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					                                                                                                    Fall 2004

TLC Mouldings, Inc. is another chapter of
                                                                                                    Volume 2, Issue 4

                                                                molding process. They, along with the moulding machine
The Langdale Company's continued commitment to com-             operators, went to a weeklong Weinig training program in
plete resource utilization. Just as the Langboard MDF           North Carolina. Two months later Weinig sent personnel
plant came into being to utilize Langdale Forest Products       to Willacoochee to train and help with the start up at TLC
sawmill and planer mill byproducts, TLC Mouldings, Inc.         Moulding.
was created to utilize MDF's one foot drops. The one foot
drops are a result of the five foot panels produced by          "That       was
Langboard that are cut down to four foot panels. While in       about all the
the beginning these panels were the catalyst for the cre-       experience we
ation of TLC                                                    had      before
Mouldings,                                                      start up," relayed Landon Meeks. And while some
today these one                                                 might think that was a recipe for disaster, it actually helped
foot drops only                                                 them grow as a team because everyone had to learn
make up 35% of                                                  together, work together and solve problems together.
their total pro-                                                Randy Fortune added, "If you don't know that you
duction.                                                        can't do something - you try. And if you never try, you
                                                                never succeed."
As part of the
investigation                                                   The MDF Moulding Process - Start to Finish. The raw
process of how                                                  board used to make the moulding is stocked in-house. A
to utilize the one manufactured by TLC Mouldings, Inc.          fork-lift feeds the board for two production lines into a
                        Samples of Harmony casings

foot drops, a six                                               multi-score saw that rips it into strips ranging from 1 ½" to
month feasibility study of the moulding industry was con-       8" widths X 7' to 18' lengths with the size depending on the
ducted. When the decision was made to go ahead with a
MDF moulding plant, the 110,000 sq. ft. plant was devel-
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oped and constructed with in-house personnel next door to
Langboard MDF plant in Willacoochee, GA.
                                  The plant started opera-
                                                                               INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                 tions with 42 employees
                                 in June 2001 when the
                                                                      Thoughts & Reflections                  3
        t                        first product rolled off the
      la ht
                                                                      Seasonal Snapshots                      4

     fii g
     f li                        line.                                Employee Spotlight                      5

   A                             TLC Moulding's Plant
                 ot              Manager,        Randy
                                                                      Your Benefits                           6

                                 Fortune, Production
                                                                      Industries News                         8

                                 Supervisor, Landon
                                 Meeks and Sales
                                                                      Service Hotline                         11

Manager, Craig Young were all employed at
                                                                      Your Community                          14

Langboard MDF prior to the startup of TLC Mouldings and
were familiar with the MDF product, but unfamiliar with the
                                                                      Environmental News                      15

                                                                      Plant News                              16

                                                                      Calendar of Events                      20
Industries Update

  moulding being produced.                                       system to deliver the finished product to be packaged.
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                                                                 Most productions are run to order and shipped immedi-
  The next step involves the strips being fed into the Weinig    ately, while some product is kept in the warehouse. TLC
  m       o       u      l     d        e      r      s      .   Mouldings ships 175 -200 truckloads of MDF mouldings a
   There are two production lines with one line having a         month to a customer base that covers an area west from
  Weinig moulder with five heads for simpler (flat) profiles     Texas north to Maryland. Production for a typical four-
  and the other line equipped with a six head Weinig moulder     week month averages 5,700,000 linear feet.
  for more complicated profiles.
                                                                 There are seven major moulding plants currently in the
                                                                 southeast, which means competition can be tough. "It
                                                                 was tough getting our foot in the door of potential cus-
                                                                 tomers," said Randy Fortune. "But it might sur-
                                                                 prise you to know that our toughest competition isn't in the
                                                                 U.S., it is from imports." "Chile is one of our biggest com-
                                                                 petitors in the fingerjoint market. But the competition has-
                                                                 n't slowed us down, in fact we doubled our production in
                                                                 the last year, added an 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse (see pg
                                                                 18) this past Spring, and added a second shift this year
                                                                 bringing the number of employees to 65. We are also in
                                                                 the process of adding a third moulder line to be complet-
                                                                 ed sometime the end of this year which will allow us to be
                                                                 more efficient and increase production."
  TLC Mouldings has in-house computer design, tooling, and
          Moulding exiting the primer (paint) station.

