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					How to
The right shoes.
The perfect trench
coat.The handbag you
never want to put
down. Finding the key
pieces that make
your heart beat faster
is a thrill...and a
challenge. So we’re
offering a guide to fall
style—how to shop
for it with ease, wear
it with flair, and care for
it all like a pro.
By Sarah Van Boven

162                          photographed by michael thompson
                                            Far left, on Siri
                                            tollerod: Wool sweater
                                            and scarf, lambskin
                                            pants, belt, and
                                            boots by derek Lam.      New York city.
                                            Near left, on Karen      these pages: Hair,
                                            Bjornson: Wool top and   Serge Normant
gutter credit

                                            pants and shoes by       of the Serge Normant
                                            Stella Mccartney. Bag    at John Frieda salon;
                                            by Proenza Schouler.     makeup, Brigitte reiss-
                Slim Trousers               Prop stylist: Jason      Andersen; manicure,
                                            curtis. Photographed     Sheril Bailey.
                the season’s best           at the Laurie M. tisch   Fashion editor: Paul
                pants are long, lean, and   illumination Lawn        cavaco. details, see
                incredibly flattering.      at Lincoln center in     credits page.
                                                                                      How to wear a

      Donna karan has taken the best fall trends—
ankle boots, peep-toes, serious heels—and wrapped
             them into one perfect shoe.
                                                                                       Poufy Skirt
                                                                                     Ultrafeminine full skirts are a big trend right now.
                                                                                     Make sure yours says high fashion, not Happy Days.

                                                                                     1. Go lonG Look for ones that stop about four
                                                                                     inches below the knee—any longer is dowdy.

                                                                                     2. Waist not, Want not To keep from
        RUBBERIZED                                        LEATHER                    getting lost in all that fabric, emphasize your
           LEATHER                                        PIPING                     waist. Designers showed short sweaters,
           The crackled                                   This shows off
           texture gives                                  the shoe’s curves.                                belted knits, and nipped
             the shoes a                                                                                    jackets (worn buttoned
        tough edge; the                                                                                     rather than open).
          stretch makes
       them easy to put
                                                                                                           3. shoW some skin
        on and take off.
                                                            THE COLOR                                      Skip stockings and
                                                            Charcoal gray
                                                                                                           tights—a little flash of skin
                                                            goes with almost
                                                            everything—                                    is a nice counterpoint
                                                            and looks sharp                                to the heavy skirt fabric.
                                                            with black.
                                                                                                           4. Get some heiGht
                                                                                                           Heels are mandatory with
                                                                  PEEP-TOE                                 this look, but that doesn’t
                                                               Good for warm
                                                                   September                               mean spindly stilettos.
                                                                days or cooler                             Choose pumps with
                                                              November ones,
                                                                                                           stacked heels, or consider
                                                                when you can
                                                               wear them with
                                                                                      Louis                kitten heels, which give
                   HIDDEN                                         black tights.       Vuitton              just a little lift.
                  The stiletto
              spike may look
              but a half-inch
                                                                                    the Best t-shirt
             platform makes
                 it a bit more                                                       Loose but not shapeless,
                                                                                  Gap’s new boiled-cotton V-neck

Howatto Stores
                                                                                      T-shirts look as great with
                                                                                  skinny jeans as they do dressed
                                                                                       up with a fitted jacket.
 Shop Discount
Shareen Mitchell,            ankle boots and a        secretary blouses.
stylist to Michelle          chunky cardigan.”        Very Lauren Hutton.”
Williams, is proud to        H&M “H&M is              TargeT “Their                              Color of the
admit that she mixes
pieces from discount
                             picking up a folkloric   collaborations with                        Moment: Teal
                             trend. Embroidery,       Zac Posen and                          This rich shade is a refreshing
stores with designer         patchwork, Western       Rodarte have been                       change from fall’s traditional
clothes. These are her       wear like gingham,       so fabulous; I’m                     berries and eggplants, and it looks
picks for fall.              Peruvian ponchos—        keeping my eyes peeled                   equally good on fair or dark
                                                                                           skin, on hands or feet. Just be sure
Forever 21 “If               these things are going   for what’s next.”
                                                                                            to hold the shimmer—otherwise
you’re into the revival      to be big soon.”         TopSHop “Some of                     the color verges into dangerously
                                                                                                                                            davidcook (StiLL LiFeS); goruNWAY.coM

of the grunge look,          Mango “I’m in            the best-looking capes                        ugly ’80s territory.
this is the place to         love with their ’70s     are at Topshop—
                                                                                                     OPI Nail Lacquer in
go,” she says. “Pick         silhouettes—A-line       the camel hair one and                          Ski Teal We Drop
up a floral baby-doll        skirts; pleated, high-   the dark navy plaid
dress and wear it with       waisted pants; silky     are my favorites.”

