collaboration with the stakeholders in the organized
private sector and organized community fora. The papers, truthful to
expectations, are inundated with programme to engage youth, identify
capacity building ventures for small traders and medium scale
manufacturers, design physical facilities for social welfare and principally
create an enabling environment. The enabling environment conjectured
was not just to attract investment but also to boost the arts, culture of
Amuwo residents and the traditions of the coastal indigenous communities.
With sports and branding efforts a 21st century Amuwo Odofin should
emerge. With a Public/Private partnership in specific bankable projects in
consonance with a master plan that has been defined by this Summit the
outlines of the working documents to guide investment start ups has
emerged from this summit.

                                                                      ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 51 -


The country‟s economy in stagflation with the global in recession portends that governments and
communities at the grassroots should pause and fashion what can expand production, business and welfare
to outgrow the grim outlook.

The lead paper by the President of the Operation Research Association of Nigeria defined Amuwo Odofin‟s
location in the west Lagos zone‟s economy as crucial. The lead paper showed Amuwo Odofin as lying along
an international express way plied by exporters and importers from the neighboring Benin Republic and other
Ecowas economies. The LGA also re-exports to other parts of Lagos zone and Ogun state and other parts of
the Lagos economic region. Activities by a few countrywide companies belie the small 1.8million population,
a mainly youthful inhabitants. A large hosing estate by Nigerian standards, the Festac is inhabited by 800,000
persons, although built for quarter of a million. Other estates are existing and significantly is the Amuwo
Odofin Industrial Estate. Raw materials not fully exploited are silicon , sea foods and aquatic animals.

The population harbours diverse occupations, rural fishermen and aquatic food exporters and re-exporting
traders. Quite a substantial figure of urban traders and factory workers live or work in Amuwo Odofin
although living or working in Apapa port city or Agbara to the west. Process producers in woodwork, garri and
other foodstuff, bread and confectioneries sold to other parts of the Lagos economic region thrive the
markets. These markets redistribute farm produce, greens, fruits and vegetables beyond Amuwo Odofin. It is
a settlement that adds a host of value added reproduction to its domestic product. Besides commercial and
industrial workers there are white collar workers in education, the public services and tertiary enterprise. The
Summit has learnt of the significance of women dominating the distributive trades as well as light scale
industrial manufactures like dresses and processed aquatic foods.

Welfare services appear adequate for a small population. Health establishments, mainly private complement
the publicly run ones. So also in education do we have a preponderant share by private entrepreneurs. The
recreations and tourist attractions was shown at the Summit to have enormous prospects, presently largely
untapped. The marine environment has characterized trade and traffic flows as rapid, frequent. The migrant
population, often daily or weekly revamped partakes of these flows yielding incomes which perhaps would
remain non taxable until the template for data and policy are laid in the LGA Chairman‟s office. The
environment, preponderantly water logged, marshes and islets bound by river and sea pose more problems
than prospects, presently.

                                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 52 -

Traditional culture emanating from the islets and native habitats is rich, buoyant but largely unexposed to
external influences not profiting from foreign consumers of such cultural fiestas and artifacts.
           Cross polarization of cultural artifacts and practices from Ajase land in
           the Republic of Benin to the West and riverine Ijebu to the East, in
           Ogun State.

          Public Revenue pattern as in most LGA‟s in Nigeria with low locally
          sourced and higher federal and state allocations.

          Federal allocation from the federation account amounted on 1 st Feb
          2009 to 990m, from the Lagos State Government to 50.9m and revenue
          locally sourced amounted to =N=22.5m. The Capital expenditure was
          put at =N=917.5m
          Anticipating a fall in revenue due to the global meltdown Council was
          mustering a strategy to bridge the gap, by a tax drive.

          Turning challenges to prospects seems to be a trait of the culture of
          life in Amuwo Odofin.

          MOST papers at the summit had their conclusions on prospering from
          turning around problems, unanimously endorsed.
          An unkept environment with clogged drains and unutilized open spaces
          and swamps of water were a few of the clogs that were recommended
          to be redeemed for their prospects. It was held that if the urban areas
          were well maintained with excellent environmental sanitation and
          maintenance of city infrastructures then the property value of resident
          houses and commercial premises could shot up. A community supported
          security system for lives and property could raise the development
          value of the LGA and thus of every other venture undertaken therein.

