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					         Kriya Yoga Association of New Zealand
September 2007                                                                      Issue 6

          Glory to Guru! Glory to Kriya Yoga! Stop not until the goal is reached

Shining Eternal Soul,            schedule of meditations       he     suddenly      shouted
                                 possible to attend during     “Krishna Ram tear the
Is the spring blowing new        this weekend, is found        cloth”.
vigor into your life? If         further in this newsletter.   Krishna Ram could not
not, never fear, for next                                      understand                the
week we are ready for            --Fern Watson                 implications      of    these
three days of spiritual                                        words. After a few more
upliftment.            Swami     Lahiri Mahasaya               steps, a brick from the
Samarpanananda's visa                                          rooftop of a house fell on
has been confirmed and           September is a special        Baba’s foot making a
the program details are          month to remember the         wound on one of his toes
underway. On Friday 19th         great      Guru       and     with blood coming out.
October at 11am we will          householder Yogi, Shri        Immediately he tore a
commence the weekend             Lahiri Baba. The work He      piece     of    cloth    and
event with the first public      did to spread Kriya Yoga      bandaged his wounded
discourse at Wellpark            at the behest of Babaji       toe.
College in Grey Lynn.            Maharaj, began the line of    With       folded      hands
Then at 7 pm in the Fale         Masters     which      has    Krishna Ram asked him,
Pasifika             Complex     presently brought us to       “Baba if you knew before
(University of Auckland),        our beloved Baba and the      hand that a brick would
devotional singing will          precious technique of         fall on your foot, then why
lead us into the second          Kriya.                Shri    did you not budge a little
public talk. Past initiates      Shyamacharan       Lahiri     to avoid injury?” Shri
are also invited to attend       was born on September         Baba with a beaming face
the Saturday and Sunday          30th 1828. He left the        replied, “What is the gain?
program,       to     refresh    mortal covering, having       It is good to exhaust
technique        instruction,    attained Mahasamadhi,         ‘karma-phala’, fruits of
attend       the        group    on September 26th 1895.       one’s own actions. If I had
meditations, and enjoy           The following are a few       moved aside from the
like-minded        company.      stories              from     place I would have had to
After      the     Saturday      Paramahamsa                   repay it with principle
morning             initiation   Prajnananandaji’s book        and interest. It is good to
ceremony        (for      new    “Lahiri Mahasaya”:            exhaust very soon what is
comers to Kriya Yoga), a         No Sense of Body              due to one”.
lunch will be provided for       Every     morning     Shri
both past and new                Lahiri Baba was going to      _____________
initiates. If you think you      Ranimahal Ghat to bathe
may attend, please email         in the Ganga along with       Yogiraj Shri Lahiri Baba
Vijay                       on   his loyal devotee Krishna     sometimes           after so            Ram. One day after his        practicing Kriya with
we can get an idea of            bath, while returning         khechari          mudra
numbers to cater for. The        home with Krishna Ram,        throughout    the   night

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would go to the Ganga in     take fish? Why did you         Wynyard            Street,
the morning for a bath.      give me fish to eat?” The      Auckland
The intensity of spiritual   disciple trembled with
intoxication not being       fear and said, “Baba the       Sat, 20 Oct 07
diminished, his walk was     other day I saw you
                                                            Initiation: 8:00am to
not balanced and looked      taking fish in the house of
like that of a drunkard      another            disciple.
swinging from one side to    Therefore I prepared fish
                                                            Lunch: 12:30pm             to
another.    A betel shop     curry        for      you”.
owner on the roadside        Expressing surprise at
seeing him in such a state   these words, Shri Baba
                                                            Technique    training:
ridiculed him saying, “See   said, “Have I taken fish in
                                                            3:00pm to 6:00pm
the Bengali Babu, he is      anybody’s house? I am a
fully drunk early in the     pure vegetarian”.
morning”.      Shri Lahiri   Shri Baba was leading his      Sun, 21 Oct 07
Baba was oblivious to this   life this way without any
remark, but his attendant    sense of body or mind.         Guided meditation:
disciple Krishnaram was      Great yogiraj you are!!        10:00am to 11:00am
saddened by it. Later on     Your sadhana is a lesson       Guided Group
the    same     shopkeeper   for us all.
became a staunch devotee                                    Questions: 11:00am-
of Shri Lahiri Baba.         UPCOMING                       11:30am
                                                            Annual      General
                             October 2007 visit             meeting: 11:30am –
A disciple of Shri Lahiri
Baba, living close to his                                   12:30am
                             Swami     Samarpanandaji
house, one day invited       will be visiting Auckland
him to his house for food.   from Friday, 19 October
                                                            All paid-up members
He served his Gurudev        2007 to Sunday 21 October      of KYANZ are invited
many sumptuous dishes        2007.                          to the AGM.
and fish curry. Shri Baba
was taking food with         Fale Pacifika Centre of the    Kriya Yoga Forum
great delight.     Another   University of Auckland has
disciple who was present     been confirmed as the          Kriya Yoga Association
there prayed to Baba to      venue. We will send out        of New Zealand has
come for food to his house   directions and parking         organised a Kriya Yoga
also. Baba finally agreed.   details soon.                  Forum on Sat 10
The disciple prepared                                       November 2007 from
many dishes with fish and                                   10:ooam to 12:ooam at
with great love was
                             Fri, 19 Oct 07                 our   regular    Saturday
serving Shri Gurudev.                                       meditation    venue    @
                             Two free public discourse
Shri Baba was eating with                                   Newton Central Hall.
                             are scheduled:
great delight and joy. The
disciple was describing to   First: 11:00am       to        More details about the
Baba the various fish        12:00pm        at Rimu         forum will be sent out after
preparation and asking       Room,         Wellpark         the initiation weekend.
him to try them. When he     College    of  Natural
heard the word fish, Baba    Therapies, 6 Francis           Shri    Paramahamsa
stopped eating and got up.   Streetm Grey Lynn,             Prajnanananda
The disciple who did not     and the
know the reason was                                         Currently     Gurudev     is
worried if there was a       Second : 7:00pm to             residing at the USA
mistake on his part and      9:00pm at the Fale             mother centre, where a 21
with all humility asked      Pacifika    Complex,           day retreat is being held.
him why he got up before     University        of           Later in October, up until
finishing the food. Shri     Auckland,    273-275           the 6th of November, Baba
Lahiri Baba replied, “Do I                                  will lead the Mt Sinai Trek