 TIP     How To SHop THe Sale RaCk “do it on vacation,” says Leslie Fremar, Maggie gyllenhaal’s stylist. “When you
         visit another city—especially one in a different climate—you have a better chance of scoring a bargain because the
 shoppers aren’t just like you. i time work trips to L.A. to coincide with Barneys’ sales so i can stock up on coats.”

                                                              Suede Coat
                                                              unlined suede has a rough
                                                              quality that offsets tailored
                                                              clothes underneath.

                                                              Suede coat, cashmere
                                                              sweater, stretch flannel
                                                              pants, and sandals by
                                                              gucci. Mongolian-lamb
                                                              boa by Adrienne Landau.
                                                              calfskin bag by chloé.
                                                              Makeup colors: Sheer
                                                              Blush in 10 and rouge
                                                              d’Armani Lipstick in
                                                              100 by giorgio Armani
                                                              Beauty. on child:
                                                              Wool coat and cotton
                                                              dress by Bonpoint.
                                                              Shoes by Aster. details,
                                                              see credits page.
FroM toP: billyfarrell/PAtricKMcMuLLAN.coM;davidcook(2)
gutter credit

evening dresses now
get their style from draping
and darts, rather than
ornamentation. instead of
jewelry, try leather gloves
and architectural pumps.
Near right: Wool crepe
dress and sunglasses by
Victoria Beckham. Pumps
by Brian Atwood for Victoria
Beckham. Wool-tweed-
lambskin-and-faux-fur bag
by chanel. Lip cover in
Brick red by Burberry
Beauty. Far right: Stretch
linen dress and pumps by
Lanvin. Fur bag by Marni.
Leather gloves by Lacrasia
gloves. Makeup colors:
Sheer eye Shadow in trend
and Lip cover in Nude
Beige by Burberry Beauty.
Photographed at Alice tully
Hall, Lincoln center.
details, see credits page.

                               gutter credit

                Mongolian wool
                in a jacket or an extra-long
                scarf, Mongolian lamb
                adds a fluffy, quirky texture.
                coat and wool pants by
gutter credit

                Marc Jacobs. Bag by Pierre
                Hardy. gold watch with
                alligator strap by cartier.
                Makeup colors: 1 couleur
                eyeshadow in Beige Print
                and rouge dior Lipcolor in
                Beige indécise by dior.
                details, see credits page.
olive Trench
cinching the waist of
an oversize trench coat
transforms it into
a feminine hourglass.
cotton jacket, embroidered
silk dress, and pumps by
dries Van Noten. calfskin
bag by Jérôme dreyfuss.
Watch by cartier. Makeup
colors: Nourishing eye
Quad in Butter crème and
MoistureShine Lipstick in
Sheer Luck by Neutrogena.
details, see credits page.

                             gutter credit

                                                        WayS To geT LuCky on eBay
                                                       the online auction site offers some amazing
                                                       designer handbag bargains; it’s also, unfortunately,
                                                       chockablock with fakes posing as the real
                                                                                                              How to the
                                                                                                                Pull off
                                                                                                                  military Look
                                                                                                               The newest military
                                                                                                               styles are more
                                                                                                               dress uniform than
                                                                                                               combat fatigues.
                                                                                                               How to add discipline
                                                                                                                                           • avoiD CarGo
                                                                                                                                           styles or lots of
                                                                                                                                           pockets. This year’s
                                                                                                                                           look is much
                                                                                                                                           simpler and features
                                                                                                                                           stiffer fabrics in
                                                       thing. here’s how to tell the difference,               to your wardrobe:           the usual shades of
                                                       according to kelly Cook of                 • Wear one pieCe            olive and khaki.

