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									?The Internet is a huge medium, and all kinds of information (both good and not so
desirable) can be found just by making a simple search. Some parents are fearful of
letting their children spend time on the Internet because of the kind of information
that they may come across.

This is unfortunate because the Internet offers a wealth of good information - if you
know where to look. The goal is not to avoid the use of the Internet. Instead, the
advantages of the internet innovations should be accepted by schools and by parents.
It's just part of society communication evolution. The challenge has become to
manage internet usage by web monitoring.

In other words, use technology to help your children embrace the Internet. More
savvy parents have learned that by using web monitoring software, they are able to
monitor the web activities of their children. This is a practical solution because no
parent can ever spend all the time watching over what their kids are doing on the

So how does web monitoring work?

First, understand that most of the time spent on the Internet will be on instant
messenger chats and websites. The best monitoring software helps to monitor both
forms of usage so that you, as the parent, can manage what your children is doing
online. The primary goal here is to only intervene whenever you see that your child is
doing something that he or she is not supposed to be doing and could come to harm.

For example, Instant chats are often used by crooks to make friends online. As these
people believe (wrongly) that they can remain anonymous on the Internet, they start to
do all sorts of illegal things. They may be trying to hoax children into sending them
money or credit card information.

If you find anything suspicious from the chat logs, you can immediately take action
and block the application or simply remove the application.

As for websites, you can setup keyword alerts so that the monitoring software blocks
the sites before your children have a chance to surf them. If there are specific websites
that you would like to block, simply enter the URLs into the software and the sites
will be inaccessible. For instance, you may find that your child is spending too much
time on an online game, and you want to block the site. Just enter the URL into the
software, and the site is blocked. You can always remove the URL during the school
holidays (or after exams) so that your children can enjoy the game again.

Email is another area that parents should monitor. Children are getting more and more
savvy these days and they tend to send emails to friends on a daily basis. Sometimes,
they even reply to emails that are from complete strangers! This is where the danger

Using the web monitoring software, you can easily track these activities from any
computer. Simply select the appropriate tab - Instant messenger, email, chat, websites
and you can immediately access the relevant information.

Finally, the monitoring software that you use is invisible. Your children won't even
know that they are being monitored!

Jack Taggerty
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