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Learn to Save and Budget Your Money_


									       Learn to Save and Budget Your Money!
Do you….
      Know why credit is important?
      Know the costs associated with getting a loan?
      Understand various savings options?
      Know how to protect yourself against identity theft?
      Track your daily spending?
      Prepare a personal budget to estimate monthly income & expenditures?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, the Money Edge Basic Series will prepare you to make
effective financial decisions for the future!

Do you…
      Know the factors that lenders use to make loan decisions?
      Know the questions you should ask when buying a car?
      Understand the various types of installment loans?
      Know what credit card works best for you?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, the Money Edge Intermediate Series will help put you
on your way to greater financial understanding and freedom!

What is the Money Edge Program?
Wayne Metro’s Money Edge Program is a series of FREE training that empower people to take control of their
financial situation. Trainings focus on building credit, understanding various types of loans, saving and

     You must be a Michigan Department of Human Service (DHS) client to
   participate in this program. Please contact your DHS worker for a referral.
 DHS Employees: Please use the WC-583 referral form to refer all interested clients. Fax the completed referral to
                                     Angela Aaron at (734) 284-4497.

                      For more information regarding the program,
                     please contact Angela Aaron at (734) 284-6999.

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