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									Brand Baby Brand!
             Brand Baby Brand!
The mission of brands is to provide a recognizable presence to
consumer’s creating…

 – Memory
 – Retention
 – Recall

Selling your brand is a subtle long term psychological
experience. It includes….
                     The Process
• Communicating your brand effectively

• Reinforcing how your brand is important and relevant to the

• Building brand knowledge of your company…. And eventually

• Achieving brand esteem-

                              and preference to your brand.
                     The Key
The magic ingredient that converts these fundamentals into a
branding success is consistency in your visual brand.

       • Look
       • Feel
       • Message
       • Corporate Culture
                 Consistency wins

• As a result of your brand consistency you win out over your
  competitors whose brands shift with the wind.

• Regardless of how beautiful or polished their identities and
  marketing materials are, consistency still wins in the hearts
  and minds of consumers.
           Brands sell

In Branding consistency is more
important than execution!!!
Is That Surprising?
Poor execution but you still stop.
  Everyone starts as a commodity

• In the consumers mind your company starts
  out as a commodity that provides a product or
• Consumers have difficulty recalling a new
  company’s name, their qualities or their
     Brands trump Commodities
• A quality brand always wins over commodities.

• Commodities become powerful brands when they
  win positive awareness in the market place.

• Personal brands support corporate brands and vice
Can you see the difference
   Branding can make
                   End Result
• The minute a company gets the public to believe
  “their brand is different and better” the company
  becomes a recognized brand.

• Branded companies have a better chance at sales
  success in any competitive market place.

• Need proof???
   Salt the ultimate commodity

 It was until 1914, that’s the year that Morton salt
launched a brand promise that their salt would run
freely even in damp weather. With the slogan “when
it rains it pours.” With that Morton launched a brand
and branding success story that is still the stuff of
            Products are different

• People can handle and examine them, people can
  see them, try them or return them if dissatisfied.

• People buy products based entirely on their belief in
  their examination of the product and the brand.
    Products are easier to evaluate
• Before signing on the dotted line for a product,
  consumers need to believe that their satisfaction is
  guaranteed and they can return the items if
  expectations are not met.

• If they know nothing about your brand or lack
  confidence in your brand, consumers will select
  another better known brand.
     Services require more proof
• With services consumers must believe in your
  message and promises sight unseen, people can’t
  see them, try them or return them if they are wrong.

• People buy your services based entirely on their
  belief in your Brand Promise.

• Before committing to a company, consumers must
  believe that their expectations will be met.
               Building a brand
• Define your brand-vantages. You must first know what
  you are branding.

• Is your brand a one and only or one of several?

• Position your brand. You must determine your points of
  difference and the unique needs you fill.

• Make and keep your brand promise to the consumer and
  put your promise into words, it’s the backbone of your
              Build a Brand with
• Solutions that is relevant.

• A look and feel that is easily recognizable.

• A message that emotionally impacts your audience.

• Communications that create memory, retention and

• An image you are proud of.

            You will need to look at your current brand first!
Your Image
Your Messaging
Your Emotional Impact
Your Reputation
Your Consumer Response
Brand Presentation?
Don’t be embarrassed if it isn’t!
Then it is time adjust your current Brand.
Are you ready for Branding?
Rebranding can be a little uncomfortable.
Sometimes a Little Painful….
 Look at yourself from
your buyers perspective
A Fresh Perspective is Helpful
Does Your Brand Fit You?
           Revisit your brand
• Perform a Brand Perception Analysis
• Monitor consumer perceptions of:
  – Your company
  – Your products
  – Your services
• Verify alignment with the consumers needs
  and desires.
You may be closer than you think!
A Great Brand Feels Good
Is Well Packaged
Looks Good.
Sounds good.
Fits your message
Fits Your Audience
       Do you need branding?
• The Test
  – Are you launching a company or product that will
    benefit from clear identity and high awareness?

  – Have you been in business awhile but feel that
    you lack consumer awareness and understanding
    of who you are and what you stand for?
        Do you need branding?
• Do you feel that prospects don’t know your
  name or distinct benefits you offer?

• Do you feel that the people in your
  organization are unclear of how to explain
  your offerings, your distinctions, your target
  market, or how you excel over your
        Do you need branding?
• When you look at your company advertising,
  marketing materials and presentations do you
  see inconsistencies in the look, message, and
  company personality shown

• Is the leader in your organization prepared to
  devote the time effort, staff, and dollars to
  develop, launch, and promote a brand?
       Do you need branding?
• Final question…. Can you think of even one
  reason people should choose your offering
  over the offerings of your competitors?
           If your answer is yes ask yourself…
• Do those in your target market clearly
  understand the distinct benefits you provide?
           If the answer is no…
Its Time to Get to Work
        Communicate your brand
• Develop a Strategic Communications Plan for your brand, then
  launch your communications with professional and
  compelling communications.

• Plan Long Term. Company’s often get tired and change their
  communications and messages just when consistency is the
  most necessary to promote clarity and confidence in the
Tomorrow is a BRAND new day, baby!

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