Format For a Business Plan- Tips For Writers by gyvwpsjkko


									?Business plan writers must adhere to a basic format. While covering the important
sections of a business plan, pay attention to these additional rules which contribute to
a more successful plan.

Make the Executive Summary Stand On Its Own

Some funders reading your business plan will only get as far as the executive
summary. Some may request that you send only an executive summary with your
initial application. For these reasons, make sure that the executive summary hits all of
the major points of the business plan and is compelling even as a separate document.
While it cannot go into the detail that the rest of the plan will, it should also not be
vague or incomplete. Make sure that the executive summary leaves readers wanting
more not because it does not answer key questions about the business, but because the
strength of the idea itself is contagious.

Make the Plan Easy To Navigate

A table of contents, page numbering, and section headings and subheadings go a long
way to making the plan easy to read. A reader should be able to flip between the
different sections. For example, some funders may be most concerned with sections
covering their specialties, such as strategy, operations, marketing, or finance, and may
want to go straight to the relevant section after reading the executive summary.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly true in a business plan.
Graphics, such as graphs, product photos, and logos can go beyond description to
convey more than paragraphs of text can. If numbers are a primary part of what you
are trying to explain, or when comparing competitors or customers, a chart can
summarize the data simply. Make sure that photos or logos are of high enough
resolution to appear clear and not pixelated on the business plan. Also be sure that
each graphic is relevant, contributes to supporting the business plan, and is not a
distraction from the purpose of the plan.

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