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									?Threats of Today

It has been reported by IDC that unintentional data loss is now at the top of the list of
threats to companies' network security. Threats such as malicious code, spam, stolen
data by employees or business partners, and hackers are making this list too. The
threats of today have two things in common: they target a company's sensitive data
and they use the internet as an attack vector. Cross-channel threat convergence -
incorporating email, the Web and applications - combined with the dynamic internet,
has made it impossible for limited point solutions to accurately detect and respond to
threats. To best protect your company you need
Websense Email Security

Blocks inbound and outbound email threats at the network gateway

? Guards against blended threats
? Granular policy control and reporting
? Protects confidential data within email and attachments

Websense Hosted Email Security

Blocks inbound and outbound email threats in the cloud

? Protection from email threats before they reach the network
? Reduced administrative overhead
? Low total cost of ownership

Websense Email Security Software
Websense Email Security (formerly SurfControl Email Filter) software provides
comprehensive content filtering for continuous protection against inbound and
outbound email threats including spam, viruses, blended threats, data loss, and
regulatory violations.

Industry-leading threat detection technology, email antivirus, and expertise are
complemented by simple-to-use monitoring and reporting to provide a high level of
control and visibility. Companies can defend against the full spectrum of email threats
to reduce business risk, enable business compliance, and ensure business continuity.
? Websense Threat Expertise - Manage blended Web and email attacks with powerful
intelligence and Web security expertise.
? Granular Outbound Content Filtering - Employ a flexible rules engine, compliance
templates, and extensive risk dictionaries for granular policy enforcement.
? Visibility Through Reporting - Control email usage with interactive drill-down
reports, automatic report scheduling and delivery.
Hosted Email
 Websense Hosted Email Security (formerly SurfControl MailControl) provides
protection at the Internet level, providing powerful spam filtering and eliminating
malware before they reach your network.

The hosted deployment model provides centralized security with built-in failover and
business continuity, while easing administrative overhead. Backed by industry-leading
SLAs, Websense Hosted Email Security reduces business costs, eliminates the
complexity and uncertainty of managing email threats, and provides the highest
possible degree of protection. Only Websense provides email security backed by the
intelligence of the ThreatSeeker Network, which monitors and analyzes emerging
threats from Web and email to deliver around-the-clock and up-to-date protection
against blended threats.
? Threat Expertise - Up-to-date protection against blended threats provided by
ThreatSeeker Network
? Ease of Use and Management - Reduced administrative overhead with no
installation, upgrades, or patch maintenance
? Scalable Solution - Hosted security can support growing businesses without
unexpected costs

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