  maintenance that allows them to create and reproduce cus-      According to Craig Young, "Our delivery times have
  tomer profiles. The profile is taken to the grinderman who     been a key factor in helping us to get our foot in the door
  scans it on the Turbo CAD CAM system to make a drawing.        of potential customers. Delivery times from Chile/South
  This information is then sent to the template maker that       America are typically six to eight weeks. Our turn around
  makes a template opposite of the profile. Then the grinder     time is second to none. In addition, our availability, selec-
  makes the die out of carbide and feeds the information to      tion of over 150 profiles and the ability to create and
  the moulders.                                                  reproduce new ones per the customer's needs, delivery of
  One line is equipped with a one coat primer (paint) station    a primed product and the overall finished appearance
  with the second line equipped with two sander lines and        have been important aspects in obtaining, keeping and
  two coat primer (paint) stations. A 10 head DelleVedove        attracting new customers."
  sander pre-sands the moulding on both lines before send-
  ing it to be primed. The vacuum coater applies the water-
  based primer. 99.9% of all mouldings produced are
  The two-coat line then goes to an infrared oven to dry
  between coats and then it is run through an eight head
  DelleVedove sander before being primed a second time.
  After the second coat of primer, the moulding makes a 90
  degree turn to a forced heated air oven for approximately
  90 seconds to fully cure before receiving a buffed finish by
  another eight headed sander. The one coat line is sanded
  before and after its one primer coat and only passes
  through the forced heated air oven.
  All finished moulding is visually inspected and graded in-
                                                                 These racks hold the many custom made dies of

  house and then passes through to the Venjakob handling
                                                                 TLC Mouldings to produce a variety moulding pro-
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                                                                                                  Industries Update

        & R e fl e c t io n s                                            Randy Fortune, Plant Manager,
                                                                                   TLC Mouldings, Inc.
Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker and business visionary, tells    many hours, weeks, months and years of planning that went
a story of an "overnight" success, Gary Spies. From White         into this project. Nor did they know how committed our
Lake, Minnesota, Gary sailed his ten-foot boat across the         employees were to seeing this company succeed. We
Atlantic Ocean in just fifty-four days. What is the real story?   learned together, solved problems together and worked
Did he just have a good idea, implement it and was "lucky"?       together all as a team.
Gary worked, planned, sacrificed, and studied for three years
to build his boat. He committed not only his money but also       Today we are seeing the rewards at TLC Moulding of our
100 percent of his spare time for three solid years. He had to    team's planning, hard work and sacrifice with: 1) The dou-
chart his course and plan every detail, including maximum         bling of our production in the last year, 2) Our new addition
use of his space and the proper food, clothing, and water to      of an 80,000 sq ft warehouse this Spring, 3) Our second shift
carry. Once he completed his plan he was ready to face the        added earlier this year, and 4) The addition of a third line
most dangerous and difficult part - the rain and bitter cold.     near the end of this year.
When Gary completed his successful mission, he was bat-
tered and weary. "Luck" did not play a part in Gary's success     In today's global economy, competing in a market that is
- it was planning, hard work and sacrifice.                       dominated by imports is no easy task. The reason I know
                                                                  TLC Mouldings is and will continue to be successful is
This story reminds me of how TLC Mouldings began. We              because of our employees dedication to provide quality prod-
aren't where we are today because of "luck". There were a         ucts, professional service and competitive pricing through
lot of people who probably thought we were crazy to start a       their hard work and sacrifice.
moulding plant with an employee base that had very little
experience in the moulding industry. But they didn't know the

Affiliate Spotlight                                                2005 C al ndar
                                                                           e     s
TLC Mouldings are sold under the "Harmony" line brand.                    C o mi n g S o on !
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They produce baseboards, casings, chair rails and crown

                                                                   The Langdale Company
mouldings. Unlike traditional wood mouldings, MDF is
free of splits, knot and torn grain. They also will not warp
or twist.
Moulding from TLC can be seen in the new Omni Tower,
Atlanta, GA, Comfort Inn, Valdosta, GA, the clubhouse at
                                                                              2005 Calendars
                                                                              will be arriving
Kinderlou Forest Golf Club, Valdosta, GA, Rosen Center
Hotel, Orlando, FL, and the Fairmont, New Orleans, LA.
It has also been featured on the syndicated, "Michael

                                                                                in November.
Holligan's - Your New Home" television show, "Panel
World" and "Wood Digest" magazines.

                                                                         Watch the mailbox
What does TLC Mouldings do with the waste dust from
the production of the moulding? In a solution unique to
the moulding industry, the waste dust is mixed with trim
from the saws, and then processed into pellets that are
sent back to the MDF plant for boiler fuel.                                         for yours!
  A fitting solution for a plant created because of The
Langdale Company's commitment to environmental
Industries Update

    S easonal                                                                            “Jake
         Grand Prize                                                                   submitted




                                                                                       All entrants received
                                                                                          an entrant prize
                                                                                           for their entry.



      “4th of July - Madison Johnson”                                                                 Comfort Inn
     Ann Johnson of the Comfort Inn
        won $100.00 for her entry!

           Fa l l S e a s o n a l S n a p s h o t R u l e s
                                                                              The grand prize winner will be
                                                                              awarded cash prize of $100!!!
    This quarter’s Seasonal Snapshot rules are as
                                                       E N T E R T O D AY ! ! !


