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					                                                                      Technology & Services

                           Innovation Oppor tunities with DSM Engineering Plastics

       a report by
       DSM Engineering Plastics

DSM is a supplier of performance engineering              • Replacement of metal gears by Stanyl® parts,
plastics, committed to helping our customers define         reducing or eliminating need for lubrication in
their needs and apply the best possible material            e.g. electropneumatic brake gears, electric
solutions. To accomplish this, we strive to understand      throttle-control gears.
our customer’s business and to focus our resources in
areas where we feel we can provide excellent value.       Productivity Improvements in the
By combining a detailed knowledge of customer’s           Plastics Processing Step
applications with our materials expertise, DSM brings
unique opportunities for component manufacturers          Material properties, necessary for performance,
to enhance the value of their products for the            have to be balanced with ease of processing to give
automotive industry through innovation.                   the lowest possible manufacturing costs. DSM
                                                          offers grades with enhanced processing that
Adding Value to                                           maintain the expected performance levels; specific
Automotive Applications                                   examples being:

DSM has been part of the history of engineering           • Akulon® Ultraflow™ with flow up to 80% higher
plastics in automotive applications and continues to        than normal reinforced polyamides shortens cycle
bring innovations that allow automotive manufacturers       times, enables use of smaller moulding machines,
to produce lighter, stronger and more durable               facilitates thinner walls.
components with a higher added value.
                                                          • Stanyl® High Flow provides flow similar to liquid
DSM can offer its customers:                                crystal polymers but with superior mechanical
                                                            properties, enables smaller machines, longer flow
Lower System Costs Through                                  lines and thinner wall sections.
Metal Replacement
                                                          • Xantar® C has extremely high flow for poly-
Plastics manufacturing offers substantial system cost       carbonate (PC) acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
advantages compared with metals, through the                (ABS), blends and still maintains excellent properties
simplified manufacturing process and the ability to         for automotive interiors, dashboards, etc.
integrate many parts into a single moulding. DSM is
able to extend the scope of what is possible in metal     • Arnitel® copolyesters mould more consistently
replacement through its extended product portfolio,         and with lower scrap rates than other
providing properties beyond those normally offered          thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for under-the-
by engineering plastics. Some of the specific benefits      bonnet (UTB) hot-air ducting, boots and bellows,
from within our portfolio include the following:            air bag covers, etc (see Figure 2).

• Higher stiffness materials for more demanding           Improved Aesthetics
  metal replacement materials (reinforced Akulon®,        Providing more Value
  Stanyl® and Arnite®).
                                                          • Akulon® Ultraflow™ gives a superior surface-
• High modulus materials at temperatures up to              finish to reinforced UTB parts in polyamide 6
  220ºC (Stanyl® in reinforced and non-reinforced           (PA6) – can eliminate the need for after-
  versions) (see Figure 1).                                 treatment.

• Tough materials that perform at temperatures as low     • Xantar® C maintains its colour better than other
  as -40ºC (Akulon® grades for splinter-free low            PC blends and has lower volatiles – reduces
  temperature performance in, e.g. air bag containers).     fogging from IPs and other interiors (see Figure 3).     1

                   Technology & Services

    Figure 1: Clutch Rings in Stanyl ®                        properties than other materials, e.g. better sealing
                                                              integrity for sensor housings and charge-air cooler
                                                              end-caps, lamp fittings for automotive lighting
                                                              lasting the life of the vehicle.

                                                           DSM Product Portfolio

                                                           Critical to DSM’s success is its broad portfolio of
                                                           materials. Cost-effective solutions independent of
                                                           polymer bias allows many problem-solving options
                                                           to be brought to each customer. DSM’s
                                                           comprehensive portfolio of engineering plastics can
                                                           meet all demanding applications: from low
                                                           temperature conditions (-40ºC) to high temperatures
                                                           (above 200ºC) in both flexible and high stiffness
    Figure 2: Air Brake Tubing in Arnitel ®                materials, for load-bearing applications, flexible
                                                           solutions for seals or containment, high-precision
                                                           components of all sizes, for external weather-resistant
                                                           applications to decorative interior materials. DSM
                                                           products stand for quality and dependability, which
                                                           combine with our know-how and services to
                                                           facilitate ‘right first time’ and ‘zero-defect’ solutions,
                                                           lower your risk profile, improve productivity and
                                                           enhance value and/or safety for your customers.

