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They are coming out            A talk with a young banker         Smart casuals are your safest   Diamonds be damned,        Gourmet                         Check out the various
of their closets, almost       who sees the brighter side         bet in a wadrobe dillemma.      shoes are a woman’s best   our undercover agent rates      options available for the
literally!                     of things.                         we give you the options.        friend.                    eateries around town.           modification of your car.

                                                                                                          & SEX
With the advent of Valentine’s Day, as lovebirds
around the globe prepare to celebrate their love,
Annabelle Ray gives you an insight on the aphrodisiac
properties of lovers’ favorite indulgence - Chocolate.

             hrawan Shrestha,        than those who abstain from the
             32, is a banker by      treat.
             profession who tied         The study, which was pre-
             the nuptial knot only   sented at the European Society
             recently. His profes-   for Sexual Medicine in London
             sion sometimes de-      recently found: “Women who
mands irregular working hours,       have a daily intake of chocolate
which upsets his new bride who       showed higher levels of desire
has to wait alone at home. How-      than women who did not have
ever, he has sought resort to the    this habit. Chocolate can have a
mighty chocolates and, whenev-       positive physiological impact on
er possible, drowns his damsel       a woman’s sexuality.”
in distress in its tempting glory.       Even women who have a low
   And especially now, after         libido could become more amo-
Friday informed him about the        rous after eating chocolate.
positive impact of chocolate on          Contradicting the idea, how-
sex life, he is planning to please   ever, Dr. Subodh Pokhrel, a
his wife with loads of choco-        Senior Sexotherapist, opines,
lates even on days he gets home      “There is no direct relation be-
on time. “I have always used         tween eating chocolates and sex.
chocolates to make my near and       But if you’re referring to those
dear ones happy. And now, after      chocolates that are prepared
coming to know about this in-        with sexual-enhancing compo-
sightful info, I might as well end   nents nowadays, then there’s no
up making my wife and myself         denying the fact. These choco-
chocoholics,” Shrawan said with      lates are taking up a huge mar-
the wry smile on his face.           ket in major cities around the
   According to a recent study       world and it could soon hit the
conducted by Italian research-       Nepali market too.”
ers, women who ate chocolate             Although, today, studies are
regularly had a better sex life      being carried out to justify, prove
                                                                                                                                                                                         ECS Media

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2                                                                                   cover                                                Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

or challenge whether chocolate
is in fact related to sexual en-
hancement, many civilizations,
                                                                                                            When Choosing a Chocolate…
                                                                                                            Not all types of manufactured       Avoid the Milky Way: Most
since a long time back, have em-
                                                                                                            chocolates offer good health        varieties of mass-marketed
braced chocolate as a powerful                                                                              benefits. Here’s how to make        chocolate bars are made with
aphrodisiac of some sort.                                                                                   sure you’re getting your            milk, which unfortunately inhibits
    Ever since the time the first                                                                           money’s worth when you              the absorption of the beneficial
cocoa beans were harvested by                                                                               shop for a chocolate bar.           compounds in cocoa (as does
the Mayans, people have be-                                                                                                                     drinking milk along with the
                                                                                                            Concentration Counts: To
lieved chocolate to have a eu-                                                                                                                  chocolate). If it contains milk
                                                                                                            get the most health benefits from
phoric impact on the body’s                                                                                                                     (milk fat, lactose, whey and other
                                                                                                            a chocolate, choose the darker
senses. The Spanish invaders                                                                                                                    mild derivatives), the chocolate
                                                                                                            varieties.The compounds that
saw the Emperor Montezuma                                                                                                                       no longer retains its health-
                                                                                                            benefit your health (antioxidants
of the Aztecs consuming a large                                                                                                                 enhancing benefits.
                                                                                                            and phenols) are in the cocoa
quantity of cocoa in the form                                                                               solids.Then again any chocolate     Go natural: Choose a
of a beverage called “chocolatl”                                                                            can be labeled dark.Therefore,      chocolate that is free of
before entering his harem. The                                                                              choose a product that contains at   unnecessary additives for a
conquistadores later carried the                                                                            least 70% cocoa.                    better, healthier product.
emperor’s belief of chocolate
being a sex booster all the way                                                                             especially women, most iden-        be a powerful twosome. Women
to Europe. This belief was also                                                                             tify with heightened sexual         especially stand to benefit from
shared by one of history’s most                                                                             pleasure?                           the sex-enhancing properties of
famous lovers, popularly known                                                                                  Although studies have con-      chocolates to up their libido in a
as Giacomo Casanova.                                                                                        sistently suggested that women      bid to match up with that of their
    So what exactly makes choc-      “happy hormone”, is a naturally    of excitement, causes giddiness     who consume large amounts of        male counterparts who are bio-
olate a sex food that the legend-    produced chemical by the brain,    and boosts sexual drive, conse-     chocolate enjoy satisfying sex-     logically and, by default, designed
ary lovers embedded in history       and which is known to reduce       quently giving more or less the     ual lives, the opposite, where      to have a higher sex drive.
so strongly swear by? On ex-         anxiety and uplift one’s mood.     same high as alcohol, but with-     women with satisfying sex lives         So for couples seeking to
ploring its properties, scientists      Chocolate also contains phe-    out the secondary effects of the    tend to eat more chocolate, may     reignite their passion in bed, it
have found chocolate to con-         nylethylamine that induces eu-     latter.                             also hold true.                     seems like consuming chocolates
tain a chemical called typtophan,    phoria and excitation during          Or it is, perhaps, the rush of       Regardless of which one         is the way to go about it. Hav-
which works as a serotonin pre-      sexual prelude by turning on the   endorphins produced by eating       may be closer to the truth,         ing said that though, it’s not like
cursor in the brain. Serotonin,      brain’s pleasure nucleus. This     chocolates (particularly dark       however, chocolate and sex          chocolate cannot be eaten just
popularly referred to as the         chemical increases one’s feeling   chocolates) that human beings,      have long been associated to        for the heck of it like in the old
                                                                                                                                                days when you popped one sim-
                                                                                                                                                ply to melt away in its heavenly
                                                                                                                                                sensation without having to feel
                                                                                                                                                guilty later (see box above).
                                                                                                                                                    After all, this is only an at-
                                                                                                                                                tempt to show what a commonly
                                                                                                                                                available and often taken-for-
                                                                                                                                                granted food (experts argue it’s a
                                                                                                                                                drug) such as chocolate can be an
                                                                                                                                                endless abyss of pleasure for both
                                                                                                                                                the mind and the body if rightly
                                                                                                                                                consumed with full knowledge of
                                                                                                                                                its useful properties.
                                                                                                                                                    And now you know what to
                                                                                                                                                do the next time you’re not quite
                                                                                                                                                all in the mood for some fun-in-
                                                                                                                                                the-sack right? Yes! It should be
                                                                                                                                                chocolate and chocolate all the
                                                                                                                                                way for you. n

                                                                                                                                                Five reasons
                                                                                                                                                why chocolate
                                                                                                                                                is good for your
                                                                                                                                                n Chocolate reduces blood
                                                                                                                                                pressure. The flavonoids found
                                                                                                                                                in cocoa help in the control of
                                                                                                                                                arterial tension by increasing
                                                                                                                                                the amount of nitric oxide in
                                                                                                                                                the blood.
                                                                                                                                                n Dark chocolate can decrease
                                                                                                                                                the risk of a heart attack by
                                                                                                                                                50%, coronary disease by 10%
                                                                                                                                                and premature death by 8%.
                                                                                                                                                And it also helps reduce the risk
                                                                                                                                                of developing diabetes.
                                                                                                                                                n Chocolate improves blood
                                                                                                                                                circulation in the brain, which
                                                                                                                                                lasts for about two to three
                                                                                                                                                hours after you’ve eaten one.
                                                                                                                                                This way, the brain fights off
                                                                                                                                                exhaustion, chronic fatigue,
                                                                                                                                                insomnia and aging, improving
                                                                                                                                                memory and learning. Improved
                                                                                                                                                circulation also boosts erection
                                                                                                                                                in men.
                                                                                                                                                n Chocolate increases “good”
                                                                                                                                                cholesterol and lowers the
                                                                                                                                                “bad” one due to the anti-
                                                                                                                                                oxidants present in it similar to
                                                                                                                                                those found in fruits, vegetables,
                                                                                                                                                tea and wine.
                                                                                                                                                n Studies have shown that
                                                                                                                                                chocolate impedes cell deterio-
                                                                                                                                                ration and cancer. Research has
                                                                                                                                                also shown that chocolate eat-
                                                                                                                                                ers live almost one year more
                                                                                                                                                than those who do not.
 “How many pAIRS of
 SuITS do you own?”
                      just asking…

                                                                                                hall of frame
              Saurav Jyoti ROUP                                                                                                                     Not impressed at all
                      JYOTI G
                            asking this
            You see, you’re
                         wrong person.
        question to the its. I am all
         I hate wearing su ut yes, I
           for casual wears 15 suits
          do have  about 10 to
                            I wear them
         in my closet and solutely
            only when  I am ab
                 required to do so                                                                                    She’s defi-
                                                                                                                      nitely got
                                                                                                                      the looks
              Rajendra Khetan
  (laughs) I think I have about eight
   to 12 suits.Yes, a dozen suits.The
    striped navy blue suit from Yves
        Saint Laurent is my favorite.
                                                                                                Is it surprising
                                                 Subash NiroTOR,
                                                                                                or what?

