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What Ad Agencies Don't Want You to Know by bnmbgtrtr52


									?As you know, I have a lot of different clients in my copywriting business from
different industries and countries, and one thing never ceases to amaze me...

It has to do with the 3 dirt cheap marketing weapons that ad agencies don't want you
to know about!

Let me explain.

As you know, direct mail and direct response advertising are two proven winners
available to any small business owner. They continue to prove themselves time and
time again... along with other popular mediums such as Phone Directory advertising,
referral marketing and more. But there is one thing that almost all these mediums
have in common...

These mediums are not only highly effective, they can also be extremely costly.

Now this is not necessarily an issue and certainly isn't what raises my eyebrows when
I consult with business owners about their marketing.

After all, it doesn't matter how much an advertisement costs, just whether you get a
return on your investment or not.

But here's the amazing thing.

While most small business owners are happy to go for these bigger, more costly
tactics... they often overlook some of the super cheap guerilla tactics which, when
used correctly, can be almost as effective as their more expensive cousins.

I'm talking about postcards, flyers and coupons.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that there is no better way to attract new leads and
customers for many businesses (or to test an ad piece) than through these super cheap
guerilla methods.

A direct mail campaign for example, costs you around $1 a letter to send out when
you factor in printing, envelope stuffing, postage and handling.

Yet the same message can be sent out for as little as a few cents using postcards,
flyers and coupons.

Now these super cheap tools may not enjoy the same response as a sales letter or full
page ad, but your customer acquisition costs will be far lower so it may actually be
more profitable (depending on your market and situation).
I know of a carpet cleaning company for example, that uses postcards as part of a
customer farming sequence to a local area.

They actually make a small profit every time they run this campaign, but get to enjoy
a new customer on the backend, along with a large number of referrals. So their
business experiences real growth as a result!

Yet, because of the higher costs, this same campaign actually loses the company
money when a direct mail sales letter is sent instead of the postcard. That's because
the postcard costs 50% less to send than the sales letter.

No wonder ad agencies aren't keen for you know about these tactics - there is no
money in it for them!

This is just one example of how these low cost guerrilla methods can be used. There
are of course several more.

But like anything, you have to use this medium correctly, or you'll just be throwing
your money away.

You need to optimize the right offer, the right distribution method and of course, the
right advertising copy to make it successful.

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