                                                           With its portfolio, DSM is an ideal partner who can
                                                           offer the following:

    Figure 3: Glove Compartment in Xantar ®                • best possible material choice for any application;
                                                           • opportunity for supplier base reduction; and
                                                           • efficient material substitution due to changing
                                                             application requirements.

                                                           Stanyl® Polyamide 46

                                                           Stanyl®, a high-performance polyamide, is the most
                                                           dependable material with the greatest design freedom
                                                           for zero-defect manufacturing of automotive
                                                           applications that require performance at high
                                                           temperatures and load-bearing conditions.
    • Arnitel® has improved surface finish and can
      support multi-component injection (2K)               Stanyl® has:
      moulding processes – can eliminate the paint step
      for air bag covers and other interior parts.         • Highest mechanical property retention levels at
                                                             temperatures of up to 220ºC and highest stiffness
    Extending the Durability and Service                     of any engineering plastic in the 140ºC to 270ºC
    Life of Components                                       range (see Figure 5).

    • Arnite® has superior finish grades with low out-     • Flat property profile delivering constant
      gassing and extends optimum performance over           performance in the temperature range 100ºC to
      longer periods for headlight bezels.                   220ºC.

    • Stanyl® has outstanding wear properties versus all   • Best available flow, enabling long flow lines and
      other plastics in high pressure-velocity (PV)          easy filling of complex moulds with fewer gates.
      situations, for timing-chain tensioners it
      withstands demanding conditions for longer           • Outstanding toughness to withstand abuse in
      periods (see Figure 4)                                 manufacturing and ensuring durable parts.

2   • Stanyl® has lower creep and higher fatigue           • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion,

                                            Innovation Oppor tunities with DSM Engineering Plastics

  especially at high temperatures and/or load (PV)        Figure 4: One-piece Timing Chain Tensioner in
  conditions, excelling all other engineering plastics.   Stanyl ®

• Outstanding fatigue and creep resistance above
  100ºC, which no other engineering plastic

• High stiffness, toughness, easy flow and excellent
  processability combine to give more design
  freedom, thinner wall sections and material and
  weight savings of up to 40%.

• High melting temperature of 295ºC to withstand
  spike temperatures to 280ºC.

• Outstanding hot lubricating oil resistance.

• Fast crystallisation rate for moulding productivity
  improvements of up to 40%.

Stanyl® is the material of choice for: charge-air
cooler end-caps, high-load timing chain tensioner         Figure 5: Tensile Strength (150ºC) After Heat Ageing at 150ºC
guides, engine-mounted sensor housings, wear-
resistant gears and sprockets under high load
conditions, powertrain components (stators, clutch

Arnitel® Thermoplastic
Copolyester Elastomers

Arnitel® provides superior flexible solutions in
demanding engineering applications at high and low
temperatures. Arnitel® grades distinguish themselves
from other TPEs through the following:

• flexibility maintained down to -40ºC;
• high continuous-use temperature capability to
  150ºC and peak resistance to 200ºC;
• superior fatigue;                                       • soft-touch solutions for two-colour overmoulding
• superior creep;                                           on PC, PC blends and polybutylene terphthalate
• outstanding processability, consistent easy               (PBT);
  moulding, dependable; and
• superior colour stability.                              • slush-moulding materials for soft-touch skins on
                                                            IPs to replace polyvinyl chloride; and
The Arnitel® range of grades includes:
                                                          • grades for flexible seals that can withstand paint-
• special materials for constant-velocity joint boots       oven temperatures (see Figure 6).
  and bellows; excellent low temperature properties;
                                                          Arnitel® resins are extremely versatile, with
• blow-mouldable grades for high temperature              hardnesses from 38 to 70 on the Shore D hardness
  ducting; peak temperatures to 200ºC and                 scale. Different soft blocks are employed in different
  continuous to 150ºC;                                    grades, which provide wide-ranging capabilities and
                                                          provides opportunities to develop new types for
• extrusion grades for vacuum hose, tubing and            important new application demands.
                                                          Akulon® PA6 and PA66
• materials for air bag covers with low temperature
  specifications down to -35ºC, both for 2K systems       A quality portfolio of polyamide resins that deliver
  and paintable solutions.                                dependable components where the highest                         3

                                          Technology & Services

                          Figure 6: Oven-paintable Body Plugs in Arnitel ®             The Akulon® portfolio is unmatched, offering the

                                                                                       • regular high stiffness 30% to 40% glass reinforce-
                                                                                         ment materials or glass/mineral combinations for
                                                                                         lower warpage, greater dimensional stability and

