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					?Forensic Loan Audits are fast becoming the next trend in the mortgage loan business.
Every borrower virtually qualifies for a forensic loan audit. About 80% of mortgage
loans currently being paid by homeowners have violations on them which violate state
and federal law on multiple levels. From high interest rates, to high fees charged to
basic violations such as misplacing the date or incomplete loan application all qualify
as violations. Auditing a mortgage loan allows you to uncover these violations and
notify the lender of the violations allowing you to help contribute saving the home of
the client. In some cases the homeowner can have the interest they paid refunded if
the violations allow it. Furthermore, uncovering violations allow the homeowner to
have legal recourse against the lender allowing them to sue the lender in some cases.

Forensic loan auditing is becoming the new emerging market set for growth. As more
and more homeowners each day need more ways to save their homes, forensic loan
auditing becomes another avenue to help people save their homes. At the same time
you will be providing a valuable service by conducting forensic loan audits, you also
will give the homeowner a shot at legal options for defending their home against
foreclosure. Forensic loan auditing is wave of the future.

You can start doing forensic loan audits in this growing industry today with software package. They offer a Forensic Loan Audit
guide which explains what a forensic loan audit entails and how to look for violations.
In addition, they also offer a forensic loan audit software which audits mortgage loans
and cites which laws were broken and prints it out in a complete report up to 20 pages
in length. This report can then be sent to the lender as a forensic loan audit report.
There software runs for $500 though they are currently running a promotion in which
you can get their forensic loan audit guide and $500 Forensic Loan Audit Software for
only $78. Click below for their website.

Author Bio:
Sam Renolds is a leading expert in mortgage, broker firms and forensic loan auditing.