                                                                                                 Spa me up
                                                       ISM BOARD
                                            NEPAL TOUR
                                                              ell I
                                             Now suits….w ring
                                            mos tly prefer wea ork                               With wine, cheese and spa-licious relaxation, the
                                            daura suruwal to occa-
                                            and other formal am
                                                                                                 crème of Kathmandu sure knows how to unwind!
                                             sions. Err… bu about
                                            pretty  sure I have                                                                                           Anybody got a
                                                                                                                                                      different opinion?
                                                 five to six suits
                                                     with me.
                         Bhushan Dahal
                  CHIEF EXECUTIVE                           Kailash Sirohiya
             PRODUCER, KANTIPUR TV                          MD, KANTIPUR MEDIA

It’s pointless to make suits of                             It has to be about eight to nine.
                                                            you have to know I am not
   the same color over and over again.                      much of a suit person, I like to
                                                            mix casual with formal coats                                  Can you be mor ?
And there are only five to seven shades                     for my daily wear. but I have a                                 precise please
                                                            black suit with golden stripes.
a man can wear. So, yeah, I have                            I don’t know what brand it is,
                                                            but I like that the best.
   that many shades of suits with me.
                                                     Binod Ratna Tuladhar
                                            MANAGING DIRECTOR, BLUEBIRD COMPLEX
                                               About 4o pairs. I wear it everyday to my
                                            office, which I think sets an example to my                                                                  Things can get
                                              employees to dress smart. I have my own                                                                         serious...
                                            tailor who custom makes my suits because                                                                        sometimes
                                             honestly, branded and readymade apparels
                                           don’t fit me. In parties, however, it’s the oth-
                                             er way round. unlike most people I prefer                                           flaunting thoses
                                              wearing casuals. The very rotund person.                                        de ntal make-over

 Basanta Chaudhary
 I have never really counted the number of
 suits in my possession. This question actual-
 ly makes me want to raid my closet and see
 how many suits I have. but to make a guess,
 I say about 60 to 70? The black-striped Aus-
                                                                                                A tip or two on
 tin Reed woolen suit is my favorite, which I                                                   the fashion trend
 especially adore during winters.
4                                                                                    people                                                   Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

                                                   spot light

                                    The Brighter
                                    side of things
                                    While the rest are worried about the possible changes in
                                    Nepal’s banking sector, this optimistic young banker sees
 Head of Research &
 Development at Nepal
 Investment Bank                    the long term benefits and has good things to say instead.
                                     — Ayusha Nirola

        ead of Research & De-       be best put to use back home. So     Is Nepal Rastra Bank’s recent        to take more risks. So, I would do    Where do you see yourself
        velopment at Nepal          I decided to come back. Also giv-    announcement that money              my research properly before in-       with NIBL in the future?
        Investment Bank, Shi-       en the opportunity, I think a lot    from international donors be         vesting anywhere. I would advise      I see myself introducing new
                                    of other people would want to        transferred to government                                                  customer-friendly technologies
        vanth B. Pande, after                                                                                 people to put their money in two
                                    come back as well since it’s quite   banks a good idea?                                                         and services.
completing his studies from                                                                                   banks - one which gives a decent
                                    challenging to live abroad and       If different INGOs and NGOs
the University of St. Andrews                                                                                 interest rate and another that pro-
                                    adjust, settle down and enjoy the    have local banking partners,                                               You have published a lot of ar-
in Scotland followed by a two-                                                                                vides good service.
                                    lifestyle that you can have here.    then that is good news for Ne-                                             ticles in the past, where is that
and-half-year working stint in
                                                                         pal’s economy. At the moment,                                              heading?
London, decided to come back                                                                                  If I were to invest, where
                                    The public seems pleased with        a majority of these agencies are                                           I have been very busy to
to Nepal for good. Son of two                                                                                 would you advise I put my
                                    the banking sector. But as an        putting money into one single        money in?                             contribute any decent article.
prominent figures in Nepal’s so-    insider, do you really think we      bank, which doesn’t contribute       Buy shares that are undervalued       Hopefully, I can go back to
cial circle, Pande talks, among     have made progress?                  much to the nation’s economic        in the stock market and then          writing very soon.
others, about bringing in new       There are many countries which       growth.                              hold them for about five years be-
technologies and professional-      have higher GDP than us but                                                                                     Art plays a vital role in your
                                                                                                              cause I look at the stock market
ism in his work place. Excerpts:    lack the services we provide. So                                          as a long term investment.Then        family. How much of an
                                                                         With the recent bad press that                                             influence does that have on
                                    we are lucky in that sense. But      the banks are getting, should        put some money into bonds and
Having the background that          difficulties in infrastructure and                                        then into gold and other com-         you?
                                                                         we be worried?
you have, you could probably        technology, along with regular                                            modities. Real estate is also a       Huge! I find Thangka paintings
have worked anywhere you
                                                                         I think the central bank has come
                                    bandhs and power cuts, hinder us                                          good option but I wouldn’t ad-        very fascinating. I am fortunate
wanted. What made you come                                               to the rescue so far. But that, in
                                    from making real progress.                                                vise it at the moment.                to be surrounded by art.
back?                                                                    turn, has encouraged certain banks
Having worked for Deloitte Tou-                                                                                                                     Are you a party animal?
che, one of the best accounting     “I woulD ADvISe people To puT THeIR MoNey IN Two                                                                Not really. I like going to places
and consulting firms as a Consul-
tant, I felt that my knowledge on
                                    bANkS - oNe wHICH gIveS A DeCeNT INTeReST RATe                                                                  that I find safe and are not too
development consultancy could       AND ANoTHeR THAT pRovIDeS gooD SeRvICe”                                                                         crowded. n
                                        in focus
                                                                     On a
                                     Different Path
                                     At a time when new night clubs are mushrooming all over town,
                                     the proprietors of Bourbon Room have made a move away from
                                     promoting nightlife to more sober get-togethers and cocktails
                                     — Ayusha Nirola

     f you are meeting Navin Tu-                                                                     so far not just because of our
     ladhar and Suresh Manand-                                                                       patrons but also because of the
     har, proprietors of Bourbon
                                                                                “we pRefeR To        environment and the service
     Room Restro-Bar, for the                                                   lAy low AND          we provide.”
first time, their down-to-earth                                                 go STeADy                Having had their share of
attitude makes you feel at ease in                                                                   experience with the restaurant
no time. As we start to talk about
                                                                                RATHeR THAN be       and clubbing scene in Kathman-
the emergence of lounges and                                                    THe ‘Hype’ oNe       du, Navin Tuladhar says, “The
clubs in Kathmandu, Manand-                                                     MoNTH AND            night life in Kathmandu has
har has a quick laugh before say-                                                                    received bad reviews because
ing, “We were probably the first
                                                                                pHASe ouT THe        of that small percentage of
ones to introduce the ‘lounge’                                                  oTHeR”               the rowdy crowd. Also, people
concept in Kathmandu.” Indeed,                                                                       want the flavor of the month.
as they were the brains behind                                                                       It’s human nature I guess. But
Liquid Lounge, one of the most       who do not prefer the ‘clubbing’                                we prefer to lay low and go
popular places for Kathmandu         scene. We wanted it to be a place                               steady rather than be the ‘hype’
nightlife, a few years ago. “We      where even families could come                                  one month and phase out the
wanted to continue the lounge,       for an enjoyable evening,” says                                 other,” says Manandhar.
but we could not find a proper       Tuladhar.                                                       So make your way into the
place for it,” says Manandhar.          When asked about their se-                                   Bourbon Room for a wonder-
    With plans of opening the        cret of success, Manandhar says,                                ful night with your friends for
lounge at a later date, they in-     “In this business, it’s necessary                               its exquisite cocktails and soul-
troduced Bourbon Room in-            to know people.” So does having                                 ful Sufi. And while you’re at it,
stead. “The purpose of the place     a good PR translate to success?                                 sing along with Ciney Gurung
was to provide a safe and com-       “Not necessarily,” says Tulad-                                  on one of their “open mic”
fortable environment for people      har, “We have been successful                                   nights. n
6                                                                                metropolis                                                    Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

