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									?A single crucial defining factor distinguishes tax deed properties from tax lien
properties. When you win the bid on a tax deed property, it officially becomes yours.
You can then immediately proceed to sell or rent the property for your own monetary
benefit. This differs from tax lien properties, for which the previous owner is given a
redemption period in which to pay their back taxes.

Available Types of Tax Deed Properties

Tax deed properties fall into one of four possible zoning categories. Residential tax
deed properties involve homes and residential lots. Commercial tax deed properties
are business or lots that are eligible to house a business. Agricultural and industrial tax
deed properties also exist.

The commercial and residential options are without doubt the lower-risk avenues for
investors to pursue. Industrial real estate often requires extensive clean up and repair
that can outweigh the property's earning potential. Residential and commercial lots
are much more easily leased or sold, while the sale of an industrial property is more
likely to get bogged down in red tape.

Determining Property Zoning

To find out how a property is zoned before you drive down to the auction, contact the
county holding the auction and inquire, or visit their website if they have one. The
property's appraisal records are also accessible from the country records.

Tax Deed Properties: The Possibilities

Don't be dissuaded by any woeful tales you might hear from embittered ex-investors
who shirked their research. If you put a little effort into some careful investigation,
you needn't fear getting saddled with a dilapidated industrial lot or other such
frustrating scenarios. You'll be able to enjoy the exciting and profitable side of tax
deed property investing.

Making a substantial income off tax deed investing is actually fairly simple and does
not require luck or years of experience. It just requires the willingness to do through
research. You already know how this. It's just like comparing prices and taking test
drives when you buy a car-a few simple steps in research before you bid on a property
and you'll be well on your way to success.

Brent Crouch is the owner of TaxLienProperties.net. He has dedicated this site to
providing information on purchasing tax lien properties at pennies on the dollar.

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