Ways To Protect Your Action Figures by bnmbgtrtr52


									?When your action figures collection is getting larger, you will need to know how to
protect your collection in order to be in good condition Be it you keep them as a
hobby or an investor, protecting them can make your collections last longer without
any discoloration and degradation as well as fetch much higher price in the market.

There are several basics method to take note and you are able to protect your beloved
collectibles. The most basic thing is to move them as little as possible. It is because all
the joints and moving parts in them will be easily loosen if expose to frequent
movement often. Besides that, try to minimize direct contact with them from our
fingers. It is because on our fingers, there is a layer of grease or finger oil that will
cause yellowing to your beloved collectibles. Be sure that you dust them frequently as
dust and some particles will cause damages to your collections. For those that have
batteries in them, remember to take them out because battery acid will cause a serious
damage. This is by far, the most common mistake that hobbyists and collectors make.

After having your collectibles exposed to minimum human touch, it is time to store
your collectibles. There are three main things you have to keep in mind when you are
going to store your action figures collection. First is to make sure your collections do
not face any direct sunlight. It is because UV light can cause discoloration and
degradation on your action figures. And if your action figures are exposed to long
period of UV light, it will crack and brittle as well. Secondly, after avoid having direct
sunlight in your storing place, you have to make sure that the place is not high in
humidity. It is because if your collections are kept in a place with high humidity, it can
cause damage such as mold grows on them. Last but not least, place with high
temperature should be avoided too when storing your action figures. It will be
advisable to keep your action figures in room temperature as too high or cold of
temperature will cause damage to your action figures.

After choosing the right place for storage, you need to choose proper container to
store your collectibles. It is best to keep them in sealed storage container. Is is the best
storing container for collectibles but normally people will use it to keep those action
figures that are expensive because sealed storage container is quite costly. Because of
the costly price of sealed container, people use plastic container as replacement
instead because of its affordable price and reliability.

During the older days, collecting action figures was considered as wasting money but
nowadays, they became a valuable investment for some of the people where some will
able to sell their action figures in high price. Some of them even able to fetch up to
thousand of dollars.

Jim Sim is an avid collector of action figures. He has been collecting action figures
for many years. One of his favorite action figures is the Zelda Action Figures

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