                                                                  event highlights
    bazaar buzz                                                                                                                                       the week that was
New Year, New
                                    Kutumba Goes Cross-Country                                                                                        Classical Music
                                                                                                                                                      on 21st january, the Indian
                                    kathmandu-based folk band kutumba is touring                                                                      Cultural Centre organized a
Spice Nepal has made public         Nepal from Dadeldhura in the far west to phidim                                                                   classical music performance
its intent to reach out to          in the east. The tour kicked off on 5th january and                                                               - Antarang: from the Heart.
more Nepalis. It plans to           will culminate on 20th february.                                                                                  The event featured a variety
double its market base and                                                                                                                            of performances within the
even target rural Nepal in the      Called “Celebrating Cultural Diversity: A Musical
                                    Caravan”, the band and janakpur-based theatre                                                                     genre.
near future.
                                    troupe MINAp (Mithila Natyakala parishad) have
                                    visited five locations around the country: Dadeld-                                                                Book-a-Bee
                                    hura, kapilvastu, kalaiya, lahan and phidim.                                                                      educating while entertaining
                                    Spearheaded by leAD International, the tour was                                                                   was the main theme of the
                                    aimed at celebrating the unique cultural and ethnic                                                               event ‘book-a-bee’, which
                                    groups of Nepal by playing to various audiences in                                                                was held in Moksh, jham-
                                    different parts of the country.                                                                                   sikhel on 23rd january. Around
                                                                                           “The band has gained a lot, musically and cultur-          60 children from various
                                    “we have a common identity which is ‘being             ally. we worked with more than 100 local artists           schools, accompanied by
                                    Nepali’, and the best way to reflect this would        and we’re the first ever instrumental band to have         their teachers, participated
McDonalds heading                   be through music,” said Robin Sitoula, executive
                                    Director of leAD International.
                                                                                           toured Nepal.”                                             in the event. The bookshop,
                                                                                                                                                      Quixote’s Cove, was the
to Kathmandu                                                                               Concluding the tour will be a double-header in             organizer of the event where
The success of kfC in the           Speaking after the phidim leg of the tour, kutumba     kathmandu - on february 19th at the garden
                                    percussionist pavit Maharjan felt proud of the                                                                    children’s book author
Nepali market might have                                                                   of Dreams, and on february 20th at basantapur              Simon Arthy also shared his
propelled more MNCs to              band’s cross-country journey.                          Durbar Square.                                             thoughts with the children
invest in Nepal. everything                                                                                                                           and teachers present. The

                                    wIC - In memory of vidhea
is set and we can expect to                                                                                                                           event was a fundraiser for
see McDonalds in town by                                                                                                                              the esther benjamins Memo-
the end of 2010.                                                                                                                                      rial Trust.
                                                                                           idea among friends, proved to be a highly successful
DOMS - Now In                                                                              evening. Since then, there has been no looking back.
                                                                                                                                                      The Mahabharata
Nepal                                                                                      wIC is a one-of-a-kind event with the aim of pro-          at Siddhartha Art
besides being a 35-year-old                                                                viding a platform for young aspiring female Nepali
stationary company based                                                                   musicians to sing and perform in public, and,              Gallery
in India, DoMS is also a                                                                   perhaps, even make a career of it. This yearly mu-
philanthropic organization                                                                 sical extravaganza, however, is more than a mere
as it promotes education. It                                                               concert as wIC contributes a certain percentage
plans to contribute a part of                                                              of the proceeds towards a deserving social cause.
its sales to those children in                                                             This year’s event will be held on 30th March, 2010
Nepal who are deprived of                                                                  at the garden of Dreams and will be dedicated in
education.                                                                                 memory of one of wIC’s core members and fore-
                                    women in Concert (wIC), an annual musical event,       most supporters vidhea Shrestha. Also, a part of
                                    will soon make waves in the city once again as the     this year’s proceeds will be donated towards the
Nepal Telecom All                   organizers are back with its 7th edition this year.    “vidhea Shrestha Music Scholarship” for women
Set To Establish Its                wIC part I was first held in September 2003 at the     who wish to pursue an education in music at the
3G Service                          Dechenling gardens, kathmandu.what began as an         kathmandu jazz Conservatory.                               Siddhartha Art gallery
                                                                                                                                                      organized a solo exhibition
The first telecom to intro-                                                                                                                           of an Indian artist kurchi
duce the 3g service in South                                                                                                                          Dasgupta from India on 23rd

                                              around the globe
Asia, Nepal Telecom is all set                                                                                                                        january. The exhibition was
to fulfill customer dreams                                                                                                                            called ‘The Mahabharata: An
by expanding its 3g service                                                                                                                           Impression’ where the Hindu
in the kathmandu valley and
pokhara. It costs Rs. 4,195 to
acquire this service in which
                                    Chocolate     YouTube’s New                                                                                       epic - The Mahabharata - was
                                                                                                                                                      depicted in the paintings.
the user will get a talk time
worth Rs. 3,500.
                                    Fashion Show Video-Viewing Page
                                                                          youTube has unveiled its new and improved video viewing page                Art Competition
                                                                          so that customers can derive the best possible video experience.            in Chelsea
Nabil Bank Opens                                                          but that’s not all. beginning january 22nd, the video-sharing site has      The Second Chelsea junior
New Branches                                                              dipped its toe into the movie-rental business, starting with five films     Art Competition was held on
Two new branches of Nabil                                                 from the past two Sundance film festivals. by paying a rental fee           23rd january at the Chelsea
bank were opened in Satdo-                                                of a few dollars, users will have 24 to 72 hours (depending on the          International Academy. The
bato and kuleshwor. These                                                 length of the film) to watch the movies as many times as they want.         competition was intended for
branches were inaugurated                                                                                                                             children aged between three
                                                                                                                                                      to eight years in order to
                                                                         Sundance Film
by Satyendra prasad Shrestha,
former governor of Nepal                                                                                                                              encourage them to embrace
                                                                                                                                                      their creative side.
                                                                         Festival TwentyTen
Rastra bank.

Four Resorts In                                                                                                                                       Award-Winning
                                                                         One of the largest indepen-
Chitwan National                                                                                                                                      Film Screened
                                                                         dent cinema festivals in the                                                 vintuna, a 100-minute-long
                                    The Chinese version of Salon du
Park Reopen                         Chocolat at Shanghai was held        US, Sundance Film Festival,                                                  Newari movie was screened
Chitwan jungle lodge,Temple         recently where models walked         is taking place from Janu-                                                   at the Rastriya Nach ghar
Tiger, Island jungle Resort and     down the ramp in lip-smacking                                                                                     on 23rd january. The film was
                                                                         ary 21st to 31st at Park City,
Narayani Safari have resumed        creations made from chocolates.                                                                                   such a big hit that it even
services after the government       The chocolate fashion show not       Utah. The annual festival is                                                 won the critics’ choice for
extended their operating licens-    only saw chocolate dresses, skirts   held every January where                                                     The best film 2008 at the
es till the end of 2011. However,   and shirts, but the models even      new work from American and                                                   Nepal International Indig-
three other resorts were not        sizzled down the ramp flaunting                                                                                   enous film festival ’08. The
                                                                         international independent                                                    Shakya brothers - Sabin on
granted the licenses as they did    delicious chocolate handbags,
not clear their taxes.              masks and shoes.                     filmmakers is showcased.                                                     the flute and Niroj on the
                                                                                                                                                      tabala - gave added flavor to

                                    Harley Davidson’s new
                                                                                                                                                      the event.
Investment aware-
ness campaign
Sb Company pvt. ltd. orga-
                                    addition to the Dark Custom Line                                                                                  Lekhnath Mahotsav
                                                                                                                                                      Kicks Off
nized an investment aware-                                                             Harley Davidson (HD) has just announced                        The lekhnath Mahotsav
ness campaign in kathmandu                                                             a new addition to its entry-level Sporster                     started on 22nd january and
on 23rd january. This campaign                                                         family. Called the Forty-Eight, the new                        will continue for 10 days. The
mainly focused on making the                                                           machine is the latest motorcycle to slot                       main purpose of the festival
people aware about invest-                                                             into HD’s Dark Custom series, which also                       is to promote tourism, trade
ment benefits and risks.                                                               includes the Nightster 1200, Iron 883, Cross                   and local products.
                                                                                       Bones, Fat Bob and Street Bob.
                                             window shopping
                                 Smart Casuals
                                   Whenever you’re caught up in a wadrobe dilemma as to
                                                                                                                                      Get a Picanto for
                                                                                                                                      Rs. 1,699,000 only
                                                                                                                                      As part of their New year
                                                                                                                                      offer, kIA Motors is giving pi-
                                                                                                                                      canto lovers a hefty discount
                                                                                                                                      on its purchase. get a kIA
                                  what to wear for the day, smart casuals is the way to go. It                                        picanto worth Rs. 1,899,000
                                 doubles up for both an office setting and outdoor events, be                                         for just Rs. 1,699,000. offer
                                                                                                                                      is valid for limited units only.
                                 it day or night. In this edition,Window Shopping cruises you
                                     through in an array of smart casuals to choose from.                                             Ride with style
                                                                                                                                      on Anna Lifan
                                                                                                                                      get a fastrack eye gear
                                                                                                                                      fRee along with attractive
                                                                                               CROSS PEN. 5th
                                                                                                Avenue. Price                         cash discount when you
    CROSS SMALL.                                                                                 on Request.                          purchase Anna lifan’s new
    5th Avenue. Price
                                              VERSACE SHADES.
                                                                                                                                      model, Desire-110.
    on Request.
                                              5th Avenue. Price
                                              on Request.                                                                             1GB Memory
                                                                                                A pen more often than not             Card for FREE
                                                                                                                                      with the purchase of Samsung
                                                                                                   are the most subtle yet e2120b at Rs 4,850 only, get a
                                                                                                                           1gb memory card absolutely
                                                                                               powerful status symbols!    fRee.The offer is applicable
                                                                                                                                      on purchase of other Samsung
     VERSACE SHADES.                                                                                                    MEN’S         mobile models as well.
                                                                       MEN’S LONG JACKET.                               CHECK
     5th Avenue. Price
                                                                       I.P Zone. Rs. 6,990/-                            JACKET.       Get Nokia 2330 Clas-
     on Request.
                                                                                                                        I.P Zone.     sic for FREE
                                 Checkered patterns                                                                     Rs. 9,990/-
                                                                                                                                      Now, with the purchase of
                              scream outdoorsy yet disciplined.                                                                       xenon inverter and exide
                                                                                                                                      battery, get a Nokia 2330
                    The perfect combo for a smart casual!                                                                             Classic for fRee. Also get 24
                                                                                                                                      months’ warranty and 100%
                                                                                                                                      maintenance for fRee on
                                                                                                                                      every purchase.
                                           WOMEN’S LONG
                                           BLAZER JACKET.                                                                             Stereo Speaker worth
                                                                             BAIENO SHOES.
                                           I.P Zone. Rs. 6,990/-
                                                                             I.P Zone.
                                                                                                                                      Rs. 1,199 FREE
                                                                             Rs. 2,590/-                                              with the purchase of Nokia
                                                                                                                                      5230 xpress Music worth
   VERSACE SHADES.                                                                                                                    Rs. 17,720, get a stereo
   5th Avenue. Rs. 19,000/-                                                                                                           speaker worth Rs. 1,199
                                                                                                                                      absolutely fRee. with a
                                                                                                                                      one-year warranty, buy the
                                                                                                                                      stylish cell phones that come
                                                                                                                                      in vibrant colors are available
DIRECTORY                                          CROSS SMALL.
                                                                                                                                      at its authorized distributors,
                                                   5th Avenue.
5TH AVENUE, DURBAR-                                Price on                                                                           Neoteric Nepal and para-
MARG, 4231687. I.P ZONE                                                                            VOGUE SHADES. 5th Avenue.
                                                                                                   Price on Request.
                                                                                                                                      mount electronics.