          Transportation cannels and massive investment in water transportation
          plus dredging of new routes to interconnect all of the Lagos west
          economic zone would yield employment and revenue by the business to
          be earned by enterprising investors operating from Amuwo Odofin.
                                             ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 53 -

Light manufacturing of small engine boats, fishing gear, buoys are
prospects. The dredging might create artificial lakes for sports, scenic
beauty, water drains for sewage and some electric power? Utilizing the
environment and its hazard may yield interlocking investment options…

Refurbishment, in the immediate 24 month period can reflect on street
lighting, motor roads, schools and health establishments. In association
with organizations of patent medicine dealers, private medical
establishments and Lagos state ministry of health, the upgrading of
PHC, making public health centers models to be made more numerous.

Possibilities for sports, entertainment , recreation and tourist centers
got an attentive hearing at the summit, so also were laudable
prospects       in cultural festivals and traditional displays if they were
rescheduled, promoted, advertised and supported with training , with
electronic advertisements or displays and generally made viable and

There are prospects for locally sourced revenue generation with LGA
prompting of private enterprise prompted with improved facilities and
public relations and technical advisory services. The public/private
partnership evoked at the Economic Summit was also expected to start
off with collaboration with the chamber of Commerce, the Association
of small and medium scale enterprises and community organization
focused on growth of welfare.

The chairmen of sessions and moderators made apt suggestions of
needful necessitated by the conclusions of the paper, consensus from
the floor‟s contribution and the recommendations which are ingrained
in the Blueprints‟ analyses and deductions rendered as the way

As kicked off by the lead paper on Economic Geography Update Amuwo
bestrides the Badagry Expressway from Benin Republic to central Lagos
which is being upgraded to a ten lane traffic. It is a manifestation of
the bubble of commercial life that strikes A O as a breakwater to be
an entry port to the City of Lagos bursting gradually into a megacity.
An entry port benefits from immense opportunities that is opened to

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 54 -

       entrepreneurs at a junction intersection or midway region of

       The multiplicity of nationalities, Nigerian and other West African that
       intermingle on this crucially located local government for ventures that
       are light industrial, entertainment and l……………….

       Since opening up in 1977 Amuwo Odofin has been growing in buildings
       of industrial and housing estates, private residential estates, social
       institutions and …………….s concluded after submissions and debates at
       the Economic Summit, the enabling environment consist of
       infrastructure development with public finance and private initiative
       geared by the LGA specifically in:

    water, flood control, navigation, portable water, orchards and vegetable
     farming. Irrigation, drainage and sewage,
    Transportation (road maintenance, a mass transit to manufacturing
     centers, light railway, a transport and development center at LGA
    Electric energy (support with transformers, models of solar energy and
     hydraulic generation),
    Other utilities, (telephone, ICT).

The summit as expected sets up a TEMPLATE for industrial and social services
development to be installed at LGA Headquarter to be sustained by extension
services to serve Health, industrial, education, agricultural committees and to
be managed by supervisory councilors. The template shall consist of a Research
and Development bureau in the LGA Chairman‟s office and a transport and
traffic development centre in collaboration with LASTMA.

The Template shall be ingrained with processes for budget and financial
procedure, data collection and collation in mortality, morbidity, marriage and
births, public advisory and complaints through ICT directed at the LGA chair
and supervising councilors, supported by an initial taxonomy of major industrial
manufacturing establishments, educational institutions, private and public
health and medicals centers, youth clubs, and other commercially relevant
data as propounded in the update in the lead paper on the economic geography
of Amuwo Odofin.

The Template shall anchor an industrial development agency at the LGA Chair‟s
office. The I. d. a. is to advise, to promote industrial investors in

                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 55 -

manufacturing, commerce, public utilities and welfare, agriculture, man-power
resources, youth and gender empowerment.

