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									                 Kriya Yoga New Zealand Incorporated
June 2006                                                                                       Issue 2
                                         Hari Om Divine All,
                     Welcome to the second newsletter of our young association.
                     May this endeavor continue to blossom in the years to come.
             We hope your year so far has been a peaceful journey full of spiritual progress.

A warm welcome to you all            In November 2005 Bibi                meditation hall at 4.45am.
during this chilly time.             Hamel and I left the familiar        This was the start time for
                                     comforts of our New                  Exercise class, thirty minutes
With more breath awareness           Zealand life to attend the           of stretches and yoga asana.
lifting   us     from   body         third Brahmacari Training            Following this was Chanting
consciousness        to   the        Course in Balighai, India.           Class then the morning’s
untouched peace of Spirit I          The             Hariharananda        meditation. Particularly in
trust we are all surviving           Gurukulam is an ashram in            the first two months it was
winter with a smile!                 Balighai which was started           not unusual to hear one or
                                     by               Paramahamsa         two people snoring during
It is a joy to bring you news of     Hariharananda and is now             this time! Breakfast was next
events – both past and future.       under the care and guidance          at 7.15am then from 8-10am
                                     of               Paramahamsa         we would be blessed to sit
In Sanskrit one word for food        Prajnanananda. The goal of           before      Baba      in    the
is ahara. This is formed by          the training is to prepare           classroom. Here we would
the combining of the word a          students     for    living a         receive the wisdom that
which means in front of us           wholesome and integrated             naturally pours forth from
and hryate which means               life through the practice of         his Divine being, not just
taken inside. So ahara is not        discipline, meditation and           from his words but even
limited to the food we eat but       moderation.        Brahmacari        from simply beholding his
includes everything we are in        literally means one who              presence. To watch how a
contact with that we take            roams in God consciousness;          realized master walks, talks,
within. Everything we choose         it also refers to any spiritual      sits acts, listens, interacts
to read, to see, to hear and         aspirant who maintains               and gives, is an opportunity
touch. In order to achieve           celibacy and strives for             to learn in itself. 10-11.15am
spiritual growth it is important     purity in thought, word and          was time given seva . Seva is
that we surround ourselves           deed.                                selfless loving service and
with spiritual food. May this                                             this included things like
news letter dedicated, to God        To give you an idea of the           gardening, kitchen work,
and Gurus, provide inspiring         training lets take a walk            office work, or physical
words to keep our minds alive        through a typical day at the         labour needed to help with
and attuned to the spiritual         ashram. Rise’n’shine from            the construction of the new
goal.                                your hard bed (no mattress!)         temple.       11.30am      saw
                                     at 4am.Then take a bath, that        everyone head back to the
6 Months        with    the          is to say, wash yourself             meditation hall for more
Master                               under a cold tap, readying           Kriya       practice.      This
                                     yourself to be at the                meditation was not guided.
12.30pm was lunch time,          restlessness. His arrival         breakfast and be teaching us
followed by some free time       spoke volumes, saying be          at 8am as if it was all in a
and rest before getting back     present, rise up, waste time      days work. Which it was for
to work at 3pm. Another          with none but God. Each           him!
opportunity to be in the holy    class would begin with a          The second striking quality
presence of Gurudev was in       prayer then more often than       about Baba was his ability to
the afternoon class at           not we were suddenly              be so very detached yet
5.15pm. This class went for      carrying on where we left off     never cold or distant. His
an        hour       followed    from yesterday’s text and         ways urged you to put God
immediately by the evening       you’d be scrambling to find       first, align yourself with
chanting       and      guided   the page! A lesson in itself.     Guru, worry not about trivial
meditation. Dinner followed                                        matters and simply play your
at 7.45pm then again we          Sometimes after the strict        role with devotion.
