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What are clip on Hair extensions


									?Synthetic hair extensions are an option for women who want to add volume to their
natural hair. The synthetic hair extensions are sometimes more versatile than human
hair because caring for synthetic hair is easier. Man-made fibers used in synthetic hair
extensions include: Kanekalon. The range of colors available in synthetic hair
extension is huge. The colors come in unnatural hair shades but make fun and exciting
additions to a woman's wardrobe of hair colors.

Not only do the synthetic hair clips on come a variety of colors but also offer a lot of
different textures. The options for the synthetic hair extensions are straight, wavy and
curly and even spiral hair texture is one of the options.

The advantage of using this clip on product for hair extensions is they allow women
to be quick-change artists. Women can go from short hair to long hair and back again
without having to do anything drastic to their hair. Certain styles of clothes require a
different look and hair extensions offer women the option to go formal with long
flowing hair or get on a motorcycle earlier in the day with a short bob.

Synthetic clip on hair can be very long with lengths from shoulder length hair to a
"Cher" like length that flows down the back. Whether the texture is curly, straight of
waved the look is dramatic. The clip on style of hair extensions is very easy for a
woman to use but these are only for temporary looks. They are as easy to use as the
barrettes that children put in their hair.

The hair clip style of hair extension is very light weight. It is easy to attach to the
existing hair is almost undetectable. They are quick to put in the hair to create bangs
or a long curly ponytail that is popular with a lot of women. Putting in a hair clip hair
extension is a lifesaver in the morning of a bad hair day

Many women opt for the movie star look. Since most models and female stars
routinely use hair extensions for photographs and walking on the red carpet. Believe it
or not every movie star or model is not born with luxuriously long curly or straight
hair. Hair extensions at one time were detectable but since they are so widely used as
a part of a woman's wardrobe, women demanded better quality and got it.

The modern hair extension products are well made and the hair looks natural whether
it is synthetic or natural hair. With different types of hair extension products, women
are free to choose the best method for adding length and volume to their natural hair.

Nita is a fashion and beauty consultant who helps women get the looks they deserve.
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