                                                                                       • higher stiffness grades with high glass-fibre
                                                                                         reinforcement loadings (>50%) to replace metals
                                                                                         or other high-performance materials (polyphthal-
                                                                                         amide/polyphenylene sulphide) in applications up
                                                                                         to 150ºC;1
Figure 7: Positioning of Thermoplastics
                                                                                       • Akulon® Ultraflow™ offers 50% better flow than
                                                                                         regular materials and virtually the same mechanical
                                                                                         properties: it allows use of lower clamp force
                                                                                         machines, increased productivity of tools etc, and
                                                                                         gives superior aesthetics that can eliminate painting;

                                                                                       • Akulon® Ultralas™ special types for laser welding
                                                                                         or laser marking;

                                                                                       • grades with enhanced potential;

                                                                                       • a high-burst pressure grade for pressurised
                                                                                         components that are welded;

                                                                                       • impact-modified      types    for  splinter-free
                                                                                         performance of reinforced high modulus materials
                          Figure 8: Akulon ® Door Handles                                at temperatures as low as -35ºC;

                                                                                       • ultraviolet (UV)-stable grades that offer stable colour
                                                                                         and performance for exterior components; and

                                                                                       • blow-mouldable grades, both unfilled and
                                                                                         reinforced, for ducts and blow-moulded parts.

                                                                                       DSM additionally offers internally lubricated resins in
                                                                                       polyamide under the tradename Nylatron®. These
                                                                                       materials provide superior wear-resistance compared
                                                                                       with standard PA6 or PA66 and are used in moving
                          consistency, quality and reliability is required (see        engine parts and powertrain components at moderate
                          Figure 7). Within the Akulon® range, our PA6                 temperature and wear conditions.1
                          materials are leading for the following reasons:
                                                                                       Arnite® PBT and
                          • PA6 maintains better properties at higher                  Polyethylene Terephthalate
                            temperatures over time than PA66;
                                                                                       DSM’s Arnite® polyesters offer broad capabilities for
                          • PA6 is easier to mould and gives better surface            precision automotive engineering. Arnite® grades
                            finish than PA66;                                          show excellent dimensional stability, particularly for
                                                                                       humid conditions, and are ideal for applications
                          • PA6 yields better weld-line strengths after                where dimensions need to be very tight. Arnite®
                            welding; and                                               PBT grades are easier to process than polyethylene
                                                                                       terephthalates (PETs), requiring lower mould and
                          • PA6 is a tougher material for demanding                    processing temperatures and, for most applications
                            automotive conditions.                                     where polyesters are needed, they represent the best

4                         1. At temperatures above 150ºC, Stanyl® offers the optimum solution.

                                                   BUSINESS BRIEFING: GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY 2003
                                             Innovation Oppor tunities with DSM Engineering Plastics

solution. For higher stiffness or for temperature          Figure 9: Arnite ® Polyester Bobbin Housing
environments up to 180ºC, PET should be preferred.

The Arnite® portfolio comprises a range of unfilled,
reinforced and toughened grades as well as special
types that offer the following:

• improved productivity on unfilled grades for
  automotive connectors;

• high molecular weight types for bearing surfaces
  and exceptional toughness;                               Figure 10: Textile-clad B-pillar in Xantar ®

• UV-stabilised materials for exterior applications;

• low out-gassing grades for sealed lighting

• grades with improved dimensional stability giving
  low warpage;

• high stiffness for tight dimensional tolerances in
  gas and brake fluid applications; and

• grades with improved ductility for more                  broader existing knowledge of applications, material
  demanding mechanical applications.                       behaviour (including differing mechanical perfor-
                                                           mance of materials under various conditions) and
Arnite® is used in: door handles and mirrors, auto         processing differences represents the best resource.
connectors, gear housings, wiper gear and motor
housings, headlight bezels and reflectors, brake           Service and Support
booster valve bodies and electronic systems.
                                                           DSM supports developments in the automotive
Xantar® PC and PC Blends                                   industry through our Marketing & Technical
                                                           Centres in Sittard, the Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan
DSM’s Xantar® range offers the highest quality and         and Detroit, US, with a focus on applications and
provides unmatched consistency in processing and           technology in the following areas:
end-use performance. Xantar® PC is available in
clear, tinted and filled types to suit all requirements.   •   powertrain;
                                                           •   automotive electronics;
Xantar® C represents a breakthrough in PC blend            •   automotive lighting;
technology, providing superior toughness, improved         •   air/fuel systems
flow, a cleaner colour with improved colour stability      •   UTB components;
and low out-gassing all in one material.                   •   exterior and interior trim;
                                                           •   brake actuation systems; and
Xantar® is used in IPs and headlights and Xantar® C        •   safety systems.
in interior applications (e.g. dashboards, pillars,
cladding) (see Figure 10).                                 DSM Engineering Plastics’
                                                           Global Reach
Material Selection
                                                           DSM Engineering Plastics operates in all major markets
Material selection for engineering plastics                of the world including the Americas, Asia and Europe.
applications is a matter of balancing the following:       Within each region, customers can depend on our
                                                           innovative research, development and support facili-
•   end-use requirement and environment;                   ties. In creating new solutions for customer needs, our
•   design considerations;                                 regional resources are backed by a world-class corpo-
•   regulatory demands; and                                rate research and development centre. An advanced
•   processing characteristics.                            level of account management, in combination with our
                                                           effective global communication network, secures the
A supplier with a comprehensive portfolio and              support customers need wherever it is required.

