FORTUNE's -100 Best Companies to Work For- by gyvwpsjkko



Fortune Magazine, a global business magazine published by Time Inc., published the
100 Best Companies to Work for 2010. The ranking proves to be an industry
benchmark resulting from extensive employee survey in corporate America. 353
companies and more than 81,000 employees responded on the 57-question survey
which is being sent randomly to selected employees. Do you think project
management software helped to land them on the Fortune's list? Let's see.

The rankings clearly show an effective project management skill as far as employee
relationship is concerned. In fact topping the list is SAS which is the leader in
providing business analytics and project management software and services to help
customers make fact-based decisions and improve performance.

In addition, consistent on Fortune's list is Google, which topped the list in 2007 and
2008 and ranked 4 in 2009 and 2010. Innovative benefits including effective project
management software to make the task easier, flexibility and the opportunity to pursue
ideas are just some of the attributes for continuously earning such prestigious

 No wonder project management software can be acknowledged as one of the
contributing factors for such recognition because they definitely know the benefit of
using project management software.

We are all aware that project management software organizes the business better,
collaborate more effectively among employees and plan and track project
comprehensively. This is a clear indication that for company such as Google and SAS,
using project management software gives them a better overview of what their
employees need. Read more on this topic at : Six views of project management

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