    1) Photos must be taken by an employee of
    Langdale Industries or affiliate company.                          Everyone who enters an eligible photo will

    2) Photo subject: Anything that you are
                                                                       receive an entrant prize.

    thankful for this holiday season OR Hunting                        Submit your photo with above information to:
    Photos.                                                                   Stephanie Hibberts
                                                                              Langdale Industries, Inc.
    3) Each entry must have a photo with the follow-                          P O Box 1365
    ing information printed on the back of photo:                             Valdosta, GA 31603-1365
    name, address and telephone number, place of                              Phone: (229) 247-5588
    employment, and title/description of photo.                     

           All entries will be entered                                 ENTRY DEADLINE:      All entries must be
               into drawing for the                                    received by December 1, 2004 to be eligible.
                $100 grand prize.

                                                                                                    Industries Update

                                                                 triplet        births         in        the     U.S.*
                                                                  That is pretty amazing considering that according to
                                                                 Tom when the triplets begin school at Hahira

                                  E m pl y
                                       o                         Elementary there will be two sets of triplets and two
                                                                 sets of twins all starting school together!
                                 S p o t l igh                   Tom said they have had a lot of help from their par-
                                                                 ents, family and friends since the boys arrived. T.J.,
                                                                 Taylor and Samantha help out, too. Things are a little

Tom McCullough, Supervisor, Wood Preserving -
                                                                 cramped at home right now, but their new home is
                                                                 close to being finished and that will give them much
Boiler, Dry Kiln Department, at Langdale Forest                  needed room.
Products, has been seeing triple lately - make that
triplets!                                                        Another interesting note: Tom has worked at
                                                                 Langdale Forest Products for 12 years. He is the third
Tom and his wife Christal are the proud new parents of           generation in his family to work for LFP beginning with
Cole, Ethan and Hunter. Born on July 31, 2004 (6                 his grandfather, Clyde
weeks early), the triplets were greeted by their sib-            Wilson, who retired after
lings: T.J., 12 yrs, Taylor, 10 yrs, and Samantha 8 yrs.         35 years of service and
Cole weighed in at 4 lbs. 3 oz., Ethan 4 lbs 4oz, and            his father, Walter Wilson,
Hunter 4 lbs. 6 oz.                                              who retired after 27 yrs.
                                                                 of service. And both of
Tom and his wife learned they were having triplets               them       worked        as
after their first ultrasound showed three heartbeats,            Supervisor,          Wood
which coincidentally was the day before the construc-            Preserving - Boiler, Dry
tion crew was getting ready to frame in their carport on         Kiln Department, just like
their new house. In light of the news that three babies          Tom. Tom quipped, "Out
would be arriving instead of one, Tom had to change              of my five boys, I'm sure
the house plans to include a bigger nursery.                     one will carry on the tradi-

The doctor told Tom and Christal that this was the first

                                                                 Tom and Christal!
set of triplets he had seen in 15 - 20 yrs that were not
a result of using fertility drugs. 60% of triplets born are
the result of fertility drugs. The odds of conceiving                                                 Top to bottom: Cole,
"spontaneous" triplets (i.e., without the aid of fertility                                             Ethan and Hunter
                                                                 *National Center for Health
drugs) are about 1 in 8,100. In 2002 there were 6,898            Statistics

                      "Skelly" a memorable name for a memorable character. Charles Millhorn got his nickname
                      "Skelly" (originally "Skeleton") from his basketball teammates in high school. Weighing in at 137 lbs at a
                      height of 6' 3", he is known by many at Langdale Industires and the affiliates.
                      Originally from Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee (it's a twin city), Skelly moved here in 1962 to work at the
                      Valdosta Boys' Club as Program Director. When he left the Boy's Club, Skelly had worked with them for
                      18 years.
                     Skelly began working at Langdale Forest Products on July 22, 1974 pulling lumber.
Today, he is responsible for delivering and handling all the mail flow for Langdale Industries and affiliates. This year marks his
30-year anniversary at Langdale Forest Products.
His life long love of sports continues today as he enjoys watching basketball, football and baseball. His favorite team to watch
is the Atlanta Braves.
Skelly and his wife, Sybil, have been married 30 years as of this past March. They have three children, five grandchildren and
three great grandchildren living in Jasper, FL, Jennings, FL, Valdosta, GA and New Mexico.

Industries Update

                                  OPEN ENROLLMENT
                                  November 9 - 18, 2004
  The 2005 Annual Open Enrollment for employee benefits is               mation carefully so that you are prepared to enroll in your
  scheduled to begin on November 9 and end November 18,                  benefits.
  2004. Houze and Associates will conduct the open enroll-
  ment again this year and will meet with each employee at               We are pleased to announce that in spite of the continuing
  their location during the enrollment period. Each employee             rise in health care costs, there will be no plan or benefits
  must meet with a Benefit Counselor to enroll for benefits in           changes for the 2005 year.
  2005.                                                                  The Langdale Company offers a comprehensive package of
  The enrollment scheduled will be posted at                             benefits designed to meet the personal needs of our employ- on Monday, October 18th. Please                 e                     e                   s                   .
  check the website for the day and time that enrollers will visit        You will find that the benefits balance two important consid-
  your location. A schedule will also be posted at each location.        erations: 1) The need for a modern, comprehensive program
                                                                         that meets the essential needs of employees; and 2) The
  Employees will receive a Benefits Package at their home the            desire to satisfy special concerns and priorities of employees.
  week of November 1, 2004. Please pay careful attention to
  the documentation in the package. A benefit statement will be          Langdale is proud to offer our employees the Langdale
  provided that breaks down your current benefits and deduc-             Employee Benefits Plan. It is designed in response to our
  tions as well as information on all benefits that will be avail-       employees' needs - a plan the opens the door for financial
  able to you during open enrollment. Please review this infor-          security and affordable health care.