                                                       1   go with small designers. “I would never buy
                                                           anything said to be Louis vuitton, Chanel,
                                                       gucci, or prada on eBay,” Cook says. “However,
                                                                                                               at a time, not a
                                                                                                               full military outfit. Try
                                                                                                                                           • Don’t Be
                                                                                                                                           afraiD of a
                                                                                                                                           little volume
                                                                                                               pairing a sharp,
                                                       if a private seller is offering a bag by valextra or                                Long, flowing
                                                                                                               structured jacket with
                                                       alexander McQueen, it’s a different story
                                                                                                               something feminine:         trench coats and
                                                       because the counterfeiters aren’t going to invest
                                                                                                               a subtle floral-print       loose but structured
                                                       time in knocking off something so niche.”
                                                                                                               skirt or a leopard-         skirts that end right

                                                       2   Don’t be fooled by feedback. Just because
                                                           bagspaz96 has 100 percent positive ratings
                                                       doesn’t mean you’ll get the real thing: “So,
                                                                                                               print sweater or scarf
                                                                                                               (or both).
                                                                                                                                           below the knees
                                                                                                                                           look best right now.
                                                       so many people buy fakes and never know it.”

                                                       3   never buy anything from Hong kong.
                                                           “The best counterfeiters in the world work
                                                       there. It’s just not worth the risk.”
                                                                                                               TIP      How To Make SHoeS MoRe
                                                                                                                        SNuG “Put a strip of double-sided
                                                                                                               tape on your bare heel,” says stylist taylor                        Burberry

                                                       4                                                       Jacobson, “then slide backward in the shoe.”                        Prorsum (left)
                                                           Look back. “vintage bags are much more                                                                                  and Dries Van
                                                           likely to be real—and there are some                                                                                    Noten (above)
                                                       amazing deals out there,” Cook says. “Just
                                                       make sure the seller has posted a photo of the
                                                       bag’s interior. The lining can get so gross.”

                                                       5   Check other sites. Consider
                                                           or “Both of those sites                                           the Best Watch
                                                       inspect and authenticate all the bags they                                                 How’s this for a neat
                                                       sell—you might not get the lowest price in the
                                                       world, but you will be getting the real thing.”                                               trick: our favorite
                                                                                                                                                wristwatch for fall will last
                                                                                                                                                   you a lifetime. This
                                                           How To Buy a uSeD                                                                    Cartier Tank is tasteful, not
                                                             HermèS BaG                                                                         showy; it’s the little black
                                                        Keep in mind: “there is no such thing as a
                                                        bargain Hermès bag,” says cameron Silver,                                                   dress of watches.
cLocKWiSe FroM toP rigHt: FirStVieW; wwd; davidcook

                                                        owner of the vintage mecca decades in Los
                                                        Angeles. “if you can get one for 20 percent
                                                                                                                                                     THE WIDTH
                                                        off the retail price, that’s an excellent deal.”                                             at three quarters of an
                                                        • Don’t buy online “You need to inspect                                                      inch across, this watch
                                                                                                                                                     looks as good at work
                                                        the bag for visual clues, like the blind                                                     as it does at cocktails.
                                                        stamp. real Hermès bags made after
                                                                                                                                                THE CASE
                                                        1971 have a letter stamped in a circle or a                                             In 18-karat gold,
                                                        square on a strap or inside gusset.”                                                    it’s classic.

                                                        • take it to a pro “Hermès doesn’t au-
                                                                                                                                                                    THE STRAP
                                                        thenticate bags, but they do refurbish them,                                                                an alligator strap in
                                                        and they won’t refurbish a bag that isn’t                                                                   navy is fresh with black
                                                                                                                                                                    clothes. If the mood
                                                        real. if the seller won’t allow you to get the                                                              strikes, you can swap
                                                        bag serviced first, don’t buy it.”                                                                          it for one of 30 other
                                                                                                                                                                    available colors.

                                                                                                     How To SHoP a

How to
                                                                                                      FLaSH SaLe
                                                                                               Sites like gilt and HauteLook are making
                                                                                               it so easy to shop for fashion and beauty