                                                                         ����� ��������� ������ ��� ������ ������
                                                                   ����������� �� � �������� ����� �� ��� ����
                                                                                                              � ������ ������


    It gives us confidence and makes us feel like a million
    dollars. Forget diamonds. Be it stiletto heels or just
    pumps, shoes are a girl’s best friend.
    — Ayusha Nirola
                                            Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

                                ant to make a girl happy? Then gift her
                                5-inch stilettos that will make every-
                                one’s head turn. For a girl, her shoes
                                reflect her personality. While the more
                                sassy and trend-diva might go for col-
                                orful and runway-ready statement
                                shoes, an elegant pump should do the
                                trick for a fashion conscious working
         woman. Heels are a favorite for every buyer, but with almost
         every big fashion house from Prada to Marc Jacobs shift-
         ing from sky-high heels to lower ones this runway season,
         there is bound to be a big shift in the fall footwear fashion
         in 2010.
             But what do our own fashionistas around K-town look
         for while investing in a pair? In a survey of over 20 girls,
         a majority rated comfort as the prime factor while buying
         shoes. These girls are also ready to spend, on average, 1,500
         to 2,500 rupees on one pair. And more than 60% stated high
         heels as the style of choice. “I love stilettos because they are
         sexy. It’s as simple as that,” says Trishna Lama, who cur-
         rently works at an international humanitarian organization
         in the city. A trend-setter herself, she adds, “Stilettos never
         fail to add oomph to any ensemble. They are not always the
         most comfortable shoes and they surely are not for everyone.

         “STIleTToS NeveR fAIl To ADD
         ooMpH To ANy eNSeMble….
         you juST HAve To MATCH
         THe Sky-HIgH HeelS wITH A
         TRuCuleNT ATTITuDe AND
         pANACHe To Do juSTICe To
         THeSe Sexy CReATIoNS”
         You just have to match the sky-high heels with truculent atti-
         tude and panache to do justice to these sexy creations.” Amen
         to that!
            Winter, however, gets a little tricky for a shoe freak. A
         diva doesn’t want to freeze her toes wearing adorable sum-
         mer heels but, at the same time, wants to look stylish. So
         during winter, boots become the savior for a glam goddess.
         Be it Ugg boots, the slouchy boots, the flat boots, the over-
         the-knee boots or that one boot that can make you want to
         rob a bank and you wouldn’t regret it later on; we love it all.
         Although it has been around for a while, Booties, the chic
         and adorable ankle-length boots, are what everyone is talk-
         ing about this season. You can find them in leather and suede,
         and also in many different styles that can make you go gaga
         over them. It’s the perfect piece for a girl who wants to look
         stylish this winter but is not a fan of the knee-high boots.
         But if you just cannot do without strappy heels even in this
         chilly weather, then make sure you buy shoes made of suede
         or leather with a firm strap that not only keep your legs in
         place but also warm. Platform heels and pumps can also be
         worn this winter, and pairing it with classic black stockings
         would be classy and diva-like.
            For those who find high heels unimpressive, going for
         equally stylish and comfortable footwear like ballet sandals
         and colorful sneakers - looks that anyone can carry out well
         – is a great option.
            So girls, hurry up and invest in a pair of “to-die–for” shoes
         because in Kathmandu’s shops these elegant footwear are
         selling like hot cakes! n
10                                                                                   timeoff                                                      Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

                                                                                                                  book preview
                                                                                                                 Writer: S.M. plokhy
                                                                                                                 Release date: february 4, 2010
                                                                                                                 Pages: 448
                                                                                                                 yalta by S.M. plokhy is a revisionist look
We’re sending out our most refined pallets - to see, sniff, eat,                                                 at history from a prominent Harvard
                                                                                                                 scholar. plohky looks at Russian sources
drink and report on the good, the bad and the ugly of restau-                                                    and other accounts to challenge the no-
rants in Kathmandu. No holds barred.Their undercover eye for                                                     tion that fDR gave away too much at the
                                                                                                                 historic meeting at yalta.
detail will miss nothing. Nothing will be swept under the table,
giving you the most realistic picture of the restaurants they
visit. Check out this space every fortnight.                                                                      photography
CAUTION: Read well before you dine.                                                                              SlR cameras are ideal for              day. If you know how to play
                                                                                                                 landscape photography since            with the white balance setting
                                                                                                                 they have changeable lenses,           and the shutter speed, then you
                                                                                                                 shutter speeds, aperture adjust-       can get the best shots even on
                                                                                                                 ments, white balance and ISo           a gloomy day. worried about
                                                                                                                 settings. using a wide lens of 18      where to find the best place
                                                                                                                 mm or less would be the best           to take the photographs? “The
                                                                                                                 option to take any landscape           kathmandu valley has plenty
                                                                                                                 photograph. good composition           of places for good landscape
                                                                                                                 and proper knowledge on the            photography. Taudaha, Nagdaha,
                                                                                                                 subject is also essential. It is not   Kakani, Shivapuri and Halchowk
                                                                                                                 necessary that good photos             are the best ones,” suggests a
                                                                                                                 can only be taken on a sunny           veteran Nepali photographer.

                                                                                                                 DETOX WITH A BODY WRAP
                                                                                                                                                 into your dress perfectly, then
                                                                                                                                                 we definitely recommend the
                                                                                                                                                 body wrap. It easily takes away
                                                                                                                                                 two to three kg and keeps it
                                                                                                                                                 that way for at least a week,”
                                                                                                                                                 says Sadhna Tuladhar, Spa
                                                                                                                                                 Manager at Spa Prana, Durbar
                                                                                                                                                 Marg where this service is
                                                                                                                                                 available. body wraps that use