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to raise funds for the         The Bhagawat Gita was           have two CDs which guide
Hariharananda                  completed by Maharishi Vyasa)   you       through  Kriya
Balashram.             Also    25th December - Birthday        practice.
happening this year, is the    of Lord Jesus
4th            Residential                                     Saturday Meditation:
Brahmachari        training    “Passion and attachments
course to be held at the         pull the devotee down,        Newton Central Hall,
Hariharananda                    below the heart center.       16   Waima    Street,
Gurukulam             from     Just as Arjuna took up his      Newton.
November      22nd     until         bow to fight his
March 22nd 2008.          A       opponents, when this         The earlier start at 8:00am
couple of our devotees         happens the devotee must        has    met     a     positive
from New Zealand will             straighten the spine,        response.        Wonderful
visit the ashram during          control the breath and        attendance continues to
this time and we await             start to meditate.”         create the uplifting group
stories of their meeting                                       vibration.
with the Master!                     Paramahamsa
                                     Hariharananda             Wednesday
 IMPORTANT DATES                                               Meditation:
     IN 2007                           WEBSITE
                                                               7:00pm,       Taraire
                                                               Room,        Wellpark
                                                               College,  6   Francis
                                                               Street,  Grey  Lynn,
                                                               Change to Wednesday
5th January - Birthday of      DONATION REQUEST                Meditation
Paramahamsa                    UPDATE
Yoganandaji                                                    From     January      2008,
20th January - Birthday of     We are positively on the        Wednesday        meditation
Sanyal Mahasaya                way to meeting the              will move from Wellpark
10th May - Birthday of Shri    required costs for October      College      to      Epsom
Yukteshwarji                   s program. A further $600       Community Centre. The
17th May - Establishment       is needed. Many thanks to       timing    from     7:00pm-
of Prajnana Mission            all who have contributed        8.15pm will remain the
27th May - Birthday of         thus far. If anyone would       same. This change has
Paramahamsa                    still like to make a            been made due to the
Hariharanandaji                donation they can do so by      opportunity to secure a full
2nd        August         –    direct credit into our          years booking at Epsom.
Mahasamadhi         Swami      Kiwibank account # 38-          Here we will face no
Satyanandaji.                  9003-0855259-00,                interruptions like we did at
10th August - Birthday of      Account Name: Kriya Yoga        Wellpark College which
Paramahamsa                    Association     of    New       closed for term holidays
Prajnananandaji                Zealand Inc. or by sending      four times per year.
26th September – Gurudev       a cheque payable to
Lahiri          Mahasaya’s     KYANZ to Vijay @ 1C             Monthly Meditation
Mahasamadhi.                   Griffin Avenue, Epsom,
30th September- Birthday       Auckland 1023.                  We will also continue with
of Lahiri Mahasaya                                             the             two-hour
17th November - Birthday                                       meditation on the last
of Swami Satyananda Giri       WEEKLY                          Saturday of the month,
3rd December -                 MEDITATION                      from 8:00am until
Mahasamadhi of                                                 10:15am.
                               The opportunity to attend
13th December - Birthday
                               guided meditation as given
of Bhagawat Gita (The day
                               by Gurudev is unique. We

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For any information about
KYANZ Inc. or Kriya Yoga
in general please contact
either of the following

Vijay S. Sethi
Phone: 09-520 5670
Mob: 0211 00 66 11

Partha Roop
Phone: 09-577 1025
Mob: 021 335 137

“You were born in joy. You
 are to spend your life in
   joy. You are the meet
     death with joy.”
    - Paramahamsa

In our Baba’s immortal

 “May God, Christ and
  Masters bless us all”

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