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									?If you are thinking about getting into web and video conferencing, then it is
important to know what is required to operate any proposed conferencing system. But
when you are deciding which web conferencing application to utilize, none of the
applications currently available will do everything well. With the vast amount of
service providers that are available today, it's not always easy to find the one that best
fills the bill for your particular web conferencing needs.

An ideal approach could be to begin with a Web conferencing solution available in
both externally hosted and internally hosted versions, so that customers who wish to
initially use the services of an external conference service provider, and then migrate
the conferencing software over time to on-site, can do so without user and IT training.
Global availability of the video and audio conferencing web services is something
else to consider when selecting a video or audio conferencing web service provider.
Using video or audio conferencing web services can improve your productivity and
levels of service as well as providing instant cost savings.

Considering the cost savings that Web conferencing can deliver, the market is geared
to take off in the next few years. Whether you decide to become an affiliate or a
reseller, the key to cashing in on the coming boom in online web conferencing is to
study the market, know the product thoroughly and then place it before your web
visitors or mailing list audience in a compelling and convincing manner. Multiple
Location Participants - If you have key people in distant lands that will need to come
into the web conferencing loop, remember to keep this in mind when shopping for a
web conferencing package.

Similarly, if you need to gather demographic information about your meeting
participants, obtain valuable input, or quiz and test your participants, then the new
online survey capabilities of current web conferencing systems will be an important
feature to look for when choosing your conference format. Some web conferencing
tools include the ability to share one's desktop, allowing participants to "present"
information, be it a PowerPoint Presentation, an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word
Document with other attendees of their web conference.

So what is it exactly "Web Conference Call"? Web conferencing is when two or more
users who are connected to the Internet to share information. Many purchasing
decisions require the input of more than one person, and web conferencing allows you
to get all the decision makers together in one meeting. With Web Phone Conferencing
technology you also have the option to either download or save your meeting and

Generally, once all the partakers have done their part in setting up their computers for
web conferencing, what's left is for each partaker to type in a few keystrokes, click the
mouse button and begin conferencing. This is by far the most commonly used type of
web conferencing and is the ideal solution for organizations who have multi-location
sites yet require collaboration between their employees on projects and documents.
When beginning the search for a web conferencing solution, start with setting your
objectives and determining the features you require.

So, the next time Sunday night comes around and you are faced with another week of
travel, email trails, difficulty in scheduling training and long lead times in closing
sales and negotiating contracts, do yourself a favor and look into web conferencing
for your business. Video and web conferencing enabled us to develop a powerful new
consulting/training business model in which we blend live classroom training with a
continuous program of interactive videoconference training events, accessible by
participants from virtually any location.

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