  FLU SHOTS                                                                                          B enefits
  Flu shots will be available to all Langdale and affiliate employees,
  October 26 - November 11. See schedule on page 7.                      Does the shot cause side effects? The flu shot is made from
                                                                         killed flu viruses, which cannot cause the flu. It does not cause
  There will be NO COST to employees. Langdale Industries will           side effects in most people. About 1/2 of those who get the shot
  absorb the $15.00 cost for each shot.                                  have some soreness, redness or swelling on the arm where the
                                                                         shot is given. These side effects, which can last up to two days,
  Who should get the flu shot? According to the Centers for              rarely interfere with a person’s daily activities. About 5 to 10% of
  Disease Control and Prevention recommends a yearly flu shot for:       people have mild side effects such as headache or low-grade fever
      1) Adults aged 50 or over - even if you’re in great health!        for about a day after vaccination. With very rare exceptions, the
      2) Anyone with chronic health condition: i.e., heart disease,      danger from getting flu - and possibly pneumonia - is far greater
         diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, cancer, HIV/AIDS.             than the danger from the side effects of the shot. One of these
      3) Children 6 months to 8 years old getting flu vaccine for        rare exceptions is people who have a severe allergy to eggs.
          the first time.                                                People who have a severe allergy to eggs should NOT get the
      4) Women more than 3 months pregnant during flu season,            flu shot.
          typically Nov. - March.
      5) Health care workers, and 7) Household contacts or care          Helpful hint: Be sure to take Tylenol, Advil, etc. prior to or
          givers of adults (63 or older) or children (under 24           immediately after receiving your flu shot.
          months), anyone with chronic health problems and preg-
          nant women.

                                                                                       Industries Update

             Flu Shot Schedule                                                          Benefits
Public Health Home Health will be giving the flu shots again this year.
Below is the schedule for this year.
(For information on flu shot schedule at Sweetwater, TN, Wadley, GA or Manchester, GA facilities, please
see your bookkeeper.)

                                                                          “Your Benefits” is continued on page 18.

Industries Update

       I dust y
       n    r
                             Ne w s                                 Nathaniel Jones, LFP
                                                                       Happy Birthday

                                                                        November 2

                                 to YOU!                                 Tracy Bever,
                                                                       Birthday Wishes to

               Southland Forest Products
                                                                        Langboard OSB
      Herman McDonald                  October    1
                                                                         September 15
      Darren Hingson                   October    5
      William Berryhill                October  18
      Greg Turner                      October  27
      Roger Parrish                    December 11

             Langdale Chevrolet - Sylvester, GA
      Louie Stripling                     October       8
      Five-Eights Tillery                 October       8
      Roger Cherry                        October      29
      Christine Beard                     December     12
      Charlene Jackson                    December     27
                                                                  Bobby & Ann Reynolds
                                                                     (Langboard OSB)
               Greenleaf Wood Products
      Kyle Christian                 August   12
                                                                         22 years

      David Christian                September 1
                                                                        August 27th

                Langdale International
                                                                Jeffery & Willie Jean Gilbert
      Bryan Harvey                     December 2                       (Langboard OSB)

                    Comfort Inn
                                                                            20 years

      Janet Jones                         August     7
                                                                           August 24th
      Lula Williams                       August     8
      Vejekia Rogers                      August   18
                                                                 Sherrie & Richard Carter
      Richard Oelkers                     August   31                  (LFP Fab Shop)
      Vicki Spencer                       September 1
      Chasity Mark                        September 2
                                                                           10 years

      Charles Ross                        September 16
                                                                       September 17th
      Destiny Williams                    September 19
      Juanita Sylve                       September 30
                                                                David & Stephanie Hibberts
      Cynthia Jenkiins                    October    7                  (Langdale Ind.)
      Darleen Gist                        October 13
      Latoya Rhodes                       October 17
                                                                           21 years
                                                                          October 8th
         Javarski Love, son of Sandra Love,                       Ella & Nathaniel Jones
                     TLC Mouldings
          Celebrated his birthday on August 18.
         Happy Birthday, I pray that you live to see
                                                                          37 years
                       many more.                                        October 21st
                        Love, Mom

                                                                   Industries Update

                                                     Amber & Andy Robinson
                                                       (TLC Doors & Trim)
                                               Andrew (Drew) Bradley
               & More Babies
                                                          June 25, 2004
                                                      7 lbs. 5 ozs., 21” long
Gracee Nichole
Keene                                               Pam & Nicky Boyd (LFP)
                                                are grandparents for the 3rd time!