The Template is to be nourished with private/public partnership. A much
brandied about term public private partnership is an approach to overall
development that the Summit will better conceptualize from the
recommendations on PPP that are adopted by the Summit. The concept is a
praxis with its own perceptions and methodology. It is not an ideological
terminology but a pragmatic tool used by Communist China, Socialist Cuba and
Capitalist USA. In all economic history trails are blazed by conventional
notions, government regulations and even deregulations and private initiatives.
Public includes community, cooperatives, oligopolies, combines like Chambers
of Commerce. The demarcation is that Private is private profit driven or
enlightened self interest and whereas Public is historically compelled for the
community or social welfare. Both would result in increased incomes as profit,
earnings AND public revenue. Different admixtures of Public–cum-Private had
been and are being utilized for the common purpose even of private profit
driven captains of industry. The recent global meltdown is exposing the
excesses of unregulated private financial holdings and futures traders and
speculators. The new administration of US President is expected to curb the
excesses and freelancing corrupt dramatics, stimulate the economic revival
with public funds and save American Capital. The world as seen from Amuwo
Odofin is that unbridled private activities would be reined in by the Federal
Government and Lagos State will use a right admixture of PPP to undertake the
following activities: Investments, support, monitoring and redirection. Perhaps
it would result in the right dosages of LGA services, guidance, promotion and
monitoring of certain crucial projects. These are projects that might raise
employment levels, utilize the environment to best advantages, enhance the
public revenue of the LGA from the increased turnover of private enterprise
and active grassroots democracy with community based organizations operating
in the design and appraisal of projects on social welfare, primary health care,
environmental sanitation etc.        Especially in the amply blessed rural
communities could PPP stimulate private and cooperative enterprises in the
agricultural processing undertakings to reengineer the economic geography of
the coastal and rural Amuwo Odofin.

All agencies of the LGA shall be attuned to planning and collaboration with the
organized private sector and community organizations in investment in all
spheres of development, water transport, industrial, social welfare and public
finance (revenue generation).

In like manner the LGA agencies shall collaborate closely with all agencies of
the Lagos State Government LASTMA, LAWMA, Public works etc.

Highlights of Areas of Development concluded to be undertaken in the next 24
months are:

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 56 -


Assessment of security requisites by a team of consultants under the security
adviser to the Governor is expected to emanate from his paper to the Summit..

Installations in communications, public lighting for intelligence, mobility of law
enforcement agents recommended by the team have to be undertaken as a
priority to support the conducive environment highlighted at the summit.

All crucial steps in Security are to be undertaken with volunteer community


The needs to promote social welfare in health, education, sports, relaxation
and entertainment, family support, were emphasized by the paper on physical
development for social welfare facilities.

These are to be prioritized:


       Infrastructures are erections to facilitate systems. Basic to activities
       they are to service transportation, communications, utilities, health,
       education, electric energy, Manufacturing, education, shelter, public
       service, environment and security arrangements. They have to be
       optimized for maximum benefit.

        Following submissions on the ramification of infrastructure, it was
        defined by the Summit to import the installations that facilitate
        industrial and social activities.

Specifically, the summit concluded that attention should be placed on
expanding and maintenance of infrastructure installations for water reservoirs,
drainage, waste management, transportation, housing markets and commercial
outlets, electricity, telecommunication, ICT, public utilities etc.

                                                     ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 57 -

The infrastructures for the environment are to be designed to possess
aesthetics or utilitarian features like artificial lakes for drainage and for scenic
beauty and relaxation abutted by vegetable orchards.

Specifically as presented to the Summit and international shopping mall would
enhance the infrastructure for the exchange activities of an entry port that
Amuwo Odofin is.

These facilities that enhance social welfare are to be treated with the same
concern and planning exactitude as Infrastructures. Submission by the paper
presenters from the Amuwo Odofin Residents Association these facilities are to
be taken as underlay for provisions for Water, electricity, recreations,
transport systems, constructions for social facilities, pathways and gardens,
drainage, solid waste disposal, sewage and sanitation, power supply, health
and telecommunications services. To obtain adequacy it is enjoined that credit
financing be sought to implement bankable projects in which the
public/private partnership would be LGA as public promoters and private
capital as venture investors.

