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									                                                                                  DV No.
                   DISBURSEMENT VOUCHER                                           Date:

Barangay: East Poblacion                                      City/Municipality: NAGA
Tel. No.:                                                     Province: CEBU
                                                              Employee No:           Fund:
Payee/Office: ALBO
Address: Cebu City
                                                              TIN No:
                                  Particulars                                                 Amount

         To payment of Registration fee
         to three days seminar/workshop on Budget Administration                             P 7, 200.00
         from April 28 – 30, 2011 at Cebu Business Hotel, to wit:

                  Lilia Abangan        – P3, 600.00
                  Rosalinda Albiso     – 3, 600.00

             Ok as to Appropriation:

                CERTERIA V. BUENAVISTA
                  City Budget officer

A. Certified:                               B. Certified:                    C. Certified:

Existence of available appropriations for       Funds (cash) Available       As to the validity, property , and
the charges/expenses indicated above                                         legality of claim

                                                                                     For payment

Signature:                                  Signature:                       Signature:

Printed name: SIXTO CAMARILLO               Printed name: LILIA ABANGAN      Printed name: VIRGILIO M. CHIONG

Position: Chairman,Committee on Appro.      Position: Barangay Treasurer     Position: Barangay Captain

Date:                                       Date:                            Date:

D. Received Payment:

                                                         Check No.:                           Date:

        Signature over printed Name                      Bank Name:

        Date:                                            OR Number:                           Date:

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