would      return    to    the   silence he would suddenly         Thirdly            discipline,
meditation hall for satsang,     smile, a pure, childlike,         discipline, discipline your
arti, and closing prayer.        immensely loving smile. He        life! In class Baba once said
Satsang is a Sanskrit word       might say he didn’t feel like     “Spirituality and discipline
formed from the word sat         discussing the text and then      are two sides of the same
(truth)       plus       sanga   spend the next hour or so         coin.” He constantly spoke
(association or company). So     telling us stories of his         of its importance and was
satsang means keeping good       childhood or Hariharanandjis      obviously the epitome of this
company and can be a             life or stories of other saints   in his actions.
gathering of seekers of truth    and sages.
where a spiritual talk is                                          Before going to the ashram I
given along with prayer and      This training was such a rare     had read that it is not so easy
devotional singing. The          and incredible opportunity to     to stay in the company of the
metaphorical meaning of          be immersed in such a             master. I have to say, I now
satsang is to be united with     positive     God      oriented    see why this is said! In
the soul. Arti is an external    environment.           Nearly     Baba’s presence there is no
form of worship. By the time     everyday we could witness         excuses.      His     example
the last line of the evening     the manifestation of God in       outshines and denies all
prayer was sung we were          Guru, the Divine example          weaknesses. He doesn’t
more than happy to retire to     urging us to wake up.             cushion anyone’s ego nor
our rooms with lights out at     Everyday one heard words          meet you at an ordinary
10pm, exhausted from the         of truth, everyday one sung       human level, no, he is
day’s activities. They say an    the glory of God and              constantly resting in the
idle mind is the devils          everyday was spent striving       heights of purity and his
playground and with this         to practice the teachings of      message is to inspire you to
understanding the course         the      scriptures.      This    be stronger, be wiser, be
schedule was kept full.          experience               really   established in truth, rise up,
                                 exemplified      the    single    wake up and realize who you
The days highlight for           minded devotion needed to         are.
everyone was class time with     attain God realization. Three
Baba. An unparalled teacher,     main lessons came across          There seems to be endless
He would arrive in class and     very clearly from seeing how      stories to tell of this
sit in a firm strict silence.    Baba lives. One was the           experience     and    what’s
Either eyes closed or open       importance        of      time    mentioned is an overview
and fixed on eternity. There     management         and      the   from just one angle. The
was no “Hi, how are you all      potential in how much one         seven months at the ashram
this afternoon?” Immediately     could actually do and give.       was a most challenging and
our minds would be drawn         Sometimes Baba would              stirring time but also
to the serious effort and        travel somewhere else in          immensely           positive,
sincere devotion necessary       India for a program and he        satisfying, eye opening and
on the spiritual path. His       might travel by train through     life changing.
presence would challenge         the night to return to the
you       to   forget    any     ashram. He might reach the        Bibi Ma is still in the
complaints, thoughts and         ashram at 7.45am, skip            wondrous spiritual land of
India reaping the benefits of     through intensified japa          Baba’s    Birthday     –   10
such a rich culture. We look      (chanting the name of God),       August
forward to more inspiration       meditation and prayer. Many
from her on her return to         also fast, or take just milk      Another date to be aware of
New Zealand. May she have         and fruits.                       and keep the evening free is
safe and smooth travels.                                            Thursday August 10th. On
                                  We might ask why should           this special day in 1960 our
It is a delight to be back and    we adopt this tradition. If we    beloved Gurudev came to
involved         with      the    are from the west with no         this world taking physical
progression of our new            history or identification with    form. We will email details
association. I dream of           Indian culture of what            of the birthday celebrations
seeing a Kriya yoga ashram        benefit is it to us? How can      closer to the date.
in New Zealand one day, but       we relate?
for now I keenly await                                              Baba’s visit: October 6
Babas visit in October! Let       Any        opportunity       to   to 9
us all work together to make      exemplify any aspect of
this four day program a           spiritual practice is a
success. May we all be            blessing. All time given to
blessed with the wisdom to        prayer,     meditation      and
bring more devotion into our      reflection on Gods glory as
daily practice and “meditate      seen in the lives of His
nicely” as Baba often writes.     Divine messengers helps to
                                  keep us inspired and humble.