                   Technology & Services

    Figure 11: Akulon ® Radiator Grill                        to assist our customers as they move from project
                                                              definition through to production implementation.
                                                              The first step is computer-aided design, where ideas
                                                              and concepts are modelled into potential designs.
                                                              Finite element analysis may then be used to analyse
                                                              the functionality of proposed designs. Finally, mould
                                                              flow is completed to predict manufacturability of a
                                                              design concept.

                                                              Technical Support
    Figure 12: Fog Lamp Components in Arnite ®
                                                              DSM has a nucleus of experienced technicians at our
                                                              central locations, together with decentralised
                                                              technical support to improve response time and
                                                              placing our resources close to our customers. DSM
                                                              Technical Service and Application Development
                                                              Engineers are available for consultation from
                                                              brainstorming sessions for new products to the
                                                              optimisation of processes and components that may
                                                              have been in production for years. The key is our
                                                              experience in hands-on solutions from real people
                                                              with experience in moulding issues, available to visit
                                                              your facility and share their knowledge.
    End-use Requirements and
    Environment                                               Quality Manufacturing

    Across mechanical and thermal requirements, DSM           DSM has quality as a primary concern and a
    can offer materials to meet specific needs.               systematic approach to quality, building processes
    Consideration should be given to the environment          and products that address quality concerns from the
    under which a component will perform. Most data           beginning. All of DSM’s manufacturing facilities
    presented by engineering plastics suppliers is for        globally are QS-9000 certified.
    room temperature when, in fact, many applications
    perform at much higher temperatures. Evaluating           Our approach to quality is found:
    properties at these higher temperatures may present a
    very different picture of a material’s capabilities and   • in relations with industrial partners, working
    the correct material for an application. Whether the        together in true co-makership, ready to meet any
    part will perform under load, in water or in a              technical challenge;
    chemical environment should also be taken into
    consideration. These conditions may prohibit the use      • in technical service and aftersales, supporting
    of certain materials, narrowing the possible number         customers, optimising their processes; and
    of solutions.
                                                              • in logistics and delivery, shipping products
    Processing Characteristics                                  anywhere in the world, quickly and reliably.

    Depending on the geometry of a part and the               From product concept, through processing, to final
    configuration of the tool, some materials may present     application, DSM Engineering Plastics brings the
    better choices for long-term manufacturing success.       portfolio, the skills and the global presence to help
    Some resins reduce the cycle-time to produce a part,      its industrial partners create world-class products
    lowering the overall system cost even when the            and solutions.
    initial cost for material is higher. When designing
    new components, the materials supplier should be          DSM Engineering Plastics is a Business Group in the
    consulted to avoid problems and make selections that      performance materials cluster of DSM, with sales in
    promote highest-quality finished parts.                   2002 of b579 million and approximately 1,300
                                                              employees worldwide. It is one of the world’s leading
    Design and                                                suppliers of engineering thermoplastics offering a
    Computer-aided Engineering                                broad portfolio of high performance products.

    DSM has state-of-the-art design tools and staff on        DSM, an US$8 billion, highly integrated group of
6   hand with experience in computer-aided engineering        companies active in life sciences and performance

                                           Innovation Oppor tunities with DSM Engineering Plastics

materials, has a strong technology base in polymer      Tel: (31) 46 477 0450
materials with a track record of material innovations   Fax: (31) 46 477 3959
that have supported and driven customer       
application innovations. s
   Contact Information                                  DSM Engineering Plastics
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   Tel: (1) 812 435 7500
   Toll Free: (1) 800 333 4237                          Japan
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