                                                                                                                 In need of some rejuvena-       algae, seaweed, mud or clay
       he Red Dingo, located          of smoked chicken and avocado       we decided to just order beer and      tion? And while you’re at it    are detox treatments that help
       at Jawalakhel behind the       (sparingly introduced) was not      headed straight for the food.          do you want to lose a couple rid the body of toxins through
       Standard Chartered Bank        exactly a heartwarming meal.           We ordered a smoked chicken         of pounds? body wrap might metabolic stimulation. but do
       premises, is a quaint little      There would not be any spe-      salad and requested the server         just be the right option for    not expect a body wrap to be
café boasting a quiet neighbor-       cial time to visit the Red Dingo.   to recommend a main course,            you. with the introduction of a can, however,
hood, with wrought iron chairs        With no views and no scenery,       but to no avail, we had to choose      spa services around the city,   get both treatments – body
and cold marble top tables on                                             for ourselves. Vegetarian ravioli,     these “slimming” body wraps     wrap and massage, or look
the patio. The interiors are                                              which was meant to be cottage          that lead to temporary loss of for signature treatments that
much warmer but the noises of         oNe SHoulD,                         cheese, mushroom and spinach,
                                                                                                                 weight and extra inches, are
                                                                                                                 the latest hype. “If you have a
                                                                                                                                                 include scrub, body wrap and
                                                                                                                                                 massage. So anybody up for
the servers and bartender made                                            had all the ingredients but for
sitting outside a lot more com-
                                      HoweveR,                            the cottage cheese which made
                                                                                                                 party to attend and want to fit some easy slimming?
forting. The menu was a rather        NoT be Too                          a mere guest appearance. But
unique offering of light lunch-                                           I must admit that the tomato         interestingly seasoned, but we           some pending work over coffee
time food with soups, salads,         ADveNTuRouS                         sauce served with it was rich        did find a hint of ketchup in the        and cake maybe - or even good
pastas (including home made           wHIle oRDeRINg                      and I would rate it exquisite…       mix. It was served with fries            for a quiet date. One should,
ravioli) and a small selection of                                         full marks for that. However, I      and a raw vegetable salad on             however, not be too adventurous
main courses.                         fRoM THe MeNu.                      would have enjoyed it a lot more     the side. And, oh, not to forget         while ordering from the menu. n
    As food critiques, we love                                            if the ravioli itself was heated     the swirl of ketchup on yop that         MeAl foR 2 peRSoNS: Rs. 1,500-2,000
short menus, which usually de-        the restaurant located behind a     as much as the sauce. We also        we tried hard to remove before           CReDIT CARD/DebIT CARD accepted
notes that the chef is constantly     tall luxury apartment building      ordered a meat pie, which the        we began our meal. All said the
looking for the freshest season-      has nothing special to offer in     server said was great. UNFORTU-      desserts were wonderful. Meal
al ingredients to make up his         the external ambience depart-       NATELY it was nowhere close to       done, bill paid, but why was the
menu. But sadly not in this case;     ment.                               fresh and seemed like it had been    server hovering around later?            beverage
the menu has remained the same           After a short confusion with     made earlier and reheated; the       Waiting for his tip I guess.             Hygiene
for a very long time… So seated       the service guy over house wine     flakiness of puff pastry was re-                                              Ambience
down on a freezing winter after-      - where he offered an Australian    placed by tough leathery dough.      VERDICT:  A wonderful place              Service
noon and eating a chilled salad       sherry in place of house white -    The meat filling, however, was       to hang around with a book or            value for money
                                  n Four Seasons
                                                    the weekender
                                  Restaurant and Bar,
                                  Thamel. Chicken with                                     NIGHT OUT
                                                                                                                                            timeoff       land Complex, Durbar
                                                                                                                                                          Marg. Acoustic Session by
                                                                                                                                                          forth face . wednesdays.
                                                                                                                                                                                           n The Green Valley,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Tokha. far away from the
                                                                                                                                                                                           maddening crowd. A holi-
                                  Cashew Nuts: Rs. 270/-.         n Brunchilli - The         n Irish Pub, Lazimpat.          n Shambala Garden,           9851038275                       day package for 1 night
                                  4701715                         Acoustic Lounge,           ladies Night. every             Shangrila Hotel.                                              and 2 days with a meal
                                                                                                                                                          n Nanglo Café and Pub,           and transportation. per
                                                                  Thamel. live music.        Tuesday, 7 pm onwards.          Starry Night barbeque        Durbar Marg. Crossfire
                                  n Garlic Café and Bar,          Sundays and Thurs-         4416027                         with live performance by                                      person: Rs. 2,500/- plus
                                  United World Trade                                                                                                      playing live. every friday.      taxes. 4220245, 4228288
                                                                  days, 7:30 pm on-                                          Ciney gurung, inclusive      4222636
                                  Centre,Tripureshwor.            wards. 9851035437          n Kakori, Soaltee               of a can beer or bottle
                                  Chicken a la kiev: Rs.                                     Crowne Plaza. experi-           of Soft Drink. every                                          DHULIKHEL
                                  180/-. 4117010                                                                                                          n Upstairs Jazz Bar,
                                                                  n Club Platinum,                                                                                                                                                               uS
                                                                                             ence the varieties of           friday, 7 pm onwards.        Lazimpat. jSC QuARTeT
       eATeRIeS                                                   Yak & Yeti. Salsa          biryanis, Curries and           4412999                      and group playing live.
                                                                                                                                                                                           n Dhulikhel Mountain
                                  n Gazebo Restro                 night with jimmy           mouth watering kebabs.                                                                        Resort, Dhulikhel.
                                  Lounge, Durbar                                                                                                          every Saturday, 8 pm             palanchowk bhagwati
                                                                  and Masha. every           for Dinners only, 7 pm          n The Café, Hyatt            onwards. 9851040276                                                n Big Pagoda Hall,
                                  Marg. kitchen Alakeb:                                                                      Regency. Taste the cu-                                        Darshan package. 1 night,
KATHMANDU                                                         wednesday, free            -10:45 pm. 4273999                                                                                                              Hotel Vajra, Chhauni.
                                  Rs. 340/-. 9841397603           workshop, 8 pm                                             linary delights from the                                      2 days. for Single: Rs.           Tantric Dance, The god
n Arniko Room-                                                    onwards. 4248999           n Lhasa Restaurant              Mediterranean region                                          4,500/-, which includes           Dance of Nepal.Tuesdays, 7
                                  n Hot Breads, Food                                         & Bar,Thamel. live                                                                            accommodation, trans-
Hotel Annapurna,                  Court @ Bluebird                                                                           of greece, Italy and the                                                                        pm onwards. 4271545
Durbar Marg. Spicy                                                n Himalatte Café,          band. every wednesday,          Middle east. fridays,                                         portation and three meals.
                                  Mall, Bluestar Com-             Thamel. Cloud                                                                                                            4420774
ginger prawn: Rs 1,200/-.                                                                    friday and Saturday, 7 pm       6:30pm. 4491234                                                                                 n Bottles ‘n’ Chimney,
4222190                                                           walkers playing            onwards. 9851010431                                                                                                             Thamel. watch Soccer live
                                  Spaghetti Napolitano:           live. Tuesdays, 7:30                                       n The Corner Bar,                                             n The Dwarika’s                   on big projected Screen,
                                  Rs. 135/-. 4228833              pm. 4256738. U2            n Porch Bar, Soaltee            Radisson Hotel,                                               Himalayan Shangri-La
n Bhumi Restro                                                                                                                                                                                                               Saturdays & Sundays.
Lounge, Lazimpat.                                                 and the Police             Crown Plaza, Soaltee            Lazimpat. offering                                            Village Resort, Dhu-              9851046604
Mixed Chatamari: Rs.                                              from the Eternity.         Mode Relax and enjoy            an array of sumptuous                                         likhel. overnight package.
90/-. 4412193                                                     every friday, 7:30 pm      some of the finest drinks.      snacks, exotic drinks and                                     1 night, 2 days. Single:          n Comfort Zone Bar
                                  Hungry Sam. Dur-                                           every day, 6 pm - 10 pm.                                                                      Rs. 3,500/- plus 10% tax.         & Grill,Thamel. Movie
                                                                  onwards. 4256738                                           cocktails. 3 pm - 11pm.
n Café Olla Restau-                    bar Marg.                                             4273999                         4411818                             geTAwAyS                  Double: Rs. 5,000/- plus          Night. Mondays, 8 pm.
rant and Bar, Kanti-              Nasi grorery (Malay-                                                                                                                                     10% tax. great escape             4700080
path, Jamal. golden                sian fried Rice): Rs.                                                                                                                                   package. 2 nights, 3days.
fried prawn: Rs. 320/-.               125/-. 4720895                                                                                                       KATHMANDU                       Couple: Rs. 12,666/- plus         n Cozy Café and Res-
4232673                                                       Bouddha. Char grilled          n Jazzabel Café,                 (Nepali Tara) playing                                        10% tax. 4479488                  taurant,Thamel. exciting
                                                              prawns: Rs. 1450/-. 4491234    Chakupat, Lalitpur,              unplugged. fridays,          n Godavari Village                                                Adventure Movie show.
n Chez Caroline Res-                                                                         African whole fried/grilled      7 pm onwards.                Resort, Godavari. Spe-          NAGARKOT                          every day, 5:30 pm - 7:30
taurant, Babar Mahal              n Jeans Café, Bas-          n Rynibs Food Corner,          Snapper with plain Rice: Rs.     2123135                      cial packages available for                                       pm. 4259367
Revisited. pepper Steak,          antpur. Reshmi kabab:       Lazimpat. Chicken Sau-         400/-. 2114075                                                Nepalese and expatriates.       n Club Himalaya,
french fries, Salad: Rs.          Rs.225/-. 4221324           tee: Rs. 75/-. 4419832                                          n Bourbon Room,              1 night, 2 days package.        Nagarkot. Chiso Chiso             n Eden Lounge Bar,
700/-. 4263070, 4264187                                                                      n Patan Museum Café,             Lal Durbar Marg.             for couple: Rs 3,500/-          Hawa Ma Special pack-             Kathmandu Mall. enjoy
                                  n Lobsters’, Sherpa         n Silver Wok Chinese           Patan Durbar Square.             Chill out lounge,            plus taxes, which includes      age. 1 night, 2 days. for         every Day Happy Hour. 3
n Coffee Shop, Dur-               Mall. Durbar Marg.          Cuisine, Panipokhari,          grilled Chicken served           Music by Dj Miriam.          bed and breakfast.              Single: Rs. 3,200/- plus tax      pm – 7 pm. 4150062
bar Marg. Chicken kathi           Thad Thai: Rs.300/-.        Lazimpat. pork Chivi: Rs.      with french fries, Sea-          every friday. 4441703        5560675                         inclusive of dinner and
Roll: Rs. 250/-. 4221711          4231323, 4231437            185/-. 4438728                 sonal vegetable: Rs. 260/-.                                                                   breakfast. for Couple: Rs.        n Himalayan Buddhist
                                                                                             5524694                          n Brunchilli,The             n Grand Norling                 4,000/- plus tax inclusive        Meditation Centre, Ke-
n Cosmopolitan Café,              n Mughal Kitchen            n TFC, Radisson                                                 Acoustic Lounge,             Hotel’s Resorts                 of dinner and breakfast.          shar Mahal,Thamel. Tai
Basantpur. Tuna egg               Restaurant & Bar            Hotel, Lazimpat. Sesame        n The Ambience                   Naxal. blues with            Country Club and Spa,           4410432                           Chi,yoga and Meditation.
Salad: Rs. 115/-. 4225246         Pvt. Ltd., New              Chicken: Rs. 500/-. 4411818,   Restaurant & Bar,                Nekhvam. Mondays,            Gokarna. Country side                                             weekdays, 10 am - 6 pm.
                                  Baneshwor. Mughal           4788888                        Mangalbazar. Newari Set:         7 pm onwards.                weekend package.1 night,                                          4410402
n Courtyard Restau-               Smooch: Rs. 80/-                                           Rs.250/-. 5538980                2123135, 9851046604          2 days package. for single:         Hotel Space
rant, Kamaladi. Mix                                           PATAN                                                                                        Rs. 3,500/- inclusive of       Mountain, Nagarkot                 n Pathibara Art Gal-
pizza: Rs. 220/-. 4253056         n OR2K,Thamel.                                             n Vesper Café, Pul-              n Celebrations               tax. for couple: Rs.                                              lery, Arcadia Apartment
                                                                                                                                                                                       exclusive package Rates for
                                  Stuffed vegetables          n Bakery Café, Pul-            chowk. Stuffed barbeque          Restaurant and               4,500/- inclusive of                                              Hotel, Chaksi Bari
                                                                                                                                                                                       expatriates and Nepalis. for
n Dechenling Garden,              Combination: Rs. 290/-.     chowk. buffet Set lunch:       Chicken: Rs.230/-. 5548179       Bar,Thamel. live                                                                                Marga,Thamel. exhibi-
                                                                                                                                                           tax. 2 Night, 3 days          Single: Rs. 1,700/- plus tax
Thamel. gyakok Ti-                4422097                     Rs.310/-. 5010110                                               music by Robin and                                                                              tion on Authentic Tradi-
                                                                                                                                                           package. for single:        inclusive of dinner, breakfast
betan Hot pot: Rs. 700/-.                                                                                                     The New Revolution.                                                                             tional Tibetan Thangkas by
                                  n Panas Restau-                                                                                                          Rs.5, 500/- inclusive of     and room. for Couple: Rs.
4412158                                                       n Café de Patan, Man-                                           every friday 7 pm                                                                              prominent artists Nabin
                                  rant And Café,                                                                                                           tax. for couple: Rs.7,       2,500/- plus tax inclusive of
                                                              galbazar. Newari Samay                                          onwards. 9841347613          000/- inclusive of tax.      dinner, breakfast and room.          krishna Chitrakar, gyalze
n Delicatessen                    Khichapokhari. buigal       with Chicken: Rs.175/-.                                                                                                                                        Sherpa, urgen Tensing, Amir
Centre Café, Durbar               Set: Rs.210/-. 4212593                                                                                                   4910193, 4910296                  4430812, 6680071
                                                              5537599                                                         n D’Lounge,                                                                                    lama to promote real Ti-
Marg. oven baked                                                                                                              Beijing Roast Duck                                                                             betan Thangka and Newari
                                  n Red Roof Café,                                                                                                         n Hyatt Regency,
Roast Chicken: Rs. 180/-.                                     n Chopstix, Kumari-                                             Restaurant, New                                                                                paubha Art. 9:30 am - 7:00
                                  Sankhamul Road.                                                                                                          Bouddha. Relax pack-
5525903                                                       pati, Patan. golden fried                                       Baneshwor. Melodi-                                                                             pm. 4256004, 9841418871,
                                  Choyela (duck): Rs.                                                                                                      age for two, including          POKHARA
                                                              prawns: Rs. 325/-. 5551118                                      ous Nepali gazals            breakfast at the Café.1                                           9851026064
n De Mask, Kh-                    130/-. 4784786
ichapokhari. jhinge                                                                                                           and Songs. Thursdays,        night package, maximum          n Fulbari Resort,
                                                              n Dhokaima Café,                                                                                                                                               n Rock Climbing. Nex-
Machha: Rs.100/-.                 n Rice & Bowl,                                                                              6:30 pm onwards.             for 3 nights, for Nepali        Pokhara. Sense and Seren-
                                                              Patan Dhoka. grilled                                                                                                                                           geN Adventure program,
4215675                           Tripureswor.                Rainbow Trout: Rs.399/-.                MuSIC                   4468589                      citizens only. for couple:      ity package. 2 nights, 3 days.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Daily departure. 6914541,
                                  Hakka prawn: Rs.550/-.                                                                                                   Rs. 7,700/- inclusive of all    per person on twin sharing
                                                              5522113                                                         n Jatra Café and                                                                               9841283385
                                  4251678                                                                                                                  taxes. 4491234, 4489800         basis. Single supplement
                                                                                                                              Bar,Thamel. ladies                                           room: Rs. 4,999/- plus 10%
                                                              n Ezer Book Café,              n Bamboo Club Res-
                                  n Road House Café,                                                                          night with live Sufi         n Park Village, Bud-            service charge and 13%
 1905 Restaurant,                                             Sanepa. kim bob: Rs.           taurant,Thamel. Robin                                                                                                           The details provided in
                                  Thamel. Toasted goat                                                                        and Indian Contem-           hanilkantha. weekend            vat. package includes buffet
    Kantipath.                                                200/-. 5546578                 and The New Revolution                                                                                                          the listings are tenta-
                                  Cheese Salad: Rs. 205/-.                                                                    porary music. every          package with accom-             breakfast, buffet dinner, boat-
  Chicken pansrde:                                                                           playing live. every Tuesday 7                                                                                                   tive and are subject to
                                  4260187                     n Haddock Dining and                                            wednesday. 4256622           modation on half board          ing, gorge walks, 30 minutes
      Rs.650/-.                                                                              pm onwards. 4701547                                                                                                             change. for classifieds &
                                                              Bar, Pulchowk. Chicken                                                                       basis. Couple: Rs. 4,900/-      foot massage 25% discount
      4215068                                                                                                                 n Kausi Restau-              plus tax. 9851070936,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             advertisements contact:
                                  n Rox Restaurant,           wings Momo: Rs. 120/-.         n Bottles ‘n’ Chimney,                                                                        on golf, Health farm, Spa,
                                                                                                                              rant, Hotel Wood-            9851057642
                                  Hyatt Regency,              5554631, 4232673               Thamel. Dharmendra                                                                            and Tennis. 4461918      Tel: 5011571