As stated clearly in the working document guiding the Economic Summit
there should be answers to the problem of energy. The summit‟s examination
of the alternative power sources: thermal, hydraulic, wind, solar etc zeroed in
on solar energy and waste to energy sourcing. Solar being economic if its
output is spread over communities or larger areas then solar is an area for
research, pilot operations and community investment. Within our slim finances
the LGA may encourage pooling of consumers for joint investments. The
residue may spillover into street lighting.

The LGA should invite private investors to appraise visibility of investing in
waste to energy which would also encourage environmental sanitation.

By investing in transformers we would
Following submissions by two bright and youthful public health doctors the
Summit defines primary health care as a complete responsibility of the LGA to
monitor, evaluate, review and foster by mobilizing private initiative to utilize
public investments that would provide inspectorates for conformity to
standards and performance in environmental sanitation and community health.

As outlined by the health paper at the summit and as resolved by the
participants, areas in investment and oversea to be phased over every year are
support for pre and post natal service, immunization, easily accessible primary
health care at LGA Headquarters, monitoring of private health establishment
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 58 -

with LSG, Occupational health standards, inspection and enforcement of
environmental sanitation.

As a holistic development directions have to be given on output expected of

Foundation may be laid in e-learning and ICT aces by exposing grassroots
people and primary and junior secondary school children to this modern
essential knowledge and skills.

Education should be made applicable by the LGA provision of functional
literacy and technology. For the riverine areas
Ship welders, fish farmers, marine technologist, boat builders and relevant,
primary and junior secondary schools. For the urban applied education would
imply factory technicians computerists and other ICT skills relevant to each
particular environment in the LGA. Education will thus be to empower learners
with income yielding skills fundamentally. For the less iterate the LGA can have
schemes for apprenticeship acquiring skills.
The LGA could lead in providing also non literacy education for acquiring
skills, schools, and information and communication technology
         The LG should budget for raising SHOULD BUDGET FOR RAISING


In the submission of the paper on Landscape it was stated that the paper was
predicated on an inspectional observation as ell as examinations of electoral
demarcations besides population reports. The an inventory of what exists from
which was drawn submissions for the human usage, social and aesthetic needs
and value added due to changes that is enhanced thereby. Consequently also
for the property revenue and land use and other taxes. Proper order in
management of the environment are enjoined to affect the beautification or
utilitarian uses. Books on regulations, bylaws, and planning standards are
largely disrespected. Thus for example set back portions in frontages, road
medians, buffer zones and open spaces are openly flouted. Climatic conditions
and soil conditions are discounted by occupants which call for LGA reordering.
Reeducation of children in environmental culture and farming practices to
ensure that are beautified environment is developed by the future generation.
Guidelines and policy strategies have to be used for intervention by the LGA.

On the whole the lack of culture of care may deteriorate the environment.
Social realities cannot be easily obviated by environment decisions that do not
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 59 -

fully account for socio- economic objectives. Laws and regulations have to
react against decay and degradations caused by inhabitants. Arousing the
awareness of people and their organizations to be proactive might yield more
dividends than penal laws.

Basic to project design in urban and regional planning is a Demography Map of
Amuwo Odofin and its environs to be conducted with the most modern gear and
methodology mentioned by the paper of Landscape and Beautification. This will
spatially lay out space and habitation and clusters of human settlements and
movements or migrations, industrial, commercial, agricultural, marine,
transportation and environmental resources.

All the landscape has to be mapped and outlined within 3 months. The
architecture with community representations shall be open for council
inspection and comment before voting the budget for implementation by public
and private sectors, communities in wards and institutions in the following

i.     Parks and Gardens
ii.    VIP public toilets
iii.   Garden nurseries for plants and flowers
iv.    Orchards and vegetable gardens
v.     An agriculture extension service to promote private and cooperative
       ventures in processed foodstuff, livestock, fishing and farming.
Waste to energy Investors are to be faced with all necessary data that supports
gainful investment in turning municipal waste into energy to supplement the
energy provision available to the LGA.