 Pick eyeglasses                                                     Marc Jacobs               discounts that we may someday find our-
                                                                                               selves telling our grandkids, “When i was
WiDth “The general rule is to                     flow with the frame,” Leight says.           young, you actually had to go to sample
look for frames that are the same                 Another clue you’ve found the                sales in person! And try things on, right in
size as the widest part of your                   right pair: “Your pupil should be            the middle of the room!” We asked carlota
face—anything wider can give you                  just slightly above the halfway              espinosa, vice president of HauteLook,
that bug-eyed look,” says Larry                   point of the lens and closer to the          how to make the most of each click.
Leight, founder and creative director             inner corner than the outer one.”            • invite yourself “don’t be intimidated
of Oliver Peoples. “You can go                    fit If you’ve found a frame you              if you go to a site and it requires an invi-
narrower, but be aware that it can                love, but it’s just a tiny bit too           tation to become a member. this is rarely
make your face seem pinched.”                     big—or small—don’t despair.                  as exclusive as it sounds—just google the
shape “The most flattering                        “Most good frames are available              website, and you should easily find invita-
silhouette often mimics the shape                 in a few sizes, so make sure to              tion codes offered by magazines and blogs.
of your eyebrows, so they seem to                 ask,” Leight says.                           or check the site’s twitter feed.”
                                                                                               • shop early “Most sites post their new
                                                                                               deals first thing in the morning. there’s

     take a classic shape, add plum-colored
                                                                                               usually plenty of inventory, but sizes 2, 4,
leather, smother it in ostrich feathers, and you’ve got
                                                                                               and 6 sell out first—something to keep in
                  fendi’s Classico handbag.
                                                                                               mind if that’s what you want to buy.”
                                                                                               • Know the rules “it can take seven to
                                                                                               ten days for items to ship. And you usually
                                                                                               can’t return or exchange flash-sale mer-
                                                                                               chandise unless it’s damaged; at best, you
                                                                                               might get a store credit.”
  THE STRAP                                                                                    • Get connected “check to see if the
 It’s long—and                                                                                 site has a Facebook page. ‘Friends’ may
 adjustable, so
  you can wear                                                                                 be eligible for giveaways, special unad-
    it over your                                                                               vertised sales, and other promotions that
    shoulder or
   slung across                                                             THE COLOR          offer even bigger bargains.”
      your body.                                                            The plum calf
                                                                            leather goes
                                                             FEATHERS       beautifully with
                        SIDE STRAPS                          ostrich        black, brown,

                        These add a utilitarian                             and gray.
                        feel to an otherwise
                                                             feathers                                     THe peRfeCT TRavel SHoeS
                                                             add softness
                        feminine design.                     and elegance                                 Superga classic sneakers are
                                                             to the bag.                       just a bit narrower than converse All Stars,
                                                                                               have a more substantial sole, and are
                                                                                               comfortable enough for walking from the
                                                                                               Spanish Steps to the coliseum. Stick to
                                                                                               black, navy, or charcoal, and it’s quite
                                                                                               possible no one will peg you as a tourist.

                                                                                                          tHe BeSt
                                                                                                                                              FroM toP: FirStVieW; davidcook

       THE TRIM
       Gold hardware
       toughens up                                                                                 Ankle boots have been big for several
       the look and
       keeps the flap                                                                                years, but none are quite as sexy
       weighed down.
                                                                                                  as Lanvin’s Cut Low Booties. Not only
                                                                                                     do cutaways show plenty of skin,
                                                                                                  but the top features a buckled cuff that
                                                                                                   makes ankles look trim and graceful.

                Ribbed knits
                A slim, fitted sweater hugs
                the body in all the right
                ways. the slouchy cap
                looks like something out
                of dr. Seuss.
                cashmere sweater, suede
                skirt, boots, and
                cashmere hat by Michael
                Kors. Belt by cc Skye.
                Leather bag by Hermès.
                Makeup colors: Matte eye
                colour in Buttercream and
gutter credit

                Shimmer Lip colour in
                Passion Fruit by Laura
                Mercier. on child: Sweater
                coat by old Navy.
                Photographed at Hudson
                urban Bicycles in New
                York city. details, see
                credits page.
                                                                      the Best Bracelet
5 Things That ruin                                           earthy leather meets modern metal
   your Clothes                                       in this Gucci cuff. Strap it on with the side
Dry cleaners have truly seen it all. that’s why           of your choice facing up—then do the
we asked myriam testa, manager of Brown’s
Cleaners in santa monica, to tsk and tell.
                                                    THE SNAP         opposite tomorrow.
                                                       There’s no

                                                      need to jam
   “you know that label on the neckline of           this bracelet
                                                                                                                 THE WIDTH
   your new blouse? please don’t cut it out              over your
                                                                                                                 at two inches, it’s
                                                    hand—a fact
yourself—it’s probably sewn right into the                                                                       not overpowering.
                                                       that allows
seam,” Testa says. “If you bring it to me, I’ll   it to fit closely
remove it for free.”                                  to the wrist.