    worth a watch                                               ANIMAL PLANET
                                                                It’s Me or the Dog:
                                                                The Fickle Five
                                                                                              HISTORY CHANNEL
                                                                                          Hitler’s Bodyguard: Jew-
                                                                                          ish and Émigré attempt
                                                                                                                                                                                        friday picks
  ALJAZEERA ENGLISH                  HBO                                                  to kill Hitler
                                                                                                                                                             The Edge of Darkness,                        When In Rome,
  Counting the Cost                  Eagle Eye                                            Hitler’s enemies were large
                                                                                          in number and his bodyguard
                                                                                                                                                             (Drama/Thriller)                             (Romantic Comedy)
  Counting the Cost                  jerry Shaw and Rachel
  provides background to             Holloman are two                                     feared revenge attacks from                                                                                     beth is a young, ambitious New
  the economic stories that          strangers thrown                                     all of them. As determined                                                                                      yorker who is completely unlucky in
  shape our world and their          together by a mysteri-                               individuals killed Nazi officers                                                                                love. However, on a whirlwind trip
  impact on the lives of             ous phone call from a                                and sympathizers, an extraor-                                                                                   to Rome, she impulsively steals some
  ordinary people.                   woman they have never                                dinary plan was prepared to             TRAVEL &                                                                coins from
  8:15 pm, Friday 29th               met. Threatening their                               send an aircraft to bomb Hit-           LIVING                                                                  a reputed
                                                                                                                                  World Café: Asia           As homicide detective, Thomas
  January, 2010                      lives and family, she push-                          ler during a military parade.                                                                                   fountain
                                                                                                                                  – Kuala Lumpur             Craven (Mel gibson) investigates
                                     es them into a series of world renowned brit-        but his security proved equal                                                                                   of love,
                                                                                                                                                             the death of his activist daughter.
  BBC                                increasingly dangerous      ish dog trainer victoria to the task of keeping the              A stretch of weird
                                                                                                                                                             He uncovers not only her secret
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and is then
  Cambodia Surgical                  situations. As the situa-   Stilwell arrives at an   fuehrer alive.                          and wonderful                                                           aggressively
                                                                                                                                  street food awaits         life, but a corporate cover-up
  Ward                               tion escalates, these two engaged couple’s house 9:15 pm, Monday 1st                                                                                                 pursued by
                                                                                                                                  Chef bobby Chinn           and government collusion that
  The film is a gritty, fly-on-      ordinary people become with the hope of bringing February, 2010                                                                                                      a band of
                                                                                                                                  in kuala lumpur,           attracts an agent (Danny Huston)
  the-wall profile of a small        the country’s most          into control their five                                                                                                                  suitors.
                                                                                          ESPN                                    including satay,           assigned to clean up the evidence.
  Anglo-American-khmer               wanted fugitives who        emotionally distressed,
  surgical team trying to            must work together to poop-eating pugs who           Barclays Premier                        chicken rendang            RELEASING ON:                                RELEASING ON:
  save lives among Cambo-            discover what is really     are putting a strain on  League 2009/10                          and Queen of               january 29, 2010                             january 29, 2010
  dia’s poorest and most             happening and, more         the couple’s pre-marital Match: liverpool vs. bolton             Nonya cuisine.             DURATION: 1 hr 48 mins                       DURATION: 1hr 31mins
  desperate in phnom penh            importantly, why.           relationship.            wanderers                               7:15 pm,Tuesday            DIRECTOR: Martin Campbell                    DIRECTOR: Mark Steven johnson
  1:55 pm, Saturday 30th             6:45 pm, Sunday 31st 8:45 pm, Sunday 31st 12:15 pm, Monday 1st                               2nd February,              STARRING: Mel gibson,                        STARRING: kristen bell, josh Du-
  January, 2010                      January, 2010               January, 2010            February, 2010                          2010                       Danny Huston                                 hamel , Anjelica Huston