Provisions for usage by artisans, emergency social services, health and welfare

In drawing a comprehensive plan the community ought to be consulted and
accommodated for a land use that conforms to standards of beauty, and care.
All plans are predicated on survey, data bank on distribution of populations,
land layouts as to shoreline and within the functions ceded to the LGA.

      As Amuwo Odofin prepares to step into the initialization of a rebranded
      package for vibrant activities in manufacturing and in direct production
      services, insurance is handy for assuring risks of venture capitalists.
      Such a facility available to investors, large trades, householders and
      transporters are prospects for insurers and the insured.


                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 60 -

Training efforts with talent scouting should make the cultural talents

employable to contribute to the arts in Amuwo Odofin.

The LGA Chair should be the Chief Host for celebrants at an annual baby show
and agric show.

The LGA role is to simulate events and happenings at festivals and effect to
schedule performances in collaboration with stakeholders. In some instances
the LSG should relate within this ear with international performers of Jazz as a
learning process to hosting rare games like chess and native wrestling and
concert music as well as international entertainers and traditional soul music as
permanent features of Amuwo Odofin life.,


The LGA will evolve a policy to brand Amuwo as a population of industrious
enterprising inhabitants modernizing and caring for the growth of its
communities and their off springs led by participatory democracy. This much
comes from the Summit. The final brand would be decided by youthful
volunteers at the grassroots conference perhaps linked to the establishment
and launching of an Environment Friends Brigade.

Branding can earn payments charged to the LGA. It is perceptions created into
high profile. It is going to be monetized in the new Amuwo Odofin by
advertisers, public relations companies buying space into the Economic Summit
or other events.

All occasions would be steered to back up the brand image. Cultural festivals,
annual musical festivals, agricultural and baby shows, sports festivals, boat
regatta, eyo masquerades environment are activities that can start to be
designed for the offensive in the next 12 months.

Using ICT and other means of self promotion, both the private branding and
rebranding activities Local government councilors and administrators would
carefully appraise the various issues and solutions to evolve a vibrant branding
policy for the local council and for Amuwo Odofin. This is a marketing
campaign that should have been pilot tested before the next Annual Economic


Exclusion of women in the gender emphasis is law, in the constitution, in social
activities and in economic independent sourcing of incomes are areas the LGA
                                                  ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 61 -

can propagate against. The local government areas can take specific steps to
promote economic empowerment activities that would have women aided by
ideas and seed money.

There are entry points for empowering women and youth. As researched by
the Women Law and Development Centre these entry points are for capacity
enhancement of women:

Crops and Fish preservation enterprises;
Functional Literacy for mass literacy classes for women clubs;

Collection of epidemiological data on health at Maternal and child health

Nutrition demonstrations for market women associations;

Revolving pharmacy credit managed by Voluntary Health workers;
Teaching of family and civil rights provisions of elementary law to market
women associations;
Leadership by women in environment maintenance activities for nature
conservation and environmental sanitation;
Women as entry points for practicing the techniques of portable water
especially in rural settlements.
There are established avenues for empowering women and youth, marginalized
sections of the population who are burdened for carrying the nation into the
Protocols exist internationally to promote women interests by firstly stopping
their oppression within the family and in society especially saving them from
being forced into unhealthy practices. A rebranded Amuwo Odofin must
champion women rights and seek to empower them.
The local government can make information available to women clubs on how
to have independent sources of revenue through skills and credit. There are
international and national pro Women organs that the LGA can partner with.

The LGA can install a propaganda division to gain mass consciousness against
matrimonial, burial, inheritance, and other discriminations and exclusion of
women. The propaganda can be beamed at pre Natal and post Natal clinics,
festivals to also encourage gender equality managed by LGA committees. Lagos
State Government„s Youth and Women officers would be pressed to make their
presence felt.

  i)    All investment promotions and economic policy have to be inter-
        related o industrial development and social welfare.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 62 -

   ii)    All investment promotions and economic policy must be geared to
          either employment or incomes generation by local investors or
   iii)   Options ought to be weighted in favour of harnessing local
          advantages – environmental like water, social like traditional culture
          preferences, public finance like local generation of revenue for LGA
          and most importantly in tune with master plans by state government
          and local organized entrepreneurs.…

The highlights are the installations and expenditures to build an enabling
environment, to sustain development schemes and to facilitate optimum use of
efforts by the private sector, communities and supervising agencies of the local

Primarily they are to open up all space for use, beautification, production and
sports and community interaction while excluding hazards and anti social
activists and preparing to cope with disaster and human relief.