2    “never iron a garment right-side out,
     especially anything made of silk. If you
don’t turn those gabardine pants inside out
first, they’re going to end up as shiny as a
mirror,” Testa says.

3  “Don’t douse a stain with club soda—
   the sodium in the water just makes it
penetrate more deeply into the fabric.”

4   “If you get food on your favorite outfit,
    don’t wet your napkin and blot the
stain. White restaurant napkins are usually
                                                   THE LEATHER
                                                   espresso looks
soaked in bleach at a commercial laundry—          warm with gold.
and the water can activate the bleach and
discolor your clothes.”
                                                          TIP       lINT RolleRS: GooD oR                       noTIonS

5   “Whatever else you do, don’t lie to your                        evIl? We’ve long heard whispers              1. STITCH
    dry cleaner. even if you panicked and                 that adhesive lint rollers attract more lint in        WITCHery
used some crazy remedy you got from an old                the long run—but is this fact? “Absolutely,”        “this is a strip of
book, just tell me—I need to know what I’m                says cleaning expert Jonathan Scheer.             webbing that makes
dealing with before I can fix it,” Testa says.            “those rollers can deposit an invisible layer       an iron-on hem,”
                                                                                                                says New York
                                                          of adhesive on your clothes that acts like a
                                                                                                            city tailor Nile cmylo.
                                                          magnet to debris.” case closed!                      “it’s faster than

                            How Four occasions
                                                                                                              sewing and lasts
                                                                                                                 until clothes
                                                                                                                are cleaned.”

                            Dress for
                                                                                                               2. ezy-zIpper
                                                                                                            “rub this silicone on
                                                                                                             a difficult zipper,”
                           • a CoCktail party A cocktail              says she’d build an outfit around        cmylo says. “it
                           dress, of course, always works.            Burberry Prorsum’s khaki pants:        should save you a
                           This season, stylist Shareen               “They have the best slimming fit;       trip to the tailor.”
                           Mitchell says to look at lace and          I’d throw them on with a cream-         3. one or TWo
                           satin. “A cocktail dress in black          colored cashmere sweater and gold      yarDS oF BLaCk
                           or nude lace is so classic, but also       or silver flats.”                         groSgraIn
                           very current. I like ones that are         • out to Dinner “I love                     rIBBon
                           a bit shorter, above the knee,”            leather leggings with one or two        “tied around the
                           she says. “Or, if you are feeling          longer, looser shirts under a more        waist, ribbon
                           the Mad Men trend, go with                 structured jacket,” says Cristina       can give new life
                                                                                                                                       FroM toP: davidcook; SPLASHNeWS.coM

                           something in a heavy satin with a          Ehrlich, who styles Penélope Cruz.     to a dress or top,”
                                                                                                                says cmylo.
                           bit of a bodice and a slim skirt.”         Coulter gravitates to “slim, plain
                                                                                                                 4. SHarpIe
                           • sunDay BrunCh The                        trousers with a drapey silk blouse
                           buzzword for weekend brunch is             and Louboutin heels.”
Kate Bosworth in                                                                                            “A fine-tipped black
                           “comfortable.” For Cher Coulter,           • a sportinG event You can’t
New York City                                                                                                  one fills in small
                           Kate Bosworth’s stylist, this means        go wrong with jeans. Ehrlich likes     scratches on black
                           a chunky sweater and a “woolly             the ones from MiH “with a tank         leather, and a big,
                           little miniskirt and thick tights          and a dolman-sleeve shirt over it,        broad red one
                           with boots.” Penny Lovell, who             in case you get warm and want to      renews the soles of
                           works with Ginnifer Goodwin,               peel something off.”                    your Louboutins.”
  Big, bulky (and preferably
cashmere) knits add a cozy
  feel to a crisp white shirt.
          Wool cashmere sweater,
                cotton taffeta shirt,
             wool-and-leather skirt,
       and boots by céline. tights
        by Falke. Bag by Alexander
         Wang. Makeup colors: Le
       Prisme Mono eyeshadow in
            Smart Nude and rouge
           interdit Satin Lipstick in
               Voluptuous Nude by
           givenchy. Photographed
              at Babycakes NYc in
            New York city. details,
                  see credits page.


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