     poll-o -meter                                                                                                    mark your calendar
                                                                  Electro-                     The Mahabharata:                             Travellers and               The Dumji festival cel-
                                                                  Cardiogram:                  An Impression                                Magicians                    ebrates the anniversary
                                                                                                                                                                         of guru Rinpoche’s
     HAVE YOUR SAY                                                Internal Stories
                                                                  17 Januuary-
                                                                                               23 January-11 February
                                                                                                                       A Solo exhibi-
                                                                                                                                            1 February
                                                                                                                                            Movie Screening
                                                                                                                                                                         birth on the lotus
                                                                                                                                                                         flower. There is much
  banning vehicles inside Thamel area                             16 February                                                               Time: 5:30 pm                dancing, drinking and
                                                                                                                       tion of paint-                                    merry making in addi-
 has forever been a matter of DebATe.                             An exhibition of paint-                              ings by kurchi       venue: lazimpat gal-                                           Maha Shivaratri
                                                                                                                                            lery Café. 4428549           tion to the more seri-            12 February
 Do you think Thamel should be turned                             ings by birendra pratap                              Dasgupta. Time:                                   ous rituals performed             location: pashupatinath Temple
                                                                  Singh. Time: 11 am - 6                               4 pm.venue:          Dumji Festival               by buddhist monks.                Time: Throughout the day
  into a complete pedestrian locale?                              pm.venue: kathmandu                                  Siddhartha Art       2010                         for more informa-                 one of the key Hindu festivals,
                                                                  Contemporary Art                                     gallery, babar-      9-11 February                tion, contact: Sahara             Maha Shivaratri is dedicated to
   For Yes type Y space poll, for No type                         Centre: jhamsikhel,                                  mahal Revisited.                                  Holidays Nepal Treks              lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees
                                                                                                                       4218048              location: Tengboche,         & expedition, Thamel.             throng the pashupatinath temple
     N space poll and send it to 3276.                            lalitpur. 5521120                                                         everest base Camp            4444196                           to celebrate the festival.
                                                                                                               ALLOY WHEELS: Light-
                                                                                                               er in weight but having
Friday gives you a glimpse of modifica-                                                                        the same strength as
tion accessories for your car offered                                                                          steel, alloy wheels have
                                                                                                               improved cosmetic ap-
in the stores of Kathmandu.                                                                                    pearance and are bet-
— Samriddhi Rai                                                                                                ter conductors of heat.
                                                                                                                                                NEON LIGHTS: These neon

        re you unhappy with the          Momo handle (steering): It has                                                                         hued lights are placed below
        way your beloved oldie           nothing to do with Nepal’s favorite                                                                    your seats or on the under-
        looks like? Maybe its time       delicacy. It’s simply the name of the                                                                  side of the car. With these
        you give it a little sprucing    company that pioneered this “de-                                                                       installed, you’re sure to turn
up; the term rightly called “Cos-        signer” steering wheel.                                                                                a lot of heads as you zoom
metic Modification”.                                                                                                                            around in your car at night.
                                         Full body Stickers (vinyl): Car                                 BOOSTER SILENCER: Also
   Not that the procedure only ap-                                                                       called mufflers, these are add-
                                         paints are exciting but what’s more
plies to old cars. You can even give                                                                     ed to cars to give it a sporty
                                         hassle-free is the full body stickers
your ordinary car the cosmetic                                                                           sound - that loud “vroom-
                                         for your vehicle. The sticker comes
touch to add that extra flair. Sim-                                                                      vroom” sound you might
                                         in a thick aluminum-like sheet called
ply cruising through the lane of                                                                         have heard, to be precise.
                                         vinyl, which is as tough as it is ap-
Kuleshwor alone will give you at
least 40 to 50 stores that will cater
to your needs.                           Side Skirtings: Enhance the “sexy
   “We can give your vehicle the         zing” of your automobile by in-
kind of makeover depending on            stalling side skirtings. These add
your budget. It can start as low         volumes to the sidelines of your
                                                                                                                                                   BUCKET SEATS: You may not
as Rs. 20,000, but there have been       car, giving it a curvaceous shape.
                                                                                                                                                   be able to afford a Formula
customers who have gone over-                                                                                                                      1 car, but you sure can get
                                         Emblem: Jaguar, Lamborghini,                 ANTI-THEFT (GSM): Installing an anti-
board spending lakhs on it,” puts                                                                                                                  yourself its prototype seat
                                         Mercedes... you name it. You can             theft (GSM) is more of a necessity than
one such store owner diplomatical-                                                    a modification.This system comes with a                      for your automobile.
                                         now proudly show off an emblem
ly on our query about the possible                                                    mobile phone where you install a regular
                                         of some of the most expensive of
cost for modification.                                                                sim card. In case your vehicle gets lost,
                                         cars on your bonnet.
                                                                                      you can lock the car from anywhere, pro-
Here’s a list of some of Friday’s       LCD, DVD: Install an LCD, DVD                 vided you’re within its network.
exciting finds                          inside your car and get relaxingly
Sporty Spoilers: Installed in the bum- entertained as the rest fume with                           PROJECTION HEADLIGHTS: Are
per of the car, sporty spoilers, as the anger in the constantly jammed                          customized headlights that replace
name suggests, gives your ordinary streets of Kathmandu.                                          your boring, original lights, giving
car that “sporty” look.                                                                            your car that one-of-a-kind look.

Big pictures
Barely the size of a handphone, Pico Projectors are the new
darlings of the tech world. LIM YAN LIANG takes a look at
why you should care about these diminutive boxes of light.

                                             magine being able to share      the challenge facing device                           memory card, to       2010, while both Samsung and
                                             with friends the latest pho-    makers is how to increase the                      the one pound Dell       LG released handphones with
                                             tographs of your holiday        size of the display without sacri-         M109S, which outputs a           pocket projection capability, the
                                             not on your puny camera         ficing mobility. Enter pico projec-   best-in-class 50 lumens of light      W9600 and Expo respectively.
                                            display or mobile phone, but     tion. By using DLP technology         enough to rival some desktop              However, as with any first-gen-
                                               as a blown up picture wider   (millions of microscopic mirrors      projectors. With Sanwa’s newly        eration technology, pico projec-
                                               than your arm span. Now,      with is each measuring less than      released PRJ-001, a shirt-pocket      tion is not without problems. Such
                                               imagine being able to do      one-fifth the width of a human        friendly projector of just 85g that   projectors are unable to output
                                              that anywhere you are, un-     hair) and lasers instead of cum-      is available now for just US$119,     as much light as their deskbound
                                          fettered to cumbersome com-        bersome bulbs found in conven-        such technology has never been        brethren, meaning they work best
                                        puters or power sockets.             tional projectors, manufacturers      more affordable.                      only in pitch black environments.
                                            The technology of pico projec-   are bringing to consumers projec-         The start of 2010 also            Because they are meant to be mo-
                                        tion promises this and more, in-     tors as small as a pack of playing    marked the start of Pico projec-      bile, manufacturers are also grap-
                                        cluding being able to watch mov-     cards.                                tion technology being integrated      pling with ways to improve bat-
                                        ies and play videogames on-the-go        Pocket projectors that have       into other mobile devices. Texas      tery life beyond a couple of hours.
                                            without being limited by the     hit the market in recent months       Instruments showcased an at-              So look out, readers, we may
                                             size of your device’s screen.   run the entire gamut, from the        tachment that empowered the           someday soon have HD-capable
                                                 As mobile phones and        candybar Samsung MBP200,              user to project videos anywhere       projectors in our pockets, mak-
                                            portable media players become    which comes with a microSD            directly off a camcorder at the       ing squinting at a tiny screen a
                                        ever more powerful yet compact,      slot to pull media right off your     Consumer Electronics Show             thing of the past. n
14                                                                                 yourmoney                                                 Issue 1 Jan 28 -Feb 3, 2010

