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					?Night vision goggles are perhaps one of the most practical inventions of the last
century. They fill a need that mankind has had since it evolved sight - the need to see
in the dark.

Of course, night vision goggles are far from the only means of seeing in the dark.
Lights, torches and even fire serve the same function with much simpler technology...
But where artificial light sources have problems is that though they let you see in the
dark, its only in a limited area. Night vision goggles have no such limitation.

Instead of creating light, night vision goggles allow you to see in an expanded
spectrum of light. All light is part of an electromagnetic spectrum and normally
human vision is confined to a small section known as 'visible light'. Night vision
goggles come in a variety of forms, from simpler devices which simply allow the eye
to gather more visible light, to devices which make use of the infra-red or
electromagnetic spectrum for night vision.

They also have another significant benefit - the ability to see in the dark without
making yourself the most visible thing in the night. You may be asking why this
benefit of night vision goggles really matters, but it is one of the major reasons night
vision goggles are becoming increasingly popular for private, government and
commercial use.

Uses of night vision goggles:

1. Military operations; unsurprisingly, armies around the world have made effective
use of night vision goggles in night-time operations. The military has driven
development of night vision technology over the last century, creating the first
generation of true night vision goggles during the Vietnam war. However, snipers in
the US army and German tank drivers were using the simpler 'night glass' technology
as far back as WW2.

2. Security; a less dramatic, but equally logical use of night vision goggles is in the
security business. Many CCTV cameras incorporate some form of night vision, but
for larger areas, security officers often make use of night vision goggles. This allows
them to approach trespassers and criminals without alerting the miscreants to their
approach. Many private users of night vision goggles also use them for this purpose.

3. Navigation; night vision goggles allow you to see much more clearly than a torch.
Rather than a narrow beam of light, your entire environment can generally be seen
clear as day. This is particularly useful in forest environments, where following
overgrown paths can often be confusing via the narrow focus of torchlight. Aside
from simply walking, night vision goggles allow people to drive off-road in hazardous
terrain where headlights would provide an incomplete picture of the environment and
are particularly useful for pilots. Pilots of helicopters and small aeroplanes make use
of night vision goggles to make landing approaches in badly lit environments, or to
see some of the terrain below them for better navigation.

4. Wildlife activities; a slightly more pleasant use of night vision goggles can be
found in the wild. Nature enthusiasts are some of the main commercial users of the
technology, using the goggles to navigate the wilderness in the dark and to see
nocturnal wildlife. Without night vision goggles, this would usually be impossible -
walking around with a torch is usually more than enough to scare off deer, rabbits,
badgers and other animals.

5. Law enforcement; aside from the ability to chase down criminals in the dark, some
forms of night vision goggles have an added benefit. Thermal imaging devices can
often reveal an amazing insight into recent activity in an area, whether simply heat
residue from footprints or even whether suspects have buried objects or even hidden
them in walls. Even if an area seems pristine to the naked eye, thermal goggles can
reveal clear signs of such activity.

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