Tia & Roger Keene
Daughter of
                                                      Gavin Bradley
(Langboard OSB)                                           July 26, 2004
May 4, 2004
                                                     6 lbs. 13 ozs., 20” long
8 lbs. 10 ozs, 20 1/4” long
                                             Proud parents: Ricky & Kelly Boyd Peters
      Joann & Ronald Coppage
             (Langdale Ford)
      are the proud grandparents of          I dust y
                                             n    r
           Chelsley Ann
           Born August 25, 2004                                   Ne w s
                                                 Brenda & Bobby Johnson (LFP)
        to parents Robin & Charles
          7 lbs. 15 ozs, 21” long
                                                    have a new granddaughter!

   Jack Strayhorn (Langdale Ford)                    Brenna L. Justice
        has a new grandson,                              born July 14, 2004
        Nathaniel Edward                                    8 lbs. 7 ozs.
          Worthington                             Parents: Cynthie and Jeff Justice
               July 25, 2004                    Big Brother, Brayden, is 3 1/2 yrs. old
                7 lbs. 6 ozs

  Jesse and Marie Benefield (CBC)                  Anthony
                                                   Amy and

  are pleased to announce the birth of          Booth (LFP)
                                                 are proud the
  Lacey Allison Benefield                       new parents of
             August 24, 2004
              6 lbs. 11 ozs.                    Lilly Ann
                                                 July 16, 2004
                                                  9 lbs., 1 oz.

                                                                       Continued on page 12
Industries Update

                          Mother Has the Flu

  (Notes pinned to the pillow of a mother who has the flu by her well-meaning
  husband.)                                                                                                          !
  Monday A.M.
                                                                                            st for              N
  Dearest: Sleep late. Everything under control. Lunches packed. Kids off to
  school. Menu for dinner planned. Your lunch is on a tray in refrigerator: fruit cup,
                                                                                          Ju            FU
  finger-sandwiches. Thermos of hot tea by bedside. See you around six.

  Tuesday A.M.
  Honey: Sorry about the egg rack in the refrigerator. Hope you got back to sleep.
  Did the kids tell you about the Coke I put in the Thermoses? The school might
  call you on this. Dinner may be a little late. I'm doing your door-to-door canvas
  for liver research. Your lunch is in refrigerator. Hope you like leftover chili.

  Wednesday A.M.
  Dear Doris: Why in the name of all that is sane would you put soap powder in the
  flour canister! If you have time, could you please come up with a likely spot for
  Chris's missing shoes? We've checked the clothes hamper, garage, back seat of
  the car and wood box. Did you know the school has a ruling on bedroom slip-
  pers? There's some cold pizza for you on a napkin in the oven drawer. Will be
  late tonight. Driving eight Girl Scouts to tour meatpacking house.

  Thursday A.M.
  Doris: Don't panic over water in hallway. It crested last night at 9 P.M. Will finish
  laundry tonight. Please pencil in answers to following:
  1. How do you turn on the garbage disposal?
  2. Why would that rotten kid leave his shoes in his boots?
  3. How do you remove a Confederate flag inked on the palm of a small boy's
  4. What do you do with leftovers when they begin to snap at you when you open
  the door? I don't know what you're having for lunch! Surprise me!

  Friday A.M.
  Hey: Don't drink from pitcher by the sink. Am trying to restore pink dress shirt to
  original white. Take heart. Tonight, the ironing will be folded, the house cleaned
  and the dinner on time. I called your mother.

                                                                                           Did You Know ?
                            Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.
                            In 21 U.S. states, WALMART is the single largest employer.
                            Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua is the only fresh water lake in the world that has sharks.
                            Frozen lobsters can come back to life when thawed!
                            Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.
                            160 cars can drive side by side on the Monumental Axis in Brazil, the world’s widest road.
                            Minnows have teeth in their throat.
                            In one day, a full grown redwood tree expels more than two tons of water through its leaves.
                            Al Capone’s business card said he was a used furniture dealer.
                            There are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea.

                                                                                        Industries Update

    S er i e H oti e
        vc       ln
                                                      2005 Mustang
                                                      More Power
                                                       and Punch
Rooted in the unmistakable heritage that gave birth to an icon, the 2005 Mustang is a bold, powerful, contemporary
version of history's most celebrated muscle car. The 2005 Mustang GT is the first mainstream production Mustang
to break into the 300-horsepower arena. The 4.6-liter aluminum V-8 has three-valve per cylinder and cranks out 300
horsepower and 320 lb.-ft. of torque, while the new SOHC V-6 engine generates 210 horsepower and 240 lb.-ft. of
torque. The all-new specially tuned intake manifold balances sound characteristics with maximum airflow, assuring
a Mustang engine throaty growl that sounds as good as it performs.

With a roomier interior, all-new cockpit
and instrument panel, and audio sys-
tems created for true music lovers, the
2005 Mustang redefines expectations
for muscle car interiors.