                                                                                                        Men tend to spend a substantial amount on “audio and

                                                                                                        visual equipment”. (Yes, we all spend more on such
                                                                                                        equipment rather than on drinking, thankfully.) There’s
                                                                                                        enormous evidence that this is changing as all of our lives
                                                                                                        are becoming become more digital as everyone relies on
                                                                                                        technology to navigate life and do business, but men still

                                                                                                        seem more willing to spend on high-end “guy gears”.
                                                                                                        Instead of always having to acquire the latest, go shopping
                                                                                                        for secondhand electronics. We met up with a guy at an
                                                                                                        event, and he was singing praises about some incredible
                                                                                                        deals found by just enquiring among friends about cam-
                                                                                                        eras, phones and laptops that have barely been used.

 WASTE                                                                                             DRINKING

                                                                                Men spend almost twice as much per year on
                                                                        alcohol than women.we can just hear the bad jokes
                                                                               now: Men drink to counter women’s shopping,
                                                                            right? Since the price of a drink is usually marked
                                                                         up at least 50% if you’re out in a bar, a night out can
                                                                           get seriously expensive as many people are prob-
                                                                             ably aware of. Instead, check out some awesome
  Friday is here to stop you                                            drinks database for inspiration on making your own
  from throwing away your                                                  coktail. or, plan a “house crawl” with your friends,
  precious rupees on things                                               where each person prepares a special cocktail and
                                                                             appetizer and you migrate from house to house
  you don’t really need                                                          (responsibly, of course), instead of bar to bar.
  — NK

        ccording to one study, humans have carried with them some
        of their ancient, gendered instincts when it comes to shop-
        ping, Men Buy, Women Shop. And while women tend to
        browse around, “gathering” up the best from various sourc-                                                                  EATING OUT
es, men tend go straight for the “kill”. It’s not that either sex is                                                                According to a recent poll, men
better or worse: they’re just different. However, there certainly are                                                               spend more than women while
things that guys spend more on and more ways men waste money.                                                                       eating out. Is the significant dif-
So, here we are in an attempt to prevent you from throwing away                                                                     ference because so many men
                                                                                                                                    are treating ladies to dinner?
your precious earnings on things you don’t really need.
                                                                                                                                    Possibly! We find that cooking at
                                                                                                                                    home and taking the leftovers
Spend Wisely
                                                                                                                                    to work for lunch helps us save
Gender wars aside, the moral of this story is to spend wisely and                                                                   quite a lot every month.
to know what it is that you spend on - and what businesses and
advertisers want you to spend on - so that you can live more of the
good life down the road.

  It is unfortunate but true: Men do the majority of the car
  buying and they tend to purchase the less energy efficient
  models. At a time when we most certainly know that our
  choice of cars affects not only our pockets but our environ-
  ment as well, it’s better to let the head rule over the heart
                                                                                                                                              different strokes
                                                                                                                     Of Bikes And Butts                       — Samriddhi Rai
                                                                                                                      When I got myself a scooty for the very first time, besides
                                                                                                                      that feeling of finally having a prized possession of my own, I
                                                                                                                      was excited about how my commute was going to be so much
                                                                                                                      easier. Little did I know that I was setting out on an adventure
                                                                                                                      so unpredictable, it would have me fuming most of the time
                                                                                                                      and silently smiling to myself a few others, witnessing the
                                                                                                                      “show” humanity offered.
                                                                                                                          The ill-managed traffic, the broken roads and the rowdy rid-
                                                                                                                      ers; there’s a reason why the streets of Kathmandu have been

Budgeting Blues
                                                                                                                      named one of the deadliest in the world. However, scooting
                                                                                                                      around the city, no matter how agitating, sometimes brings
                                                                                                                      little surprises along your way. Like those times when, out of
                                                                                                                      nowhere, a butt crack is sort of like shoved right on your face
                                                                                                                      for display! And if you’ve been a K-town rider long enough,
                                                                                                                      it’s highly likely that you’ve fallen victim to it already.
To get some fresh insight on ways to manage your financial                                                                It’s funny how the butt parade, however exceedingly preva-
life, it helps to dig below the surface of conventional wisdom.                                                       lent in our society, has been a hush-hush matter when it comes
                                                                                                                      to talking about it openly. Not until I posted a facebook sta-
Friday looks at a few to set things straight.                                                                         tus that read: “What’s up with the pillion riders showing off
— NK                                                                                                                  their butts in the middle of the street?”, which, incidentally,

                                                                                                                      received a dozen thumbs-up and a series of comments, did I
                 ost of us can                                                                                        realize that there are many people who relate with it. Which
                 repeat        some
                                        buDgeTINg IS All AbouT SpeNDINg                                               meant, there are as many butts out there putting up a show
                 of    the man-         leSS THAN you eARN:THAT MeANS                                                 for everybody, everyday.
                 tras that finance      you SHoulDN’T go ARouND
gurus advocate in our sleep.
“Pay off your credit card debts.”
                                        buyINg STuff you DoN’T NeeD
“Make a budget and stick to it.”        wHIle, AT THe SAMe TIMe, SpeND leSS
Sure, most of what they say is          oN THe STuff you Do NeeD.
true, it’s also common sense. To
get some fresh insight on ways to       better than cheaper ones. For ex-    of financial gurus who want
manage your financial life, it helps    ample, a cheap rice cooker costs     you to budget like a freak.
to dig below the surface of con-        Rs. 1,500; a more expensive one      If you’re struggling finan-
ventional wisdom. Friday looks at       might cost Rs.4,000. But the Rs.     cially, then you do need to cut
a few to set things straight.           1,500 one will go kaput in a year    down on most of the unnec-
                                        while the Rs.4,000 cooker might      essary expenses. But if mo-
Exercise discipline while               last for 10 years or even more,      mos from Nanglo’s is one of
budgeting                               that is if handled carefully. So,    life’s little pleasures that get
Budgeting is all about spending         which purchase is more cost-ef-      you through the day, then go
less than you earn: This means          ficient? The more expensive one      ahead. After all, if you have a
you shouldn’t go around buying          looks better and probably makes      high performance car it makes
stuff you don’t need while, at the      the rice tastier as well.            sense to spend on the higher                So how can we break what seems to be a very unbreakable
same time, spending less on the                                              performance fuel.                        relationship between bikes and butts? Here are a few sugges-
stuff you do need. However, not         It’s Not The Same                        So making your own mo-               tions.
all stuff. Often, it is better to pay   For Everybody                        mos at home and bringing                 n FOR THE LADIES: I know wearing low-cut jeans is all the
more for quality stuff because          “Cut down on fast food lunch-        that to work in a box sound                  rage right now, but always team up your pants with a long
they last longer and perform            es,” is one of the rallying cries    more sensible. Say what? n                   tee, to avert, well you know what.
                                                                                                                      n FOR THE GUYS: Kindly ask your woman pillion rider to

  financial pointers
                                                                                                                          check if she is showing. You’re making an honest sugges-
                                                                                                                          tion and she will take it that you care about her.
                                                                                                                      n FOR THE SLEAZE BALLS: Stop drooling over some poor
  — Rahul Shakya
                                                                                                                          woman’s negligence. Get a life!
  Although spending            to invest.The trick is     layan bank in Maharaj-      n build a circle of
  your money might             to get into the game”      gunj, recommends:           friends for investing.
  bring momentary bliss,       is a popular phrase,                                   More friends is equal to

                                                          n Do some research                                                                                                       Manager, Editorial & Marketing: NEERAZ KOIRALA
  it won’t do you much         rather an inspirational    on where you want to        more money. Investing                                                                        Consulting Editor: VIVIAN YONZON
                                                                                                                                                                                   Editorial Assistant: SAMRIDDHI RAI
  good in the long run.        quote for many aspiring    invest. Teens, who get      like this is also a safer                                                                    Inhouse Writers: AYUSHA NIROLA, AYUSHMA BASNET
                                                                                                                                                                                 Assistant Editor: UJEENA RANA,

  ever thought that this       investors.                 into the habit of invest-   option.                            ����������������������������������

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                                                                                                                                                                                   Design & Production Executive: SANJEEV
                                                                                                                                                                                   Photographer: DASH B. MAHARJAN
  money can double and         Mr. Subash b. Shrestha,    ing at an early age, are    n   Invest in gold. It is   No. 1 n 28 JAN- 3 Feb 2010                                       Asst. Managers, Sales & Marketing: BIJENDRA PRADHAN,
  how? Invest. “It doesn’t     who looks after the        more likely to become       easily accessible, and
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