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									?There are a lot of reasons people are moving to Bradenton FL, but the beautiful
weather is still the number one factor influencing people's decision. This is especially
the case if you are coming from the cold north and are seeking a warm place to live in
or in which to retire to. Bradenton has a lot to offer and the year-round beautiful
weather is simply the icing on the cake.

Summer months in Bradenton can get quite hot, but the Gulf breezes and common
afternoon showers help to keep the temperatures down and although humid it is not
nearly as bad as it is in many other states. People moving to Bradenton FL will find
that when you factor in the humidity, the temperature seems hotter in New York City
in the summer than it does in Bradenton. You will very rarely, if ever, see those
unbearable hazy, hot, and humid days that you see in other states in the region.

Summer is the rainy season in Bradenton. However, it's not the kind of rain that pours
down all day as it does in other places during the rainy season. In fact, rarely a day
goes by throughout the entire year that the sun does not come up at all. During the
summer rainy season the showers are afternoon visitors only usually moving in
around 4:00 pm and clearing out again by 7:00 pm. This leaves plenty of time for
anyone moving to Bradenton FL to still catch a beautiful sunset down at the beach.

When talking about the weather, those moving to Bradenton FL know that the winter
weather is a totally different story. The winter months in Bradenton are absolutely
incredible. This is one of the main reasons retirees are moving to Bradenton FL. Ever
year, for nearly nine months, with no humidity, temperatures in the upper 70s to low
80s, and not a cloud in the sky, you will understand what it means when people talk
about living in paradise. This describes the Bradenton weather during the winter
months and it's something that those moving to Bradenton FL can look forward to.

While the weather can be an issue in moving to Bradenton FL, you just need to weigh
out the pros and cons to make sure that it is a good decision. Once you have made the
decision that moving to Bradenton FL is the right choice, the next step will be to find
a reputable moving company that can help you out with your move. You will want to
make sure that you do some research and find some professional movers that are
experienced and will handle your items with care. Make sure that you get movers that
have insurance and that have a good track record with their clients. You will want to
make sure that the weather is the only real thing you have to worry about, rather than
showing up to this brand new area with broken items a poor service. A good moving
company can help you get settled into your new area quickly and without the stress of
doing it all yourself.

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