The 2005 Mustang GT should be at the
dealership late fall.

                                                          WHO CAME UP WITH THAT ONE?
               Success                                                    Axe to Grind
            comes to those
                                                        Benjamin Franklin published a lot of stories,

              who are too
                                                        one of which he was the central character.
                                                        Franklin was approached by a stranger who

              busy to be
                                                        stopped to admire the family grindstone. He

                                                        asked to be shown how it worked and offered

                for it.
                                                        Ben Franklin an axe to demonstrate. Once
                                                        his axe was sharp the stranger walked off

                - Henry David
                                                        laughing. Today “having an axe to grind”

                                                        means that someone has a hidden motive
                                                        behind their actions.

Industries Update

  Continued from page 9                         Jim Schmidt
                                                (TLC Mouldings)
                                            is proud to announce
                                          his son, Andrew Schmidt,
                                            received his Doctor of

                                               on May 13, 2004
                                              from the School of
                                          Business Administration,
       Tracy & Carol Bever
                                          Arizona State University.
    (Langboard OSB & Comfort Inn)          Andrew has accepted a
       are pleased to announce            professorship at Columbia
         the marriage of their              University, New York.

                                                    Best Wishes Andrew!
          Britney Buckmaster
               Chad Mixon                           I dust y
                                                    n    r
  Congratulations Britney & Chad!                                     Ne w s
        September 25, 2004

                                          Andy Narred, husband of Sheila Narred
                                          (CBC), travelled to Alaska August 2 - 12 with
                                          five friends. They experienced salmon fishing,
                                          panned for gold, visited
                                          Mount McKinley and stood
  Graduations                             on a glacier. It was rumored
                                          that they also took a trip to

       wife of Nicky Boyd (LFP),
                Pam Boyd,                 the North Pole and met
         graduated July 31, 2004
         with a BS in Psychology
     from Valdosta State University.
   She will be continuing her education
     as she pursues her Masters in
        Psychology & Counseling.

           Nicky Boyd (LFP)
       graduated July 31, 2004
     with a BS in Adult Education
           Magna Cum Laude                  Little League “Lil Rebels” of Berrien County,
                                             Sponsored by Langdale Forest Products,
   He will be continuing his education
                                                    Coach: Brad Warren (LFP)
                                                             Summer 2004
     as he pursues his Masters in

     Keep up the good work
                Sociology                             Tee Ball - Ages: 5 & 6 yrs.

            Pam & Nicky!
                                                    Brad’s daughter, Taylor (6 yrs.),
                                                       is a member of the team.

                                                                          Industries Update

Juan Turner, son of India and Eldon James
Turner, Jr. (Langboard), enlisted in the Marine
Crops completing Recruit Training at Marine
Corps Recruit Depot, Paris Island, SC,
September 1994. He was
selected for the Enlisted
Commissioning Program
and attended Officer
Candidate           School
October - December
                                                                 Congratulations to
2003. Juan was commis-
                                                           Jeff Thorne (Langdale Chevrolet)
sioned a Second Lieutenant, December 12,
2003 and then assigned to The Basic School in
Quantico, Virginia. Juan completed The Basic                      & son, Seth (8 yrs.)!
School in July 2004 and was assigned to his cur-                     They were the
rent duty station, 2nd Force Service Support                  Overall Tournament Winners
Group Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Juan is                        of the Doublegate
the proud husband of the former Carletta Faye                  Parent - Child Tournament
Thomas of Riveria Beach, Floriday. They have a
beautiful 5 yr old daughter, Jakayla. Juan attrib-
utes everything he has accomplished to his faith
in God and the wonderful family God has
blessed him with.                                         I dust y
                                                          n    r
Thank you Juan for your service to our                                 News
 country, so we can live in freedom!

                                                           Langboard, Inc. and
                                                            TLC Doors & Trim
                                                                Spring Picnic

                                                          Langboard, Inc. & TLC Doors & Trim
                                                          held their spring picnic on June 26,
                                                          2004. Everyone had a great time
                                                          playing Bingo, fishing, watching the
                                                          kids enjoy the water slide and
                                                          bounce house and everyone enjoyed
                                                          EATING the wonderful food! Even if
                                                          we did get rained out, we all had a
                                                          GREAT time!

Industries Update

                                                  Your C om m uniy

      The Lowndes County Heart Walk will be held October 9, 2004 from 10:00 a.m. until
      noon, meeting at the Valdosta Middle School track. The Langdale Company has
      participated for several years and welcomes all affiliates interested in participating
      on our company wide team.

         If you would like to participate or make a donation, please contact Donna
                    Anderson at (229) 333-2516 for further information.

                         All affiliates are welcome to participate!

                                                              Chancy Drugs &
                                                          Smith Northview Hospital

                                                              Are Your
          BLOOD                                               Hormones
          DRIVE                                            Making You Sick?
                                                           Eldred B. Taylor, M.D.