An overwhelmed Disciple           It is a day we can spend with
Fern                              our thoughts more in tune         October will bring a
                                  with             Paramahamsa      monsoon of blessings with
UPCOMING EVENTS                   Prajnanananda, the Divine         Babas return to New
                                  Guru who upon initiating us       Zealand. Also accompanying
Coming up are two special         into Kriya Yoga has               him this year is the revered
days to inspire more focus in     accepted the immeasurable         Swami Samarpanananda.
our practice and dedication       responsibility of guiding us
to the teachings of the           in all aspects of our life.       Centennial Celebarations
                                  We invite you all to attend
Guru Purnima – 11 JULY            Guru Purnima celebrations
                                  on Tuesday 11th July at
July 11th is Guru Purnima.        7pm. Join in a short silent
This is a sacred day in Hindu     meditation and the screening
tradition to spend in prayer      of       Guru       Purnima
and devotional worship of         celebrations at the Balighai
the Guru- the preceptor. It is    Ashram in 2005.
a day dedicated in memory                                           On May 27th of this year the
of Sage Vyasa the editor of       Fern will also tell of some       Centenary        Celebrations
the Vedas, who also wrote         experiences    with    Baba       dedicated to the beloved
the 18 puranas and the great      during    the     Brahmacari      Kriya master, Paramahamsa
epic Mahabharata. It is           Training Course. A light          Hariharanandaji began. Born
celebrated on the full moon       meal will be provided. For        in 1907 his life saw him
day in the Hindu month            more details and to R.S.V.P       pursue and achieve the
Ashad (July-August). The          please contact Fern at            highest goal of a yogi,
guru is considered as the         nirvikalpa samadhi. He was
physical embodiment of God        or (09) 817 7245.                 known as an Incarnation of
and it is recognised that it is                                     Compassion and he lived a
only possible to unite with                                         complete     life,   a    life
the Supreme through the                                             dedicated to God, dedicated
grace of the Guru. On this                                          to all. He would often say
auspicious occasion spiritual                                       “This life is not for
practices     are   increased
Hariharananda it is for you       What experiences do we             30th November – Mahaavatar
all.”                             want to avail ourselves to?        Babaji’s Birthday.
                                  What company do we wish            3rd December – Mahasamadhi
During this visit we will         to surround ourselves with?        Gurudev Baba
commemorate the glory of          Becoming a member of               Hariharanandaji.
Hariharanandas             life   KYANZ opens a door to new
teachings and his service to      associations and becomes a           “Meditate on God and be
mankind. Baba will initiate       pillar in ones life supporting                God".
newcomers into first kriya        the     journey     to     Self
and for those already             realization. It is a supreme         Meditate on Guru and be
initiated there will be an        blessing to be connected to                  Guru".
opportunity     to     receive    such a glowing lineage. Each
second kriya initiation.          master is rich with practical
                                  teachings     and      timeless             LIBRARY
For program details visit         wisdom. Also
for anyone interested in          As we are an organization in
helping     towards     the       its infancy it is a superb time
organization of this event        to be involved. It is a special
please contact Partha Roop        time to bring progressive
at or       ideas to the forefront and         KYANZ is organizing the list
021 335 137.                      contribute to the divine will      of Kriya Yoga books, CDs
                                  of Mahavatar Babaji who            and DvD’s. A software is
    BOOKS AND                     foretold the widespread            presently being written to
   CENTENNIAL                     proliferation of Kriya Yoga        manage the lending services.
   MERCHANDISE                    throughout the world. To           We expect the software to be
                                  become a member either go          ready for testing shortly.
It is great to be able to         to      our      website      at
mention that a number of         or    Also among the Kriya family
books         written    by       contact Vijay S. Sethi at          there is lots of literature
Paramahamsa Hariharananda or 0211         available to anyone wanting
and Prajnananandaji have          00 66 11.                          to read up on Kriya Yoga and
been brought back from India                                         related topics. Just ask any
and will be available for         The membership applications        one     of     the    committee
purchase at the centenary         forms are available on             members if you are looking
celebrations in October.          website or Vijay will be quite     for a particular book. If we do
                                  happy to forward to you.           not have it, we will point you
Many beautiful Kriya articles                                        in the right direction.