                                               ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 63 -

                              CHAPTER 6


The Local Government has enormous potential for an emerging megacity. So
much is happening at the same time, though bedeviled with the effect of bad
military leadership that had perverted the development of the environment
which had led to the alteration, uncoordinated, wholesome destruction of
social infrastructure and the overall impact is unpredictable.

Clearly the potentials are there, but the concerns are overwhelming.

To transform Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area to our dream land where
everything works will take hard work and collective effort from all spheres of

The summit event was a success, but the success of the summit depends
largely on implementation. The economic summit has brought people from
different spheres of life together with a focus on transforming this great local
government, it will be important to note that as much as people have said,
not everything can be done due to funds and some other dependent or
prerequisite factors. To manage this the following is recommended:

    1. A roadmap has to be drawn with timelines. A tracker must be
       initiated within a committee to ensure that the roadmap is followed.
       This will coordinate all efforts and deal with a developmental holistic

    2. The Local Government administrators should work through effective
       contractors and consultant and develop a Project management office
       to control and coordinate all the efforts to harmonize project
       dependencies in an attempt to deliver on time and on budget.

    3. Local government should engage speakers and other resource persons
       to model ideas and present as proposal that can we used to engage
       private sector participation.

    4. That the local government administrators look close at the order of
       importance and then tackle the issues one after the other.

    5. An oversight committee should be setup to basically make sure that
       none the recommendation of the summit is overlooked in order to
       achieve its desired results.

    6. Quarterly tracking reports form the oversight or roadmap committee
    should be submitted to provide a view of the development and place
    metric in percentages as the progress made.

                                                   ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 64 -

                                   CHAPTER 7

                                     LESSON LEARNT

  The summit event was a success thanks to the leadership of the local government,
corporate sponsors and the effort and brilliance of the consultants and speakers.
However an analysis would not be complete without criticising the system and
reviewing ways or methods that could have helped to make the programme more

Below are the lesson learnt and recommendations going forward.
                                                      ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 65 -

1. Timely Planning - In future Planning for such an event should start off earlier.
Recommendation is 3 to 4 months. This necessary especially when the funding is to
be done through private sponsorship. A dedicated Event management team should be
funded and mobilised to achieve set agenda.

2. Event Organogram. At certain times, there were conflict of authority, where
personnel didn‟t have a reporting line and didn‟t know whom to take instruction
from. In the future an event organogram would be drawn and signed off by the
chairman, detailing the order of authority; this would be communicated to all
resource personnel at the pre-summit meeting.

3. Pre-Summit - Pre-Summit day should be a minimum of 1 full day, testing every
device and scenario especially for system support. Pre-summit for system support
should also be the day before the summit. This means that equipment must be
rented for additional day for testing and simulation.

4. Sound - The effect of quality sound was missing at the summit. More
comprehensive arrangement would be made for sound.

5. Abstract and Papers - Speakers should be encouraged to drop their abstract at
least 2 weeks in advance and their main paper at least 1 week in advance. This
would make the Press Office more effective and a lot of work would have been done
in advance.

6. Venue - If the funds permit, a larger venue with a more collaborative sitting
arrangement should be explored.

                                     CHAPTER 8


     I would like to thank the leadership of the Local Government - the office of the
     Executive Chairman of the Amuwo Odofin Local Government for this laudable
     initiative. We at nexus Aspire considered it a rare privilege to be part of this
     landmark achievement in the history of Nigerian Local Government. We look
     forward to being part of the next program and wish to continue to partner with

                                              ECONOMIC SUMMIT REPORT. - 66 -

LG to provide citizen centric services and programmes that affect the lives of
the people.


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