           The Bloodmobile will be at                      Saturday, November 13
           Langdale Forest Products                           9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
            on November 18, 2004.                            James H. Rainwater
                                                         Conference Center - Valdosta

                                                    Advance $10.00     After Nov 2nd $15.00
      All affiliates are invited to participate
                   by giving blood.

            Give blood - Save a life!                  For More Information Call 794-3525

                                                              Limited Seating

                                                                                                                Industries Update

                                                                                   Georgia's Quality
                                                                                         Deer Herd
                                                                                            State of GA DNR Wildlife Resources Division

Georgia needs to do like South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and so on. Have you ever heard this statement? We sure have; wish we
had a nickel for every time we have heard it regarding deer management. It often seems that a lot of time is spent looking at the neigh-
bors' grass and the longer we look; the greener it gets. Meanwhile, we don't inspect our own grass with same detail. And, so it is with
deer hunting in Georgia and Georgia's deer herd. So, how green is our grass? You may be surprised!

Georgia supports a very healthy, productive deer herd. The most recent pre-hunt deer herd estimate for Georgia was a conservative
1.2 million deer (2002). The result of this healthy, productive deer herd is that Georgia's 280,000 deer hunters harvested 410,000 deer
in 2002. On the other hand, your comrades in Alabama harvested 410,000, Florida - 140,000, South Carolina - 309,000 and Tennessee
- 157,000. This is quite a feat considering our pre-hunt population estimate in 1980, just 20 years ago, was only 473,000 and our har-
vest was about 135,500 deer. Georgia's deer hunters and deer herd have come a long way in a short period of time and are no doubt
leaders in the South! Is their grass still looking greener?

What about the successful Georgia deer hunters? The average deer hunter harvests 1.5 deer per season and it takes the average deer
hunter just 14 days to harvest a deer. This is incredible when compared to 1980 when the average deer hunter harvested 0.4 deer, and
                                       it took the average hunter 31 days to harvest a deer! Deer hunting in the 1980's was good; now
                                       it's great. No doubt, the good old days of deer hunting are right now! Georgia deer hunters are
                                       harvesting more deer and are more successful than ever before.

                                       Well, we briefly described the outstanding deer hunting opportunity that we cherish in Georgia.
                                       Now, what about our deer herd? We have mentioned its general size, but what about its quality?
                                       It may be of surprise, but Georgia actually has a quality deer herd and has since about 1996.

                                       Finally, how does our buck harvest look between yearlings and adults? A final testament to the
                                       quality of your Georgia deer herd is the fact that more quality bucks are being taken in Georgia
                                       than ever before. In 1975, 70% of the bucks taken were yearling bucks (1.5 years old) and only
                                       30% were true adults. In 2002, only 47% of bucks taken were yearlings and 53% of bucks taken
                                       were quality, adult bucks.

                                          It seems that Georgia hunters have the greenest grass in the neighborhood. Georgia far exceeds
                                          its neighboring states in producing a quality deer herd. How did this happen? Well, it happened
while we were paying attention to our neighbors. First and foremost, Georgia tailored a management system unique to Georgia. There
is little doubt that voluntary restraint in the harvest of young bucks has contributed to this success; however, this practice is no silver
bullet all by itself. Additionally, Georgia slowly increased the doe bag limit and either sex days while holding the buck bag limit constant
at two.

As a result, the doe harvest steadily increased relieving hunting pressure on bucks. In fact, we lead the nation in doe harvest. At the
same time, the harvest of quality bucks has increased while the harvest of younger bucks has decreased. Congratulations, you and the
DNR have managed and molded Georgia's deer herd into a quality deer herd and made Georgia the leader in biologically sound deer

It is up to us collectively to keep Georgia's grass the greenest. Enjoy your bragging rights; you have earned them. However, new and
old threats keep appearing that stand to place at risk your hard work,
the quality of Georgia's deer herd and your bragging rights.
Remember, Georgia developed its quality deer herd though a path of
our own making, not by doing what others do. You can keep it that
way by keeping Georgia like Georgia.
                                                                                E nvionm ent l
                                                                                    r      a

Industries Update

         P l ntNews
                                                                Mr. Harley Langdale, Chairman, The
           a                                                    Langdale Company, celebrated his 90th
                                                                birthday on September 8, 2004.

     I would like to thank everyone

    who came to share my birthday

    with me. I genuinely appreciate

                                                                                              Mr. Harley!
     everything that you have done
     as employees and individuals
    helping this company grow and
        stand stronger than it
          ever has before.

     Harley Langdale Jr.

                                                                                   Mr & Mrs Harley Langdale, Jr.