(calendars, key rings, altar         IMPORTANT DATES
photos etc) are available for                                        Spiritual books by other great
sale from now on. Details                                            holy masters and certain titles
will be available soon on our                                        of Kriya Yoga books can be
website.                                                             purchased via Sai Library.
                                                                     These books are imported
                                  27th May – Birthday Gurudev        from India. Rajan Maa can
    MEMBERSHIP                    Baba Hariharanandaji.              help you here if you give her
    OPPORTUNITY                   2nd August – Mahasamadhi           the book details or want a list
                                  Swami Satyanandaji.                of available titles Please email
The Kriya Yoga Association        10th August – Paramahamsa          Rajan           Maa          at:
of New Zealand (KYANZ)            Prajnanandaji’s birthday.
offers      a       wonderful     26th September – Gurudev
opportunity for you to be part    Lahiri             Mahasaya’s
of a positive environment for     Mahasamadhi.
spiritual     growth.      As     30th September – Birthday
mentioned earlier it is           Lahiri Mahasaya.
important to discriminate as      17 November – Birthday
to what we take in as food.       Swami Satyanananda.
        WEBSITE                                                Priyabrata Behera
                                Lisa Er                        Phone: 09-579 2073
                                Jerome Hartigan                Mobile: 021 180 7498

                                All future appointments will          QUOTE OF         be determined at the next            INSPIRATION
                                annual general meeting.
                                                               The Master usually insisted
WEEKLY MEDITATION                  CONTACT DETAILS.              on silence among those
                                                                       around him.
                                For any information about
                                KYANZ Inc or Kriya in           He explained: “From the
                                general any of the Committee   depths of silence the geyser
                                Members can be contacted.       of God’s bliss shoots up
                                                               unfailingly and flows over
The opportunity to attend       Partha Roop                          man’s being.”
guided meditation as given by
Gurudev is unique. We have      Phone: 577 1025                     From Sayings of
two CDs which guide you         Mob: 021 335 137               Paramahamsa Yogananada.
through Kriya practice.
                                Vijay S. Sethi                    SUGGESTIONS &
Wednesday Meditation:                   COMMENTS
7pm, Taraire Room, Wellpark     Phone: 09-520 5670
College, 6 Francis St., Grey    Mob: 0211 00 66 11
Lynn, Auckland.
                                Fern Watson
Saturday Meditation:  
9am, Newton Central Hall,       Phone: 09-817 7245             The purpose of this
Waima St., Newton.              Mob: 021 040 2342              newsletter is to keep all
                                                               initiates and members
      COMMITTEE                 Deven Pillay                   informed       of        the
       MEMBERS            associations activities. We
                                Phone 09-846 5452              would love your feedback,
With     the  approval    of    Mob: 027 277 1169
Paramahamsa Prajnanananda                                      ideas and suggestions on
the following initiates have                                   how to best enhance the
                                Kim Knight
been appointed to the 
                                                               look and feel of the
Executive Committee,            Phone 09-8281336               newsletter.
                                Mob: 021 410 633
President:      Paramahamsa                                    It goes without saying that a
Prajnananda                     Ranjan Misra                   newsletter is not a Newsletter
Vice President: Partha Roop                                    if it does not have a proper
Secretary:           Natasha                                   name. So please put your
                                Phone: 09-826 1650
Boyak                                                          thinking caps on and email
                                Mob: 021 1800 679
Treasurer: Vijay S. Sethi.                                     your suggestions to Fern Ma.
                                Natasha Boyack                 Future articles are always
Committee Members:
                                Phone: 09-815 7570 (W)         welcomed. If you wish to
Fern Watson                                                    contribute to our next
Kim Knight                                                     newsletter please email Fern
Ranjan Misra
                                Dinesh Lal                     at
Natasha Boyack             
Deven Pillay                    Phone: 09-828 8724
Dinesh Lal                      Mob: 021 350 758 (H)              “May God. Christ and
Swarup Chattergee                                                  Masters bless us all”
Priyabrata Behera

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