Forensic Audit and Mortgage Audit

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					?Forensic Audit and Mortgage Audit are both great ways to uncover violations on a
homeowners current loans, each one is distinct in their own way, no two audits are the

Forensic Audit is increasingly becoming the next generation of quality control for
mortgage loans in our current real estate market. Home loans such as adjustable
mortgages, option arm loans, and high rate mortgage loans have been given to
consumers not fully understanding the implications of these particular loans and
understanding the result of having such loans in the long term. For example,
manyhomeowners were unaware of the doubling of payment after a certain fixed term
of their loan, this led to widespread defaults and non-payments of their loans which
eventually led to foreclosure. The result is what is being seen in the news headlines
with record breaking foreclosures and loan resets which have led to millions losing
their homes in record numbers. Using forensic audit one can look over a consumer's
loan and uncover legal violations on those loans and give the homeowner a fighting
change against foreclosure. Forensic Audit is important to this new economic
condition we are experiencing. Forensic Audits are the new wave and the next
generation of professional services which will emerge as both an in demand field and
more importantly, a life saving one.

Mortgage audit is a comprehensive review of a homeowners loan documents.
Commonly known as the loan docs. Mortgage Audit consists of going through the
loan documents and checking for errors pertaining to the loan such as annual
percentage rate check, interest rate tests, payment analyzation, checking proper dates,
checking fees for legality, and more. By conducting a mortgage audit and uncovering
these violations may give the homeowner a change to fight the foreclosure in court
depending on the situation. Showing the lender/bank that they are indeed in violation
by giving such illegal loans to the consumer. Mortgage Audit is the next trend in
consumer foreclosure prevention. It has already began to grow, notice all the
advertisements and new commercials online coming out for forensic loan auditing. It's
already in the growth phase and will increase as the days continue.

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