                                                U-Vill Woods                           Cynthia Jenkins

      In 2003 members of the Chamber's Existing Industry Committee created a recognition and award program
      called “World Class Manufacturing Employees” (In 2004 it was renamed “World Class Employee”). The nomina-
      tion process is unique in that hourly employees nominate a fellow employee, and management personnel are
      not eligible. Management completes nomination forms for their sector. All nomination forms identify basic work
      ethics (attendance, attitude and dependability) and also include industry specific evaluation criteria. Forty
      employees were nominated this year. Judges interview the twelve highest scoring candidates. The top employ-
      ees for the four sectors were announced September 2. U-Vill Woods was nominated by Langdale Forest
      Products for the Manufacturing sector and Cynthia Jenkins was nominated by the Comfort Inn for the
      Retail/Hospitality sector. While neither U-Vill or Cynthia made it to the finalist levels, Langdale Industries
      is proud to have them as “World Class Employees”.

                       Congratulations U-Vill Woods and Cynthia Jenkins!

                                                                     Industries Update

presented by Georgia Turf Tractor

Landale Ford, along with the NGA
Hooters Pro Golf Tour, sponsored
the first annual Langdale Ford
Championship at Kinderlou Forest
Golf Club, September 18, 2004.

                            Victoria Newsome Benefit
     A golf benefit was held at Kinderlou Forest Golf Club on September 10, 2004 for
                              Victoria Newsome, daughter of
                 Langdale Industries employee, Margaret Ann Newsome.
   Victoria was diagnosed with disseminated medulloblastoma (cancerous tumors in the
                           brain & spine) on January 8, 2004.

Industries Update

                     Your Benefits
                                                              New 401(k) funds available
  Continued from page 7

                     REMINDER!                         Freedom Funds: Fidelity Advisor Freedom
                                                       Funds offer a simple yet sophisticated approach
  Upcoming in December: 401(k) Enrollment for          to long-term investing. Their dynamic asset
                                                       allocation is synchronized to coincide with a tar-
  eligible employees. Eligible employees will be       geted retirement date, thus ensuring diversifica-
  contacted by our Investment Advisor, Ralph           tion to help maximize return potential and mini-
  Smith. Payroll deductions for 401(k) will be         mize risk.
  effective with first January pay period.
                                                       Dreyfuss S & P 500 Index Fund: This fund
                                                       seeks to match the Standard & Poors 500 com-
  If you currently contribute to 401(k) you can        posite stock price index.
  change contribution amount any time during the
            Contact Donna Cain, Langdale
                                                       contact our Investment Advisor, Ralph
  year.                                                If you have questions or need more information
  Industries (229) 333-2548 for questions              Smith at (229) 247-4026.
  about and enrollment in 401(k).

                                                       Pictorial Progress

                                         rol P
                                    Cont w Press                                       80,000 sq. ft.
                                          e                                             Warehouse
                                    for N



                                                                               Industries Update

N ew Faces
                Industries Update would like to introduce some new faces in
                       the Langdale Industries and affiliate families.
  Greg Miller, CFO/Vice President, Langdale Industries

  Greg Miller joined Langdale Industries July 15, 2004 as Chief Financial Officer/Vice President. Originally
  from Donalsonville, GA, Greg moved here from Albany, GA in 1991. He previously was self-employed
  at Dame & Miller, LLP an audit firm. Having worked in public accounting for 17 years, Greg says he
  enjoys being able to work on the "other side of the table" in his new position.

  A Valdosta State University graduate, Greg and his wife of nine years, Mary Ann, have two sons - John,
  4 yrs. and Clark, 2 yrs. Greg enjoys living in Valdosta and loves golfing, fishing, quail hunting and being
  with his family.

  Edwin Lane, President/CEO, Commercial Banking Company

  Edwin (Ed) is a native of Colquitt, GA and is new to the Valdosta area. A graduate of Augusta State
  University, he comes to us from ABC Bancorp in Moultrie, GA. He has lived in Moultrie for the past 10

  Ed has a 12-year-old daughter, Becca, who lives in Albany, GA. A 7th grader, Becca shows Arabian
  horses and has won several awards in the past six years. He also keeps his daughter's pet goat, Izzie,
  who follows Becca everywhere she goes (just recently, even into the pool!). An avid tennis player, Ed
  claims to be the "World's Worst Golfer" - although he likes to get out on the course and play whenever
  he has the time.

  Ed relayed he is excited to be a part of Commercial Banking Corporation and Langdale Industries.
  "Valdosta is a great town to live and work in. I look forward to being a part of the community and get-
  ting to know its residents."

  Howard Tessin, General Manager, Comfort Inn

  On August 2, 2004, Howard Tessin became the new General Manager of the Comfort Inn, as previous
  General Manager, Wayne Ross, begins his retirement.

  Having been in hotel management for 23 years, Howard has seen many changes in the hotel industry.
  "Technology has played a major role with most hotels implementing computers in many of the day-to-
  day operations. With more hotels being built every day the industry is very competitive, compared to
  previous years."

  Howard, a native of Brunswick, GA has been married for 23 years to his wife, Lynn, who is a 3rd grade
  teacher at Clyattville Elementary. They have lived in Valdosta for 23 years and have three children -
  Blanton, a senior at Columbus State University who plays on the golf team, Rebecca, a sophomore at
  Valdosta State University, and Jonathan, a senior at Lowndes County High School.

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